(Guest Star: Josh Sussman as Steven the Crab)


Tabitha: Alright guys! Let's do what we practice!

(Sonic, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert and Spencer did all their moves to some people around town, while Luna, sitting next to a brown shark, sits there writing her journal)

???: How come you're not doing it?

Luna: Well, Tabitha said I should stay out of this because of my...dangerous power.

???: Oh. Well, I'm Timothy the Shark.

Luna:(Shakes Timonthy's hand) Luna the Hedgehog.

Timothy: Very nice.

Luna:(Countines to write her journal)

(Steven shows up)

Luna: T_T Steven! What did I tell you about disturbing my personal space!

Steven: I couldn't help but notice you writing in your diary.

Luna: Hey! Mind your own buissness!

Steven: I will you be if you like to go out with me sometime.


Steven: That sounds like a yes.

Luna: Goodbye, Steven. (Turns around) I'm going to ignore you now.

Steven: You've may have won this time Luna. But I will still get you.

Timothy: Well, that was weird.

(Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Reidak, Hakann, Vezok, Zaktan, Avak, Thok, Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva, Harold, TDI Courtney, Saide, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Ezekiel, Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet, Meltdown, Xplode, Thunder, Corroder, Rotor the Fox, Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast, Waspix, Raw Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, Mung Daal, Schnitzel, Chip, Skip, Timon, Pumbaa, Boggy B, Mordecai, Rigby, Turahk, Guurahk, Lerahk, Panrahk, Vorahk & Kurahk, Hank, Sanford, Mecha Deimos, Cameron, Lightning, Zoey, Scott, Jo, Mike, Dakota, Anna Maria, Brick, Sam, Dawn, B, Staci, Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Bird, Orange Bird & Pink Bird arrives)

Jack: Hey Luna, hey guys, what's shaking?

Luna:(Angry) Nothing...

Tabitha: We're just training.

Jack: Oh ok then. Anyways, we want to introduce you to our new crossovers & they are FlapJack, Captain K'nuckles, Bubbie, the War Monsters & the Giants.

Luna: Hello Bubbie. Hello K'nuckles. Hi Flapjack!

Tabitha: Yeah. Hi.

(Toxic Reapa the Chameleon, Jawblade the Shark, Splitface the Skunk, Speeda Demon the Hedgehog, Core Hunter the Gorilla, Voltix the Cat, Thornraxx the Wasp, XT4 the Spider, Flapjack the Fox, Captain K'nuckles the Crocodile, Bubbie the Giant Whale, the War Monsters, known as Congar the Giant Gorilla, Kinecticlops the Giant One-Eyed Hedgehog, Togera the Giant Lizard, Titan Mecha Robo-47, Preytor the Giant Mantis, Raptros the Giant Drago, Agamo the Giant Echidna, Magmo the Giant 4-Armed Mammoth & Titan Metal Ultra-V & the Giants, known as Tree Rex the Giant Tasmainian Devil, Titan Metal Bouncer, Crusher the Giant Echidna, Swarm the Giant Bee, Hot Head the Giant Crocodile, Ninjini the Giant Fox, Thumpback the Giant Whale & Eye-Brawl the Giant One-Eyed Bat then appears besides Jack & his friends)

Flapjack: Hi, friends! I'm always ready for an Adventure!

Tree Rex: My name is Tree Rex & this is Bouncer, Crusher, Swarm, Hot Head, Ninjini, Thumpback & Eye-Brawl. And we're the Giants.

Congar: I'm Congar & this is Kinecticlops, Togera, Robo-47, Preytor, Raptros, Agamo, Magmo & Ultra-V. And we're the War Monsters.

Voltix: My name is Voltix & this is Toxic Reapa, Jawblade, Splitface, Speeda Demon, Core Hunter, Thornraxx & XT4.

Sonic:(Still doing his moves) Nice to meet you guys.

Titan Metal Bouncer: Thanks.

Patricia: Do you mind if me & my friends can join you for training? We can show you some of our moves.

Tabitha: Hmm. Sure.

Timothy: But not as weird as that.

Luna: Oh. They're cool.

Chef Hatchet: (sets up a Mokujin training dummy)

Patricia: Watch this! (coats her skunk tail with energy & then uses Iron Tail at the Mokujin training dummy, sent the training dummy flying at the wall) This move is called "Iron Tail"

Tabitha: Interesting.

Sonic: Sweet.

Jack: Check this out! Chaos Ninjago! (spins around very fast, creating an orange tornado around himself & then uses Chaos Ninjago at multiple Mokujin Training Dummies, senting them flying at multiple directions) (stops) That move is called "Chaos Ninjago". What do you think of that move?

Luna:(Claps her hands) Nice!

Timothy: Not bad.

Jack: Thank you. I still have my abilities like Chaos Zap, Chaos Freeze, Chaos Flare & Chaos Spider to show you, If you don't mind watching more of our abilities.

Coop:(Appeared) Buck. Hi guys!

