(In Hyrue City)

Shop Owner: Get out of here!

(A purple hedgehog with red hair gets out of the shop)

Yellow Hedgehog with Black Hair:(Came in) Sue! Have you found any food yet?

Sue: No, Courtney. I haven't.

STH Courtney: Oh. We need a place to stay.

Sue: Where?

STH Courtney: I don't know. Ever since our parents died, we don't have any money or food.

Sue: I wish we've have a home.

STH Courtney: Me too. But where?

F.L. Smeffman:(On TV) I'm F.L Smeffman here.

Nancy O. Delffa:(On TV) And I'm Nancy O. Delffa with some breaking news. King Erican is now staying in Mobius for a fews years or months with his son and daughter and niece, Sonic the Hedgehog, Lou the Hedgehog and Princess Cici the Hedgehog.

F.L. Smeffman:(On TV) Along with the protector of Lunatea and the former torament champion known as the Smasher, Luna the Hedgehog with hers friend Finn the Wolf, brother of Miles "Tails" Prower and Emily the Seedrian, the niece of Anjean.

Nancy O. Delffa:(On TV) Since the evil Eradicus is defeated, Hyrule City is now a safe place.

Sue: I want to stay at the kings!

STH Courtney: But what if he saids no?

Sue: I can beg! I'm a really good begger!

STH Courtney:(Sighs) Okay.

(STH Courtney and Sue go to Erican's castle)

(At Erican's castle)

(Sonic, Luna, Jur, Lizzy, Oliver, Charles, Spencer, and Lewbert are training while Tabitha bosses around and Lou, Cici, Finn, Emily, Klonoa, Abby and Tails watches them)

Tabitha: Come on, girls! Keep fighting!

Oliver: We're trying everything we have.

Lizzy: Can we take a break?

Tabitha: NO!

(Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, TDI Courtney, Saide, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor the Fox, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Mung Daal, Schnitzel, Chip, Skip, Timon, Pumbaa, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk appears wondering what's going on here)

Jack: Hi guys, what are you guys doing?

Tabitha: The idiots are training while (Pulls out of book) I read this book. (Reads)

Jack: Uh ok then. But please don't call them Idiots because they're our friends.

Patricia: That's right. Anyways, we love to excercize.

Tabitha: T_T

King Erican:(Came in) Everyody. I have some good news.

Cici: What is Uncle Erican?

King Erican: We have some new guests staying at the castle.

Tabitha: Guests?

Jack: Guests? Who could it be?

Owen: I don't know, but I can't wait.

TDI Courtney: Just remember to be on your best behavior.

Duncan: Whatever Courtney.

TDI Courtney: (growls at Duncan)

King Erican: I would like you all to meet Lillian the Hedgehog.

(Lillian with her daughters came in)


Lizzy: She looks just like Shadow, Erican!

King Erican: She is an old friend of my.

Lillian: Very good to see you, and these are my daughters, Marnie and Ursula.

Marnie and Ursula: Your Majasty.

Lillian: It was very nice to meet you all.

(Lillian and her daughters go to their rooms)

Abby: She seemed nice.

Klonoa: Way to nice.

King Erican: Klonoa, she is my friend. I traveled with her with my wife when we were young.

Cici: Did she used to be a.... (Gulps) bounty hunter?

King Erican: Yes.

Sonic: So she's a former bounty hunter. So what? (Picks up a chilli dog and eats it)

King Erican: She is also your godmother.

Sonic:(Spits out the chilli dog) What?!

Oliver: Okay. That I did not see.

Lou: Lillian is our godmother, like an aunt?

King Erican: Correct.

Lou: And Marnie and Ursula are our godsisters?

King Erican: Yes.

Cici: You never told me that. Boy that's lucky of you two.

(The doorbell rings for no reason)

Zaktan: I'll go get the door. (goes to the front door & opens it) Hello?

Spongebob: Who's at the door, Zaktan?

