Sonic X New Adventure Episode 12: Bad Karma

(Note: All the villains, including Eggplankton, except for Carl, are not in this episode)


We start off with Luna practicing her moves, with Finn and Emily watching her.

Klonoa:(Came in) I can make a muscle! (Does a small muscle) Ha ha!

Luna:(Gets annoyed, unfolds her wings)

Klonoa: Why did you unfold your wings?

Luna:(Picks him up, throws him far away)

Klonoa: WAAAAHH!!!!!

Later, at the Crossover Mansion...

Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, SPARKY & the Crossovers: (chilling out together)

Jack: Dude, what are we gonna do this weekend? Nothing's going on.

Patricia: I don't know.

Reidak: Shall we have some soda?

Duncan: Now we're getting somewhere.

Klonoa:(Came in) I'll get it for you guys! (Pulls out his sword, starts hitting the soda machine)

(The soda machine explodes, and a soda came out)

Klonoa:(Picks up the soda) Here ya go.

Jack, Patricia & the Crossovers: (covered in soda)

Owen: Thank you (grabs the can & drinks it)

Xplode: (annoyed) Yeah, thanks a lot.

Sanford: (wipes off the soda off his face with cloth) Klonoa's pranks might be getting out of hand.

Spongebob: (soaks up the soda cause he is a half sponge, half hedgehog) Mmm, soda.

(At the dojo)

Abby, Jane, Lina and Lucille:(Eating salad)

Lucille: This salad taste funny.

Klonoa:(Came in) Then it will taste my blade! (Throws the table, cuts all the salad into pieces) Will it eat it now?

Lucille: Uuuhh... No.

Abby:(Annoyed, uses her powers to have a donkey fall on her twin brother)

Klonoa: Oof!

(In a forest)

(Klonoa is showing Lizzy a carving of a heart sharp with the letters K + L, which is Klonoa and Lina, on a tree)

Klonoa: So. Do you think she'll like it?

Lizzy: Sure, but for me... Shadow!

Shadow:(Appeares) What?

Lizzy: Klonoa hit me. Can you get rid of him?

Shadow: Chaos...

Klonoa: Aw pellets.

Shadow: BLAST!!!!! (Uses Chaos Blast on Klonoa)

Klonoa:(Gets hit and was send far away) CAAAAALLLLL MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

(In Hyrule City)

Sonic:(With Choro on his shoulder, walking through town)

Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, SPARKY & the Crossovers: (arrives)

Jack: Hello Cousin.

Sonic: Hey Jack.

Hakann: Have you seen Klonoa?

Xplode: (angry) Because he used his sword to wreck our soda machine & causing it to explode, spraying all of the soda at us!

Sonic: No.

Choro: You know they were in cans, right?

Scott: (pulls out a soda) If your so smart then have a fizzed up soda can that Klonoa shaken up! (gives the can to Choro)

Choro:(Opens the can)

(Soda fizzes on Choro)

Choro: Grrrrrhhhh...(Stopped drinking and, with some humor, was spitting out the soda in every way possible, looked at Scott with anger)

Scott: (to Choro) Wanna face me? Tough guy?!

Sonic: Not really. But that's how my adopted brother is. Annoying.

Eddy: We gotta do something about this, I can't take anymore of his pranks.

Jack: Prehaps, our newest crossover can help us.

Choro: New ones! Are they as crazy as yo-

Sonic:(Covers Choro's mouth) Proceed.

Jack: Allow me to introduce you to our newest crossover, Grim the Mobian Skeleton

Grim: (appears from a green underworld portal)

Choro: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! (Hides behind Sonic)

Grim: (grins)

Sonic: Sweet.

Choro:(Little scared)

Gwen: Cool

Duncan: Nice.

DJ: (faints)

Duncan: Don't worry about DJ, he's just scared of anything scary.

Sonic: Sounds like Carrie and Choro.

Choro: I am not scared!

Grim: Greetings. And what can the Grim Reaper do for you? (does his signature Grim Reaper laugh) 

Patricia: You see, Klonoa is pranking everyone with his pranks.

Toxic Reapa: And we're sick of it !

Sonic: Well, he's just annoying. That's all.

Edd: And we need to do something about his pranks. Violence only leads to more Violence.

Grim: I see. Maybe there could be one possibility. I want you to meet an old friend of mine, name of "Karma".

Sonic:(Was about to say something about Karma)

Choro:(Interupts Sonic) Oh! Oh! I think I know what Karma is! Aaah... Karma's... Karma's a yakow bone! A yakow bladder! No... no... I got it! Karma is a... juice pop! A jewel shop? Oh... oh... I know, Karma's a hairball! A hair lip? A hairy chest?

Grim: (to Choro) You don't know who Karma is, don't you?

Choro: Aaaah.... I got nothing.

Jonathan: Karma, eh? I know what it is.

Beth: Hi Jonathan.

Lizzy:(Came in) Karma is the concept of "action" or "deed", understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect originating in ancient India and treated in the Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, and Sikh religions.

Jonathan: Ohh, I thought of other meaning. (sigh)

Grim: Indeed, Lizzy. You are very smart. But you must heed my warning.

Hank: Hm?

Mecha Deimos: Warning?

Ezekiel: What warning, eh?

Jonathan: I was like saying, "bad luck". Aaaaaaaand what warnin'?

Grim: Legend has it that those who don't believe in Karma, shall be perished by Karma himself.

Lizzy: Right.

Luna:(Also cames in) Hate to burst your bubbles, but Klonoa is coming.

Jonathan: "Legend has it that those who don't believe in Karma, shall be perished by Karma himself." Keep it for yourselves.

All:(Nod their heads)

Klonoa:(Came in) Hey there guys.

Sonic: Hey Klonoa, I wanna ask you a question. Do you know what Karma is?

