(At Carl's castle)

Edna: Herman, this was the best Sunday Evil Dinner ever.

Carl: What about last week when I made evil lasaguee?!

Edna: You order it from Evil Lasaguee Hut...

Carl: I've dialed it myself!!! (Crosses his arms)

Brother Herman: I've made it very special for you, Mother. And to make you very happy, I've decided to DESTROY SONIC AND HIS FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!

Edna: Oh... You are so gratful.

Carl: I could of defeated Sonic and his moron friends if they haven't gotten the magical girl back!

Edna: QUIET CARL!!!!!!!!

(Meanwhile, somewhere at the Crossover Mansion)

King Erican:(Comes inside with Cici)

Jack: Oh Hi Erican, your just in time for Arm Wrestling. And Reidak is on fire. He beats everyone in arm wrestling. Reidak is like a champion of Arm Wrestling.

Drilldozer: Now me.

Reidak: Alright, alright, if you insist.

Reidak & Drilldozer: (playing Arm Wrestling & Reidak wins)

Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the crossovers: Oooooooooohhhh!

Jack: What did I tell ya, what did I tell ya?

Patricia: So what brings you here with Cici, your magesty?

King Erican: We are here to invite you all to a royal ball in 6 months.

Cici: They have to wear dresses, tuxes and they have alot of F-O-O-D.

Owen: Oh boy! Food, we must go guys. We must

Zaktan: Yeah, that would be preaty fun

Spongebob: Yeah.

Jack: It's a deal (shakes Erican's Hands)

Reidak: See you there in 6 months

Patricia: Come on guys, let's go get ready for the royal ball in 6 months.

Edd: This is so exciting

Eddy: Yeah I guess that would be fun

Ed: Oh boy oh boy.

Corroder: I can feel the excitment in my body.

King Erican: Oh. Not right now.

Jack: Oh ok then. Thanks for the invite, though.

Spongebob: See you there at the Royal Ball in 6 months. We would love to go.

King Erican: I don't think you don't know what 6 months mean. You see, 6 months is one of the longest months and...

(While King Erican is talking with Jack and the others, Cici sees one of Brother Herman's army)

Cici: What's going on? (Goes up to one of Brother Herman's army)

???: Aw.... Stupid Big Gigantic Video Camera....

Cici:(Picks up ???)

???: Mayday! Mayday!

Cici: What are you doing?

???: The only thing I will tell you is my name, mission, and ceral number. (Clears his throat) Name: Ralph. Ceral Number: 14. Mission: Wire video cameras in Sonic's home and his moronic friends' home to spy on them and so we can capture them.


Ralph: Phew... Good grief. That was the longest information ever, huh?

Cici: I'm keeping you for a while. (Puts Ralph in her pocket, goes back to King Erican)

King Erican:(Finish talking about 6 months) Do you understand now?

Jack: Yes we understand it, clearly. It's a very, very, veeeery long time to wait.

Patricia: I guess we'll have to wait for 6 months.

Spongebob: Yeah.

Patrick: Maybe next time we can use the Time cards

Edd: Huh?

Zaktan: The Time what now?

Spongebob: It's a long story.

Eddy: Oh alright.

Xplode: I guess we all have to wait 6 months for the royal ball.

Vezok: Oh Barnicles!

Reidak: (notices Cici) Hey Cici, what's up?

Cici: Huh? (Looks at Reidak) Oh... Noithing.

Reidak: Oh ok then. Just so you know, I've beaten everyone in the Crossover Mansion in Arm Wrestling, even Metal Patricia.

Cici: Yeah yeah. That's nice. Can we go now, Uncle Erican?

King Erican: We would.

(King Erican and Cici leave)

Jack: Bye

Patricia: Goodbye.

Metal Patricia: See you later Erican & Cici

Spongebob: So what should we do now?

Patrick: I don't know

Squidward: So can I go back to my room because you guys sometimes irritate me, but Spongebob & Patrick irritates me more.

Edd: Squidward.

Squidward: What?

Eddy: So now what?

Ed: Gravy.

(Back at the castle)

Cici:(Puts Ralph in a jar)

Ralph: This is cruel and unusual!

Cici: Shut up!

Ralph: Okay...

Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Bird, Orange Bird & Pink Bird: (appears outside) (sings their theme song)

Cici: Oh great... Singing birds... (Looks at the window, sees Sonic and the others return) Oh good. Sonic's back. He can help me. (Goes to Sonic and the others and told them everything)

Tabitha: Herman wants to do what?!