Zaktan: (comes back carrying STH Courtney & Sue on his shoulders) I believe these 2 are here to stay if we don't mind. (puts them both down)

Jack: Hi there, my name is Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia: And I'm Patricia the Skunk.

Jack: And this is Metal Patricia, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, TDI Courtney, Saide, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor the Fox, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Mung Daal, Schnitzel, Chip, Skip, Timon, Pumbaa, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk

Metal Patricia: Please to meet you

Spongebob: Hi there.

Tails: My name is Miles Prower. But you can call me Tails. I'm Sonic's best friend, right?

Sonic: Yep.

Lizzy: Hi! I'm Lizzy and I can't wait to be you friend! And this is Jur, Tabitha, Luna, Finn, Emily, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Lou, Cici, Klonoa, Abby and the king of all Lunatea, King Erican!

STH Courtney: My name is Courtney and this is my little sister, Sue.

Sue: Hello.

TDI Courtney: Wait a minute. You have the same name as I do

STH Courtney: Really?

TDI Courtney: Yes.

Tabitha: Oh brother, where are your parents?

(Both girls get upset)

STH Courtney: Up in heaven, Tabitha.

Sue: You see, we're orphans. We live on the streets with no food to eat.

Ezekiel: I just dont get why your Orphans eh? I've been raised by Praire people & been homeschool in my life (covers his mouth) Darn it, I did it again eh?

Jack: Aww don't worry girls. You can come live with either me, Patricia or at the Crossover Mansion if you like.

STH Courtney: That's not going to help.

Sue: We came here to ask the king if we can stay here.

Patricia: Oh well

Jack: Anyways, I just want you two to know. If you two ever in trouble, come find me. I'll take care of you

Sue: Thank you.

Lizzy: How did your parents died?

STH Courtney: When I was 14 and Sue was 9, our parents were killed by a dark black hedgehog with a spear.

Lizzy: Was he made out of crystals.

STH Courtney: Yes. How did you know?

Lizzy: That dark black hedgehog was named Mephiles. Mephiles the Dark.

Owen: Ok, I think this Mephiles guy is giving me the Heebee Jeebees.

Mordecai: I guess he could very dangerous to face

Rigby: Why are we even talking about him?

Jack: Guys, I'm still concerned about the Devil Gene that EggPlankton was talking about. But who else knows about the Devil Gene?

Patricia: My father, Mr. E the Hedgehog.

King Erican: And we might know about Arjar's dark energy inside my son.

Cici: And Dark Spirits crawling around.

Sue: So, Your Majasty, can we stay here in your castle for a few months or years?

King Erican: Yes you may.

Sue: Yay!

STH Courtney: Thank you Your Majasty!

Jack: And the Devil Gene inside Dr. EggPlankton.

Patricia: Wait, what if Dr. EggPlankton is trying to use the Devil Gene to make an army of Devils

Jack: We remember that Dr. EggPlankton killed Arjar by draining off his powers & asorb them. That's must've been the angle he's been playing.

Spongebob: Let's recap about this

Metal Patricia: Dr. EggPlankton & Sonic are both connected with the Devil Gene, part of the curse of the Mishima Bloodline.

Patrick: Wha?

Edd: What Metal Patricia trying to say is that when Jack & Patricia entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament with Sonic, Matt & the others. Kai told us that he also have the Devil Gene.

Luna: That would explain Tails Doll cutting Sonic's arm.

Eddy: I guess Kai the Hedgehog is connected with the Devil Gene as well.

Ed: Devil bad for Ed.

Zaktan: Ok we all know that Sonic, Kai, Dr. EggPlankton & Mr. E have the Devil Gene.

Reidak: Anyways, what should we do now?

Vezok: (stomach gurgles) I don't know about you, but I'm hungry.

Owen: Me too. I'm Starving.

Jack: Really?

Owen: Yes, My mom says I eat when I'm upset. And happy. And tired. Not to mention bored, gassy, morose, joyous, comatose, semi-conscious, (suddenly grows a moustache) avuncular... (giggles) Avuncular.

