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Welcome to CesarTeamHYRO Banner.png

Hello people from this wiki. I'm CesarTeamHYRO. Just call me Cesar.

Feel welcome

Feel welcome to look at my userpage and if you wanna see more of my art, go here.

Some facts

  • I am a very cool and great artist according to some
  • I love to do drawings
  • I love originality
  • I love art
  • I hate recolors (Recolored images; not fan characters)
  • I like to edit and contribute in any wiki.
  • Don't worry. I'm friendly.
  • I do not like unoriginal stories
  • I support every single fan character (But some can be ridiculous)
  • I created Cesar the Hedgehog in August 2010
  • I don't recolor. I make original art.