(In the Middle of Nowhere)

Dr. EggPlankton: (wakes up) (yawns) Man, what a night. I had to sleep on the sand. I still can't believe that Jack the Hedgehog & his sidekick, Patricia the Skunk, had banished me to the middle of nowhere. Note to self, once I take down those 2 hooligans along with his friends & Sonic & his pals, come back & TAKE OVER THIS PLACE!

????: I like to see you try, EggPlankton

Dr. EggPlankton: Huh? Who said that? (notices it was Spongebob the Hedgehog, leader of the Crossovers along with the other crossovers in the moniter)

Spongebob: Hello, EggPlankton.

Dr. EggPlankton: Well, well, well. If it isn't the mighty Crossovers who are too scared to face me (evil laughter)

Reidak: If I was here, I'd be using the Buzzsaw on you right now.

(The Crossovers all agreed at once & cheers for Reidak)

Dr. EggPlankton: Aw, but you can't, can't you? Know why? Cause I'm an evil genius & your not. And in case you haven't noticed, thanks to the Power Drainer Machine that I use on Arjar, my new powers that I stole are far more powerful than yours, including the most powerful heroes & villains combined. Bye bye, Crossovers! (turns off the moniter & notices the Chum Carrier hovering above him) About time. (beams himself to the bridge of the Chum Carrier to see Jack-4 Commander & Metal Jack) Jack-4 Commander & Metal Jack.

Jack-4 Commander: Lord EggPlankton, sir. We've been looking everywhere

Metal Jack: My sensors indicate that your in the middle of nowhere. And I believe that's where the battle of the heroes against the Night Master have been taken place.

Dr. EggPlankton: I've already figured that out when I was banished. And I need to devise a plan to disguise it so I can find all 7 Chaos Emeralds, 7 Spirit Emeralds & 9 Power Orbs from that Orange Bozo. (singsong voice while wearing the Power Drain Gauntlet, containing Arjar's Powers) Look what I got?

Metal Jack: Arjar's Powers?! Are you serious?

Dr. EggPlankton: (normal voice) Yes & those weak puny heroes, especially that villianous Dark Ratatosk Sonic have always underestimated me. And to think those heroes are very stupid to think that I would team up against Arjar, but I'm not. That's why I, Dr. EggPlankton have killed Arjar with my Power Drain Machine, which technically Sonic destroyed it with his Dark Form. But one day, I will gain his powers as well. (looks out the window) So long, Dark Ratatosk LOSER! (evil laughter) Now to put these new stolen powers to the test.

Jack-4 Commander: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Dr. EggPlankton: Yes, yes it is. Now, it's time that those Heroes prepare for my Triumph in RETURN! (evil laughter)

(The Chum Carrier flys away with Dr. EggPlankton, Jack-4 Commander & Metal Jack)

(In the Castle of Hyrule City)

King Erican: Lou, where's your brother?

Lou: Sonic went to the human world to take a stroll with Nikki.

King Erican: I see.

Lou: Hey, Dad. Before Eradicus kidnapped you, what does Mom look like?

King Erican: She is very kind and sweet.

Lou: Hm. I wonder if I would be like that?

(At Green Hill Zone)

Luna:(Praticing her moves)

Finn: Wow! Luna, if you keep training more, then you be more stronger.

Emily: Yeah. Pretty nice.

Luna: Thanks guys.

Crucifal: Hmm (Loads his Bow with an Arrow and Fires)

Luna: Whoa! (Dodges the Arrow)

Crucifal:(Runs at Lun with A knife)

Emily: We're beening attacked!

Luna: Quick! Back to the Castle! (Grabs Finn and Emily, zooms back to the castle, pulls out her necklace, creates a wall)

Crucifal:(Begins to climb)

Luna:(Creates goo so Crucifal couldn't climb)

Gabe the Black cat:(is very far away)I can't believe that I haven't had a good adventure in a long time....


Jack & Patricia: (Appears)

Jack: What the heck is going on here?

Kitsune and Karie: (Appears)

Kitsune: What's going on?

Karie: Yeah, what is?

The Spear tribe launch a thousand arrows

Patricia: LOOK OUT!

Jack & Patricia: (Dodges the Arrows)


Kitsune and Karie: (Dodges the Arrows as well)

Anu: Hey Patricia

Patricia: Anu! (hugs Anu) It's so good to see you again (kisses Anu)

Anu:(Kisses his wife)

Jack: Hi Anu, it's nice to see you again

Crucifal:(Runsand Takes Patricia's Necklace)

Angels:*arive* Konichiwa, mina!&nbsp

Jack: Hi Angels

Patricia: Hello Angels, it's so good to see you girls again

Rika: Nice to see you to!

Anu: Patricia where is the Necklace I got you?

Skate Jr.: Rika!!!

Rika: Hi Skate!*hugs Skate Jr.*

Gabe the Black cat:[causes nearby explosion]

Jack: Whao! Hi Gabe!

Anu: Patrica, The necklace I gave you for your birthday where is it

Patricia: (shows Anu the Necklace) Here it is

Crucifal:(Runs and tries to steal it)

Jack: (Tackles Crucifal) Not so fast !

Crucifal:(Punches Jack in the face hard)

Jack: (punches Crucifal in the Face harder than Crucifal's Punch)

Crucifal: (Teleports out)

Jack: He's gone

Patricia: What do we do now?

Jack: We need help from my Cousin, Sonic the Hedgehog!

Anu:(Kisses his wife)

Fuchsia: Hmmm, she said she would be here, I wonder where she is.

Gabe the Black cat:I know what would make me feel a little better!I'll run through green hill zone!

