(At the forest, Shadow is sitting on a tree looking at a Chaos Emerald, then pulls out Ramona's core, he keeps thinking about Ramona, Abby, Cammie, Lizzy, and Maria, he cares for Abby, Cammie and Lizzy, but he misses Maria and Ramona, the only way to know all about Ramona's past, is to fight Sonic, he goes to Hyrlue City)

(At the dojo)

(Sonic, Luna, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur and Lizzy are training, while Lou, Cici, Klonoa, Abby, Tails, Finn, Emily, STH Courtney, Sue, Odie, Carrie, Larry, Lilly and Tabitha are watching)

Tabitha: Keep it up, guys! You're doing great!

Lizzy: I like training. It keeps me more active.

Sonic:(Kicks the dummies)

(Suddenly, they all hear a rustle)


Sonic: Well well well. If it isn't the Faker.

Abby: You know his name is Shadow.

Oliver: We know.

Tabitha: What are you doing here, Crazy Hedgehog?

Shadow: I'm here to challenge Sonic.

Klonoa: Say what?

Lizzy: What do you mean?

Shadow: I want to fight him.

Sonic: Oh really?

Charles: I think it's a bad idea.

Shadow: It's not.

Lou: Well it's stupid.

Sonic: I accept that challenge!

Cici: Sonic!

Charles: Oh no!

Lewbert: You can't do this.

Tabitha: I'm going for it! (Goes inside to get some popcorn and a chair)

STH Courtney:(Whispers to Luna) Who is he?

Luna:(Whispers to STH Courtney) Shadow the Hedgehog. He's Lizzy's cousin. And the Ultimate Lifeform.

STH Courtney: He is awsome.

Luna, Finn and Emily: Awsome?

Tabitha:(Comes back outside, puts the chair on the grass, then pulls out her cell phone, calls Jack) Jack, get Patricia, Metal Patrica and the Crossovers right at the dojo. Sonic is about to fight Shadow.

Jack: (on phone) Ok, Tabitha. We'll be right there.

(10 minutes later)

Sonic:(Starts to strech)

Shadow:(Pulls out Ramona's core without anybody noticing)

Charles: I'm not liking this at all.

Tabitha: I am.

Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers: (arrives)

Jack: We're here

Patricia: Tabitha called us about Sonic about to fight Shadow so Tabitha called us here & came here as fast as we can

Metal Patricia: And we made it

Luna: Why are you guys so exicted about this fight?

Spongebob: (holding the popcorn) It could be lots of fun watching all the action

Patrick: It's our faviorite pass time (holds up a Flag with one hand & a Green Fond Finger in his other hand)

Tabitha: And also I just want to see Shadow kick Sonic's butt!

Sue: What if Sonic gets hurt?

Abby: What if Shadow gets hurt?

Geoff: Hold on dudes & dudettes, maybe we can work something out

Eddy: And I got an idea. How about one of us can disguise himself as Sonic to keep Shadow busy while the other one disguise as Shadow to keep Sonic busy & both of them had to be defeated by Sonic & Shadow. Both of them wins, without getting hurt

Rigby: Dude, you are a Genius! Of course we'll do it

Mordecai: But who can disguise themselves as Sonic & Shadow

(They all turned to Reidak & Vezok)

Reidak & Vezok: What?

Zaktan: Sorry, but you two are the pigeons

Avak: (puts a Sonic disguise on Vezok) So Vezok is Sonic....(puts a Shadow disguise on Reidak) And Reidak is Shadow.

Thok: They both look nice in those disguises

Vezok: Ho ho, very funny.

Reidak: Ha ha, it is to laugh

Tabitha: Oh no! I want the real Sonic and the real Shadow fight right now! And nobody is going to deal with anyone!

Jack: But their worried about Sonic & Abby's worried about Shadow just look at them (points to everyone getting worried about Sonic & then points to Abby who is worried about Shadow) Come on, have a heart

Cameron: Come on, these guys are worried about Sonic & Abby's worried about Shadow.

Zoey: We can't let both of them get hurt

Tabitha: I do!