Klonoa: Uuuhhh.... Is Karma a hairball?

Choro: I thought so too.

Klonoa: Then no.

Sonic: Karma is sort of bad luck. When you do something good, the universe will accept you, but when you do something bad, the universe will punish you.

Klonoa: That is the most stupiest thing I have ever heard! I think Karma is a hairball.

Hank: This is a warning that we all need to remember. We all must believe in Karma.

Klonoa: Believe in Karma? That's stupid. Nobody heards of Karma. Not even me.

Josh: (arrives) As an Ancient, we do not believe in such "karma". It is Buddhist & Hinduist belief. Are you Buddhist or Hinduist, or what?! .... And yeah, Klonoa, it's stupid.

Grim: No!  Do you even realise what you've done?

Josh: Oooh, looks like we've met again, imbecile.

Klonoa: I'm going with Josh. I don't believe in karma.

Jack: (goes in between of Grim & Josh) Please no more fighting each other!

Josh: (slaps Jack) Don't get in my way, Jack.

Luna: These two know each other?

Patricia: It's a long story.

Grim: I said I was sorry before. What else is new? I'm a walking skeleton, isn't that scary?

Jonathan: Really, really. Your argument is invalid, reaper.

Klonoa: Well I don't believe in karma. That's that. I'm going home.

Grim: How dare you!

Jack: That is enough! Grim says he's sorry & he's only trying to protect all of us.

Lizzy: You're going to be very sorry when Karma gets you.

Klonoa: Whatever.


(Suddenly, a car came by and hits Klonoa)

Klonoa: DAAAAAAHHH!!!!! (Fells to the ground)

Lizzy:(Laughs at Klonoa)

Josh: That's a kind of one of a ruse.

Tree Rex: WHOA! (goes up to Klonoa & gets him up) Klonoa, are you ok?

Scott: (notices a golden phone fallen off the car) Hey, check out the phone! (picks up the golden phone which has no connection) Cool!

Klonoa: Where the heck did that car come from?!

Sonic: I have no idea.

Scott: And where the heck did that golden phone came from? I must have it!

Jonathan: (picks up phone & throws it at Scott)

Josh: ............

Scott: Ow! Jonathan, what was that for?

Sonic: For being you.


Scott: That's why I'm the Antagonist in Season 4 of Total Drama, smarty-pants.

Klonoa: I'm going home now. (Walks home)

(Suddenly, a board hits Klonoa's head)

Klonoa: OW!!! (Falls backwords to the ground, gets up, puts his hand on his head)

Lizzy:(Laughs again at Klonoa)

Grim: Yep, Klonoa's cursed.

Jack: (hears the golden telephone rings)

Scott: Say, someone's calling.

TDI Courtney: (notices that there's no connection in the golden phone) Strange, there's no connection.

Scott: That's why it's called a cordless telephone, Courtney.

Zaktan: Be careful, this golden telephone might be cursed too.

Sonic: I'm going to make sure. (Answers the golden phone) Hello?

(Suddendly a record flys by & hits Scott at the back of the head)

LeShawna: Did you see that?

Scarox: Yeah.

Scott: Ow! (falls to the ground) (groans) Sonic, what's with you?

Sonic: It wasn't me!

Jack: Yeah! [He hangs the phone up.] My cousin's innocent I tell ya. [The phone rings.]

Vezok: Got it!

Scott: Oh no you don't ! Get away from my new phone! It's proberbly Tabitha.

Sonic: Oh I don't think so. Give me that. (Answers it) Tabitha? Are you calling Scott or someone else?

[A geyser suddenly shoots up, sending Scott flying towards the wall. Scott falls back down onto the bed, wrapping himself in a spring which is from an old bed.]

Choro: Whoa!

Ed: I know where you're going with this, Scott! [He climbs into bed.] Nighty-night.

Luna:(Giggles a litte) That was kinda funny.

Sonic: Okay. (Hangs up the phone) That was strange.

Choro: I say the phone is curse.

Hot Head: Looks like Klonoa & Scott are both cursed with a curse of their own.

Grim: Well isn't that logic.

Scott: (gets out from the spring) That actually hurt.

Pink Bird: Prehaps someone can repair the old bed with a new spring.

Mike: Ok, sure.

Cameron: Do you think it's a possibility?

Sonic: Hehe. No way. Phones can't be curse.

[The Phone rings]

Reidak: Or this phone is?

Sonic:(Was about to answer it)

Choro: Hey! Let me answer it!

Sonic: But what if you get hurt?

Choro: He! I don't get hurt. I always have good luck!

Sonic: Sometimes...

Choro:(Answers the phone) Yello!

[A bicycle ice-cream-cart arrives very fast at the street and rebounds off the wall and ceiling, landing on Scott. Hot Head takes the phone.]

Hot Head: Scott's in pain now, he'll have to call ya back. [He hangs up the phone.]

Sonic:(Glares at Choro)

Choro: Oops. Sorry. My bad...

Luna: Weird. An ice cream cart without a rider driving that fast? How can it be?

Voltix: What an unfortunate set of circumstances.

Scott: [runs out and places the phone on his patio. He then goes back and cowers behind Patricia.] Something's up with this phone!

Patricia: Oh my, we must be careful. I think I can reconise that phone

Eddy: Me too.

Sonic: It's not curse.

Choro: It might.

Lizzy: Speaking of curse, I can't wait to see more bad luck on Klonoa!

Sonic: Yeah. He kinda desirves a punishment.

(The gang were about to leave until the phone rings)

All:(Turns around, looks at the phone)

Luna: Let it ring.

Owen: Who's gonna answer it?

Scott: Whatever this is, pretend we're not home!

(the phone continues to ring)

Sonic:(Goes up to the phone, answers it, then hangs it up)

Patricia: (her stomach growls) Uh oh.

