Henry, Drew and Liam: YOU DID WHAT?!

Jake: Wait, hear me out! I know what you're thinking, but there's a reasonable explanation!

Drew: You seriously ditched us yesterday to audition for the music freak club?!

Jake: Look, it's... Daisy. She told me that she loves singers and that I should try out for the competition, so I agreed.

Henry: (laughs) You joined the music freak club for Daisy? Dude, you're so whipped! (laughs)

Jake: Don't scream it out to the whole school!

Drew: That's it, Daisy told you to!? so you said yes!? What's next, are you going to strip down butt naked in front of everyone because she asked you to!?

Henry: Simp!

Henry and Liam: (laughs)

Jake: Look, it's all part of my plan. Daisy said she'd come and watch me practice during the rehearsals, which gives me a chance to get closer to her! And once I impress her with my singing, I can finally ask her out! Good, right?

Liam: Seriously, dude? I wouldn't go through that much effort for a chick. I'll give you props though.

Jake: Liam, if I know anything about ladies, it's that they love a guy who can sing. Besides, it's called being romantic.

Liam: Romantic, what's that? I've never heard of that word.

Henry: Heh. And that's why you've never had a girlfriend.

Liam: Uh huh, then what's your excuse then? You've never even kissed a girl.

Drew: I just can't believe that you're going to embarrass yourself on stage with those freaks. Just ask the girl out!

Henry: Hey, do you think if I auditioned to sing, I could get Lia to like me? It can't be that hard, listen!

And I was like,

Baby, Baby, Baby OH!

Like, Baby, Baby, Baby nooooo!

Drew: Great, look what you started.

Jake: (chuckles) Sorry, I'll be leaving him with you two. I just realized I'm late for music practice!

Drew: Can you believe him? Joining those music freaks just to impress Daisy... what's so impressive about Daisy anyway? It's not like I had to embarrass myself onstage to get Zoey to like me. Then again, I could probably get any girl I wanted.

Henry's Mind: Yeah, sure dude. It has nothing to do with the fact that your parents are loaded.

Liam's Mind: Or that your girlfriend's a gold digger.

(In the Music Room)

Hailey: Zander, we've talked about this.

Zander: And you don't think he has any ulterior motives? Embarrass us onstage in front of everybody?

Milly: If that happens, I'll just boot him off stage with my foot. Simple.

Zander: Then why don't we just boot him out now?

Luke: Because Zander, we're supposed to be giving him a chance.

Zander: HE-

(door creaks)

Jake: Uh, did I come at a bad time again?

Hailey: You're late. I thought I said practice was at twelve-thirty sharp.

Jake: Oh, right. You know what the line is in the cafeteria! (laughs nervously)

Hailey: Uh huh...

Zander: See what I mean? He can't even take rehearsals seriously! He probably won't even show up for the competition.

Jake: Hey! I was only ten minutes late today! Okay, I'm sorry for turning up late. I promise I won't do it again.

Zander: (grunts) Sounds like a load of crap to me.

Jake POV: Man, he really hates my guts, huh?

Sean: Well, the good news is I think I found the perfect beat for our performance! You guys wanna hear it?

Milly: Pfft, obviously! DJ, hit that track!


Sean: What do we think?

Hailey: Sounds great Sean!

Milly: Nice! Now I can finally try making a guitar riff for this thing.

Luke: And I can't wait to practice on my baby (the drums) again!~

Jake: So, how do we go about making a song?

Sean: Well, now that I've found a beat, I can play around with the melody a bit, add everyone's instruments into the mix, and then you can write the lyrics for the song!

Hailey: I'm usually the songwriter, so we can work on that together. Once we have a song written, you can practice your vocals with Zander on the piano.

Zander: Him? Practice with me! I'm not going to waste my valuable time on him.

Hailey: Zander...!

Jake: (laughs) I thought you told me to take this competition seriously.

Zander: I refuse to waste my time on you because I'm taking it seriously! I know you're only here because of some other selfish reason then an actual passion. It's obvious that you haven't joined our club out of real interest, and for SOME REASON, I'm the only one in this BLOODY CLUB that seems to get it!

