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NOTE: I do not discriminate others included in this blog. Please understand the situation that is written here. Thanks!

OKAY. Well, I joined Sonic X: New Adventure. Then, I responded in 3 episodes yet. THEN I WAS LEFT OFF. You know what? IT'S STUPID.

I ended up seeing the episodes finished. It makes me disappointed. Well, do I leave other users out? I ADMIT IT, NO. NOT EVER. It is an insult being left off in roleplays, especially series. 

BTW, I hate religion-related RPs. It can offend others about the topic. And, do you understand the term that is the main topic in an RP? It may be true or false, depending on any people. But please, DO NOT RP WITH RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

If possible, no cartoon rip-offs in RPs. It would make an RP horrid.

Putting an ice pack on the injured is an EPIC FAIL? Wow. Not to brag about myself, but I recommend it IRL. Y'know what? You don't believe in others' unique skills, either. 

Guys, y'know, it offends me to see someone ruin the truth when it comes to RPing, especially in medical topics.

Sooooo, any comments?

PS: You can comment here anything, but please, NO OFFENSE AGAINST ME.