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Story Begins

Emily: I Just Wish that My Sonic was nearby me and never had left me!

Werehog Sonic: [Howls], My head tells me, that Emily is in trouble, I Gotta Rescue her.

Citizens: Oh my, Werehog showed up.

Citizens: Gotta go!

Werehog Sonic: Strange.

Citizents: Mrs, Emily, Wake up, We need your help, Werehog showed up.

Emily: Why are you guys not gave me to Get Enough Sleep?

Emily: Tomorrow is Brand New Day, and my Wedding Tomorrow with Sonic.

Citizents: Help us please?

Emily: Ugh! Okay! What's the Problem?

Citizents: the Beast is on our Town!

Emily: Ok, I'll deal with that Beast.

Emily: Show me the path, Where's the Beast with fangs like Knifes, Guys?

Citizents: Ok, Follow us, Mrs Emily!

Mayor Fink: Do something Mrs, Emily?

Emily: Ok, Mr. Mayor, I'll talk with him.

Emily: Wait a minute, I Know you, you've met me at train station, Right?

Werehog Sonic: (growls loudly).

Emily: Ok, Ok, I Understood, do you remember me, right?

Werehog Sonic: (smell emily around)

Werehog Sonic: y-y-you are emily, right?

Emily: Hmm, you at full moon, you became Werehog, I Wanna know your name.

Werehog Sonic: I am Sonic, Remember me?

Emily: Sonic, It's you, I Recognized you.

Emily: Yes, I am Emily, Sonic did you Recognized me?

Werehog Sonic: When half-moon will be come, then I'll be normal as before.

Emily: I Know.

Werehog Sonic: Shall we Kiss?

Emily: I Don't mind to have a kiss.

Citizents: Mrs, Emily didn't scared of that  Beast with fangs like knifes?

[Werehog Sonic transforms back into as before]

Sonic: I Became as before!

Emily: Who are you, and Where's Sonic the Werehog?

Sonic: I'm the Werehog, During the battle, the three sink into the core of the Earth and encounter Dark Gaia. Eggman orders Dark Gaia to destroy me, but it turns on me, knocking me away with one of its tentacles, and absorbs the power that turned me into a Werehog, curing me of lycanthropy.

Emily: That's how you turned into werehog, Eggman Ordered Dark Gaia to destroy you, to steal me, He Planned to steal me from you.

Emily: I Need to tell you truth, One New Guy I Has fell in love, and my heart was belongs you, I Fell in love in you Sonic, My Heart was belongs to you too, I Was fell in love in was you.

Sonic: Emily, We Made for each other.

Emily: Really?

Sonic: Really, We Destined to be Together, And Our Future still ahead.

Emily: Eggman Trying to build Eggmanland!

Emily: I Shouldn't have to be Destined together with Eggman!

Dr.Eggman: How Did she Knew My Evillest Secret of my Evillest Plan!

Orbot: We Know, That Emily is not just a Beautiful, Emily is Smartful!

Cubot: Her Place Where is she Belongs, It's not your Lair, Doctor Eggman, Her Place Where is She Belongs, Hedgehog Village. or Beldingsville.

Doctor Eggman: Enough, I Wanna to get that girl from Sonic, I Wanna marry her, and we'll have a Kid, named Eggman jr.

Sonic: Emily, I Wanna ask you About Something!

Emily: Sure Sonic.

Sonic: Emily, Will you marry me?

Emily: Yes.

Cubot: Again Unluck, Doctor, Sonic Didn't hurt Emily, He just fell in love in her, He Won her Heart.

Orbot: Maybe, you will luck next time.

I Present to you Flower Girls: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo.

Present to you Parents of Bride: Felix and Lucy.

I Present to you Parents of Groom: Jules the hedgehog and Bernadette.

I Present to you Bridesmaids:  Marinette, Sonata, and Bleyz.

I Present to you Groomsmen: Espio, Ryan and Sil'ver.

I Present to you Ring Bearer: Miles Teylz Prauer.

I Present to you Minister: Sir Charles Hedgehog.

I Present to you Organ Player: Dj Pon 3.