Cici: Destroy us. I've got one of the ants.

Ralph: Which is cruel and unusual!

Cici: Here. This sugar cube will shut you up. (Opens the jar, gives the sugar cube to Ralph and closes the jar)

Ralph: This is no longer cruel and unusual!

Sonic: He. I guess will have to use Yo's panda fur. Cause we all know that Herman is allergic to pandas.

Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Bird, Orange Bird & Pink Bird: (stops singing & notices Sonic, Cici & the others) Huh?

Blue Bird: Who's that?

Red Bird: I'm not sure, let's go find out. For we are the Angry Birds

(The Angry Birds goes up towards Sonic & his friends)

Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers: (appears)

Jack: Hi guys. We've noticed these birds are heading your way, so we've followed them here.

Cici: Talking birds.

Tabitha: One red, one blue, one yellow, one black, one white, one shape like a boomerang, one that is big, one orange and one pink.

Red Bird: We're the Angry Birds!

Blue Bird: And we stop the Bad Green Pigs from stealing our eggs!

Yellow Bird: Including the Leader of the Green Pigs, King Pig!

Black Bird: We're not from Mobius either.

Patricia: Does that mean that you Angry Birds are the crossovers as well.

White Bird: Yeah, you can say that.

Cici:(Thoughts) Why does everything has to be crazy crossovers? Uncle Erican thinks these crossovers are from Mobius, but they're not. And he doesn't even know that Jack is his newphew and I don't know if he has a brother or a cousin himself without telling me....

Sonic: Now, about the Herman.

Boomerang Bird: Who's Herman?

Spongebob: Yeah, who's Herman?

Jack: And how do you know so well about him?

Tabitha: Brother Herman is Carl's brother. And he's an ant and a soilder.

Jack: Oh ok then

Duncan: You mean to tell us that Herman is Carl's Brother that was I trying to kill with my axe before?

Tabitha: Yep.

Cici: I've captured one of his soilders. (Picks up the jar with Ralph in it, shows him to everybody)

Ed: Aw, it's kicking. The Little whatyoumaycallit.

Edd: Uh Ed, that's an Ant.

Meltdown: Whao, that ant's puny.

Fangz: Right !

Scorpio: (to Ralph) Alright, what the heck is going on here?

Waspix: And why are you installing Security Cameras in our house?

Mordecai: And where did you get these Cameras from? From "Peeps"?

Rigby: So that you will nark on us to a giant eyeball?

Ralph: Like I did to the princess, I will only tell you my name, mission and ceral number. (Clears his throat) Name: Ralph. Ceral Number: 14. Mission: Wire video cameras in Sonic's home and his moronic friends' home to spy on them and so we can capture them.

Jack: Alright, alright. We get the...

Patrick: Wait, Jack's Cousin, Cici is a princess?

Thunder: That's weird, Jack's Cousins are ALL in royalty.

Cici: Didn't I told you guys already?

Metal Patricia: To the Angry Birds, no. To the rest of us, yes.

Jack: Does Erican even know that I'm Sonic's Cousin & your cousin, Cici?

Cici: Uh....

Tabitha: Forget that.

Sonic: For now on, we need to fight Herman and his weakness is panda fur.

Jack: Panda fur? Wait a minute, Katie & Sadie are both Pandas. And so is Staci

Sonic: Yep.

Tabitha: Herman is allergic to pandas.

Patricia: So if Katie, Sadie & Staci are near to Herman, then that means Herman could be allergic to Katie, Sadie & Staci

Katie: Oh my, that was a smart idea

Sadie: Oh my gosh, me too. Group hug

Katie & Sadie: (hugs each other & squeals)

Sonic: That's a good idea too.

King Erican:(Came in) Sonic, Klonoa, Abby, Master Yo is here.

Sonic: Huh?

(Sonic and the others came down stairs, Master Yo opens the door, all pink, no black and white fur)

Abby: AAAAHHH!!!!! It's pink!

Klonoa: And stubbly! (Laughs at Master Yo)

Abby:(Laughs as well)

Master Yo: The barber got a little carried away...

Abby: To the magical land of bauld?

Klonoa and Abby:(Laugh again)

Master Yo: Panda hair grows fast. Mine will be back at 5.

Owen: I guess it's just Katie, Sadie's & Staci's Panda fur for now.

Ezekiel: What kind of 5 is he talking about eh? 5 Minutes? 5 Hours? 5 Days?

Tabitha: He meant 5:00.

