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Someone is framing Sonic for stealing a Chaos Emerald and his friends must get him out and stop this mysterious person before something else happens.






Sonic the Hedgehog

Klonoa the Hedgehog

Abby the Hedgehog

Cici the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Choro the Ottsel

Cream the Rabbit

Cheese the Chao

Tabitha the Cat

Oliver the Fox

Lewbert the Echidna

Charles the Squirrel

Spencer the Bird

Jur the Hedgehog

Larry the Hedgehog

Lilly the Hedgehog

Odie the Hedgehog

Carrie the Rabbit

Master Yo the Panda

Darkstorm the Halfbreed

Jane Magenta

Toro Bobinsky

Dana Solo

Marta Lualdi


Dr. Eggman

Shadow the Hedgehog (Turned neturel during the story)

Lizzy the Hedgehog (Turned good during the story)

Rouge the Bat (Turned neturel during the story)

Natalie the Hedgehog

Macy the Hedgehog (Turned good during the story)

Scamper the Hedgehog (Turned good during the story)

Boomer the Cat (Turned good during the story)


Barry the Cat (Tabitha's brother)

Maria Robotnik

Prof. Gerald Robotnik

Coop the Chicken

Dave the Mouse

Roger Skelelog Jr.

Lina the Dog

Lucille the Butterfly


This takes place before Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventures, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic the Hedgehog: Spirit Tracks, Sonic the Hedgehog: Lunatea's Veil, Sonic the Hedgehog: Dawn of the New World, Sonic Colors, Sonic the Hedgehog: Light through Darkness, Sonic Unleashed 2, Quest of Death series, Luna the Hedgehog, Sonic Generations, Shadow the Hedgehog 2, Cammie Unleashed, Sonic Unleashed 3, Lizzy and Jur Unleashed, Sonic Unleashed 4: Werehogs againsts Vampires, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2012) which means Thrash, Jill Roberts, Sonic Jr, Luna, Finn, Emily, Lou, Emil, Clark, Ramona, Cammie, Sammy, Rocky, Brook, Nikki, John, Wendy, Harry, Mia, Mimi, Sandy, Erican, April, Fern, Dean, Werehog Ash, Jill the Werehog, Marcos, Stu, Kark, Maggie, Marvin, Daniel, Ariel, Melinda, Hoppers, Lolo, Popka, Brute, Leslie, Richter, Henry, Selena, Alice, Deces, Jet, Storm, Wave, Hawk, Arjar, Bina, Cole, Byran, Elishia, Amelia, and Amberette are not introduced.


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Part 1: Sonic's Escape

(At the Dojo)

Tabitha:(Talking with the officers on the phone) Hello? I'm calling about Sonic's arrested. I think you have it all mistaken. ....... Sonic the Hedgehog. .......... He's 15 years old. ........... No I don't know his last name! ............. Look Mister! He did not steal a Chaos Emerald at a museum! Okay! He was at his house! All night! .............. Ugh! Fine! (Hangs up)

Oliver: No luck?

Tabitha: No luck. What an idiot!

Darkstorm:(Fire bends)

(Odie, Larry, Lilly and Carrie came in)

Odie: Did you get Dude out?

Tabitha: No.

Larry, Lilly, Odie and Carrie: Oh.......

Darkstorm:(Walks in)

Oliver: Sonic is not responsible to steal anything.

Lewbert: It's so not like him.

Darkstorm: What's wrong

Tabitha: Didn't you hear anything, Darkstorm, Sonic is going to prison for stealing a Chaos Emerald!

Darkstorm: No, I watched the security feeds from my mansion, come on I will show you

(Tabitha and the others follow Darkstorm to his mansion)

Darkstorm:(Puts on the Feed and Pauses at the part of the robbery and the robber)

Oliver: What is that?

Tabitha: Is that supposed to be Sonic?

Abby: Maybe. (Hears rustling, looks at the bushes, goes outside without anybody noticing, looks through, sees someone) Oh........

Klonoa: I don't know if that's Sonic or not.

Darkstorm:(Grabs a Rifle)

Tabitha: I think we should set up a trap for that robber.

Abby:(Outside) Klonoa! You've got to see this!

Klonoa: Sis! I'm coming! (Went outside)

(Tabitha and the others follow Klonoa)

Klonoa: CHI HO WAAaaaaaa...... Huh? Who the hoppers is that?