King Erican: Sue, here is some money. You would buy some food. (Gives Sue the money)

Sue: Okay. (Goes to Hyrule City)

Geoff: Wow, that went well

Trent: Yeah, it's so nice for the king to let them stay here.

Avak: I guess we have to wait for them to get back with the food.

Timon: What Pumbaa & I can go for is some nice juicy grubs

Pumbaa: Yeah! Yummy Grubs!

Boggy B: Anyways, let's wait.

Cody: Batminton anyone?

Harold: I will

(Meanwhile with Carl)

TV Annoncer: And now back to "When Birds Attack" on the Natural Unnatrual. We know what's you're thinking. How could this young hedgehog would plung the world into darkness?

Carl: That is what I'm thinking!

TV Annoncer: Well it could.

(The hedgehog activates its powers)

TV Annoncer: It would be a very rare and powerful magic hedgehog! When it is upset, it turn a person into a very dangerous monster. No matter how young you are, the magic hedgehog will make you big and super evil!

Carl: Hmm. If only I, Carl the Evil Cockroach Wizard!, could find one of these magical hedgehogs! I mean wouldn't that be great.

Shop Owner: Here you go young lady. (Gives Sue the food)

Sue: Thank you. (Goes back to the castle)

Boy: Hey! Sue! I heard that you're living at King Erican's castle.

Sue: What do you want, Trevor?

Trevor: Just a little bit jealous since my parents are the coolest parents in Hyrule City while you're parents are dead!

Sue: What's that supposed to mean?

Trevor: It means you and your sister are still poor, stupid and lame! Even though your sister is emo and goth, she's still a loser!

Sue:(Gets really angry) Nobody talks to my sister like that! (Her hands glow and zaps Trevor turning him into a monster)


Sue:(Screams and runs away)

Carl:(Hugs his TV) I love you, television. I do. I love you. (Kisses his TV) And you, television, shell help defeat Sonic who I know even now is plotting my defeat. But I will defeat him and his friends and siblings and win my mother's love.

Edna: Carl! Wash these! (Throws Carl her underwaer)

Carl: Such as it is.

(Back with Sonic and the others)

Jur: What is taking Sue so long for getting our food?

STH Courtney: It's her first time buying some food. Sometimes she steals stuff.

Tabitha:(Sighs) Spencer, go find Sue.

Spencer: Okay! (Flys off to find Sue)

Jack: Hold on, Sue dissapeared? But why?

Patricia: I don't know, but she could be in trouble

Spongebob: Yeah, it could be harder than Mr. E's Riddles

Cody: She could be anywhere

Owen: Even in the Refridgerator?

Harold: (sighs) Guys, what if Sue's in Danger? What if she's still out there. We gotta go find him before something bad happens to her.

Zaktan: Calm down Harold, I mean she's not that lost. Is she?

Jack: Guys calm down, we can figure this out

Turahk: Hmm, let's relax. Sue's gotta come back sometimes

Guurahk: Turahk's Right

Lerahk: Hello? Can I even get a glass a milk to wash down those cookies?

Rigby: Like the one in the Fridge?

Panrahk: (drinking the Milk) Mmm, yummy milk.

Vorahk: (sighs) I just want a nice glass of Milk & you drank it all down

Panrahk: Sorry.

Kurahk: That might be the only drink left other than water (drinks a glass of Water)

Squidward: (thought: Morons.)

Mordecai: (sighs) Guys, what do we have to do? We can't leave her alone like this.

Sonic: Come on guys, Sue is 12 years old, what could possible go wrong?

Jack: If you said that then it does goes horribly wrong. Sakura told me that when I'm working on Jackbot Nega. Remember what happen last time that I said that?


Jack: He is a Good Robot, that means he is on our Side, what can Possibly go Wrong?

Sakura: Never say that...Something bad always happens!

Jack: Like What?

(The robot starts to malfunction!)

Sakura: Like that.

Jack: What the heck? What's with you Jackbot Nega?

