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Rocky has been having a lot of nightmares lately, but today was weird. This nightmare seemed more vivid... and real. He woke up and happened to find an old photo in his pup house. He was shocked by what he found in the photo. What he didn't know it would lead him to a life he didn't even know that he once had... and still does. He also discovers the truth to why he's afraid of water.



Rocky {Main}

The other pups.


Mayor Goodway


Captain Turbot and Francois

Mer pup mama

Mer pup puppy

Chase's dad {No name yet.}

Rocky's dad {Debut}

Rocky's mom {Debut}

Manta Ray



Rocky tossed and turned in his pup house that morning.

Rocky: No... no... water... water... everywhere...

In his dream, he was helplessly trying to get back to the surface as he sank down into the ocean. No matter how hard he tried, he just kept sinking. He was almost out of breath when he suddenly managed to breathe. he looked around and saw that he could breathe underwater.  But off in the distance... was a mer-pup looking directly at him.

Rocky: Huh? [whimper] Why is he looking at me like that?

The mer-pup charged towards Rocky and in a flash, he woke up in his pup house screaming.

Rocky: Ahhh!!!!

He panted as he looked around his pup house.

Rocky: I-I'm in my pup house? Whew... {He said as he laid down trying to catch his breath.}

After a bit, he looked up at his clock in his pup house and saw that it said 5:0 A.M.

Rocky: It's too early. I should go back to sleep. {He said, but his tongue felt dry.} But maybe after a little bit of water. {He said getting up with a stretch.}

He opened his pup house door and walked outside to his water bowl and began drinking. What he didn't know. was that when he got up, a picture was sliding out from underneath his pup bed.

After he finished drinking, he walked back inside his pup house and laid down on his bed, making the picture fly out from underneath it. Rocky didn't notice however as he closed and locked his pup house door.

Rocky: What was that dream about anyway? {He asked curling up to sleep.}

An hour and thirty minutes later. Chase rushes out of his pup house. He had his gear on.

Chase: Wake up pups! {He shouted through his megaphone that was pulled out of his pup pack.}

The pups all woke up one by one, except Rocky, Rubble, and Marshall.

Skye did her usual thing and stretched, and then she hit the metal spoon on the metal bowl.


Marshall and Rubble opened their pup houses wide awake.

Rubble: Breakfast!

Marshall: Aw man! I fell for it again. [giggle]

Chase looked Rocky's pup house and saw that he was still inside.

Chase: Rocky? {He asked as he walked to his pup house.}

Chase knocked on the door.

Chase: Rocky! Time to get up!

Rocky eventually woke up and opened the door.

Rocky: [Yawn] Hey Chase.

Chase: Come on sleepy head. [giggle] It's breakfast time.

Rocky nodded with another yawn and got up with a stretch. Chase smiled with a nod and was walking off, but froze.

Chase: Hey Rocky, who's in that picture?

Rocky: What picture?

Chase pointed with his paw at the picture beside Rocky's wall.

Rocky: Huh? When did that get there?

Rocky picked up the picture carefully with his mouth and placed it outside beside Chase and looked closely at it.

Chase: Well? Who is the picture of?

Rocky: Hm... can't tell... I see two dogs.... a male and female... next to a very little me. We are standing on a beach... under the... mer-pup moon?

Chase: Huh? What?

Rocky: I-I don't know... I'll ask Ryder. {He said as he grabbed the picture and ran off to look for Ryder.}

Chase: Weird...

Chase's dad walks out of his doghouse towards his son.

Chase's dad: I'm walking you to school today kiddo.

Chase: Thanks, daddy! {Everyone but Chase seems to notice that his usual maturity disappears when he's around his dad. No one can truly figure it out, why this happens but they let him be.}


Rocky runs up to Ryder who was fixing pup food for everyone, he jumps up on a chair that's next to the dog food counter and places the picture on the counter.

Rocky: Ryder... please look at this. What is this picture about?

Ryder looked down at the picture.

Ryder: Hm... you know... that older male looks like you bud.

Rocky: Like... me?

Ryder: Yep... hm. I need to show this picture to my dad... but I think we found a clue about your parents Rocky.

Rocky grew wide-eyed.

Rocky: Wait really!?

Ryder and his dad have been using satellites to look for the pups' parents, but haven't had much luck.

Rocky: Th-that's amazing news! {He said wagging his tail.}

Ryder: Yep. {He said putting the picture in his pocket.} Okay, while Chase is gone to school today, you need to go get a bath at Katie's.

Rocky: Aw... why?

Ryder: Remember? It's Wednesday night church tonight. All of us have to get ready for church, but I want your bath done first.

