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Here are the Cutscenes from the Story Mode of SB100 vs Cami Universe


SB100: Story Mode Prolouge [Complete]

Queen Aleena: (voice over) Queen Aleena here...After another plan foiled, Jack the Hedgehog & his friends had finally stoped Dr. EggPlankton's latest plan on taking over the entire SB100 universe. However, the victory was short lived when Dr. EggPlankton doesn't give up that easily. Dr. EggPlankton has escaped from the Rhino Tribe Underground Prison & has unleashed various of SB100 Villains without hesitation.

(The Story begins with Dr. EggPlankton along with an army of Jack-4 Bots & various of SB100 Villains making their escape from Prison & heading back to EggPlanktonLand, preparing for their next attack.)

Queen Aleena: (voice over) However, moments later, Jack & his friends has the same idea of preparing the battle, Jack & his partner Patricia the Skunk has called in various of SB100 Heroes in order to stop the Villains' attacks, which it was Successful.

(Now we see Dr. EggPlankton, Layla, Jack-4 Commander, Kai, Zane, Metal Jack, Tensai, Fury, Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor, Acidicus, King Pig, Vezon, Clyde, Professor Vulcan, Chester, BlackSkull, Craig, Parkisha, Punk Man & Jealousy been defeated by Jack, Patricia, Metal Patricia, Jackbot Nega, Combot Nega, SPARKY, the Crossovers & other various SB100 Heroes)

Queen Aleena: (voice over) But it seems, Dr. EggPlankton manages to escape & his latest defeat could've marked a celebration, but instead it marks a whole new crisis & a whole new beggining.

(Now we see Dr. EggPlankton making their escape in the Dark Forest)

Dr. EggPlankton: (panting) Those Heroes had defeated me for the last time. Once I get back to EggPlanktonLand, they shall be in for a big surprize. (activates his new portal transporter, activating it) I'll get them soon enough.

Layla: (sitting on a very large branch) Wow, that battle is fun. I don't suppose we can go for another round against those Heroes, including Jack & Patricia.

Dr. EggPlankton: Layla?! I see that you followed me here. No matter, it's time for us to exit this place & come up with another plan to stop Jack & Patricia.

???: Not on my watch!

Layla: Well, well...(giggles) Speak of the devil.

Dr. EggPlankton: (notices that it was Jack with Patricia) JACK & PATRICIA?! O_O

Jack: (smirking) Your not going anywhere.

Patricia: We've manage to stop your evil schemes. And now it's time for you to go back to where you came from.

Dr. EggPlankton: I'm not going back to Bikini Bottom again. I said that I will NEVER go back to Bikini Bottom by the likes of you!

Layla: (felt a pulse on the branch) Hm?

Jack: Oh yeah? Prehaps you can ask that guy.

(Suddendly the tree that Layla's sitting on is actually Tree Rex, camoflauging as a Tree because he's a Mutant Tree Giant.)

Dr. EggPlankton: (notices) TREE REX?!?!

Tree Rex: (holding Layla in his hands) You didn't suspect that I was camoflauged, do ya?

Layla: (notices Tree Rex) Wow, you caught me. You got me good.

Dr. EggPlankton: I did not see that one coming!

Tree Rex: (puts Layla down) Now your in for quite a beatdown, EggPlankton

Dr. EggPlankton: You have to catch me through that Portal first (about to go inside the portal)

Patricia: EggPlankton's getting away!

Tree Rex: Not for long. (aims his Photosynthesis Cannon, mounted on his Red Wooden Elbow-Length Sleeveless Glove) Hey, EggPlankton, say "Cheese"! (fires a Green Beam from his Photosynthesis Cannon at EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: (got zapped at his chest) Ow! (got pushed in the portal & screams in pain as bright Green lights flashes through his body) AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

Jack, Patricia & Tree Rex: (watches)

Layla: (gasps as she is holding onto a dead tree very tightly)

Dr. EggPlankton: Tree Rex! What have you done?! Layla! Help! I cannot be denied by that Orange Hedgehog, that Girl Skunk & that Tree Mutant! (screams as Green Energy overwhelmes his body) WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! (got pushed in the portal) I WENT TO COLLEDGE!!!!! (as the portal closes, the portal transporter explodes)


Jack, Patricia & Tree Rex: (turned their heads back as the portal transporter explodes)

(After the Explosion, the three notices that the Portal Transporter is totaled)

Layla: (notices the Portal Transporter) (sighs) EggPlankton has been transported elsewhere without the coordinates. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk! Now EggPlankton is somewhere in any random location across the universe. But I assure you, I'll be back. (evil wicked witch laughter as she rides away back to her Haunted House on her Dark Flying Broom)

Jack: That takes care of EggPlankton for a while.

Patricia: I wonder which Location did EggPlankton land at? The Coordinates are at random.

Tree Rex: (turns to Jack & Patricia) Doesn't matter now. He'll be back for more. And his numbers of Jack-4 Bots makes no difference. Right now, we can live in peace...for now.

Jack: Come on, let's go back home.

(Jack, Patricia & Tree Rex heads back to Seaside Hill, wondering when EggPlankton is gonna be back)

Cami: Story Mode Prolouge [Complete]

Queen Samantha:(Voiceover) Every world is two. It has always been. One world is full of happiness and fun and characters from another world. The other is full of light and darkness. But what if, the worlds were collide into one? The mystery will be revealed into three stories...

Two Sides of Canon: Story Mode Prolouge

SB100 [Complete]

(The Scene opens with a birds eye view of New Mobotropolis)

Sonic [SB100]: (narrating) My name is Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, also known as "Sonic Prime" & the Original & True Sonic the Hedgehog, in Zonic's Case. And my partners Amy Rose & Tails are still on a quest to rescue & de-roboticize Princess Sally.

(The birds eye view shifts into New Mobotropolis buildings & the Death Egg MKII, ravaged by battle. Flames lick out of many a charred building & bits of the Death Egg MKII.)

Sonic [SB100]: (narrating) In this case, however, we're very close, but because of a new beggining, we missed that oppritunity once again.

(The skyshot zooms into three figures hovering in mid-air. Sonic [SB100] as Super Sonic & Amy [SB100] as Super Amy are holding Dr. Eggman [SB100] who is inside the Eggmobile)

Super Sonic [SB100]: It's over Eggman, give us back Sally Acorn so we can de-roboticize her.

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: Don't be so sure you hedgehog punk!

Super Amy [SB100]: (gasps) How dare you insult my boyfriend, you mustace monkey!

(Super Amy [SB100] whacks the EggMobile with her Piko Piko Hammer, sending Dr. Eggman [SB100] falling back to the ground. His EggMobile lands in an abandoned war-torn road, tearing a gigantic hole in the middle of it with a large explosion. Seemingly satisfied that Dr. Eggman [SB100] is out for the count, Super Sonic [SB100] & Super Amy [SB100] glides back down to the ground)

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: (groans) Ow, my head! Who turned out the lights?

Super Sonic [SB100]: Nice one Ames!

Super Amy [SB100]: (blushes) Thanks Sonic!

Tails [SB100]: (arrives) Guys, Mecha Sally is coming our way & so is Lien-Da.

Super Sonic [SB100]: Heh! Looks like it's time for more action!

Mecha Sally [SB100] & Lien-Da [SB100]: (arrives)

Lien-Da [SB100]: About time

Super Amy [SB100]: Lien-Da...

Super Sonic [SB100]: Mecha Sally...

(Super Sonic [SB100] & Super Amy [SB100} glides over the hole, as they continues speaking, landing next to Lien-Da [SB100] & Mecha Sally [SB100])

Super Amy [SB100]: You threatened the safety of Mobius for your own personal gain. You allied yourself with Dr. Eggman!

Lien-Da [SB100]: I was only trying to ensure the Dark Legion's survival in the event that you and the other so-called Knothole Freedom Fighters failed to stop Eggman in the past. No wonder they're disbanded once again, your so depressed after the loss of Antoine.

Super Sonic [SB100]: Antoine is still in a coma you know! And Bunnie's de-roboticized to help us. That is why Tails, Amy & I formed Team Fighters to free Sally from being Mecha Sally forever.

Super Amy [SB100]: And it's also the reason why Rotor Walrus formed Team Freedom with Cream, Big, Heavy & Bomb.

Lien-Da [SB100]: Well played

(Suddendly a yellow flash interupts their argument as Sonic [SB100] & Amy [SB100] turns back to normal, causing the 7 Chaos Emeralds to scatter to 7 different locations)

Sonic [SB100]: So much for a Super form. What's going on?

Tails [SB100]: (notices Dr. Eggman struggling towards the Warp Ring) Guys! Eggman has discovered the secrets of the Warp Ring & he's gonna escape with the Death Egg MKII

Mecha Sally [SB100]: (shoves Tails [SB100] aside & goes up to Dr. Eggman [SB100])

Lien-Da [SB100]: There's my ride. (goes up to Dr. Eggman [SB100] & Mecha Sally [SB100])

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: This isn't over, Sonic the Hedgehog! I still have the Multiverse to take over!

Sonic [SB100]: What do you mean?

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: After you defeated me & Dr. Wily with Mega Man. I noticed that there are multiple universes out there & I'll conquer them all !

Sonic [SB100]: Give us back Sally!

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: Sorry Sonic, no can do. This time we will escape into another universe. A-sta-la-bye-bye suckers! (goes inside the warp ring with Lien-Da [SB100], Mecha Sally [SB100], Orbot [SB100] & Cubot [SB100])

Sonic [SB100]: (runs after him) HEY, STOP! (spindashes at the warp ring, but the warp ring closes before he gets inside) (suddendly crashes to a wall & falls on his back)

Amy [SB100]: Sonikku, are you ok?

Sonic [SB100]: (groans & then gets up very slowly) Yeah, I'm alright. That impact really hurt.

Tails [SB100]: Guys, Dr. Eggman has escaped yet again.

Sonic [SB100]: This time he brought the Death Egg MKII along with him.

Tails [SB100]: Sonic we have to collect the Chaos Emeralds once again to stop Dr. Eggman!

Sonic [SB100]: Right buddy. But first, let's clean this city up.

Amy [SB100]: Ok Sonic. And don't worry Sonic, we'll get him next time.

(Sonic [SB100], Tails [SB100] & Amy [SB100] begins cleaning up New Mobotropolis)

Sonic [SB100]: Your right Amy & besides what kind of Universe is Eggman gonna take over anyways, I hope it's not Mega Man's universe like last time or else it could be messy.



SB100: Chapter 1 (Jack the Hedgehog) [Complete]

Chapter Prolouge: Jack's Relaxation

(At the Crossover Mansion)

Jack: (relaxing on his hammock) (sighs) What a beautiful day. No EggPlankton, no evil, everything's starting to look up.

Patricia: (sitting on a beach chair, wearing her pink sunglasses) Yeah, it's very beautiful out here. There's not a cloud in the sky.

Jack: Yeah, so what do you think we should do now, without EggPlankton to fight.

Patricia: I don't know, but maybe it'll come to us soon. (eats a blueberry) Mmm, juicy.

Jack: (sighs) You really love the blueberries, do ya?

Patricia: Yes Indeedy! I love blueberries. They're yummy, fresh & juicy & blueberries are the purrrfect fuel for my skunk gas.

Jack: (chuckles)


Jack: (sits up & notices an explosion coming from the distance) What's that?

Patricia: (sits up & takes off her sunglasses) Looks like an explosion coming from a far away distance

Jack: (gets off the hammock) Wanna go check it out together?

Patricia: (gets off the beach chair) Sure thing (hops on her flying broom) Let's go!

Jack: Right. I love to stretch my legs. And it's time for action!

(Jack & Patricia goes off to find source of the explosion, with Patricia riding on her Flying Broom)

Act 1: Jack & the Metal Jack Copy

(At Seaside Hill)

Jack & Patricia: (arrives)

Patricia: (lands on her flying broom & hops off) Looks like the explosion hits here

Jack: Yeah, I think we're getting close to who's responsible for the explosion

Patricia: Yeah, and I believe it has to be a robot & it's close.

Metal Jack: (suddendly tackles Jack)

Jack: GAH! (got tackled & then pushes Metal Jack out of the way)

Patricia: (gasps)

Jack: (gets into his battle stance) Metal Jack.

Metal Jack: Closer than you think. (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begin!

Act 2: 2 Problems aboard

Metal Jack: (sparking a lot)

Jack: So it was you who attacked me! Why?

Metal Jack: It's because of what happen to EggPlankton! You have transported him to an unknown location.

Patricia: Yes, but why would you set off the explosion?

Metal Jack: You'll see...

(Suddendly Kai & Zane appears)

Kai: Hello, Jack the Hedgehog & Patricia the Skunk

Zane: Seems it's now a tag team battle!

Jack: Patricia, you take on Zane, while I take on the Bounty Hunter! (gets into his battle stance)

Patricia: Got it !

