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Story Begins

Sonic, I Declare you Banished. It's all because of you, you broke my heart. I Don't want to talk with you anymore? Leave me alone.

Emily, huh? Who are you? How do you know my name?

I Must be by side you, I Love you. But How?

I'm Mystery Guest. What's your name is?

My name is Anton, I Left my village, My Family Died Angels they are Gods.  I Must have a money. Emily, you have Some Hedgehog Loves you?

Yeah, His name is Sonic the hedgehog, He's met me yesterday.

I Have Real titul. Princess of Kingdom.

My real mother imprisoned, My Real Father Imprisoned too. My Fake Mother & Fake Father Was trying to Make me marry King Scrooge and Never Had let me go, He need to Prepare to my Coronation, That's why Future Queen Must Have Anything. Maids Dressed me up in Coronation Dress, I Was Lonely, My Father not loves Sad in me. I Was trying to smile.

He Imprison my Mother, My father was not Real.

It was a fake Father. His Plan Succeeded and He Succeed.

My Father Disliked me. If I Was Happy Future Queen.

He Called me ugly.

Scrooge, Was my Future King.

But Sudden, Appeared my Real Father.

He Was Happy to see me. He and My Real Mother Was By side me.

Mom Took away My Crown of New Future Queen and gave me  back my Princess Crown.

I Was Still Princess, My Father Gave to me Necklace, I Can Become New Yezhikha from Village or Princess Yezhikha, in Anytime.

Mother united Village and Kingdom.

I Felt alone. I Need to go, Bye Emily.

Bye Anton.

I Don't like my worst Life.

Good morning Emily.

Bad Morning.

Emily, What's wrong with you? You are not Looks like The Same as Before.

Who Cares? I Hate my Worse Life, I Looks Weirdo.

I Don't need these Heartbreak.

Emily, Are you okay? You looks not as Before.

I Said. Who Cares?

Her Anger  Soaks Her.

She's Unstoppable. It's impossible to stop her.

How to stop her? I Heard, That Only True Love can stop her.

I Can do this? Knuckles Stop it, you Making her Anger.

Go away from me, Stupid Knuckles the Echidna.

She in Furiously.

I Can do this? Emily, Listen to me, Only True Love can stop you.

Silly Pink Yezhikha, are you think to stop me?

Again you. huh, What?

He's Banished. I Will Gonna Try Again.

huh, What?

It Working, It Work, It Working.

Emily, My name is not Anton, My Real name is Sonic the hedgehog.

Emily, Will you marry me?

It Worked, Emily is back as before

Sonic, I Will marry you.

I'm sorry for that I Was in Furious.

I Thought that I never Will see you again.

Emily. I Was in disguise, That Everyone can't see me.

I Was here, to Make to you Marriage Proposal.

now Everyone See, Sonic was Need Emily.

Okay, I Cancel the Sonic's Banished, After all Today is Wedding day.

I'm Ready.

I Present to you Flower Girls: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

Present to you Parents of Bride: King Felix & Queen Lucy.

I Present to you Parents of Groom: Jules the hedgehog and Bernadette.

I Present to you Bridesmaids:  Marinette, Sonata, and Bleyz.

I Present to you Groomsmen: Espio, Ryan, and Sil'ver.

I Present to you Ring Bearer: Miles Teylz Prauer.

I Present to you Minister: Sir Charles Hedgehog.

I Present to you Organ Player: Dj Pon 3.

I Present to you Best Man: Knuckles the Echidna.

I Present to you Maid of Honour: Sally Akorn.

I Present to you Groom: Sonic the hedgehog

I Present to you Bride: Emily Whittier the Yezhikha.

Oh my god, She's so Beautiful.




She's an Angel.

Pretty Angel.

Groom Sonic.

Bride Emily.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have gathered here to celebrate the Truth, the Sacred union of the marriage of Sonic and Emily.

Emily was happy being near him.

Sonic didn't throw Emily.

Emily is ready to become a New wife for our dear Sonic!

Sonic Was Near Emily.

Sonic is ready to become a husband for our sweet Emily.

May they live as husband and wife In Peace and harmony.

Sonic you'll take Precious New Yezhikha Named Emily as new Wife Until Death Keep  you apart? I take it. And you Emily  take into the lawful husbands of Sonic Until death Keep you apart? I'll take it.

I Can get rings for the newlyweds?

Dear Groom. And Dear Bride. Dress the Rings In the Sign of your true love and protection.

Now I Declare you Husband and wife. The groom can kiss the Bride.

The Best Wedding Kiss Ever!

I Love this Moment, I Love Happy Endings.

Let's get the party is started.

Sonic, Where are we gonna Live? Of course In Hotel.

Wow, This Home Is So Beautiful, Like, in the Story of Romeo and Juliet, Living room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Balcony, Bedroom and the Nursery Room. The hallway, Wow, I Love it.

Oh Emily, If you Believe me, I Will not be your former husband, I Will stay nearby you.

Let's Make Housewarming. invite our friends.

We are in Wedding Travel, I Love it.

Hello Friends ,come in.

Sonic? Yes Darling? Guess What?

I'm Pregnant. Oh my god That's Wonderful, Emily!

I Know.

Hi Emily, Long time no see.

Allison, Are we here to Know Baby's Gender?

Okay, This Little Angel so Adorable.

Jenny, Are you okay?

Allison, Look at Screen.

Congratulate You will Have a Baby girl.

Congratulations, It's a Little One Baby.

Oh my god, She's so Beautiful.

Her eyes are so Beautiful.

Yes, She is.

What would We Name her?

Hmm. I Know! We'll name her Pollyanna.

Beautiful name.