Rocky: I think I know why. {He said jumping down with a pout.}

Ryder: Yeah... it's your fear of water. Your gonna have to get over it at some point.

Rocky: But I can't!

Ryder: [Sigh] Trust me... I know it's hard, but your gonna have to learn to face it, whether you want to or not.

Rocky sighed in understanding as Ryder gave him his food and water bowls. He then walked off to give the other pups' their food. Rocky looked at his water bowl and sighed.

Rocky: Why am I so scared of you anyway? {He asked the water not expecting an answer.}


???: So... you think you may have found him?

???: Yep.

???: Oh my! Can you please take me and my Husband to him?

???: Of course. We leave tomorrow.

The couple looked at each other and nuzzled each other.

???: We found him, honey. We found him... {The female said happily.}

Meanwhile... or rather... hours later...

The pups were all coming out of Church.

Mayor Goodway: Well, next week, we're gonna have a banquet.

Ryder: Sounds good Mayor. I'll be sure to contribute something.

Mayor Goodway: Thank you.

She walked off and Ryder looked at the pups.

He and the boy pups were wearing tuxedos. {Puppy tuxedos for the pups.} Skye wore a gown and Chase's dad was wearing a blue tie on his new collar and dog tag.

Ryder: You all behaved well pups.

Chase: Thanks, Ryder. We tried our best.

Ryder looked at Rocky and noticed he was sitting in thought.

Ryder: Rocky?

This got the others' attention.

Marshall: What's wrong Rocky?

Rocky looked back at his friends and shook his head.

Rocky: I-I'm fine guys. I've just got a lot on my mind. {He said looking up at the moon.}

Later that night, they all went to bed. Rocky laid in his bed and closed and locked his pup house door. His tuxedo was off and in the dressing room of the lookout. He sighed as he started to go to sleep.

Rocky: Will I really see my daddy again? {He thought out loud as he fell asleep.}

He suddenly was dreaming. He was sitting on a beach. A beach he didn't recognize.

Rocky: Where am I?


Rocky: Huh?

He looked out into the ocean and cocked his head.

Rocky: That sounds familiar.

Voice: Come Rocky. Come and let's go for a joyride. We have a surprise for you.

Rocky saw a boat appear next to him on the beach.

Rocky: Huh? Wait... I know that boat.

Voice: Rocky... do you enjoy the water?

Rocky was suddenly in a boat as they were riding on it over the ocean.

Baby Rocky: yeah mommy! It looks fun!

Voice: We'll go swimming later today my love.

Another voice: He loves to swim like we did growing up.

Voice: Yes, and he is great at it too.

Rocky was confused listening to the voices as he rode on the boat. Suddenly a wave was coming up from a storm not so far away.

Rocky: Uh oh!

The wave hit and as soon as Rocky fell in the water...

Rocky woke up breathing heavily.

Rocky: [Pant] What... wasn't I? [pant]

He shook his head and opened his pup house door.

Rocky: I need to think. I can't sleep like this.

He ran off towards the bridge. Zuma woke up when he heard some noise outside. He walked out of his pup house and saw Rocky running off.

Zuma: Hm? Where's the dude going? {He asked as he began to follow him.}

Rocky soon got to Adventure Bay's beach and sat on the sand. The sand felt cool with it being night time. Rocky guessed around 1:00-2:00 A.M. He sat staring at the water.

Rocky: Why... if I used to like swimming.... why... [Growl] why am I scared of getting wet! {He hollered kicking sand in the water angrily. He then calmed down and sat down.}

Rocky: I don't understand it all. {He said with a frown.}

Zuma: Dude?

Rocky turned around and saw Zuma.

Rocky: Oh, hey Zuma. What are you doing up?

Zuma: I heard you moving about and woke up. Why are you here on the beach?

Rocky: I... I just needed to think.

Zuma: I've noticed something's been bothering you lately. What's wrong?

Rocky: I wish I knew Zuma.

Zuma tilted his head, confused.

[Mer-pup song]

Rocky and Zuma perk their ears.

Rocky: What was that?

Zuma: I don't know. It sounded familiar.

[Mer-pup song]

Rocky: Wait...

Zuma: Isn't that the mer-pups?

Rocky and Zuma look at each other confused and then saw the mama mer-pup rise out of the water.

Mer-pup: [bark]

Rocky: Whoah! Why's she here?

Zuma: I know, the magical mer-pup moon is not out.


Ryder was still awake. He was talking to his dad over the phone looking at the picture Rocky gave him.

Ryder's dad over pup pad: Okay... now, how does the mom look?

Ryder: Let's see she... hm... have I seen her before?

