(Guest Stars: Steve Little as Duke of Nuts, Maria Bamford as Duchess of Nuts and Vincenzo Rauso as Marquis of Nuts)


(Jobeaux has come to Hyrule City to visit Lou, his old friend, Lou is showing Jobeaux the castle)

Lou: And here is the royal throne. Which you already know in Redneckistan.

Jobeaux: Sweet Doggy! You and Sonic are very rich in this castle!

Lou: Hee hee.... Thanks.

(Sonic, Luna, Tabitha, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur and Cici appeared)

Sonic: Jobeaux! Hey buddy!

Oliver: What are you doing here?

Lou: Prince Jobeaux is coming to Hyrule City for a visit.

Jobeaux: Eyep. I haven't gone any visits since my uncle got married with my two sisters.

Sonic Tabitha Oliver Charles Lewbert Spencer Jur Luna and Cici: ...........................

Jobeaux: He's a minister and they married two guys, one apiece. (Pulls out a picture of his two sisters getting married with guys)

Luna: Oooooohhhhhh..........

King Erican's Voice: And stay out!

(A man who's head is shaped like a nut ran out of the castle)

Sonic: Uh, who was that and why is his head shape like a nut?

Tabitha: Two words. Who and Cares.

Oliver: Where is he from?

Jur: Don't know.

Jobeaux: By the way, I have a blow gun. Wanna see?

Lou: Sure Prince Jobeaux.

(Sonic and the others follow Jobeaux outside to the training field)

Jobeaux:(Blows a dart from the blow gun at the aim target, but it missed and it hit Charles' arm)


Jobeaux: Ooopsss. Sorry Charlie.

Oliver: You okay, Charles?

Charles: I think so.....

King Erican:(Appeared) What happened?

Sonic: Erican, Charles was shot in the arm by a dart.

King Erican: Let me guess, the Duke of Nuts did it.

Tabitha: Who's the Duke of Nuts?

King Erican: You saw that guy ran out the door, right?

Sonic: Yeah.

King Erican: That was him. Did he shot Charles or not?

Lou: Um... Actually-

Sonic: Yes. Yes he did.

King Erican: Hmm...... Well, I want you to go see the Duke of Nuts and tell him to stop doing this mess.

Sonic: Okay.

King Erican: Good. (Goes back inside the castle)

Tabitha: What kind of blow gun is it?

Jobeaux:(Looks at his blow gun) Monkey Medichane.

Lewbert: Ooohhh..... This is bad.

Sonic: Wanna call Jack and the others so Cody will examine it.

Lou: Yes...

(7 hours later, Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia and the Crossovers came over as quickly as possible)

Jack: Hey guys, we came here as fast as we can

Beth: Sorry for the 7 Hour Delay, we had to rewire Owen's Jaw after his Frantic Eating Habbits gone wild after his statsh of Chocolate Pudding dissapeared.

Spongebob: And he's gone nuts for the Pudding

Owen: (his jaw was rewired) (lost his sanity) Pudding?

Zaktan: Owen, no! (slaps Owen, causing him to get his sanity back)

Owen: Aww!

Patricia: So what's the problem, guys?

Sonic: Our friend Jobeaux from Redneckistan shot his blow gun, which is called Monkey Medichane, right in Charles' arm and I lied to Erican that it was somebody called The Duke of Nuts.]


Lou: Jobeaux has. And I used to live in Redneckinstan.

Tabitha: And it is real, Jaridiot.

Jared: (checking a map) I guess you are correct. Redneckinstan, one of the smallest states in the world, only being 50 square miles of land surrounded by hundreds of miles of ocean. I guess I know what I should take over next. (vanishes, while chuckling)

Lou: Redneckinstan is a city. Not a state.

Owen: (lost his sanity) Nuts?! Where, Where, Where, Where?

Reidak: (slaps Owen, causing him to bring back his sanity) No Owen

Owen: Aww, again?

Patricia: Why would you lie to the King?

Pumbaa: Can't you just tell the truth about the inncident?

Sonic: I.... I don't know. Erican thinks it was really that Duke of Nuts guy.

Tabitha: Why is he called the Duke of Nuts, anyway?

Cici: There people who live in Nut City full of Nut People.

Sonic: Anyway, Cody, can you examine this Monkey Medichane blow gun, thing?

Cody: Sure, excuse me for a second (examines the Monkey Medichane) It says that the Monkey Medichane turns you into full-grown Monkey. But don't worry, the effects wears off in about....10-14 Days.