Koya:*sleeping in Hikari's arms*

Evil Gabe Clone 1:[points at Gabe who is running away]Gabe!let's go destroy Gabe!

Evil Gabe clone 2:[takes off head and puts it back on]Yes,let's do!

Gabe the Black cat:[still runing through green hill zone and then stops]Wait A minute!I hate Green Hill Zone!

Blaze: What the heck?

Jack: Come on, let's go before...(got hit by a Jack-4 Bot sending him flying off) AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Patricia: Jack! (notices Jack-4 Bots) Jack-4 Bots! EggPlankton (kicks a Jack-4 Bot away) I'm coming Jack! (goes after Jack) He's heading straight for a Portal & I sence Sonic & Nikki are both in the Human World !

Jack: Great, now can someone save me! (send flying through the Portal to the Human World)

Patricia: (goes through the Portal to the Human World to find Jack) I'm coming Jack !

Gabe the Black cat:I'm outta here![teleports]

Evil Gabe clone 1:[right when Gabe teleports away,he shoots a laser trying to destroy Gabe,but misses and heads for Fuchsia]

Fuchsia: *dodges*

Evil Gabe clone 2:Should we eliminate this distraction,Gabe?

Evil Gabe 1:Yes,she is an obstacle in our way of victory!

Fuchsia: I didnt do any thing

Evil Gabe clone 1:So?We like practicing destroying Gabe.

Evil Gabe clone 2:Gabe,are you talking about me?

Evil Gabe clone:No,you idiot!The real Gabe!

(Jack-4 Robots appears with Metal Jack & Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: I am Jack-4 Commander & this is Metal Jack. We're here to destroy the Heroes

Evil Gabe clone 1 & Evil Gabe clone 2:[shoots lazer at metal Jack and then shoots lazer at Jack-4 commander]We work alone!

(Back with Luna, Finn and Emily)

Luna: Is he gone?

Finn: I think so...

Emily: Why was he attacking us?

Luna: He must be a bad guy. We better keep an eye out.

Finn and Emily: Okay.

(In the Human World)

Nikki: It's nice to have a walk in my hometown Sonic.

Sonic: Yeah... I'm sure glad we defeated Eradicus.

Nikki: Yeah. If Eradicus wasn't awoken, we would never confess our feelings.

Sonic: Yeah. But now we're together.


Jack: (got shot right out of the Portal above them) AHHHHHHH!!! (crashes) Ouch, that had to hurt & it did

Patricia: (got shot right out of the Portal above them & lands on both feet) Jack, are you ok?

Jack: (Feeling Dazed) Okey Dokey Smokey! (smiles & then his teeth falls out)

Crucifal:(Runs in more Powerful and Takes Nikki)

Jack: Don't worry Nikki, I'll save you ! (tackles Crucifal letting Nikki go)

Patricia: (Catches Nikki) Gotcha!

Nikki: Thank you.

Patricia: Your welcome

Jack: Sorry about that crashing into the Ground interupted like that

Dr. EggPlankton: (on Crucifal's Comunicator) Crucifal, this is Dr. EggPlankton, do you read me?

  • A storm begins to start*

Jack: (Sighs) What now?

  • Lightning starts to strike in relativly the same area, with growing speed*

Jack & Patricia: LOOK OUT! (Saves Sonic & Nikki)

(A Familliar Robot comes in & asorbs the Lightning & it's Metal Patricia

Metal Patricia: Are you ok?

Patricia: Metal Patricia, is that you?

Metal Patricia: It's me my Original Self

Patricia & Metal Patricia: (hugs each other)

  • suddenly then lightning and sky turns black*

Jack: Looks like we'll have to save the Reunion for later

  • they barely hear punches and kicks high in the sky*

Jack: Do you hear a noise?

Patricia: Let me get a closer look (hops on her Flying Broom & flys above the Clouds)

  • She can hear the fight better, but she see nothing and the wind is much stronger every so often and sees hit sparks.

Patricia: Whao! I think I saw something, those must be Sparks

Jack: Really? Let me see! Let me see! (power jumps up & lands on Patricia's Flying Broom) Hey, I can hear it now. And the wind is getting stronger. Time to control the Wind ! (turns into Ventus Jack)

Ventus Jack: VENTUS JACK ! (controls the Wind to make the Flight better)

Patricia: Thank you, it makes it way much better to fly up above the Clouds

Ventus Jack: Your welcome

Patricia: (Flys up even higher with ease, with Ventus Jack controling the wind easily)

  • the wind hasn't slowed down but has sped up*

Ventus Jack: (Still controlling the Wind with ease) When I'm in my Ventus Form, I can control the Wind in any Speed & anywhere

  • the wind has sped up even more and Jack seems to have no effect on it, more hitsparks are seen along with stronger punchs and kicks*

Patricia: I felt the Cool breeze & felt great

Ventus Jack: Let's see who's up there fighting in the Sky

  • the wind gets even more intense as time goes on*

Ventus Jack: Alright, come on out & show yourselves!

  • the gets even more intense, but they see quick glimses of a blue hedgehog and a black hedgehog, fighting so quickly that they seem like the wind, the hitsparks become more frequent*

Ventus Jack: Is that...Dan?

  • the 'hedgehogs' fight has become even more intense and a tornado is starting to form*

Ventus Jack: Oh No you don't (controlls the Tornado & pushes it back on the 2 Hedgehogs)

  • the tornado has no effect on the fighting 'hedgehogs'*

Ventus Jack: Ok, now quit fighting & show yourselves already, your giving my a headace.

