(At the dojo)

Master Yo:(Meditating, thoughts) All is peaceful. All is calm. (Hears a trumpet noise, gets hit with a stick 3 times, shakes his head, continues meditating, thoughts) Relax Yo. There are no funking horns. There are no- (Hears the trumpet noise again, gets with a stick again 2 times, shakes his head again, meditating again, thoughts) Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean. Calm-

???: Gotta wipe you behind! (Hits Master Yo with a stick) Again! Next year! (Hits Master Yo again with a stcik again 2 times)

Master Yo:(Wakes up, gasps) Linkin Stick!

(With Sonic and the others)

(Marvin is doing his hip hop dance as Klonoa video records and Abby doing the music while Sonic, Tails, Amy, Lou, Tabitha, Oliver, Jur, Werehog Ash, Jill, Stu, Daniel, Maggie and Luna watch)

Klonoa:(Still video recording) Keep it up, Marvin! A couple more shots, we upload this to the internet and you'll be the Werehog King of Hip Hop.

Abby: Shouldn't that be the Werehog King of Hop Hop? (Laughs)

Klonoa: T_T Okay. You are seriously ruining his cool here.

Abby: Sorry. (Keeps doing the Hip Hop Music)

Marvin:(Still dancing)

(A 9 year old werehog girl with purple fur, long brown hair wearing a red shirt, blue skirt and orange shoes watches him)

???: Doesn't Marvin have the best moves.

Luna: Yeah. Are you a friend of his?

???: Yeah. I just came back. I really miss my werehog friends. And since I'm back, I get to read a lot of books about Earth and all that.

Luna: That sounds like Abby. I bet Marvin doesn't even read.

???: Well, I am a A high student. Before the Spelling Bee, some Dark Spirits came towards me and suck out all of my Dark Spirits.

Luna: Oh... Well can you help Marvin read a lot?

???: Hmm..... Let me check my schedule, YES!!!!!

Luna: Awsome! Hey Marvin, I got you a study buddy!

???:(Waves at Marvin)

Marvin: Ariel?! (Stops dancing and fell)

Ariel: Oops.... Sorry Marvin.

Master Yo:(Runs past everybody)

Sonic: Yo?

Master Yo: Close all the windows! Lock all the doors! Have a salt prezel! Squeeze the two from the bottom! Don't lick paper money! And stop that funk up! (Hits the music player) It gives me the hibby jibbys! With a extra shot of the jibbys......

Klonoa: Wow. What made you crawled up and died?

Abby: And this isn't funk. Marvin wanted to be an internett star. And his talent is dancing hip hop. (Plays the music player)

Klonoa: With some really lame records of yours from like a bizillion years ago.

Werehog Ash: So we came here to watch Marvin.

Amy: Yeah. If that's okay.

Tails:(Picks up a record cover) Hmm. Very interesting.

Tabitha:(Looks at the horse) Who the heck is this fossel?

Master Yo:(Screams like a girl, runs away)

Oliver: What's wrong with him?

Lou: He's scared.

Tabitha: But where's he going?

Sonic: I think I know.

(Sonic, Lou, Klonoa, Abby, Tails, Amy, Tabitha, Oliver, Jur, Luna, Werehog Ash, Jill, Stu, Marvin, Daniel, Ariel and Maggie went to Crossover Mansion)

Sonic: Jack.

Jack: Hi there

Patricia: How's it going?

Sonic: Do you know where Yo is? He got scared for no reason and we thought he went here.

Metal Patricia: Yes, he ran inside & he's in the bathroom

Spongebob: And he can't get out

Patrick: I wonder what's he doing in there?

Sonic:(Goes to the bathroom)

Lou and the others:(Follow Sonic)

Sonic:(Knocks on the door) Yo. Can I come in?

Master Yo:(Inside) Yes.

Sonic:(Opens the door)

Lou and the others:(Watched)

Sonic:(Sits by him) Is there something you want to tell me that I don't know?

Master Yo: No.

Sonic:(Looks sad)

Tabitha:(Pulls out the record cover with the horse on it) Tell us!