Eddy: 10-14 Days?!

Metal Patricia: How's about we split up to find the Duke, we can cover more ground that way

Noah: Or simply just tell the truth about the Monkey Medichane

Jobeaux: So Charlie might turn into a monkey.

Tabitha: And how long will that be?

Charles: Uagh. (Scratches all over) I think I'm starting to have an allergic reaction. I'm itchy all over and I don't know why. Are there any bananas here? I NEED A BANANA!!!!!!!!

Spencer:(Pulls out a banana) Here Charles. Will that stop your itching?

Charles: Nah. I'm just craving for a banana. (Eats the banana, acts like a monkey) Oh ah ah ah! Oh oh oh oh!

LeShawna: Uh oh, I think Charles has gone monkey!

Tyler: Whao dude, now that Charles is a monkey, I can have him as my very own Monkey Buddy!

Corroder: Seriously? A Monkey Buddy?

Tyler: What?

Duncan: First, Owen's Eatting Habbits have gone wild, then King Erican thinks the Duke of Nuts did this to Charles, but it's only Jobeaux done this, now Charles is turning into a Monkey.

Squidward: What else can go wrong?

Sonic: All right. All right. Jobeaux, Cici. Stay here with Charles before something else happens, while some of us go see the Duke of Nuts.

Cici: Okay.

Jack: What about me, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers. What do we do?

Sonic: When I say some, I mean some of you come with us to see the Duke of Nuts and some of you stay with Cici and Jobeaux.

Jack: Well who's going to go with Sonic & who's gonna stay with Charles?

Patricia: I'm not sure

Owen: (losing his sanity) Nuts?

Jur: Owen! (Slaps Owen, causing him to bring back his sanity) Snap out of it!

Owen: (got his sanity back)

Harold: It's better that you must let him stay away & not talk about food & not in front of Owen. Trust me, he'll go on a crazy junkfood spree. Remember last time when Owen goes crazy for food?


Owen: (going on a Crazy Junkfood Spree, eating all the food in the house & all of Hyrule City, while laughing crazily & wildly)

(We see Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers chasing after Owen)

(End of Flashback)

Sonic: Well, it's for the best if Owen stays here with Cici and Jobeaux so they can watch him and Charles.

Jack: Good idea, how's about that Patricia, Metal Patricia & I go with you & the Crossovers can stay here & keep an eye on Owen & Charles. How's that sound?

Sonic: That's good.

(Sonic, Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Lou, Tabitha, Luna, Oliver, Lewbert, Spencer and Jur went off to go see the Duke of Nuts)

Cici: Good luck.

Spongebob: And don't worry, we'll keep an eye on Owen & Charles for you

Patrick: Who's Charles?



(We see Mecha Deimos, Cameron the Giraffe, Lightning the Crocodile, Zoey the Fox, Scott the Weasel, Jo the Echidna, Mike the Hedgehog, Dakota the Hedgehog, Anna Maria the Bat, Brick the Echidna, Sam the Albatross, Dawn the Mongoose, B the Tasmanian Devil & Staci the Panda are waking up in the jungle)

Mecha Deimos: Oh man, what hit us & why am I talking in a robotic voice

Cameron: Uh, why did I have a Long Neck?

Lightning: Not sure, but I look like a Strong Crocodile and....I feel handsome & stronger, SHA-BAM!

Zoey: (sighs) What's going on here?

Scott: I don't know, but I look Ridicious with that big buck-tooth

Jo: Don't be such a wimp

Scott: Your the wimp!

Jo: Why you little...!

Mike: Ok, that's enough. We need to survive in this place

Dakota: (sighs) I don't even know where we are

Anna Maira: I feel ya pain girl. Now where did I put my Hair Spray?

Brick: We must prepare for a Survival so big, it'll be very dangerous itself

Sam: Whao, how did I become a Big Bird?

Mecha Deimos: It's called an Albatross

Sam: Oh

Dawn: (meditating) I sence that we're on different planet called "Mobius"

Staci: Oh it reminds me of my great-great-great...

All (Except B): And we don't care

Mecha Deimos: Can't you just forget about it & help us with our survival problem already?!

Staci: Wow, I haven't thought about that

B: (points to a direction)

Cameron: Good idea B, let's go

(Mecha Deimos, Cameron the Giraffe, Lightning the Crocodile, Zoey the Fox, Scott the Weasel, Jo the Echidna, Mike the Hedgehog, Dakota the Hedgehog, Anna Maria the Bat, Brick the Echidna, Sam the Albatross, Dawn the Mongoose, B the Tasmanian Devil & Staci the Panda goes to find someone)

Scott: Where can we find someone on this planet?