Jackbot Nega: Destroy, Destroy, Destroy (Heads to the City of Station Square)

Jack: Me & My big mouth

(End of Flashback)

Jack: Trust me, it's not preaty, but I did manage to fix Jackbot Nega again & he's good as new.

Sonic: Well yeah, but Sue will be fine, how can it be?

(Everybody hears a loud roar)

Jur: Uh.. What was that?

Thok: I sence that this cannot be good.

Justin: I hope it doesn't ruin my perfect face because it's very delicate

Xplode: Guys, we gotta stop that Monster

Meltdown: Yeah, one of us has to be stupid enough to face the beast

Thunder: Yeah, but who could it be?

(Everyone looks at Jack)

Jack: What?

Tabitha: Don't worry people, we'll stop it. So sit tight. We'll be right back.

(Sonic, Lizzy, Tabitha, Luna, STH Courtney, Finn, Emily, Oliver, Jur, Tails, Klonoa, Abby, Lou, Cici, Charles and Lewbert went to find the monster)

Jack: Hey! Wait for me & Patricia!

(Jack & Patricia goes after them)

Tabitha: Oh no no no no no! When I say sit tight, that means you two!

Jack: And leave us out of the action? I don't think so. (chases after the others)

Patricia: Jack is always determined to go have an adventure (goes after Jack)

Rigby: I can't take it anymore, they always leave us out of the action. I'm sick of it ! (goes after them)

Mordecai: Rigby wait! (groans) Come on, let's go get Rigby before he causes trouble

(Metal Patricia, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, TDI Courtney, Saide, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor the Fox, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Mung Daal, Schnitzel, Chip, Skip, Timon, Pumbaa, Boggy B, Mordecai, Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk goes after Rigby who is chasing after the others)

Tabitha: Grrrr!

Spencer:(Still flying looking for Sue) I don't see Sue around her. (Sees a monster Trevor) What the heck?!

Trevor:(Roars, hits Spencer)

Spencer: Gaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!

Carl:(Looking for Sue) Here little power magical hedgehog. (Whistles for Sue) Come here. Come here sweety. Come to the evil cockroach wizard.

Spencer:(Lands on Carl)

Carl: Ow!

Spencer: Carl?

Carl: Get off me!

Spencer: What are you doing here?

Carl:(Lifts Spencer up) Oh don't play stupid with me! Where's the magical hedgehog girl with red hair?!

Spencer: Sue?

Carl: It has a name? It's Sue? Oh boy, that's weak.

Sonic: Spencer! (About to spindashes Carl)

Carl:(Lifts Cici and Lou up)

Cici: Ah!

Sonic: Cici! Lou!

Carl: Spindash at me or your sister and cousin will be flat!

Sonic: ......

(All of the sudden Rigby tackles Carl from behind & atttacks him)

Rigby: Alright, you stop right there & nobody move!

(Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia & the Crossovers appear)

Lindsay: AHH! Cockoroach!

Duncan: (picks up an Ax) Time to kill that Roach!

Carl:(Lifts Duncan and Rigby up) Now. Where is Sue?!

STH Courtney: My sister?

Spencer: Appenrently Sue is a magical hedgehog with magical powers.

Carl: Who's powers can turn you gigantic and evil! You know this. You didn't know this.

STH Courtney: No.

Jack: Uh-uh

Owen: Sorry

Duncan: Not a word

Zaktan: Nada

Patricia: Why do you even need Sue for anyway?

Mordecai: Yeah why?

Carl: So she can bite me and I can plunger the world into darkness!

Tabitha: Carl's been planing to block the sun forever.

Sue:(Runs away crying)

STH Courtney: Sue?

(Suddnely a monster Coop came in and roared)

Carl:(Throws Spencer, Cici, Lou, Duncan and Rigby away, runs after Sue screaming like a girl) Come back, Sue!

Monster Coop:(Chases after Carl, pecks Carl)


Cici: Sonic! Look out!

Sonic:(Dodges a punch from the monster Trevor, spindashes at him)

Monster Trevor:(Gets hit)

Sonic:(Lands back to the others)

Tails: We need to get Sue away from Carl.