Jake: Well, funnily enough, I actually DO have a passion for music and I LOVE singing! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME!

Hailey: Guys, please stop-


Zander: That's what I thought.

(Chasing GLMV)

(Zander storms out of the music room)

Milly: Well, that was a spectacle. And he says I'm too emotional.

Jake: (sighs) Is he going to be like this the whole time?

Hailey: Can you blame him? You and your friends have given us both a difficult time. Of course he doesn't trust you.

Jake: Well, what do you suggest I do to get his trust back? He's your boyfriend, so you know him best.

Milly: (cracks up)

Sean: (chuckles)

Milly: Oh my god, you- you thought that Zander and Hailey?! (continues to laugh crazily)

Hailey: You think I'm... dating my step-brother?

Jake: (shocked) Wait, he's your step-brother?!

Sean: Come on dude, have you not been in the same class as them since freshman year?

Hailey: And even if we weren't siblings, I'm not exactly his type.

Milly: (laughs) Yeah, he's gay. You really don't know anything about your classmates!

Jake: I... guess not.

(school bell rings)

Sean: I guess that means practice is over!

Hailey: Well, this has certainly been productive. I better go find my 'boyfriend' now. See you guys later.

Milly: Aw man, I wanted to show Jake my sick guitar skills today!

Sean: You'll have plenty of opportunities to do that in the future, Milly.

(others leave)

Luke: Hey Jake, can I... talk to you for a sec?

Jake: Oh, sure!

Jake's POV: Luke is Zander's childhood friend if I remember right? He seems like a really nice guy, and I think he trusts me. I'm sure he has nothing bad to say to me.

Luke: Listen, I know Zander is making it difficult for you in the club. He just needs more time to get used to you being around. But you have to understand where he's coming from. And not just him, Hailey too. They're used to, no offense, people like you talking down on them.

Jake: I know, and I'll even admit, I've been a real jerk to them both. I won't act like that again.

Luke: I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt! But I'll warn you now... if you ever hurt Zander, then you'll be dealing with me after...

Jake: (terrified) Er, right.

Luke: Great! I hope we can all get along. (leaves)

Jake's Mind: Aw man, did I really make the right choice joining the music club with these guys?

Jake's POV: I need to think of a way I can get Zander's trust back. But what?...

Daisy: Having a bad day?

Jake: Aah! D-Daisy!

Daisy: (giggles) Sorry, did I scare you?

Jake: Uh, n-no! Well, just a little bit.

Daisy: How did your audition go yesterday? Did you get the part?

Jake: Y-yeah, I did.

Daisy: That's great Jake, congratulations! (hugs Jake)

Jake's POV: W-woah! Daisy's hugging me! Calm down man, it's just a hug.

Daisy: I can't wait to see your performance on stage! How has practice gone so far?

Jake: You know, uh... not well.

Daisy: What do you mean?

Jake: Well, let's just say I'm not exactly welcome by a few of the members.

Daisy: Oh, that's a shame.. Well, it may take them a while to warm up to you. I'm sure that they'll treat you like family soon.

Jake: I doubt it. I just wish there was something I could do to show them that I do care about the band competition.

Daisy: Hmm.. (deep thinking) Hey, I have an idea! How about you try to get them more support?

Jake: What do you mean?

Daisy: I mean support from the students! Not many students know about the band competition at all, which I think is such a shame! If people were interested and willing to watch you guys, I'm sure it'll make them happy! You're very likeable, so I'm sure you'll do a great job convincing people!

Jake: Y-you think I'm likeable?

Daisy: Of course you are! I like you Jake!

Jake's POV: Woah! she said she likes me! God, thank you for letting me live so I could meet this angel!

Daisy: Uh, Jake?

Jake: S-sorry! Lost my train of thought there. I think that's a great idea, Daisy. I'll make sure everyone knows about this band competition, just leave it to me!

Daisy: (giggles) We're all counting on you then! Oh, I better get to my Student Council meeting now. Good luck Jake!

