Story Begins

Look everyone this is Newing girl

She so beautiful

every new girls always beautiful I want go to her closer and Look at her

Hi welcome to our village

my name is Mayor Fink

Mayor of the this Village

I welcome you

What's your name is

New girl

I won't to say to you what's my name is

i'm shy I can show you myself

Princess of Mobius i need to change my image

i can't go

in such image



Look at her

she beautiful

Princess of mobius

I'm  Her Fan

Oh my god

my dress


Oh no

this my father

i need to hide somewhere

Oh my god Puppy  

alive puppy

Thanks Puppy

you saved me

Puppy  Beekeepers You are Beatrice the Bee You Rosie's adbtoped pet You know

Rosie The Rascal

When i was Baby Mom

My mom sang to me lullaby to i will remember this song

in cozy soul

Earth moves the air and the wind feeds the fire,

Magic is here if you dare to believe.

Sail out to sea on an ocean of mystery,

And bring your heart to the ones that you meet.

Hi there princess of mobius

My name is Amy rose

Rosy is just nickname

My real name is Amy

Oh my god blue pegasus

With rainbow mane

Ouch My wing is hurt Hey Pony Pegasus

Come to me babe

Hmm I'll name you Rainbow Dash

Yellow Pegasus  You have light-Pink mane

[Young Fluttershy]

What is this place

Filled with so many wonders?

Casting its spell

That I am now under

She Kind Yezhikha She Caught me

And the cute little bunnies

Birds flying on free

And Butterflies Flying on Freedom

On Freedom!

Oooh, what a magical place

And I owe it all to the Pegasus race

If I knew the ground had so much up its sleeve

I'd have come here sooner, and never leave

Yes, I love ev-er-ythiiiiing

I'll name you Fluttershy Because you so Shying Young Pony girl What  you give to us Names


Fluttershy i like that name

What's wrong

Rainbow Dash

I hurt the wing Oh hi sad earth pony

Hey sad pony girl

Look at this what i have for you

This is air Balls


I'll name you Pinkie Pie

Hey White unicorn come here

A diamonds I love diamonds

I'll name you Rarity

I'll  name you Applejack

And you I'll name you Twilight Sparkle

I'm sorry Princess Of mobius  it's ok Twilight Sparkle

i love pets And My little ponies Friendship is magic

Dirty Rabbit Rarity Don't worry i love every animals

A white Rabbit She so cute

I'll name you Bunni

Banni  The fluffy Rabbit


Star unicorn

I'll name you StarShine

I'll name you Zvezdinka

And you Star Unicorn I'll name you StarWish

Little mouse come here to me  Poor little thing

I'll name you Molly

Ooooh Thank you Fluttershy

Wow this is pretty decoration

Hi Little Baby

I can To save you

Thank you Princess of mobius  

You are Welcome

Who are you

I am Princess Snow white

What's your name is Princess of mobius

My name is Emily The Koshka princess of mobius

Nice to meet you Emily

Nice to meet you too Snow white

Emily Nice name

Snow White Nice Name

Why are you shy to say What your name  

Because They Are admited Of Me

I'm need to change my Image

Emily you must to  overcome your fear?


Emily? Where are you

Who is this

This is my father king Elana he looking for me

Don't worry Emily come here hide in cave of friendship

He gone away

I love fresh Breeze

i can calmly relax

Oh my god This creature such Amazing

Hi my name is Kwami, Barkk, i will be your kwami

Kwami Wow

unusual creature

Hi my name is Emily the koshka princess of mobius

You are princess of mobius


my father decided arrange wedding ceremony Because

I  get married Scrooge the hedgehog

i leaved my father's palace

i She refused marry scrooge

Emily? Where are you this is my father  you must say Kwami Barkk Tail on

Kwami Barkk Tail on

Kwami Barkk Tail off

Thanks Kwami Barkk it was Awesome

Emily Leave your miraculous  yourself own This is will be your new home Village

my new home

That's great

i like it


here Keep this

Emily it Sign can Change Your Image Emily

Try it? you will looks  quite another


I'll hope that i will change

What's happening to me?

Whom i want to be

I want to be Normal Yezhikha With Normal Life Emily is that you  

Emily you changed?

 Wow I Like Your new look  emily?

Thank you Kwami Barkk

I  can Overcome my fear

I can Say to everyone

that i have name

Hi everyone

My name is Emily the Yezhikha

I am Princess of mobius

I can show you everyone

My Image

So what's your name is

my name is Emily the koshka princess of mobius

Thanks for welcoming me

I am Emily the Yezhikha

Normal Yezhikha With Normal Life


That's Awesome

Hi Hi

you here newing girl


What's your name is

my name is Emily the yezhikha

What's your name is

I'm Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog fastest thing alive

Nice to meet you Sonic

Nice to meet you too Emily

Emily you will become my New Girl friend

Amy is chasing me


I will become your new girl friend


this is gift for you

Oh my god it's bracelet

i like it

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