Ryder's dad over pup pad: What's wrong?

Ryder: Nothing... just... there's something familiar.


Rocky and Zuma watched as the mer-pup got close to shore. She made some hand signing symbols... or a dog version of them.

Zuma: I think she's asking why you kicked sand into the water.

Rocky: Oh... I was just... frustrated.

Mer-Pup: [Bark]?

Rocky: I-It's hard to explain.

Mer-Pup: [bark] [Soft mer-pup song]

As she was singing, she was doing more hand signs.

Zuma: She wants you to listen to her song I think.

Rocky: You're good at reading paw language.

Zuma: Long story for another day, dude.

Rocky sat on the sand and listened to her song. As he listened, his ears felt weird and tingly.

Rocky: It sounds [yawn] like a lullaby.

He listened further and further and his ears tingled more and more.


Mer-Pup: Sl... sl... we... pup.

Rocky seemed to realize something was off. He listened some more and was shocked.

Mer-pup: Sleep sleep well little pup... sleep sleep.

Rocky shot awake from his trance and backed up.

Rocky: What?!

Mer-Pup: So you can hear me now. Appears I was right.

Rocky: What... what are you talking about?!

Zuma: Dude? Do you understand her?

Rocky froze looking at Zuma.

Rocky: You can't!? But she's speaking plain English!

Mer-Pup: Only you can understand me. {The mer-pup said, earning a glance from Rocky.}

Rocky was shaking, growing quite afraid.

Rocky: Wh-Why?

Mer-Pup: You'll see soon enough.

Rocky looked down at the sand nervously. He didn't seem to want to make eye contact anymore.

Rocky: What's going on?

Mer-Pup: Rocky?

Rocky: H-How do you know my name? {He asked, looking back toward her.}

Mer-Pup: When you and your friend there, rescued my daughter. I heard everyone say your name.

Rocky: Oh... okay.

Zuma: Dude... now I can't understand you.

Rocky froze and looked at Zuma.

Rocky: Y-You can't!?

Zuma: Well... I can now. It's only when you're talking to her. You start speaking with mer-pup barks like her.

Rocky: What? I-I don't understand.

Mer-Pup: Rocky... I'll be back at lunch today. Meet me here. {She said disappearing into the water and was gone just as quickly as she had appeared earlier.}

Rocky sat down at a lost for words.

Rocky: I... I need to go lay down.

Zuma watched his friend walk past him. He sat still for a second, before rising to his paws and looked out into the water.

Zuma: I don't know how to feel about this. Something weird is going on.

Zuma followed Rocky as they worked their way back to the lookout.


Ryder: Any luck?

Ryder's dad: Nope. Look, Ryder, it's late. Get some rest and we'll deal with this in the morning.

Ryder nodded.

Ryder: OK dad. Night. {He hung up on his dad and placed the picture down on a table next to his Bible. He then laid down in his bed.} We will find them Rocky. I promise. {He said to himself as he started to doze off.}

Later that morning at 9:00 A.M.

Rocky woke up with a stretch and a yawn.

Rocky: Thank goodness I didn't have any dreams.

He walked out of his pup house.

Rocky: Hm. I bet I missed Chase going to school today.

He went back inside his puphouse and put on his recycle cap and gear. He then started digging around.

Rocky: Let's see... toothbrush [smash]... no... Skye's bathing cap? [crash] How did that get in here? [Smash] Baseball... no... Aha!

He pulled out a red wagon with his teeth and then pushed his tail up through the handle.

Rocky: Time to do my sweep of town. There must be plenty of stuff to pick up now. {He said perkily as he walked off.}

Zuma however, was sitting by the tire swing watching Rocky walk off.

Zuma: Hm... I better keep my eyes on my buddy today. {He said, getting up and began to follow Rocky secretly.}

Ryder was watching Marshall, Rubble, and Skye eat. He noticed that Rocky's food and water bowls were still full.

Ryder: I know Zuma finished early, but it's weird how Rocky hasn't woken up yet.

Rubble stopped for a second:

Rubble: Yeah. He has been acting strangely for a while though.

Marshall looks up from his food.

Marshall: He's been having a lot of nightmares lately.

Ryder: Hm? He never told me.

Marshall: He didn't even tell me. I just overheard him.

Ryder: Hm. I wish I knew about that earlier.

Skye: He should be fine though. You know Rocky.

Marshall: Yeah, happy, upbeat and perky no matter what.

Ryder: You're right pups. I just hope his nightmares stop soon.


Rocky continued his duty around town.

Rocky: This banana peel should be in the compost bin, Alex.

Alex: Sorry Rocky... again.

Rocky: Just remember that next time, okay?

