The Great Mer-Pup Adventure; starring Blaze and the Monster Machines

Chapter 1

“Ooh! Ryder,” Everest exclaimed as she looked out the window, “when are we gonna get to Axle City?”

Ryder looked on his pup-pad and smiled. “Only 5 more minutes, Everest. We’re almost there.” The pups were super excited to get to see Blaze and their other Monster Machine friends again. Especially Cookie, the Monster Machines’ pup of the PAW Patrol. But, tonight, the pups picked a special night they all knew about for their get together. A night bound to be special for all of them. “Look, dudes!” Zuma exclaimed. “There’s Axle City Park!”

'And there’s Blaze and the others!” Rocky said, pointing. Crusher, Pickle and the newly reformed Sweetie were there, too. The 8 of them ran out to greet them. Stripes growled. “You made it!” he said as he high tired Everest. Cookie and Rocky hugged. “It is so good to see you again,” Cookie told the Blue Heeler. “Zeg so happy to see pups,” Zeg said, happily hugging Marshall. The clumsy Dalmatian giggled. “We’re happy to see you, too, big fella,” he told him, smiling brightly. '“Shoo-wee!” Starla said in excitement as she rubbed Skye on the head affectionately. “It sure is good to have all of us back together again.” The others agreed. “But, why did you pick tonight as our get together, pups?” asked Darington. Chase and Ryder only smiled. “Follow the PAW Patroller to the beach and we’ll show you,” the German Shepherd said, and he said nothing else.

Being the only one not to ride Blaze, Rubble jumped into the cab and put on the helmet AJ gave him. Zuma rode with Watts and Gabby, and all the other Monster Machines followed the PAW Patroller down the road. “AJ,” Blaze exclaimed, “gimme some speed!”


Rubble was having the time of his life as they drove to the beach after the others. “Faster, Blaze, faster!”

Blaze picked up speed, and soon, they arrived at the beach. Rubble took off his helmet and leapt out. “Oh, that was awesome! Thanks for the ride.”

Blaze rubbed his head. “No problem.” The 2 of them walked to where the others were. “That’s what we wanted to show you, guys.” Chase pointed his paw to the bright golden moon in the night sky. “Ooh. . .” Blaze and all the Monster Machines exclaimed. Well, all of them, except Crusher. He only scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. What’s the big deal? It’s just the moon.”

 “But, this moon is very special, Crusher,” Skye told him. “This is the Magical Mer-Moon!”

“Why they call it that?” asked Zeg curiously. The pups then heard a sweet tune. “I think you guys are about to find out,” Chase said smiling wide. The mama merpup and her baby swam to the shoreline, followed by 3 other merpups the pups met. As curious as he was, Blaze drove a little closer. “What are they?” he asked in wonder. “Those are called merpups, Blaze,” Marshall told him. “They have the bodies of a pup, and the tail of a fish. And the legend says that this Mer-Moon is the only time they come out of hiding. And the touch of a merpup can turn the pups and me into one!”

“For that night only,” added Rocky. Stripes drove to where Blaze was and looked at the creatures. “ These merpups are so cool. I’ve never seen one before.”

“No one else has. . . Except us,” Chase said proudly. “Watch this.”

  He swam into the water, and the mama merpup nuzzled him. A light purple aura formed around him, and instantly, his legs became a long blue fishtail. “Whoa!” Pickle exclaimed. The other pups ran into the water and became merpups as well. The Monster Machines were fascinated by this. The baby merpup swam up the shore where Blaze was and splashed him in the face with her tail. Blaze laughed. “Blaze, I think that one likes you,” Gabby said, laughing. “That’s the baby merpup,” Ryder explained to them. “She likes everybody.”

 The baby merpup barked. “Aww. I like you too,” Blaze told the baby sweetly. Skye smiled. “I think Blaze just made a new friend.”

The mama merpup barked and pulled something out from under the water. “Hey, that’s one of the pearls from before!” Cookie squealed.

  The mama held the pearl up in the air, and Crusher rose up into the air and splashed into the water. The others laughed. He spit salt water out of his mouth and rolled his eyes, smiling. “Yeah, okay. I get it. You got me.” The mama merpup yipped in delight. “Crusher, I think she likes you,” Sweetie told him, smiling while she was still trying to get adjusted to her tail. The mama merpup then nuzzled Crusher gently, which caused him to blush a little. Then, to everyone’s surprise, the purple aura from before then formed around Crusher. He looked around as it enveloped him within it’s bright magical glow. “Huh? Hey, what’s goin’ on?” he asked.