Ezekiel: Oh, I thought it was both.

Thunder: Ok then.

Cameron: Shall we get going with our smart idea?

Spongebob: Okie dokie Cameron.

Vezok: Then let's do it, dude. WHOO HOO!

Staci: Ok. Like my...

Heather: Don't even think about it, Staci.

(One of Herman's soilder heard everything)

Soilder 1: There are more pandas in the house.

Herman:(Voice) Well get rid of them!

Soilder 1: Yes sir! (Pulls out a fishing rod, rods it down to the others, it's a necklace)

Tabitha:(Sees the necklace) What the heck?

Spongebob: What is it?

Cici: A necklace?

Patricia: What's a necklace doing here in the castle?

Red Bird: I don't know, but I don't like this.

Blue Bird: Me neither

Yellow Bird: Ditto

Black Bird: I have a bad feeling about this.

Sonic: Don't girls like jewelry?

Cici: Yeah....... Except for tomboyish or any kind of girls. The jewelry was made from a wide range of materials, but gemstones, precious metals, beads and shells have been widely used. Depending on the culture and times jewellery may be appreciated as a status symbol, for its material properties, its patterns, or for meaningful symbols. Jewellery has been made to adorn nearly every body part, from hairpins to toe rings.

Reidak: But Jewelry that appears out of nowhere? Don't you think that's a bit strange?

Lou: Mm-hm.

Tabitha: Hey! Wait a minute! (Grabs a string, pulls it down)

Soilder 1:(Fell) AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! (Hits on the floor) Ow.....

Tabitha: That ant soldier used a fishing rod to fool Katie and Sadie and then fool Staci to get out of the house and so Herman can get in!

Big Brother Bird: And that didn't work.

Xplode: Looks like we have out trick that Herman before they out trick Katie, Sadie & Staci.

Katie: Does that mean that we don't have the necklace?

Avak: No cause it's a trap made by those evil ants.

Sadie: Aww.

Jack: We gotta protect Katie, Sadie & Staci from those ants.

Patricia: Right. Those 3 girls need extra protection.

Rigby: But how are we gonna do that?

Mordecai: Dude it's gonna be easy we just have to stop those ants from entering the castle.

Edd: Do you think it would be wise to go back to the Crossover Mansion to protect Katie, Sadie & Staci from those evil ants & Herman? Those ants might know the castle inside out.

Cici: That's good.

Tabitha: So what are we going to do with this stupid ant!

Klonoa:(Picks up the ant, goes outside, puts the ant down, grabs a mageficglass, puts it at the sun)

(The sunlight goes through the glass and it aims at the soldier ant)

Soldier 1: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hakann: That'll do

Metal Patricia: Shall we all head back to the Crossover Mansion to protect Katie, Sadie & Staci?

Katie: Yes please. Anything to stop the Ants

Sadie: Oh my gosh. I think so too

Spongebob: Let's head back.

Sonic: See ya.

Jack: Bye!

(Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, he Crossovers [Plus the Angry Birds] head back to the Crossover Mansion to protect Katie, Sadie & Staci, but suddendly stops once they heard what Sonic said)

Patricia: Wait, aren't you coming with us to protect Katie, Sadie & Staci?

Geoff: We need all the help we can get to stop those ants, dude.

Sonic: We'll just stay here and keep an eye on anymore of the ants.

Jack: Oooh! Good idea.

Spongebob: And we'll keep an eye out for the ants back at the Crossover Mansion.

Scott: (glares at Tabitha & gestures at Tabitha to keep an eye on her, right before he leaves)

Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers: (leaves the castle & goes back to the Crossover Mansion)

Oliver: The way that Scott glared at you, Boss, is because of what happened.

Tabitha: Great. Now he hates me.

(One of the soilders saw them leave)

Soilder 1: Sir. The pandas have left.

Brother Herman: Good. Make sure you lock the pandas up, so they never come.

Soilder 1: Yes sir!

(Few hours later)

(Doorbell rings)

Klonoa:(To Abby) You get it. I'm a little bit busy.

Abby:(Goes to the door)

Brother Herman:(Knocks down the door)

Sonic: Herman!

Brother Herman: Oh. Pardon me. I just thought I'd ring the doorbell BEFORE TEARING YOUR EARS FROM YOUR HEAD!!!

Klonoa and Abby:(Looked at each other, put their hands to their ears) T_T

Klonoa: Yeah...good luck with that.

Brother Herman: ATTACK!!!!!!!!!