Patricia & Zane: (starts attacking each other)

Kai: Now, let the hunt begin. Let us see who's the hunter & who's the hunted. (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begin!

Act 3: One Bounty Hunter Down & One Black Cyclone to go

Kai: (got knocked out)

Jack: Guess I'm the hunter, huh?

Patricia: (got knocked down by Zane) Gah!

Jack: (turns to Patricia & Zane) Patricia!

Zane: (evil laughter) I'll squash you flat like a stinky pancake!

Patricia: (covers herself, waiting for the worse)

Jack: (gets in front of Patricia, protecting her from Zane) ZANE! (his eyes glows in yellow with Rage) GET AWAY FROM HER! (gets into his battle stance)

Zane: (a bit shocked) What the?! This is new, but whatever the case, it will not save you. Fight! (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begin!

Act 4: First sign of 2 Worlds Colliding

Zane: (got knocked out as well)

Patricia: You did it, Jack!

Jack: Thank you Patricia.

Patricia: Your welcome Jack

Jack: Come on, let's go back to the Crossover Mansion, the fastest way is through the Skunk Village. Let's go!

(Jack & Patricia heads off to the Crossover Mansion)

Patricia: By the way, what happened to you? Are you ok?

Jack: Yeah, I'm fine. I don't know what happened.

Patricia: Ok, but I never seen you have glowing yellow eyes before. So what do you think that was?

Jack: I don't know, I just saw you got hurt & the next thing I know my mind is blank.

Patricia: Let's investigate

Jack: Alright.

(In the Skunk Village)

Jack & Patricia: (going through the village)

Patricia: (suddendly stops & felt a powerful surge) (screams in pain)

Jack: Patricia? Are you ok? What's going on?

Patricia: I don't know, I never felt this kind of power like this before. (screams in pain even louder as the surge begins to grow stronger & stronger until she is covered in green electricity & is suddendly teleported into an unknown location, trading places with a Mobian Green Hedgehog in her position)

Jack: What the barnicles?

Jur:(Gets up, spits the dirt out of her mouth) Ugh! Not cool!

Jack: (his eyes begins to turn green) I've seen this trick before. You may have turned into Patricia the Skunk, but your Green Hedgehog Girl disguise can't fool me this time...CLYDE THE CHAMELEON!!! (gets into her battle stance)

Jur: Say what now? What are you talking about, Jack?

Jack: (his eyes begins to glow green, seeing Jur as Clyde the Chameleon) Oh don't play dumb with me Clyde! This time your disguising days are over!

Jur: JACK!!!! It's really me! Jur! I'm not that dumb!

Jack: That's it, FIGHT!

Jur: Aw pellets!

Battle Begins!

Act 5: Blaineley is back?!

Jack: (goes up to a defeated Jur) I don't get it, every time Clyde is defeated and/or falls into the water, he turns back into himself. That confuses me. What just happened?

Jur: That's because I'm NOT A MAN NAME CLYDE!!!!!!

Jack: Huh? What? I don't get it, what's going on here?

Jur:(Gets up) Ask yourself Jack. I'm outta here. (Leaves)

Jack: Sorry.

Blaineley: Not unless you face me!

Jack: Blaineley?!

Blaineley: That's right! (sprays her skunk scent at Jur, trying to knock her out) And she's not going anywhere.

Jur:(Coughs) Stinky! It really- (Coughs more) stinks..... (Passes out)

Jack: Hey! Blaineley! (goes in front of Jur) Get away from Jur!

Blaineley: Fine! I'll use my embarassing gas against you! (gets into her battle stance)

Jack: Not if I have anything to say about it! (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Boss Act: The Chum Beater's return

Blaineley: (got knocked out with her butt pointing towards the air)

Jack: Looks like I kicked your gassy butt, huh? Now leave us alone (goes up to Jur & helps her get up) Are you alright? I'm sorry about what happened earlier. I don't know what happened.

Jur:(Coughs) Yeah.... It's okay.... Now if you excuse me, I gotta go. (Leaves, continues to cough)

Jack: Ok then, see you later. And don't worry, the skunk scent wears off eventually.

Jur:(Far away) Yeah. (Far coughing) See ya...

Jack: Bye! Now to find the Crossovers. (goes off to find the Crossovers) Maybe they know what happen to Patricia.

(At the Crossover Mansion)

Jack: (notices the Chum Beater heading towards the Crossover Mansion) Looks like the Chum Beater's back.

Dr. EggPlankton: (controling the Chum Beater) Suprize!

Jack: What?! How can that be? I thought your inside an unknown location (gets into his battle stance)

Dr. EggPlankton: I was, but it doesn't matter now, for what it matters that I'm back & badder than ever & I have you now! FIGHT!

Chum Beater: (goes into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Chapter Epilogue: Searching Patricia

Chum Beater: (got destroyed)

Dr. EggPlankton: (groans & then coughs)

Jack: Your badder than ever huh? I know how I feel about bragging. It costs nothing but trouble...(hears a robotic voice in the destroyed bot) Huh? (gets closer & notices that it was actually the 9 HenchCombots in disguise) HenchCombots?! What are you doing in the Chum Beater?

Redbot: We have to fill in for the boss after his dissapearance into an universe unknown.

Jack: Wait, what?

Yellowbot: And I'm afraid that we need a new master for the EggPlankton Empire.

Greenbot: (Australian Voice) We don't know who would be leading us, mate.

Bluebot: And it's really confusing.

Jack: Can you at least tell me where Patricia is? She & Jur had trade places, have you seen her?

Orangebot: Who?

Jack: Patricia

Purplebot: Where?

Jack: Forget it.

Blackbot: What on mobius is going on?

Jack: Guess I have to find her myself.

Pinkbot: Suuuure, you will.

Jack: Oh brother. Maybe I do need some help. I'll go get Patricia's sisters, Patricia's mother & the Crossovers, maybe they can help me find Patricia. (goes inside the Mansion)

Whitebot: I sence something odd, that our world is merging from another. And we're all in danger.

Greenbot: Jack gets an A for effort against the Chum Beater robotic bloak, that's for sure, Boomer.

Bluebot: That's Bluebot!

Greenbot: Whatever the case.

Cami: Chapter 1 (Luna the Hedgehog) [Complete]

Chapter Prolouge: Luna's Nightime Flight

Luna:(Flying across town with her wings unfolded, does her moves, then lands down to the streets, folds her wings)

Jur:(Came in) Hey Luna!

Luna: What is it, Jur?

Jur: I found something very shining and it's in this town.

Luna: Light Sources.

Jur: Is that what they're called?

Luna: Yeah. I learn all about them and I'm going to find them. Mind if you come with me to find them?

Jur: Sure. You're the leader of Team Lunatea.

Luna and Jur:(Go off to find the Light Sources)

Act 1: Light Sources

(Daylight) Luna and Jur:(Search for the light sources in Hyrule City)

Jur: No Light Sources here...

Luna:(Sees Sonic [Cami]) Sonic! (Goes up to Sonic)

Sonic [Cami]: Hey Luna! Long time no see!

Luna: You too.

Jur:(Bumps behind Luna's back)

Sonic [Cami]: Hey. Since we're here alone, why don't we pratice our fight moves.

Luna: You're on.

Sonic [Cami]:(Gets into his battle stance) Ready?

Luna:(Gets into her battle stance) Ready!

Battle Begins!

Act 2: The Most Beautiful Gardan

Sonic [Cami]:(Gets defeated) Hehe. Not bad.

Luna: Thanks.

Sonic [Cami]: Well, I'll be seeing you soon. (Zooms off)

Luna: Okay. So the Light Sources aren't in Mobius. So it must be in my homeworld, Lunatea.

Jur: You got a point.

Luna: Let's go there. (Teleports herself and Jur to Lunatea)

(At Lunatea, in the gardan)

Jur: Whoa. That is some cool gardan.

Luna: It is beautiful. Lovers always go there. Even... my parents... (Looks down at her shoes)

Jur:(Puts her hand on Luna's shoulder)

Finn:(Came flying in) Luna!

Luna: Hi Finn.

Finn:(Notices that Luna is sad) What's wrong?

Luna: Oh.... Nothing.... I just miss my parents is all...

Finn: Oh... Well.... Maybe I could cheer you up with a little fight. How does that sound?

Luna: Me? Fight you? I would never.

Finn: Don't worry. I'll be fine.

Luna: Mmm...... Okay. I'll fight you. (Gets into her battle stance)

Finn: Alright! (Gets into his battle stance) Let's go!

Battle Begins!

Act 3: To the Forbidden Forest

Finn:(Shakes his head off from the fight)

Luna: Sorry, Finn... I didn't mean to...

Finn: It's okay. I have a really fun time.


Jur: We gotta go.

Luna: Right. I'll see you later, Finn.

Finn: Okay. Bye. (Flies off)

Luna: So I guess the Light Sources aren't in Lunatea. So I guess we should go back to Mobius.

Jur: You're not thinking of going into the....the...the...

(Scene cuts to a dark forest)

Jur: The Forbidden Forest!

Luna: It's the only way that the Light Sources are. We need to go in there.

Jur:(Gulps, gets scared) Okay.... You're the leader of Team Lunatea....

Luna and Jur:(Goes into The Forbidden Forest)

Luna:(Looks for the Light Sources)

Jur:(Gets really scared)

(Suddenly, there was a rustle)

Jur: AAAAHHH!!!!!!!

Luna: Emily. I know it's you.

Emily:(Comes out of a tree) Aw..... Why?

Luna: You always go up on trees.

Emily: Good point. Hey! I know! Let's have a pratice battle!

Luna: Aganist you? I don't know.

Emily: Come on! I'll be fine! Let's go! (Jumps off the tree, gets into her battle stance)

Luna: Okay... If you say so... (Gets into her battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Act 4: Jur has disappeared and Patricia has arrived

Emily:(Rubbing her head after being defeated) Ow! Ow!

Luna: I knew this would be a bad idea.

Emily: Yeah... I was so stupid battling against you!

Luna: Sorry...

Jur: Can we get out of here?! This is creeping me out!

Luna: Okay... We'll go back to Lunatea and see if the Light Sources are here.

Jur: Again?!

Luna: Bye Emily.

Luna and Jur:(Teleported to Lunatea)

Emily: Bye-bye! (Leaves)

(In Lunatea)

Luna: Mmm.... Where are the Light Sources?

Jur: I don't know. Somewhere. (Notices a green light floating around her) Cool. What is that thing? (Chases after it) Come here you little light! (Catches it) Got it! (Suddenly, begins to grow stronger & stronger until she is covered in green electricity)

Luna: Jur? What did you do?

Jur: I don't know! But something's wrong! (Suddendly teleported into an unknown location)

Luna: Jur?! (Calls for Jur) Jur! Where are you?! JUR!!!! (Begins to search for Jur)

(Few hours later)

Luna:(Still looking for Jur until she sees a Mobian Black Skunk standing there looking lost, regonizes her) Patricia? (Goes up to Patricia) Patricia, what are you doing here?

Patricia: (Turns around) Luna? Is that you?

Luna: Yeah. It's me. What are you doing here?

Patricia: I don't know. One thing I was in the Skunk Village heading back to the Crossover Mansion with Jack & then next thing I know is that I felt a green electrical surge flowing through me & then I got zapped here. I'm lost. I felt that I've been trade places with someone else.

Luna:(Thoughts) That's what happened to Jur. Maybe Jur traded place with Patricia. I think it was because of that green light...

Patricia: (screams in pain as she felt yellow electricity around her, growing stronger than ever)

Luna: Are you okay, Patricia?

Patricia: (holding her head) I felt...rage! All that rage in different colours! Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, every single colour combine.

Luna: What?

Patricia: I'm losing resistance! Listen to me! Beware! Beware...the RAGE!!! (her eyes glows yellow)

Luna: Holy crappants! Patricia?!

Patricia: Your butt is mine! (gets into her battle stance)

Luna: Uhh... Patricia, I don't know what's wrong with ya, but I'm gonna get you back to your senses. (Gets into her battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Act 5: Dark Sources

Patricia: (got knocked down) (got purged from the rage) Huh? What happened to me?

Luna: You've gone crazy.

Patricia: (gets up) It's the rage. It has done something to me. Thanks for your help on purging me from this rage. Your a great friend.

Luna: No problem. Now I have to find the Light Sources.

Patricia: Oh ok then. (hugs Luna) Good luck Luna.

Luna: Thanks. And be careful.

Patricia: You too. (gives Luna a kiss on the cheek) This is my way of saying thanks.

Luna: Yeah. See ya! (Unfolds her wings, flies off)

Patricia: Bye! (leaves)

(In Two-Nicorn Valley)

Luna:(Looking for the Light Sources, saw some dark things) What? Dark Sources? In Two-Nicorn Valley? How? (Goes up to the Dark Source, but it disappeared) Whoa... That was strange...


Luna: Huh?! (Looks up in the sky, saw Lizzy flying out of control) Lizzy?!

