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Ogre / True Ogre (Tekken 3) (Spongebob100)

Tenel Tah (Thrashes Secret Wife)

Aleena the Humanhog (Thrashes Secret Daughter)

Orion the Umbrion (Tenel Tah' and Aleena's pet) *Female*

Claw the Weavile *Orions mate* (Tenel Tah' and Aleena's pet) (Male)

Metal Patricia (Spongebob100)

Part One

Jack & Patricia: (relaxing on a Grassy Field)

Jack: (Sighs) It's a beautiful day isn't it?

Patricia: Yes, yes it is. It sure is a Beautiful Sunny Day today

Thrash:(Fishing with his dad)

Jack: Hi Nephew Thrash.

Thrash:(17) Uncle Jack

Sonic Jr:(Watches them fish while holding a ball) This is not my lucky day. Why does Thrash have to be the oldest and we have to be the youngest.

Jill: Cause his our half brother.

Sonic Jr. Mm...

Jill:(Looks at her reflection in the mirror) SJ, do I look anything like my mom.

Sonic: Well, you do have her face, but you have dad's blue hair, so I'm guessing that's a no.

Jill: Mm.

Thrash:(Teleports Behind Jill and tickles his sister)


Patricia: Hi kids. It's me, Patricia the Skunk

Sonic Jr: We remember you.

Patricia: And it's nice to see you kids again (hugs Thrash, Jill & Sonic Jr.)

Sonic:(To Nikki) I can't believe that mine and amy's boy is gonna be 18 a legal adult

Nikki: Yes. It's very nice.

Brook:(On her skateboard) It's pretty cool.

Jack: So what should we do first?

Patricia: I wonder what Dr. EggPlankton is up to?

Jack: I don't know, but maybe he'll think one eventually, because we're ready for any attacks that he throw at us.

Patricia: But what about the God of Fighting: Ogre. Do you think he will return for revenge on you.

Jack: Don't worry. I'll take him on as well

Darkstorm:(Lands) They are coming

Sonic: Who

Darkstorm:Shush (Nodds towards Thrash)

(We see Jack-4 Bots marching this way, finding the heroes to dispose of)

Jack: Hide

(Jack & Patricia hides inside a Bush)

Dr. EggPlankton: (in the Bucket Pod) Search the Park, Jack-4 Bots. And leave nothing unturn.


Redbot, Yellowbot, Greenbot & Bluebot: (appears beside EggPlankton)

Redbot: What was that boss?

Dr. EggPlankton: Don't know, but I found someone to dispose. Jack-4 Bots, attack!

(Jack-4 Bots attacks ???)

????:(Burns the Jack-4's, no ordinary 7 year old)

Sonic Jr:(Whispers to Jill) Who is that?

Jill:(Whispers to Sonic Jr) I don't know.

???:(Roars and attacks Thrash)

Jack-4 Bots: (appears & attack ??? & Thrash)

Jack: Stop right there! (spindashes at ???)

???:(Power Kicks Jack and Metls the Jack-4s) I will be back Thrash

Jill: Thrash! Who was that?!

Patricia: I don't know, but that person hurt my best friend! (sprays her Skunk Scent at ???)

(???? is gone)

Thrash:(Pale and His Pupils are slits)

Sonic Jr: Oh no. Not another weird sickness.

Jill: I think Tenel is her name.

Sonic Jr: Well anyway, I'm going after him. (Goes after Thrash)

????:(Rams into him and Starts Crying)

???2: Aleena

Jack: Hey! Not cool ! (spindashes at ????)

Patricia: Stop right there (uses Iron Tail on ????)

???2:(Protects Aleena)

Jill: Wait! Guys! I think this person doesn't want that person to get hurt.

Jack: (stops his Spindash before it hits ????, at the same time Patricia stops her Iron Tail before it hits ????) Huh? What do you mean, that mysterious figure attacked Sonic Jr. & then another one attacked me.

Patricia: I think what Jill is trying to say is that they don't want any harm.

Jack: Oh man, I'm so sorry. I didn't know your protecting her. I thought your the figure that attacked me.

Tenel: You dare hurt my daughter you'll regret it

Jill: They didn't mean to hurt you Tenel.

Jack: I said I was sorry.

Patricia: And me too. I felt preaty awful. I'll do anything you want, when you want to spare my life.

Jack: I must be punished, I must be (starts slapping himself) Bad Mobain, Bad Mobian, Bad Mobian.

Sonic Jr: I didn't even attack your daughter! She attacked me!