(The Ant Soilders attack Sonic and the others)

Cici: AAHH!!!!!

Sonic and the others:(Ran)

King Erican:(Came in) What is the meaning of this?!

Cici: Ants! Uncle Erican! ANTS!!!!!!

King Erican:(Sees a whole bunch of ants) Guards!

(Erican's soilders fight Brother Herman's soilders)

Sonic:(Grabs a walkie talkie) Jack! Herman's army is attacking us! You've got to bring Katie, Sadie and Staci here right now!

Jack: (in walkie talkie) Don't worry, just hang on a little longer. We'll be right there.

Sonic: Okay!

(With Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers at the Crossover Mansion)

Jack: Well gang, looks like we have another mission in our hands & Sonic & his friends need our help. Let's go, especially Katie, Sadie & Staci!

Zaktan: Finally, some action!

(Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers try to go to Hyrule City, but the door won't open)

Jack: The doors locked!

Reidak: Stand aside, this is a job for a Strong Piraka! (charges at the door, trying to ram through the door with his strength)

Sonic:(In walkie talkie) What the heck is taking you guys so long?!

Patricia: (talks in the walkie talkie) Sorry, but the front door of Hyrule Castle is locked. And Reidak is trying his best to burst through the door open.

Sonic:(In walkie talkie) What?! Who did that?!

Patricia: (talks in the walkie talkie) I don't know! But whoever did that, it's really preventing us from getting inside the castle.

Reidak: And the Castle Doors are really strong.

Owen: Maybe I can help (tries to help Reidak on breaking the door down)

(Back with Sonic and the others)

Sonic:(Talks in the walkie talkie) Don't worry. When I finished with Herman, I'm going to get you guys out of here.

Xplode: (In walkie talkie) Ok, good luck with that.

Sonic:(Puts the walkie talkie away, spindashes at the ant soilders)

Ant Soilders:(Turn into a fist, punches Sonic)

Sonic: Oof! (Knocks into a wall) Ugh!

Cici: Sonic!

Ant Soilders:(Grab Cici as if she is surfed away)

Cici:(Muffled) AAAAHHH!!!!!

Master Yo:(Came in, carrying a tray of honey buns) The Honey Buns are ready.

Ant Soilders:(Passes by Master Yo)

Master Yo:(Concerned) What in the Foo Tootals is going on here?!

Brother Herman: So..., my old pandtagonist, we meet again in the carpet of battle, but this time with fur.

Master Yo: Pandtagonist? But aren't we in the field of pun?

Brother Herman:(Charges at Master Yo) RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Master Yo:(Hits Brother Herman with a tray)

Brother Herman:(Keeps fighting Master Yo)

Master Yo:(Shields himself with the tray)

Brother Herman:(Breaks the tray, punches Master Yo in the face)

Sonic:(Gets up)

Cici:(Muffled) HEEEEEELP!!!!!

Sonic: Cici! (Runs to Cici, grabs her hand and pulls her out)

Cici: Eew.... Gross... I'm covered in ants...

Klonoa and Abby:(Came in)

Klonoa: We've got the ants, Master Yo, because we're offically awsome!

Sonic:(Spindashes at the ants)

Ant Soilders:(Move)

Ralph:(Who was free from  his jar) Troops, attack formation!

Ant Soilders:(Transformed in a fist again, hits Sonic)

Sonic:(Dodges it, runs off)

Ant Soilders:(Chased after Sonic)

Cici:(Picks up the honey buns, throws them at the ants) Eat these you disgusting bugs!

(The honey buns landed on the floor)

Sonic:(Goes passes the honey buns)

Ant Soilders:(Walks on the honey buns, gets stuck)

Klonoa: They're stuck! (Jumps up to the air, pulls out his leg, flies towards the ants)

Ant Soilders: AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! The hated feet from the sky! (Pulls out their shields)

Klonoa:(Stomps on the ants) Stomp, stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp stomp!

Master Yo:(Chases after Brother Herman)

Brother Herman: Forget it, children! We only have 7 minutes left! (Kicks Master Yo)

King Erican:(Gets up) How dare you come into my home like that!

Master Yo: Not while I'm here. (About to kick Brother Herman)

Brother Herman:(Grabs Master Yo's foot)

Master Yo: Uh oh.

Brother Herman:(Starts hitting Master Yo, back and forth over and over) Bata squad, roll in. 4 minutes to go!

