Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog (シルバー・ザ・ヘッジホッグ Shirubā za Hejjihoggu?) is a fictional anthropomorphic silver-colored hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Silver hails from at least 200 years into the future where his role is to protect the future by changing the problems or catastrophes in the past, thus preventing the ruination of his time.

Silver is a kind-hearted, positive and well-meaning individual, driven by a strong sense of justice to right the wrongs of the past to uphold peace, though he tends to be somewhat naive and immature. To aid him in his tasks to save the future, Silver makes use of his psychokinetic abilities, an ability from his time that is considered second-nature, that allows him to levitate and control objects and himself simply with the power of his mind.

Character Concept & Features

Silver was created as a psychokinetic in order to utilize the new physics engine added to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Official concept artwork released by Sonic Cult[2] shows an early design of Silver.[3] The main differences from the current final design include a long orange amount of chest fur around his neck, and bright blue eyes. His boots are also quite different. It is unknown, however, whether Yuji Uekawa, the main character designer of the Sonic series, actually produced the artwork.

More concept art of Silver was released in an interview with IGN, which was generally less similar to his current design. Notable designs include a hedgehog wearing a futuristic headset and another with markings on its hair. It is also revealed that Silver was originally planned to be a mink named "Venice" [4] after Venice, Italy, the place Soleanna is based on. His initial color was orange, which was changed to white-grey later, resulting in Silver's final name.[5] He was also proposed to be a mink, but that idea was later abandoned. Silver is said to have gone through over 50 designs before reaching his final look. [6]

As for Silver's current design, Silver wears gold cuffs that go around his wrists and legs that rest just a bit higher than his gloves and boots. Cyan lines encircle the cuffs. Silver's boots are indigo colored down the side and have teal-colored tips. A white line goes straight down the middle to the teal tip. On the top of the middle of his shoe is a red gem-like adornment. The design on his gloves have a cyan circle that has a line at the bottom that goes down to his cuff. These channel his telekinetic ESP abilities through his shoes as do the ones on his gloves.[citation needed]


Silver has three conflicting back stories for Sonic the Hedgehog. On the game website, it states he came from a happy future that was never destroyed, and ended up in the past where he learned his future would be destroyed and tries to prevent it from changing for the worst. In the game guide, it is implied Silver is from the present and ends up in the future where he learns that it was destroyed during the events in Sonic the Hedgehog and goes to seek what would destroy the future when he returns to the past (though it is mentioned in his walkthrough that he is from the future; see below).

The actual story is that in the game, Silver lives in a destroyed future and goes to the past to change the future for the better. He is from 200 years or possibly more in Sonic's future. In Sonic the Hedgehog, while Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are exploring the future, Knuckles says, "How could this be our future?" The second and third time the player discovers that Silver's world is the future of Sonic's world, is in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2 respectively. Right before Eggman Nega turns Sonic’s world into a card, Silver clearly states “What?! But that'll mean my future will be destroyed too!” In Sonic Rivals 2, he says to Espio and Knuckles, "I have to save your world or else my world will be destroyed as well!"


Silver is best described as having "a strong sense of justice" and it is this personality trait that motivates him to head back into the past to correct the future. He also believes in standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. This led him to accept Blaze when everybody else was teasing her for her pyrokinetic abilities. When he pursues an enemy, he does it with a relentless determination and will make alliances and rivalries very easily, which makes him easily tricked by others. According to his character profile in Sonic Generations, he is an optimist.

Although seemingly serious in nature, an interview states that Silver is young and somewhat immature. [7] Blaze comments on this several times, and he is described as being naive and insecure when he is alone. Silver is also a regular sweetheart and is always ready to protect those in need and lend a helping hand. He also seems to be somewhat cocky in Sonic Rivals 2, since when you play as him in Sonic Rivals 2 and pass your rival, he'll say, "I'm better." or if you win a race or battle, he says, "Who's the best?" In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, when you win a race he says, "I am not to be trifled with!".

Silver also has a disliking for anyone that gets in his way, most likely in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, which could show that Silver can be bad tempered, extremely rude, and bossy to anyone that's not helpful in his mission. When Silver is not focused on his current mission or does not have a task at hand however, he is very friendly and a good company to have around.


  • Silver can be quite naive (especially around Blaze), which could lead him up the wrong path.
  • His attitude can start fights.
  • He sometimes tends to carry the world on his shoulders.
  • If he overuses his ESP, Silver can become extremely fatigued.
  • He's a bit simple minded.
  • He has a short temper.

Abilities and Powers


[1]Silver using Psychokinesis in Crisis City.Silver's main power is his psychokinesis, the ability to move the environment around him with the power of his mind alone. An ability that is considered the norm in his time, Silver is a definite master of this skill, being able to lift, grab, bend, and move people and objects, both the sizes of cars and small bullets, with his psychokinesis. By turning his psychokinesis onto himself, Silver is able to manipulate himself, allowing him to levitate in the air and move at speeds rivaling even that of Sonic's.

On several occasions, Silver's psychokinesis has proven to be a powerful force of its own. With it, Silver can exert enough pressure to bend half a meter thick steel bars in a matter of seconds, crush robots with a single grab and immobilize even Sonic's movements completely. When repelling objects with his psychokinesis, Silver can throw them tremendous distances, with enough force and speed to crush metal and even stunt enormous monsters such as Iblis. Also, while Silver has a defined limit for how much he is able to manipulate at once, he has proven himself capable of manipulating a large amount of matter at the same time, both as a single mass or a collective mass; he is able to manipulate objects over twenty times his own height and as well large amounts of debris that would potential weight a total of several tons.