???:*still fighting*If............I.................stop..........something................bad...................will.............happen...........

Ventus Jack:! (power jumps & helps ??? defeat the other Hedgehog)

  • the fighting is going to fast for Jack to jump in to help at the moment*

Ventus Jack: They're very fast huh? It's time I'll be faster than the Fight !

  • the fighting as appeared to have sped up even more and you can see blue flashes all over the place*

Ventus Jack: Looks like I have to slow things down with a little Wind & Fire together! (uses Ventus & Pyrus Moves together & freezes the 2 Hedgehogs to put the Fight in Glass) Ha! It makes Glass!

  • the hedgehogs chaos control out of the glass and resume the fight, only slowed down by the slightest degree*

Ventus Jack: Oh Come on!

  • suddenly, the black hedgehog gets slammed into the ground*

Patricia: Is it over?

Jack: I think so

(Spongebob100: Aw Come on! When will this Fighting ever stop, cause I can't take it anymore!)

(GabeTheBlackcat:I agree,spongebob.)

((WTF Gabe, the fight was just over! i had just finished it! Why did you erase the finish of the fight, when the final beam is fired, the fight is over, and it was fired! ))

ISpongebob100: I think we should wait for Cameron)

(GabeTheBlackcat:I didn't delete anything!)

((*Face Palm* The bit count and history says everything, it lowered when you edited))

Jack: Don't worry Sonic & Nikki, you guys are safe now

Patricia: Let's see who is this Other Hedgehog really is.

  • the other hedgehog has come to a complete stop and his image was become clearer.*

???: *pant* *pant* *pant*

Jack: Ok, who are you?

???:.........I think you already know............*then he disappeared in a flash of light.*

Jack: Hey, come back here. I don't even know who are you facing with the other hedgehog.

  • the crater where the other hedgewhog was, was empty, and only the slightest trace of a black substance.*

Patricia: It's empty

Jack: Oh Barnicles!

Metal Patricia: (scans) My Scanner indicates that's indeed the same Hedgehog as you & Dan faced him back at the Future as Light Haos Jan

Metal Anu:(Glomps Metal Patricia)

Metal Patricia: Metal Anu! It's so good to see you again, what happen?

Metal Anu: I found a way to become organic Metal Patric

Metal Patricia: Organic?

(Inside Nikki's house)

Sonic: Boy, that guy almost kidnapped you.

Nikki: Yeah. I wonder why he would kidnapped me?

Sonic: I don't know.

Nikki: Well, I'm going to take a walk.

Sonic: Okay.

Nikki:(Takes a walk)

Jack: Hi Sonic

Patricia: How's it going?

Sonic: Fine.

Jack; That's good

Patricia: Anyways, we betta protect Nikki from Dr. EggPlankton's Jack-4 Bots, just in case

Sonic: What about the guy who almost kidnapped her?

Jack: I think he's working with Dr. EggPlankton. He is the leader of the EggPlankton Empire, remember the time that Dr. EggPlankton kills Arjar by draining Arjar's power & makes it his own. Do you remember that?

Sonic: Yeah. And the dark energy is still inside me.

Patricia: And so is Dr. EggPlankton, he'll be coming back for the Dark Energy inside of you

Jack: Speaking of Nikki, where is she?

Sonic: She went for a walk.

(With Nikki)

Nikki:(Looks around)

(Jack-4 Bots appears out of nowhere, surrounding Nikki)


Brook:(Sees Nikki being surronding) Uh-oh!

John:(Pulls out his sword, swings it at the Jack-4 Bots)

(The Combots scans Brook & John's abilities & mimics their Attacks against them)

Brook: Ack! (Dodges the bow) What are these things?

John: I don't know.

Nikki:(Holds her necklace, then a light flashs the Jack-4 Bots)

Combot #1: Dr. EggPlankton, we have a problem here. Nikki's Activating the Necklace. Activate Combot Nikki !

(The Combots mimics Nikki & their Combot Bodies changes colour to Nikki's Appearance)

Brook: This looks bad.

John: Who is this Dr. EggPlankton?

Brook: Are they talking about Baldy Nosehair?

Combot #2: No, Dr. EggPlankton is the same enemy that fought our true enemy: Jack the Hedgehog

Nikki: You mean, the orange hedgehog?

Combot #3: That's correct & also the Cousin of Sonic the Hedgehog

Jack-4 Bots: (stands aside for Jack-4 Commander)

Jack-4 Commander: (arrives & grabs Nikki) I'm Jack-4 Commander, the First Jack-4 ever created by Dr. EggPlankton & it's time for you to be a slave for Dr. EggPlankton! (Evil Laughter) (activates his Jet Boots & flys off while Nikki Tightly without letting go of his grip)

Brook: Nikki!

John: Dang it!

Brook: Sonic! (Runs to find Sonic)

John:(Follows her)

(Brook and John found Sonic)

Brook: Sonic! We got big problems!

Sonic: What is it?

Brook: Nikki got kidnapped by weird robots!

Sonic: WHAT?!

Jack: Can you tell us what kind of Robots are they?

Brook: Well, they're all orange like (Points to Jack) you.

John: That's right.

Jack: No, that's not how they look like. They look like this! (shows them the Picture of Jack-4 Bots, they look like the Same Jack-4 Robots from the Tekken 5 Opening)

(Spongebob100: I need a picture of Jack-4 from Tekken, because that's how Jack-4 Bots look like)

Brook: That's the one!

Jack: EggPlankton

(Spongebob100: Look, Jack-4 Bots are not look like me, the Jack-4 Bots are looked like the Same Jack-4 Bots from Tekken)

Brook: Umm.... Is this EggPlankton guy really little and small?