Master Yo: AH! Okay! (Groans) Prepare for a lesson about one foe I could not defeat. 2 years ago today.


Annoncer: Ladies and Gentlemen, there are 14 unnatural wonders of the world you are about to witness the 8th. Presanting the hardest working enemy of Woo Foo.

Everybody: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Annoncer: Mr. Please please stop hitting with that stick.

Everybody: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Annoncer: The foo funker of Mobius himself.

???: Hit it!

(Some trumpet players start playing their trumpets)

Master Yo: Badfoot. Every year, once a year, he comes to Hyrule City to strap Woo Foo out of me.

Badfoot: Men.

Master Yo: With a powerful weapon called-

Badfoot: Linkin Stick! Gonna charge it up! Yeehaw!

Klonoa: Charge it up? Hee! How?

Badfoot:(Hits Master Yo with Linkin Stick as it charges up)

Master Yo: (Is beaten up badly)

(Flashback ended)

Klonoa and Abby:(Laugh)

Klonoa: Best. Flashback. Ever! (Laughs)

Tabitha:(Laughs as well) Oh man! That is so funny!

Jared: (is totally lying) Oh yes, I too find great humor in that... thing. (forces laughing)

Luna:(To Jared) How did you get in here?!

Jared: You left the door unlocked. For some reason, there were several armed guards as well, but they were nothing serious.

Squidward: Jared, would you get outta here? Cause you've been evil many times

Ed: Gravy

Edd: Let's move on

Eddy: But who is this Badfoot?

Zaktan: By the way, we like you to introduce you to Don, Zeke & Henry the Crocodiles, they are the three Mobian Crocodile Stooges

Don, Zeke & Henry: (appears) Hi there

Jack: Wow, that really is some story

Patricia: It's ok Yo, everyone gets defeated sometimes. Even us

Reidak: Anyways, what is this Badfoot anyway?

Metal Patricia: Yo already told us that he drains energy off of Yo

Vezok: He's just like Layla the FoxSkunk, they're both drain energy off of people & heroes

Thok: I sence that Layla & Badfoot are both related to their energy draining abilities

Xplode: Just imagine Badfoot & Layla working together

Owen: Sheesh, that would be pretty bad

Sonic: Are you telling us this Badfoot guy finds you and whacks the Woo Foo out of you?

Master Yo: Once a year. Every year.

Klonoa and Abby:(Laughs again)

Patrick: I don't get it.

Klonoa: And you let him?

Master Yo: I don't have a chose. Every time I tried to hide, he threatens innocent people.

Jared: Well, to put it in simple terms, you're screwed.

Luna: Jared!

Jared: What? I tried to create loopholes to this, but I could find only two. One is to kill yourself, the other is to temporarily transfer all your power to someone else, but the latter of the two is very dangerous and should not be performed unless it's an emergency.

Luna:(Shakes Jared very hard) Stop being a villian! You are a hero! You are our friend!

Jared: (starts laughing) It's official, you'e gone insane. I've done no evil, I'm only suggesting things to do to help.

Luna: You've gone insane! You've been trying to kill Jack! He is your friend!

Duncan: Admit it Jared, your Evil

Harold: Anyways, how do we stop this Badfoot? His powers is just like Layla the FoxSkunk.

Jared: You are incorrect, Luna. I never tried to kill him, I only made thoughts about trying to kill him. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! All I wanted to do was help, but NO, you had to diss me like that. Don't expect me to help when society comes crashing down. (vanishes)

Gwen: We have no time to argue

Master Yo: There is no way.

Sonic: So you get beaten up by Badfoot so that you can protect the people of Hyrlue City? That's horrible and sad and-

Klonoa: Highlarious! (Laughs some more)

Don: What is this, a Laughing stock? (slaps Klonoa) That'll teach ya.

Luna: And you don't fight back, why?

Master Yo: I've tried! I just can't beat him. No matter what I use. Might, magic, all my music. In the horns, Sweet Mother of Foo, the funking horn section! He can't do anything without them.....