Zoey: I'm not sure

Lightning: (notices Nut City) Uh guys, you may wanna take a look at this

Jo: What is it now?

(They all noticed Nut City)

Mike: Where are we? (gasps as he undergoes a change in personality into an old man named Chester) D'aw darn it. We're in the land of Nuts. How do they even call a town like that?

Anna Maria: Not sure Mike

Mike: Mike? Name's Chester, missy.

Zoey: Not again. Mike, are you ok?

Mike: (gasps as he goes back into his original Personality) Huh? Thanks Zoey. I had Multiple Personality Disorder. I try to control them, but they never listen to me.

Brick: Wow, that's sad.

Sam: I didn't know that

Dawn: I sence that they'll be others that could lose their sanity

Staci: What should we do?

B: (points to the City)

Mecha Deimos: Are you sure about this?

B: (nodds yes)

Mecha Deimos: Ok then, let's do this

(With Sonic, Jack, Patricia & the others

(Sonic, Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Lou, Luna, Tabitha, Oliver, Lewbert, Spencer and Jur found the Duke of Nuts home, Sonic opens the door, every looks around, Sonic and Lou sees a chair turned)

Sonic: Uh... Excuse me. We're here to see the Duke of-

(The chair is turned, but not the head)

Sonic: Uuuuhhhhh...... Duke of-

(The head turned. It was a woman whose head is shape like a nut)

Sonic: Whoa!

Lou: Gah!

Jack: AW GEEZ!

???: Hello, Sonic. Are you here to see the Duke of Nuts?

Sonic: Uuuuhhh..... Yes.... How did you know that?

???:(Picks up a bowl of nuts) The nuts told me. Fore, I am the Duchess of Nuts.

Tabitha: That would explaine there are a bunch of nuts in this bowl.

Patricia: And I though Owen was nuts

Spencer:(Was about to pick up the nuts)

Tabitha:(Slaps Spencer's hand) Don't touch them! They're probably her eggs!

Duchess of Nuts: I know my husband's crime against your squirrel friend. A crime that you persallie withness! And why would you lie, huh?

Sonic: I-I-I-I don't know.

Duchess of Nuts: Oooh. But he was once such a wonderful man. He pet dogs, kissed babies, we lay together. He even touch the people of Nut City how to dance. But somehow he's got runance! He's nuts say he must be exicuded. Would you like to what MY NUTS HAVE TO SAY?!?!?!?!?!?!

Sonic: I-I-I gotta go!

Patricia: Yeah, me too.

Jack: Yeah, good to see you (runs off)

Duchess of Nuts: LISTEN! LISTEN!

Sonic:(Grabs Jack, Patricia, Metal Patrica, Lou, Luna, Tabitha, Oliver, Lewbert, Spencer and Jur, goes to the door, closes the door) Man, that was creepy!

Tabitha: Are you kidding me?! She is nuts...

Metal Patricia: Her craziness does not compute

Jack: Cous, wouldn't be easy if you just tell the truth to the king? He'll find out the problem himself if you do. (eating a bowl of nuts) Mmmm Nutty Tasting.

Tabitha: Jack, where did you get a bowl of nuts?

Jack: What? They're great, try some.

Tabitha: Are you kidding me?! (Takes the bowl of nuts) Why would you do something stupid?! (Throws the bowl of nuts away)

Jack: Well I am like Owen, am I? As I was saying Cous, can't you just tell the truth about the incident

Sonic: I'm sorry........

Mecha Deimos, Cameron the Giraffe, Lightning the Crocodile, Zoey the Fox, Scott the Weasel, Jo the Echidna, Mike the Hedgehog, Dakota the Hedgehog, Anna Maria the Bat, Brick the Echidna, Sam the Albatross, Dawn the Mongoose, B the Tasmanian Devil & Staci the Panda: (appears)

Mecha Deimos: Tell the truth about what?

Jack: (notices them) AW GEEZ! Who are you guys?

Mecha Deimos: My name is Deimos, but now my name is Mecha Deimos because I've been roboticized.

Cameron: I'm Cameron & this is Lighting, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anna Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci

Sonic: I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!

Lou: My name is Lou, Sonic's twin sister, and this is Tabitha, Luna, Oliver, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur, Jack, Patricia and Metal Patricia.