Jack: He's not, thanks to his Enlargetron that he has the Same Body & Size as Dr. Eggman, except his Head is still normal & by the way the Robot that looks like me is Metal Jack

(Spongebob100: Maybe you should go to this website: And find out what a Jack-4 Bot really is)

((KFC: 0.0!!!! They are some of the creppyest things I have ever seen!))

(Spongebob100: What?)

Brook: Oh... Wait a minute! If he's a plankton, how come we can't crush him like all planktons?!

Sonic: No time to explain. I have to save Nikki.

(With Nikki)

Nikki:(In prision)

Dr. EggPlankton: Enjoying your prison, Nikki?

Nikki: ............

Dr. EggPlankton: Good! Once I have King Erican to be my slave, I'll be the new king & my EggPlankton Empire will grow large!

Nikki: What? Sonic and Lou's father? But they just found him in Eradicus's lair.

Dr. EggPlankton: Not anymore, once I capture all of the Kings of Mobius, I shall be the Only King in Planet Mobius!

Nikki: You're even worse than Cole.

Dr. EggPlankton; (chuckles) Am I? Thank you, & to spice things up even more, not only do I have to capture the Kings, but also the Queens! And that's not all, when Sonic comes through the Only Entrace to my EggPlankton Land, the trigger to the gate when's it open will be activating the Jack-4 Bots & the all-new Combots, the Master Mimicry Robots that'll copy anyone's Abilities & Moves in the Universe! (Evil Laughter)

Nikki:(Makes a scared look, holds her necklace) Sonic.......

Dr. EggPlankton: (Notices the Necklace that Nikki is wearing) Hm? What you got there, missy? Whatever this is, it's mine! (grabs the Necklace from Nikki) Now if you excuse me, I'm about to prepare the Attack on the Kings & Queens of Mobius & once I do, all of Mobius shall bow down before the great & powerful Dr. EggPlankton! (Evil Laughter, but coughs) I gotta work on the Evil Laugh, anywho...(goes back to his Throne Room)

Nikki:(Thoughts) My necklace has my powers, now Dr. Plankton has it.... Now I'm powerless..... Sonic.... Where are you?

(Sonic, Brook, and John went to EggPlankton's Empire)

Brook: You sure you know where you're going?

Sonic: Totally. It's just like Eggman's Base, but different.

John: We should be careful.

Brook: Okay.

Jack & Patricia: (appears)

Jack: Wait for us

Patricia: We're coming with you

Metal Patricia: (appears) Don't worry, I'm now good

Sonic: Thanks guys.

Brook: My Mom is going to ground me if I'm not home at dinner.

Jack: Don't worry, we'll save Nikki before Dinner Time

Patricia: I hope so, my stomach is gurgling (her stomach gurgles)

(Sonic, Brook, John, Jack, and Patricia made it to EggPlankton's Empire)

Brook: Wow.

Sonic: Okay. I'll go stop EggPlankton, while Brook and John go save Nikki. (Runs off to find EggPlankton)

Brook and John:(Runs off to find Nikki)

Jack: Wait! What can Patricia, Metal Patricia & I do this time?

(Jack-4 Bots surrounds both of them)

Jack: I guess that answers our question

Patricia: Let's stop them!

Metal Patricia: Right!

(Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia starts attacking the Jack-4 Bots)

Brook: Nikki! Where are you?

John: She could be anywhere.

Brook:(Notices EggPlankton's plans, picks it up, reads it) Capture the Kings and Queens of Mobius? That is the most ridiculous plan of all.

John: We better keep it just in case.

Brook:(Nods, puts the plans in her backpack)

Sonic:(Founds one of EggPlankton's machines) Man, that guy is more crazy than Eggman, and Carl, and Ultamoose, and Saranoia and she's crazy about Abbs.

(4 Giant Jack-4 Bots surrounds Sonic)

Sonic: Speaking of crazy.

  • the place goes pitch black and slashes of light are seen.*

(The Combots appears & scans the Mysterious Figure & uses his Slashes of Lights against him)

((Dude, it's the result of a sword))

Sonic: Whoa. Nice who ever this is.

???: DARKLIGHT SLASH!!!!!!!! *slashes 2 of the giant bots in a single slash with his sword*

Sonic: Sweet. Now to get EggPlankton. (Goes to the Throne Room)

(But Dr. EggPlankton is gone already, along with Nikki)

Brook and John:(Comes in)

Brook: What the? Where did they go?

???: Dang it! I was too late!!!!!

Sonic:(Picks up Nikki's necklace, thoughts) I've been holding Luna's necklace before she left and I founded her and gave it back to her. I'll hold on to Nikki's necklace.

Brook:(To ???) And you are?

Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia: (appears)

Jack: We have the Jack-4 Bots on the run &...where's EggPlankton & Nikki?

Patricia: (to ???) And who are you?

???: Even though you already know me, I'll say my name. My name is Dan the Dark Elementhog.

Metal Patricia: Dan?

Jack: (sighs) Look Dan, we need to stop EggPlankton before he captures every single King & Queen in Mobius & makes them his slaves.

Dan: *sigh* not something like this again? Fine, now if I wasa big evil genius, that acts like a idiot, where would I go?

Patricia: I don't know, EggPlankton could be anywhere

Metal Patricia: My scanners indicate that EggPlankton is no where in sight in this Area.

Dan: *sigh* Okay, if you his plan, and his resoucres, what would you do?

Jack: Hmmm, Kings & Queens lives in Castles?

Patricia: Is that correct?