Lizzy: HELP!!!! I can't control my machines! (Falls to the ground, gets into her battle stance) LUNA!!!! HELP ME!!!!!

Luna: Don't worry, Liz! I'll stop you! (Gets into her battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Boss Act: EggBeatle, GO!

Lizzy:(Back to her normal states) Phew... Thanks Luna. I don't what went wrong with my systems.

Luna: Your welcome, Lizzy. But.... you should be careful using it like that.

Lizzy: Okay. (Activates her rocket shoes, flies off) You should go to Eggman's base. That's where I was.

Luna: Eggman, huh? (Unfolds her wings, flies off)

(In Eggman's Base)

Luna:(Thoughts) What is Eggman up to this time?

(Suddenly, the ground started to shake)

Luna: Whoa!

(The floor lifts Luna up outside)

Dr. Eggman [Cami]: HA HA HA!!!! Hello there, Protector of Lunatea!

Luna: Eggman!

Dr. Eggman [Cami]: Since you came to my trap, I will DESTROY YOU!!!! (Gets into his machine)

(The EggBeatle gets into it's battle stance)

Dr. Eggman [Cami]: Behold, my new power, EggBeatle, GO!

(The EggBeatle snaps)

Luna:(Gets to her battle stance) Hmph!

Battle Begins!

Chapter Epilogue: The Search Continues, Two Eggmans?!

Luna:(Gets the dust off of her)

Dr. Eggman [Cami]:(Defeated) Ugh! (Gets up) I can't believe this, I was supposed to beat you!

Luna: Didn't you know? Me and my friends always beat you. And I can't believe Sonic always do this to you. It's the most funniest thing ever!

Dr. Eggman [Cami]:(Falls behinds his back)

Luna: Now. I need to find the Light Sources. If they are real, then I need to protect them no matter what. And Dark Sources are out there in this world. And I'm the only one now to find them. (Unfolds her wings, flies off) I just know I'll find the Light Sources out there. One day...

(Suddendly the Egg Beater [From Archie Sonic], controlled by Dr. Eggman [SB100] suddendly appears, swats at Luna)

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: (with Orbot [SB100] & Cubot [SB100]) Not so fast! (his eyes glowed Yellow) The Kombat Rage will consume us ALL!

Luna: Eggman! But you were- How are you- When did you-

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: There is much more you don't know about the Multiverse & the Rage.

Luna:(Thoughts) Multiverse?!

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: Prepare to feel the power of the Egg Beater! Resistance is futile! (controls the Egg Beater to fire an electrical net at Luna)

Luna:(Screams in pain)

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: Now that I have you, the Multiverse will be MINE! (evil laughter) (controls the Egg Beater to carry an Electrocuted Luna to the Death Egg MK II) (turns on the communicator) Lien-Da, bring me, Orbot & Cubot aboard, cause this Girl is ripe for Roboticization.

Lien-Da [SB100]: (from communicator) Yes sir. Bringing you aboard now.

(The Death Egg MKII appears & beams the Egg Beater with Eggman [SB100], Orbot [SB100], Cubot [SB100] in it & Luna aboard the Flying Fortress)

Luna:(Thoughts) I need to get out of here!

Lien-Da [SB100]: Welcome back, Master Eggman.

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: Master Eggman? I lik the sound of that. Anyways...Orbot, Cubot! Send the girl into the Roboticizer!

Orbot [SB100]: Yes sir.

Cubot [SB100]: (cowboy's voice) That'll be easier. Jack & Patricia are hard for us to stop than that blue girl varmit.

Orbot [SB100] & Cubot [SB100]: (carries Luna to the Roboticizer, holding her very tight)

Luna:(Thoughts) If only I can escape. Eggman's minions really tighten me up!

Orbot [SB100] & Cubot [SB100]: (throws Luna inside the Roboticizer & closes it)

Orbot [SB100]: Got it, the girl is sealed sir, just need to roboticize her.

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: Activate the Roboticizer!

Cubot [SB100]: Not a problem, partner! (activates the Roboticizer) Roboticizer, Activated.

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: Excellent. (notices Mecha Sally [SB100] enters) Mecha Sally, your just in time to be introduced to your new Roboticized partner. Mecha Sally, I present to you...MECHA LUNA!

Mecha Luna:(Looks at her hands, shocked, thoughts) Oh no....

Dr. Eggman [SB100]: Now that the girl is roboticized, the Multiverse will be MINE! (evil laughter, but accidently pulls a muscle) Ow! Ooh, I think I gloated so hard, I pulled a muscle! No matter. Mecha Luna, I want you & Mecha Sally to capture everyone in the Multiverse & roboticize every single one of them you got that?

Mecha Sally: Yes Dr. Eggman, sir.

Mecha Luna:(Thoughts) This has... This has got to be a horrible nightmare!

Mecha Sally: (activates her rocket feet) Let's go! (leads Mecha Luna to go & capture everyone)

Mecha Luna:(Tries to unfold her wings, but couldn't, then activates the rockets on her shoes, then flies off, couldn't even shed one tear because she is now a robot, thoughts) I guess I'm really am a noboby... (Reaches for her heart necklace) Mom.... Dad... Lanna.... Everybody.... (Rips it off her neck, then drops it) I'm sorry.....

Orbot [SB100]: (fixes Cubot's voice chip)

Cubot [SB100]: (watches at Mecha Sally & Mecha Luna leaves) (to Orbot [SB100]) (normal voice) We can give the roboticization an A for effort, that's for sure.

(In the Dark Forest)

(We see that someone notices a Heart Necklace falling from the sky & follows after it with an evil smirk on his face)

????: (found the necklace on the ground in the Dark Forest & picks it up) (reveals to be Scott the Weasel still has the evil smirk on his face)

Scott: Say! Now this oughta fetch a tidy sum. (chuckles evily & leaves) Wait'll I tell the Crossovers back to the Crossover Mansion that I've found something valuable.

Two Sides of Canon: Chapter 1 (Tails) [Complete]

Chapter Prologue: Inside Tails' (SB100) Workshop

(In Tails' Workshop)

Tails (SB100): (fixing the planes)

Sonic (SB100): (arrives) Hey Tails.

Tails (SB100): Hey Sonic. I'm fixing the original Tornado-1.

Sonic (SB100): By the way, I haven't seen EggPlankton. Guess my cousin & his partner Patricia had already tooken care of him.

Tails (SB100): I think your right, but those Chaos Emeralds could be anywhere. Let's go look for them!

Sonic (SB100): Alright, let's get moving.

(Sonic [SB100] & Tails [SB100] hops inside the Tornado-1 & then flys off to find the Chaos Emeralds)

Act 1:!!! (SB100)

(We see that Tails [SB100] & Sonic [SB100] are searching for the Chaos Emeralds in their Tornado-1)

Tails [SB100]: See anything, Sonic?

Sonic [SB100]: Nope, nothing yet. We're still looking...(notices something) WHOA!

(Suddendly someone attacked the bi-plane, causing a crash landing)

Tails [SB100] & Sonic [SB100]: (falls down & crash lands)

Sonic [SB100]: What the?!

Tails [SB100]: The Tornado! What happened?

(That person revealed to be Fury)

Fury: I happened.

Sonic [SB100]: Hey! That's Fury!

Tails [SB100]: One of Jack's & Patricia's enemies!

Fury: Yes, now that I've found you two! I'll stop you right now!

Tails [SB100]: Not if we have anything to say about it!

Battle Begins!

Act 2: One Version meets another

Fury: (got knocked out)

Tails [SB100]: Look Sonic, we did it! (notices a Green Chaos Emerald in Fury's hand & grabs the emerald) And we have the Chaos Emerald.

Sonic [SB100]: Good job buddy, let's head back & find the other 6 Chaos Emeralds.

Tails [SB100]: Ok Sonic, but how? The Plane is damaged by Fury, guess I'll have to fix the plane again (goes to the damaged Tornado-1 & begins fixing) By the way, about the journey through time, when there's doubles of us?

Sonic [SB100]: Yes? What is your point, Tails?

Tails [SB100]: I wonder if there's another version of us...out there in a different universe?

Sonic [SB100]: That's a tough question, but this outta be cool though.

Tails [SB100]: Yeah, but do you think that different universes are real?

Sonic [SB100]: I'm not sure, but we'll find out soon enough.

Tails [SB100]: Ok then Sonic. Maybe I need some help with the bi-plane.

Sonic [SB100]: I may not be smart on fixing machines, but I can try though & we'll see how it turns out.

Tails [SB100]: Thanks Sonic

Sonic [SB100]: That's what friends are for. Now then, let's go find some more

(Sonic [SB100] & Tails [SB100] sets off to find 6 more Chaos Emeralds, but they noticed a portal)

Tails [SB100]: That's a portal.

Sonic [SB100]: Perfect time to check it out, let's go!

(Sonic [SB100] & Tails [SB100] goes inside the portal to check it out, as Fury begins to get up very painfully slow)

Fury: (groans in pain as he gets up & notices the portal) Hmm...

(In Hyrule City)

Sonic [SB100]: Uh Tails? Where are we?

Tails [SB100]: I don't know, Sonic. I've never been here before.

Sonic [SB100]: Me neither. Now if I was a Chaos Emerald, where would I be? (looks around)

???:(Behind Sonic [SB100] and Tails [SB100]) Tails? Sonic? Is that you?

Sonic [SB100] & Tails [SB100]: (turns to see two tail red wolf)

Tails [SB100]: Hello?

Sonic [SB100]: Who's there?

(It was Finn the Wolf)

Finn:(Chuckles) Very funny you two. Good one.

Sonic [SB100] & Tails [SB100]: (very confused & looks at each other & then looks at Finn)

Tails [SB100]: Uh, do we know you?

Finn: What? Are we playing the "Who Are You" game now? Anyway, I was on my way to the Dojo to watch Sonic and the others practice. But I saw him with you in Hyrule City and not at Yo's dojo. But since you're here, maybe we can have a practice battle.

Sonic [SB100]: (still confused) Dojo? Hyrule City? And who's Yo?

Finn: Master Yo. The panda. The old guy. What's with you two? Did you suffer with anmesia?

Tails [SB100]: No we didn't. Don't think I remember Yo. Besides, we haven't seen him before in our lives.

Sonic [SB100]: Yep & Hyrule City & the Dojo? We haven't been in these places before.

Finn: That is so weird. I think Oliver must of built a machine last night and you guys might of muliplited by two and not knowing anything or something.

Sonic [SB100]: What machine?

Tails [SB100]: No, it's not that! Your talking to the wrong Sonic & Tails...we've stumbled into a new universe.

Sonic [SB100]: And that means...

Sonic [SB100] & Tails [SB100]: (suprized & in union) THE MULTIVERSE IS ACTUALLY REAL!!!

Finn: Multiverse? Ahh... Okay... Well, it was nice bumping into you guys, but I gotta go... (Was about to leave)

Tails [SB100]: (his eyes begins to glow yellow) Stop right there!

Finn:(Turns around) Huh?

Sonic [SB100]: What the?

Tails [SB100]: Your not going anywhere without a fight! (gets into his battle stance)

Sonic [SB100]: Tails?

Finn: I'm going to take that practice battle as a yes... (Gets into his battle stance)

Tails [SB100]: No, it's a not a practice battle, it's a FIGHT TO THE DEATH! (his yellow eyes glows brighter)

Finn: Fight to the- (Gulps) I'm not going to like this...

Battle Begins!

Act 3: A Tale of Two Tails

Sonic [SB100]: (notices that Tails won against a defeated Finn) Oh man, this has gone too far.

Tails [SB100]: (walks up to Finn, still has glowing yellow eyes)

Finn:(Rub his head) Ow ow ow ow ow ow.... That stings...

Tails [SB100]: It's gonna sting even more once I'm done with you!

Sonic [SB100]: (goes in between of Tails [SB100] & Finn) Tails, stop! That's not even you! What's wrong? The Tails I know never kills anyone.

Finn: I need help! (Flies off somewhere)

Tails [SB100]: He does now! (to Finn) Come back you scaredy cat!

Sonic [SB100]: Tails, calm down! It's me Sonic, remember?

Finn:(Comes back with Oliver) They're over there!

Oliver:(Sees Sonic [SB100] and Tails [SB100]) Huh? A universe Sonic and a universe Tails? How did they get into our universe?

Finn: I don't know, but this Tails wants to kill me!

Oliver: I'll comfront him. (Goes up to Tails [SB100]) Hi Universe Tails. My name is Oliver and I want you to stop hurting Finn.

Tails [SB100]: You know, that's a good idea...(pushes Sonic [SB100] out of the way) I'll fight YOU...(points to Oliver)...instead!

Sonic [SB100]: Oh not again.

Finn: Do something!

Oliver: I'll try to snap him out of it. (Goes to his battle stance)

Finn: Good luck...

Sonic [SB100]: (notices Tails [Cami] is watching) Hm?

Tails [SB100]: Fight! (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Boss Act: Carl's Here

Tails [SB100]: (his eyes still glows yellow) More, I need more!