When the aura faded, Crusher looked himself over. He didn’t notice anything different until he saw something had happened to his tires. His back tires had vanished, and were replaced with a fishtail with similar color to the rest of his body, lightning bolt stripes on the fins. He gasped and looked at the others, panicked. “Guys! My-- my-- My tires! They’re gone!”

 He rose his tail out of the water for them to see it and the others gasped. Sweetie backed up in alarm. “Crusher, the mama merpup’s magic must’ve affected you, too!” Blaze exclaimed with shock and surprise. “You’re. . . A mertruck!”

“A mertruck?” asked Crusher. “Yeah. And that means that we can get tails, too!” cried Darington in excitement. “Whoo-hoo!” He cannonballed into the water. A green merpup with a pink tail swam up to him. “Oh, hi there, merpuppy.” The merpup nuzzled him, and the purple aura appeared once again. Darington giggled uncontrolably. “Ooh! That tickles!” His tail was the same colors as him, with white fins with small golden stars on them. He looked at the tail in amazement. “Darington!” he sang, flipping into the air wildly. “My turn, y’all!” Starla said as she climbed into the water. The mama merpup muzzled her just like she did Crusher. Starla’s tail was bright purple, with white fins and horseshoes on them. Stripes’ tail turned out to have stripes all over it, and Zeg’s tail had a rock like pattern on his turquoise fins. Watt’s pink tail had bright yellow fins to match her electric tire color. And Pickle’s tail was bright green and had dark gray fins. Ryder climbed into the water with his scuba gear. “Come on, Blaze!” Zuma cried, waving to him. Blaze looked at his best friend after Gabby climbed onto Watts. “You ready, AJ?” he asked.

 “You better believe it!” AJ climbed into cab as Blaze came into the water. “I’ll be right here,” Cookie told him reassuringly. She had never known Blaze to be nervous, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t. The baby merpup barked, as if she was saying, ‘Are you ready, Blaze?’. When he said he was, the baby nuzzled him like the other merpups did. But, something was different. The aura seemed to glow brighter for Blaze than for everyone else. Blaze’s tail was a dull orange-red, with orange fins. He was amazed that this was happening. As soon as the cab’s roof was closed, Blaze dove under the water and soon went after his friends, Cookie by his side.


The Monster Machines were having a blast with their new tails. But, the mama merpup soon swam up to them, making hand signals. “What’s she saying?” Stripes asked.

Zuma paid close attention. “She wants all of you to listen to her song,” the lab translated. “You’re good with hand signals, Zuma,” Pickle told him. “It’s another story for another day, dude.” All of the Monster Machines listened. It then sounded like a sweet lullaby. Crusher almost fell asleep, but Pickle tapped him on his new tail, which kept him awake. Suddenly, the mama merpup’s barking almost kind of sounded like. . . words.

The pups knew exactly what she was doing; she was doing a trance on them. So, that way, their friends could understand them. After the trance, they now could all understand her. “It seemed like my trance worked on you, too,” she told them afterwards. Crusher was a little freaked out by this, but he soon got used to it. The baby merpup soon asked Blaze what it was like to live on the land with tires and without tails. Boy, did she have a lot of questions! The green merpup, who’s name was Seacoral, stopped them after they had swam through the water for a long while. “Guys, this is Puplantis,” she said, pointing her paw to the underwater city. Blaze and the others oohed and aahed in delight. Even Crusher was impressed. They went into the heart of the city, where the magic pearl shell was. The mama merpup explained that this is what kept the city up and going. She also said that the trident of Puplantis had great magic, that a mortal and non-mortal could use it. “Hey,” the baby merpup exclaimed, “who wants to play shell-ball?”

“I do! I do!” cried Stripes, swimming her way. “You can count me and the pups in,” exclaimed Ryder.  Everyone except Crusher, Pickle and Sweetie swam outside. Crusher snickered. “Pickle, Sweetie, I just got a great idea!” Pickle looked at the small pup and shrugged. “That we’re gonna go play shell-ball with the others?” Sweetie asked, her voice hopeful. Crusher shook his head. “Nuh-uh. I’m gonna take the trident, and use it to cheat in races!”

He grabbed the trident in his tire and flicked his tail quickly. “Now, where can I take the trident so Blaze, the other mertrucks and PAW Patrol can’t follow me?”

