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Wade is god of all water, ocean, sea, and anything in between. He is the younger brother of Terra and the older brother of Baila making him the middle god of their family. Wade goes by other names such as Poseidon and Neptune as well. Wade is also known to be quite the flirt around mortals as well!


Wade takes the manifestation of a tall, (or giant) Mobian Labrador retriever with aqua blue fur.He posses blond hair and a blond mussel, as well as golden eyes that shine through the sea as well as the night like a sea-monster. He is known to carry his favored weapon, his trident to hunt and fight.


Wade is a very down to earth deity, often he is known to be blunt and sarcastic, as well as pragmatic and fun loving as well. It takes a lot to get him mad, but once you do beware for he will bring the wrath of the waves upon you. He is also known to be quite a ladies man and flirt despite his sometimes blunt and sometimes insensitive demeanor.


Wade's powers obvioulsy revolve around his role as god of the sea, ocean, and all water. While also possessing the standard deity character powers found in every deity within Flawed Deities, such as; Size manipulation, omni-sight, omni-hearing, and immortality. He also is known to be perhaps the most powerful hyrdokinetic there is. The very waves move and flow at his command!


  • Hydrokinesis
  • Surfing mastery
  • Fishing mastery
  • Aquatic telepathy
  • Kraken summoning
  • Shapeshifting
  • Water construct manipulation


He's god of the sea, what do you expect him to have? Basically if Mobius goes, he goes, until then it would be like figthing the very ocean itself.It's best not to pick a fight with the god of the ocean.

However, Wade does appear to have plenty of character flaws. For instance he is very blunt and isn't one to speak his mind on subjects. Often he is known to be very snarky and sarcastic as well. Wade also is known to have a weakness for being attracted to mortal females, thus he is known to flirt with mortal woman he encounters.

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