Scott: (notices that he's behind Patricia) Oh no

Patricia: (accidently lets out a gassy fart & it sprayed on Scott)

Scott: (got blasted by Patricia's gas)

Luna:(Coughs, covers her mouth)

Choro: Uurgh... Great stink of the Chaos. I got four words for ya... plug up your butt!

Lizzy:(Pinches her nose) That's very concerdable. (To Patricia) Did you know that some parts you're also known as a pourcat?

Patricia: Wow, I didn't know that. You really have a great knowledge of my kind.

Ed: (to Scott) Who stepped on a duck?

Spongebob: P.U.! That's stinky.

Squidward: And it smells like something died.

Scott: Something did died, my good luck because this stupid phone's cursed! [He runs inside and starts applying deodorant.]

Xplode: [outside] Oh come now, Scott. These unfortunate mishaps are random at best. Any relationship to the mysterious person's 'Telephone O' Doom' & Klonoa's immunity of believing in Karma is pure coincidence.

Sonic: Okay. Listen. I'm going to take this phone with me. And you'll be fine.

Scott: (grabs the phone) I say we test the phone & Klonoa's bad luck.

Lightning: Test it?

Ed: Like mustard?

Sonic: No. We're not going test it. When the phone rings, I'm going to answer it and maybe some bad luck will hit on me.

Choro: And mustard is not for testing!

Avak: Alright.

Sonic:(Picks up the phone, leaves)

Jack: Where are you going? What about Klonoa?

Sonic: He desirves a punishment.

(Cuts to the libray with Cici reading a book and Sonic playing with the wire of the phone)

Cici:(Stares at the phone) What's with the phone?

Sonic: Oh Scott found it when Klonoa was hit by a car and he thinks it's curse.

Cici: Haven't I seen this phone before?

Sonic: If you did, then you would be curse as well.

(The Phone begins to ring)

Sonic:(Looks at the phone)

Cici: Are you going to answer it or are you being a chicken?

Sonic: Uuh... I don't know. I got a bad feeling about this...

Cici:(Rolls her eyes, answers the phone) Hello. This is Princess Cillia. How may I help you?

Sonic:(Looks around to see if he might get hit, but didn't) I knew that phone wasn't curse.

(Suddendly from outside, a Giant Piko Piko Hammer suddendly slams on Scott)

Scott: (from outside) OW!

Sonic:(Goes outside) Scott?!

Cici:(Follows him) Are you okay?

Sonic:(Notices that Amy was standing here) Amy? What are you doing here?

Amy: I was praticing my hammer skills, when BOOM! I accidently hit Scott.

Sonic:(Turns to Scott) It was just Amy, Scott.

Scott: [dazed] Bad phone...evil...rotten...

Thunder: (with Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, SPARKY & the Crossovers) And itchy.

King Erican:(Came outside, holding the phone) Um... What is this phone doing here?

Sonic: Scott thinks it's curse.

King Erican: A phone being curse. Ha ha ha. That is ridiculous. Phone's can't be cursed.

Sonic: That's what I said.

A slight, wispy voice could be heard eminating from the phone.

(The phone rings again)

XT4: Uh oh.

Scott: (got scared) Not again! (tries to get the phone away from King Erican) DON'T ANSWER IT!

King Erican: It's probably a man looking for his phone. (Answers it) Good evening sir, I believe I have found your phone.

"I heard you've been having issues with a certain 'prankster.'" could be heard from the phone.

Scott: (stops & then uses Crusher as a shield)

From behind, a giant Monster Truck wheel rolls onto him.]

King Erican: Oh dear me... (To Sonic) Sonic, I want you to get rid of this phone before Scott gets hurt. (Gives the phone to Choro) Take this phone to the carnival tomorrow and sell it. If you don't, then I will curse you. (Goes inside)

Choro:(Looks at the phone, then gets scared that he might get cursed as well) Agghhh! I believe this is yours! (Throws the phone to Scott)

"If you want to know where to return the phone, press 8." could be hear from the phone.

Scott: No! You take it ! (throws the phone to Patricia)

Patricia: I wouldn't think of it, you take it. (gives it to Duncan)

Duncan: You take it! (throws it to Spongebob)

Spongebob: Sorry, you take it! (throws it to Jack)

Jack: Just like Patricia said "I wouldn't think of it". You take it (throws it to Eddy)

Eddy: Here, you take it! Keep it away from me! (throws it to Xplode)

Xplode: No, you take it! (throws it to Owen)

Owen: Ah! No, keep it away from me please! (throws it to Mecha Deimos)

Mecha Deimos: No way, you take it! (throws it to Aquagon)

Aquagon: No way man. You can have it! (throws it to Red Bird)

Red Bird: No you take it. (throws it to Raptros)

Raptros: Uh uh, you take it ! (throws it to Captain K'nuckles)

Captain K'nuckles: No way! You can have it ! (throws it to Panrahk)

Panrahk: No, you can have it to yourself (throws it to Choro)

Choro: No! Really! I insist! (Throws it to Eddy)

Eddy: No you take it ! (throws it to Ezekiel)

Ezekiel: Ed, you can have it ! (throws it at Ed)

Ed: Hot potato! (throws it to Sonic)

Sonic: If I can at least say-

"Listen, if you want to get rid of the phone, take it to the EQuartz Industries Department of Defection to have them check it out. I'd do it myself, but it requires so much tedious paperwork." could be heard from the phone, in a rather bored mobster-style of voice. Everyone then stops throwing it around, and ACTUALLY LISTEN TO IT!

Patrick: (suddendly picks up Sonic & throws him & the phone to Hakann)

Hakann: (throws Sonic to Lightning)

Lightning: (throws Sonic to Scott)

Scott: (catches Sonic)

Sonic: WHOA!!! You guys, stop it! We are selling it to the carnival!