He looked around and saw a city in the distance. “I know! I can take the trident to that city! It probably has a trident, too!” He giggled. “Come on, you 2. Let’s get out of here!” He swam out of the building, Sweetie and Pickle on his tail. As Crusher was making his getaway, the others were having a great time playing ball. Until one of the merpups, Windhowler, spotted Crusher with the trident. “Oh, no!” the baby merpup cried. “He’s on his way to the nearby kingdom of Trucklantis. If he takes our trident there, and if he takes their trident, he’ll make massive destruction in both our worlds!” The other merpups who were swimming by yelped in fear. “Hey, don’t worry, merpups,” Blaze said reassuringly. “We’ll get your trident back.”

“Yeah! You can count on us!” Darington said boldly, high-tiring Chase and Starla. “Can we go too, Momma?” the baby merpup asked. “Sure we can, sweetheart. They’ll need all fins on deck.”

The baby merpup cheered and swam up to Blaze. “We’re gonna help you.” The 2 of them did a high tire. The mama merpup then took charge. “This way, everyone!”

The 10 merpups, 3 kids and 6 Monster Machines took off, ready to defeat their foes.

Chapter 2

“I’ve got the merpup kingdom’s trident, and soon, I’m gonna be king, king, king of the sea, sea, sea!” Crusher sang, holding the trident in his tire. Sweetie did her best to convince him stealing was wrong, but he wouldn’t listen. She also tried her best to keep her ears plugged from his sour-note singing. Just then, the 3 of them heard a horn. A familiar one. “Sweetie? What’s that sound?” Crusher asked.

 Sweetie thought a second. “Huh. Now, that I think about it, it kinda sounds like. . .”

Blaze and the others were swimming up behind them. “Blaze!” Sweetie squealed. “Hi, Blaze! I didn’t do anything wrong!” Chase still couldn’t believe Sweetie had her voice changed from a British accent to a normal, younger one. Crusher was worried that Blaze and the others would try to get the trident back. “Oh, I’ve gotta find someway to stop them!” He then thought for a second. “I know what to do!”

His decals started glowing, and a bunch of junk came out of his bags. “I’m gonna make... a giant Robo Seadragon!” The pieces of junk formed into a dragon shape with a giant metallic fish tail. Crusher smiled. “This Robo Seadragon has the power to make giant whirlpools that will sweep Blaze and his friends away. I’m sure it’ll . . . sweep ‘em of their tails!” He laughed histarically as they swam away. Cookie was swimming beside her friends when she spotted the robo seadragon. “Blaze! Look out!” The others spotted the dragon, too, but they were too late. They had been caught in a giant whirlpool and were being carried away. “We’ve gotta find someway out of here,” AJ told the others. The baby merpup thought for a minute. “I know what could bust us out; a swordfish!”

 “A swordfish?” Rubble and Zuma asked, looking at each other in confusion. “Yeah,” AJ told them. He then turned on Blaze’s control panel. The pups gathered around Blaze to look. “The swordfish is one of the fastest fish there is. They have big strong sharp noses they use when they’re hunting. If we had a swordfish, it could use its nose to break through the currents!”

“That’s a terrific idea!” Marshall exclaimed. “But, where are we gonna get a swordfish at a time like this?” Everest thought for a minute. “Wait. Blaze, you think you can make me into a swordfish?” the Husky asked him. Blaze smiled. “You bet we can, Everest!”

Yellow sparks of his transformation magic came from him and shot over toward Everest, and swordfish interface appeared on her. “Whoo! Look at me!”

Together, Blaze and AJ built the swordfish parts on the interface. Once they finished, Everest looked over herself. “Wow! Dig this out! I’m a swordfish Monster Machine!”

 She spun around, completing the transformation. The pups were amazed by this. There were various remarks. Using her new pointed nose, Everest broke them free of the whirlpool's winds. “Way to go, Everest!” Stripes said to the Husky.

“Aw, thanks. Now, come on. There’s more whirlpools where that came from.” Whenever the others saw a whirlpool, they had to yell ‘Break the current!’, so Everest knew when. When they got close enough, Everest used her nose to smash the Robo Seadragon to bits before Blaze changed her back. “Can we do that again?” Rubble asked with glee in his voice.

 All of them laughed. “Now, this way, everyone,” Blaze said, pointing northward. They then continued on their quest.

Meanwhile, Crusher, Pickle and Sweetie were taking a shortcut to get to Trucklantis. Crusher was trying to cast several spells with the trident, but they ended up knocking things down over on him. He was about to cast his 3rd spell when Blaze sounded his horn in the distance. He knew that horn like it wasn’t new to him. He spun around and gasped in shock. “What?!” he screeched in fright. “How are Blaze and the others catchin’ up?”

 He groaned in disappointment. “Well, those guys are gonna have to try harder than that to stop me.”