Sonic [SB100]: Alright Tails, that's enough! Either you hurt them or hurt me!

Tails [SB100]: (screams in pain & then is now purge of the rage) Huh? What happened? And why is my nose hair tingling?

Sonic [SB100]: (catches Tails [SB100]) Are you ok, Tails?

Tails [SB100]: I'm ok.

Sonic [SB100]: I never felt rage like that before.

Finn: Phew...

Oliver: See I told you Universe Tails can snap out of it.

???:(Voice) Oh really.

Sonic [SB100]: Is someone there?

Oliver and Finn:(Gasps, look at each other) Carl!

Carl:(Appeares in front of them) That's right. And I heard about this universe multiple thing. And for now I challenge the universe Tails for a battle! If he can do it.

Finn: Oh yes he can! My universe Tails can do anything, so I'm sure that this universe Tails can do it as well!

Carl: We'll see about that! (Gets into his battle stance)

Tails [SB100]: (to Carl) I don't know who you are, but your going back to the universe of "Yin Yang Yo". Fight ! (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Act 4: Blue Seedrian to Fight!

Tails [SB100]: (to a defeated Carl) Sonic, the fight is ours.

Sonic [SB100]: Now give up or else.

Carl: Never! (To Sonic [SB100]) And I'll be seeing you later! (Teleports)

Finn: I hate it when he does that...

Tails [SB100]: He won't be troubling us for now whoever he is.

Sonic [SB100]: Hmm...I gotta find out more about the other universe, Tails, you go find more about this universe, while I find my own way about this universe. I'll catch up with you later. See ya! (runs off) I'll be back soon!

Tails [SB100]: Ok Sonic, good luck!

Oliver: If you want to know more about our universe, then you should go to our friend, Emily. She's always up on trees.

Tails [SB100]: That's a good idea, let's go see her.

Finn: Just stay away from the Forbidden Forest! If you go in there, you'll never come back!

Tails [SB100]: Just like the Dark Forest where Layla lives?

Oliver and Finn: Yes.

Tails [SB100]: Huh, Who knew? Anyways, let's go.

Oliver and Finn:(Nod)

Tails [SB100]: (goes to find Emily)

Finn: Emily, come out of the trees.

Emily:(Inside the tree) Huh? How did you know?

Finn: Me and Luna always know that you go up in trees.

Emily:(Inside the tree) Oh... Okay. (Climbs down the tree, sees Tails [SB100]) Okay, what's Tails doing here?

Oliver: Emily, this is another Tails from another universe.

Emily: Oh.

Tails [SB100]: (notices Emily looks familiar to someone else) (gasps) That girl...she reminds me of...Cosmo!

Oliver and Finn:(Looked at each other confused)

(Cow sound effect)

Emily: Huh?

Tails [SB100]: I'm sorry, but (sheds a tear) Emily reminds me of Cosmo after she sacrificed herself to save all of us from danger. (sobs) Now I miss her.

Oliver: I'm so sorry.

Tails [SB100]: I can't stand to lose her, who is the love of my life. (sobs)

Emily:(Was about to leave)

Finn:(Grabs Emily) Don't leave. He needs comfort.

Emily: Oh... (Goes to Tails [SB100], pats his back) There, there, other Tails...

Tails [SB100]: (his eyes begins to glow blue) COSMO! I MISS YOU!

Oliver: Uh oh... Another color rage and this time it's sadness.

Emily: Um... other Tails... I can make you feel better if you practice battle with me. I won't get hurt. I promise.

Tails [SB100]: Ok, let's go...for Cosmo.

Emily:(Goes to her battle stance)

Finn: Just go easy on her.

Tails [SB100]: Cosmo, if your watching this, then this battle is for you. (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Act 5: Bounty Hunter Macy, Reporting for Duty

Tails [SB100]: (panting)

Emily:(Gets the dust off her dress)

Oliver: That looked pretty amazing.

Finn: You okay, Emily?

Emily: Not a scratch.

Tails [SB100]: (his eyes return to normal) That's good to hear.

Emily: Heehee.

Tails [SB100]: (smiles)


Finn: What was that?

Macy:(Came in)

Oliver: Macy!

Macy: What are you guys doing?

Finn: Nothing.

Tails [SB100]: Hi, my name is Tails.

Macy: Okay, what's wrong with Tails?

Oliver: He's another Tails from another universe.

Macy: Oh. Well since he's here, I guess I can test his moves.

Tails: Ok then, let's do it. (gets into his battle stance)

Macy:(Gets into her battle stance) Let me remind, I may be a girl, but I am a toughest bounty hunter.

Tails [SB100]: I thought Kai is the toughest bounty hunter.

Macy: Toughest Female Bounty Hunter.

Tails [SB100]: Oh right, sorry. But are you tougher than the rage?

Macy: Nope.

Tails [SB100]: Oh good, for a second I thought your gonna get infected by a most powerful rage from the multicolored rifts. (gets into his battle stance)

Macy: Don't worry. I'm not.T

Tails: Ok then. Good luck.

Battle Begins!

Act 6: Red Hedgehog Scamper is Here

Tails [SB100]: (panting) I...did it.

Macy: Nice fighting skills.

Scamper:(Came in) Macy. What are you doing? And why is Tails so tired.

Oliver: This Tails is from another universe.

Scamper:(Looks at Oliver)

Oliver: I'm serious.

Tails [SB100]: (notices Tails [Cami]) Oh hello, who are you?

Oliver: That's our universe Tails.

Tails [SB100]: I finallly figured it out. There is doubles of me & my friends, multi-colored rifts & the multi-colored Rage...Two worlds are colliding into one!

Oliver: Mmmhmm..

Scamper: I am so confused...

Tails [SB100]: The Multiverse is actually real.

Finn: But why would that happen?

Tails [SB100]: I bet it has something to do with EggPlankton's dissapearance.

Oliver: The same thing with Eggman acting really weird.

Tails [SB100]: Hmm...maybe there's 2 Eggman's as well. Which Eggman are you talking about?

Oliver: Our Eggman.

Tails [SB100]: Ok then. Can you please tell me the story on why your Eggman is acting weird?

Oliver: Well, for starters, I heard from Spencer that Eggman saw another Eggman in our universe, which is probably your universe Eggman and took Luna away.

Finn: What? He took Luna?! I NEED TO GO RESCUE HER! (Was about to fly off to save Luna)

Tails [SB100]: Wait, so then my Eggman followed me & Sonic here? This could be trouble.

Macy: I'm going to check it out.

Scamper: Please don't.

Tails [SB100]: The Multicolored Rifts are full of the Kombat Rage & if you get too close to it and/or make contact with that Rage, you're consumed with it.

Finn: That would explain the yellow eyes when you attack me.

Tails [SB100]: We betta be careful.

Oliver: Right.

Tails [SB100]: So Scamper, what should we do? A Practice battle?

Scamper: I think so.

Tails [SB100]: Then let's begin. Fight!

Battle Begins!

Act 7: Arrg! Let's Fight Matey!

Tails [SB100]: (goes up to a defeated Scamper & helps him get up) Now that practice battle done, we can...(felt a powerful surge)...Oh no...(screams in pain as the rage begins to take control of him)

Finn: Oh no! (Hides behind Oliver)

Tails [SB100]: Quick, get someone to help. I'm losing control of the rage.

Oliver, Finn, Emily, Macy and Scamper:(Hears horns, sees a ship)

Angie: Arrg! Did somebody say, help?

Oliver, Finn and Emily: Angie!

Angie:(Gets off her ship) I can help you, Tails old boy.

Oliver: This is another Tails from a different universe. You have got to snap him out of it!

Angie: No problem, I know just a thing.

Tails [SB100]: (his eyes glows green & notices Angie as BlackSkull) I should've known that Pirate talk has come from you, BlackSkull!

Angie: Who's BlackSkull?

Oliver: Oh no! Green eyes mean halluctionation! He thinks you're BlackSkull!

Finn: Quick! Snap him out of it!

Angie: Got it! (Pulls out her sword) I can snap out of that halluctionation in no time!

Tails [SB100]: You're corrupting my universe, BlackSkull ! You have to leave...(his eyes glows brighter)...I will make all of you leave...(distorted deep voice) NOW!!!

Emily: Oliver... I think he lost it...

Angie: Then I guess it's a fight it is.

Tails [SB100]: (roars in anger & gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Boss Act: Anime Fight! Teehee!

Tails [SB100]: (his eyes still glowing green) (walking up to a defeated Angie)

Finn:(Defends Angie) Tails, knock it off!

Tails [SB100]: (knocks down at Finn)

Finn: Ow...

Macy:(Pulls out her spear) Stay back!

Tails [SB100]: (pulls the spear off from Macy's hands) The rage will consume us all! (breaks Macy's spear & looks at her with a menacing growl)

Oliver: I guess I'll snap him out of this.

Emily: I can't look! (Covers her eyes)

Oliver: Universe Tails.

Tails [SB100]: (grabs Macy by the throat) BlackSkull, your now mine!

Oliver: Universe Tails, that's not BlackSkull. That's my friend, Angie. And she's a girl. Not the undead.

Tails [SB100]: (looks at Oliver with a concerned look) Hm?

Oliver: Angie's a friend of ours. Not BlackSkull.

Tails [SB100]: Hm...(throws Angie at Oliver, trying to knocking them down)

Oliver: Ow...

Angie: Well that didn't work.

Oliver: Emily!

Emily: What am I'm supposed to do?!

Oliver: Anything!

Emily: Ugh! (Goes infront of Tails [SB100]) Hi Universe Tails...

Tails [SB100]: (notices Emily & gives a menacing growl at Emily)

Emily: Don't kill me! I'm only 12!

Tails [SB100]: (notices Emily as Lien-Da [SB100], due to the Green Kombat Rage Aura) There you are, Lien-Da the Echidna. It's time that I will finish you!

Emily: EEEK!!!!!!

Finn: Leave her alone! (Attacks Tails [SB100])

Oliver: Finn!

Tails [SB100]: (flinched of the attack & turns to Finn, with his glowing eyes changing from green to red)

Finn: Uh-oh! (Runs and hides)

Oliver: Universe Tails. Snap out of it... You can't hurt us...

Tails [SB100]: If you wanna finish, then you got it ! (power punches at Oliver)

Oliver: AH!

Emily: Oliver!

???: Well, that was some very good fighting skills. Teehee!

Finn and Emily: Oh no... Smoke....

Smoke: That is right. I have sense the angry from that little boy who looks like Tails. (Yells) AND BECAUSE OF THAT, HE MUST FACE ME!!!!! Teehee!

Tails [SB100]: (turns to Smoke with an angry face & his eyes glows brighter) BACK OFF! I AM TAILS!

Smoke: You are very rude. So NOW YOU MUST FIGHT WITH ME!!!! Teehee! (Gets into her battle stance, pulls out her big sword)

Finn and Emily:(Gulps)

Macy and Scamper:(Glared at Tails [SB100])

Angie:(Gets up)

Oliver:(Sees this)

Tails [SB100]: You have no idea who & what your dealing with? You're facing the kitsune with the Kombat Rage flowing through my blood.

Emily:(Covers her eyes) I don't know him...

Smoke: Let's see how you do, shall we? Or FACE MY SWORD WITH YOUR BLOOD! Teehee!

Tails [SB100]: (his left eyes changes from red to green, causing his right eye to glow red & his left to glow green) (spots Smoke as Fiona Fox) FIONA FOX! You have broken my heart, now I'm gonna break yours as your more deadly adversary! (gets into his battle stance)

Emily:(Confused) Who's Fiona?

Finn:(Looks at Emily)

Smoke: Then IT'S A BATTLE THEN!!!!! Teehee!

Tails [SB100]: Yes, it's a fight to the death, Fiona Fox! I will show you MEANING OF PAIN! (his eyes glows brighter)

Emily: Uhhh.... Fight?

Tails [SB100]: Fight.

Battle Begins!

Act 8: The Party Dude's in the House

Tails [SB100]: (picks up a defeated Smoke & gives her a powerful uppercut at the jaw)

Smoke:(Was sent flying into space) I WILL BE BACK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Was gone when a twinkle glowed)

Emily: Now that was an easy thing to do.

Tails [SB100]: (has been purged from the Kombat Rage) Huh? What happened? I felt so strange, I...(groans as he held his head) My head hurts...

Oliver: You used your Kombat Rage and defeated my friend Angie and attacked me, Finn, Scamper and Macy and almost killed Emily and then you fought a girl name Smoke and you send her into space.

Tails [SB100]: Huh? I'm sorry, I can't control this Kombat Rage. I felt like someone's controling me to fight...a monster or some sort.

Oliver: It's okay.

Emily: Please don't do that again...

Tails [SB100]: I can't help it. That monster looks familliar to me. (gasps) Dr. EggPlankton's back!

Emily: Of course...

Oliver: We need to go comfront him.

Macy: Me and Scamper can take Angie with us in the ARK. Our universe ARK.