Alex: Alright. {Alex ran off inside Mr. Porter's.}

Rocky put the banana peel in the compost bin and his stomach growled.

Rocky: Oops. Ha-ha... forgot to eat. {His face then turns from a happy face to a frown.} Wonder what that mer-pup is up to? {He asked in concern as he grabbed his wagon with his tail.} Better not think about that now. I need to go to the Lookout to eat.

He began his trip back to the Lookout and Zuma followed closely after removing some shades he was wearing to hide who he was.

Zuma: [giggle] I'm good at this sneaking thing. {He said, following Rocky some more.}

Rocky got to the Lookout and got out of his gear. He went inside to his food and water bowl and started eating. Ryder was watching TV nearby and saw him.

Ryder: Rocky! There you are. It's almost 11:30. Why didn't you come to eat earlier?

Rocky: Sorry Ryder. {He said in between mouthfuls.} I had some stuff to think about and decided to do it on my sweep of town today.

Ryder: You already did your sweep?

Rocky nodded and continued to eat.

Ryder: Hm, weird, but okay.

Rocky soon finished eating and looked at the clock. 11:50. It was time to head to the beach.

Rocky: Ryder... I'm going to the beach.

Ryder: Okay... but why? {He asked not looking away from the TV.}

Rocky: Um... I just need to go. {He said walking out.}

Ryder turned off the TV and watched him leave with concern.

Ryder: Hm. {He calls Skye and Zuma on his pup pad.} Pups... please go to the beach and keep an eye on Rocky. He's acting strange and it sounds like he's hiding something.

Zuma was already aware of this and barked to hang up. He proceeded to the beach.

A few minutes later. Rocky arrived at the beach at 12:00 solid.

The mer-pup came out of the water.

Rocky: Hi...

Mer-Pup: Is the coast clear?

Rocky looked around and saw no one on the beach. Which was strange, but he didn't care.

Rocky: Looks like it.

The mer-pup smiled.

Mer-pup: Good, now we can talk.

Rocky sat on the hot sand very nervous.

Mer-pup: I noticed you're afraid of the water. Why is that?

Rocky: I-I don't know.

Mer-pup: What if I told you that I bet I might know why?

Zuma and Skye were listening in.


Skye: The mer-pup?

Zuma: Shhh!


Rocky: Y-You what? {Rocky asked, suddenly interested.}

Mer-Pup: Tell me, have you ever had any dreams?

Rocky: All the time... but I think you may mean certain kinds of dreams, right?

Mer-pup: Yes, now look... this further proves my theory. Come with me, and I can lead you to your parents.

Rocky stumbled back.

Rocky: What?!

Mer-Pup: Do you trust me?

Rocky: Uh?

Mer-pup: I don't bite.

Rocky: How... how can I believe you? We just met, well kinda... sorta anyway.

Mer-Pup: Just believe. {She said sinking into the water.}

Rocky: Wait! {He stops at the edge of the water.}

Rocky: I-I can't follow you.

Mer-pup: Stop letting your fear of what you are, stop you.

Rocky: Huh?

Mer-pup: Just try... try to believe. There's nothing to fear. I'm here to guide you.

Rocky stared at the water and turned away closing his eyes.

Rocky: I-I can't!

Mer-Pup: Yes you can, {She pokes her head back out of the water.} Take my paw.

Rocky shivered in fear.

Rocky: [whimper]

Mer-Pup: Trust me.

Rocky reluctantly gave her his paw and she pulled him slightly making him walk into the water.

Mer-Pup: That's it... come on.

He closes his eyes and continues going.

Rocky: Gross...

Mer-pup: No, not gross. It's in your mind.

Rocky proceeded and he felt the ground leave beneath him.

Mer-pup: Swim!

Rocky started doggy paddling and opened his eyes.

Rocky: I'm in water! {He shouted in panic.}

The mer-pup began petting him.

Mer-pup: Calm down. Just keep swimming... and wait.


Zuma: The dude is swimming!?

Skye: She made it look so easy to get him to do that. {She sighed in annoyance.}


Rocky waited for 10 minutes.

Rocky: Why am I-

He felt strange.

Rocky: What, what's going on?

He felt his back legs be replaced by a fish-tail. A yellow one.

Rocky: What?!

Mer-pup: Rocky... you're a Mer-pup. You always have been.

Rocky stared at her in disbelief, then at his fish-tail, and then shook his head.

Rocky: N-No, this can't be. I'm a pup. I-I've never been a Mer-pup.

Mer-pup: You are a Mer-Pup. Your parents are too.

Rocky: What?! But I remember us being on a boat. I have a picture of us being on land!