Tabitha:(Kicks Coop)

Coop: Buck ouch!

Sonic: Uh. Tabitha. That was the real Coop.

Tabitha: Yeah. I know.

Ed: CHICKEN! (hugs Coop super tightly with a strong bear hug) I love chickens, guys!

Luna:(Laughs) I've got to write this in my journal. (Writes it in her journal)

Owen: Ed really loves chickens, does he?

Edd & Eddy: You have no idea.

Jack: (hears a motorcycle engine coming from the sky) Huh? (notices Selina the Echidna, Abby the Hedgehog[SB100], Laura the Fox, Jasmine the Bat, Michelle the Cat, Zoey the Rabbit, Bessy the Skunk, Molly the Bat, Marsha the Bee, Nina the Skunk, Anna the Skunk, Penelope the Skunk & Brittney the Skunk Hybrid who we're riding on their flying brooms, leaving colorful smoke behind them) Looks like we have visitors.

Patricia: It's my mother & my 13 sisters. (notices a purple "Jaguar XK120" car driving towards them & the one driving inside is Jack's dad, Cole the Hedgehog, along with Jack's mother, Bethany the Hedgehog) And here comes Jack's parents.

(Patricia's Sisters & Patricia's mother lands their flying brooms & hops off of them)

Selina, SB100 Abby, Laura, Jasmine, Michelle, Zoey, Bessy, Molly, Marsha, Nina, Anna & Penelope: Hi Patricia.

Patricia: Sisters!

(Patricia & her sisters hugs each other)

Cole & Bethany: (stops the car & hops off) Jack

Jack: Mum! Dad!

Jack, Cole & Bethany: (hugs each other)

Tabitha: Oh great.

Jack: Guys these are my parents, Cole & Bethany the Hedgehogs

Patricia: And these are my sisters, Selina the Echidna, Abby the Hedgehog, Laura the Fox, Jasmine the Bat, Michelle the Cat, Zoey the Rabbit, Bessy the Skunk, Molly the Bat, Marsha the Bee, Nina the Skunk, Anna the Skunk, Penelope the Skunk & my mother, Brittney the Skunk Hybrid.

Cole: Hello everyone

Brittney: Greetings everyone.

Oliver: Hi. I'm Oliver.

Charles: My name is Charles.

Lewbert: My name's Lewbert.

Luna: And I'm Luna the Hedgehog

Spencer: And I'm Spencer!

Bethany: It's very nice to meet you all.

Jack: My Parents, Patricia's mother & sisters are here to visit us just for the whole day.

Selina: Yeah, we just wanna visit Jack & Patirica to spend more time with them & the Crossovers.

Penelope: Yeah, it's gonna be lots of fun together! (hugs everybody) (accidently breaks wind) Oops, sorry.

Tabitha: No problem...

Penelope: It's just that I can't control my flatulence.

Brittney: it's because I have bad gas problems when I was a teen & when I give birth to my daughters, I accidently pass down my flatulence problems to them.

Patricia: And that's why me & my sisters had flatulence problems.

Luna: Not writing that in my journal.

Edd: I'm very sorry about Patricia & her sisters' flatulence problems

Jack: So uh, should Patricia, Metal Patricia, the Crossovers & I show you more of our abilities?

Josh: (arrives) Sorry to interrupt.

Yuki: Hi.

Josh: I am the Ventilus King, Josh the Hedgehog. Well, if you're confused of my title, go see my homeland.

Yuki: And I'm Yuki the Hedgecat. Pleased to meet you all..

Tabitha:(To herself) Oh no...

Jack: Josh the hedgehog! It's nice to see you again (hugs Josh)

Patricia: Hi Yuki the Hedgecat, it's very nice to see you again (hugs Yuki)

Sonic: Josh! Long time no see!

Josh: Hey...

Yuki: (hugs Patricia back) (becomes physically cold)

Spongebob: (to Josh & Yuki) Hi guys. How are things back in the Ancient Dimention?

Josh: Just good.

Luna: .....

Timothy: Ooookay....

Patricia: Guys, these are Josh the Hedgehog & Yuki the Hedgecat, these 2 are Ancients from the Ancient Dimention. Jack, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega, SPARKY, the Crossovers & I met them before.

Luna: Oh.

Timothy: Uh.... Still confused.

Luna: So how did Sonic met Josh?

Jack: He & his friends got accidently transported to the Ancient Dimention, which is the same way that me, Patricia & Dr. EggPlankton got in the Ancient Dimention & Sonic met Josh when Sonic is under attack by a Pisaca.

Luna: Ah. I see. (Looks at Tabitha) And you?

Tabitha: Never seen this guy before.

Jack: But I must warn you, if you insult anything about the Ancients, Josh & his Ancient friends will give punishments to anyone who've insulted the ancients. So watch out.

Heather: (sighs) Don't remind me.

Squidward: (sighs) Or me. Cause Heather & I know about our mistake.