He then got an idea. He used his bags to make a bunch of fish like objects. “What are those things?” Pickle asked. “These, Pickle,” Crusher told him, “are my. . . Pincher Fish!”

The pincher fish swam off in Blaze’s direction and Crusher began making another batch; this time from large cages. The pincher fish swam up to them and began pinching their tails. They eventually had to retreat. “Shoo-wee!” exclaimed Starla. “Those pincher fish thingies are everywhere!”

“And fishies pinch tails,” agreed Zeg.

“We’ve gotta find something to stop ‘em!” Ryder said. Blaze thought for a moment. “So, all we need is an underwater animal to chomp those fish in half. Something like. . . A dolphin!”

Chase and Ryder looked at each other in confusion. AJ turned on the control panel. “Dolphins have super strong teeth, and they use their teeth to eat the fish the pod catches.” 'Rubble raised his paw and waved it high in the air in excitement. “Ooh, ooh, ooh! Pick me! I can be a dolphin!” Chase 'looked at him. “Are you sure about this, Rubble? The shepherd asked him nervously. “Positive.” He looked at Blaze and smiled. “Go for it, Blaze!”

The yellow sparks from before transferred to Rubble, and a dolphin interface appeared on his body. “Yeah-heh!”

 The first thing Rubble needed was a dorsel fin, to keep him steady when he was swimming through the water. When Blaze called it out, a yellow dorsel fin appeared on his back. “Whoa-ho. . .”

Rubble then needed a long snout with sharp teeth to chomp up the pincher fish. After Blaze called that out, Rubble spun around. “Oooh! Look at me! I’m a dolphin Monster Machine!”

Rubble spun around twice, completing the process. “Awesome!” Cookie squealed.

“You look amazing!” Darington told the bulldog. “Now, follow me, everyone,” Rubble instructed. “It’s chomping time!”

 However many fish came their way is how many Rubble had to chomp through. And soon, they made it to the end of the tunnel, and the cages had no more pincher fish to produce. Blaze turned Rubble back to normal, and the others soon caught up with them. “Now, come on, gang,” Blaze told them. “If we wanna catch up with Crusher and get that trident back, we’ve gotta hurry.” He flicked his tail and swam away as fast as he could go, with the others right behind him.


“Oh, I’m gonna go to this city, and take their trident thing, and soon enough, I will be the king!” sang Crusher as they soon neared Trucklantis. Sweetie was trying to remember what the pups had told them about merpups. They said you could have your tail for only a certain amount of time. They said. . . Only until sunrise! And it was getting close to sunrise now! She quickly alerted Crusher, but he said it was no problem. He used the trident to cast a spell that can make their tail effects last longer. Sweetie had a bad feeling the spell on Blaze and the others wasn’t gonna last much longer. And she was indeed correct. About a minute behind them, Rocky started gasping for breath. “Hey, uh, gang? I don’t mean to scare anyone, but I think our tails are gonna disappear!”

 The others began to scream in panic. “Do not worry,” the mama merpup said to them. “I can use my magic once more to make your tails last. All we need to, darling, is to--” She looked around, but the baby merpup had vanished. “Darling? Where is she?”

 The baby merpup had continued to follow Crusher. But, she was heading for immediate danger. Crusher had seen her coming, and he was using the trident to slow her down. The baby barked. Blaze heard her barking. “She’s over here!”  He flicked his tail hard and went toward her. He saw that they had caught up with Crusher. When he saw he was close enough, he used his winch to grab the trident. Pickle and Sweetie turned and saw that Blaze and the baby merpup were there with them. The baby growled angrily. And. Blaze wasn’t too happy either. “Give us the trident, Crusher!” commanded Blaze furiously. “Bad stuff is gonna happen if you use this the wrong way.”

But Crusher only scoffed. “No way, Blaze. Now, I’m taking this trident for me, me, me!”

 Crusher flicked his tail as hard as he could on his own winch, making the trident come in his direction. Blaze did the same. Knowing that he was her friend and he needed help, the baby merpup grabbed Blaze’s winch in her teeth and yanked on it as hard she could yank. Eventually, the others came along. The mama merpup managed to make their tails last longer. Chase alerted Ryder that Blaze and the baby needed their help. “Marshall, Rubble, Skye and Chase, go help Blaze and the little merpup!”

 The 4 pups swam over and yanked on the cable as hard as they could, and eventually, Crusher’s cable lost grip, making him flip backwards into a bunch of seaweed. Blaze grabbed the trident in his own tire. “We did it!” squealed the baby merpup in excitement. All of them cheered in happiness.