Jack: Ok, let's go

Patricia: Okie dokie.

Sonic: Tomorrow.

Scott: Please save me!

Sonic: Sorry. That's what Erican said. And also I am going to take Lucille to the carnival tomorrow. And I'm bringing Klonoa with me, because Lizzy said she might see some bad luck.

Jack: Look Cous, I know that you're trying to protect us, but we'd rather take our chances by going with you.

Sonic:(Sighs) Okay. You'll all come with me.

Patricia: Thank you Sonic. Your the best. Do you mind if I give you a hug, Sonic?

Sonic: Sure. (Puts the phone down, hugs Patricia)

Patricia: (hugs Sonic back)

Choro:(To Sonic) So.... It's yours?

Sonic:(Hits Choro behind the head)

Choro:(Rubs his head)

(At Carl's castle)

Carl:(Watched the whole thing) So... Klonoa is cursed by Karma huh. And the dorks are cursed by a phone. While they get scared by Karma, I will destroy Hyurle City by making the volcanos explode by a giant mint at the carnival. Tomorrow! (Laughs evily, then teleports)

(The next morning)

(Sonic and the gang are now at the carnival)

Lucille: Can I go play?

Sonic: Sure. We'll go meet you at the lunch court.

Lucille:(Flies off to ride some rides and play some games)

Klonoa: Can't wait to get rid of that phone. It creeps me out.

Lizzy: I can't wait to see you get hit by a bell.

Klonoa: Really? I hope you're pation, because what are the odds of that?

(A man swings the hammer on the bell dingy and Klonoa got hit by a bell)

Klonoa: DING!!!!


Jack: Klonoa? Are you ok?

(The phone begins ringing)

Thok: The phone's ringing again.

Sonic: Already? Without even selling it?

Choro:(Shakes his head meaning don't answer it)

Luna: I'll try it.

Choro:(Facepalms himself)

Luna:(Answers it) Good morning.

There is no sound. Then suddenly, Scott is then hit by a skee-ball from a nearby arcade.

Scott: Ow! That wasn't so bad. (notices a large wagon carrying tire tracks comes along) MOMMY! (the large wagon crashes into Scott along with the tire tracks which are crushing him) (groans)

Luna:(Hangs up the phone)

Sonic: Let's find the seller.

(With Carl)

Carl:(Levitating the giant mint)

(Back with the others)

All:(Looking for the seller, when they aproch to a glass full of lots of soda bottles)

Luna: Whoa! That's a lot of soda bottles.

Klonoa: Yeah! Whoevers guesses the most soda bottles gets to win a soda. And that lucky sab is going to be me!

Lizzy: Unless you are about to be hit by a runaway bumper car.

Klonoa: The number is exactly 4,600,7- (Gets hit by a bumper car) AAAAHH!!!!!!

Man: Sorry. That's wrong.

Mike: That's gonna hurt

Jack: (picks up Klonoa) Klonoa, would it be easier if you just believe in Karma?

Klonoa: I told you. Karma is just a hairball. And I am having the unluckiest day ever!

Lizzy: And you're not even a half way through it.

Mordecai: (to Klonoa) Dude, just admit it.

Rigby: Just like when the phone is cursed.

Klonoa: Karma, smarma.

The phone rings again.

Sonic:(Looks at the phone, then answers it) Listen, whoever you are! Stop tormenting Scott! Okay?!

Scott: [A lightpole breaks and falls on Scott.] Ow!

Sonic: Rrgh! (Sees the seller) Yes! (Hangs up the phone, goes up to the seller) Excuse me. But we would like to sell something.

Seller: What is it that you would want to sell?

Harold: (points to the golden telephone) This Golden Telephone that is cursed.

Seller:(Looks at the phone, gasps) No... This is....darkness.....

Sonic: Darkness?

Seller: I'm very sorry, but I cannot sell something that is full of darkness. You are on your own now.

Sonic: Pellets. Scott's going to be cursed forever.

Lizzy:(Smiles) You took the words right out of my mouth.

(Couple minutes later)

(Phone rings)

Sonic:(Answers it) Hello?

(Klonoa and Scott get sucked into the cotton candy machine, they are now covered into cotton candy)

(An air cleaner comes by and blows on Klonoa and Scott)

Klonoa: AAAH!!!!

Scott: AAAAH!!!

(The garbage sticks to Klonoa and Scott since they are covered in cotton candy)

Luna: Oh man. That's gonna smart.

Owen: So uh, aren't you gonna finish the cotton candy?

Scott: So? What did they say?

Sonic: It's darkness... He won't sell darkness...

Scott: (shakes the garbage & the cotton candy off of himself in shock) What?! You got to be kidding me! (grabs the phone from Sonic & runs to the seller) Take it back! Take it, take it!

Seller: No. I cannot. I am sorry. But I cannot buy darkness.

Scott: Please! I'm begging ya!

Seller: You are on your own now with darkness.

Scott: (notices the phone rings) Oh no! Whatever you do, don't answer the phone!

Geoff: Wow, I never seen Scott being that scared like this before.

Trevor:(Came by eating cotton candy) Cool. A phone. Who's calling?

Sonic: Trevor, don't!

Trevor:(Answers it) Hello?

Scott: (notices a tree falling down on him) (low voice) Mother...(got crushed by a fallen tree) Ow!

Ed: Good morning tree.

Heather: Is someone even gonna yell "Timber"?

Sonic:(Picks up the phone) Go home, Trevor.

(With Carl)

Carl:(Puts the giant mint on top of the volcano, but it won't fit) Oh man! I need something to make it through. (Teleports to find somethng)

(Back with Sonic and the others)

Klonoa:(Tries to get the ketchup out so he can eat his sandwhich, but it wouldn't, looks at the ketchup)

(The phone rings again)

Sonic:(Answers it) Hello?