Meltdown: If we take this funking horn, he can't do anything right?

Corroder: But how do we do that?

Patrick: (chewing on an instrument called a Horn) Mmm, yummy brass.

Ed: My turn ! (chomping on the Horn, eating the instrument) Mmm, Brassy Tasting

Jack: That's it

Master Yo: Besides, nothing beats funk. Not punk. Not rap. And sertanly not that poocky pop pie mish mash that you two (Klonoa and Abby) call music.

Sonic: And what's wrong with our music?

Master Yo: If I said once, I said a thousands times.


Master Yo:(To Sonic) Your music sucks. (To Klonoa and Abby) Your music sucks. (To Luna) Your music sucks. (To Jared) Your music sucks even if you don't hear it in your head. (To Badfoot) Your music- AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Badfoot: is too powerful, for you to beat. (Uses his Linkin Stick to hit Master Yo)

(Flashback ended)

(Suddenly, they all hear a door bell ring)

Jack: I'll get the door ! (goes to the door) I'll be right back

Patricia, Metal Patricia, The Crossovers & the Three Mobian Crocodile Stooges: (follows Jack)

(Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, the Crossovers & the 3 MCS [Mobian Crocodile Stooges] goes up to the door)

Jack: (opens the door) Hello?

(Somebody kicks Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, the Crossovers & the 3 MCS get kicked, it was Badfoot)

Owen: Ow! That hurt!

Badfoot:(To his funky horn men) Give it.

Funky Horn Man #1:(Gives the Linkin Stick to Badfoot)

Badfoot: Out of the wolf! Then I will give it! Ha ha ha! Heeeya!

(The Horn Men play a funky tune with the trumpets)

Funky Horn Men: Yeah!

Master Yo: AH! (Runs away)

Badfoot:(Skids after Master Yo)

Abby: I'm not sure what he just said, but I'm guessing it transletes to "Let's kick the panda's butt."

Jack: Ok, that really stings.

Sonic: Why would they do something that cruel?

???: Because that's how Badfoot is.

(A female horse came in)

Patricia: Who are you?

Squidward: Seriously, who are you?

Hank: Or else Sanford, Mecha Deimos & I tear you & Badfoot limb from limb (cracks his knuckles)

Sanford: (wields his Hook)

Mecha Deimos: (wield his Guns)

???: My name is Mary. I, too, have gone face to face with Badfoot.

Reidak: Wait, you have?

Eddy: How?

Mary: I, too, have Woo Foo as well. I simple escaped.

Sonic: Do you think Yo might escape as well?

Mary: I'm afried not. Come. (Goes outside)

Sonic and the others:(Follow Mary)

(Sonic and Co are in the audience watching Master Yo get beaten by Badfoot)

Master Yo: AH! (Gets hit by Badfoot with the Linkin Stick 2 times)

Badfoot: Can I hit him one time? (Hits Master Yo) Can I hit him two times? (Hits Master Yo again) Can I hit him three times? (Hits Master Yo very hard) Ha ha ha!

Klonoa and Abby:(Laugh)

Mary: No one could stop Badfoot. Not even you guys.

Jack: Then how do we stop him that it's unstopable?

Mordecai: (groans) How do we do that?

Rigby: I don't know, how do we do that?

Patricia: (her stomach gurgles) Sorry, but I felt gas forming inside of me.

Mike: Oh dear, not again.

Patricia: I have to release my Skunk Scent. I'm sorry, but I can't help myself cause I'm a Skunk

Jared: (appears) I find that to be offensive, seeing as somehow I'm a mixture of every animal ever. (vanishes again)

Jack: Jared, wait ! We need your help to stop Badfoot, he's been hurting Yo with a Whip

Sonic:(Watches Master Yo get beaten up by Badfoot, remembers the time Master Yo took care of him when he was a baby and trained him and comfort him at Piper's funeral, he knew what to do, defened his master) Hey!

Badfoot:(Stops beating Master Yo, turns to Sonic) Hey what?

Sonic: Leave him alone!