(The mysterious person is a hedgehog, black and red)

???:(Bows to Abby) My name is Shadow. Since you were so kind to see me, madam, I will grant you one wish.

Abby:(Blushes, giggles)

Tabitha: Shadow?

Oliver: Like the black figure we have attach to ourselves.

Charles: Where did you come from?

Tabitha: Eh. He doesn't know. He's probably one of those homeless people.

Abby: Poor thing.

Carrie: Yeah.

Lilly: I agree.

Darkstorm: You are on my property also

Klonoa: Whoever he is, I'm going to kick him in the-

Abby:(Levetates Klonoa, throws him away) Sorry about my brother. He can be a bit of a jerk.

Shadow: I see.

Tabitha: Yeah. (Crosses her arms)

Abby: Now we need to find a place for you, Shadow. (Thinks, then gets an idea) I know! Why don't you stay at our house, Shadow? Then you'll have a home for everybody.

Tabitha, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Larry, Lilly, Odie and Carrie: NO!

Abby: Huh? Why?

Tabitha: Remember the last time you brought somebody into the house?


(A jackel rans through the wall with Klonoa in it's mouth)

Klonoa:(Uses his sword to his the jackel)

(The jackel chews on Klonoa and runs off)

Abby: Klonoa! Wait! Just rub his tummy! (Chases after them)

(Flashback ended)

Klonoa: OW!!!!!!!! The bitting..... I can still feel the bitting.....


Tabitha: Exactly what Darkstorm just did.

Oliver: We're sorry, Abby.

Charles: It's against the rules. Come on, let's go home.

Tabitha: See ya, Darkstorm.

(Tabitha and the others go home)

Klonoa: The bitting..... Oh.... the bitting......

Abby: ....................

Shadow:(Turns around, walks away)

Abby: Wait, Shadow! I can sneak you in to the dojo.


Abby: But first, how am I supposed to get you in?

Shadow: Bring more Chaos Emeralds.

Abby: Huh?

Shadow: I'll be waiting for you in the central control room on the Space Colony ARK. (Walks away again)

Abby: What's the ARK?

(Shadow ignores Abby as he walks away)

Abby: Hmm...

(Abby returns to the dojo, grabs the Chaos Emeralds that are inside Cici's backpack, goes to the door)

Klonoa: Abby, what are you doing?

Abby: Um.... Just bringing the backpack with me and taking a walk in Hyrule City.

Klonoa: What are you up too?

Abby: Nothing. Why don't you play your video game for the night?

Klonoa: Hmm.... Good idea. Thanks for the reminder. (Turns on his game, plays)

Abby:(Opens the door, went outside, teleports to the Space Colony ARK)

(The next morning, at Angel Island, Knuckles is protecting the Master Emerald from the bat girl)

Bat Girl: Just... let it go! You just don't know when to give up. Do you?

Knuckles: What are you talking about? That emerald's mine! You got that? The Master Emerald contains special powers that nuetralize the energy of the Chaos Emeralds. That makes it very powerful.

(Suddenly, somebody grabs the Master Emerald)

Knuckles: What the-

Bat Girl: What? Thief!

Knuckles: Look who's calling who a thief!

Dr. Eggman: I came here following the signal from the emerald. If I'm not mistaken, this is the Master Emerald. Is it not?

Knuckles: It's you... Dr. Eggman!

Bat Girl: So that's Dr. Eggman.

Dr. Eggman: Well I guess I can use it for something. I'll just take it with me!

Natalie: Better luck next time, Knuckle-head!

Knuckles: Not if I can help it! (Jumps up and breaks the Master Emerald in pieces)

Bat Girl: AAAAHHH!!!!!!

Dr. Eggman: What?!

Natalie: Oh no!

Bat Girl:(Grabs Knuckles) What was that all about? And look what you did to my Emerald!

Knuckles: I did that to prevent the Master Emerald from being stolen, you idiot! If it's in pieces, I can restore it. And by the way... That's not your emerald!

Dr. Eggman: Doesn't matter... I'll look into it once I get back to the base. (Flys away)

Bat Girl: I despise anyone who takes jewels from me! All the world's gems are mine to keep.

Knuckles: Yeah, we'll see about that, Bat Girl.