Mecha Deimos: I'm partners with Hank J. Wimbleton & Sanford back in Nevada & I'm here to find Hank & Sanford

Zoey: And Cameron, Lighting, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anna Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B, Staci & I are the 2nd Generation of Total Drama

Lightning: Yeah we are, SHA-BAM!

Tabitha: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Sha-what?

Spencer: Duh! Sha-bam. I gotta use that sometimes.

Tabitha: Uh, no you won't.

Luna: More crossovers. Great.......

Oliver: Now how are we going to find the Duke of Nuts?

Sonic: I guess we'll need them for a while. With my speed, I can find the Duke in no time!

Jack: And I also have Super Speed, Cous. After all, we are part of our family tree

Mike: Super Speed?

Patricia: It's a long story

Scott: Never mind that, I'll find the Duke myself. (founds a Nut Figure) And there he is now ! (chases after him) Come to papa!

Patricia: Scott wait !

(But it's too late, Scott tackles the Nut Figure)

Scott: Gotcha, Duke of Nuts !

Sam: Uh Scott? I don't think that's the Duke of Nuts.

Scott: What are you talking about?

Jack: Sam's right, that's not the duke of nuts

Scott: Ha ha ha, very funny. I'm the one that caught the Duke (holds up the Nut Figure by his left leg)

Tabitha: They're right, you idiot. That's not him.

Scott: What?

(The nut figure is a kid, who is called the Marquis of Nuts)

Scott: What the heck?!

Marquis of Nuts: No one will harm the Duke of Nuts! I will kill who threaten hims!

Scott: Oooh, wait til I get my hands on you!

???: NO!

(The Duke of Nuts appeared)

Duke of Nuts: Please, don't hurt them! They're probably nice.

Tabitha: That's the Duke of Nuts.

Scott: (drops the Marquis of Nuts & charges at the Duke of Nuts, tackling him to the ground)

Metal Patricia: He never learns does he?

Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anna Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn & Staci: You have no idea

B: (silent)

Scott: (grabs the Duke of Nuts by the collar of his shirt & starts slamming him to the ground repeatedly) I GOT...YOU NOW...DUKE OF NUTS!!!

Jur:(Grabs Scott) Hold your horses!

B: (shrugs & then pulls Scott away fron the Duke of Nuts)

Scott: B, What are you doing? Well I found the Duke, did I Jur? So buzz off !

B: (rolls his eyes)

Patricia: Wow, is Scott really that mean?

Zoey: You have no idea. Scott's about as mad, angry & mean as Heather

Jack: Speaking of Heather, I wonder what the Crossovers are doing with Owen & Charles?

(With the Crossovers)

(The Crossovers are watching Owen & Charles)

Izzy: Ugh! It's been Decades!

Edd: But it's only been 30 Minutes

Zaktan: And I hope the others are ok

Tyler: I really like my Monkey Buddy, Charles. I'm a Monkey, he's a monkey. It's gonna be so much fun.

Cici: Jobeaux, is there a antidote to cure Charles?

Joeabux: There is one and it's called the Monkey Antidote. It will work on anybody who is monkey. I'm going to make the antidote in about 10 hours.

Cici: 10 hours?!

Joeabux: Eeyup.

Cici: Ugh pellets! (Kicks the chair)

Monkey Charles:(Acts all crazy, goes up to Cici's head and bangs on it)

Cici: GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Jobeaux: You're anger.

Cici: Put me in a pot and make Hedgehog Stew! (Covers her mouth of what she said, muffed) Oh no.....

Tyler: Come on guys, Charles is wearing pants, everyone knows Monkeys can't wear...(got splated in the face by Charles' Pants & he pulls it out of his face in shock) PANTS !!!!!

Trent: Whao!

Geoff: Dude!

Reidak: Not good

Owen: (unwires his jaw & loses his Insanity) HEDGEHOG STEW!! WHOOLOOOLOOOLOOLOOOOLOOO!!!


(Everyone runs for their lives from Owen's Insane Eatting Habbits & Monkey Charles)

Spongebob: Quick into the bushes!

Mordecai: Everybody Hide !

Rigby: Ok !

(Everyone hides in the bushes)

Boggy B: Emergency Meeting! We got Owen that has insane eatting habbits & Charles got hit by Monkey Medicine, transforming him into a Full Blown Ape.

Timon: What are we gonna do?

Pumbaa: I don't know

Eddy: So let's brainstorm

Vezok: Anyone got any ideas?

Ed: (raises his hand)

Waspix: Yes Ed?

Justin: Do you have a suggestion that you want to share with the rest of us?