Jack: I didn't attack her. Patricia & I stopped the attack before it gets to her.

Tenel: How can Aleena attack you she's three

Sonic Jr: She ramed on me.

Patricia: (comforts Tenel & Aleena) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that, I feel preaty awful. It's only just a misunderstanding, that's all.

Aleena: (Crying) Why you so mean

Tenel: She is 3 she doesn't know better (Spits in SJ's face)

Sonic Jr: But I saw her do it. Tell her guys!

Aleena: I was pick Fwowers for my dada meany (Runs off crying)

Jack: We said we we're sorry. Why didn't you accept our apologies?

(Suddendly the Jack-4 Bots appear & captures Tenel & Aleena)

Patricia: Oh no!

Dr. EggPlankton: (Appears) Looks like Tenel & Aleena sounded like their on my side now, you nasty little pincusions!

Tenel:(Burns EggPlankton)

Sonic Jr: Boom! Nice one!

Dr. EggPlankton: (doesn't get burn) Good thing I'm wearing my Pyrus Proof Exo-Skeleton, otherwise I might get burn. Anywho...

(Dr. EggPlankton takes Tenel & Aleena away back to EggPlankton Land)

Jack: I said I was sorry Tenel. (to Sonic Jr.) Why didn't she accept my apology?

Sonic Jr: I don't know, but that Aleena girl lied about attacking me!

Jill: But she said she was picking flowers for her daddy.

Sonic Jr: Speaking of daddy, THRASH!!!!

Patricia: Something's strange is going around here, but I still feel preaty awful

Jack: Are you sure we're gonna go after Dr. EggPlankton?

???:WEA VILE!!!!

Patricia: Yipe! (jumps onto Jack's Arms) What was that?

Jack: What is that? (points to ???)

Claw: I am Claw

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is my friend, Patricia the Skunk

Patricia: Hi there

Orion: I am Orion Umbreon, Claw is a Wevile

Jack: Oh right.

Claw: heh

Patricia: Nice to meet you guys.

Claw: Yeah yeah

Jack: So what's all that about? And why didn't Tenel & Aleena didn't accept our Apology?

Orion: Earn there trust

Sonic Jr: We did but they didn't listen!

Jill: But why is this Aleena and Tenel Thrash's wife and daughter. He's married to Saphire.

Claw: Saphire Brain washed him into marrying her, thenks to you guys she failed, Tenel Is his true love

Jack: Oh, I guess we got carried away.

Patricia: We're trying to earn their trust, but they won't listen to me.

Jack: I guess looks can be decieving. I thought she's trying to attack us. We have to go back & apalogize for what we've done. But with them captured by Dr. EggPlankton, there's no telling what he'll do to them.

Patricia: Hold on, check this out (holds up the Blueprints to the New & Improved Roboticizer) Jack & I went to EggPlankton Land & found Dr. EggPlankton's Blueprints for a plan on what he's up to & stole the Blueprints from him.

Jack: But that picture on the Blueprints looks familliar.

Jill: I believe so.

SJ: Speaking of which. (Hits Thrash)

Jack: (gasps) These are the Blueprints for a New & Improved Roboticizer!

Patricia: EggPlankton's planing to roboticize Aleena & Tenel. We gotta save them.

Jack: We gotta stop Dr. EggPlankton ! We gotta sneak inside EggPlanktonLand, we don't wanna get caught.

Patricia: Come on, let's go. I'll use my Flying Broom to fly us there to EggPlanktonLand (hops on her Flying Broom) Let's go save Aleena & Tenel !

Jack: Right, let's go !

SJ: For once, I wish that bug would be small so I can squash him.

(Jill and SJ follows their half brother)

Rescuing Thrashes secret family

SJ: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Jill: No SJ. We're not. (Working on a machine)


Nikki: What's wrong, Sonic?

Jack: Is something bothering you, Cous?

Patricia: Is there something you wanna talk about, Sonic?

Nikki: He also never told SJ and Jill about Tenel and Aleena as well.

Jack: Ohh, ok then.

Nikki: ................. It is shocking that Thrash didn't tell us about this, Sonic....

Patricia: I wonder why Thrash isn't telling us about about Tenel & Aleena?

Sonic: Nikki it is time we had a talk session with him (Hols up Energy cuffs)

Nikki: Okay...

SJ: Oh great. We've knocked him out.


SJ: How are we supposed to wake him up?

SJ: That works.