Everybody:(Except for Lou, Mary, the Co. and Trevor, gasps ran away)

Trevor: Ooooohhhhh...... You're gonna get it! (Runs off)

Jack: You stop right there Badfoot!

Patricia: Stop this madness!

Spongebob: Stop it right now!

Jared: (appears) I guess I'll help, since I cannot be affected by his instrument due to not containing woo-foo in me.

Jack: Patricia, Metal Patricia, the Crossovers, the 3 Mobian Crocodile Stooges & I don't have Woo-Foo inside of us either, just Chaos Energy.

Patrick: Wait, we don't have Woo-Foo?

Mary: Good luck.

Badfoot:(Was about to hit Sonic)

Master Yo:(Jumps in, protecting Sonic) Get away from him.

Badfoot:(Hits Master Yo 3 times, spins the Linkin Stick) Hit them!

Funky Horn Men:(Shoots Fire Balls from the trumpets at Klonoa and Abby, but they miss)

Klonoa and Abby:(Fell, get up)

Abby: Clearly, we underestimate this guy.

Master Yo:(Fells on Sonic and the others)

Ezekiel: Ow! Get off of us, eh?

Badfoot:(Walks up to them) It's over! Gonna whope ya! Hit me!

(Nothing happened)

Badfoot: I said hit me!!!!!

Funky Horn Man #1: Sorry man.

Funky Horn Man #2: Union break.

Funky Horn Man#3: Yeah. We're on a lunch.


Mary: Come on. Let's go! (Runs off)

Sonic and the others:(Follows Mary)

Badfoot: You may win this time, Mary, but I'll be back! Gonna hit ya! Hit some more!

(Sonic, Mary and Co. hide under the bridge)

Mary: We should be safe here.

Werehog Ash: Thanks Mary.

Hank: Ash, it's nice to meet you again

Sonic: Yo..... I don't understand...... You're a warrior.

Tabitha: And a crump, and flatulant, and- (Pulls out a poster of Badfoot)

Master Yo:(Screams like a girl)

Tabitha: that.

Master Yo: Yes. The power of funk is way too strong to beat. I've tried and Badfoot kicks my butt everytime. What does that tell you?

Ed: Uh, is the music make Badfoot stronger?

Noah: What did you say Ed?

Ed: Say what?

Sonic: Master Yo.....

Master Yo: You never called me Master ever since you were 5-9. At the age of 10, when were friend was gone, you stop calling me Master. Why now?

Sonic: Cause I'm worried. You need to get rid of your fear.

Jack: And don't worry, we can help you overcome your fear

DJ: Well I have a fear of Snakes. Snakes just freak me out

Gwen: What's my worst fear? I guess being buried alive.

Eddy: I'm afraid of Needles & man do I regret it

Owen: My fear is Flying, man! That's some crazy stuff.

Izzy: Oh, I would never go up in a plane. Never!

Zaktan: Me neither. I hate flying, that really scares me now after I've conquered my fear of being a mere thought

Geoff: I'm scared of hail. It's small but deadly, dude.

Bridgette: Being left alone in the woods.

Ed: Soap bad for Ed !

Duncan: (quietly) ...My worst fear is Cé-Céline Dion music store standees.

Heather: I'm afraid of Sumo Wrestlers

Harold: I'm afraid of Ninjas

Scott: I'm scared of Fang

Luna: I'm afried of fire.

Werehog Ash: And I'm afried of losing the ones that I loved.

Mordecai: You see, everyone has their worst fears, but we learned to conquer them all. We all do

Rigby: That's right

Patricia: And we're gonna help you overcome even your greatest fears, Yo

Jared: I could help, but you probably wouldn't want me too if you saw what I would do.

Master Yo: Well..... Maybe.... But.......

Tabitha: Chicken! Chicken! We've have a scary cat chicken with us! Chicken!

Master Yo: Hey! Stop trying to tell me what to do! You're the students and I'm the teacher!

Badfoot's Voice: Hold that thought!

Master Yo: And right now, I'm gonna teach you how to hide.

Badfoot:(Grabs Master Yo) Hold up! Hole up! Can I throw him off the bridge?