Tails [SB100]: Ok then. I felt Dr. EggPlankton's back as a monster, who is fused with someone else...I don't know who yet. But I'll find more about the monster.

Finn: And please don't use it again...

Tails [SB100]: Alright see you later. (twists his two tails & spins them around like helicopter blades & flys away)

Oliver: I'm going to follow him, so he won't use the rage again. (Flies after him)

Finn: Wait! You can't leave me here! (Flies after them)

Emily: What? I don't get to fly? (Follows them)

(At the Crossover Mansion)

Geoff, Avak & Ed: (fixing the front door)

Avak: Almost done...just a few bolts and...

Tails [SB100]: (arrives & lands) Hey guys, we need your help.

Avak: We?

Oliver and Finn:(Lands as well)

Emily:(Arrives, tired) Ay, ay, ay....

Geoff: Hey dudes & dudettes!

Finn: Hi Geoff.

Avak: What's going on?

Oliver: Universe Tails has some kind of Kombat Rage and we might think that EggPlankton is back.

Emily: And we might think he's a monster.

Finn: And also he might of gotten into you guys...

Ed: (begins to panic)

Avak: Ok Ed, calm down! This Kombat Rage...might infect us all if we're not careful. Is there anyone else that are infected with the rage other then our Tails?

Oliver: Lots of them, I guess...

Geoff: Ok then. Can you tell us who they are please?

Oliver and Finn:(Looked at Emily)

Emily: Uuuuhhhh......

Geoff: Don't worry, you can tell us

Emily: Ask Universe Tails, he knows.

Ed: Uh?

Tails [SB100]: All I know is that I'm infected with the rage. This Kombat Rage is infecting us all & we betta be careful.

Oliver: And all I know is that me, Finn and Emily aren't infected with it.

Avak: That's good because once we get to the source of the Kombat Rage, there's no escaping from it.

Tails [SB100]: This Kombat Rage could be too powerful even for all of us to resist.

Geoff: (the rage begins to affect him with Light Blue Eyes) Aw dudes, this is gonna be an awesome party! And what's not a wild party without the BLOODLUST! WHA-HOO!

Tails [SB100]: Oh no, it's beggining to affect Geoff.

Geoff: (goes up to Tails [SB100] ) Let's party! (gets into his battle stance)

Emily: You better start fighting him, or else I'm going to be drunk, and I'm 12 and I don't want to be drunk!

Tails [SB100]: Alright then. (gets into his battle stance) Fight!

Battle Begins!

Act 9: Somebody triggered the Trigger

Geoff: (has been purged from the rage) What happened? Why did my eyes glow aqua?

Tails [SB100]: It's the rage again. And this time, Geoff's rage color is Cyan or Aqua.

Oliver: Cyan. It means Pleasure of Bloodlust.

Emily: So Cyan is a vampire?!

Finn: Not really, Emi.

Tails [SB100]: What Oliver mean is that Cyan means that you want the most bloodlust out of anyone. We have to be careful even it means we're the future victims of the rage.

Oliver: That's right.

Avak: (the rage begins to infect him with yellow eyes) So what, you're gonna fight me or something cause I'm itching for a fight.

Tails [SB100]: Oh no, not again! This time the rage is affecting Avak!

Avak: I bet you can't even handle me! (gets into his battle stance)

Tails [SB100]: (sighs) Here we go again (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Act 10: When Eds Collide

Avak: (on his hands & knees, has been purged from the rage) (groans as he gets up very slowly) Is this how Team Fighters is all about to you? Exterminating your enemies like me?

Tails [SB100]: Your not my enemy & thanks to the rage, it's you that has attacked me first.

Avak: Many of the Crossover had suddendly dissapeared, being teleported into the other universe that has begun merging with ours. I can feel it...

Tails [SB100]: (notices Oliver, Emily & Finn are missing) Say, where'd did they go?

Ed: Where did everybody go?

Geoff: Aw dudes, Oliver, Emily & Finn must've hi-tailed outta here while Avak's infected with the rage...

Tails [SB100]: This could be bad, maybe they don't wanna be poisoned by this Kombat Rage or whatever Oliver calls it...I wonder why Oliver knows so much about the universe?

Oliver:(Appeares behind Tails, along with Finn and Emily) Because I research it.

Emily: And we didn't hi-tailed, we just hide behind that tree.

Ed: Oh

Geoff: Sorry

Ed: Oh Tails, can I have a go battling you please?

Tails [SB100]: Oh ok then. Let's do this (gets into his battle stance) Fight!

Ed: Here we go! (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Boss Act: Battle of Ice

Ed: (backing away) Ok, ok, I give up. I always put the seat down...

Tails [SB100]: (chuckles) Calm down Ed, it's just a fight.

Avak: He's right

Ed: Oops...

Emily: Yeah. Oops. -_-*

Tails [SB100]: We need to figure out what kind of monster we're dealing with or else the rage is gonna get even worse...

Oliver: Right.

Finn: But we don't know what kind of monster it is.

Oliver: Exactly.

Tails [SB100]: We have to find out more about the monster who is responsible for both of our worlds colliding with each other...(felt a chill in the air) Whoo, it's starting to get cold

Avak: (notices that it was snowing) Ok, one question: Why is it snowing?

Emily: Snowing? In a middle of summer?

Oliver: It's the hottest day, ever. How could it be snowing?

Finn: Uh.. I don't know.

Tails [SB100]: I think I know the guy that makes every day's Evil King Frost.

Emily: Great. Just great.

Tails [SB100]: We thought that he's gone! Somehow he's back, but why is he revived? This is very confusing

Finn: Maybe some snow revived him..

Tails [SB100]: I believe so, let's find out. We must get to his lair, once we're there, his lair is below -50 degrees

Emily: Brrr...

Tails [SB100]: Avak, Geoff & Ed, I need you guys to get the rest of the crossovers & send out a search party to find the missing crossovers...

Avak: Got it !

Avak, Geoff & Ed: (runs off)

Tails [SB100]: Let's go get our snow clothes...

Emily: Snow clothes?

Finn: That's what he said.

Tails [SB100]: And don't worry Emily, I'll be carrying you to Evil King Frost's Lair this time...

Emily: Ah. Thanks, Tails.

Tails [SB100]: (smiles) Your quite welcome...

(In Evil King Frost's Lair)

Tails [SB100]: (flying towards the lair, carrying Emily)

Oliver and Finn:(Also flying towards the lair)

Tails [SB100]: Becareful guys, this could be dangerous...

Oliver: We will.

Evil King Frost: Innocent little bystanders? (fires ice lightning bolts at them) ZAP!

Finn: Look out! (Doges it)

Tails [SB100]: (dodges) That was close, did anyone get hit?

Oliver: Nope.

Finn: We're good.

Tails [SB100]: Oh good (notices Tails [Cami] frozen solid in a block of ice) Guys, look!

Oliver: It's our Tails!

Finn: Oh no!

Evil King Frost: (notices Tails [SB100]) Another Tails? My brother, Evil King Armageddon was right

Tails [SB100]: Release the other me at once, Evil King Frost!

Evil King Frost: Foolish other Tails, you dare to tresspass in my domain?

Tails [SB100]: Yes I do, guys you go help the other me while I take on Evil King Frost, got it?

Emily: Got it! (Goes to Tails [Cami])

Finn: I'll help too. (Goes to Tails [Cami])

Oliver: Good luck, Universe Tails. (Goes to Tails [Cami])

Tails [SB100]: (nods & then gets into his battle stance)

Evil King Frost: Fight! (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Boss Act: Battle of Fire

Evil King Frost: (knocked out cold)

Tails [SB100]: (sighs) are you guys doing? Did you free the other me from a block of ice?

Oliver: It's hard to free him from ice.

Emily: I was thinking we can melt the ice with fire.

Finn: But wouldn't that melt our Tails too?

Tails [SB100]: No it won't melt the other me, how's about we find a sunny spot & we'll melt the ice, ok?

Emily: Land of Fires?

Finn: There's no land of fires.

Tails [SB100]: Except one...Evil King Armageddon's lair in his own firey domain...

Oliver: Then we have to go there.

Finn:(Looks at Emily)

Emily: What? Just because I figure it out, doesn't mean I'm not that smart.

Tails [SB100]: Everyone, let's carry the other Tails to Evil King Armageddon's land & let's try our best not to get caught, because if we do, we'll get burned alive...

Oliver:(Goes off to Evil King Armageddon's lair)

Finn and Emily:(Carry frozen Tails [Cami] to Evil King Armageddon's lair)

Tails [SB100]: (follows)

(At Evil King Armageddon's lair)

Tails [SB100]: We're here, now to bring back the other me from his frozen prison...

Finn and Emily:(Drops a frozen Tails [Cami])

Tails [SB100]: The heat that surrounds us in this land will melt the ice away in no time

(A flame almost hit Emily)

Emily: Eek!

Finn: You're not going to get yourself burned, Emi.

Emily: Mmm....

(The flames begins to melt the ice block, freeing Tails [Cami] in the process)

Tails [Cami]: Mm...

Oliver: Our Tails might wake for a few hours.

Emily: Great...

Evil King Armageddon: (appears from a ring of fire he just teleported from) That would be plenty of time for you to be my slaves forever...

Finn and Emily: AH!

Oliver: Evil King Armageddon!

Tails [SB100]: Your right, it is him! How did you know about Evil King Frost & Evil King Armageddon so much?

Oliver: Cause we're friends with Jack and Patricia and they told us abot them.

Tails [SB100]: Interesting...

Evil King Armageddon: Silence! Intruders that crossed my domain shall be burned alive!

Tails [SB100]: (gets into his battle stance) Not this time!

Evil King Armageddon: And will you!

Emily: Come on, Other Tails! Fight!

Tails [SB100]: (nods)

Battle Begins!

Chapter Epilogue: Double Trouble

Evil King Armageddon: (is knocked down by Tails [SB100]) You'll pay for this! (teleports, leaving behind a ring of fire where he was just teleported)

Tails [SB100]: (sweating) Whew, no wonder Sonic likes taking on the bad guys so much, it is really helping me on the go...

Oliver: Well that's our Sonic.

Tails [SB100]: Actually, I was talking about my Sonic...

Emily: Our Sonic does that too!

Tails [SB100]: Interesting...(holds up a Green Chaos Emerald [SB100])...but maybe, just maybe...if the multiverse is real, then there's more than 1 version of the 7 Chaos Emeralds.

Oliver: Right. We have our universe Chaos Emeralds.

Tails [SB100]: And in my universe, we have our versions of the Chaos Emeralds. I wonder what would happen if two of the same chaos emeralds connect to each other...this is a mystery even I don't know...but lets forget that right now we have to check the other me, just in case he's ok...

Oliver:(Goes up to Tails [Cami]) Hey Tails. It's time to get up. Come on. Wake up.

Tails [Cami]:(Wakes up) What happened? Why am I so cold?

Oliver: Well, it looks like Evil King Frost frozed you.

Finn: And there's a thing called multiverse.

Tails [Cami]: So it is real.

Tails [SB100]: Yes, that's what my Sonic & I said...

Emily: So... Now what?

Tails [SB100]: I'm not sure, but look! (notices the Kombat Rage Energy starting cover him) AAAARGH! Guys help!

Finn: Ay ay ay!

Oliver: Don't worry, Universe Tails! We'll try to stop it!

Emily: With what?!

Tails [SB100]: (covered in the Kombat Rage Energy) Help! (Screams in pain)

Tails [Cami]: Don't worry, we'll think of something!

Emily: I got nothing!

Finn: Me too!

Tails [SB100]: (notices the rage is flowing towards Tails [Cami]) Watch out!

Oliver: Uh oh! (Tackles Tails [Cami] down)

Tails [SB100]: (screams even louder, until the Kombat Rage that is completly covered Tails [SB100], cause him to be teleported to a random location)

Emily: Where did he go?

Sonic [SB100]: (arrives) What's going on? I heard screaming...

Emily: Your Universe Tails has gone CRAZY!

Sonic [SB100]: The Rage! Tell me, where is my Tails is at now?

Oliver: I don't know! He just teleported out of nowhere!

Sonic [SB100]: I have to find my buddy & I know just the friend to help me find my Tails...

Emily: Good luck with that! (Was about to run away)

Finn: Emily!

Sonic [SB100]: I have to find my Amy Rose, one of my very best friends...maybe she can help me find my Tails...

Tails [Cami]: We'll help too.

Sonic [SB100]: Thanks guys, time to get Tails back...(whistles)

T-Pup [SB100]: (arrives next to Sonic [SB100]) (barks)

Sonic [SB100]: This is T-Pup, Tails' robotic pet dog...T-Pup can help us...

Emily: Cool.

Oliver: Interesting.

Sonic [SB100]: Ok T-Pup, show us the way...