Dan: *sighs, muttering something under his breath* Yes, they live in castles. Now, how would you get into a castle?

Brook: That's easy. Horses pulled carragies to the castle.

Jack: But where would we find a Carridge?

Brook: Duh. Servents. Which was back in the old days.

Patricia: But how can we find the Servents?

Brook: I just said in the old days.

Sonic: Wait! I know the castle we should go to. Erican's castle back at Hyrule City in Mobius.

Patricia: We need to find a Carridge & fast (hops on her Flying Broom) I'm ready, Sonic.

Jack: Ok, where can we find a Carridge? (remembers something) Oh that's right, I'm almost forgot that I made a Carridge back at my House for the Medieval Party

Sonic: Who needs a carridge when you had speed?

Brook: Of course. I'd almost forgot.

Sonic:(Opens the portal to Mobius, steps through the portal)

Jack: Wait up! (steps through the Portal)

Patricia: Wait for me! (flies through with her Flying Broom)

Metal Patricia: (jumps through)

IM Meen: Not So Fast Goodies Goodies. -play theme-

(The portal closes) [1]

Sonic:(Jumps out and lands on his feet in his and Lou's room)

Lou: Sonic?

Jack: (jumps out & lands on his feet) Is someone here?

Patricia: (flies out & hops off her Flying Broom & lands on both feet) And why everything is dark?

Metal Patricia: (jumps out & lands)

Im Meen: U Goodiees Goodies-goes after them and brings out his book of evil sealing)

(Jack-4 Bot blasts I.M. Meen)

Meen: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! -runs away- U may have beeten me this tim BUT' I'll Be BACK! I M MEEN Never Quit;'s U'lll seeeeeeee -spins and and goes away=

Jack: Man I really hate that guy (points to Meen before dissapearing)

Apallo: DAMMITQ!

Patricia: What is it, Apallo?

Apallo: Meen

Jack: Who?

Lou: Sonic, how come you're back from your stroll?

Sonic: No time to explain.

Lou: Explain what?

Jack: We gotta stop Dr. EggPlankton & his Bots from capturing all of the Kings & Queens of Mobius!

Lou: EggPlankton is back? BUt I thought you send him to the middle of nowhere.

Jack: I did, but Unfortunatley he has his own Carrier Ship called the "Chum Carrier" that sends him back to his Lair

Lou: Of course.

Sonic: Where's Erican?

Lou: In his and mother's room.

Sonic:(Grabs Lou's hand, goes to Erican and Samantha's room)

Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia: (goes after Sonic & Lou)

Sonic:(Opens the room) Erican?

Lou: Dad?

King Erican: What is it my wonderful children? Ah.. I see you made friends.

Jack: Greetings King Erican, my name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is Patricia the Skunk & Metal Patricia

Patricia: It's nice to meet you

Metal Patricia: How do you do?

King Erican: Hello.

Sonic: Erican, we got to get you out of here.

King Erican: Why is that?

Jack: Cause Dr. EggPlankton is about to capture every single King & Queen of Mobius to make him the only king on Mobius

Patricia: We gotta clear the Building!

King Erican: Hmm.... I see... I'll go talk to the little fellow.

Lou: Actually he's a big fellow.

King Erican: Nonesense. A plankton can't be big.

Jack: I'm afraid it's possible, thanks to his Enlargetron. Not only he's the same size as Dr. Eggman, but also he's got a new body that looks like Dr. Eggman, apart from his Head which is still normal

Lou: Bauld. But with antenas.

King Erican: A same body as Dr. Robotnik? Hmm... Interesting.

Sonic: What are you going do to Plankton Nosehair?

King Erican: Like I said, I'm going to talk to him.

Lou:(To Sonic) Plankton Nosehair?

Jack: (tries his best not to laugh, but fails) Plankton Nosehair! (laughing) That's the funniest thing I've ever heard (laughs uncontrolably)

Patricia: (realizes what is funny about the name "Plankton Nosehair"] (blushes in embarasment) Oh my! Plankton Nosehair is a funny name

Metal Patricia: (to Lou) Don't forget that EggPlankton still has his 1 Big Eye

Lou: That's the same thing as Bauldy Nosehair.

Jack: (laughs uncontrolably) Baldy Nosehair! I should've called him Dr. Badly Plank Nosehair (laughing)

Patricia: Please, it's time to get the Kings & Queens outta here & save Nikki

(Jack-4 Bots (Tekken 5 Opening) appears out of no where)

Dr. EggPlankton: (appears in his Bucket Pod) Too Late!

Lou: Pellets.

King Erican: So you are Dr. Plankton. I believe you might wrote the wrong plans. You're thinking of the Kings and Queens of Syltherant and Tetheala.

Lou: Dad! He's going to make you his slave!

Dr. EggPlankton; Now you Mr. King Erican your coming with me 100%. Jack-4 Bots capture the King!

(Jack-4 Bots captures King Erican)

Jack: Stop right there EggPlankton, we ain't going out without a fight

Dr. EggPlankton: You snooze you lose

King Erican:(Pulls out his sword, swings it at the Jack-4 bots) Now as was I was saying, I am Sonic and Lou's father. I am a widower. I was kidnapped by Eradicus. And I am the King of Lunatea.

Dr. EggPlankton: And I'm the King of Evil ! (activates his Combots (Tekken 4) ) How do you like my Combots, these Combots can mimic anyone that they find on their Sensor Arrays

Combots: (been activated & mimics King Erican's Abilities & use them against & turns their colour appearance to King Erican's Colour Appearance)

Dr. EggPlankton: Impressed?