(Meanwhile, a helicopter is flying to Prison Island when suddnely, Sonic came out of here trying to escape, grabs a piece of a chopper)

Sonic: Talk about low-budget flights! No food or movies? I'm outta' here! I like running better! (Jumps off, slids through Hyrule City, then runs off)

Part 2: Something's Fishy about Shadow

Klonoa:(Wakes up, yawns) Well, those Jabs aren't gonna bust themselves. (Realizes that the TV and his Y-Cube are stolen, screams like a girl)

(Tabitha, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Dana and Jur hears it)

Klonoa:(Kicks the door) GUY!!!!!! Where's the TV and my Y-Cube system?!

Tabitha: I don't know. It was in the Living Room last night.

Oliver: You mean it just disappeared?

Klonoa: Yes!

Darkstorm:(In his mansion Playing X-box online)

(Phone rings)

Darkstorm: Hello

Tabitha: Darkstorm, can you come over here?

Darkstorm: Ok (Teleports with Rum)

(Tabitha told Darkstorm about the TV and Klonoa's Y-Cube system)

Tabitha: Somehow all of our electronics are disappearing.

Oliver: Maybe it has to be the robber who is stoled the Chaos Emerald and framing Sonic.

Darkstorm: You guys can chill at my place

Tabitha: Doubt that. The robber will come to your house as well.

Jur: All of our stuff and electronics are stolen, except Abby.

Darkstorm: I have guards that will shoot any robber

Oliver: Thanks, but no thanks.

Tabitha: We need to talk to Abby for a while.

(Tabitha and the others went to see Abby, wearing a blue dress)

Charles: Abby, we have 3 questions for you.

Oliver: How come the robber didn't steal your stufff?

Klonoa: Why are you wearing a dress?

(Suddenly, they hear banging, it came from the empty room that was in the dojo for a few years)

Tabitha: And what was that? (Walks to the door)

Abby: Um.... Nothing. Just made a playroom for Cream and Cheese.

Tabitha:(Kicks the door open)

(They peep in and they see Shadow in the room)

Shadow: You again.

Klonoa: Shadow?! Oh no! You're making pets out of him, are you?

Abby: Uh-huh....

Tabitha: After Charles told you he can't stay in the dojo, you disobey him and let him in?

Abby: Yes......


Abby: It will be different this time! Shadow is smart, nice and friendly! He's totally harmless! Please don't tell anyone!

Tabitha: Don't worry, we won't tell....... YO!!!!! (Runs off to get Master Yo)

Abby:(Chases after Tabitha) No Tabitha! Don't tell Master Yo!

Tabitha:(Went to the kitchen where Master Yo is at) Yo! Abby brought home a strange and his name is Sha......... (Notices that Master Yo is with a yellow hedgehog with long black hair, no strap pink shirt, blue skirt, green gloves and pink boots) dow?

(Abby made it in the kitchen, Oliver and the others came in as well)

Master Yo: I know. Lizzy told me everything about their lonely walk.

Lizzy:(Waves) Hi.

Klonoa: Lizzy? Wait a mintue! There's two of these jerks now?!

Darkstorm: Who are you

Master Yo: I just said Lizzy's name, Dark.

Darkstorm:Not her You

Tabitha: You don't remember Master Yo.

Darkstorm: No

Tabitha:(Sighs) Why is this girl doing here?

Master: Yo: She came looking for Shadow.

Lizzy: Yep.

Abby: Master Yo, is it okay if Shadow and Lizzy stay in the dojo forever?

Master Yo: I don't know.

Lizzy: Will you say yes if I gave you a check? (Pulls out a check wiht 100,000,000 on it)

Master Yo: Oh my gosh! That's lot of money! Shadow and Lizzy! You two are staying!

Tabitha: What?! There is no way Shadow is staying here in the dojo with his girlfriend!

Lizzy: Actually, I'm Shadow's cousin.

Tabitha: Whatever!

Darkstorm: Well I heading home

Tabitha: Something is fishy about Shadow.

Abby: What do you mean?

Tabitha: I meant every electronic of ours keeps disappearing and Sonic being framed. It makes enough of him to steal all of our electronics.

Klonoa: It also makes enough of him to steal the TV!

Abby:(Levates Klonoa)

Klonoa: Whoa!