I Present to you Best Man: Naklz.

I Present to you Maid of Honour: Sally Akorn.

I Present to you Groom: Sonic the hedgehog

I Present to you Bride: Emily Whittier.

She's an Angel.

Pretty Angel.

Groom Sonic.

Bride Emily.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have gathered here to celebrate the Truth, the Sacred union of the marriage of Sonic and Emily.

Emily felt Happy, Sonic was nearby Emily.

They Didn't want to break up with each other, they fell in love in each other  with all their hearts.

Emily is ready to become a New wife for our dear Sonic.

Sonic Was Nearby Emily.

Sonic is ready to become a New Husband for our sweet Emily.

May they live as husband and wife In Peace and harmony.

Mr Sonic you will take the Lawful new Wife this Pretty and Talented Povarikhu named Emily Until Death Keep you apart? Yes I do! And you Emily  you will take into the lawful husbands of Sonic Until death Keep you apart? Yes I do!

I Can get rings for the new newlyweds?

Dear Groom. And Dear New Bride. Dress the Rings In the Sign of your true love and protection.

Now I Declare you New Husband and New wife. The New groom can kiss the New Bride.

Sonic: I Will Protect you no matter what happen.

Sonic: I'm ready to be your new Husband, Sweetheart.

Emily: We'll live happily ever after, we'll have a baby, named Pollyanna.

Doctor Eggman: I Can't wait when I Luck next time, I Wanna now.

Sonic: Emily, Let's go to the Honeymoon, (Wedding travel), I'll show you Where are we gonna live.

Emily: Interesting. Wedding Travel.

Amber Hope:  you Must be Newlyweds?

Sonic: Yes we are, Emily and I, Are going for Wedding Travel, I Wanna show her, Her Favorite Place Ever.

Amber Hope: I'm Amber Hope the Stewardess of Airplane.

Sonic: I'm Sonic Whittier The Hedgehog, And This is My New Wife Emily Whittier the Yezhikha.

Amber Hope: Well, Nice to meet you Sonic and Emily.

Emily: We'd like to fly to My Favorite Place In Canada.

Emily: I Can't wait to have a Baby.

Emily: This Place Where I Was Born and Grow up, and I Wanna Visit  my Parents.

Sonic: I Know, you're gonna Love this Place.

Sonic: In Future We will have 59 Kids.

Emily: We'll become a 59 Family.

Amber Hope: Ok, Follow me.

Stewardess Amber Hope: Enjoy your Flying, Newlyweds.

Pilot: Attention to, Passengers, We are going Landing  to Canada, Landing will be soft and Successful!

Emily: Finally, I Will be Pregnant, Inside in me will be Cute Little Baby with gender Female, She will be Look like me.

Sonic: Sure Darling.

Passengers: [applause].

Sonic: We are going to Land Soft and Safe.

Sonic: Emily well don't Panic darling, We are not going to have a Plane Crash, We'll be not Hurt at Plane Crash, I Promise Darling.

Emily: I'm not at panic, Sonic, We landed safe and sound.

Emily: Plane is all fine, and we will Survive, We'll feel Safety and Soundly.

Emily: I'm very exciting at my first fly in airplane!

Sonic: Relax Emily, and Enjoy Flying, look, Swallows flying to South, We'll going to Celebrate Christmas at Canada.

Pilot: Attention Passengers, we Landed to Canada Safe and Succesful!

Sonic: See, Emily, I Told you that we landed Safe.

Emily: I See!

Amber Hope: Hello Sonic and Emily, How you guys was your first fly at airplane?

Sonic: Flying was Fine, and I Like flying.

Emily: Flying was Perfect, I Saw Swallows, they are flying to South.

Stewardess Amber Hope: Glad to hear this, Emily!

Stewardess Amber Hope: Well, Have a Nice Holiday

Sonic: Thank you Amber Hope, We need to find our Home.

Emily: Thank you so much Stewardess Amber, I'd glad to chat, Sonic wants to surprise me with his Surprise.

Sonic: Emily, We Almost There.