Tabitha: Okay. I won't insult them.

Josh: So, wanna see my ability? Well then! (summons Geasscalibur & sways it, then wind blows inside)

Jack: There's one time that Patricia, Josh, Alice, Jonathan, Rey & I are training the Crossovers while they were traveling to the Ice Cap Zone to get advice from Ichik the Echidna from Tikal's timeline on how to defeat Kaa the Female Hyena, and the Crossovers had sucessfully defeated Kaa.

Luna: Now that I have to write my journal. (Looks around and sees that her journal is not here) Where is my journal? (Whispers to Timothy) I just had it with me. Somebody must of took it. Come help me look for it.

Timothy:(Whispers to Luna) Okay.

Luna: Hey guys. I gotta go somewhere, and I'm going to bring my new friend, Timothy, with me.

Jack: Oh that reminds me. Patricia, Metal Paricia & I are taking my parents, Patricia's mother & her sisters on a tour around the castle of Hyrule City, do you mind if you watch the Crossovers & Patricia's Hand Held Computor for the 3 of us please, Luna?

Luna: Mm. Sure. I guess they can help me find my journal.

Patricia: (hugs Luna) Thank you Luna, your the best. (gives her white hand held computer to Luna) This is my hand held computer named "SPARKY".

SPARKY: Greetings. My name is SPARKY.

Luna: Hi.

SPARKY: (appears in her holographic form, which is a Female Skunk that has Black fur with a Yellow Belly & a Yellow Vertical Skunk Stripe, Yellow Eyes, a Black Skunk Tail with a Yellow Vertical Skunk Stripe & she wears a Red Tight Dress, Purple Skintight Pants, Dark Purple Shiny Shoulder Length Skin-Tight Gloves with Yellow Lightning Decals & Black Boots with Yellow Lightning Decals)

Luna: Whoa! Nice!

Josh: Hey SPARKY.

SPARKY: This form you've saw it is my holographic form.

Luna: I know. It's awsome.

SPARKY: Thank you so very much for the nice compliment, Luna.

Luna: Your welcome.

Timothy: Um... Shouldn't we look for your journal?

Luna: Oh. Right.

Spongebob: Let's go.

SPARKY & the Crossovers: (goes to find Luna's journal)

Jack: Bye guys

Patricia: Good luck guys.

Metal Patricia: Farewell.

Josh: So, shall we show some of our abilities?

Jack: Sure thing, Josh. Fire away.

Josh: Alright then. (levitates)

Sonic:(Whistles) Nice.

Jack: That's why Josh the Hedgehog is the Being of the Wind, wait til you see his sword.

A slight snicker could be heard after Jack unknowingly uttered that phrase (note: "See his sword" has a double meaning)

Josh: Hm? (lands on ground) (hears a snicker) Who's that...?

Jack: Jared the Unknown, I know it's you. Whatever it is, it's not funny.

Josh: Ugh, stop guessing, Jack.

Suddenly, a small box lands in front of Jack, and as soon as it lands, it bursts open, revealing it to be a... living jack-in-the-box like child named "Jax."

Jax: (snickers)

Tabitha: Okay. That's creepy.

Jack: (to Jax) Alright, Who are you?

Spencer: Yeah. And why are you so creepy?

Jax: That will all be explained... never! (sticks his tounge out to spite everyone)

Sonic: Okay. That's just gross.

Patricia: (sighs)

Jack: (grabs Jax by the throat) (to Jax) Explain to us who you are, now!

Josh: ...

Jax: (smirks, then puts both arms behind his back, while one of them stretches to behind Jack's back WITHOUT HIM NOTICING, inflates his hand, then crushes Jack with it, just barely missing himself) no.

Sonic: Hey!

Oliver: That wasn't very nice!

Jax: Bite me. (blows a raspberry at them)

Jack: That hurt & I saw that !

Metal Patricia: That's enough. (enlarges her metal hands & smashes at Jax with her enlarged metal hands)

Jax: (after getting hit, grows the same face that you would see in an old cartoon when a character's head/face is smashed, complete with rotating stars) (literally shakes it off) That won't work here, sweety.

Patricia: (gasps & covers her mouth) Oh my!

Jack: This is messed up!

Josh: Duh, physical attacks don't work on him. He's some show-off.. (fires wind orbs at Jax)

Jax: (actually gets hit by it, sending him flying "Team Rocket" style) I'll be back!!!!!

Tabitha: That got rid of him.

(WIth Luna, Timothy, SPARKY and the crossovers)

Luna:(Looks into the bushes) No. Not in there either...

Spongebob: (look up in the trees) Not up there either.

Tree Rex: Guys, let's keep looking

SPARKY: (scanning the area for Luna's diary)

Timothy: Can't find your jorunal anywhere.

Luna: Where is it?

SPARKY: There could be either possibilities of your journal is either lost or stolen

Luna: It was with me all the time, but now it just disappeared.

