Story Begins

Emily, there you are. How are you doing Sweetie.

Fine. I  Came here to Watch on  Sunset.

Awesome. I Remember this place.

This is Different All, Isn't

Yes That's why I am Different girl.

Emily What are you talking about?

This is was in the past

Then we met for the first time?

Emily are you Special new Girlfriend.

Really. Yes

Look at yourself, You Looks amazing and Brightly Perfect?

Me and you Celebrate Our anniversary.

Emily I Need show you something?

For what Sonic.

Will you see?


That's Gift From My mom?

When i was baby, My mother Showed me, Beautiful Bracelet?

My destiny Will Lead me For my Destiny?

And My destiny Had Lead me For you?

My destiny has Lead me through it all places of the world?

And I Faced A new Beautiful Girl With Sing beautiful voice?

I In First time Heard your beautiful voice.

And you looked at me,  In Downstairs?

And you Not got Scared of me?

That's why we in first time together.

Me and you Celebrate Our anniversary

(Wow, This blue hedgehog so awesome, Ehhh, If I could To become his New In Love Girlfriend I could)

Come on Emilia Get it together?

Could I To help him To fight with Villains

I Wanna be Like him

But I am Different Girl Not Similar On Others Girls.

I'm simple Normal girl Arrived Here

To find Reveal,   Myself

What's inside me,

Hey hold on,

Hey wait up.

Listen to me, little one, I'm tried To Stop Eggman, I Have One question.

What do you need?


I'm sorry Sweetie. I'm not Offense you?

What's your name is sweetheart?

Emilia Shy? But everyone Calls me Emily.

What's your name is?

I'm Sonic Sonic the hedgehog?


Well Nice to meet you Little one Just keep up with me, Okay

Emily Are you ready.

We Celebrate Our anniversary. In honor our Anniversary Wedding,

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