Emily: Can I Open My Eyes?

Sonic: 1, 2, 3, Open up your eyes Emily!

Sonic: Look, Emily, There's a Kids Playing at At Adventure bay Beach.

Emily: We'll soon have a Kids!

7 years old Ryder: Why Hello Mr, and Mrs, I'm Ryder, Future Leader of Paw Patrol.

Ryder's Mom: Ryder, With whom you talking to?

7 Years old Ryder: With Newlyweds, Mom.

Ryder's Mom: Wow, you in Married?

Sonic: Yes, I am Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog Whittier, and this is my new Wife, Emily Whittier the Yezhikha.

Sonic: We are Hedgehogs in Married.

Angie: Wow, Hi, I am Angie, And this is My Parents, Edan and Hayden.

Emily: Wow, I've never met With talking Black-spotted-puppy before.

James: We are called Dalmatians, My Name is James and This is Valentine my Identical-twin-sister, we are twins, Our Older-twin-sister, we'll soon have a little brother, His name is Marshall, He is also Dalmatian, newborn puppies has a without black spots.

Sonic: So Interesting, Emily will soon have a Baby, We'll name our Baby, Pollyanna, She'll be look like My new Wife.

Valentine: Congratulations, Welcome to Adventure bay.

Mayor Goodway: Wow, you're the Newlyweds, I'm Mayor goodway, Mayor of Adventure bay, and this is my chicken, Chickaletta!

Sonic: We need a beautiful Family house for 59 rooms for kids, Example for the one Home with Backyard With Stairs, with two Bathrooms, One on Second Floor and second on One Floor, With Kitchen, With Living room, with Baby Room, With Bedroom for Parents, Wardrobe, With Shelf for Clothes and Plates and Glasses.

Mayor Goodway: Ok I'll Organize this Build of Building.

Emily: This Building so fantastic looks!

Sonic: Yeah, I Like it too.

Mayor Goodway: I Declare this Building Opened!

Emily: Wow, I Like it, It looks fantastic.

Sonic: Emily, I Know, Darling!

Emily: Let's invite our Friends from all Countries to our Housewarming Party.

Sonic: Of course Darling, And Ryder's Family we'll invite, and Dogs, We'll invite Mayor Goodway, Mayor of Adventure bay, and Our Families.

Emily: We'll celebrate our Housewarming Party.

Emma: Sam, I Can't believe that our Triplet-identical-sister is Married of Sonia's and Manic's Brother.

Sam: I Know, Sis, Emily Invited us to Her Housewarming Party.

Marinette: Espio, Our friend is in Married of Blue Hedgehog, I'm Very Happy for her, She Amazing BFF.

Lyla Rossi: Scrooge, Our Bestie is Married Sonic, I'm Very Proud of her, She's the Best Friend, Our Real Friend Is Emily, we must happy for her.

Scrooge: I Know, Lyla, we must congratulate her with housewarming, She Begin to live Happily ever after Until Their Days.

Emily: They are arrived, Let's go Open them Door, Sonic.

Marinette: Happy Housewarming Emily.

Emily: Wow, Guys, you are Arrived Just in time, Come in.

Sonic: Hi Sonia, Hi Manic, Finally you came guys.

Sonia: We didn't forget your Housewarming with your New Wife, Sonic.

Manic: Yeah, you living Happily ever After!

Eva: Oh my god, Mom, It's Uncle Sonic and Aunty Emily?

Sonia: Of course Eva, It's your Uncle and Aunty.

Sam: Yeah, you'll soon have a Cousin.

Manic: Ivy, Meet, this is your Uncle and Aunty.

Ivy: Wow, Daddy, We are Nieces for Our Uncle and Aunt.

Emma: Sure Ivy, That's my Triplet-identical-sister, She's your Auntie.

Ivy: Mom, She my Auntie?

Emma: Sure.

Emily: Is that our Niece?

Emma: Of course sis, It's Ivy Whittier the Yezhikha, She's my daughter and your Niece.

Emma: Ivy and Eva are Cousins, Eva is my Triplet-identical-brother's Daughter and your Niece.