Story Begins

Why Do They Kill My Protector? I Love him.

All Of my Life. I Will Throw out Eggman's Ugly Song, On the Trash.

That's Enough, Eggman Is Bad Guy.

I Won't to listen to his Song.

Eggman Won't Hurt me.

I Will Spend Time Living Alone.

Come on Come on Defeat Eggman Right Now you Stupid Echidna.

That's it.

Again It's Eggman, He Brought to me His Ugly Things.

What do you want? And Who are you anyway?

Sonic, Is that you? Oh My Love, I (She) Was All Alone Was Spent time, Life in Alone. I (She)Thought  Is That Eggman.

I Playing Eggman's Ugly Games, And Eggman's Presents Was Ugly.

But, You Will Find New Girl And throw me Here, You will be unlike me.

I am the most Horrible New girl. I'm Sorry Sonic, Please Don't Leave, huh?

Emily, I  Changed For Real Sonic For Fake Sonic, Emily you spent time in Alone? I'm Real Sonic, Even Karapas can Protect Real Sonic.

Emily you have nothing to Apologize.

I Brought My Games, Sonic & Emily, Sonic & Emily Has an Adventure, Even Stories About Us, In this new game You and I Going to a Date.

Don't Pay Attention To Eggman, Here,  This is Present from me.

I Won't Find New girl anymore, Because, I Already found you, In this we will Find The Keys. I Won't throw you.

I Will Still Like You.

Emily, You Not the most Horrible new Girl. Emily, you are the best New Girl ever. I Won't Leave.

I Likes you Emily.

I Like you too, Sonic.

I Promise, Emily.

You Promise?

I Promise.

Let's spend time together, and you never be alone Emily.

You  Have a Me.

Emily, is Evening, Today we will Sleep in the Car.

Good morning Emily, Good morning Sonic, Yeah, Morning Such Early.

So we Arrived to the Beach.

It's time to relax.

How it is Relaxing, My Depression is Going Away.

When is Nearby me, My True Love In Whole of my life.

Well, We Will Relax at the beach.

Let's go to the town?

Let's go to the town, Sonic.

Sonic, Where are you My Love?

Emily, I am Here.

Sonic, I'm Will not  to get Lose you.

Emily, Are you ready?

Yeah, I am (She) Ready, Sonic.

Well Open up your eyes.


How it Here so Beautifully.

We are in Paris?


We are in Paris.

I Wanna meet with Ledibag.

She lives in Paris.

I Want to become a superhero too.

I Love Talisman Dog.

Will you be my Karapas?

Where Talisman Dog?

I Lost it.

Undamaged Talisman of Dog.

Sonic, Look?

It's Himself Master fu, The Keeper of Talismans.

He Knows Ledibag and Super Kot.

And His Kwami, Wayzz.

Let's go For the Ice cream for Lovebirds.

Yeah, Oh Speed Blue Bunny, and Gentle Yezhikha.

Blueberry with Strawberry, So Perfectly.

Excuse me Andre, He's not Blue bunny, He's Blue Hedgehog.

My name is Emily Whittier, And this my Boyfriend, Sonic.

Oh Right.

Sonic, Paris is Perfect place to Relax, For Love Country Of Love and Romantic.

We can Become Superheroes.

Emily Are you Sure in?

Yes, Just Trust me.

Sonic, Look, It's Creature which Grants power to superhero.

What is My Power Able?

Maybe, Good Smell, To swim, Or Reconstruction?

Barkk, fetch.

So Cool, From now on, I Will be Superhero  named was Lady doggy, with the Power of Reconstruction.

And Can repair any broken object by touching it, basically the opposite of the Cat's power.

Sonic, Transform now.

Hi I'm Wayzz, I'm your Kwami Then all you have to say is: "Wayzz, shell on!

Wayzz, shell on!

Wow, I Became Karapas.

Let's Show Paris That we are Superheroes.

This creature is called kwamis.

Kwami grants the powers.

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