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A Howling Pains spinoff created by RockytheEco-pup and Chaseisonthecase.

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You've seen what it was like for Chase to become a wolf but in a parallel universe, it is  Rocky that changes. Rocky is biten by a vampire bat and has become a vampire. It's up to Chase to turn his friend back to normal.


  • Rocky/Vamp Rocky
  • Chase
  • Ryder
  • Marshall
  • Rubble
  • Zuma
  • Everest
  • Skye


Chapter One: The Bite!

In a late night stroll with rocky and chase they were coming back from chases surprise party

Rocky: that was fun wasn't it?

Chase: yea i was surprised although i didn't liked how you put tooth paste on top of my real gift

Rocky: well you always forget to brush

Chase: And you to take a bath

Rocky: I don't need one!

chase: Really? The government will soon test your stench for stench bombs

Rocky: why? They could just use your breath

Chase: ha ha ver.....(looks up) hmm?

Rocky: what?

chase: Oh just the flock of bats flying to eat

Rocky: remember that bat we saved once?

chase: Yea i think i see him

Rocky: cool!

chase: and is it me or that's bats are getting close?

Rocky: I think maybe we should get back to the Lookout.

Chase: Yea.... Run!

Rocky: right behind you! (Runs)

They soon ran back to the lookout

Rocky: what was that about?

chase: I don't know but (yawns) Lets go to bed

Rocky: (yawns) Okay. Night!

Chase: can i sleep over with you ?

Rocky: scared?

chase: Nah just to tired to get to my pup house plus i want to spend the night with my best friend

Rocky: okay!

They walk to Rocky's pup-house.

Chase: Nig...bat!

Rocky: where?

chase: Your neck!

Rocky: get it off!

Chase: (Gets his tennis ball launcher and stars shooting it)

Rocky: watch out for me!

chase: (keeps hitting rocky)

Rocky: Oww! Stop! What are you doing?

chase: Did i get it?

Rocky: I don't know!

Chase: I think i did ... i don't see him ...

Rocky: good!

chase: Night

Rocky: Night!

chase: zzz

Rocky: (zzz)

bat: (Bites rocky s neck)

Rocky: (zzz)

bat: (Flies out)

The next morning:

Chase: (Yawns) morning

Rocky: (zzz)

chase: Rocky?

Rocky: hmm?

Chase: You ok?

Rocky: yeah. Why?

Chase: You look a bit pale just a bit

Rocky: probably just need to work on my tan!

Chase: (Laughs)

Rocky: (tries to walk outside but his paw starts burning) Oww! Is it really hot out?

Chase: No? try some sun block

Rocky: (puts some on and tries stepping out) works so far!

Chase: Lets eat

Rocky: okay!

Chase: (eats kibble)

Rocky: (eats the kibble but spits it out) Eww what flavor is this?

Chase: Beef?

Rocky: tastes gross

Chase: we eat it a lot

Rocky: Well it must have gone bad

chase: mr. porter brought it yesterday

Rocky: He did?

Chase: Yes

Rocky: (yawns) i'm a little tired still.

Chase: You are? (Finishes) Ouch ! i got a small cut

Rocky: Here let me clean your cut! (licks the blood and keeps licking it)

Chase: uh....?

Rocky: (starts enjoying licking the blood)

Chase: You can stop now

Rocky: (keeps going)

Chase: Rocky!

Rocky: Huh? What?

Chase: You can stop licking my blood

Rocky: Oh.....Sorry!

Chase: Okay? finish your kibble

Rocky: I'm not really that hungry Chase. I'll talk to you later (goes to his pup-house and falls asleep)

Chase: Okay?

Zuma: Is Wocky feeling okay?

Chase: Yea... i think so

Zuma: I read about this in a book once. Follow me!

Chase: Okay ? (Follows)

Zuma hands him a book on vampires.

Chase: Your kidding right?

Zuma: Read Chapter One tonight! It has a symptom checklist!

Chase: okay?

That night:

Chase: u think he is a vampire

Zuma: yup!

Chase: zuma you got to stop reading this

Zuma: Dude, I'm telling you! Read the symptoms and you will know the truth!

Chase: fine ....(reads them)

"How to tell if someone is a vampire

Step one: Does he/she sleep during the day?"

Chase: hmm

Rocky: (zzz)

Chase: ....

Chase sees that it is daytime and Rocky is asleep.

Chase: probably tired from last night...

"Step 2: Does he/she look paler than usual?"

Chase: yea...

"Step 3: Does sunlight burn him/her?

Chase: oh my....

"Step 4: does he like blood?"

Chase: (remembers the cut) h...he...