Funky Horn Men: Yeah!

Badfoot: Can I throw him off the bridge?

Funky Horn Men: Yeah!

Badfoot: I said, can I throw him off the brid-

Klonoa: Oh for crying out loud it's only 2 feet down. Throw him already.

Badfoot: For my fine, but not for loooong! (Was about to hit Sonic)

Master Yo:(Protects Sonic and gets hit)

Tails: Why is he letting himself be a punching bag for a guy who needs to beat up a Woo Foo warrior?

Jared: It's simple. He's trying to protect his friends or whatever from Badfoot.

Sonic:(Sighs) 3...... 2....... 1........ Guilt...........

Lou and the others:(Looked at Sonic very sad)

Squidward: (not sad at all) Don't know, don't care

Eva: (not sad at all) Didn't get it, didn't care

Duncan: (not sad at all) Nope, not even me buster.

Patrick: (too busy being sad because he was drinking soda) (burps very loudly, causing everyone to look at him arkwardly) Sorry

Abby:(Looks at Klonoa)

Klonoa:(Looks at Abby, makes a worried face)

Abby:(Nods her head)

Klonoa: Curse you life!!!!!

Badfoot:(Was about to hit Master Yo)

Abby: Hey retro dork!

Badfoot:(Turns to Klonoa and Abby)

Klonoa: We're Woo Foo too. I bet you can't catch-

Badfoot:(Goes up to Klonoa and Abby)

Klonoa: us?

Funky Horn Men:(Plays their horns)

Badfoot:(Hits Klonoa and Abby)

Sonic: Klonoa! Abby! Are you guys okay?!

Master Yo: I told you, you can't fight the funk.

Badfoot: Got that right. Whoo!

Sonic:(Protects his adopted siblings) You leave them alone!

Mary: Sonic, you're going to get drained.

Sonic: I'll be alright. And Badfoot, your music sucks!

Funky Horn Men: What?

Badfoot: What did you say?

Sonic: You heard me. (Spindashes Badfoot)

Badfoot:(Gets hit)

Jack: Did you see that? My Cousin Sonic had hit Badfoot!

Master Yo: He hit him?

Lou: He hit him?

Tails: He hit him?

Amy: He hit him?

Klonoa and Abby: He hit him?

Tabitha: He hit him?

Oliver: He hit him?

Luna: He hit him?

Jur: He hit him?

Werehog Ash: He hit him?

Stu: He hit him?

Jill: He hit him?

Marvin: He hit him?

Daniel: He hit him?

Ariel: He hit him?

Maggie: He hit him?

Patricia: He hit him?

Metal Patricia: He hit him?

Crossovers:(Except for B) He hit him?

The MCS: He hit him?

Jared: He hit him?

Mary: He hit him?

Funky Horn Men: He hit him?

Eva: (gets angry) I get the idea already! You don't have to say it again!

Badfoot: You hit me? Huh. Now I have to try. Ha!

Sonic: Time to finish this, once and for all. (Pounded his fists)

Badfoot: Gonna hit you this way! (Fires ball lasers at Sonic)

Sonic:(Dodges them)

Badfoot: I'll smack ya that way! (Swings his Linkin Stick at Sonic)

Sonic:(Dodges it)

Master Yo: He didn't punch Sonic. He's not unbeatable. Why?

Jack: I think I know why, if I can remember what it is.

Patricia: I've Finally figured it out

Jack: Yeah, me too. If the Music isn't playing...

Patricia: Then Badfoot can't hit Sonic. And if the music stops interuptly...

Jack: That's where Badfoot's Weak Points appear.

Patricia: That's his game plan!

Tails: Or maybe, Sonic's not afried of Badfoot. That's why he's not hit.

Jack: Or that or whatever the case

Mordecai: Rock, Paper, Scissors for who gets to help Master Yo get over his fear?

Rigby: Fine

(They both start playing that game, Mordecai use Rock & Rigby use Scissors & Mordecai wins)

Rigby: (groans)

Master Yo: Sonic's not afried? When Sonic was 10, he was afried that the bullies will pick on him again, but how come he's not afried anymore?