SPARKY: I'm afraid so

Avak: We gotta keep looking for it.

Eddy: Yeah, but where could Luna's journal be, it has Jack's & Patricia's abilities inside it.

Luna: And also my private stuff.

Ezekiel: Just like a diary?

Luna: Yes. So if any idiots, like Spencer or Klonoa, or jerks, like Anul, read it, my life is over!

Hot Head: Don't worry Luna, we'll help you get your diary back no matter how long it takes.

Luna: Thanks.

Timothy: Uh. Question. Who's Anul?

Luna: I don't want to talk about it!

Xplode: Ok then, let's keep looking

Nitroblast: Ok.

(2 hours later)

Luna:(Still looking for her journal) WHERE IS IT?! (Felt a touch, turns around to see Steven)

Steven: Hmm. Looking for this? (Pulls out Luna's journal)

Luna: Oh my goodness! Steven! You've found it!

Steven: Not only did I found it, I "found" it.

Luna: Phew. What a relief. (Grabs her journal) Thanks... (Pulls it) For finding it... (Pulls it again) You can let go now... (Pulls it again, but lets go) Hey!

Steven: Uh uh uh. Seems like this book is pretty valuavle. And since I did you a huge favor, you own me one.

Luna: What do you want?

Steven: I want you to take me to a fancy resturant, just the two of us. It will be magical.

Luna: I'm not going to dinner with you, Steven. Just give me back my journal.

Steven: Eh eh eh. I'll give this back to you after our date.

Luna:(Puts her hands around her throat, not choaking herself, and makes a gag noise) That is so gross...

Steven: Already making an abitate, eh? What a woman. (Leaves with Luna's journal)

Luna: Oh....

Captain K'nuckles: What was that all about?

Mr. Krabs: That Steven reminds me of myself when I collect money, save money, touch money & protect money from anyone including cheapskates! He's like the brother I ever had.

Luna: Yeah except he's a real pain in the neck.

Reidak: We gotta get that diary back A.S.A.P.

Owen: But how do we do that?

Luna: I gotta take Steven on a date so I can get my journal back.

Timothy: Do you think you can handle it?

Luna: Not really...

Spongebob: Look, if you want to handle a date with Steven. Then take advice from a boy.

Luna: I don't even like Steven.

Bubbie: Don't your worry Luna, we will all teach you how to cope with Steven's attitude & go on a date to get your journal back.

Luna: Ugh.... Fine...

Eddy: Alright then, let's get started.

Edd: Hmm, let's start with something simple, like asking someone with the same attitude as Steven's for a date & the right match of Steven's attitude is Scott because he attacked the Duke of Nuts before.

Scott: Oh alright.

Luna: Oh brother...

Reidak, Vezok & Zaktan: (setting up a table, chairs, plates, knives, forks & the food for an outdoor dinner)

Zaktan: The Date training has offical begun, starting with a simple dinner date.

Xplode: Hold on, Corroder is the better Steven than Scott, cause he had a bad attitude before & he is a crab too.

Corroder: Oh yeah. Let's do it. (pushes Scott away) Cuse me! (sits down on the chair)

Scott: Phew.

Luna: Great... (Sits down)

Corroder: Are you ready, Luna?

Luna Yeah. Sure.

Corroder: Good, because I ate Anchovy Paste that has expired in 1944 & it tasted delicious. (his bad breath reaches to Luna)

Luna:(Coughs, pinches her nose) That's disgusting!

Harold: Remember this is all about endurance. You must cope with someone who is worst than Steven himself.

Luna: Like Corroder's breath! I got two words for you: Tooth brush!

TDI Courtney: Guys? Why the bad breathe? Why the suit? WHY CORRODER?

Eddy: (annoyed) And Corroder? People really like it when you say WHY ALL THE TIME!

Corroder: They do? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Ed: And people really like it when you poke them on the head. [He pokes Eddy numerous times.]

Eddy: Ed!

Ed: See? Eddy likes it.

Luna: Actually, they don't like whys. And they don't like to be poke on the head! It makes them crazy crazy crazy!

Meltdown: That's the point, we're testing your endurance.

Corroder: [laughs] YEEEEE-HAAAAA! (letting out large ammounts of his bad breathe)

Spongebob: Whoa! Did you see that?

Jawblade: Corroder! That's gold! Do it again.

Owen: Can we get that last line again?

Corroder: YEE-HAA! (letting out large ammounts of his bad breathe again at Owen)

Owen: (waving his hand over his face) Wow! That's gassy & extra points for the Anchovy smell

Ed: Low tide.

Corroder: YEE-HAA! (letting out large ammounts of his bad breathe for the 3rd time)

Alice: (appears) I'm in Mobius right now and I gotta find-- (coughs) P.U.. Who put up an acid bog here?!

Corroder: Hi Alice! I see you smell the 1944 expired Anchovies that I ate. (waves his hand at Alice, releasing large ammounts of his bad breathe once again)

Alice: Stop it!