Crusher was in the seaweed, sobbing, and Pickle was trying to comfort him. Blaze, knowing Crusher didn’t realize what damage the trident would have done, swam over. “Crusher, the reason we needed the trident back is because it would have caused a ton of damage to the ocean and the land,” he told Crusher gently. “Including our friends in both worlds.” Crusher looked at him. “Oh. I didn’t know. Sorry ‘bout that.”Cookie smiled. “It’s okay, Crusher. We all know you’d never wanna hurt anybody.” Even though Crusher was a bully and a cheater half the time, he was a big softy at times. Just when Blaze said they needed to hurry and bring the trident back to Puplantis, someone swooped down from behind him and grabbed the trident!

Chapter 3

“The trident!” Sweetie screamed. “Stop! Thief!” exclaimed an enraged Cookie. She then took charge. “Ryder, grab onto Stripes. We’ve gotta go after that trident thief!”

Ryder grabbed onto Stripes’ back. “After him!”

 Everyone flicked their tails and sped off after the thief. They followed him into a dark sea canyon. Luckily, mertrucks and merpups had the power to make their tails glow, so they could see where they were going. They slowly swam through the darkness, the water swishing was the only sound made. To Pickle, this didn’t seem right. “Why would the thief lead us here?”

 “You know, he has a point, Blaze,” AJ told his best friend. “There’s nothing here.”

At the last second, a cage sprung out and trapped them. “Hey, what’s the big idea?” Darington asked crossly. The thief then appeared beside them, holding the trident. He took of the hood of his cloak, revealing that he was actually a she! “Windhowler?!” the pups and merpups cried out.  “Oh, you’ve finally guessed,” said Windhowler, smirking. “But, why? Why are you doing all of this?” asked Watts with plead in her voice.

“It’s simple, my dearest Watts. You see, my grandmother was once the guardian of the trident, and I was the next one in line, and it would be a most amazing and incredible time for me. Something that could change my whole life forever.

“Every year, the merpups welcome the new guardian with the Changing of the Tides Ceremony. But, to my dismay, someone else had been chosen; Seacoral, my own sister!”

 Sweetie quietly gasped and looked at Blaze and Crusher. “I was completely heartbroken,” continued Windhowler. “Until, that broken heart turned into a heart of rage. I demanded revenge. So, I came up with a clever plan to steal the trident all for myself.

“But, it was all spoiled when Crusher got to it first. I knew I would have to find someway to catch up with you. That’s why the baby merpup wandered off to catch up. I had her under my control. And now, it’s time for you to say goodbye to life as you know it.”

“What is she talking about?” Rocky asked Zuma nervously. She used the trident to split all of them up into several cages. In one of those cages, Crusher and Blaze were trapped. When Blaze was about to ask AJ what they should do, he saw that he and Gabby were trapped in a giant air bubble, which was floating by Windhowler. “If you want your friends and your homes back,” she sneered, “come to the castle and surrender.”

She then swam off, dragging Gabby and AJ’s bubble behind her.


 Crusher’s 10th time trying to smack the cage open with his tail failed, just like the other 9 times. “Oh, Blaze, this is impossible!”

“Don’t give up, Crusher. Don’t you wanna help all of our friends back home and our new friends here?”

“Yes! I wanna help them but. . .” Crusher looked away and sighed heavily. “But, Blaze, I don’t . . . Know if I can.” He said this sympathetically and sadly, which Blaze never heard him talk like this before. “I’m starting to see why you get to have so many friends. And have special Blazing Speed and powers. And I don’t.” Crusher, whom always sung in a sour tone, began singing softly;

Crusher: Every day, I watch

You give your all to those in need

Every place we go

You make things better with your good deeds

I know you are a true friend, of that I’ve no doubt

You’re so strong, a natural hero, inside and out!

But that’s not who I am

Though it makes my heart break

That’s not who I am

I don’t have what it takes

So today, I’ve caused

Nothing but trouble, can’t you see?

Every place we’ve gone

I have been thinking only of me

I’m the one who let harm come to all our new friends

I don’t mean to be brave, that’s all pretend!

But that’s not who I am

Though it makes my heart break

That’s not who I am

I don’t have what it takes

Blaze didn’t know what to say. All this time, he thought Crusher was just a bully. But, he knew then that Crusher wanted to be like him because he thought he was great too. “But, you do have it in you, Crusher. You do have what it takes.”

 Crusher looked at him. “All today, I’ve been thinking only of myself. It wasn’t fair to everyone else. I was wrong to cheat in every one of our races. It wasn’t fair. And I’m so sorry.”