STH Courtney: I want Shadow to fight Sonic.

Tabitha: There's somebody who's not worried about those two.

TDI Courtney: Can't you just have faith in this plan & get this over with?

Timon: Come on, let's just stick to Eddy's Plan & see how it goes

Pumbaa: Ok

Ed: Gravy

Lightning: Alright Reidak & Vezok, it's show time. SHA-BAM!

Reidak & Vezok: Yeah-uuh!

Scott: Tabitha & STH Courtney Hedgehog, we had to tell you something. Don't even tell either Sonic or Shadow about Eddy's Plan or else it's on your heads

Tabitha: None of you are going to ruin this fight with Eddy's stupid plan. So stop you're worrying. The fight is about to start.

Luna:(Sees the core Shadow is holding) Hey, that's Ramona.

Scott: (To Tabitha) You did this is me last night

Mike: If the fight is about to start, then why is Vezok with Shadow & why is Reidak with Sonic?

Tabitha: Oliver. Charles. Grab Vezok and Reidak.

Oliver:(Grabs Vezok, takes him back to the audiance)

Charles:(Grabs Reidak, takes him back to the audiance)

Lewbert: The fight is about to start in 3..... 2..... (Grabs a gun, pulls the trigger, the fight starts)

Shadow:(Punchs Sonic)

Hakann: So much for Eddy's Idea

Reidak & Vezok: (takes off the disguise)

Jack: Come on Tabitha, if we just work something out maybe they can be friends

Lou: It would never work.

Tabitha:(Imitates Lou in a southern belle accent) They have been rivals ever since they met.

Lou: I don't talk like that.

Spongebob: Oh! Oh! Can I try? (imitates Rigby & sounds like Rigby 100%) Keep it shaking with the raking there guys

Mordecai: (laughing) Dude that sounds just like him !

Rigby: Ha ha ha, very funny

Spongebob: (normal voice) Thanks

Rigby: I was being Sarcastic !

Brick: You we're?

Lizzy: Sarcastic- a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter jibe or taunt", usually conveyed through irony or understatement. Most authorities distinguish sarcasm from irony; however, others argue that sarcasm may or often does involve irony or employs ambivalence.

Boggy B: Uh guys, what should we do until then?

Tabitha: Wait until the fight is over.

Sonic:(Spindashes at Shadow)

Abby:(Trying her best not to get worried so Tabitha and the others won't notice)

Patricia: Are you ok, Abby?

Abby: I'm alright. I'm alright.

Shadow: Chaos SPEAR! (Throws the Chaos Spear at Sonic)

Sonic:(Gets hit, kicks Shadow)

Abby:(Thoughts) Oh.... I can't let Sonic hurt Shadow..... Shadow is the only person I care for. I wonder why Shadow would fight Sonic in the first place. Sonic's my adopted big brother and Shadow is a good person..... I really really like him. A lot........ I don't want anybody to hurt him.....

Jack: (Thought: I can't let anyone know that I'm Married to Blaze the Hedgecat that she is the daughter of Shadow the Hedgehog & Blaze the Cat. I can't let both Sonic & Shadow get hurt because he is my cousin & Shadow is my Father-In-Law)

Shadow:(Did a multiple punch on Sonic, then punches Sonic in the face, then kicks Sonic)

Squidward: Ooh that's gonna hurt

Xplode: Ouch

Tabitha: And that's what I like.

Oliver, Charles, Lou, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur, Lizzy, Klonoa, Cici, Odie, Carrie, Lilly, Larry, Tails, Luna, Finn, Emily, STH Courtney, Sue, Jack, Patricia & the Crossovers (Except B and Abby): And that's what we don't !

B: (Nodds no)

Abby: ........

Sonic:(Spindashes Shadow again)

Jack: Uh, B never speaks at all

Luna: A silent treatment, huh?

Jack: Yes, he never speaks. The only way to understand him is sign language.

Carrie: I know sign language. (Uses sign language to B) How come you can't speak, B?