Luna: Okay. You know what, (Gets up) I'll handle this myself. (Leaves)

Speeda-Demon: Wait, where are you going?

Voltix: Corroder, go after Luna just in case if she's in danger. Get cracking Corroder.

Corroder: No problem guys! (cracks his knuckles)

[Ed screams.]

Edd: That's disgusting.


Corroder: [dancing around Lerahk] Flutter around the mushroom, that's what pixies do! [stops] Watch this, Lerahk! [He turns around and does something to his face. When he turns back, his eyes are red and a Tiki is sticking onto his right shoulder.] I'm a two-headed monster. Uur! Attack the mushroom! [He climbs up Lerahk to stand on top of his head.]

Lerahk: Boy, are you a pain in the neck, Corroder!

Eddy: [having an idea] I got it! Let's turn Corroder into the biggest pest on Mobius! Steven'll give up the Journal just to get rid of him! [as Jonny bites Lerahk] C'mon, Crossover. Let's create a monster!


(With Luna)

Luna:(Walks into Lilly's fashion shop) Hey Lilly, can you do me a favor?

Lilly: Anything for the greatest goddess of Lunatea that is. What is it?

Luna: Well, there's this boy who ask me out on a date...

Lilly: Really? A boy asked you out? OOOOHHH!!!!! Our little Luna is now a woman! So is he hansome? Gourgous? Amazing?

Luna: No. He's annoying... And he took my journal...

Lilly: Oh he did, did he? So why are you going out with him.

Luna: If I don't take to somewhere fancy, then he'll do something to it. The crossovers tried to do it, but they are crazy!

(Choro, who was helping Lilly do all the work while Sonic is training, wakes up and jumps on Luna's shoulders)

Choro: Well, I better come with you, to make sure you won't be harmed.

Luna: Gee. Thanks Choro.

Lilly: And I have a perfect outfit for you to go on your first date. (Gives Luna a black shirtless top, black pants and black heels) Here you go.

Luna: Thanks Lilly. (Leaves with Choro on her shoulder)

(7:00 PM)

(Luna, now wearing her date clothes Lilly gave her, and Choro are waiting for Steven to come in)

Waiter:(Comes in) You would like a drink for that madam?

Luna: Wine is fine.

Waiter:(Goes to the kitchen, then goes to back and puts some bottles of wine on the table, then leaves)

Luna:(Was about to pour the wine)

Choro: Whoa whoa. Luna, if your going to handle Steven, then you shouldn't be drinking that. Let me help you out. (Grabs all the wines, then jumps off the table)

Luna: Uh... Okay...

Choro: Wow! There sure are a lot of bottles here. (Drinks all the wines one by one) Whew! Ooh that's, ooh that, that goes down aah... Ooh boy, gee ya spose that's real gold floatin' in here? How 'bout this purple stuff? Glug, glug, glug... WHEW!

Timothy:(Cames in)

Luna: Hi Timothy.

Timothy: Luna. If anything happens, I'll be right there, okay. (Points at a empty table)

Luna: Okay.

Choro:(Climbs up to the table, looking drunk, looks at Timothy and Luna) Hey there, five chins... how's crimes?

Luna:(Whispers to herself) Oh no...

Timothy: Whoa. What's wrong with your rat friend?

Choro:(Drunk) Nothin'... I'm just fine... (Burps) mind your own business...(Hiccups, then falls backwards, singing) I sometimes feel so very...

(Steven comes in)

Timothy: Here comes Steven. Be calm. (Goes to his table)

Luna:(Sits down)

Steven:(Also sits down) You look fantasty.

Luna:(Annoyed) Gee thanks...

Steven:(Looks at the drunked Choro) What's with him?

Luna: Oh. He's just a friend. (Glares at him, crossing her arms) So where's my journal?

Steven: Don't worry, Luna. It's in a safe place. At my house! Waiter!

Waiter:(Comes in) Yes?

Steven: It's time for the reveal.

Waiter: Yes. (Goes to a sheet, pulls it, it reveals to be a statue of Steven, having muscles, and Luna, loving his muscles)


Steven: Speechless. I was too when I saw it myself. Now everybody will know our epic love!

Choro:(Drunk, gets up, singing) ...DRRYY!... (Looks at the statue) Now that is one of the most stupid statues I've ever seen.

Luna:(Whispers to herself) This day can not get any worse...

(Suddendly the Crossovers arrive with Corroder wearing a purple torn suit)

Turahk: Hey Chef, release the beast!

Chef: (opens the door of the large steel box, releasing Corroder)

Corroder: Hi Luna! Hi Steven!

Alice: O_o

Luna:(Whispers to herself) It's worse....

Steven: Nice suit.

Corroder: Thank you, it's a bit torn but it'll have to do. (his anchovy breathe has been released again)

Steven: Well, you should go a sowing place. Luna knows a friend.

