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Svitti Joined to Sea Patrol and Keeping Sophia Safe.

Svitti Became member of Whittier Family

Svitti's New Tiara from Sophia

Svitti Brought for Sophia a Tiara.

Svitti is a female dog who is the pet of the Sophia and the main Character,


Svitti is Honest, Generous, Kind, Loyal. She often to be nice when around the Sophia To make Right Thing

She is the Beautiful

She owns Sophia

When She Wanna Be Someone's pet.

Beautiful Svitti Wanna be Sophia's pet.


Sweetie is a smaller puppy (around Skye's size). She has white fur, purple eyes, pink eye shadow on her eyelids, and a dark brown nose. She has pointy triangular ears with fluff on the inside and fluff on each of her cheeks. Some fur acts as her bangs. When in her Mission PAW uniform, her bangs are slicked back into a new hairstyle.

Her casual outfit is a magenta tiara and a magenta collar with a pink "crown" attached to it. The "crown" acts as a remote control to control Busby and it glows when activated.

Her Mission PAW uniform is a black suit with pink and white trim. Instead of a normal Mission PAW or PAW Patrol pup-tag, she wears a crown pup-tag.

Her pink vest is rose with lighter rose details like her Mission PAW uniform. Her Jet Rescue uniform is rose with black undertones and teal highlighting the helmet, visor, and her collar. Her pup-tag is now silver. She is given a different tiara, which appears golden with real jewels, in "Jet to the Rescue".


Standard outfit

Mission PAW uniform

Mission PAW uniform + Barkingburg crown

Collar only

Pink vest

Pink vest + Barkingburg crown

Pink vest + tiara

Jet rescue suit

Pink vest + new tiara Add a photo to this gallery

Equipment and Gadgets


Her pup-tag is Beautiful Gem of Friendship


Svitti's pup-pack has a Crown to her Best Friend. Sophia.


Sweetie's vehicle is a purple roadster that can transform into a flying helicopter / car. It has the ability to unbuckle Svitti upon command. Her jet is purple with teal highlights.

Part of Sweetie's Jet

Sweetie's Jet from Jet to the Rescue