Abby: DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Throws Klonoa to a wall) And stay out!

Darkstorm:(Playing his X-box 360)

Tabitha: Shadow is hiding something, including that Lizzy girl. And also robber. Who is he? Why is he stealing Chaos Emeralds and electronics?

Oliver:(Ignores Tabitha, to Darkstorm) You seriously don't remember Master Yo the Panda, Klonoa and Abby's mentor, teacher and master?


Oliver: Well you have to remember Master Yo. He let you help us, remember?


(Darkstorm meets Master Yo and tells him how he and Sonic met, Master Yo finally understands)

Master Yo: Darkstorm, with your brave and kindest and your friendship with Sonic, I want you to help the Freedom Fighters with all their might.

Darkstorm: I will do my best.

Tabitha: So this weirdo freak is going to help us fight Eggman and the other villians?

Master Yo: Yes. So... Don't call him weird or a freak. Klonoa, are you even listining?

Klonoa:(Notices that he didn't listen to Master Yo because he was doing his sword moves, puts away his sword, lies) Yeah. A monkey. Why do you ask?

(Flashback ended)

Darkstorm: Oh, And Tabitha I ain't a freak (Roars)

Lilly: How come you always forget things a lot?

Darkstorm: I am a soldier, got to forget

Spencer: Maybe you have a memory lost chip.

Charles: Or a virus.

Tabitha:(Pulls Charles' ear) Are you listening to me?! There is something weird about Shadow and his girlfriend.

Spencer: Cousin.

Tabitha: Whatever. Anyway, I think he and his girlfriend-

Spencer: Cousin.

Tabitha: Whatever! Might be hiding a secret.

Darkstorm: Not a robot

Charles: I meant a memory loss virus. A germ thing.

Tabitha: GUYS!!!!!! PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!


Sonic Shorts - Volume 4

Darkstorm:(Growls) No Virus just a forgeting spell

Tabitha: LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is very fishy about Shadow and Lizzy!!!!!

Darkstorm: Whats wrong with lizzy? (Turns on tv to channel 73 Sonic Shorts is on)

Tabitha: She's the girlfriend of Shadow!

Spencer: Cousin.

Tabitha: WHATEVER!!!!!!!

Darkstorm: Just relax and enjoy the show

Tabitha: Whatever. I'm going home.

(That night, the robber stole another Chaos Emerald and stole another electronic, the robber turn out to be Shadow, the next morning, Tabitha woke up, she realizes that her alarm clock was taken by the robber, she pulls out her cell phone to check the time)

Tabitha: 8:30?! Oh man! I've overslept! (Puts on her cow slippers, knocks on her Dad's door) Dad! Wake up! (Knocks on her Mom's door) Mom! Make me breakfast fast! (Knocks on Barry's door) Barry! If you don't get out of bed soon, I'll kick your butt!!! (Takes off her cow slippers and puts on her shoes while still in her pajamas, goes to the dojo) Yo! Call Oliver and the others! They don't want to be- (Realizes that Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur, Dana, Cici, Klonoa, Abby, Carrie, Odie, Lilly, Larry, Cream, Marta and Darkstorm are here already) late?

Lizzy: I got up at 7:00 to get Oliver and the others just like the schedule said so.

Tabitha: But why didn't you wake me up?

Lizzy: I forgot.

Darkstorm: Some idiot took my Apocalypse Emerald

Tabitha: You too? Well the robber take my alarm clock when I woke up.

Darkstorm: I wake up at 4 in the mourning

Tabitha: T_T

Lizzy: Well, I'm just glad that me and Shadow get to stay.

Abby: Me too.

Spencer: Oh, by the way, Pearl. Shadow wants me to give you this gift he got. It's not jewerly, it's not a new knife, it's not new clothes and it's not chocolates.

Tabitha: So then what's in the box?

Spencer: Nothing. (Takes the wrapping off, opens the box)

Tabitha: What the? (Grabs the box, a pie went through her face)

Oliver, Lewbert, Spencer, Abby, Lizzy, Jur, Charles, Dana, Cici, Carrie, Odie, Larry, Lilly, Cream and Marta:(Laugh, went to the kitchen)

Tabitha: Pie throwing game....

Klonoa: You know, that is kinda funny. (Follows the others)


Tabitha: Ugh!