King Erican: Very. (Pulls out his hand, uses Chaos Control on the Combots)

Dr. EggPlankon: Ah, ah, ah. Don't forget the Combots can mimic your every move

(The Combots uses Chaos Control to come back to the Same Spot)

Patricia: What should we do?

Jack: There's gotta be a weakness to those Combots, but what?

Lou: I got an idea. (To EggPlankton) Oh Dr. Plankton, I bet your combats can mimic my abilities and use them.

Dr. EggPlankton: I beg to differ! My Combots are the Masters of Mimicry!

Lou: Come on. Give it a try. (Does karate)

Dr. EggPlankton: You got it buster!

Combots: (Mimics Lou's Fighting Style & changes their Colour Appearances from King Erican's Colour Appearance to Lou's Colour Appearance) I told you so! Notice the Combots in your Fighting Style & your Colour Appearance. Don't be alarmed, they'll take you down in a giffi

Lou: That was just a test. Here is a thing about me. I-don't-have-any-abilities.

Dr. EggPlankton: Hmm, I thought you we're gonna say that (presses the button & a Cage fall on Lou, trapping him)

Metal Patricia: Lou, get out of that cage

Lou: Help!

King Erican: Let my daughter go.

Dr. EggPlankton; Never! And now that I have Nikki & Lou. I'm taking you too! (presses another button & the Jack-4 Bots appear & electrocutes King Erican, causing him to go weak)

Patricia: King Erican!

King Erican: .......

Dr. EggPlankton: (traps King Erican in a Cage) That's 2 for 1 Attack, this must be my lucky day (Leaves in his Bucket Pod, while his Bucket Pod holds the 2 Cages with Lou & King Erican inside)

Jack: Sonic, he's getting away!

Lou: Let us go!

Dr. EggPlankton: (chuckles) Never!

(Dr. EggPlankton leaves with the Jack-4 Bots & Combots carrying the Cages with King Erican & Lou inside)

Patricia: He got away. Come on, hop on to my Flying Broom, maybe we can still catch him in time

Sonic:(Races after EggPlankton)

Jack: Wait for me! (races after EggPlankton)

Patricia: (hops on her Flying Broom & races after EggPlankton)

Metal Patricia: (activates her Rocket Feet & races after EggPlankton)

Luna:(Sees Sonic) Huh? (Chases after Sonic)

Finn: Luna?

Emily: Where are you going?

Finn and Emily:(Follows Luna)

Luna: Sonic? What's going on?

Jack: Lou & King Erican are kiddnapped by Dr. EggPlankton.

Patricia: First Nikki, now Lou & King Erican is kiddnapped

Jack: It's terrible, we gotta go find him, where would EggPlankton go next?

Finn: I think I know. Follow me! (Flies off)

Sonic and Luna:(Runs after Finn)

Lunas: Hi Guys have u met my New Daughter Cressa

Emily: I don't know who you are, but we're busy.

Lunas: Well I want my lil peach pie to meet the king but he was klidnapped

Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia: (runs after Finn, Sonic & Luna)

Emily: Alright. You and your daughter stay here and we'll rescue the king. (Runs after Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Finn, Sonic and Luna)

(They found EggPlankton)

(ughhhh Are u banned)

Dr. EggPlankton: (activates his Combots) You never quit do you

Combots: (Mimics Everyones' Abilites & uses their Abilites against Everyone [Except Dr. EggPlankton])

Sonic:(Sighs) I know you're trying to be clever with this whole capturing the Kings and Queens of Mobius thing, but it's just coming off lame. Just let go of my girlfriend, don't capture all the Kings and Queens of Mobius, release my twin sister and my father and stop embarrassing yourself.

Lunas: -puts baby down- Heh. Cyber Thread- threads of viruses go from his fingers and branch off going into the Combots fryign thier sucriets-

Emily:(Jumps up and down) I told you to stay put!

Dr. EggPlankton: That tears it! This means War! (activates his Electronic Cage, trapping Sonic & electrocuting him as well, causing Sonic to go weak)

Patricia: Sonic!

Luna: Leave him alone! (Spindashes EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: (Dodges) Whao! That was close! Combots, get her!

(The Combots mimics Luna's Abilities & use them against her)


Luna:(Kicks the combats)

Combots: (Kicks Luna)

Dr. EggPlankton: Don't forget that these Combots can Mimic anyone

Jack: Then let's see what happens, if those Combots can Mimic both Fighters at the Same Time (to Luna) Let's get them together!

Luna: Okay!

Combot: (ready to fight, but can't mimic both Jack & Luna's Abilities at the Same Time) Error, I can't mimic both Abilities at Same Time

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh Barnicles

(Jack & Luna fights the Same Combot Together)

Patricia: We've found the Combot's Weakness

Metal Patricia: We only have 499 More Combots to go

Finn and Emily:(Attack the combot's)

Patricia: Let's go!

Patricia & Metal Patricia: (attacks the Combots together)

Combots: Error! Error! Error!

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh Drat! (spots a Chaos Emerald) A Chaos Emerald! (grabs it) My Plan Worked!

Jack: What do you mean?

Dr. EggPlankton: Don't you get it, the trapping of the Kings & Queens are just a setup just to throw you off-track & gives me enough time to catch 1 Chaos Emeralds! Tata! (leaves on the BucketPod)

Patricia: He got away with the Emerald !

Luna: Jack, Patricia, and Metal Patricia, wait here. (Chases after EggPlankton)

Finn and Emily:(Follows Luna)

Jack: Where are they going? EggPlankton's Flying all the way up to the Clouds so they can't catch us

Patricia: What about Sonic?

