Story Begins

Emily Tell me What's wrong with you?

I'm gonna to help you My new love

Hey Emily Wait up

Where are you going?


There you are? Emily I Won't to hurt you I Promise?

I Will not  Hurt You?

Emily I'm sorry that I Had Leaved you alone It's all my fault

I'm fault

Just I Left you Alone,

Emily I Love you

I'm Still Love you

I'll be Love you no matter what

Love can't to apart us

We must reconcile with each other

Emily I Promise that I Be by Side you?

Emily Will you forgive me?

Sonic I Will forgive you?

And I'm sorry Sonic I'm not to Had Telled you Nothing

Just Eggman Decided Take me But I'm Refused Eggman's offer?

Sonic you are my hero

Friendship will be forever



Emily Tomorrow I Invite you To a date

to Celebrate our anniversary  Of Wedding

Sonic you Smiled at New Girl

Yes Because I Love you Emily

I Love you too Sonic

See you Tomorrow Sonic

See you Tomorrow Emily?

Goodnight Sonic?

Goodnight Emily?

Sweet dreams Sonic?

Sweet dreams Emily?

Ohhh Emily Sweetheart

Mom I'm Tomorrow Go to a Date with Sonic The Hedgehog?

Congratulations Emily

We so proud of you Sweetheart

You such a The young girl became?

My Native Daughter Became The Beauty?

Thanks Mom I  going  to bed Goodnight Mom and dad?

Goodnight Emily?

Ohhhh Emily Such a The Young Lady?

She Had Grown up My little native Daughter  Had Grown up The Beauty Girl,

Good Morning Mom and dad

Goodmorning Emily?

Ohhh Emily is she such same Adult already?

Hi Sonic

Hi Emily

Sonic? Well How I am Look?

You Looks Beautiful?

I Tell Honest. To you?

You Really Looks Beauty.

Emily I'm invite you to a date to celebrate our   anniversary of wedding

Let's go to a date

Let's go to a date

Flying Lanterns. Wow This is so beautiful? Do u like it?


Dear Emily Today is our final came our Long Awaited Hour is came

We Had Grown up to a the Adults

We finally can live Happily ever after

Our Future Is Came

Emily Will you marry me and become my wife?

Sonic You're Decided To make to me Marriage Proposal

Sonic I Will Marry you and become your wife?

No Stop Please Don't

Blaze it's me

Please Blaze Trust me

They Imprisoned Me In Cave Like You

, Emily, who accepts the guise of an Imposter

I'm so been Had Believed

We Best comrades Forever

We will find new adventures?

Knock Hands And Shake tail?You remember me?

Of course remember How Can I Forgot which To So Had Loved so much

We need to get outta of here

We need stop Her?

[Metal Emily]

This day is going to be perfect

The kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small

Everybody will gather 'round

Say I look lovely in my gown

What they don't know is that I have fooled them all!

[Princess Emily]

This day was going to be perfect

The kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small

But instead of having cake

With all my friends to celebrate

My wedding bells, they may not ring for me at all…

[Metal Emily]

I could care less about the dress

I won't partake in any cake

Vows, well I'll be lying when I say

That through any kind of weather

I'll want us to be together

The truth is I don't care for him at all

No I do not love the groom

In my heart there is no room

But I still want him to be all mine

[Princess Emily]

We must escape before it's too late

Find a way to save the day

Hope, I'll be True if I say

"I don't fear that I may lose him

To one who wants to use him

Not care for, love, and cherish him each day"

For I oh so love the groom

All my thoughts he does consume

Oh, Sonic the hedgehog, I'll be there very soon

[Metal Emily]

Finally the moment has arrived

For me to be one lucky bride

And Sonic Will be Mine

[Princess Emily]

Oh, the wedding we won't make

He'll end up marrying a fake

Sonic the hedgehog will be...

Metal Emily: ...mine, all mine. [evil laugh]

Ladies and Gentlemen Hedgehogs We gathered here to celebrate True Union  of Marriage Of Sonic and Emily

Emily Was by side Sonic And never Separate With each other

Emily Ready to become wife For our dear Sonic

Sonic Was By side Her And She not Separate With Sonic

Sonic ready to become Husband For our Sweetheart Emily

Let They Live like husband and wife In Peace And Harmony

Sonic You Take In lawful Wives Emily until Death Do you Apart?

I Take

And you Emily you Take in Legal Husbands Sonic Until Death Do you Apart?

I Take

When Can I Get Rings For Newlyweds?

Dear Groom And Dear Bride put on  rings a sign of your true Love and protection

Now I Declare you Husband And Wife Groom can kiss the Bride.

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