T-Pup [SB100]: (starts sniffing Tails' scent & then follows it)

Sonic [SB100]: Come on, T-Pup has found his scent...(follows T-Pup [SB100])

Tails [Cami], Oliver, Finn and Emily:(Also follows T-Pup [SB100])

Sonic [SB100]: Don't worry my Tails, we can be back together again

SB100: Chapter 2 (Patricia the Skunk) [Complete]

Chapter Prolouge: Awakened in a New World

Patricia: (slowly waking up) (groans) Hm? What the?

(Patricia looks around to see that she's in Luna's room)

Patricia: Where am I? (gets up) Where is Jack? This must be Luna's room. How did I get here? Maybe I betta find out what's going on. (gets off from Luna's bed) Maybe someone can show me the directions back to the Crossover Mansion (goes outside of Luna's home)

(A few moments later)

Patricia: (now in the streets of Lunatea, still feeling green electricity flowing through & around her) This must be where Luna lives at now. But what I don't get is, how did I even get here. It can't be a Chaos Control. If it's not a Chaos Control, then what is it? Hmm....(starts thinking as she continues walking)

Act 1: Lunatea Tour

(We see Patricia is still walking in the streets of Lunatea)

Patricia: This place is truly amazing. I wonder why I've been transported here? There must be a reason. But what reason is it?

(Suddendly she hears footsteps coming from behind her)

Patricia: (gasps) Someone's coming. Who could it be? (turns to someone who is walking towards her, who is actually Luna) Luna?

Luna: Patricia? What are you doing here?

Patricia: I've been transported here to your city.

Luna: My world? Why?

Patricia: I don't know. Maybe it's because of a strange energy source that I've never felt before.

Luna: Strange energy source?

Patricia: Yes, I felt the energy source, known as....the Rage.

Luna:(Thoughts) Rage? That's strange.

Patricia: The Rage...will infect everyone, causing everyone to increase their bloodlust.

Luna:(Thoughts) Like a dark form. Like Arjar's dark energy...

Patricia: Whatever you do, do not give into the rage.

Luna: Don't worry, Patricia. I won't do that.

Patricia: Thank goodness, for a second there, I thought I would be in trouble.

Luna:(Smiles, winks at Patricia)

Patricia: What do you think we should do?

Luna: I don't know.

Patricia: How about a practice battle?

Luna: Practice battle, against you? I don't know....

Patricia: Don't worry, I won't get hurt. I'll go easy on you. We'll both get stronger.

Luna:(Nods) Okay. (Gets into her battle stance)

Patricia: Good luck & may the best girl win. (gets into her battle stance)

Luna: Okay. If you say so.

Battle Begins!

Act 2: The Dark Witch's arrival

Patricia: (helps Luna gets up) That was great. You did good today.

Luna: Thanks. Now I got to get back to searching. You should find your way back to Jack. Okay?

Patricia: Okie dokie then. Good luck Luna & beware of the Rage.

Luna: Got it. (Unfolds her wings) See ya later Patricia. (Flies off)

Patricia: Goodbye Luna! Now to find out more about the rage. Maybe if I can meditate, I'll find out more about them.

(Patricia sits down, closes her eyes & then begins to meditate, trying to find out more info of the rage)

Patricia:'s very powerful & out of control. It's so powerful & wild that no one can control the power. They're rage will grow out of control. I have to find the source of the Rage

(Patricia then concerntrates on finding the source of the Rage & all she can see in her vision is that there's 2 villains, one is Dr. EggPlankton & the other is unknown to tell who & both villains are fused into one big monster that created the Rage known as the Kombat Rage)

Patricia: (gasps as she opened her eyes) EggPlankton?! What is he doing here? And who is that with him? Whoever that is, he is fused with EggPlankton & that fusion created a monster. (gets up) I have to find out more about the Rage, especially that monster. (walks off)

(In King Erican's castle)

Patricia: (enters inside the castle) My magic sences tell me that the Rage is near here, but why?

Layla: (walks up behind Patricia) Hey Patricia! I see that your in search for the Kombat Rage too. Isn't that nice?

Patricia: (turns to see Layla) Layla the FoxSkunk?! How did you get here in this other world?

Layla: After Tree Rex sent Dr. EggPlankton into another world, I decided that I should go after him. It's not the same without him.

Patricia: By the way, what are you doing here?

Layla: Oh, thanks for asking. I was busy spraying my skunk gas across this other world, (letting out her skunk gas farts, filling the castle with skunk gas) (sighs happily) And that felt soo good. (spanks Patricia's butt)

Patricia: (blushes & lets out a squeaky fart) Looks like I'm not the only one who lets our her skunk gas.

Layla: And it's time for a battle like good ol times. This time, you won't get away. (gets into her battle stance)

Patricia: Alright, if you insist (gets into her battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Act 3: Two Sonic?!

Patricia: (goes up to a defeated Layla) Sorry Layla, but you won't stink up the place with your gassy flatulence.

Layla: (gets up slowly) It appears that we're both connected.

Patricia: Connected? What do you mean?

Layla: My mother, Tanya the Skunk Hybrid is your mother's sister.

Patricia: (gasps) That means that your my mother's niece.

Layla: Exactly!

Patricia: I don't believe it! I didn't know that your part of my family tree too.

Layla: No one knows, except you, me & our mothers.

Patricia: (sighs) Then maybe we can join together to find out.

Layla: Huh? You mean you want me to help you?

Patricia: Yes, so what do you say?

Layla: Alright then. After all, we're both part of the family.

Patricia: Good, then let's go.

(Patricia & Layla then went outside of the castle)

Patricia: (notices Sonic [SB100] from one path) Here comes Sonic, he's coming from the left.

Layla: (notices Sonic [Cami] from the other path) I see him, but your mistaken, he's coming down from the right.

Patricia: That's weird.

Sonic [SB100]: Hey Patricia, why is Layla here?

Patricia: It's a long story...

Sonic [Cami]: Patricia? What are you doing here? And why are you siding with Layla?!

Layla: It's a long story there blue boys (giggles)

Sonic [SB100]: (notices Sonic [Cami]) Huh? Who are you?

Sonic [Cami]: Sonic... Why do you look like me?

Sonic [SB100]: I don't know & I can't believe there's two of me.

Sonic {Cami]: Me too.

Patricia: And there is a reason why Layla's with me, it's because that Layla's a part of my family tree as my mother's neice.

Sonic [Cami]: WHAT?! You've got to be kidding me!

Sonic [SB100]: No way!

Patricia: That's the same reaction that I felt when Layla told me. But it's true, Layla's the part of my family.

Layla: (smirks evily)

Sonic [Cami]: Well, you can't trust her! She tried to kill you and Jack!

Patricia: I know, but she's the reason why we have to stop this new force of energy called the Rage.

Sonic [SB100]: The Rage?

Sonic [Cami]: You mean something that will make you angry, like Dark Sonic and Dark Ratatosk Sonic?

Patricia: Yes, that is correct.

Layla: And that's not all. Look! (points to a yellow energy rift on the ground) The two worlds are grinding together.

Patricia: And it's all because of one monster.

Sonic [SB100]: Who is this monster?

Patricia: I don't know, but all I know is that monster is a fusion of Dr. EggPlankton & the other unknown figure that I didn't figure out who it is.

Sonic [Cami]: It's probably Eggman. Or Carl.

Layla: Who's Carl?

Sonic [SB100]: And about two worlds grinding together? How did this happen?

Patricia: All I know is that the Normal Kombat Rage Aura is Yellow & I noticed that the Rage Aura can come in different colors. Have you seen anyone with different colored Rage Aura?

Sonic [Cami]:(Shakes his head no)

Sonic [SB100]: All I know is that the yellow rage energy is in Tails after we don't know who Finn is.

Sonic [Cami]: Wait. You saw Finn?

Sonic [SB100]: Yes & we're confused on what Hyrule City, Yo, & the Dojo he is, I think Finn's talking to the wrong Sonic.

Sonic [Cami]: That would be me. You see, Hyrule City is my hometown. Yo is my former master when I was ten and the Dojo is his.

Sonic [SB100]: I see, the thing is: I have no master & Christmas Island is my hometown & Jules & Bernadette are my parents.

Sonic [Cami]:(Thoughts) Weird. Erican and Samantha are my parents. Lou and Sandy are my sisters. Klonoa and Abby are my adopted brother and sister. Cici is my cousin. And Abby owns a cat name Blue. And normally Choro is on my shoulder all the time. I don't know any Christmas Island or people name Jules and Bernadette...

Layla: (her eyes glows purple) What is this town of Hyrule City's for: The Legend of Zelda? That's another crossover town you guys have found.

Sonic [SB100]: Huh? Layla, what's wrong?

Sonic [Cami]: I knew something like this would happen.

Patricia: No, it's not what you think. It's the rage, they're all in different colors. This Rage in Layla is purple.

Sonic [SB100]: (screams in pain as his eyes glows yellow)

Patricia: It's infecting everyone!

Sonic [Cami]: Then what are you standing here for?! Fight me! I'm mean the other me! I mean... (Sighs) You know what I mean.... I'll handle Layla!

Patricia: Ok then, be careful of the rage.

Sonic [Cami]: Got it! (Goes fight Layla)

Layla: (goes to fight Sonic [Cami] back)

Patricia: (gets into her battle stance)

Sonic [SB100]: FIGHT! (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Act 4: Hammer Time!

Sonic [SB100]: (has been purged from the rage) Huh? What happened?

Patricia: It's the rage, it has infected you.

Sonic [SB100]: (gets up) So it seems.

Patricia: Other Sonic? How is your progress?

Sonic [Cami]:(Holding Layla) Taken care of!

Layla: (has been purged from the rage) (groans as she wakes up) What happened? I never felt this much power before.

Patricia: It's because of the rage, but don't worry, we will find a way to stop the rage.

Sonic [SB100]: Thanks Patricia.

Patricia: Your welcome. (to Sonic [Cami]) And thank you for helping me purge the rage from my Sonic & Layla. They're both safe for now.

Sonic [Cami]: No problem, Pat.

Patricia: Mind if I give you a hug & a thank you kiss, Sonic?

Sonic [Cami]: Hug is good, but the kiss has to be on my cheek.

Patricia: Exactly. (hugs Sonic & then kisses Sonic's [Cami] cheek)

Sonic [SB100]: (notices someone coming) Uh guys?

Sonic [Cami]: What?

Sonic [SB100]: Guess who's here. (points to someone who is coming)

Sonic [Cami]:(Knows what Sonic [SB100] is talking about, sighs) Amy...

Sonic [SB100]: (notices someone else is with Amy) Which Amy? Cause there's two of them?

Sonic [Cami]: Say what now?

Amy [Cami]:(Goes up to Sonic [Cami]) Hi Sonic! It's so go to see you again!

Sonic [Cami]: Uhh...

Amy [SB100]: (goes up to Sonic [SB100] Hi Sonic! It's great to see you again!

Sonic [SB100]: Hey Ames, how's it going?

Amy [SB100]: (blushes) Going good.

Patricia: Hi Amy!

Sonic [Cami]: Two Amy Roses? So that what you meant. (Sits down on the ground)

Amy [Cami]:(Sits down by Sonic and hugs him really tight)

Sonic [Cami]: Gah! Can't breathe!

Amy [SB100]: (hugs Sonic [SB100])

Sonic [SB100]: (felt Amy's hug & then hugs back)

Sonic [Cami]:(Thoughts) How could he be cool with something like that? Oh wait... He's  from another universe and his universe Amy likes him and he likes her while I'm being chased by my universe Amy.... Great...

Layla: (witnessing two Sonics & two Amys) Hello? Can't you even seen the multi-colored rifts forming on the ground?

Sonic [Cami]:(Pushes Amy [Cami]) The what what?

Sonic [SB100]: The Multi-colored rifts?

Layla: Yes & it appears that the Rage is growing stronger & more powerful than ever.

Patricia: And the Rage Aura has come with multi-colors like Yellow, Green, Blue, Red & every other single colour combine!

Sonic [Cami] Oh pellets!

Sonic [SB100]: No worries, we can stop that force of energy.

Patricia: We need to describe the different colored Rage. All I know is that the Yellow Rage Aura is Normal Rage & the Purple Rage Aura from Layla is the Dark Energy Rage. And we all must be careful because we could be all infected by the rage, you never know which one of us is gonna lose control of the rage.

Amy [Cami]:(Pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) I can stop that thing!

Sonic [Cami]: You?

Amy [Cami]:(Swings her hammer at the milti-colored rifts)

Patricia: No, stop! You'll be infected once you made contact with the Rage!

Amy [SB100]: (gulps, holding onto Sonic [SB100], wonder what is gonna happen next)

Amy [Cami]:(Gets zapped, but didn't get infected) Hey. I'm okay. (Suddenly her Piko Piko Hammer hit Sonic [Cami])

Sonic [Cami]: OW!!!!

Amy [Cami] Huh? (Her hammer begins to go crazy) AH!!! Something's wrong!

Sonic [SB100]: The Piko Piko Hammer's infected with the Rage!

Amy [SB100]: That's not good.