Mer-pup: It's your bloodline. Your mother is a full-blooded Mer-pup, and your father mostly is. He does have regular pup DNA in him though. And as a result, you had to be born on land.

Rocky: I don't understand.

Mer-pup: It's gonna be difficult for you to understand. Now... come.

Rocky: What?

Mer-pup: You want to see your parents, don't you?

Rocky looked back at the beach scared.

Rocky: What about- ?

Mer-pup: You can turn back into a pup and go onto land anytime you wish. It's a family gift.

Rocky: Can't I say bye to my friends?

Mer-pup: They can't understand you now that you're in your Mer-pup form anyway. You can come back later, but I promised your mother I'd take you to see her. Please, come on. I don't want to keep them waiting.

Rocky gave in with a sigh and looked down at the water below him. He realized his fear has suddenly vanished.

Mer-pup: Come on.

Rocky nodded and they both dove into the water.

Meanwhile, on the beach.

Skye and Zuma: No way!

Zuma: We have to tell Wyder wight now! Wocky may need help! {He said as they both bolted to the Lookout.}

When they got there, Ryder was talking to Chase's dad.

Chase's dad: He's made some new friends at school that he hangs out with at recess.

Ryder: That's good for him.

Zuma: Wyder! Wyder! [Pant!]

Ryder: What's wrong?

Zuma: Wocky! [Pant Pant] Mer-pup! Wocky, swim! Wocky, turn into Mer-pup! And then gone! {Zuma said speedily, making it hard to understand him at first.}

Ryder: Uh?

Skye explained clearer.

Ryder: That sounds bad... and strange. No one else was on the beach?

Zuma: No sir. It was weird.

Ryder: Very, but that's beside the point. We need to help Rocky! No job is too big, no pup is too small! Zuma, you and I are going to find Rocky! I'll also call Captain Turbot. {He said doing so.}

Skye: Be careful Zuma.

Zuma: Sure thing dude. I promise., we'll bring Rocky back safe and sound! {He said running outside to get his gear and get in his hovercraft.}

Captain Turbot over pup pad: Okay Ryder. I'm on my way.

Francois over pup pad: Me too! I want to see the mer-pup with me own eyes!

Ryder and Captain Turbot roll their eyes and hang up on each other.

Ryder: Mr. Shep, watch the other pups for me while I'm gone.

Chase's dad: Yes sir.

Ryder runs outside to Zuma's hovercraft and hops in.

Ryder: Let's go Zuma!

Zuma: [howl!]


Rocky swam behind the Mer-pup mommy nervously. He now saw her clearly in the water. He himself was now the same size her pup was. Apparently mer-pups were smaller than regular dogs.

Rocky: I just don't understand what happened to me.

Mer-pup: When you turned a year old, your parents were gonna take you out to sea and teach you about being a mer-pup. Your life on the surface was supposed to be over.

Rocky: What happened?

Mer-pup: A storm... it took you away from your parents. They searched the ocean for you for weeks. They never found you.

Rocky sighed.

Rocky: And I didn't even know.

Mer-pup: You were too young to remember anything clearly.

Rocky: How did my mom become a land pup?

Mer-pup: We have these special necklaces in our city. They range and vary. Some allow pups to breathe underwater and speak our language. Another necklace allows us to turn into land pups. They have to touch water every 12 hours to recharge the magic though.

Rocky: Oh... I see.

Mer-pup: What do you think?

Rocky: Huh?

Mer-pup: Of the ocean? Look around, look at what your home truly is.

Rocky looked around and saw the beautiful corals, fish, deep blue water. He even saw the noon sun shining down into the water with it's brilliance.

Rocky: Whoah... i-it's beautiful.

The mer-pup smiled.

Mer-pup: Here, follow me for some fun.

Rocky: Huh?

The mer-pup swam down into a cave and Rocky stopped motionless for a minute and then took a deep breath of the water around him.

Rocky: Ok... here goes. {He swam deeper into the cave after her.}


Ryder and Zuma were following a heat signature in Zuma's sub.

Ryder: It's Rocky, but why is he so small?

Zuma: Who knows. We just better do our best to keep up. Buckle up Wyder. I'm going turbo mode on this thing!

Zuma's sub went ten times as fast as he chased after Rocky.

Ryder: Looks like the boosters pack a punch. {He said with a chuckle.}

Zuma: [Chuckle] Yep.

Ryder's face grew stern.

Ryder: Why didn't you and Rocky tell me about this last night? {He asked.}

Zuma sighed. He didn't want to tell Ryder, cause he thought it was nothing important. He had no idea that this would happen to Rocky.

Zuma: It scared me Ryder.