Ed: Uh...Run away & join the circus?

Cici: NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Owen: (hears Cici's Yell & turns to the bush) Heeeere's OWEN!

Xplode: Owen found us!

Duncan: You just have to yell it out loud, don't you Cici ?

Cici: Sorry!

Owen: (laughing insanly & chases after them,.thinking that they are Food) Movie Snacks!

Cici: EEEK!!!!! (Throws a rock at Owen)

Owen: (regains his sanity) Huh? What happen?

Mung: You've gone crazy every time anyone mentions anything that is food.

Owen: I guess it's all of because of the Chocolate Pudding someone had eaten. I mean, look (shows everyone the Empty Chocolate Pudding Cups) They're all empty

Monkey Charles:(Appeared, didn't do any crazy stuff, calm as a mouse)

Cici:(Pats Charles' head) Please make the antidote, Jobeaux.

Jobeaux: Sweet Doggy! I haven't made any antidote since my uncle married my two sisters!

Squidward: Fair enough. Well one of us shall inject the Antidote into Charles. But who's going to do it?

Lindsay: I'll do it ! I'll inject the Antidote into Charles.

Cici: But Jobeaux has to make the antidote for 10 hours! Are you sure you can do it, Lindsay?

Lindsay: Don't worry, I can do this, easy lemon squeezy

Heather: Do you think it's a good idea to let Lindsay inject the Antidote into Charles?

Jobeaux: Well, we'll just find out when I'm finish with the antidote.

Cici: Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ Hee hee..... I..... gotta...... take a leak. (Runs up to her room, pulls out her cell phone, calls Sonic)

Sonic:(Answers it) Hello?

Cici: Sonic! Where are you?! Have you found the Duke of Nuts?

Sonic: Yep. And we made new friends.

Cici: Great..........

Jack: (on the phone) And their names are Mecha Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anna Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci

Cici: That's very unusual.

Tabitha:(On the phone) How's Charles?

Cici: Fine.

Patricia: (on the phone) And guess what, our new friends are Crossovers as well.

Cici: Of course......

King Erican's Voice: Cici, who are you talking to?

Cici: Uh.... Nobody, Uncle Erican!

Jack (on the phone) Uh, Cousin Cici? Who are you talking too?

Cici: o_o No one.

King Erican's Voice: I'm coming in.

Cici: Okay! Gotta go! Bye! (Hangs up the phone)

King Erican:(Comes in)

Cici: Hi Uncle Erican.

King Erican: Was that you're friend?

Cici: Yes....

King Erican: Has Sonic and his friends went to see the Duke of Nuts?

Cici: Yes....

King Erican: Good. (Leaves)

Cici: (Sighs, wents downstairs, gets in shock) What the heck?!

(We see the house was a complete mess & the crossovers got attacked)

Mordecai: Uh Cici, we have a slight problem here

RIgby: And we need your help

Spongebob, Patrick, Ed, Edd & Eddy: CHARLES HAS GONE MAD!

Zaktan: Cici, Charles has gone so mad that he attacked us & now we have to go get him

Corroder: Yeah. By the way, is the Antidote ready?

Thunder: Cause we can't get wait any longer.

Cici: O_O (Eye twitches) Da, ua, ga, ba, la, dua (Faints)

Drilldozer: Cici?

Jetbug: Is she ok?

Nitroblast: Yeah, she's ok. Just fainted

Raw Jaw: Oh ok then

Turahk: I sure hope Lindsay can inject the Antidote into Charles, I mean she has a brain that is a size of a peanut

Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk: Figures

Beth: But fair enough.

Spongebob: Anyways, someone has to carry Cici & go find that Monkey

Reidak: I'll do it (carries Cici, bridal style)

Spongebob: Now then, let's go gang, cause we're going on a Monkey Hunt. No offence Tyler

Tyler: Non taken.

(Back with Sonic and the others)

Lou:(Puts an ice pack on the Duke of Nuts)

Duke of Nuts: Thank you.

Lou: You're welcome. And sorry about Scott. He has the same anger issue as Tabitha.

Tabitha: Hey! That's not true!

Lou: See!

Jack: Well Scott did told me that he's the Main Antagonist of Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island.

Scott: I have no comment, litterally.

Mecha Deimos: Seriously

Patricia: Anyways, Sonic can I have talk to you in private?

Sonic: Sure........

(Patricia & Sonic goes behind the bush)

Patricia: Sonic, why didn't you tell the truth about the Monkey Medicine Incident?

