Story Begins

Is Already Morning, It's time To Get up.

This will be My Best Day in my life.  

I Will Cook to myself, Tea, And Clean  teeth.

I Need to be Beautiful, Sonic Wake up, My love.

It's already, Morning. What, I Missing school. No.

We Still Have Time.  Get up, My love.

What, The. Emily, Why are you Woken up?

Because, the long-awaited hour has come.

Today, I am Happy Girl In Morning.

the o' Six O Clock Of Morning.

Emily, Always such a Smiled.

Snowflakes, Wow, It's a Snow day.

Sonic, What, Emily, Look in Window.

It's a Snowflakes, a snow day.

What a Snow day.

Winter, Came, After School we will Doing Snowmen And Snow angels, I Love Snow angels, and Snowmen.

What We Waiting for, Let's go, Friends

Emily, Are you Dreaming About it.

Of course Sonic. It's a Best Day,

Emily passed, exam and Sonic passed the exam too

And the main six also passed the exams.

Well, Pleasant Resting.

Did you heard, Sonic?

Let's to Having Fun.

Wow, Emily Awesome Snow Angel.

Sonic, What are you doing?

in Snowballs. You can't Throw on me Snowballs.

Sonic you won, I Give up. You won, Sonic.

Emily, Let's Make Two Snowmen Couple in love.

Of course.

Emily Sonic What are you doing guys? We Making Two Snowmen Couple in love. What, A snowmen.

What the? Snowmen.

How, , Beautifully. I Love it.

Hmm That's something missing. I Know.

S♡E. S♡E. Wow.


What The heck. Wow.


It will be  most, Pleasant Memories About Love

Oh my God. This Almost, Look like Sonic And Emily.

With a heart in the middle.

What's going on Guys?

Rainbow Dash, Look at Them. Who is them.

Sonic And Emily.  I'll faint right now. This, Pair Love

Sonic and Emily. Applejack. Applejack, Are you okay?

I am Fine. Just I Can't believe my eyes, Couple Love.

Like , Sonic And Emily

They Fell in love

And they will Go to a date.

A Date. With Sonic And Emily. Sonic and Emily, Awesome Couple Love. Tomorrow Valentine's day.

The Boyfriends Can Congrats To Girls With Valentine's day.

Emily I Love you, You Looks Beautiful.

Sonic I Love you too.

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