Luna:(Pinches her nose)

Corroder: [poking Steven on the head] Poke. Poke. Poke!

Steven: What are you doing?

Choro:(Drunk) Oh... I like to play the poking game. (Goes up to Luna's head, pokes her head) Poke.

Luna: OW! Choro!

Corroder: Me too. YEEEEE-HAAAAA! (letting out large ammounts of his bad breathe)

Luna:(Coughs) Disgusting!

Alice: Yuck!

Steven: This guy is funny.

Timothy: Oh boy. (Gets out of his sit, goes over to Luna's table) Everybody. Please leave. Luna's got this.

Corroder: Why?

Timothy: Because she's smart.

Corroder: Why?

Timothy: Because she knows what to do.

Corroder: Why?

Timothy: Because she is a Lunateain. And Lunateains know what to do.

Corroder: Why?

Luna: Why can't Corroder be a normal person like everybody else?

Choro:(Drunk, looks at Luna) You know what's da trouble with you Luna? You got no vision... This place could be a real swingin' joint... Hiv theen hinking with more dancin', more mac'n, more WOMEN! CORRODER KNOWS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!...

Luna: I wish I wasn't on this date.

Steven: Except, you are on a date. With me! Steven the Crab!

Corroder: And I have joined the party!

Scott: (whispers something to Corroder)

Corroder: (nods) Why?

Scott: Don't milk it, Corroder. [He pushes Corroder forward.]

Spongebob: What are you up to, Scott?

Scott: [crouched on the ground] TAKE COVER!

Jo: From what?

Corroder: (to everybody) Hey Everybody! Watch this! [He cracks his knuckles and twists his head. Everyone in the resturant come to attention & they are in shock, horror & disbelief]

Luna: What the heck was that?

Timothy: Cracking noises.

Alice: ...

Steven:(Laughs at Corroder) Your stupid!

Corroder: Thanks [spins around, contorting his body into a spiral]

(The Cracking Noises causes everyone to cause a stampede)

Timon & Pumbaa: STAMPEDE!

Luna: Yikes! (Makes her wings appeare and flies up) CORRODER!!!!! KNOCK IT OFF!!!!!!!

Eddy: Come on, we'll get rid of Corroder for only...

Ed: [seeing the stampede] AAAHH!

Edd: Oh dear.

Lightning: Sha-wow!

[Ed grabs everybody except Corroder and Luna and Timothy and Steven and a drunken Choro and runs into the steel box with them. The stampede follow them in, and the door to the box shuts.]

Corroder: Wow! Would you look at that? Everyone's in the Steel Box.

Luna:(Flies over to Corroder and grabs him) Corroder! Knock it off! If you stop acting like this, I'll give you a nickel!

Corroder: A quarter. [cracks head upside down, causing everyone in the Steel Box to go insane]

Crossovers: [screams]

Eddy: A Nickle!

Dakota: (screaming) Luna, please give him a quarter!

Owen: (screaming) Hurry, please! Your our only hope!

Luna: Okay! I'll give you a quarter! (Pulls out a quarter from her pocket) Here!

Corroder: Thank you. (snatches the quarter from Luna's hand)

Luna:(Goes to the steal box, tries to open it) Crappants, this is hard!

Steven: Hmm. I wonder what happens when he goes through his butt.

Luna: Probably the same thing when Corroder twisted his head!

Steven: Here's the deal, Luna. Go on another date with me tomorrow night. It cost 25 cents.

Luna: No way!

Corroder: [spins head and cracks causing everyone in the Steel Box to go insane again] Two quarters.

Crossovers: [screams again]

Steven: You heard him. 50 cents.

Eddy: A Nickle!

Luna: I'm not going on another date with you, Steven! And I am not giving you 50 cents of my quarters. I just want my journal back and pretand this never happened!

Corroder: [stands sideways and cracks causing everyone in the Steel Box to go insane for the 3rd time] Three quarters.

Crossovers: (screams)

Steven: 75 cents.



Alice: Luna?

Steven: Then go on another date with me.

Luna:(Tears rolling down her face) NO!!!!!!!!

Steven: Just one little date for only three quarters.

Luna:(Tears still sliding down her face) NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Corroder: [cracks his back and causing everyone in the Steel Box to go insane once again] A dollar.

Crossovers: (screams)

Luna:(Screams in sobs) That's it! I have enough! I'm out of here! (Was about to leave)

Steven: Oh come on, Luna, go on another date with me for your (Pulls out Luna's journal) journal!

Luna:(Shocked, thoughts) What he has my journal this whole time?

Steven: What do you say? Go on another date with me only just $1?

Luna:(Sobbing through tears) I rather give you a dime!

Corroder: (cracks his arms, causing everyone in the Steel Box to go inside) 5 quarters.

Crossovers: (screams)


SPARKY: (still in her holographic form right next to Luna) This is gone far enough. Luna can't take much more of the pain of our friends anymore.

Timothy: Yeah! It's making her crazy.

