Vamp Rocky

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The Kids Of Main Six
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Diamond spark has a Little sister, Apple cider has a Brother & Sister, Flutterscotch has a Little sister Buttercry, Rainbow Cloud Has a Baby brother, Party Popper & Party Berry has a three Younger Sisters. & Twilight Moon & Twidusk shine has a Little brother, Leo,


Vamp Rocky is Rocky in his vampire form. As a vampire, he has increased speed, strength, and the ability to change to a bat at will.


Rocky became Vamp Rocky when a vampire bit him when he fell asleep after Chase's Birthday party. Over the first few weeks, only Chase, Rubble and Skye truely liked him for who he was. He gained Zuma, Marshall, and Everest as enemies. So he is not tempted to bite the other pups and turn them into vampires also, Chase lets him suck some blood out of his paw. Rubble lets him too but cries when it happens.



  • He feels guilty when Chase offers to let him drink blood from his paw.
  • He wears SPF 100 sunblock when he goes outside in the day.
  • Chase occasionally calls him Vampie (his version of Wolf Chase's nickname Wolfie)
  • He meets Wolf Chase in A Howling Vamp Pains.
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