Metal Patricia: Free Sonic from Cage

Jack: Oh right, we almost forgot

(Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia lifts up the Deactivated Cage & frees Sonic)

Patricia: Is Sonic gonna be ok?

Metal Patricia: He's ok, but right now he's too weak

Patricia: Let me heal Sonic. Chaos Heal ! (heals Sonic with her Healing Powers) Sonic, are you ok?

Sonic: Yeah... I'm fine.... But I got to save Nikki. (Runs off to stop EggPlankton)

Jack: Aw come on! Let's go! (Runs off to stop EggPlankton too)

Metal Patricia: Wait! Luna told us to stay here

Patricia: I'm sorry, but I must help too (follows Jack)

Metal Patricia: (Sighs) (follows Jack & Patricia)

(Luna Finn and Emily found EggPlankton)

Luna: Alright liar, gives us back Nikki, Lou and Erican, or I'll use my dark form to stop you.

Dr. EggPlankton: Never! I've seen your Dark Form & I'm using it against you when i Pop up the Volume! (activates a Machine called the Sonic Screech & the machines fires Sound Waves, toturing Luna's Finn's & Emily's Ears with a High-Pitch Screech) Do your worst!

Lunas: Kiddo Do your stuff

Cressa: GOO! -an aura flies over her-

Jack: Guys!

(Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia arrives wearing Ear Muffs to protect their ears from High Pitch Screechs)

Luna:(Still covering her ears) Jack! Help!

Jack: Don't worry, I got Earmuffs for everyone! (gives everyone extra pair of Earmuffs)

Luna Finn and Emily:(Puts on the Earmuffs)

Luna: (To EggPlankton) Gives us back Erican, Nikki and Lou, or Sonic will turn into the Devil of Mobius!

Dr. EggPlankton: Wait a minute, hold on there. Did you say "Devil of Mobius"?


Dr. EggPlankton: (notices some of Arjar's Dark Energy went into Ratatosk Sonic, turning into Dark Ratatosk Sonic)

Dr. EggPlankton: When I have Arjar's Powers flowing through me, it somehow connects into Sonic turning him into his Dark Form. It's like we're both connected with the Dark Energy

(Dr. EggPlankton & Dark Ratatosk Sonic battled out each other)

Jack: You & Sonic connected? (gasps) That dark energy you drained out of Arjar is the Devil Gene!

All: WHAT?!

(End of Flashback)

Jack: That's what I said, Arjar has the Devil Gene inside of him before

Luna: I don't understand. Tails Doll scratch Sonic's arm and became the Devil of Mobius.


Luna: Sonic, what happend? Why did you punched me?

Sonic: Why are you following me i thought i told you to stay away bitch.

Luna: Somethings not right. The Sonic I know would never say something me. The Sonic I know always cheers me up.

Sonic: Well maybe im not the Sonic you know

Black smoke comes from Sonic's scratch

Sonic: Grrrrrrraaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Sonics spikes grow longer his teeth turn to fangs his ears are replaced by horns and his fur is replaced by scales

Luna: Sonic?!

???: Who is this sonic you speak of i am known as............The Devil of Mobius *Darts at Luna*

Luna:(Screams in terror)

Matt hears the screaming

Matt: DAMMIT I knew this would happen *Goes to where Luna is*

The Devil: Hahahahahahahahaha* Grabs Luna By The neck and starts choking her*

Luna:(Coughs) I........ can't..........breath..........

Matt: CRAP! WHAT IS THAT!!! *Jumps and chops off The Devils hand*

Luna is set free an dMatt protects her


The Devil: ROOOOAAAARRRR!!!! *His hand grows back*

Luna:(Breaths heavly) Matt....... That is Sonic.......... He was turned into The Devil of Mobius.......... You have to get him back.........

The Devil:*Hisses and darts at Matt*

Matt: Woah! *Jumps and kicks the devil in the back of the head* RUN LUNA!!!!!

Luna: But Sonic.........

Matt: GO NOW!!!!!

The Devil: *Knocks Matt to the ground knocking him out cold* Hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa *Raises claws in the air getting ready to strike*

(Suddenly, a sword went up to The Devil's throat)

The Devil: *Falls to the ground and pulls the sword out*

The devil turns back into Sonic

(It was Lou)

Lou:(Walks up to Matt, helps him up)

Luna:(Runs up to Sonic) SONIC!

Matt wake sup with a big bruise on the back of his head

Matt: Dang that hurt......*Shakes head* Sonic!

Luna: Sonic.... you're going to be fine..... I promise......

Matt: Hm? Sonic still has his fangs!

Sonic gets up and opens his eyes (Which look like Dragons eyes)

Sonic hisses hen falls back down

Luna: We got to get to Tails!

Then 100;s of eggmans robos come due to the fact they could hear the noise

Sonic wakes up and spindashes the robots in half at the speed of light then falls back down

Matt: Dang.......

Luna:(Puts Sonic on her shoulder) Come on Lou, let's go! (Zooms off)

Lou: Hey! Wait for me! (Runs after her)

(Flashback ended)

Patricia: Somehow the Devils from the underworld are the main source to the Devil Gene

Jack: And I still remember the time I defeated Azazel. Azazel also had the Devil Gene inside of him. (gasps) The Legend of the Devil Gene's Power

Emily: So this Tails Doll guy has Devi Gene?

Jack: Bingo

Dr. EggPlankton: But not just Tails Doll, I just notice the Devil Gene is been spread around the world when Jack defeated Azazel about 2 weeks ago, somehow Azazel has spread out his Devil Gene from around the World, not only Mobius, but Earth as well right before Azazel died

Apallo: Hey Guys! Hades had,......-falls over-

Jack: Apallo! Quick help him up!

