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(Note: All the villians, including Eggplankton, except for Layla, are not in this episode)

(Special Guest Star: Rachel McAdams as Marybeth L. Wolf)


(In the Dark Forest, inside Layla's haunted house of witchcraft, in night time)

(Layla's Theme Song plays as we see the Dark Forest)

(Now we see Layla's dark evil sexy witches & succubus are flying around with their Succubus Wings & their dark flying brooms, cackling like evil witches)

Layla: (sitting on her dark throne in the throne room) Hmm, I really need is more dark energy so I satsify my hunger for dark power, but which victim shall I feed the dark magic out of? Let's find out shall we?

(Layla takes out her magical dark purple crystal ball & looks into the dark purple crystal ball)

Layla: Hear me my crystal ball, which victims with dark energies shall I feed the dark magic out from the owners?

(The Dark Purple Crystal Ball shows Layla, werehogs with dark magic, including Hank J. Wimbleton the Werehog)

Layla: Werehogs, huh? This'll be an excellent choice, especially when I feed off the dark energy out of Hank J. Wimbleton, he's the kind of werehog I can sink my teeth into...(laughs)...since this Saranoia chick failed to get the dark energy off from those Werehogs, never send a wannabe to do a pro's job

(Layla stands up & then grabs her dark flying broom)

Layla: No holds barred, just like every witch girl wants (evil witch laughter)

(The scene change into morning with some school girls, including Rachel, are out of school and they are amired by Marybeth L. Wolf's beautiful horse while Maggie is playing with her dolls)

Girl 1: Wow Marybeth, your horse is so beautiful.

Girl 2: Yeah. She is the most beautiful horse ever.

Girl 3: I wish I would have a beautiful horse like that.

Rachel: She is very beautiful.

Maggie:(Hears all of it)

Marybeth: I know. Daddy bought her for me. Her name is Dianna.

Girl 2: Beautiful name.

Rachel: You dad is very rich to have a horse like that.

Maggie:(Goes to the group) A horse?

(The Girls, Marybeth and Rachel turned and looked at Maggie)

Marybeth: Ugh. Who are you supposed to be?

Rachel: That's Maggie. The youngeest werehogs of the Werehog Cave.

Marybeth: Does she even go to this school?

Maggie: No. I'm cave schooled.

Girl 1: Cave schooled? Ugh. What an animal.

Maggie: I heard what you said and want to know why would you get a horse like that?

Marybeth: Because I was good and my Daddy told me that I was ready to get a horse. You should get one too. Oh. Wait. You can't. You're an ugly wolf dog. (Laughs out loud, then leaves)

Girls:(Laugh out loud too, then leaves)

Rachel:(Goes up to Maggie) Don't worry. Someday you'll get one. (Leaves)

Maggie:(Upset) But I don't want to get one someday. I want one right now.

(The scene changes to the werehog cave where Maggie is telling Werehog Ash about Marybeth and her horse)

Werehog Ash: So. People get horses all the time. You on the other hand, can't.

Maggie: But she said I can't because I'm a ugly wolf dog.

Werehog Ash: She said that to you?

Maggie: Yes.

Werehog Ash: Well, she's just a jerk. And she's right.

Maggie: Well this time. She will be wrong. I'm going to get my own horse and you, Stu, Jill, Marvin, Daniel and Ariel are going to help me.

Werehog Ash: What?

Pikachu: Pika?

(The scene changed to where Werehog Ash, Stu, Jill, Marvin, Daniel, Ariel and Maggie are stitting on top of the Werehog cave)

Ariel: Okay. Accourding to this book, you have to call a horse to get here. And I don't think you should do it.

Maggie: Why?

Stu: Umm... Because of your... (Gulps) thing.

Maggie: I don't care. I'm calling my own horse. (Clears her throat, then makes her own horse sounds loud with a echo screech)

Werehog Ash, Stu, Jill, Marvin, Daniel and Ariel:(Covered their ears)

Maggie:(Stops making horse sounds)

Sonic, Lou, Cici, Tabitha, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur and Luna:(Arrived)

Tabitha: What the heck was that?!

Marvin and Daniel: It was Maggie!

Sonic: What? Why her?

Stu: You don't know anything about Maggie's "special gift".

Luna: Special gift?

Jill: She's got the Echo Scream.

Ariel: A very high pitch sound whenever she is scared or doing something stupid.

Cici: So what is she doing?

Maggie: I'm calling my own horse so she would come here. Because this girl called Marybeth has her own horse.

Luna: Marybeth?

Oliver: Oh. Jullianne told me about her.

Lewbert: So did Gail.

Jur: And Lori.

Tabitha: I think Barry told me about her.

Maggie: Okay. Let me try this again. (Clears her throat, makes the same horse sounds really loud with the super Echo Scream)

(All the glasses of Hyrule City began to crack)

Everybody:(Covered their ears)

Maggie:(Stops making her horse sounds again and the Echo Scream is stopped too)

Tabitha:(Digs her ears from the loud noise) That was a call?

Ariel: That was the Echo Scream.

(JTH: Never stop editing? I said that I'll be watching.)

(Can you at least tell SB to come back to do this episode)

(JTH: I object to that statement. ♪ We're never, ever, ever coming back, if you haven't been transformed into a humble 'un ♫ We're not sure if we could trust you, y'know. Please try your best to be a good RPer. Not like those old times: ranting at us, making all-CAPS ragefaces at us, and bossing us. 'Kay?)

(I am a good rper.)

(JTH: Why am I not so surprised? I have guessed that I might hear that egotistical statement. Still the stain remains. No one believes that. Show that you really are, truthfully.)

(Well, I am roleplaying on Ogre on the Loose. Is that good)

(JTH: Duh. It's not your RP, so you don't tend to be a show-off.)

(I'm not a show-off)

(JTH: YES. YOU ARE A FRIGGING SHOW-OFF. Egotistic people are show-offs. Deniance is futile. Even if you deny this, you're still a show-off. )

(JTH: Any last words, narc?)

(I don't have any last words. I'm not dying or leaving or anything)

(JTH: Very well. As you responded, you are a narc. Stay here if you want. No one will go here... You show-off.)