Hank: Ash, please explain.

Werehog Ash: Sometimes, people were scared of something, but they have to get rid of it. Sonic got rid of his fears, except for water, because of somebody who really cares for him. And that's you.

Master Yo: Me?

Werehog Ash: Yeah. You were there for him. You always cheer him up and Sonic feels happy again. He became a hero because of you. And now he is doing everything he came to be brave. And you just hid from Badfoot.

Jack: The only thing you can remember from us is, that if you stand up for Sonic, Sonic will stand up for you, getting stronger & stronger everyday.

Master Yo: Hm. You're right Ash. Sonic needs me. And this time, I need him.

Vezok: So what are you waiting for, Yo. Stop that Badfoot

Avak: Go get him

Patricia: And hurry, we don't have much time

Badfoot:(Hits Sonic, the Linkin Stick is getting more power)

Sonic:(Gets hit in the wall) Ugh....

Trevor: You are so gonna get it!

Klonoa: Hey! Pick on someone your own sizes!

Tabitha: He's 12.

Badfoot:(Looks at the Linkin Stick) Almost charged. Ha! Now fella! I'm gonna getcha! Woo! Yo fellas, can I hit him one time?

(No respones)

Badfoot: Fellas? I said "Can I hit him one more time?" One time? Fellas? Where are the horns?!

Jack: Yoo Hoo, Mr. Badfoot. There's someone who is going to kick your butt.

Patricia: And by the way, do you remember your gang?

Duncan: Or should we say, (shows Badfoot his henchmen all tied up) These Nerds!

Master Yo: And let just say that a very old student of mine has known that brave enough because of me, and that's why I'm there for him.

Sonic:(Shocked, then smiles)

Badfoot: But I need my horns.

Abby: Alright, spangle pants, let's see how tough you are without the cheese ball horn section.

Sonic:(Walks up to Abby) No sis. We've may be grown up, but we're still kids. Maybe Yo can teach us how to beat the heck out of this guy.

Mary: I think you're right, Sonic.

Master Yo:(Pounded his fists) On one condiction. Transfoomate! (Transforms the coin machines into a DJ set) You rap me up with some of that lousy music of yours.

Abby:(Starts the rap music)

Klonoa:(Pulls out his video camra)

Badfoot: Ugh! (Covers his ears) Oh, my God, my ears hurt! Bleah!

Master Yo:(Grabs the Linkin Stick, hits Badfoot with it) This is for the last year! (Hits Badfoot)

Tabitha: Boom!

Master Yo:(Hits Badfoot again) Learn to face my big fears!

Marvin: Yeah! (Dances)

Master Yo:(Hits Badfoot again) With the help of Sonic!

Jill: Ha!

Master Yo: Make a- (Stops for a moment) Pellets. Nothing rhymes with that. Oh well.

Amy: Let me help you sent that big ,meanie away! (Piko Piko Hammer appeares)

Klonoa:(Still video recording)

Master Yo and Amy:(Hits Badfoot, sending him far far away)

Master Yo: Ha! Good golly! (Does a split, but his bones cracked) Yow! Ag! AAAAHAAAAA!!!!!!

Jack: Um, are you sure you need yourself fixed again, Yo?

Spongebob: Anyways, nice job Yo & Amy.

(At the dojo)

Master Yo: So, you face your own fears just because of me?

Sonic: Yeah. And you faced your own fears because of me. And I'm very proud of you.

Klonoa: Yeah, and also, you're famous. On the internet.

(Klonoa has upload the video of Master Yo doing the splits and cracking his bones)

Klonoa:(Laughs) Can I get a million hits on that?

The view counter on the video reaches 1,000,000. Then, it starts to reverse down to negative 1,000,000 views, and immediatly gets 7,000 dislikes and 24 likes, and then the computer crashes, starts to generate smoke, and shuts down/breaks.

Jack: Well, guess not. Oh well (sings "Musical Doodle")

Klonoa: Not funny, Jack!

(The end of episode 8)

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