Klonoa and Scott:(Get splatted by ketchup)

Lizzy:(Pulls out her "Prank Klonoa" list) Let see. "Get hit by a bell" Check. "Be hit by a bumper car" Check. "Squirt ketchup and -" Hey. Where are the bees?

Klonoa: Darn it! (Punches his fist on the table, then a fork went flying towards a bee hive, bees came out of their hive and start stinging Klonoa and Scott)

Lizzy: There they are.


Sonic: Guys... Klonoa is allergic to bees.

Luna: What happens if he gets stung by a bee?

Sonic: He gets all puffy.

Lizzy: Sweet!

Klonoa:(Gets all puffy) Ah man.. You better get me to a doctor.

(Siren alarm effect start)

Lizzy:(Laughs out loud)

Avak: (to Lizzy) What is even wrong with you, has Klonoa suffered enough?!

Scott: (crawls out of the tree, looking battered & bruised) Please! I can't take this bad luck anymore!

Dragon Bolt: What do you think we should do?

Sonic: I don't know...

Choro: Let's smash that thing!

Sonic: I don't think so. I let Jur smash the phone when I showed it to her.


Jur:(Uses her Niko Niko Hammer to smash the phone)

(The phone was now flying towards Sonic)

Sonic:(Catches it)


(Flashback ended)

Sonic: But it is an epic fail.

Scott: (still blinded by the ketchup) Somebody get this ketchup off of me! It's burning my eyes! (accidently walks inside the stand that sells clams got snapped by the crankiest, snappiest & hungriest clams) Ow! Ow! Ouch! Oooch! Ooh! Ow! Oh! Ouch! (got covered by clams who bit him everywhere in his body)

Luna: What else can be worse?

(The phone rings)

Sonic:(Answers it, then gives it to Choro)

Choro:(Grabs the phone and puts it to his ear, scared and nervous) Hello...?

(A rumbling is heard)

Scott: (notices a stampede of wild horses) HORSES?! [He is trampled by the rampaging herd of horses)

Luna: Holycrappants....

Carl:(Watching the whole thing) Well, that distracts a hedgehog idiot watching the pain of his friend. And now back to my favorite subject, ME! (Teleports back he was starting at without the others noticing)

Owen: (notices the horses stable's gate is accidently been broken) Looks like the gate to the horses stable is been broken.

Sonic:(Looks at Scott)

Scott: (looks more battered & bruised) I can't take it anymore! I'm sorry!

Sonic: What else is next? A thunderstorm?

There is no thunder to be seen. Not even a cloud appears in this bright and beautiful sky.


Jonathan: These are intented ruses...

(The telephone rings again)

Xplode: (gets angry) Oh, That's it ! (picks up the phone) Let's put an end to this cursed phone innocence once & for all ! Let's put an end to this once and for all if it's the last thing we do! [on the phone] Hello, Xplode the Hedgehog speaking.

Josh: ........

Jack: Sorry Josh.

Patricia: We're very sorry Josh. Can you ever forgive us?

Luna:(Mouthing) 1...2...3

Josh: (eyes turn crimson red)

Scott: AAH! (covers himself) Don't hurt me!

Patricia: (gasps) Please don't us! (covers himself) We didn't do nothing wrong.

Sonic: Yeah! We're just trying to get rid of this phone that is cursing Scott!

Josh: (grabs phone)

Jack: Do you have any ideas? Jur has tried whacking that phone with a Hammer, but it didn't work.

Sonic: Then we tried selling it, but it's full of darkness.

Scott: Yes & now that the phone is ringing & Xplode answered, there's no telling what's gonna happen to me next. I mean IS THERE SOMETHING THAT CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!?!

Nothing happens, only to increase the tension between everyone.

Scott: (confused) What? Did I say something stupid?


(Suddenly, a mellet hits Scott and sends him flying to a glass of piranahs.)

Carl: Sorry about that. Sort of.

Josh: CARL! You one of a dirty scavenger!

Scott: (got attacked by piranahs) HELP!

Jack: Carl? What are you up to this time?

Josh: I get it now. You are the one who causes these ruses, eh, Carl? How stupid!

Carl: It wasn't me. I was planning to make the volcanos blow up and melt this town.

Vezok: Your gonna what?!

Hot Head: Not on our watch!

Josh: (gets to fighting stance)

Jack & Patricia: (gets into their battle positions)

Carl: Sorry. No time for battle. Gotta make with the plop plop BOOM! Cuze. (Teleports back to his position)

Duncan: Man, Carl's such a coward. He won't even come out to fight against us.

Sonic: If we're going to stop Carl, then we have to get rid of this curse phone. And Klonoa, say that you believe in karma before you get yourself hurt again!

Klonoa: Okay okay! I believe in Karma!

Scott: Ok! Ok! I'll do it! I'll get rid of the phone! It was my mistake for picking up that thing, now it's my turn to get rid of this phone for good!

Luna: But that thing is full of darkness.

(The phone rings)

Sonic:(Gulps, answers it) Hello?

(Suddenly, people started running away for no reason)

Lucille: SONIC!!!! A big meteor is coming this way!!!!

(A meteor is falling down and is about to hit Scott)

Scott: Oh no! (covers himself)

Klonoa: You won't be crush by that thing. (To Sonic) Look, you take care of Carl and the phone. (To Jack) You and the others go protect Scott, I'm going to get rid of my Karma. (Runs off)

Sonic: But you already said you don't believe in it.

Klonoa: So I'll just have to believe in it. (Goes to a rollercoaster) One for the rollercoaster, please. And hurry!

Crusher: Got it !