Sonic:(Hold him down)

Patricia: We gotta save Tenel & Aleena from EggPlankton

SJ: What she said.

(Suddenly, they heard voices)

???:(Voice) Get back, you crazy evil little big plankton thing, whatever you are!

Jack: Sounds like Aleena & Tenel ! Let's move!

Aleena:(Hugging her mom)

(A black and blue hedgecat was fighting EggPlankton)

Aleena: Daddy

Dr. EggPlankton: (inside his new giant machine, the "Chum Lion", attacking the Black & Blue Hedgecat)

(Jack-4 Bots appears & starts attacking)

Jack: (spindashes at the Jack-4 Bots)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on the Jack-4 Bots)

Jill: Doctor Plankton. (Pulls out a laser, a shrinking laser, blasts it at Dr. EggPlankton making him shrink)


Tenel: Sh sh sh

Dr. EggPlankton: (shields himself with a Shrink Proof Shield, reflecting the beam back at the Shrinking Laser, making the shrinking laser, shrink itself) Hah ! My New Size is on permanant, I can never change back into my past size.

Jill: Pellets...

SJ: Nice try, sis.

???: You can do better, but I think I can handle that small big plankton! (Spindashes EggPlankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: GASP ! (dodges the attack) Phew

Jack: (spindashes at the Jack-4 Bots)

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on Dr. EggPlankton's Chum Lion)

Chum Lion: (only gets tiny damage)

Chum Lion: (gets small damage) (uses a Sonic Roar)

Jack: Cover your ears!

Jack & Patricia: (covers their ears)

Chum Lion: (activate it's Missiles out of his Metal Mane & fires it's missiles at Thrash)

Jack: (spindashes at the Chum Lion) Take that !

Patricia: (uses Iron Tail on the Chum Lion) And that !

Dr. EggPlankton: Whao!

???: And this! (Kicks the Chum Lion)

SJ: Guys, he's made of chum. You don't fight him, you eat him! (Starts to eat the chum lion)

(But the Chum Lion is made of Metal, causing his teeth to hurt)

(Spongebob100: Look, every machine made by Dr. EggPlankton is made of Metal, not chum.)


???: What is wrong with you? (Jumps on the chum lion's back, opens the place where the wires are, then pulls out the wires)

Jack: (To ???) Who are you?

???: That's none of your buissness!

Patricia: Ok then, but we have to stop that Chum Lion together

(The Chum Lion's wires are pulled out)

Jack: Chaos Zap ! (uses Chaos Zap at the Chum Lion's Wires, causing the machine to malfunction)

Dr. EggPlankton: Ouch. Your too late! (activates the Roboticizer)

Patricia: Nothing's too late for us heroes ! (uses Iron Tail on the Roboticizer, destroying it along with the Controls) Done it !

Dr. EggPlankton: Oh Barnicles

SJ: Alright, you stupid plankton, give up!

Dr. EggPlankton: I still have a few tricks up in my sleeve. I've heard that there's a legend about the 75 Children of the Sacred Inferno. And I'm here to roboticize them all.

???:(Kicks the Roboticizer and destroys it)

Patricia: Don't worry, I've already destroyed it for you guys.

Dr. EggPlankton: As soon I can get it fixed.

???: Whatever. (Spindashes at the broke chum lion, making it explode)

Jack: Yeah thanks.

Dr. EggPlankton: (in the Chum Pod) I still have the plans for roboticizing the Sacred Inferno Children you know. I'll be back for more. In the mean time, I'll activate my Jack-4 Bots & use them against you. (activates his Jack-4 Bots) Get them (escapes in his Chum Pod)

Jack: Let's get them!

Patricia: Right !

???: Let me handle this. (Spndahses all the Jack-4 Bots, making them explode)

Jack: We gotta follow EggPlankton & stop him from roboticizing 75 other children of the sacred infero

SJ: Yeah. Whatever that is.

???: Relax. I got this. (jumps onto the Chum Pod, smashes the glass and grabs Eggplankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: Who are you & what do you want with me?

???: I want you to leave this place and never come back!

Dr. EggPlankton: In that case....Gotcha! (presses a button & then traps ??? in the Power Drain)

(The Power Drain activates & begins to drain ???'s Energy off of her)

Dr. EggPlankton: (gains ???'s Energy) Now, tell me who you are or I'm really gonna turn up the heat

One of the 75 Destroy's the Robotisizor

Jack: Who's that?

Patricia: Hi there, who are you?