Jake's POV: Not to toot my own horn, but if everyone finds out that I'm the lead singer, I'm sure more people will be interested. But how do I go about telling them? (thinks) I think I know just the girls for the job.

Zoey: And then, I told him that silver doesn't suit my skin tone, so he bought me the gold hoops as well.

Lia: Wow, that's clever. I'll have to use that on my dad next time.

Zoey: It works every time.

Jake: Good morning girls!

Lia: Oh, good morning Jake.

Zoey: Uh... morning to you too.

Jake: Why are you looking at me like that?

Zoey: Well, you don't usually come up to us so casually to say good morning to us. You clearly want something.

Jake: I don't want anything! Well, maybe. I need everyone to know about this.

Lia: The band competition? But why?

Jake: Don't you know? I'm the lead singer.

Zoey: You're singing in a band?!

Jake: You heard right. And I'm pretty good if I do say myself.

Lia: Wow, you can sing? That's hot~ I'll come watch you perform, Jake~ (blink blink)

Jake: Oh, uh thanks Lia.

Zoey: Isn't this the competition that those music nerds are doing?

Jake: Well, yes. But honestly, they're not half bad! And now that I'm in it, it has to be good.

Lia: Yeah, I can't wait to watch you. You'll come and watch too, right Zoey?

Zoey: I suppose... It sounds like fun.

Jake: Does that mean you'll help me out and tell other people? I want all the support I can get.

Lia: Oh, you can leave that to me. (text noises) (text sent sound) Done! No need to thank me Jake. It's my pleasure.

(Hailey and Zander walking down the hall)

Student: Hey, good luck in the band competition guys!

Hailey: Oh, uh thanks? (looks at Zander) Who was that?

Zander: A secret admirer perhaps?

NotZoey: Hey Zander! I can't wait to hear you play for the competition. You'll be so amazing!

Zander: Uh... thank you?

Hailey: Uh Zander, what's going on? Why are people... talking to us?

Zander: I-I don't know... but I have a feeling Jake has something to do with this...

(In the Music Room with lots of students inside)

Milly: Guys! You won't believe it, the whole school is talking about the competition! We're practically celebrities!

Zander: Luke, could you explain what's going on?

Luke: I think you should ask Jake.

Hailey: Jake? Can we talk? Outside?

Jake: Oh, sure! I'll be back in a minute, ladies! (winks)

(Girl faints)

Jake's POV: Why do I feel like I'm about to be told off by my parents...?

Hailey: Care to explain why the music room is full of people?

Zander: And why people are suddenly coming up to us about the competition?

Jake: Well, you don't seem too happy about it.

Jake: The truth is... I wanted to make it up to you guys for being such a douche before. I know a lot of people give you slack about your club so-

Zander: You mean you and your goons?!

Jake: U-uh yeah. Well, I figured that I could try getting you guys more support! Our whole school wants to see us perform on stage.

Hailey: Really?!

Zander: Well, that wasn't really necessary! We don't need your charity! We are perfectly capable of winning the whole crowd over without your help.

Zander: (sigh) But I suppose having the school's support at the competition will do us good. We could do with some encouragement on the day. I appreciate your effort. And... I'm sorry for the way I've been acting. It was very childish of me. I'll give you a chance, but just one.

Jake: Hey, thanks Zander!

(loud, abrupt piano noises)

Zander: Hey! The piano is not a toy! Get off of that right now!

Jake and Hailey: (chuckles)

Hailey: Thanks Jake, for uh.. you know, helping out.

Jake: Oh, uh yeah. No problem.

Hailey: It's nice to see so many people interested in our club for a change. Especially how many girls there are.

Jake: Yeah. I mean, can you blame them? You only have the most charming and attractive guy in school as your lead singer~

Hailey: You? Charming? I think you need a reality check.

Jake: Well, you didn't deny that I'm handsome~

Hailey: (flustered) Y-you are delusional! Come on, we have a competition to practice for!

Jake: (Chuckles) Yes ma'am!

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