Patricia & Metal Patricia: (helps Apallo get up)


Luna:(Gets mad, spindashes one of EggPlankton's machines)

Dr. EggPlankton: Whao! I betta get outta here

Jack: Excuse me for a second please? Thank you (spindashes through the Cages, freeing Lou, King Erican & Nikki) I gotcha! (Spindashes at EggPlankton, knocking him over)

Dr. EggPlankton: WHAO! (falls to the ground)

Apallo: Hey.....Jack.....My Dad the God Sunburst.......he;'s dead

Jack: Say WHAT?!?!

Patricia: Oh my goodness

Jack: Uh Sonic, did you have Nikki's Necklace?

Sonic: Sure.

Apallo: He attacked and now he turned them into element orbs agian. luckily i have them but they are not coming back in ther regualr form

King Erican: Dr. Plankton, if you take over Mobius, I'll send you to prison.

Dr. EggPlankton: You'll never catch me! The next time we meet, you'll bow down before Dr. EggPlankton! (throws a Smoke Bomb onto to the Ground exploding it, when the smoke clears, he's gone)

Jack: Dr. EggPlankton got away again!

Patricia: He'll be back for more, later

Apallo: GUYS!

Emily: What?

Jack: I'm sorry but you don't have to yell you know, Apallo

Patricia: Excuse me, but is there a problem?

King Erican:(Picks up the Chaos Emerald) We have the emerald.

Lou: That's great, Dad.

King Erican: Sonic, are you feeling better that you have Nikki back?

Sonic: Like a million times better. Thank you.

Apallo: My family is gone! And your worried about the emeralds! These guys made them!

Nikki:(To Apallo) Oh... Well, you can live with my best friend.

Jack: Don't worry, since the Devil Gene is scattered all over Mobius & Earth infecting the People of Mobius & Earth, then we must stop the Main Source of the Devil Gene before they ressurect Azazel once again

Sonic: But I still have Arjar's dark energy.

Patricia: But sadly, EggPlankton have it as well

King Erican: Hmm.......

Luna: Hey, Jack, Patricia, you never heard of Matthew the Hedgehog, did you?

Jack: Uhh, no

Patricia: Nope, sorry

Sonic: He's a cool guy and a great friend of mine.

Jack: Maybe I should meet this Matthew the Hedgehog

Patricia: Me too, maybe he can help us

Sonic: We all call him Matt sometimes and his girlfriend is Holly.

Metal Patricia: Ok, so where can we find this Matthew?

Sonic: That's the question. We don't know.

Luna: Well, anyway, we should send Nikki back to the human world.

Sonic: Right. (Opens the portal to the human world)

Nikki: Thank you for saving me. Bye Sonic.

Sonic: See ya Nikki.

Nikki:(Kisses Sonic on the cheek, goes into the portal)

(The portal closes)

King Erican: Come now, we should go home as well. (Goes back to the castle)

Lou: Okay. (Follows King Erican)

Luna Finn and Emily:(Follows Lou)

Sonic: See ya Jack! See ya Patricia! (Follows King Erican, Lou, Luna, Finn, and Emily)

Jack & Patricia: Bye Sonic!

Metal Patricia: Farewell

Jack: Come on Patricia, let's go home

Patricia: And it looks like we got a new mystery on our hands

Luna:(Thinking of Crucifal)


Crucifal:(Runs at Lun with A knife)

Emily: We're beening attacked!

Luna: Quick! Back to the Castle! (Grabs Finn and Emily, zooms back to the castle, pulls out her necklace, creates a wall)

Crucifal:(Begins to climb)

Luna:(Creates goo so Crucifal couldn't climb)


(Flashback ended)

Luna:(Thoughts) I wonder why that guy was trying to kill me. That is a mystery I have to figure out.

(With EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton, Jack-4 Commander & Metal Jack: (walking across the middle of nowhere)

Dr. EggPlankton: Faster you robots, faster! Come on, put your back-sides into it !

Jack-4 Commander: Aparently, we don't have any back sides

Dr. EggPlankton: (gets angry) I don't care! Just keep up the pace! We have to hurry. I've already got my revenge planed on Jack, Patricia & their friends & this time I will not fail !

Jack-4 Commander: Of course you won't & that's the good news.

Dr. EggPlankton: Then what is the bad news?

Jack-4 Commander: After a battle, Metal Jack had suffered a voice chip failure & look...(points to Metal Jack with his broken voice chip)

Metal Jack: (Cubot's Voice) I feel like my old self. All I want to do is talk, talk, talk. Hey, remember when we were chasing those little tiki guys? What's up with those guys anyway? They sure were funny looking! Hahaha! Smelled good, though...

Dr. EggPlankton: (groans) What I wouldn't give for the maddening silence back at EggPlanktonLand right about now.

(As Dr. EggPlankton, Jack-4 Commander & Metal Jack are still walking off to the horizon, Metal Jack can't stop talking)

Metal Jack: Oh, I wish we had some sushi! Oh hey, I heard they started using fish. Bummer, we did bring any with us! Not that we could eat it since we're robots but we could have looked at it! I love looking at stuff! I love stuff! Hey, the fireworks show at the end was great! How'd you get everything to blow up like that? LOVED IT! By the way did we destroy Jack & Patricia this time? Duh, sorry, dumb question! We never destroy Jack, Patricia & their friends! Hey, where are we going? Ooh, look at that cactus, and look at that one, ooh, look at that...

(The end of episode 1)

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