"Step 5: does he have bite marks on his neck?"

Chase: (gulps closes book)

Zuma: you okay dude?

Chase: yea of how ridiculous it is (lies)

Zuma: Well I'm telling you he's a vampire! He has all the symptoms

Chase: its just not real zuma and I think Rubble needs your help

Zuma: oh ok. Just to warn you, it's almost dark and they feed at night.

Chase: okay.... (goes to rocky )

Rocky: (zzz)

Chase: (checks his neck)

He sees two tiny bite marks on his neck

Chase: (gulps)

Rocky: (starts to wake up)

Chase: ...h...hi

Rocky: Hey buddy!

Chase: how are you feeling.....?

Rocky: I feel fine! Why are you staring at me like that?

Chase: n..nothing (reads book to where how long does a vamp last without. Blood)

"Vampires usually need to feast every night"

Chase: (gulps)

Rocky: something wrong?

Chase: nothing.... Wow...its late lets go to bed

Rocky: I'm actually going for a night walk!

Chase: I'll join you

Rocky: okay!

Chase: (walks beside him)

Rocky: Man, I feel hungry!

Chase: (reads book) they only drink pup/dog blood if a pup/dog....

Rocky: (stares at Chase)

Chase: you ...okay...?

Rocky: (drools)

Chase: rocky your a vampire!

Rocky: No I'm not!

Chase: really? (calls his high-power sun exact flashlight)

He points it at him

Rocky: Oww! Turn it off!

Chase:(points it at himself) see you burn at sun, drink blood and also awake mostly on day

Rocky: I'm not a vampire!

Chase: oh yea? (shows him his cut)

Rocky: (starts licking the cut)

Chase:....see what I mean...?

Rocky: fine! I'm a vampire but I need to feed!

Chase: okay feed on me so you wouldn't feed on others and scare them just don't bite me to make me one...

Rocky: I'm not biting my best friend!

Chase: just make a small cut on my paw and I can't let you drink from the other pups they would be scared and we have to keep this a secret

Rocky: go home. I don't want to feed on you

Chase: I'm not leaving you and it will be worse if you feed on a pup they will freak out

Rocky: I'll go bite a wild animal

Chase: that won't satisfy you u need dog/ pup blood

Rocky: I just can't bite you guys!

Chase: you just have to drink from me if not you'll go insane and die

Rocky: not happening!!

Chase: (shows his cut to him)

Rocky: (drools)

Chase: just do it already

Rocky: (reopens the cut and drinks)

Chase: (shivers) I need to get use to this....

Rocky: (finishes)

Chase: better?

Rocky: yup!

Chase: remember only drink from me and don't tell anypup of that your a vampire

Rocky: I don't want to keep drinking from you!

Chase: do you want the rest to find out?

Rocky: no

Rocky: Please don't tell them! They will chase me out of Adventure Bay!

Chase: then just drink mine

Rocky: That's not fair to you!

Chase: its ok you would done something like this if i was one or some type of mythical creature

Rocky: Maybe you should be a wolf!

Chase: yea then i can just be stronger and faster and eat deer (sarcastic)

Rocky: Then we could all call you Wolfie!

Chase: ha..ha vampie...

Rocky: You sound like a puppy saying vampire!

Chase: (yawns) i better go to bed if you need blood you know where to get it while im asleep

Rocky: wait. If i sleep during the day and you sleep at night, how will we play together?

Chase: ill stay a bit late and you can stay up a bit to in day to play or start sleeping at night using night pills

Rocky: How will I do missions?

Chase: your collar will wake you

Rocky: Then I'll be tired all the time!

Chase: then use night pills to sleep at night or a tranquilizer

Rocky: You know vampires cant go out in sunlight. Sunblock only works for so long

Chase: ill get you more sun blo...(yawns) so want to try the pill or tranquilizer ?

Rocky: You don't have any. I'll just stay up and watch tv in the Lookout

Chase: i have my tranquilizer dart shooter in my pup pack

Rocky: ok...hopefully ill be cured someday

Chase: yea... Lets go to my pup house i read you have super speed and strength lets test them on the way back

Rocky: ok hop on!

Chase:(gets on him) also you don't show up in pictures and video

Rocky: Aww! Ryder is taking pictures of us on Friday. What will I do?

Chase: ill think of something ...(yawns) lets go so i can tranquilize you

Rocky: (goes in his pup-house)

Chase: ready? (Holding tranquilizing gun at him)

Rocky: I guess...

Chase: (shoots him 2 darts)

Rocky: night night mommy! (Zzz)

Chase: time to sleep (sleeps beside him)

=== Chapter Two: The Betrayal ===

The next morning, Chase wakes up next to a still-sleeping Vampire Rocky

Chase : (shakes him) Morning!