???: Nobody messes with my power! (Uses Dark Blast at Eggplankton)

Dr. EggPlankton: (dodges & then escapes from the heroes)

(Dr. EggPlankton escapes with the plans on roboticizing the 75 Children of the Sacred Inferno, until he was out of sight)

Jack: Dr. EggPlankton got away with the plans

SJ: Which we don't know what the 75 Children Whatcha ma Call It is!

Jack: Me neither, maybe we need to find out about the 75 Children of the Sacred Inferno.

Preparing for Thrashes 18th birthday

Tenel:(Helping Brook Set the Decorations) you know he likes black and blue right

Brook: No.

Tenel Tah: Then Way are you putting up A human version of him?

Brook: I don't know.

Tenel Tah:(Decorates)

(With Sonic and Nikki)

Sonic: i am telling you He would Prefer a Sonic Unleashed Cake Decoration

Nikki: But I don't think that cake deoration would be a good idea.

Sonic : Then What do you think works

(With Jack & Patricia)

Jack: So what should we do now?

Jack: Ok then

Patricia: Let's go (settting up the table with food)

Jack: Mmm, yummy

Kirara:(Had made something)

Vector, silver, shadow, Blaze, Tails, charmy, jet, wave and Storm arrive

Jack: Hi there. Patricia & I had set up the food for the party.

Vector: Smells good

Patricia: Thank you.

Silver:(Had Made Chili Dogs)

Jack: Mmm nice Chilly Dogs, Silver

Silver: Yeah

Patricia: This is gonna be so much fun

Silver:(Hey Jack)


Silver: (Helps)

Cici: Thanks...

Patricia: Hi Cici

Cici: Hi Patricia.

Patricia: (Hugs Cici) It's nice to see you again.

Silver:(Heart Eyes)

Jack: Is Silver ok?

Patricia: Not sure. (to Silver) Is something wrong, Silver?


Jack: Hello?

Patricia: What just happened?

Silver: So beautiful

Jack: Who?

Patricia: I think Silver is talking about Cici.

Metal Patricia: Greetings everyone. Don't be alarmed, I'm finally good.

Thrash: Walks in)

Jack: Hey Thrash, what's up?

Thrash is now a good looking humanhog

Jack: Whao, you look nice, Thrash.

Thrash: Thanks

Jack: No problem. After all, your my 2nd Cousin who is the son of my cousin Sonic the Hedgehog & my new cousin, Amy Rose.

Sonic: I filed a divorce against amy cous.

Jack: Oh ok then, but why?

Sonic: Physco

Jack: (looks uneasy) Okay?

Patricia: It's ok Sonic. You gave it a go.

Jack: Oh speaking of Husband & Wife, I wonder where's my wife, Blaze THC & Patricia's Husband, Anu?

BLaze THC:(Tickles Jack)

Jack: (chuckles) Oh hi Blaze THC

Blaze THC: You give up?

Jack: (can't stop laughing because Blaze THC is tickling him) Ok, ok. I give up! You win!

Blaze THC:(Lays on top of him, breasts on his chest)

Jack: (blushes) I love you, Blaze THC.

Blaze THC:(Licks)

Jack: (chuckles & then kisses Blaze THC)

Blaze THC: (Purrs)

Jack: Blaze THC, your the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my whole entire life (makes out with Blaze THC)

Blaze THC:(pUTS Her hubbies hands in her pants)

Jack: (blushes) (kisses Blaze THC in the lips)

Blaze THC:(pURRS)

Jack: (wags his tail & then makes out with Blaze THC)

Thrash: Get a room you two

Patricia: Jack & Blaze THC's make out reminds me of my make-out with Anu the Anubis Warrior. He's so dreamy.

Anu:(Appears with a basket of puppies in his hand)

Patricia: Hi Anu. (notices a basket of puppies) Awww, their so cute.

Anu: Yeah

Patricia: Where did you get these Cute Puppes, Anu? They all look so adorable.

Anu: Abandoned

Patricia: Oh dear. Anu, can we please keep the cute little puppies as our pets?

Anu: Maybe

Patricia: Thank you Anu. We'll take extra special care of our new cute little puppies.

Jack: So are we ready for the party for Thrash?

(With SJ and Jill)

SJ: Alright, kid. Explain. Who are you?

???:(Sighs) Since you people keep asking me that question, I'll answer it anyway. I'm Luna the Hedgecat.

Thrash:(Gains a New form) Human hog

SJ: Okay...

Thrash: Sis what is going on

Jill: Nothing.

Thrash:(Hiccups and Lava comes out)