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Cameron33268110 Cameron33268110 14 May 2013

We're Not Idiots

So Josh the Hedgehog thinks that everybody except for Frozen are idiots. But I just like to say we are not idiots. We're just trying to do some fanfiction. Everybody's doing it. The only idiot in this wikia who has not come here is BlurayOriginals. Cause he doesn't know that I'm the sweetest austistic girl in Las Vegas. Sometimes I'm half-smary half-dumb, but that doesn't matter. I'm half-jewish. And someday I'm going to become a famous actress. And Spongebob100 is not an idiot, he just acts like a little kid again because of the cartoons. Frozen, he's not an idiot like you said, but sometimes his character Jared is an idiot because he change his gaming personality to trying to kill Spongebob100's characters and crossover characters person…

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