Rocky: (sleeping) Five more minutes!

Chase: Wake up, it's morning! Plus you have to get use to sleeping at night and waking at day

Rocky: Why?

Chase: So you could be awake at day you slept through the night.

Rocky: I guess. (Stretches) I'm up

Chase: Put this 100 SPF sun block.

Rocky: Okay. (Sprays himself with sunblock)

Chase: Lets go, but be careful with zuma

Rocky: Why? He's my buddy too!

Chase: I didn't say stay away! I just say be careful. He thinks you're a vampire and we cant let him know that.

Rocky: I am a vampire though

Chase: We cant let him know that though or he will tell everypup!

Rocky: Okay but what should I do at lunch time?

Chase: Just try eating some kibble or pretend to and I'll give the extra to Rubble

Rocky: I'll try!

Chase: Shh here he comes!

Zuma: Hey Chase. Hey .....Rocky

Chase: Hi zuma, me and Rocky are going for a stroll around in the sun want to join?

Zuma: uhhhh...... S...s...sure!

Chase: Okay, let's go Rocky!

Rocky: Right behind you!

Chase: (walks)

Zuma: (whispers to Chase) Why are you hanging around with a Vampire?

Chase: He is not a vampire! See, he is not burning in the sun.

Zuma: He's all pale!

Chase: He just has been inside for too long.

Zuma: Why don't you believe me?

Chase: It's not real! Prove me wrong!

Zuma: His teeth are pointier!

Chase: He is growing his adult teeth!

Zuma: He's younger than you and you aren't growing yours!

Chase: Remember the dentist visit?

Zuma: Oh yeah

Chase: Yeah so now do you think this is ridiculous?

Zuma: A little bit.

Chase: See!

Zuma: Does Rocky have bite marks on his neck?

Chase: No, but we have been bitten by mosquitoes last night.

Zuma: Okay.....uhh... Why is Rocky looking at me like that?

Rocky: (stares at Zuma drooling)

Chase: He is just playing a small prank. Anyways, me and Rocky have to go. Bye!

Zuma: Bye!

Chase: (grabs Rocky's paw and leads him to his pup house)

Rocky: What?

Chase: You're hungry aren't you?

Rocky: A little bit

Chase: (shows his cut)

Rocky: (drools) Wait, I don't want you to hurt yourself for me!

Chase: Just drink from the cut Rocky..

Rocky: No!

Chase: Rocky.....

Rocky: How is this fair to you?

Chase: Because I want to cause I don't want anything to happen to you!

Rocky: It won't! I just don't want you to cut yourself just so I can drink your blood.

Chase: You would have done the same if I was a vamp!

Rocky: I know but I'm just looking out for you!

Chase: I'm looking out for you now Rocky (munches on an Apple)

Rocky: Where did you find that apple?

Chase: My pup house.

Rocky: Okay?

Chase: Now drink up!

Rocky: Fine! (drinks from the cut)

Zuma is secretly watching from the bushes.

Zuma: I knew it!

Chase: Thanks!

Rocky: No problem....I guess

Chase: Now can I see those bite marks again I want to sniff which bat did it so I can hunt it down for turning you into a horrific creature of the night

Rocky: It might have been thirsty like I was.

Chase: Yeah and I wonder why you if your covered with fleas

Rocky: I don't have fleas!

Chase: Okay....I'll be back stay here and don't cause trouble

Rocky: What trouble would I get into?

Chase: Stay here in my pup house! (leaves sniffing)

Zuma: (approaches Rocky with some garlic,holy water ,and a stake)

Rocky: Hi Zuma! What's that stuff for?

Zuma: For you .....

Rocky: You got me presents? (sticks out his tongue excited)

Zuma: Yeah ....Rocky I know your an evil demon vampire who mind-controlled Chase to do your bidding!

Rocky: What? Me and him are buddies just like we are!

Zuma: You're probably planning to turn him into one of you then the rest of the paw patrol....but ill stop you...

Rocky: What are you talking about?

Zuma:(throws holy water at him)

Rocky: Oww! That burns! Why are you being so mean Zuma? I thought we were friends!

Zuma: I know it's not you talking Rocky, its the demon in you ,but I'll end your suffering as well! (starts to grab his stake)

Rocky: K...k...keep away from me Zuma!

Zuma: Sorry Rocky if you're in there.

Rocky: (breathes on him scared)

Zuma: (gets knocked out his paw holding the steak)

Rocky gets scared and instinctively turns into a bat and flies away


Chase: (sniffs) Where this is where I tracked that bat .....(enters through cave)