Tree Rex, Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Ninjini, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl: (catches the meteor with their Feat Of Strength)

Scott: No! The phone is my responsible! I'll take it from here! (grabs the phone & runs to the volcano)

Sonic: Scott! (Punches Scott to the ground, knocking him down, picks up the phone and zooms off to the volcano) I'm sorry!

Carl: Okay. Let's see. "Mellet" Check. "Giant Mint" Got it. "Big Meteor keeping Giant Idiots busy".

(Tree Rex, Bouncher, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Ninjini, Thumpback and Eye-Brawl are trying their best to hold on to the meteor)

Carl: Fabulous. Looks like everything is going up Carl. And who doesn't like a Happy Carl?

Sonic:(Skids in, picks up the mellet and hits Carl with it) That wasn't so hard.

Carl:(Appeares in front of Sonic) Oh please. Nothing that's easy hedgy. (Hits Sonic with is magic laser)

Sonic: Ugh! (Falls to the floor, catches the phone, goes fights Carl)

Klonoa:(Begins to ride the rollercoaster) WHOOOOOAAAAAA!!!!!!!

The meteor's flames begin to spread onto Tree Rex, due to his wooden skin-structure.

Tree Rex: Ow!

Thumpback: (sprays water at Tree Rex & at the meteor, extinguishing the fire, cooling it down)

Tree Rex: Thanks. I'm not giving up!

Scott: (growls & then tackles at Carl)

Congar, Kineticlops, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Agamo, Magmo, Ultra-V & Raptros: (helps the Giants hold onto the meteor)

Congar: Hold on! We're here to help!

Sonic: Okay. Keep going Scott. Now you can let me handle this!

Carl:(Levites his mellet)

(The mellet hits Scott)

Sonic: Or not.

Scott: (has a lump on his head) (gets even more mad) THAT'S IT!!! (his dark aura appears, meaning he's possessed with dark energy)

Dark Scott: NO MORE MONKEY BUSSINESS!!! (rams at Carl at full speed)

Sonic: Whoa...

Carl:(Uses his mellet to hit Scott)

Dark Scott: (breaks the mellet with his bare hands) (his eyes glows bloody red) CARL THE COCKEROACH WIZARD, YOU'RE DEAD MEAT!!!!! (uses devil punch at Carl)

Carl:(Dodges it)

Sonic: Scott! Stop it! (Looks at the phone) Okay cursed phone. I know I'm not going to like this... but... ring away so something might happened to Scott... Please....

Dark Scott: BUZZ OFF YOU BLUE RAT! (throws Carl at Sonic with his super strength)

Sonic: Ugh!

(The phone rings)

Sonic:(Thoughts) Please let this work... (Answers it) I'm sorry, Scott. But it's for your own good...

Before anyone could pick up the phone, a strange flash of light is seen, and the phone splits clean in two


Dark Scott: (notices this & smiles evily) Hah! (grabs Sonic & Carl by the necks) (deep evil voice) Say goodnight, Hedgehog & Cockeroach Wizard!

Jack: (notices Sonic is in danger & transforms into his Dragon Form, Dragon Jack, flying towards Sonic & Scott)

Dragon Jack: Hold on, we're coming!

Patricia: (riding on Dragon Jack's back) We'll save you!

Dark Scott: Who else you're sending in? A "Pink Rat" (laughs evily as he prepares to do Powerful Double Devil Chokeslams on both Sonic & Carl)

Josh: I think not.

Two tornadoes appear, protecting Sonic & Carl from the attack.

Patricia: Josh! You came to the rescue

Jack: Scott's gone mad with dark energy. It's like he's possessed with the Devil Gene

Patricia: Hold on, could it be possible? Maybe it's because of Scott's cursed about the cursed phone filled with darkness. And the phone's darkness must've entered inside Scott by mistake.

Jack: It could be a possibility. Scott's being possessed!

Sonic: Scott! (Coughs) Knock it off!!!! (Grabs Scott by the arm, then some of the dark energy started absorbing from Scott and into Sonic) What?

Inside of Scott's mind, we see a copy of the mask previously seen on the unnamed villain we've seen before (though this time flashing between red and black) dissolve and is then absorbed into Sonic through the dark energy. This will become relevent much later...

Dark Scott: (to Sonic) What the heck are you doing?

Sonic: I don't know... But I think I know how to get you back. (Starts absorbing Scott's dark energy out of him)

Dark Scott: (growls) Oh no you don't! Two can play in this game! (grabs Sonic's arm & starts absorbing Sonic's dark energy out of him)

Sonic: STOP IT, SCOTT!!!!!! (Dark Ratatosk Sonic's sword appeares in his hand and swings it at Scott)

Dark Scott: (dodges it) NO YOU STOP IT!!!! (transforms into his Devil Form)

Devil Scott: (roars & then slashes at Sonic with his sharp devil claws)

Dragon Jack: (felt dark Ogre energy due to the Dark energies increasing rapidly) (growls louder & louder)

Patricia: Uh oh! Jack's is about to go into his Ogre Form!

Dragon Jack: (transforms into his Ogre Form)

Ogre Jack: OGRE BUDDIES! (lets out a monstrous roar that everyone can hear) IT'S OGRE TIME!

Sonic: SCOTT!!!! THIS ISN'T YOU!!!!! You like Dark Ratatosk Sonic, but crazy!!!!

Devil Scott: THat's because it's the power of the Devil Gene that is controling everybody! You have the Devil Gene, Dr. EggPlankton has the Devil Gene, Layla has the Devil Gene, Kai has the Devil Gene & now I have the Devil Gene.

Patricia: (grabs Carl by the cape) Carl, your not going anywhere.

Ogre Jack: Sonic! (goes up to Sonic & Devil Scott & goes in between of them) You two, stop fighting each other right now. Scott, release your Devil Gene right now.