Luna:(Still sobbing) I just want to be stab in the chest again and die!

Steven: Your fureral babe! I'm gonna read this journal infront of everybody in the whole town! (Laughs, then leaves)

Luna: NO!!!!!! (Begins to cry and runs off)

Timothy:(Goes to the steel box, uses his shark teeth to break the lock, lifts the door up) Okay everybody. You can leave.

(Everybody left the resturant)

Man: Don't let that kid do that cracking noise again! (Leaves)

(The Crossovers falls out of the Steel Box)

Hakann: Thanks Timothy, it's getting hot in there.

Timothy: I just don't want to hear more cracking noises again. But still... I'm worried about Luna....

Spongebob: Us too

(With Luna)

Luna:(Sitting on a tree, crying)

Sonic:(Sees her, zooms up to the tree, sits next to her) Not so good, huh?

Luna: Huh? (Looks at Sonic) How did you know I was going on a date with Steven?

Sonic: Spongebob told me. And I saw everything that happened.

Luna: Now Steven is going to read my journal in the whole town....

Sonic: Don't worry. I got something that might help us. (Pulls out a book)

Luna: What's that?

Sonic: Read it. (Gives it to Luna)

Luna:(Reads the book) Wait a minute... (Looks at the cover, gasps) Steven's diary?! We can totally use this!

Sonic: And with the help of our friends, we'll get your journal back! Come on! (Zooms back to the resturant)

Luna:(Follows him)

Sonic and Luna:(Made it to the resturant)

Luna: Guys! I have a plan to make Steven give me back my journal! Look! (Shows everybody Steven's diary)

Timothy: Steven's diary?

Jack, Patricia & Metal Patricia: (arrives)

Corroder: What are you going to do with that?

Luna: We are going to use it to humiliate him so he can give me back my journal! So everybody, do not do anything stupid! And snap Choro out of his drunkness!

Choro:(Drunk, was attempting to kiss Edd)

Edd: And hurry!

Hot Head: No problem, we will just make him sober by using heat to vapourise the alcahol out of him.

Choro:(Drunk, hugs Edd) I love you, man!

Edd: Please hurry.

Hot Head: Here you go, have some chilly peppers! (feeds Choro with Chilly Peppers, trying to vapourise the alcahol from Choro)

Choro:(Sniffs in the air) Something's cooking? Hmm, kinda smells like...(Realized his tail caught on fire.) Burnt Ottsel?! Aggggghhhhh!!! (Gets off of Edd and runs around in circles to put out the fire from his tail) Eww, whoa, hot hot hot hot hotoo oo oo hot hot hot hot hot oh oh hot...

Luna: Okay. Now that Choro is back, let's pay Steven for everything he did!

Sonic: Yeah! Let's do it!

Choro:(Somehow put his tail out which was much to his relief.) Eeehhhh...

(The next morning)

F. L. Smelfman: Hello people of Hyrule City! I'm F.L Smelfman here and we are all here because of a 14 year old crab name Steven said he was going to tell us something about the protector of Lunatea, Luna the Hedgehog.

(Steven was on stage and our heroes and the crossovers are watching him)

Steven: One more chance, Luna. Go on another date with me and pay the price.

Luna: And this is your last chance, Steven. Give me back my journal and we'll call it quits.

Steven: Hmmm.... No! Alright! Let's get started. You all know her as the one who saved you all from Eradicus with Sonic, Shadow and Cammie. But today will know her some more. I give you Luna's Journal. Exposed. (Clears his throat) Log In, April 6th-

Luna:(Unfolds her wings, flies up and sits tree) I don't think so.

Steven: What's going on?

Luna: Before you continue listening Luna's Journal. Exposed. I give you, Steven's Diary. EXPOSED! And to read it, I would like you all to introduce to Steven's grandmother.

Steven's Grandma: Oh. Hello dear.

Steven:(Jaw went down)

Steven's Grandma: Luna told me you were a bad boy. Let's see what she's talking about. (Reads Steven's diary) June 1st. Dear Diary, I always sleep with my dolls whenever I go to sleep.

Everybody in Hyrule City:(Gasps)

Mordecai & Rigby: Oooooooooh! Somebody's busted!

Steven's Grandma: And also I love it when my grandma reads me a bedtime story.

Steven: NO!

Steven's Grandma: Oh Steven. How thoughtful.

Duncan: Oh snap!

Mordecai & Rigby: (rapping) B-b-b-busted! Steven's b-b-b-busted!

Steven's Grandma: When ever I get thirsty, grandma always makes me a warm milk. And I'd always have my poopsy bear with me to go to sleep or when something scary happens.

Choro: Bedtime stories? Warm milk? Poopsy bear?! (To Steven) Buddy, ya just blew ya image!

Duncan: (laughing) This is priceless.

Gwen: (laughing) Yeah.

Owen: (laughing) Oh that is so gosh darn funny.