Ryder: Hm?

Zuma: He, he was already behaving strangely. As he talked to her... it was getting harder and harder to understand him. I'm scared that I lost my friend.

Ryder: Watch out for that rock.

Zuma nodded avoiding it.

Ryder: Now Zuma, Rocky would never just up and leave like that. There must be a reason he took off like this. And that's what we're gonna find out. What I can't understand is how she got him into the water at all.

Zuma: I don't know. She somehow convinced him. And what's worse... he turned into a mer-pup.

Ryder: When did that happen?

Zuma:  About 9-12 minutes after he entewed the water I think.

Ryder: Hm. Intriguing...

They continued to follow Rocky's trail.


Rocky swam through the caves a bit lost.

Rocky: Huh? Where'd you go? {He hollered looking around} I'm lost.

Mer-pup: Don't follow your eyes. Follow the echos on the walls. {She said in a booming voice. Meaning her own words were echoed.}

Rocky: The echos?

He stayed still and thought and then closed his eyes and perked his ears. After listening for a bit, he heard humming.

Rocky: [Gasp] {He listened more and a mental image appeared of where it was coming from and what the room she was in looked like.}

He opened his eyes and looked in the direction he heard the noise.

Rocky: This... this is cool.

He swam through the tunnel and saw the Mer-pup.

Mer-Pup: Come on, sit next to me.

Rocky saw that she was sitting on the ocean floor. He was hesitant but sat down as he felt he could trust her. She placed her paw on his tiny tail. He was shocked by how tiny he'd become.

Rocky: Why am I so little?

Mer-pup: We mer-pups don't get as big as dogs on the surface. As such, when you transform back and forth, your size will also adjust.

Rocky: Whoah.

Mer-pup: Want to go for a ride?

Rocky: Huh?

Suddenly, he felt something under his fish tail. He looked down and saw that they were riding on a manta ray.

Rocky: Whoah!

They rode it through the caves very swiftly.

Rocky: Wow, this is fast!

Mer-pup: Fastest way to travel through here. Thanks to my friend here. Say hi.

Manta ray: Hey there pup.

Rocky: [Gasp] I can understand him?

Mer-pup: Yep, Mer-pups can communicate with all kinds of sea life.

Rocky watched as they swam and smiled.

Rocky: This is amazing!

Mer-pup: Here comes the best part.

Manta Ray: Hang on!

They went into a tunnel with a current, and then when they hit it, they boosted forward out of the tunnel into the ocean blue, like a cannon!

Rocky: Whoah!

Rocky was flying off the Manta Ray and the Mer-Pup grabbed his paw with both of hers.

Mer-pup: I've got ya.

They landed safely on the ocean floor.

Manta Ray: Ok, last stop.

Rocky and the other mer-pup swam off of him.

Mer-pup: Thank you, my friend.

Manta Ray: Anytime. {He said as he covered himself in sand.}

Rocky: That... was... amazing!

Mer-pup: Mer-pups... when they are guppies... like you... play in those caves after school time.

Rocky: You have school too?

Mer-Pup: Of course. Now, please come with me.

He followed her some more and then they both stop just before a valley.

Mer-pup: See that?

Rocky looked on ahead and saw a city under the water.

Rocky: No way.

Mer-pup: That's Adventuretropolis.

Rocky: Like Adventure Bay?

The mer-pup nodded.

Mer-pup: That's right.

???: Indeed you are.

They both turn around and see two more mer-pups. Another female, and a male one.

Male: We've been here for a while.

Mer-pup: I'm sorry, he was hard to persuade.

The female Mer-pup stared at Rocky.

Female Mer-pup: Rocky?

Rocky froze and then looked at her. He suddenly felt a small memory of her.

Rocky: [gasp] M-Mommy?

She rushed forward and hugged Rocky.

Female mer-pup: It is you! Oh my little boy! {She said hugging Rocky.}

Rocky was shocked, but then smiled and hugged her back.

Rocky: Mommy... I remember now.

Male Mer-pup: Thank you. Your daughter is behaving at school. I haven't received any complaints.

Mer-pup: Well, that's good. See you later nephew. I've got to go pick up my daughter.

Rocky: You're my aunt?

She nodded and swam off. The Male mer-pup swam up to Rocky examining him. Rocky looked like the spitting the mer-pup towering before him. The only difference is that he has two eyes patches and green eyes.

Male Mer-pup: You want to give your Papa a hug?

Rocky nodded and hugged his dad wanting to cry. But he knew he couldn't here.

Rocky: Dad.

Male Mer-pup: You call me Papa. Okay?