B: (shrugs)

Carrie: He doesn't know.

Jared: (appears next to Jack) This looks interesting. I hope that Sonic either wins or at ;east ends up injuring Shadow. (hands Jack a bag of Popcorn) Want some? (smirks, and horns twist to look like devil horns)

Luna: Jack, don't eat that popcorn. It might be poision.

Tabitha:(To Jared) What ever happened to your rivaly with Silver, Jaridiot.

Jared: Don't worry, there are no HARMFUL/POISONOUS chemicals in it. Also, I don't really mid Silver, ever since I got the rights to take all his stuff and blow up his house.

Luna: You're a hero and always a hero, Jared. You are friends with Jack and the others. And also Silver is Abby's son. Silver is from the future, and you are an idiot.

Jared: You ruined my good mood. Prepare for a "Surprise" that will happen to you later. (vanishes)

Luna: I told you you're a hero not a villian.

Klonoa: You like video games.

Luna:(Grabs the popcorn that Jared gave to Jack and throws it away)

Jack: Thanks Luna, your a pal

Shadow:(Punches Sonic)

Sonic:(Spindashes Shadow)

Abby: ................

Jack: Abby? Are you alright?

Abby:(Nods yes)

Jack: Ok, sounds like you haven't talk since Sonic & Shadow began their battle

Edd: And we haven't tried Eddy's Plan

Duncan: What gives?

Abby: Umm...... I...... uh........

Klonoa: Abby has a "thing" for Shadow.

Harold: Huh? Why did Abby have a thing for Shadow?

Klonoa: It's a total secret.

Sonic:(Spindashes at Shadow)

Shadow: Chaos CONTROL! (Teleports)

Sonic:(Stops spindashing)

Shadow:(Teleports behind Sonic) Boo. (Kicks Sonic)

Sonic:(Gets hit by a tree) Ugh!

Hank: Ow, that's gonna leave a mark

Sanford: Eeyup

Mecha Deimos: That's gotta hurt

Abby:(Starts to tremble, thoughts) Shadow..... please don't get hurt...... you..........

Jack: (sighs) (Thought: I had to tell them the truth, when I stop the fight)

Tabitha:(Video records Sonic's painful attacks) I'm getting goal here!

Oliver: I'm not.

Lilly: I know you're Sonic's ex-girlfriend and all, but this is just getting too serious.

Lou: Shadow just lost his friend 50 years ago and lost a girl 5 months ago.

Tabitha:(Imitates Lou in a southern belle accent) Well maybe you can go out there and take Sonic's place into the fight.

Lou: I don't talk like that!

Vezok: That's Eddy's idea (puts on a Sonic Diguise)

Reidak: (puts on a Shadow Disguise) And that's what we're gonna do.

Tabitha: Don't even dare. (Pulls out handcuffs,and cuffs Vezok and Reidak to a tree)

Patricia: This fight has gone too far we better stop it.

Dawn: Patricia's right, once a battle has gone too far, either one of them or both of them could die after the battle

Jared: (appears again) It's best not to interfere with these types of things. (vanishes)

Klonoa: Shadow's the Ulitmate Life Form, guys. He can't die.

Lou, Tails, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Cici, Luna, Finn, Emily, Larry, Lilly, Odie and Carrie:(Except Tabitha and Abby) He died when he and Sonic stop the ARK from falling into Mobius! He did it for Maria!

Klonoa: Oh.....

Reidak: Get those Handcuffs off of us, Tabitha.

Vezok: Can you please get those handcuffs off of me & Reidak, Tabitha?

Tabitha: Never. I don't want you idiots to ruin this battle.

Oliver: No offence.

Reidak & Vezok: None taken.

Mordecai: Sonic & Shadow are gonna get hurt

Rigby: What should we do? It should not be Tabitha's decision.

Jared: (appears behind them) I know, right? It shouldn't be her decision what you or anyone else does.

Rigby: Seriously how are we gonna stop Sonic's & Shadow's Fight?

Mordecai: The only option we have is that Vezok keeps Shadow busy as Sonic & Reidak keeps Sonic busy as Shadow.