Silver is not only able to grab physical objects with his psychokinesis, but can also use it to grab onto nearly intangible objects, such as Iblis's energy form and energy blasts.

Besides using it to manipulate the environment, Silver can also use his psychokinesis to project pure psychokinetic energy that he can manipulate. Silver can use these energies to create deadly and offensive energy attacks, project energy pulses to strike his targets from both afar and close-up, stunt opponents, and even form bubbles of energy that can paralyze his targets. In the Sonic Rivals series, Silver also demonstrated that he can use his psychokinesis to attack the minds of others, though he has so far only been using it to induce confusion in others' mind.

In Sonic Generations, Silver also demonstrated that he can use his psychokinesis to teleport himself short distances.

Physical Abilities

In his initial introduction, Silver did not demonstrate the ability to run at super speed like Sonic and Shadow. In Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, however, Silver demonstrated the ability to run at high speeds, being able to reach comparable speed to Sonic and Shadow on foot.

Silver has been shown to possess incredible physical durability as seen in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, where he withstood several hits from Sonic's Homing Attack, sliding along the ground for long distances without harm, and even managed to survive being buried under what could be worth several tons of debris.

Silver has as well proven himself to be very acrobatic and agile, being able to jump and move gracefully through midair, both with and without the aid of his psychokinesis, and can grind on rails at high speed, a testament to his balance and agility. He also has lightning fast reflexes and senses, being able to track and react accordingly to even Sonic's movements, and pick up objects with his psychokinesis while moving through midair at high speed.

Silver has also demonstrated the ability to harness the power of the Chaos Emerald for his own use. With a Chaos Emerald, Silver can perform Chaos Powers, such as Chaos Control which lets him warp time and space, and empower himself.

Combat Skills

Despite his immature attitude from time to time, Silver is a very powerful and profound fighter in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, if not one of the strongest. He has been hinted to hold almost the same power as Shadow the Hedgehog, one of the stronger characters in the series, and in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), he was able to fight Shadow to a stalemate and even bring Sonic to the brink of death.

Fighting Style

Unlike most characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, who primarily relies on close hand-to-hand combat, Silver instead focuses on long-ranged attacks and strikes from afar, which relies heavily on his psychokinesis. When fighting, Silver keeps his distance from the enemy, not letting an opponent get too close him, as he needs a moment to concentrate for an attack in which he will be left vulnerable. If an opponent does get too close, however, Silver can grab the opponent in his psychokinesis and throw the opponent away.

Silver's main method of attacking is picking up obstacles around him with his psychokinesis and then hurtling them at his opponents, or rearranging objects into shapes that he can manipulate to attack, such as forming blocks or debris and use them to bowl over opponents. If projectiles are thrown at him, Silver can grab said projectiles in his psychokinesis and throw them back at the opponent, effectively allowing him to turn his opponents' power against them.

When times call for it, however, Silver is capable of going on the offensive with hand-to-hand combat, as seen in his battle with Shadow in Sonic the hedgehog (2006), and in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2 where he would attack enemies with physical strikes. However, his proficiency with this type of combat is unclear, as he has only demonstrated limited punches and the Spin Attack maneuvers, and may only do so in a brash attempt to win.

Techniques and Moves

Most of Silver's signature techniques and moves revolves around the use of his psychokinesis, with most of his offensive attacks involving using the objects around him as projectiles and discharging psychokinetic energies.

Silver's most used technique is his Psychokinesis, which lets him pick up objects around him for him to manipulate, and his Levitate technique, which he uses to make himself airborne, greatly increasing his speed and movement abilities. Also, his Teleport Dash allows him to dash small distances at light speed.

With his Grab All move, Silver can grab and manipulate everything around him or objects that come too close to him. To throw objects with greater force while they are in his psychokinetic grab, Silver can use his Hold Smash and Psycho Smash to charge up his psychokinetic energies and use them to throw objects at high velocities. Also, in Sonic Generations, Silver can perform a powerful attack called Meteor Smash[8], where he gathers a large ball of surrounding objects and launches it, after which it rolls along the ground, crushing anything it comes into contact with.

By channeling his psychokinetic energies, Silver can perform unique energy-based attacks. His Psycho Shock and Psycho Smash lets him charge pulses of energy that can paralyze an opponent (robots at least) upon contact, and with his Psychic Knife[9], Silver can form and throw a sharp and deadly blade of energy at the enemy. He can also perform his ESP move, which sends out a wave that attacks the minds of others, leaving them disorientated and confused.

In Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, Silver also showed that he can also utilize the Spin Attack where he curls into a ball and attack opponent by landing on them, the Spin Dash where he shoot himself forward as an acceleration roll at high speeds to break barriers or mow down enemies, and the Homing Attack where he homes in on an enemy.

Super transformation

Main article: Super Silver

Just like Sonic and Shadow, Silver can initiate a super transformation with the seven Chaos Emeralds, allowing him to enter a Super State where he become Super Silver. Unlike other people, however, who directly absorb the emeralds to transform for the first time, Silver was granted the Chaos Emeralds' power by Super Sonic through an energy transfer, like with Team Sonic in Sonic Heroes.

In this form, Silver gains an increase in power of his Psychokinesis and a new ability called The Shield of Light that allows him to create a shield around himself and grab hold of any items around and throw them at his enemies, alongside automatic flight, invincibility and increased strength and speed.




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