Devil Scott: If I'm going down, I'm taking you both with me! (rams into Sonic & Ogre Jack with his strength, down the valcano)

Patricia: Sonic! Jack! Scott! (hops on her flying broom & goes after Sonic, Jack & Devil Scott, still holding onto Carl)

Sonic: Scott, when Arjar's dark energy went inside me, if felt like Arjar is still alive and he was controlling me. Do to that I almost killed my friends. To stop Dark Ratatosk Sonic from killing them, I fought the darkness with my own will to save them and it didn't control me anymore. But the darkness is still inside me. And I don't want the same thing happening again with you. So I have to save you! (Grabs Scott's arm, absorbs all the dark energy and the Devil Gene)

Ogre Jack: (grabs Scott's other arm & helps Sonic by asorbing all of the dark energy & the Devil Gene)

Devil Scott: (screaming in pain & then turns back to normal)

Scott: Wha...? What happened? (about to fall down)

Ogre Jack: (catches Scott) Gotcha. Are you ok?

Scott: What's it look like I am? (groans) And why is my nose hair tingling?

Patricia: (holding Carl) Are you guys ok?

Ogre Jack: We're fine, thanks for asking.

Patricia: That's good to hear.

Sonic:(Gets up, picks up the split phone, uses his dark energy to fix it)

Carl: Oh wait a minute. I won't have to worried about crushing you with a mellet. (Pulls out another mellet, levites then smashes the mint into the volcano)

(The volcano starts to gurgle)

Carl:(Pulls his cape out of Patricia's hand) When I can cover you and the entire town with lava instead!

Sonic: Not on my watch! I'll stop that volcano from erupting.

Carl: Really? The question is: Which one? (Uses his powers to make the volcanos spin around)

(Meanwhile with Klonoa)

(The rollercoaster is over)

Klonoa:(Looks at the meteor)

(The giants are trying their best to hold it)

Klonoa: Again.

(The rollercoaster starts again)

(the War monsters are trying their best to help the Giants)

(Back with Sonic)

Carl: Pick a doom, blue. Any doom. See, I'm giving you a sporting chance because I know that your luck sucks!

Ogre Jack: Ahhhhh shut up! (attacks Carl with his Ogre Punches)

Owen: Hurry!

Sonic:(Looks at the volcanos, doesn't know which volcano is going to blow up, thoughts) Oh man. I gotta plug up one of these volcanons, but... which one and how?

(They hear Klonoa barfing, meaning his karma is over)

Sonic:(Looks at the phone, thoughts) If I absorb the dark energy from the phone, then maybe Dark Ratatosk Sonic can contain curse powers. All I have to do is absorb the phone's dark energy and control Dark Ratatosk Sonic. (To Jack and the others) Guys, I'm going to absorb the phone's dark energy and turn into Dark Ratatosk Sonic to stop the volcano from erupting. Don't worry. I'll control him. (Starts absorbing the dark energy from the phone, slowly turning into Dark Ratatosk Sonic)

Carl: What?! Oh no. One of those things is going to blow and you're not going to stop it! (Was about to blast Sonic)

Klonoa:(Came in and grabs Carl) Hi. Remember me?

Carl: Did you bother to brush your teeth?

Klonoa: No. (Blows on Carl's face)


Ogre Jack: (suddendly grabs the phone) No Sonic, WE will stop the volcano from erupting. Scott's my responsibility & besides, like Scott said, "If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me!" (starts absorbing the dark energy from the phone, slowly turning into Monstrous Ogre Jack)

Patricia: (sighs) (creates a giant aura barrier around the volcano) I'll try to slow the volcano down.

Sonic: No. Trust me. I know what I'm doing. (Takes the phone from Jack, absorbs every dark engery and transforms into Dark Ratatosk Sonic, but this time Sonic is controlling him, sword appeares in his hand, uses his new curse ability to move the meteor)

(The meteor moves towards the volcanos away from the Giants)

Dark Ratatosk Sonic: Eenie. Meenie. Minie. MO!!!! (Swings his sword)

(The meteor moves and plugs up the left volcano)

(The ground started to shake)

Luna: What?!

Carl: Ha! Wrong!

(The right volcano has smoking coming out)

Carl: You've chose wrong! You-

(Suddenly, the left volcano made a small fart noise and a little smoke came out, meaning it was the right volcano)

All:(Except Dark Ratatosk Sonic) HUH?!

Carl: What? Of all the dumb luck!

Dark Ratatosk Sonic: Not luck. (Turns back to normal)

Sonic: Karma.

(Just then, the horses came by and carried Carl away)

Sonic: Now that was dumb luck.

Carl: OW!!! OW OW OW OW!!!! (Smashes through the glass full of empty bottles) Ow! Really sharp things!


Sonic: It's like Cici. I'm doing all of the work for you.

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (his blood red & dark purple auras appears) YOU WANT TO DO ALL THE WORK FOR US, I'LL DO THE SAME FOR YOU! BUT THIS DARK RATATOSK FORM OF YOURS & MINES' GOING OUT WITH A BANG, BABY!!! (monstrous roars & then starts savagely attacking Carl)

Sonic: Jack. Calm yourself down. You can do the help for me when I'm not around, okay. (Starts rubbing Jack's arm, some of Jack's dark energy starts to absorb to Sonic)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (grabs Sonic's face with his Snake Arm) YEAH! FRY IT UP EVERYONE! FRY UP EVERYTHING! RAWR! (starts asorbing Sonic's dark energy)

Luna:(Unfolds her wings, flies up to Jack) Jack... Stop it. Go back to your normal self and stop absorbing your cousin's energy or else you're going to kill him.