Jack: Sorry, but it's the only way

Patricia: Ok then

Tabitha: Don't even think about. Lewbert, keep an eye on them.

Lewbert: Okay. (Keeps an eye on Jack and the others)

Shadow:(Uses Chaos Blast on Sonic)

Sonic:(Gets hit)

Jack: Tabitha, you really had a grudge against me, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers. I mean you've unleashed a Mutant Shark name Fang on Scott.

Tabitha:(Uses a southern belle accent) Told ya I do my research.

Charles: Sonic and Tabitha broke up a few years ago. That's why she wants to see Sonic to get hurt.

Patricia: Oh

Jack: I'm sorry, but I can't take it any more. I'm just gonna stop for the heck of it, because Sonic is my cousin & Shadow is my Father-In-Law!

Jared: So through process of elimination, I've now found out who you love, based simply on "Shadow is your father-in-law." But don't worry Jack, I won't tell anyone. Also, why did you not eat the popcorn I gave you? I told you it has no harmful chemicals and what-not, and I even put in a chemical that's supposed to strengthen your senses?

Jack: And Blaze the Cat is my Mother-In-Law. Now you know that Shadow the Hedgehog & Blaze the Cat are my Parents-in-Law, because I'm married to their daughter, Blaze the Hedgecat

Jared: Correct. But, things can change, you know.

Tabitha: I don't care if you're Sonic's cousin and Shadow's son-in-law, which will happen in the future, I think.., but you are not handling their fight! You just have to sit there and watch!

Sonic:(Spindashes Shadow)

Shadow:(Gets hit, uses Chaos Spear)

Sonic:(Gets hit)

Shadow: Time to end this. (Thoughts) And I will figure out Ramona's past. (Runs towards Sonic)

Sonic:(Runs towards Shadow)

Both:(About to punch each other)

???: STOP!!!!!!

Both:(Skid making dust)

Tabitha: Jack! I thought I told you to- (Notice that Jack is still watching) Klonoa, you (Notices that Klonoa is still watching, looks around everybody who interupt Sonic and Shadow's battle, but they were all still watching) If you all didn't interupt Sonic and Shadow's fight, then who did?

(The dust cleared and the one who interupt Sonic and Shadow's battle was Abby)

All:(Except for Sonic, Shadow and B) ABBY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Jack: (to Sonic & Shadow) And I want both of you to stop as well ! Because you two are part of my family, Sonic is my Cousin & Shadow is my Father-In-Law because I'm married to Shadow's & Blaze's Daughter, Blaze the Hedgecat. If anyone want to stop the fight, then so be it.


Sonic: Abbs! Get out of the way!

Abby: No!

Tabitha: Get off the stage!

Abby: No! I am not moving!

Shadow: If you don't move, then I won't know all about Ramona's past.

Lizzy: So that's why you want to fight Sonic, cause Sonic has the power to make any memory come and you wanted to defeat him so you find out Ramona's past.

Shadow: Right.

Jack: Sorry guys. (To Abby) Abby, is there something you want to tell us?

Abby: I..... I......

Sonic: Abby. You might get hurt.

Tabitha: Okay, does anyone else think this is bizarre? Come on, it can't just be me.

Shadow: I must defeat Sonic so I can discover Ramona's past.

Abby: .............. Since when did you care about Ramona? (Runs away)

Klonoa: Abbs! (Chases after her)

Sonic: Abby! (Chases Abby as well)

All:(Except Shadow, Luna, Tabitha and Spencer, followed Sonic and Klonoa to chase after Abby)

Tabitha: Well, I'm not missing this. (Follows Sonic and the others)

Turahk: Come back Abby!

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Abby!

Zaktan, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Avak & Thok: Come back Abby!

Spongebob: What's wrong Abby

Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz & Scorpio: Wait for us!

Sonic: Abbs! (Looks around where Abby went) Abbs!

Klonoa: Sis!

Owen: Where'd you go?

Gwen: Abby !

Heather: Abby, where are you?