Carl: Sue, wait, BITE ME!!!

Lizzy: That might be a little bit hard.

(The monster Coop came back and roars, then relalizes Abby)

Monster Coop: Ohh. Abby...

Klonoa: Wow. That chicken really likes you.

Tyler: Chicken? (notices Monster Coop) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Gwen: Sorry, Tyler's afraid of Chickens

Owen: (notices Monster Coop) Chicken? (hallucinate into thinking Monster Coop as a Roast Chicken) Hey! I didn't know better that Monstrous Chicken could be so crispy.

Jack: Uh oh, Owen's Hallucinating again.

Owen: Come here Mr. Roast Chicken, here comes Owen!

Boggy B: It's Offical that Owen is hungry once again.

Ed: CHICKEN! (Hugs Monster Coop super tightly because he loves chickens)

Tabitha: Sorry about Coop, he just loves Abby.

Abby: It's not natural.

Cici:(Notice Monster Coop is about to attack) Incoming!

Monster Coop:(Was about to attack)

Luna: Dark Blast! (Blasts Monster Coop's foot)

Monster Coop: Buck ouch! (Flies away)

STH Courtney: I have to find Sue. She's the only one I have left.

Sonic: But she could be anywhere.

Patrick: (looks inside the Dumpster & found Sue) Even in the Dumpster?

Jack: Yes even in the...(notices that Patrick found Sue) How did you find Sue?

Patrick: I remembered & looked in the Stench of Discovery

Eddy: You mean like the Smell of Garbage?

Patrick: Yep

Spongebob: Now that we have Sue, what should we do now?

Cici: Eeww. Gross.

(The Monster Trevor is back and attacks Sonic and the others by spitting logs at them)

Klonoa: Log spitting?! Awsome!

Sonic:(Grabs everybody and runs away, but gets hit by a log)

(The log cames flying to the others, ut Lizzy holds on to it so they won't get squashed)

Klonoa: Yangarang.

Lizzy: Will you knock it off?! (Throws the log away)

Klonoa:(Throws his Yangarang at the Monster Trevor)

Monster Trevor:(Gets hit, roars)

Klonoa:(Grabs his yangarang) Yangarang.

Jack: Watch out! Chaos Dragon! (his Orange Aura forms into a Full Grown Dragon & turns into one & then rams into Monster Trevor with full force, knocking Monster Trevor down) (turns back to Normal) That's the power of Chaos Dragon!

Patricia: Cover your noses. Cause I'm spraying my Skunk Scent at Monster Trevor! (sprays her Skunk Scent at Monster Trevor, causing the monster to cough)

Jur: Ey ey ey.....

STH Courtney: Sue! Get out of the dumpster!

Sue:(Couldn't come out)

Lizzy: She's too scared.

Sonic: Courtney, you need to convince Sue that there's nothing to be afried of and everything will be okay.

STH Courtney: Why me?

Sonic: You're her sister and I know you can do it.

STH Courtney: But I'm goth and emo.

Sonic: I don't care. You can do it.

STH Courtney: ....... (Nods)

Sue:(Gets out of the dumpster and runs away, but stops because of Carl)

Carl:(Puts his leg out) Come on! Bite me! Stupid!

Sue:(Crying) Stop calling me stupid! (Hands glow)

STH Courtney: Sue!

Sue:(Still crying) Courtney?

STH Courtney: Sue, stop being so scared.

Sue: Huh?

Carl: What are you doing?

STH Courtney: You don't have to be afried. There's nothing to be afried of. Everything is going to be okay.

Sue: Really?

STH Courtney: Yeah. Now please come back, okay?

Sue: ....... (Runs to STH Courtney)

STH Courtney:(Picks her up and hugs her) That's it. That's it.

Sue: I was so mad at Trevor because he was picking on you that I zap him with my hands and turned into a scary monster for no reason. (Begins to cry again) I am so sorry.