Sonic: I don't know....... I was kinda......... scared............ or maybe Erican doesn't know that Jobeaux uses the Monkey Medichane........

Patricia: (sighs) Don't worry, you can tell me. (gets close to Sonic) Please tell me what's wrong & why haven't you told the truth?

Sonic: All right. If Erican found out that it was Jobeaux, then he'll never trust me again, and then I'll transform back to Dark Ratatosk Sonic.....

Jared: (appears behind Sonic) I've been hearing your entire conversation, and I think I can give you a bit of "helpful advice."

Patricia: See Sonic, didn't that feel good to just let it out on me? I understand it clearly.

Jared: My advice is to not worry about what people think about you. If Erican were to no longer trust you, that gives you no reason to go all "Satan mode" on everyone. That's called "overreacting" and is also the reason why I laugh at all of the stupid humans.

Sonic: ...............................

Duke of Nuts: Do you have any pudding?

Lou: Yeah. (Pulls a pudding cup and a spoon out of her backpack, and gives both to the Duke of Nuts)

Duke of Nuts: (Eats the cup of pudding without the spoon)

Spencer: Wow. The guy's been hungry.

Jack: Wait a minute, did you say "Pudding?"

Jared: Well, I know what might happen next, so I'm leaving. (vanishes by bursting into flames)

Lou: Yes.

Duke of Nuts: I'm sorry. I....... I have a pudding confection!

Patricia: We heard that Owen's Stash of Chocolate Pudding has been dissapeared & that's why Owen's frantic eating habits had gone wild

Lou: The castle has cooks.

Sam: Mmm, Yummy!

Mike: Wow, Sam sure is hungry.

Oliver: How come you have pudding confection?

Duke of Nuts: I don't know. I started having them when I was a baby and every year I always eat pudding. That's why I go to Erican's castle and stole his puddings, but I didn't turn friend into a monkey.

Jack: (to Duke of Nuts) And are you the one that ate Owen's chocolate pudding, thus making him go insane?

Duke of Nuts: (Nods)

Jack: So it was you all along. Now thanks to you, Owen's gone insane for food, but I know it's not your fault.

Cameron: Oh ok then, so what should we do now?

Sonic: Why can't you tell Erican that you're sorry?

Duke of Nuts: Because he'll banish me forever.

Patricia: It's ok, Duke of Nuts. I think it's better that you should tell the truth. And Jared is right about one thing, you might be overreacting. It's better that you calm down & tell the truth. (to Sonic) Remember?


(Cell phone rings)

Sonic:(Answers it) Hello?

Jobeaux:(On phone) CHARLIE IS ON THE LOOSE!!!!!!

Sonic: What?! Jobeaux?! What about Charles?!

Jobeaux:(On phone) He went out of control and escape! We need to find him! I finished the antidote!

Spongebob: (On Phone) And don't worry, we'll catch him in no time

Lightning: Don't worry, Mecha Deimos, the Contestants of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island & I will help you catch that Monkey Together. We'll be right there

Zoey: We need to get there fast

Scott & Jo: Fine

Mike: Right, let's go ! (gasps as he undergoes a change in personality into Svetlana) Let's go for I am Svetlana! The Olympic queen of gymnastics! Hi hoe Crossovers, AWAY !

Tabitha:(Confused) Svetlana?

(The Other Crossovers goes off to find the Main Crossovers with Mike doing Gymnastics as his 2nd Alternate Personality: Svetlana)

Jack: Mike told me that he has Mutiple Personality Disorder.

Oliver: So it's like he has like different alter egos?

Jack: When Mike takes off his Shirt or is alone with Anna Maria, he becomes Vito. When Mike puts on a Federo Hat or someone else puts it on for him, he becomes Manitoba Smith. When Mike gets injured or complains about something, he becomes Chester. When Mike is determined to get something done or when someone mentions the Olympics, he becomes Svetlana.

Tabitha: Sonic has a Mutiple Personality Disorder. When Sonic gets mad, he turns into Dark Sonic or Dark Ratatosk Sonic.

Jack: Don't worry, if he does, we're gonna have to fight fire with fire, meaning fight MPD with MPD, that's short for Multiple Personality Disorder.

Tabitha: T_T

Jack: What?

(Everybody is looking for Charles)

Oliver: Charles! Where are you?!

(With the Crossovers)

(The Crossovers & the Other Crossovers met each other & they start looking for Charles)

Tyler: Shh, we're close by

Eva: But we've been wandering around for hours!

Squidward: And there's no sign of Charles anywhere

Zaktan: Yeah, where could he be?