Geoff: Come out, come out, wherever you are dudette

Mung: Abby? Where could she be?

Schnitzel: Rada rada rada

Chip & Skip: Where is Abby? And who's Abby?

Skip: Abby berry, where are you? (trips on a log) Hey log, watch where you going? Abby? Abby berry?

Chip: Abby Pal? (trips on a Rock) Hey Rock, watch where your going? Abby Pal? Where are you?

Tabitha:(Came up to Sonic) Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait up!

Sonic: What?

Tabitha: Where are you all going?

Jack: We're finding Abby, but she's no where in sight

Patricia: We're still looking for her

Zaktan: But she's no where to be seen

Reidak: Looks like she got away

Mordecai: (groans) Where could she be?

Rigby: I don't know.

Spongebob: Maybe she's playing Hide n' Seek

Patrick: Yeah!

Sonic: I doubt that.

Tabitha: Hey. Why don't you go back to Shadow and fight him.

Sonic: Why?

Tabitha: So he can die again.

Oliver: Boss!

Lizzy: I don't want to lose my cousin again!

Larry: And Abby will be upset.

Odie: Yeah. Where ever she is.

Ed: (notices Abby's Footprints) Hey (points his finger to the Footprints like a dog)

Edd: It's Abby's Footprints

Eddy: Way to go, Ed !

Sonic:(Follows Abby's footprints)

Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers: (follows the Abby's Footprints as well)

Klonoa: Hey! Wait up! (Follows Abby's footprints)

(With Shadow)

(Shadow is in Klonoa and Abby's room)

Shadow:(Picks up Abby's diary, reads a couple of pages) "Dear Diary, I met a very nice hedgehog name Shadow. He is very sweet. He's also sweet to Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur, Cici, Darkstorm, Larry, Lilly, Odie, Carrie, Cream and Dana. He also has a cousin name Lizzy. Tabitha and Klonoa think that Shadow is a bad person, but I don't think he's bad. He's a good guy. And that's why I like him." Abby.......

Luna:(Standing beside the door) Why were you holding Ramona?

Shadow: You. How do you know about Ramona?

Luna: She's a very good goddess.

Shadow: Goddess?

Luna: Yeah. Ramona is a goddess of Heaven. She protects her people in a human form. In her human form, she wears those goofy glasses, a purple shirt, yellow jacket, jeans and crazy shoes.

Shadow: But why did she live in a farm with her father, her step-mother, her grandmother and her sister, Mimi?

Luna: Everything was a illusion. Except for Mimi.

Shadow: Everything was a fake? A lie?

Luna: Yep. Now you know the truth about Ramona.

Shadow: Mmm.....

Luna: Hey. Don't be sad, Shadow. Come on. Let's go find Abby.

Shadow: Okay.

Shadow and Luna:(Walk dowstair, then saw a llama)

Spencer:(Sees it too) Uh..... Who's llama is this? (Remembers) Oh yeah, it's mine.

Llama:(Bites Spencer's finger)

Spencer: Ow.... Bad llama!

Shadow and Luna:(Look at each other)

(Back with Sonic and the others)

Sonic:(Founds Abby) Abbs! (Goes up to her) Are you okay?

Abby:(Tears running down her face) Yeah.....

Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers: (goes up to Abby)

Jack: Is something wrong? Why did you stop the fight?

Abby: Um..... Well...... I don't want to see Shadow get hurt.

Sonic: Is it because you have a secret crush on him?


Scott: Well, problem solved. Let's go

Noah: Scott, no

Scott: Fine

Cameron: Wait, if your have a secret crush on Shadow, Abby...

Patricia: Then why didn't you tell us?

Klonoa: Because it was a secret. The only ones who knew that Abby loves Shadow are me, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Cici, Tabitha, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur, Lizzy, Larry, Lilly, Odie, Carrie, Dana, Marta, and even Rouge knows.

Jared: Not to sound like a stalker of sorts, but I knew this already, without anyone telling me or from evidence. I just knew it.

Vezok: I guess it's not a secret anymore, to me, Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers.