Sonic [Cami]:(Puts his hand on his head) Great...

Patricia: Don't worry Amy, I'll calm your Piko Piko Hammer down & save you. I mean my Amy...I mean other Amy...(sighs) you know what I mean. (gets into her battle stance)

Amy [Cami]:(Gets into her battle stance) Hurry!

Amy [SB100]: (gets into her battle stance) Let's help the other me.

Patricia: Right, let's go!

Battle Begins!

Boss Act: The Evil King of Fire!

Patricia & Amy [SB100]: (panting)

Patricia: (to Amy [Cami]) Are you ok? Sorry that we have to hurt you.

Amy [Cami]: No worries... (Passes out)

Patricia: Oh dear

Amy [SB100]: I believe we've hit Amy too hard.

Patricia: I believe we did (picks up Amy [Cami] bridal style) It's ok, I can use Chaos Heal on you. Chaos Heal! (uses Chaos Heal to heal Amy [Cami]) There you go, good as new.

Amy [Cami]: Thank you.

Sonic [Cami]: Okay, now that Ames is good again, let's get out of here before something else goes wrong!

Layla: (notices the town is on fire & Evil King Armageddon's fire lair) Like that?

Sonic [Cami]:(Looks at his hometown being burned) Yes. Like that. (Goes to save the people)

Sonic [SB100]: (follows Sonic [Cami])

Patricia: I know those flames from anywhere. They all came from...Evil King Armageddon!

Amy [SB100]: Oh no, he's back!

Layla: So I guess that Evil King Armageddon & Evil King Frost both do exist.

Patricia: I gotta stop this madness. Quick, we need to evacuate the city! I'll go stop Evil King Armageddon! (hops on her flying broom & flys off to Evil King Armageddon's lair) I'll be back soon!

Amy [SB100]: You got it Patricia & please be careful! (goes off to rescue the people & warn them to evacuate the city)

Layla: (sighs) Guess I betta bail you out again. (leaves on her Dark Flying Broom) I'll save myself, if you don't mind!

(People are screaming)

Man: HELP! Somebody! Save us!

Sonic [Cami]: Don't worry, we'll stop him!

Sonic [SB100]: Good luck Patricia!

Patricia: (smiles)

(In the throne roome of Evil King Armageddon's lair)

Patricia: (lands inside & notices Evil King Armageddon) There you are!

Evil King Armageddon: Ah, Patricia the Skunk, you've finally found me. Now for our little rematch. And this time I'll teach the meaning of pain!

Patricia: Not this time!

Battle Begins!

Act 5: Redneckastan or Ouroboros?

Patricia: (goes up to a defeated Evil King Armageddon) Looks like your time of burning the city is over. (hops on her flying broom) Bye bye (flys off on her Flying Broom)

(In Redneckastan)

Patricia: (lands her flying broom) The Multicolored Rifts are also here. (notices something in the distace that Redneckastan is fused with the Lost City of Ouroboros because of the Multicolored Rifts) And I have a feeling that this place is fused with that city, the "Lost City of Ouroboros".

Lou:(Appeared behind Patricia) Patricia, that's not the Lost City of something you just said, this is Redneckastan. Don't you remember.

Patricia: (notices Lou) Hi Lou, what are you doing here?

Lou: I was just visiting Jobeaux. What are you doing here?

Patricia: I was examining the Multicolored Rifts that appears & that's not all. It fused Redneckastan with the Lost City of Ouroboros! Look! (points to Redneckastan which is fused with the Lost City of Ouroboros, thanks to the Multicolored Rifts)

Lou: Whoa! This is not good.

Patricia: And this could be trouble.

Pythor: (appears in between of Patricia & Lou) BOO!

Patricia: (got scared) EEK!

Lou: AAAAHHH!!!!!!

Patricia: Pythor P. Chumsworth the Anaconda?! What are you doing here?

Pythor: You arogant mobians! This is the City of Ouroboros & also, the Serpentine's territory!

(As he said that, the Serpentine begins to appear)

Lou: No! It's not! This is Redneckastan! My foster home!

Pythor: (his eyes glows yellow) SILENCE!

Patricia: (gasps) Those eyes. It's the rage!

Lou: R-rage?!

Patricia: Yes, please go. I'll talk everything about the Rage, later. Right now, I have some Serpentine problems to solve.

Lou:(Nods, runs off)

Patricia: (gets into her battle stance)

Pythor: You allowed the girl to escape. Now you will suffer my wrath! (gets into his battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Boss Act: The Evil King of Ice!

Pythor: (got knocked out)

Patricia: (walks up to the multicolored rift that fused with Redneckastan & the City of Ouroboros) Oh my goodness. If these Multicolored rifts keep this up, it's gonna get much worse & it'll take out both worlds. I gotta get going back to the Crossover Mansion...(hops on her Flying Broom)...Somehow...(revs up her flying broom & then flys away on it)

(As Patricia flys away on her Flying Broom, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus appears, helping Pythor get up)

Skales: She will pay for this, Serpentine. Mark my words.

(With Patricia)

Patricia: (notices that it was snowing) That's funny, it was a sunny day. Unless...(gasps) Evil King Frost! (goes inside Evil King Frost's castle) I see that your back! How did you revive yourself?

Evil King Frost: (gets up from his throne) Hello Patricia. I'll not be embarassed yet again!

Patricia: We shall see about that. Fight!

Battle Begins!

Chapter Epilogue: Getting back to her Friends.

(Patricia looks at a defeated Evil King Frost with a strange look on her face)

Patricia: No Ice Age...and no Global Warming. That's strange, I notice that Evil King Frost & Evil King Armageddon are back to life. But why?

(Patricia begins to think about what happened & why Evil King Frost & Evil King Armageddon are revived)

Patricia: I gotta tell the others back at the Crossover Mansion. If only I can remember the portal making spell...

Layla: (Suddendly appears) Hello Patricia.

Patricia: Layla! Your back, but why...?

Layla: The Serpentine & I got teleported to this universe as well.

Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (arrives)

Pythor: Yes, however. We are enemies, but still we don't know what caused those Multi-colored rifts.

Patricia: This must be that Dr. EggPlankton isn't just teleported. It also created a new monster with him & it's monster's name...Fusion EggPlankton...the other Fusion monster that I saw in my vision is called...Fusion Carl...

Skales: Oh please! EggPlankton's been pushed through a vortex to some unknown universe.

Patricia: That's just it. This universe that we're on now IS the unknown universe.

Fangtom: WHAT?! Then that means...

Patricia: EggPlankton's back, but as a monster. I can feel it.

Layla: And the other Universe must be Fusion EggPlankton's & Fusion Carl's army. We have to warn the others...(uses her magic to create a purple portal)

Patricia: But why? Luna & I are best friends & I didn't even know that she could be on the bad side. There must be a mistake.

Skalidor: But the other universe could be our enemy. Filled with untold power & grated with evil.

Patricia: We must know for sure. Right now, we need all the help we can get. Let's go.

(Patricia, Layla & the Serpentine Generals heads inside the Portal back to their Universe)

(At the Crossover Mansion)

Jack: (with the Crossovers, Patricia's mother & 13 sisters)...and that's all I know! She's gone!

Brittney: Oh dear, we must get Patricia back before...(notices Patricia emerges from a purple portal) (gasps) Patricia!

Patricia: Mommy! Sisters! (hugs her mother & sisters)

Brittney, Selina, Abby [SB100], Laura, Jasmine, Michelle, Zoey the Rabbit, Bessy, Molly, Marsha, Victoria, Nina, Anna & Penelope: (hugs Patricia back)

Brittney: We're glad that your back.

Patricia: I have some help.

Layla, Pythor, Skales, Fangtom, Skalidor & Acidicus: (emerges from the portal also, before it closes)

Selina: Layla?!

Spongebob: And the Serpentine Generals?!

Zaktan: Why? Why did you help her?

Layla: Because we're facing a new crisis. EggPlankton's back as a monster & he has sent everyone from another universe to stop us as his army.

Owen: What?!

Tree Rex: That is not possible. Either way, we're facing a new challenge.

Spongebob: And we need to stop bad guys along the way.

SPARKY: Yes, that's what we came in. First we must send out a search party, just in case anyone's missing. Spongebob, you'll lead the Crossovers into a whole new world.

Jack: Just in case if you are infected with the rage, try to beat the rage out of you. Got it?

Spongebob: We got it. Come on Crossovers, let's get this show on the road!

(The Crossovers sets out on a Journey to one of the locations of the other world together)

Patricia: Sisters, you'll be coming with me to another location of the other world.

(Patricia, Selina, Abby [SB100], Laura, Jasmine, Michelle, Zoey the Rabbit, Bessy, Molly, Marsha, Victoria, Nina, Anna & Penelope teleports themselves to another location of the other world)

Jack: Guess that leaves me, SPARKY & Brittney the Skunk Hybrid to go on a 3rd location of the other world.

Brittney: Metal Patricia, you stay here & keep an eye on Layla & the Serpentine!

Metal Patricia: Good luck.

(Jack, SPARKY & Brittney teleports to a 3rd location of the other world)

Acidicus: (notices Metal Patricia) What are you looking at?

Cami: Chapter 2 (Tabitha the Cat)

Chapter Prolouge: Leader's Work

(Inside Tabitha's house)

Barry:(Comes downstairs, looks to see if her sister is busy)

Tabitha:(Writing something down) Eggman has got to be planning something. But what?

Barry:(Smiles, quietly goes downstairs without being notice)

Tabitha:(Totally notice her little brother sneaking out, whispers to herself) What is he doing?

Barry:(Opens the door, goes out)

Tabitha:(Sighs, puts down the papers) Guess I better go after him before Mom finds out he's missing. (Goes out to find Barry)

Act 1: Fighting an Assistant

Tabitha:(Looking for Barry) Barry! Ugh! You idiot brother! Where are you?

Oliver:(Came up to Tabitha) Boss? Are you looking for someone?

Tabitha: Yeah. My brother, Barry. He ran off. And stop calling me Boss!

Oliver: Sorry... Hey. Since you're here, why don't we have a practice battle.

Tabitha: Sure. It'll help me train a little.

Oliver: Okay. (Gets into his battle stance) Let's battle Boss!

Tabitha: Fine. (Gets into her battle stance) And for the last time, STOP CALLING ME BOSS!!!!

Battle Begins!

Act 2: Knucklehead's Fight

Oliver:(Shakes his head off) Great battle. Hey Boss, have you ever heard of something called the Multiverse?

Tabitha: Multiverse? Not a clue.

(Suddendly a portal opens & we see Knuckles [SB100] had been flown through his way out)

Knuckles [SB100]: WHOA! (falls on his hands & knees)

Oliver: That would be another universe Knuckles. Good luck. (Flies off)

Tabitha: Great...

Knuckles [SB100]: (gets up) What happened? I felt so strange, I thought I saw another me & the next I know the Master Emerald's stolen. (to Tabitha) Excuse me ma'am, but can you tell me where the thief that has stolen the Master Emerald?

Tabitha: No. Not a clue.

Knuckles [SB100]: Aw rats! I gotta find that Master Emerald (runs off, but bumps into Knuckles [Cami]) Ow!

Knuckles [Cami]: Hey! Watch it!

Tabitha: Knuckles?! You were here! I mean right here! I mean... You know what I mean. Maybe Oliver wasn't joking. But wow. Two Knuckles? That's a start.

Knuckles [SB100]: (to Knuckles [Cami]) You watch where your going!

Knuckles [Cami]: Why you little!

Tabitha:(Gets in between them) Whoa! Knuckleheads, come down a bit.

Knuckles [Cami]: Get out of my way, Tabitha!

Tabitha: But first. (Kicks Knuckes [Cami] in the knee)

Knuckles [Cami]: OW!

Tabitha: I always wanted to do that.

Knuckles [SB100]: Hey! (punches at Tabitha's face) Leave the other me alone...(his eyes glows yellow)...if you mess with him and/or the Master Emerald, you mess with me! You got that?

Act 3: The Idiot Bird Who Thinks He Is In Love With The Cat


Act 4: Let's Fight The Ultimate Lifeform


Boss Act: Fighting the Anime Lover! Teehee!


Act 5: What the? OWEN'S HERE?!


Boss Act: Carl's Magic Fight


Chapter Epilogue: Back to Work


Two Sides of Canon: Chapter 2 (Amy Rose)

Chapter Prolouge: Following Sonic [SB100] for Love

(In Seaside Hill)

(We see that Amy Rose [SB100] is skipping her way to the Crossover Mansion)

Amy [SB100]: Oh boy! I can't wait to see Sonikku, his cousin & Patricia again. I wonder what Sonic, Jack & Patricia are doing today? I'll find out when I get there.

(Amy [SB100] continues skipping her way to the Crossover Mansion, wondering what Sonic, Jack & Patricia are doing today)

Act 1: RoboFight

(At the Crossover Mansion)

Amy [SB100]: I made it, but where are Jack, Patricia & Sonic? This is strange

???: EEEEKK!!!!!!!