Tyler: Oh, we're looking for Charles. Why didn't you just say so

Ed: You do?

Eddy: (groans) Do you know where he is?

Edd: No

Tyler: But I do know where to find him & where could he be next

Lightning: Well I do hope your right. Sha-Bam!

Mecha Deimos: Anyways it's good to be back with my pals Hank & Sanford

Hank: Yes yes it is

Sanford: It's good to have Deimos

(Sonic is looking for Charles, then he sees King Erican)

Sonic: Erican! (Goes up to him) What are you doing here?

King Erican: I heard you guys are looking for Charles because he turned into a monkey. Is that correct?

Sonic: Yeah.... And uh...... it wasn't the Duke of Nuts who shot Charles in the arm, it was Jobeaux.

King Erican: What?

Sonic: I didn't tell you, because you'll never trust me again and I'll turn dark again....

King Erican: .............

Sonic: And here's another true and it's from the Duke of Nuts. He stole your pudding because he has a pudding confection and he is really sorry. The duke didn't tell you because you'll banish him.

King Erican: ................ I see. I forgive the Duke of Nuts now. And thank you for telling me the truth.

Sonic:(Smiles, trying his best to hold his tears so King Erican won't notice)

(The only ones who know about Sonic's tears are Lou, Klonoa, Abby, Shadow, Cammie, Jack, Patricia, Patty, Jake, Jesse, Jared, Darkstorm, Darkstorm's daughter, Tabitha and Luna)

Patricia: (goes up to Sonic) You see Sonic, that wasn't so hard was it?

Sonic: Yeah..... It wasn't.......

Tabitha: Uh.... hello? Charles?

Patricia: (hugs Sonic, comforting him) There, there. No need to be sad, you've told the truth & now you feel a whole lot better

Owen: Where could he be?

Duncan: I have no idea

Harold: Anyways, let's check somewhere else

Reidak: Like?

Harold: The Males Bathroom

Izzy: Ok then

Katie: But the boys room gives me the willies.

Sadie: Oh my gosh, me too.

Courtney: Harold how can we ever find....?

Harold: Shh, it's only a matter of time, Gosh!

Cameron: I do hope your right

Patrick: Wait, who's right?

Lou: But the men's bathroom are for boys only.

Luna: So Oliver, Lewbert and Spencer have to go in there.

Spongebob: I'm sorry, but we have no other choice.

Hank: We have to go in there & find out if Charles is here either we like it or not !

Chris: Um, who's gonna do it?

Chef: Don't you remember that Lindsay volenteered herself to shoot the antidote on Charles?

Sanford: I do remember, let's get going either we like it or not !

(Everyone goes inside the Boys Bathroom & hides behind the one of the Toilet Doors)

Sam: (gulps)

Spongebob: Someone's coming, quick hide !

(Everybody hides, Charles, still monkey form, comes in)

Tabitha:(Whispers) Charles!

Sonic:(Whispers to Jobeaux) Shoot the antidote!

Jobeaux:(Puts the antidote in the blow gun, blows the antidote at Charles' arm)

Charles: Oooohhhhh...... (Passes out)

Scott: Hold on, where'd you get that blow gun? I thought Lindsay had it in her hands

Jobeaux: I just made it on my own. I told ya I would make it in 10 hours.

Lindsay: I'm ready to fire (puts the antidote in her blow gun & was about to blow onto it)

Gwen: Lindsay, No

Owen: Don't do it, Lindsay!

Sonic: Lindsay! (Tackles her)

Lindsay: Oof! (notices Sonic & blushes a bit) Hi there Sunny.

Sonic: Gah! (Gets off of her)

Tabitha: Jobeaux already shoot the antidote on Charles, Lindsay!

Lindsay: Ohhh. I get it now. Thanks Tabitha

Beth: Lindsay just got mixed up saying our names out loud.

Ezekiel: (sighs) Sometimes I get mixed up on what I'm suppose to do eh?

Scott: (sighs) I'm glad all that's over. Now if you excuse me. I'd betta be heading back to this so called "Crossover Mansion" that the others we're talking about without a bunch of crazy nut people try to attack me for attacking the Duke of Nuts

Owen: Did someone say nuts?

Jack: Uh, Duke of Nuts? (whispers) I think you betta say sorry to Owen as well for eating his Chocolate Pudding Stash.

Duke of Nuts: Um.... Mister Owen. I am very sorry that I ate your Chocolate Pudding Stash. I have a pudding confection.