For the very first time, Crusher started crying a little, but Blaze wiped his tears away with his front tire. For the first time, he actually felt like he and Crusher were. . . bonding. “I forgive you, Crusher. Even if no one else will, you just know that I forgive you.”

Crusher smiled. “Thanks, Blaze. I. . .” He had been wanting to say this for a long time. “I hope we can still be friends.” Blaze smiled back at him. “I think we are friends.”

 And, for the first time in history, Blaze and Crusher hugged. Sweetie and Cookie, who were in the same cage together, smiled at their 1st union. It was about time they became friends. Starla and Skye smiled. Watts gave Rocky a little pat on the head. Everest nuzzled Stripes. Chase smiled at Darington and hugged. Zeg and Marshall smiled, too. Rubble, who was in a cage with Zuma and Pickle, silently wiped away tears. “Are you okay, Rubble?” asked Pickle. “Just, um. . . Sea salt in my eye.”

Just then, something magical happened. A glow began to envelope Crusher and Blaze’s cage. Rocky saw what was happening from the cage he and Watts in and gasped in delight. “Hey, everyone! Look!”

 He pointed his paw to it. Crusher and Blaze seperated from their hug and looked around. The glow then got brighter, and when it faded, the cage had vanished, and Blaze and Crusher’s tails got sparklier and their fins looked like they were glowing. Crusher gasped. “Blaze, your tail! It’s incredible!”

“Your’s, too!” exclaimed Blaze as Crusher looked at his. “But, I don’t understand. What happened?”

 “You all did not know this, but there is another part of the merpup legend,” the mama merpup explained. “A merpup’s love for one another is stronger than anything in the world. Your and Crusher’s friendship is much stronger than Windhowler’s power. The strongest I have ever seen.”

“And your friendship has earned you the most incredible gift given to a mer-creature;” the baby merpup squealed. “Magi-tails, which give you the most magical powers!”

Blaze gasped. “Crusher, we can stop Windhowler!” Crusher smiled in excitement. “You’re right!” he told his newly-made friend.

“Puplantis is just north of here,” the baby merpup said, pointing in that direction. “But, you’re gonna have to go super fast to catch up.”

 Crusher knew what this called for. “Hey, Blaze. Think your Blazing Speed works underwater?” Blaze smiled. “There’s only 1 way to find out!” His boosters fired up on his back, and he infused his ½ energy to Crusher, who giggled in excitement. “Whoa. . .” Zuma said from his cage.

“Neato!” Sweetie exclaimed. “Momma, can I get a booster like one of those?” the baby asked her mother. “We’ll see.”

With a loud, ‘Let’s Blaze!’, Crusher and Blaze sped off at the speed of light.


It was several minutes later when they arrived at the city gates. Slowly, Blaze and Crusher swam through and hid behind a large rock. “Oh, boy. Blaze, all those merpups are in cages!” exclaimed Crusher as quietly as he could for Windhowler not to hear them. “What can we do?”

 Blaze tried to think. “Maybe we can find someway to destroy that necklace hanging around Windhowler’s neck. From what I’ve heard, that jewel’s kind contains a bunch of evil magic.” Crusher looked at him with worry.. “Sure, but how do we destroy it?”

 Blaze thought of when they entered the city for the first time. He saw a small garden nearby. “I know! Crusher, you remember those shatterstones Seacoral showed us?” he asked. “Yeah. So?” Crusher asked.

 “Remember how she told us how they could shatter almost anything?” Crusher was starting to catch his drift. “Wait. I get your plan now. We can use a shatterstone to destroy the jewel, and all of this will be undone! Great plan!” Blaze smiled. “Come on, follow me!” The 2 mertrucks swam to the garden. They soon began digging around in the dirt for one. “Blaze, look! I found one!”

Crusher held up a bright red shatterstone. “Great work, Crusher. I found one, too!” said Blaze as he held up a green one. “Now what?” Crusher asked. Blaze turned to see Windhowler talking to a bunch of beluga whales. “In order to take on her army, we’re gonna need some emergency backup.”

 He then got an idea. “I have a plan. Crusher, take your stone and go free Seacoral and a few others. Tell them to get some more shatterstones and go free our friends. I’ll hold Windhowler and her whales off as long as I can.”

Crusher put his tire on Blaze’s. “Blaze, you might get hurt. I don’t want that.”

 Blaze was glad that Crusher was being considerate about him, but this was something he had to do. Crusher tried to understand. “Okay. Be careful.”