Sonic: The only ones who don't know the serect are Lou, the people of Hyrlue City, Erican, Brook, Nikki, John, Wendy, Mia, Harry, Cammie, Sammy, Rocky, Kark, Clark, Luna, Finn, Emily, STH Courtney and Sue.

Thok: Then let's keep a secret & never speak of this to anyone.

Avak: Ok then

Sonic:(Notices the tears running down Abby's face) It doesn't look like your okay.

Abby:(Sighs) Ever since Shadow keeps carrying that core, he always keeps thinking about Maria and Ramona instead of me....

Owen: Aww it's ok, Abby. Come on, let's hug it out (hugs Abby) There's nothing to cry about

Klonoa: If you still have feelings for Shadow, then why are you dating Mason?

Abby: It's the only way to make him jealous. I pretanded to love Mason just to make Shadow mad. I only like Mason as a friend. But I don't want to hurt his feelings.

Duncan: Sounds like someone who wants me more than Gwen

TDI Courtney: Grrr!

Harold: Uh Owen, you can let go of Abby now.

Owen: Sorry (lets go of Abby)

Abby: Phew. Thanks.

Owen: Your welcome.

Jack: So, what should we do about the battle of Sonic & Shadow?

Sonic: I guess I have to cancel it

Tabitha's Voice: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(Tabitha came up to Sonic)

Tabitha: Cancel it?! You've got to be kidding me! I want you to be hurt!

Sonic: Sorry Tabitha, but I don't want my little sis and my friends to be worried about me and Shadow.

Tabitha: Grr....

Patricia: That's right, Tabitha

Spongebob: At least everyone's happy

Patrick: Yeah

Metal Patricia: Come on, let's bring out the news to Shadow saying that we have to cancel

Ed, Edd & Eddy: Right

Thunder: Ok then

(Sonic and the others go back to Shadow)

Sonic: Shadow, I want to cancel the battle.

Shadow: Me too.

Sonic: How come?

Luna: He wanted to know about Ramona's past, but I told him everything.

Tabitha: Great. We have two immortals that became friends and- (Sees a Llama) Is that a llama?

Spencer: It belongs to me.

Ed: Can I pet the Llama?

Jared: Is that even relevent to ANYTHING?

Spencer:(Shrugs) Mm.

Jared: Why is there a Llama here anyway?

Edd: Not sure

Rotor: Maybe we can keep it as a pet

Tabitha: Oliver. Take the llama back to, where ever Spencer got.

Oliver: Okay, Boss. (Takes the llama)

Jared: Well that solved... absolutely nothing. (vanishes)

Luna:(Whispers to herself) Still an idiot......

Shadow: I'll leave you guys alone. (Looks at Abby) I'm sorry I made you upset. (Gets ready to leave)

Sonic: See ya faker!

Luna: Say hi to Wen to us!

Shadow:(Looks back at the others, then Chaos Control away)

Jack: Bye Shadow, my Father-in-Law.

Patricia: Goodbye Shadow

Metal Patricia: I bet there's no hard feelings for you

Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, TDI Courtney, Saide, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor the Fox, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Mung Daal, Schnitzel, Chip, Skip, Timon, Pumbaa, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk, Hank, Sanford, Mecha Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anna Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn & Staci: Bye Shadow

B: (does a peace sign)

(Once Shadow is away from Hyrlue City, he pulled out Ramona's core)

Shadow:(Thoughts) Why didn't you tell me all this time Ramona..........


The Night Master: Shadow, join us and I will tell you all about Ramona.

Shadow: .................. (Joins the Night Master)

(Flashback ended)

Shadow:(A single tear escaped from his eye, thoughts) The Night Master lied to me. Good ridence for him. But there is still more I need to know about Ramona. (Looks at Hyrlue City, thinks of Abby) Goodbye forever, Shadow the Hedgehog. (Turns around, puts Ramona's core away and walks away)

Mr. E: (watches Shadow from on a cliff) Night Master, your devil gene reign is over when I'm around

(The end of episode 7)

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