Owen: Aw that's ok. (holds up a bag filled with cups filled with Chocolate Pudding) Cause I got a spare stash right here.

Jack: (looks shock) Sp...spare stash? You mean... All along there's a spare stash all along?

Owen: I forgot about the spare stash, I always have a spare stash for emergencies.


Sonic: Where's Cici?

Patricia: Oh yeah we forgot. She passed out when Charles escapes as a monkey so Reidak is keeping an eye on her for us

Mordecai: She's in great care

Rigby: Check it

Reidak: (comforting Cici) Here she is. I've managed to keep her safe & taken good care of her.

Cici:(Wakes up) What just happened?

Tabitha: You fainted again. Like always...

Charles:(Turns back to his squirrel self, wakes up) Ugh.... My head......

Zaktan: Cici? Your still being comforted by Reidak

Cici: Yikes! (Fells off of Reidak's arms)

Lewbert:(Takes off his jacket, gives it to Tabitha)

Tabitha:(Gives the jacket to Charles) You might want to wear this, Charles.

Charles: Did I take my clothes off?

Tabitha: Guess again.

Charles: You mean I was wearing my underwear this whole time.

Tabitha: Guess again.

Charles:(Looks down, see that he's naked) WAH! (Puts on the jacket)

Reidak: Sorry Cici, but you look beautiful.

Cici: T_T

Charles: Can we please go home so I can put on some clothes?

Jack: Ok then, let's go

B: (nodds yes)

(They all went back to the castle and Charles put on some clothes)

Charles: Please don't use the Monkey Medichane on me, again, Jobeaux.

Jobeaux: Sorry Charlie.

Mike: Don't worry, it's only an accident

Hakann: Yeah & accidents happen

Patricia: That's right (winks at Sonic)

Jared: (rises from the ground) ... wow, there must be some loose legal legislations here, because 1: Jobeaux has yet to be punished and 2: nobody minded that I burned down an old house full of hundreds of hostages and gang members without permission and replaced it with another Equinox Industries building, thus giving me diplomatic immunity in this area.

Jack: Thanks for the Tip on not to overeact, it was your tip that helped us. Thank you.

Jared: Your welcome. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more houses to burn to make more space for my new building.

Luna:(Pokes Jared in the eye) Stop being a villian, Jared.

Jared: (eye falls out of head, then grabs and puts it back in) I'm not being a villain, I'm just clearing out all the old houses and replacing them with a new building.

Luna:(Creeps out)

Lightning: Let's just go home guys, Sha-Bam!

Scott: Fine, at least it can't get any worse for me

Tabitha: I heard you're afraid of sharks.

Scott: Yeah, Fang is the Mutant Shark's Name. Why would you tell that to me?

Tabitha: I know my research.

Scott: Alright then

Spongebob: Let's go home everyone

(Everyone heads back home)

(Jack, Patricia & the Crossovers [Now with Mecha Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anna Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B & Staci] go back to the Crossover Mansion)

(At the Crossover Mansion in night time)

(While the Crossovers are asleep, Scott was getting ready for bed)

Scott: (groans) Looks like I'll be sleeping inside the mansion. And what a rough day we had. I can't believe I mistook that Marquis of Nuts for the Duke of Nuts. Oh well, at least I can a good night sleep, I don't have to worry about those Nut People & especially that mutant shark, Fang. All's well that ends well.

(Tabitha sneakily went into the Crossover Mansion, and brought Fang along)

Tabitha:(Whispers to Fang) Alright Fang, if you attack Scott last, I'll give you 5 bucks. Deal?

Fang: (Shakes Tabitha's hand, goes to see Scott)

Jared: (appears behind Fang before he goes to see Scott) I'll give you 10,000 dollars if you attack Jack. (pulls out a suitcase full of money)

Fang: (Shakes his head no to Jared)

Jared: Oh well, then. (vanishes)

Fang:(Kicks Scott)

Scott: Ow! (wakes up) Who did,,,? (spots Fang) That? Oh no! Not you again !

(We see that Fang is attacking Scott, causing the Crossovers to wake up)

Jack: What was that?

Patricia: Is that a Shark?

Metal Patricia: Do you think we should help Scott after what he did a terrible thing to the Duke of Nuts?


Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers (Except Scott & B): Nah! (goes back to sleep)

B: (nodds no & then goes back to sleep)

(They went back to sleep ingoring Scott's Screaming in pain & yelping for help)

Tabitha: Sweet dreams, Scott. (Goes back home while laughing)

(The end of episode 6)

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