“And make sure the city is sealed off,” Windhowler continued, “so none of the--”  She then heard a horn. “Wait a minute. What was that?” She turned around and saw Blaze swimming toward them. “Blaze?!” she screeched. “How did you escape my cage?” Blaze didn’t reply, but gave her a cold, hard look. “Belugas, attack him!” Windhowler cried. The whales dove toward Blaze, but luckily, he was able to dodge them. He used his powers to make fire from his fins and throwed it at the whales, who narrowly missed. Meanwhile, Crusher was swimming over to Seacoral’s cage and tapped on it to get her attention. “Crusher!” she whispered. “Boy, am I glad to see you 2.”

 Crusher smiled. “Hang on. I’m gonna use my shatterstone to break you outta there.”

He tapped her cage with the shatterstone 3 times and the cage shattered. He gave the shatterstone to her. “Go free some of your friends. And then after you do that, go free my friends. They’re south of here, and they’re all in cages.”

“What are you gonna do?” she asked. Crusher looked over her shoulder. Windhowler had trapped Blaze in a net! He narrowed his eyes. “I’m gonna go rescue Blaze!”

With Blaze in that net, it was hard for him to untangle himself. He tried to use his fire fins to burn the ropes, but the net’s power was far too strong. He feared for the worst as Windhowler drew a large amount of magic from her jewel and was about to blast him when Crusher used his tail to create a force field around them, blocking it. “Crusher!” Blaze exclaimed. “You saved me!” Crusher gave him a quick hug. “Hey, you saved my tailpipe more than a few times. Take it as a thank you for all those times.”

 The 2 of them high tired. Windhowler cackled wickedly. The 2 of them stared at her coldly. “Oh, how touching. 2 life long rivals become friends.” Just then, a voice from behind them said, “And they’re not alone!”

Crusher gasped. “Blaze! Our friends!” The pups growled. The other Monster Machines held up their tails. “Hey, look!” said Blaze, pointing to them. “The other Monster Machines have Magi-tails, too!”

 Pickle had sea-plant powers, Starla had whirlpool powers, Zeg had super strength, Stripes had ultra-speed, Darington could shoot out stars from his fins and Watts had the power of electricity. Watts managed to rescue AJ and Gabby, so they were in her cab. Windhowler sent more whales to attack, but the others held them off. The merpups, Ryder and the pups used the shatterstones to free the other merpups for an additional army. That only left Crusher and Blaze to defend for themselves. They needed a way to destroy the jewel, and they needed it fast! One look at his and Crusher’s glowing fins, and Blaze got another idea. “Crusher, what if you and I use our tails’ magic together this time?” he asked his friend. “Then, we could be powerful enough to stop her!”

 Crusher thought about it. “You know, Blaze, that’s so crazy, it just might work!”

The 2 of them then put their fins together, and the magic started to form around them. Everyone else stopped in their tracks and saw what was going on. “Guys, start doing what Blaze and Crusher are doing!” Pickle told his friends.

 He and Watts put their fins together. So did Darington and Stripes, and so did Starla and Zeg. The 8 mertrucks knew they were getting more powerful, but not powerful enough. So together, they put their fins into one big circle, and the magic grew stronger than it ever did. So powerful that a big blast of energy formed around them, and a rainbow containing all of their colors struck Windhowler and swirled around her really fast. Ryder and the pups shielded their eyes. “What’s happening?!” Wind howler cried. As the rainbow’s light grew brighter, her jewel shattered, and all the evil was undone.

Chapter 4​​​​​​​

All the merpups cheered. The Monster Machines shook off some of their blindness. “What-- What happened?” asked Starla, shaking her head, trying to knock off some of the dizziness. “I don’t know,” replied Darrington, “but look!”

 He pointed his tire to Wind howler, whom was lying on the ground, trying to regain her strength. The pups surrounded her. Windhowler backed up, frightened. When Chase started to growl, Ryder gently patted his side. “Easy, boy. Easy.”

If there was 1 thing Blaze had learned over this adventure, it was that anyone could change if you gave them a chance. He nodded at Crusher, and the 2 mertrucks approached. “Careful, guys,” Everest told them, not taking her eyes off of Wind howler or the broken jewel that lay beside her.

 Blaze didn’t reply, but looked at her. “Wind howler, why were you doing this? To get revenge on the other merpups, or was there. . . Another reason?”