Chef: (laughing)

Corroder: (laughing) That's so priceless. Somebody make me stop laughing, I think I'm gonna throw up!

Alice: (slaps Corroder) 

Corroder: Ow! Why?

Steven's Grandma: Everyday, my body is so hard and rough. (To Steven) Steven, I gave you soap for that.


Corroder: (neavous laughter) We forgot to mention that Ed has a deep fear of soap. (his anchovy breathe is released again) But we can enjoy the show anyway.

Steven: Stop it! Right now!

Luna: You're going to give me my journal back?

Steven: Never!

Luna:(To Steven's Grandma) Then you may continue.

Steven's Grandma: Today, I stole the journal of Luna the Hedgehog. (To Steven) Steven! That's not very nice!

Everybody in Hyrule City:(Boos at Steven)

Steven: Hey! That's not true!

Mary: You are so dead, you little monster! (Throws a tometo at Steven)

Everybody in Hyrule City:(Throws tometoes at Steven)

Dave: You can't steal a girl's journal!

F. L. Smelfman: What an undiscovery truth! Steven is a total jerk. Well, that's all the news I can get. Back to you, Nancy!

Everybody in Hyrule City:(Leaves)

Luna:(Goes up to Steven) Have enough, Steven?

Steven: Ugh....

Luna: I believe you have something that belongs to me.

Steven: Ugh... Fine. Here. (Gives Luna back her journal)

Luna:(Helds her journal close to her heart, whispers) Thank you...

Steven: One day, Luna. You will be mine! (Leaves)

Timothy: Great job, Luna!

Sonic: You okay?

Luna: Yeah. I'm just glad I have my journal back.

Timothy: Good.

Sonic:(Looks at the Crossovers) And guys. You better brush Corroder's teeth. Cause it really stinks.

Choro: Yeah! I can't stand that smell!

Luna: And everybody will smell it too.

Corroder: Well what's wrong with my breathe? (his breathe pours into everyone) Is it that someone's idea to make me the biggest pest on Mobius?

(Everyone looks at Eddy)

Eddy: What?

Sonic: Don't be a pest Corroder. Just be your normal self.

Tabitha: And Eddy. (Hits Eddy behind the head)

Eddy: Ow!

Scott: THERE YOU ARE!! (charges, tackles & attacking Tabitha) YOU'LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME BY USING FANG AGAINST ME!!!

Sonic:(Grabs Scott) Knock it off! She didn't too.

Tabitha: Yeah! And I'm really sorry that I release that shark legged monster!

Scott: You mean to tell me that your sorry? (grins) Looks like your in love with the "Scottmister"

Tabitha: Ew! Gross!

Scott: Yes you do, you said sorry to me so...(starts making out with Tabitha)

Tabitha ACK!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!

Sonic: Scott! Knock it off!

Luna: SCOTT!!!!!

Scott: (too busy kissing Tabitha)

Corroder: Can I help Tabitha with my stinky breathe, just this once?

Luna: I hate to say this, but Corroder... use your bad breathe on Scott.

Corroder: Got it. Oh Scott!

Scott: What?

Corroder: YEEEEE-HAAAAA! (letting out large ammounts of his bad breathe at Scott)

Scott: (coughing) AW SICK! What did you eat man?

Corroder: 1944 Expired Anchovy Paste.

Scott: Anchovy paste?! (runs off) I think I'm going to be sick!

Tabitha:(Wipes her mouth to get the kiss off her lips)

Jack: Nice one Corroder.

Patricia: Yeah, nice one.

SPARKY: And everything's back to normal

Patricia: (her stomach gurgles very loud & very deep) (blushes as she giggles nervously)

Luna: I'm so glad I have my journal back.

Patricia: Guys? I think I'm either hungry for Blueberries or my gas is building up inside my stomach.

Sonic:(Pinches his nose) You better pinch your nose too, Choro.

Choro: Why?

Jack, Metal Patricia, SPARKY & the Crossovers: (pinches their noses)

Patricia: (takes a deep breathe, grunts & lets out an extremely loud, stinky, smelly & gassy fart that lasted for 10 seconds, covering the area with Dark Green noxious gases) (sighs happily) Much better.

Choro:(Coughs very hard) Oh. That's why.

Patricia: (giggles then blushes) Excuse me. Guess it's just gas building up inside of me. My bad.

Sonic:(Was about to say something to Choro)

Choro: Don't say it. Don't even chuckle. Next time, plug up, Patricia's butt. (Faints)

Meanwhile, in an abandoned mansion in a faraway, unknown land, sits a masked man, observing the previous events (everything in this episode) through a small orange gem. The man then began chanting in a low voice, which somehow teleports Steven from wherever he is to a cage a few feet away.

Steven: Hey! What's going on?

the man simply raises an arm, and the cage with Steven in it is teleported to right in front of him. He then (as we see through his perspective aka first person) he either floats up to the ceiling or grows to that height, then charges at Steven, and everything goes black.

(The end of episode 10)

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