Announcer: "Coming up next on All-New Sonic X, when Dark Oak and the Meterex previously took control of the entire universe, Cosmo was called upon her destination to save it, and Tails was forced to fire the power cannon at Dark Oak and Cosmo as well, but he refused at 1st. so he did it anyhow. when he did, he saw Sonic approaching him and he gave him 1 of her seeds."

Tails: [Teared Up] "This can't be true, Sonic. Cosmo was here just 1 single minute ago. I had lots of trust and faith that you would help her out. I trusted you even better."

Announcer: "Can that seed really be Cosmo? find out, on All-New Sonic X, next."

Prologue: The Blaustein family members' apartment

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