Windhowler looked at her jewel, which lay shattered on the ground, then, she looked at Blaze directly in the eyes. “To tell you the truth, Blaze, it’s for another reason. You see, when my grandmother was still alive, she told me of how powerful the guardians of Puplantis were, and I wanted to be just like them someday. I remember when I was practicing my magic for countless hours with her. Until, one day, I was practicing by myself and suddenly, 3 of the royal guards came up and asked me where my grandma was. I told them, not knowing that my grandma was in terrible danger.”

 Chase’s expression softened a little bit. “What kind of terrible danger?” asked Gabby. Windhowler’s eyes filled with tears of sadness and heartache. Embarrassed, she quickly wiped them away. “I had learned that day that my grandmother had stolen the jewel that she had always worn for as far back as I can remember.”

 Pickle and Zuma gasped in shock and looked at each other. “And. . . what happened?” asked Chase. Windhowler rubbed her tail with her paw. “Grandma did her best to protect me, and after she blasted the guards with the jewel, she told me to swim for it. I wanted to stay, but I did what I was told. I stayed away from Puplantis for 2 days. When I returned, I found that my grandmother, my only family had. . . had been. . .”

 She didn’t want to say anymore. The others knew what she was trying to say. “Oh, that’s terrible,” Watts said, patting her on the shoulder. “I had no idea,” Rubble told her sadly. “What did you do after that happened?” Stripes asked. Windhowler looked at him. “I guess my anger just took over me. I had no idea how much damage this would do. And I am so sorry.”

  She started to cry hard. Blaze swam over to her and helped her up off the ground. “Hey, don’t worry. We all make mistakes.”

 Crusher nodded in agreement. “Even me.” The baby merpup rolled her eyes. “That’s clear.” Marshall gave her a nudge. Blaze paid no attention. “And, I’m sure if everyone will give you a chance,” he told her gently, wiping away her tears with his tire, “that they’ll forgive you, too.” He looked at the others. “What do you say, guys?” he asked once more.

 “I forgive her,” said Sweetie. The other pups agreed. “As do I,” the mama merpup said to them. “Me too,” AJ replied. The other kids nodded. All the other Monster Machines agreed as well. Windhowler didn’t believe how many people had forgiven her already. She didn’t know what to say. “T-T-Thank you, Blaze. I. . . I wish there was something I can do to make up for what I’ve done, and repay you for your help.”

Blaze shook his head. Windhowler thought a minute. “Wait a minute, guys. I do have a way to repay you! Starla, Darington, Watts, Pickle, Zeg, Stripes, please step forward.” The other mertrucks did what they were told. Windhowler used the trident to cast a spell over them, making them able to transform back to mertruck form anytime they wanted. She did that for Crusher and Blaze, too, but she had something else in store for them. “For truly helping each other and overcoming your fears, we, the merpups of Puplantis, would like to grant you each one wish.”

 “Ooh! Crusher, this is a huge deal,” Sweetie told him. “Make your wish really good,” she added to both of them. Crusher had thought about wishing for Blazing Speed for a long time. But, there was some other thing he wanted more than that. There was something else that Blaze wanted too. “You go first, Crusher.”

Crusher nodded and swam forward. He whispered his wish into Windhowler’s ear. She smiled. “Blaze, Crusher already told me what you wanted to wish for.” Cookie shook her head in confusion. “Huh? He did wha--?”

Blaze smiled at his friend. “What did you wanna wish for, Blaze?” asked Darington. “Well, I wanted to wish that Crusher and all of us could stay friends forever. And, that everyone in both worlds could be happy.”

 “Oh, that is so sweet,” Skye said happily. Cookie patted Blaze on the hood and gave him a quick little hug. Windhowler nodded her head in agreement. “I will grant your wish, Blaze, but there is something else I would like to give to you in return.” She turned to the other merpups and smiled. “Come, merpups. We need to combine our magic together for this to work.”

The other merpups looked at each other. After considering, they nodded and held paws. Beams of magic were sent from their tails and began swirling around Blaze. In an instant, the beams of light were gone. “What did they do?” Marshall asked.

“Those beams of light,” the mama merpup explained, “were filled with great power. Powers that only Blaze will be able to use. But, his destiny is still waiting to be fulfilled as your world’s protector.”

Zeg looked at Watts, who shrugged. “When’s he gonna know what those powers are?” asked a curious Pickle. Windhowler said he would begin training at once. “And you all are welcome back to Puplantis anytime.”

“This is almost as exciting as when Blaze, Watts, Pickle, Darington, Stripes and Zeg turned into robots!” Sweetie told Cookie. Marshall shook his head in disbelief and looked at Starla and Darington. “You guys were... robots?” Cookie patted his shoulder. “It’s a long story, Marshall. I’ll explain later.”

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