Rocky nodded and hugged him tighter and his mom joined the hug. After he stopped the hug, his dad ruffled his fur tuft.

Rocky: [giggle] Hey, stop. {He said giggling.}

Rocky's dad: Where have you been these past two years?

Rocky: On the surface.

Rocky's mom: You've been living on the surface! My sister didn't tell me that.

Rocky's dad: You've had a fear of water haven't you?

Rocky: Yeah.

Rocky's dad: Let me explain. You see, if a mer-pup stays on land too long, they begin to fear water. They also will slightly forget about their mer-pup life. That can be remedied, however. All a pup or dog has to do is turn into a mer-pup at least once per 3 days.

Rocky: Oh.

Rocky's mom: What have you been doing on the surface.

Rocky: A nice boy named Ryder, adopted me. He had adopted a lot of pups and turned us into a team of rescue pups. We help the town of Adventure Bay with whatever problems they have.

Rocky's mom: How sweetie? Your just a bunch of pups and a human boy on a team. What can you do?

Rocky: Plenty. We're all smart for our age. Especially Ryder. He's a genius.

Rocky's dad: Have you grown attached to your friends?

Rocky: Yes sir.

Rocky's dad: Hm, there's no way to make you stay then.

Rocky: I could just come for visits. {He offered with a smile.}

Rocky's dad: I don't want to keep you from your friends. My father did that to me when I tried to be a land pup. I haven't seen my land-pup friends in a long time.

Rocky: Oh Papa.

Rocky hugged his dad.

Rocky: I would never think that. Just you saying that proves you're not like your dad in that way. I can come for visits weekly if that's okay.

Rocky's dad: I would like that.

Rocky's mom: Rocky... would you like to come and see your true home for a little while longer before we take you back home?

Rocky nodded.

Rocky: Of course mommy.

The three then began to swim towards the city and froze when they felt a vibration.

Rocky's dad: A sub! Two of them!

Rocky: Oh no! It's my friends. I never did tell them bye and they must've seen what happened to me.

Rocky's mom: We've got to activate the cloak on the city!

The three swam off to the city, while Rocky was looking back. He felt the sound of Zuma's hovercraft and engines of the diving bell pierced his ears.

Rocky: Mommy, Papa, they aren't gonna stop until they see that I'm okay.

Rocky's dad: I'll go with you then kiddo.

Him and Rocky stop.

Rocky's mom: I'll turn on the city's cloak and tell the king why.

Rocky's dad nodded to his wife as she went off into the city.

Rocky's dad: We're gonna go see your friends. They won't be able to understand you.

Rocky nodded.

Rocky: I know. I'll still try to talk to them though.

Rocky's dad: You've got spirit. {He said as him and Rocky swam off in the direction of the two subs.}


Zuma and Ryder were in the sub trying to track Rocky's pup tag symbol. {Wait... weren't they following his heat signature?}

Zuma: Ryder... why didn't you bother tacking his pup tag earlier? {He asked annoyed.} {Well, that answers my question.}

Ryder: Hehe... I uh, forgot. {He said scratching the back of his head.}

All of a sudden, they hear a horn.

Horn: [Dudududududududududuuuuuuu!!!!]

They both look and see the Diving Bell.

Zuma: Hey dudes. {He said through the subs speakers.}

Captain Turbot and Francois wave.

Ryder: Now we have twice the help for the search.

Zum: [Bark bark!]

They went further and further and they both stop suddenly.

Zuma: Ryder, it's him.

The 4 look out their subs and see Rocky next to apparently his dad. Rocky just waved nervously.

Rocky: (No turning back now.) {He thought.}

Ryder: Rocky!

Rocky waved.

Ryder: He is very small. His puptag is so big on him.

Zuma: Rocky dude, can you understand us?

Rocky nodded at his friends in the sub.

Ryder: Rocky?

Rocky pointed at his mouth with his paw and did a no go motion.

Zuma: Dude, he can't talk to us. {Zuma sighed while pouting.}

Ryder: We'll just have to try our best to understand one another.

Captain Turbot and Francois were watching. Francois was fixing to take a picture and Captain Turbot stopped him.

{Btw, Captain Turbot had a substitute teaching at school in his place today. In case you were wondering. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you missed the previous story.}

Turbot: Not so fast Francois. These creatures need to stay hidden. {Not usual behavior for the Captian, but oh well.}

Francois: Aw... but I wanted ze pictures.

Rocky's dad smirked.

Rocky's dad: At least he knows to leave us be.

Rocky nodded at his dad and looked back at Ryder and Zuma.

Ryder: Rocky, are you okay? What happened?

Rocky wanted to laugh and pointed to his mouth again.

Ryder: Right, can't talk.