Amy [SB100]: Huh? Is someone there? (turns to see ???) Hello?

???:(Above) LOOK OUT BELOW!!!!!!! (Crashes into Amy)

(It was Lizzy)

Amy [SB100]: (got hurt) Ow! Who are you & what have you done to my dress? (gets up) You nearly killed me with that impact!

Lizzy: Oopsy... Sorry Amy...

Amy [SB100]: (gasps) And how did you know my name?!

Lizzy: Well you're Amy Rose and- (Realize something) Wait a minute. Amy never ask me that question. And usually Amy always apoligies to me for almost killing her. Maybe that Multiverse Oliver told me was true.

Amy [SB100]: I'm sorry, but I don't know who you are, but I believe that it has something to do with Sonic's, Jack's & Patricia's dissapearance.

Lizzy: Sorry. Anyway, I'm Lizzy. I'm from another universe. Your universe Sonic, and the usually Jack and Patricia are probably in my universe right now where my universe Amy might be looking for my universe Sonic.

Amy [SB100]: Wow, I can't believe there's two of me

Lizzy: I am half robot after all.

Amy [SB100]: Half robot?! Then you must be a roboticized cyborg working for Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton, just like when Sally Acorn is roboticized & is now loyal to Eggman, that Mustache Monkey!

Lizzy: What? No! I was created by Prof. Gerald Robotnik 70 years ago before Shadow, Jenna and Grace were created.

Amy [SB100]: Impossible, I heard from Shadow that he was the only creation created by Professor Gerald Robotnik.

Lizzy: That would be your universe Shadow. My universe Shadow is my cousin.

Amy [SB100]: I can't believe that the Multiverse is real. No the way, in my universe. I heard that Prof. Gerald Robotnik had created the prototype who is one of the EggPlankton Empire's officers, called "Tensai the Shark".

Lizzy: Tensai?

Amy [SB100]: He is known as the Evil Prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform who is more violent than the original.

Lizzy: Yikes.

Amy [SB100]: He is so evil that he even made his own army of Red Shark Soldiers. No joke.

Lizzy: I understand, other Amy.

Amy [SB100]: And I understand your universe too. I didn't know, I'm sorry.

Lizzy: It's okay. I usually get mistaken by other people all the time.

(The ground begins to shake)

Amy [SB100]: WHOAOAOA! (notices a multicolored rift begins to open a bit) Huh?

Lizzy: EEK! It's the multicolored rift Oliver told me about!

Amy [SB100]: Multi-colored rift? If Patricia was here, she knows what kind of energy is in that rift.

Lizzy: Oliver also told me that it's full of rages! Ones with green, red, blue and yellow!

Amy [SB100]: Wow, whoever Oliver is, he is very smart about the Rage. We betta be careful not to be infected.

Lizzy: Mmhmm. (Activates her rocket boots so she won't touch the multicolored rift)

Amy [SB100]: (begins to back away from the Multicolored rift)

Lizzy:(Just remember something) Oh I forgot something. There are other kinds of color rages as well. Like pink, purple, black and orange.

Amy: Uh Lizzy? Can we please go somewhere safe or else the Rage is gonna infect one of us?

Lizzy: Right. Sorry. (Flies off)

Amy: Wait a minute, I can't fly!

Lizzy:(Goes back to Amy [SB100]) Sorry! (Picks up Amy [SB100], then flies off)

Amy [SB100]: That's ok. Which safe place shall we go to?

Lizzy: Uhh... (Thinks for a minute, then figures it out) Erican's Castle! (Flies off to Erican's castle)

(At Erican's castle)

Amy [SB100]: (notices that the castle & Hyrule City is covered in skunk gas) Uh Lizzy? I think Layla's already here...(pinches her nose)...along with her stinky skunk gas too.

Lizzy:(Pinches her nose as well) Well, skunks are pourcats.

Amy [SB100]: Wow, I didn't know that. Shall we land?

Lizzy:(Lands, puts Amy [SB100] down)

Amy: Thank you. By the way, would you like to do a practice battle?

Lizzy: Sure. I like practice battles.

Amy: (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer) Let's go! (gets into her battle stance)

Lizzy:(Goes to her battle stance) Okie dokie!

Battle Begins!

Act 2: Fighting a Silent Cat?

Amy [SB100]: (goes up to a defeated Lizzy) Are you alright?

Lizzy: I'm fine.

Amy [SB100]: That's good to hear. Speaking of which, what is with the multicolored rifts? What's going on here?

Lizzy: I have no idea. (Hears rustling) EEEK! (Pulls out Mrs. Sippi)

(A yellow cat came in. It was Boomer)

Lizzy: Oh. Hi Boomer.

Boomer:(Waves at Lizzy)

Amy [SB100]: Oh hello, who are you?

Lizzy: That's my best friend, Boomer. He's a mute.

Amy [SB100]: Like B?

Lizzy: Mmhmm.

Amy [SB100]: So Boomer, did you find out what the Rage is?

Boomer:(Tilt his head confused)

Amy [SB100] Ok? So do you know anything about the multi-colored rifts that are appearing lately?

Boomer:(Shakes his head no)

Amy [SB100]: (turns to Lizzy) Boomer used sign language to tell me that he doesn't know about the rage or the multicolored rifts

Lizzy: Yeah. I know.

Amy [SB100]: Boomer, wanna have a practice battle?


Amy [SB100]: Alrighty then, let's go! (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer & gets into her battle stance)

Battle Begins!

Act 3: 2 Roses, two of a kind.

Amy [SB100]: (panting & notices Amy [Cami]) Huh? Is someone there?

(Amy [Cami] ran off)

Lizzy: Hey. That was my universe Amy.

Amy [SB100]: Wait! Come back! (chases after Amy [Cami]) I'm not going to hurt you.

Lizzy: Uhh... Okay... Uhh... Bye... I guess..

(At the Skunk Village)

Amy [SB100]: (found Amy [Cami]) There you are, I just want to say hi. Why did you run away from me?

Amy [Cami]:(Pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer, backs away)

Amy [SB100]: It's ok, I come in peace.

Amy [Cami]: Oh... (Puts her Piko Piko Hammer away)

Amy [SB100]: (amazed) Wow, I can't believe that there's 2 of me.

Amy [Cami]: Mmm....

Amy [SB100]: It's very nice to meet you, other me.

Amy [Cami]: Uh... You too...

Amy [SB100]: So what do you think we should do?

Mecha Sally [SB100]: (decending to the ground) How's about you go to Eggman so you shall be roboticized, Amy Rose!

Amy [SB100]: (turns to see Mecha Sally [SB100]) (gasps) Mecha Sally?! What are you doing here?

Amy [Cami]:(Puls out her Piko Piko Hammer)

Mecha Sally [SB100]: We've been sent by Dr. Eggman to capture & roboticize everyone so that the multiverse will be his.

Amy [SB100]: We?

Mecha Sally [SB100}: I believe it's time that I show you my newest partner. Allow me to introduce you to my new partner...Mecha Luna! (shows the 2 Amys, Mecha Luna)

Amy [Cami]: Luna?

Mecha Luna: Help... me....

Amy [Cami]: What did you do to her?!

Mecha Sally {SB100]: Roboticized her. Now Mecha Luna belongs to the Eggman Empire. Mecha Luna, destroy them!

Amy [SB100]: Not if we have anything to say about it! (pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer)

Mecha Luna: I can't hurt Amy. I don't know which Amy. There are two of her.

Mecha Sally [SB100]: Prehaps you need an attitude ajustment. (pulls out a black case with a red button & presses the button, trying to take control of Mecha Luna)

Mecha Luna: Amy! Watch out!

Amy [SB100]: Don't worry, I will ! (gets into her battle stance)

Amy [Cami]: Good luck.

Amy [SB100]: Thank you, other me. Prehaps you can help me by taking on Mecha Sally for me while I take on Mecha Luna to save Luna from being a Robian forever, that way it will be an even tag-team match. What do you say? Can you please help me

Amy [Cami]:(Nods)

Amy [SB100]: Then let's do this...together!

Amy [Cami]:(Pulls out her Piko Piko Hammer)

Mecha Sally [SB100]: Fight !

Battle Begins!

Boss Act: Anime Boy Fight, Haha!

Amy [SB100]: It's over Mecha Sally! Your coming with us to be de-roboticized!

Mecha Sally [SB100]: (got defeated by Amy [SB100] & Amy [Cami] ) (sparks a bit) Mecha Luna, quick stop them!

Mecha Luna: NO! I can't hurt my friends!

Mecha Sally [SB100]: How long do you have your free will after you're roboticized?

Mecha Luna: ..........

Mecha Sally [SB100]: If you won't listen to me, then you will be DESTROYED!! (charges at Mecha Luna in super sonic speed)

Amy [SB100]: (whacks Mecha Sally [SB100] with her Piko Piko Hammer) Leave us alone Mecha Sally! Can't you tell that your master has roboticized you & Luna?!

Mecha Sally [SB100]: (sparks even more) (growls) (to Amy [SB100] & Amy [Cami]) You pink pests, I'll be back!

(The Death Egg MKII appears & then beams Mecha Sally [SB100] aboard & then flys away very slowly)

Amy [SB100]: Mecha Sally's retreating inside the Death Egg MKII

Amy [Cami]:(Jumps up towards Mecha Sally [SB100], then swings her Piko Piko Hammer at her)

Mecha Sally [SB100]: (got hit) (growls) I said that I'll be back! (enters inside the Death Egg MKII)

Amy [SB100]: (about to catch Amy [Cami])

???:(Grabs Amy [Cami])

Mecha Luna:(Sees this, gasps) Mirrors!

Mirrors: It appeares that the winged blue hedgehog is now a robot, haha! And now I have two Amys! Haha!

Amy [SB100]: (turns to Mirrors & holds her grip on the Piko Piko Hammer tighter) Let go of the other me right now or else you'll be ended up on the wrong side of my Piko Piko Hammer! (readies her Piko Piko Hammer) Fight!

Battle Begins!

Act 4: Cat Fight!

Amy [SB100]: (helps Amy [Cami] get up away from an unconscious Mirrors) Are you alright?

Amy [Cami]:(Nods)

Amy [SB100]: That's good, by the way, who's that? (points to a K.O.ed Mirrors)

Act 5: Pink Hair

Act 6: The Most Stupid Rat Ever!

Act 7: Fighting the Love One's Ottsel

Boss Act: Wiki Tiki Time!

Act 8: The Weasel who cried "Pink Rat"

Act 9: That's not Sonic! That's the Beast!

Act 10: The Other Version of Sonic

Boss Act: Ogre is back!

Boss Act: AZAZEL!!!

Chapter Epilogue: Sonic's Safe & Sound

SB100: Chapter 3 (Spongebob the Hedgehog)

Chapter Prolouge: The search begins!

(In Two-nicorn Valley)

(The Crossovers arrives from the portal)

Spongebob: This must be one of the locations from the other universe, but there's no sign of the enemy...

Scott: And here I was so looking forward to murdering someone...(everyone looks at him in shock/annoyance/confusion)...what? You don't like me much, do you?

Reidak: Does anyone?

Eddy: Come on, come on, time is not on our side...

Mr. Krabs: And time is money you know

Owen: Time is money, got it! (did a thumbs up)

Xplode: Then let's get down to bussiness

Act 1: The Sword Warrior approaches

Act 2: One Hedgehog after another

Act 3: Pirate Panic!

Act 4: The Unthinkable battle

Act 5: The Tasmainian Devil returns

Boss Act: Rudy's back!

Chapter Epilogue: Their friends rescued at last

Cami: Chapter 3 (Oliver the Fox)

Chapter Prolouge: ???

Act 1: ???

Act 2: ???

Act 3: ???

Act 4: ???

Act 5: ???

Boss Act: ???

Chapter Epilogue: ???

Two Sides of Canon: Chapter 3 (Knuckles the Echidna)

Chapter Prolouge: Finding the Shards of the Master Emerald

(We see Knuckles [SB100] back on Angel Island [SB100] with only one shard of the Master Emerald)

Knuckles [SB100]: How can this be? How can the Master Emerald been broken now? Must've been those rainbow energy rifts that caused the Master Emerald to become unstable & broken into pieces, and this uncontrolable rage that burns inside me had attacked this tiger cat who is named Tabitha...I have to find all the shards of the Master Emerald so that Angel Island will be back to normal

Act 1: Red & Pink Rivals

Act 2: Thunder Punch!

Act 3: Drilling & Digging

Boss Act: Ogre & Enerjak

Act 4: Jo's a girl?!

Act 5: ???

Act 6: ???

Act 7: ???

Boss Act: The Chum Beater on Angel Island?!

Act 8: The Blue Echidna Witch Girl

Act 9: The Spanish Echidna

Act 10: Big Bruizer

Boss Act: ???

Boss Act: Monster Pig Unleashed!

Chapter Epilogue: Getting back all of the Shards