Monstrous Ogre Jack: IT'S MY MISSION & I'LL STOP ANYONE IF I WANT TO!!! (grabs Luna & then starts asorbing her dark energy) WHOOOOO!!!! (starts asorbing everyone's dark energy, causing him to get stronger and more powerful than ever) (monstrous roars)

Patricia: (creates a barrier around herself) Oh no, not again! I have to do something before Jack turns into Gaia Ogre Jack!

Zaktan: Gaia Ogre Jack?

Patricia: Legend has it that Gaia Ogre Jack is the biggest & most powerful Ogre Form in all of Mobius, once Jack is transformed into that form, they'll be no stopping of this Ogre Form, it will consume every dark energy across the universe...

Scott: AW COME ON NOW! He saved me, what else can we do?

Tree Rex: We're a bit worned out after the meteor attack...

Patricia: Even if we all attack together, there's tiny chance that we damage him...

Eddy: Can we even at least stall him til you find a spell to calm down his Ogre energy?

Patricia: I'll give it a shot, ok let's go!

Patricia, Metal Patricia, SPARKY & the Crossovers: (gets into their battle stances)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (beggining to have purple & black mist emeanting from his eyes & mouth, meaning it's the first stage of his Gaia Ogre Form Transformation)

(More coming soon about the battle against Monstrous Ogre Jack)

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (normal voice) NO! Don't go near me! I'm a monster! A MONSTER! Stop this Monstrous Ogre Form, it's taking over my body! (monstrous ogre voice) NO ONE STOPS THE MONSTROUS OGRE FORM!!!

Patricia: Please stop this madness! (creates 2 barriers trapping Monstrous Ogre Jack & Sonic inside each of them & starts to calm down Monstrous Ogre Jack's energy) That is enough, both of you.

Monstrous Ogre Jack: (starts turning back to normal)

Jack: Thank you. (goes into a coma)

Patricia: (lets go of Sonic & Jack & catches Jack, bridal style) Oh no! The Monstrous Ogre Energy is starting to take control of Jack!

Sonic: Don't worry. I can wake him. (Pulls out a Chaos Emerald, uses it on Jack)

Grim: Sonic? What is that gem your holding?

Sonic: It's a Chaos Emerald.

Luna: They're powerful gems. They can make you turn Super or you can be revive or be healed.

Grim: I see.

Jack: (groans softly) Huh? Who's...?

Sonic: Hey Jack. Feeling better?

Jack: (opens his eyes softly) (groans) Hey cous. What the heck happen to me? And why did I savagely beat the heck out of Carl?

Sonic: Ogre.

Choro: Remind me not to make you mad.

Jack: Point taken.

Scott: Sorry that I've found that cursed phone in the first place.

Sonic: It's okay.

(The phone started to ring)

Sonic:(Picks up the phone, answers it)

???:(Through the phone) You and your cousin have gotten the darkness out of me. So your friend is now free. Thank you.

Sonic: Anytime.

Jack: Yeah, your welcome.

(The phone disappeared)

Luna: Whoa. That phone just vanished into thin air.

Choro: Which means Scott is free from the curse!

Scott: I'm finally free!

Ezekiel: (to ???) Who was that, eh?

Sonic: I have no idea. But it sounded like a woman's voice.

Scott: (is shocked) You mean I've been cursed by a female?!

Sonic: She said that me and Jack got the darkness out of her. So somebody might of curse her and you.

Scott: Well then who do you suppose who is on the phone?

Patricia: We can't say for certain, but for now everything's back to normal.

Jack: Yeah, including Scott, Klonoa & me.

Klonoa: Yeah. I swear I will always believe in Karma.

Xplode: I still have one last question though for Scott. While your in your Devil Form, who are you refering to someone as a "pink rat"?

Scott: (chuckles nervously)

Sonic: At least there are no more curses.

Choro: WOOHOO!!!! The curse is gone! (Does his dance) No more bad luck! 

Scott: You see, the one that I was refering to as a "Pink rat" is...(whispers in Sonic's ear)

Sonic: NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott: Yes, my Devil Form is refering to the pink hedgehog self proclaimed girlfriend of yours is the same girl that knocked me in the head by accident with that Piko Piko Hammer of hers! The Girl that my devil form is refering to her as a "Pink Rat" is...Amy Rose.

Grim: Yep, Scott's a deadman.

Luna: You're an crazy man.

Scott: I know, I'm sorry. At least Amy isn't here to listen to that.

Amy:(Voice) Oh Scott....

Scott: (turns to see Amy & turns pale in fear) Oh no...

Amy:(Her Piko Piko Hammer appeared, swings it at Scott) HOW COULD YOU!!!!!! YOU ARE DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!

Scott: (dodges) Yikes! Control yourself, it was my Devil Form that said that, it was just a funny joke yes? (chuckles nervously) No. (runs away screaming) AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!!

Amy: COME BACK HERE!!!!!! (Chases after Scott)

Jared: (appears, and stops Amy) Now now, violence is not necessary. He can have his own opinion if he wants to. You don't need to be so barbaric over what others think of you.

Amy: HE CALLED ME A PINK RAT, YOU IDIOT!!!!! (Bonks Jared in the head and continues to chase after Scott)

Jared: (grabs her hammer before she could hit him, and breaks it by gripping it hard enough) That's just what you get.

Jack: Jared, what are you doing here?

Amy: Grr! (Another Piko Piko Hammer appeares, then chases Scott)

Mike: Looks like Scott's gonna feel loads of pain in the morning

Jared: (sees her recreate her hammer) I'm going to have to fix that ability later.

Reidak: We forgot to mention that Amy never runs out of Piko Piko Hammers.

Jared: I know, I just never got to fixing that for a while now.

Sonic: Yeah. Good to have everything back to normal.

Choro:(Does his eyebrow move)

(The end of episode 12)


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