STH Courtney: It's okay. (Sings Sue a song that their mother used to sang to them when they were little girls)

Sue:(Falls asleep, hands stopped glowing, blue circles, the same ones that Abby and Silver have, appeared on her hands)

Carl: NO! I will destroy-

Monster Coop:(Grabs Carl, flies off)

Carl:(Screams like a girl)

Jack: Goodbye, don't forget to ride.

Ed: AHHHH, don't go! Mr. Chicken! AHHH Come back. (notices STH Courtney & Sue) Kids.

Eddy: You found them Ed.

Patricia: Well I guess that's that. I guess I showed that Monster Trevor who's boss thanks to my Skunk Scent.

TDI Courtney: I hate to admit it, but you've managed to stop that monster.

Patricia: Thanks Courtney

Owen: Come back Mr. Roast Chicken I wanna eat you. (looks back at everyone, hallucinate into thinking that everyone is food) Mmm, yummy snacks.

Jack: Um is Owen still Hallucinating?

Metal Patricia: Eeyup.

Klonoa: Should we do something?

(Trevor turns back to normal)

Trevor:(Wakes up) Ugh.... What happened? (Sniffs himself) Why do I smell like skunk?! PU!

Abby: Na. The magics wearing off. This fight's over.

(Coop turns back to normal)


Emily: Timbure!

Finn: You can say that again.

Owen: Chicken?


Edd: Sorry, Ed's just being...Ed

Jack: Oh I see.

Gwen: Oh brother.

Eddy: Figures.

Eva: I don't like surprizes

Vezok: I'm hungry.

Patricia: But what about the Devil Gene that EggPlankton is talking about?

Jack: Hm, I don't know, but wherever EggPlankton's out there, we're in a whole heap of trouble.

Metal Patricia: We must be careful of the Devil Gene, too much Devil Gene makes your mind consumed with the devil.

Spongebob: Anyways, Let's go back to the Crossover Mansion, I made lunch for all of you guys.

Jack: Ok, let's go back. (Thought: The Curse of the Mishima Bloodline. And Sonic, Dr. EggPlankton & Mr. E has got the Devil Gene. If Mr. E is Patricia's Father, then it could mean she has the Devil Gene as well. I'll stop the Curse of the Devil Gene & fix everyone who has been infected no matter what.)

(They all went back home, but somewhere on top of the building watching them go home is Patricia's Father, Mr. E who has a body that is the Same to Jinpachi)

Mr. E: (watches the Heroes walk away back home) Maybe they are the ones that can stop my #1 Arch Enemy, the Devil Master, that had infected me with the Devil Gene years ago.

(At the castle)

STH Courtney:(Explains Erican how everything was all tired) And that's how Sue is asleep on my lap, calm and cool.

King Erican: Hmm. I see. So Carl wants Sue's power. Did your father once have the same power as Sue?

STH Courtney: I don't know.

King Erican: Hmm.... Let me think, everybody, go to bed.

(STH Courtney carries Sue to her room, Luna, Finn and Emily go to their rooms, Cici goes to her room, Lou goes to her room, but Sonic stays behind)

Sonic: .................

Luna:(Comes to Sonic) What's wrong?

Sonic: At the dodgeball tournament, The Night Master gave me this dark form and at the other tournament, Arjar's dark energy went inside me as Ratatosk Sonic and when I was with Matt, Tails Doll scratch my arm and I turned into the Devil of Mobius. Am I turning evil?

Luna: No way! I have a dark form because of the Black Chaos Emerald, but I didn't turn evil. And I don't think you will be evil. You'll always be the fastest hedgehog in the world.

Sonic: ..... You're right. Thanks for cheering me up.

Luna: He. You're welcome.

(Sonic and Luna went upstairs)

Patricia: Good night, sleep tight & don't let the Screaming Banshee scare you.

(Everyone except Jack went off to bed & as they got to bed, the lights went out, leaving Jack with a Blue light of his Lampost)

Jack: The Screaming what? (shivers in fear)

(The end of episode 3)

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