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Emily And Sonic was Met each other and Found Common Language. They Became Friends forever.

One Day Japan Chameleon Named Espio Met Marinette From France

Story Begins

Marinette: Why Me?

Emily: Because you and Espio will Get along and find the Common Language.

Emily: Come on Sonic, Let's Continue to play!

Trey: Excuse me.

Trey & Amy: Oops!

Trey: Oh my, I'm very sorry Miss, I Didn't see Where I Going!

Amy: That's Ok! I Have crush on Blue Hedgehog!

Trey: Hi I am Trey Reardon! What's your name?

Amy: Hi I am Amy Rose!

Emma: Okay line up kids, We are going to lunch.

Emily: Sonic What do you have for Lunch?

Sonic: I have a Chillidog and Water Bottle for Lunch!

Sonic: What do you have for Lunch Emily?

Emily: I Have a Sandwich with Oil and with Cheese, and my Drink is Apple Juice!

Lucy: Mom!

Amelie: Lucy, Bernadette, Amelia, my quadruplets, Thank you For Coming!

Bernadette: Mother, Please don't leave us?

Amelie: My Kids I Need to die, I Will watch over you over the Heaven.

Educator of kindergarten woman Emma: Kids, Time to go outside play, Only Help to each other!

Emily: Sonic Let's ride down on the slide along as a Close Friends?

Sonic: I Like that Idea, Emily.

Emily: [Laughs] That was fun to ride down on the slide along, We Have a lots of fun.

Sonic: [giggles] Yeah, Let's ride down on the slide along again?

Educator of kindergarten woman Emma: Sonic & Emily, are you two okay?

Sonic & Emily: Yes Mrs, Emma, We Have a Lots of fun, you heard our Fun Laugh?

Educator of kindergarten woman Emma: Yes, Keep the have fun guys!

Lucy: Emily.

Emily: Mother!

Lucy: I Came to pick you up from Kindergarten.

Lucy: How was your first day at kindergarten Sweetie?

Emily: That was fun, I Met the blue hedgehog, I Made Lots of Friends, We Played together.

Lucy: Glad to hear it, Sweetie.

Emily: Sonic!

Sonic: Emily.

Emily: I Hope we'll meet again, and play!

Sonic: Emily, Wait?

Emily: Yes Sonic?

Sonic: Emily Can I Come to you on Pajama Party at 3: 00?

Emily: Sure thing Sonic, If Your Mother will don't mind.

Emily: Sonic Why are you crying?

Sonic: Because, We will never see each other again!

Emily: Sonic, I'll go ask mommy to come to me on Pajama Party at 3: 00.

Emily: Mom!

Lucy: Yes Emily?

Emily: Mom, Can Sonic come to me on my Pajama Party at 3:00?

Lucy: Yes Emily.

Emily: Thank you Mama you're the most best mother ever.

Lucy: you're welcome emily.

Poppy: Trey Reardorn, son did you made the Friends?

Trey: Yes, I Met Amy Rose.

Whittaker Reardon: Don't be Friends with That Ugly Yezhikha!

Trey: I Love her.

Emmy: Teresa.

Teresa: Mom.

Emmy: Teresa did you make new friends?

Teresa: Yes, It's Vladik Knyazeva!

Emmy: I'm so proud of you Teresa.

Emily: Hey Guys, My mom Allowed me to Have a Pajama Party!

Marinette, Espio, Amy, Trey, Teresa, Vlad, Barbie, Ken, Ryan, Sonata & Sonic: Hi Emily.

Emily: Marinette, Espio, Amy, Trey, Teresa, Vlad, Barbie, Ken, Ryan, Sonata, & Sonic, I Invite you to my Pajama Party at 3:00.

Marinette, Espio, Amy, Trey, Teresa, Vlad, Barbie, Ken, Ryan, Sonata, & Sonic: Yes We will Come.

Emily: See you at my House at 3:00.

Barbie: I Can't Believe that Emily Invited us to her Pajama Party.

Ken: I'm so Nervous, Sonic are you nervous too?

Sonic: No, I'm happy.

Emily: Finally guys you came just in time.

Sonata: Pillow Fight.

Sonata: Oops, Sorry.

Emily: It's okay!

Emily: Let's Dress up on Pajamas!

Sonic: Emily you looks so Hot!

Emily: Okay, Let's Play Truth or dare

Emily: First Sonata.

Teresa: Sonata Truth or dare?

Sonata: dare.

Teresa: I Dare you to Kiss Vlad on 5 minutes.

Sonic: Emily Truth or dare?

Emily: Truth.

Sonic: Emily Are you Truth First time made the new friends at kindergarten?

Emily: Yes, That's truth!

Emily: Marinette Truth or dare?

Marinette: Dare

Emily: I Dare you to Kiss Espio on 24 hours.

Emily: Guys, I'll be right back, I Need to find out What's wrong with Sonic?

Ryan: Okay Emily.

Emily: Sonic are you okay?

Sonic: No.

Emily: What's wrong?

Sonic: Tomorrow We're going to Pool, But I Can't swim, I Afraid of Water.

Emily: Sonic, We are understand you that you Afraid of Water, but you must to Overcome your fear.

Emily: If you want, you can Join to me, and We can Swim Together.

Sonic: you're right Emily.

Emily: Let's continue to play Truth or dare.

Vlad: Trey Truth or dare?

Trey: Dare

Vlad: I Dare you to Become a Supervillain.

Trey: It's a dare.

Sonic: Ryan truth or dare?

Ryan: dare.

Sonic: I Dare you to Kiss Sonata!

Ryan: It's a dare.

Emily: Let's watch some Paw Patrol the Movie.

Sonic: Sure Emily.

Emily: Mom can you please make a Popcorn?

Lucy: Sure Emily.

Lucy: Here you go the Popcorn for your Friends.

Emily: Thank you Mother.

Emily: Guys, Let's Continue to Watch this Movie!

Marinette: Who is this Spotted Pup?

Emily: It's Marshall, from Paw Patrol Team.

Ryan: Sonata, Will you be my Girlfriend?

Sonata: Yes I Do! I Love you Ryan so much!

Ryan: I Love you too, Sonata.

In Lucy's Mind: Ah, My Daughter So Lucky to have a Friends to play together.

Felix: Lucy, I'm Home.

Lucy: Quiet Felix!

Felix: What are my Daughter doing here at Living Room?

Lucy: She has a Pajama Party with her Friends.

Marinette: Who is this girl?

Emily: It's Pollyanna, She With Marshall.

Lucy: I'm so Proud of Emily!