Zuma: Is that your dad, dude?

Rocky smiled and nodded.

Zuma: Nice to meet you, dude.

Rocky's dad smiled and waved back at him.

Ryder: Rocky, how did you turn into a mer-pup?

Rocky didn't know how to answer, but then his dad swam in front of him.

Rocky's dad: I'll answer for you in sign language.

He moved his paws around.

Zuma: Oh! Rocky was originally a mer-pup!

Ryder: No way!?

Captain Turbot: What!?

Francois: I can't believe me ears!

Rocky nodded from behind his dad.

Zuma pouted.

Zuma: Dude, does this mean goodbye?

Rocky shook his head and looked up at his dad. Rocky's dad did more sign language.

Zuma: The dude said... he can come home after he sees where his parents' house is. He then said that he has to try and visit often.

Ryder: We'll make sure that he does, sir {Ryder assured Rocky's dad.}.

Rocky's dad smiled and signed some more.

Zuma: [giggle] He said we'll visit too to see our son's home.

Ryder: No problem. And if you are ever in trouble-

Rocky looked at his dad.

Rocky: -just yelp for help. {Rocky chuckled.}

Rocky's dad ruffled his son's fur tuft.

Rocky: [giggle]

Ryder: Okay Zuma, let's head back.

Zuma: But what about Rocky.

Rocky winked at them.

Ryder: I think he'll find his way back home without us. See you in a bit Rocky.

Rocky waved as Ryder and Zuma left. Captain Turbot and Francois followed them with Francois complaining the whole time.

Francois: I couldn't take ze pictures! Honestly, how could you pass this up!?

Rocky's dad pushed his son away towards the city as it reappeared.

Rocky's dad: Come Rocky... and see your true home in the ocean. Your welcome to come anytime.

Rocky: Thank you, Papa. {He said hugging him and his dad hugged him back. They then both swim into the city together.}  

A few hours later... it was 9:00 P.M.

The pups and Ryder were all at the Lookout, when the Lookout doors open.

Zuma: [Gasp]

Rocky came in soaking wet, but he surprisingly didn't seem to mind at all.

Rocky: Hey guys! I'm back!

The pups ran up to Rocky tackling him and puppy kissing him, while Ryder and Chase's dad watched from afar.

Chase's dad: Well, how about that Ryder? His fear has been conquered.

Ryder nodded.

The pups get off of him and he shakes himself dry.

Rocky: That was some trip.

Zuma: Dude... you swam! You actually swam!

Rubble: You conquered your fear.

Rocky: I actually brought my fear upon myself. I gotta tell you a lot about what I did down there.

Chase: Did you see other mer-pups?

Rocky: Not many more. But I saw so many wonderful things... things I can't even describe. I wish you guys were with me.

Zuma: And you were so small!

Rocky: Mer-pups are smaller than regular dogs, so I shrunk to match mer-pups my age when I changed to my mer-pup form. My dad can turn into a normal dog too.

Marshall: How does it work?

Rocky: I've got to stay in the water for about 10 minutes to turn into a mer-pup. I won't ever be able to speak to you all in that form. And if I stay on dry land for about a few minutes... 12 at most, I'll turn into a land pup. Mommy and Papa said I'll be able to actually control it when I get older.

Skye: I'm happy you conquered your fear.

Rocky: I have to turn into a mer-pup at least once every three days or my fear will start to develop again.

Chase: We'll make sure you do that bud.

Rocky: Thanks, guys. I actually can't wait to go and play with my cousin. She's gonna teach me some more about being a mer-pup.

Chase: That's cool.

Ryder: Okay pups, that's enough excitement for one day. Time for bed.

Pups: Awwww... {The pups groaned.}

Rocky: Okay Ryder! I wonder what stuff I have in my pup house that I forgot to recycle today. I'll check in the morning.

Ryder: [chuckle] Okay, okay. Night pups.

Pups: Goodnight, Ryder!

Chase's dad led all the pups to their pup houses.

Ryder: Rocky, a mer-pup? Never would've imagined that.

[Ring ring!]

Ryder pulled out his pup pad and answered it.

Ryder: Hello?

Ryder's dad: Ryder, I've arrived.

Ryder: Good, I'm ready when you are.

Ryder's dad: You've got it, my boy.

Ryder's dad hung up on his son and he looked at an old orphanage.

There are pups and kids in the orphanages in this world. Since there is no pound... for adopting that is. The pound is a prison for bad dogs instead.

Ryder's dad: There he is. {He said, spotting someone through a window.} Let's go adopt.

{Who is Ryder's dad adopting. We'll find out next time, won't we? :) }

The End

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