(More ants come in)

Sonic, Cici, Klonoa and Abby:(Still stomping on the ants)

Ant Soilders:(Goes to the other ant soilders)

(All the ant soilders surounded King Erican)

Sonic: Erican! (Protects King Erican)

Ant Soilders:(Turned into a fist again, punches Sonic)

Sonic:(Blocks it) No way, you're hurting him!

King Erican: Thank you, Sonic.

Sonic:(Grins at King Erican)

Brother Herman: Excuse me, cocky little children, isn't it passed your bedtime.

Sonic: Huh?

Cici:(Looks at the clock) It's only 5:01.

Brother Herman: Well, I best pick this up then. (Pulls out his hammer, hits Sonic)

Sonic: Ugh! (Gets knocked out)

King Erican: Sonic!

Ant Soilders:(Grabs King Erican)

King Erican: Oof...

Brother Herman: Wait a minute. Did you say 5:01?

Master Yo:(Came in, grows his black and white fur back)

Brother Herman:(Sneezes because he's allergic to pandas)

Master Yo:(Punches Brother Herman)

(Few minutes later)

Sonic:(Wakes up)

King Erican: Sonic? Are you okay?

Sonic: Ow.... Where's Herman?

Master Yo: It's okay. Brother Herman is gone. My fur came and he started sneezing like a sneezing convention.

Klonoa: What does that even mean?

(Sonic, Cici, King Erican, Master Yo, Tabitha, Klonoa, Abby and King Erican's soilders went to Crossover Mansion)

Sonic:(Sees a log behind the doors) So that's why Jack and the others are locked up. Herman blocked them so Katie, Sadie and Staci won't come.

Tabitha: I think we should keep it this way.

Sonic: Tabitha!

Tabitha: What? They won't find us and they won't follow us.

King Erican: Guards! Get rid of this log.

Erican's Soilders:(Move the log away)

Sonic:(Opens the door)

Cameron: We're free.

Eddy: Just in time.

Katie & Sadie: Thank you guys.

Jack: We thought that we're trapped forever.

Patricia: Thanks for saving us.

Sonic: You're Welcome.

Cici: Herman block you guys with a log.

Avak: No wonder we can't open the door.

Reidak: Thank you for freeing us, especially you Cici.

Harold: Uh, I think that Reidak had fallen in love with Cici.

King Erican: I am very glad that you are all safe.

Big Brother Bird: Yeah, we're free.

Raw Jaw: Now to deal with those evil ants!

Master Yo: Brother Herman and his army are gone.

Sonic: Yo's fur came back and Herman started sneezing.

Heather: You left us out of the action again?! What is wrong with you people? We just wanna be in the action, but no, you just have to complete the mission WITHOUT us!

Tabitha:(Shrugs) Sorry.

Zaktan: Why did you forget us while your in action? Why?

Cici: Herman trapped you guys.

Thok: Uh, we already know that & what Zaktan is trying to say is that why did you forget to send back-up to rescue us while we're on a mission?

Sonic: I told Jack and Patricia that when I finish with Herman, I can free you guys.

Jack: Oh ok then, but the thing's like we've been left out of numerous of battles many times. Patricia, Metal Patricia, the Crossovers & I like to join in the fight as well, but because of some numerous of people who wants us out of the battle is getting the way of it, like Tabitha, (to Tabitha) remember you want us out of the way when you, Sonic & his friends are on a search for Courtney & Sue away from Carl? We have helped you taken down Monster Trevor & Coop, but what thanks do we get? Huh?

Tabitha: Yeah. But the reason why we leave you out of this is because you guys are cr-

Cici: letting Sonic all the help for you!

Owen: Wow, that's nice.

Reidak: Yeah, thanks for the nice compliment Cici.

Cici: Your welcome.

Reidak: (smiles)

Big Brother Bird: (smiles as well, only a bit)

Patricia: (hugs Cici)

King Erican: Now that you are all safe, we must return home. And please be more careful next time.

Red Bird: Alright then

Katie: Does that mean that Saide, Staci & I won't be using our panda fur against those evil ants?

Sonic: If Herman comes back, then you can. But only on Herman, cause his army are not allergic to panda fur.

Sadie: Okie dokie.

Staci: Alright then.

(At Carl's Castle)

Brother Herman:(Sneezes)

Edna:(Brings tissues)

Carl:(Laughs) Go on, Mother! Ask him.

Edna: So, how did fight Sonic and his friends go?

Brother Herman:(Sneezes)

Carl:(Laughs) This is me laughing at you!

Brother Herman:(Punches Carl)

Carl: And now I'm not.

(The end of episode 9)

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