Darkstorm:(In stone encasment)

(8 hours later, Tabitha finally got dressed and now she is reading a magazine, she sees Lizzy walking to the hall and her backpack was open and a picture fell out of her backpack)

Tabitha:(Picks it up)

(The picture was a girl, about 12 years old, and her grandfather)

Tabihta:(Goes to the living room, it was corvered with wires everywhere) Whoa..... (Pulls out her cell phone and calls Darkstorm) Darkstorm, you have to come and see this.

(Darkstorm came here in time)

Darkstorm:(What now

Tabitha: You see these wires.

Darkstorm: Yeah so?

Tabitha: They have to conate to something. Something weird. Something fishy.

Darkstorm: Ok come with me I can help you

Tabitha: I better call the others. (Pulls the string to call everybody)

(Klonoa, Abby, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur, Cici, Larry, Lilly, Odie and Carrie came in)

Lewbert: What is it, Tabitha?

Tabitha: These wires are conated and it has to do with Shadow and girl- I mean cousin, Lizzy.

All: Ugh.....

Darkstorm:(Tries to teleport out)

Tabitha:(Sees that Darkstorm was going to teleport) Don't even dare!

Oliver: Tabitha, you've got fired as the leader. Charles is the new leader now, remember?

Tabitha: I don't care!

Darkstorm: Look I am not part of your investigation, plus you have no authority over me

Tabitha: Hmph!

Lilly: Shadow and Lizzy are did not put the wires in the living room.

Darkstorm: Now I am going to do some Multiplayer with Shadow and a friend of mine on Halo Reach

Abby: Shadow is a good guy and-

Tabitha: Wait a minute. I know that look. (Gasps) You like him, I knew it!

Abby: What?!

Tabitha: Admit it! You like like Shadow!

Abby: Um..... (Blushes)

Klonoa: Don't worry, Tabitha. I believe you. I don't trust Shadow and Lizzy as well.

Tabitha: Finally.

Klonoa: In the mean time, I'm going to talk with Shadow right now. (Was about to go talk with Shadow)

Abby: DON'T TOUCH MY SHADOW!!!!!! (Blasts Klonoa with her powers) I'm going to go to the mall to buy Shadow a very cute necklace. Be back soon. (Goes outside)

Tabitha: That guy must be part hypnotize.

Darkstorm: Whats wrong

Tabitha: Nothing.

Lilly: Shadow's a really good guy.

Tabitha: Well, time for plan B.

Oliver: What's plan B?

Tabitha: Capture the thief.

(Tabitha, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur and Darkstorm went to the city to capture the thief)

Oliver: Tabitha, this plan B is crazy.

Tabitha: What? I want everybody to know that Sonic is innocent.

Jur: By capturing the thief with a net?

Tabitha: Yep.

Lewbert: I don't know about this.

Darkstorm: Why was I dragged into this?

Tabitha: You're the thief's bait.

Darkstorm:(Twitches) I hate you all but mostly you Tabitha, you owe me

Oliver: Don't worry, we're not using you as the thief's bait, we're just going to borrow your emeralds so the thief would know that it is a Chaos Emerald.

Darkstorm:(NO NO NO NO NO NO

Charles: Why not?

Tabitha: What are we supposed to use? A rock and some paint?

Darkstorm:(Pulls out a RPG)

Jur: What the heck is that?

Darkstorm: You touch my Apocalypse Emeralds I obliterate you

Tabitha: What?! Have you finally lost your marbels?!

Charles: We just notice how your emeralds look like the Chaos Emeralds, so we just want to borrow one.

Darkstorm: $50 per emerald

Tabitha: He said "borrow" not "buy".

Darkstorm: I trust no one

Charles: But we're all your friends.

Lewbert: The ones who you shouldn't trust are the bad guys like Eggman and Natalie

Tabitha: And also, we don't have $50.

Spencer:(Pulls out $50) Sold!

Tabitha, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, and Jur: Huh?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Darkstorm:(Hnds Spencer a Dark Green Apocalypse Emeralds)

Spencer: Thank you for supporting our friendship. (Places the emerald on the ground)

Jur: Since when did you have $50?!

Spencer: I was saving it to buy a wedding ring to ask Tabitha's hand in marrige.

Tabitha: Barfing. (Throws up at the trash can)

Darkstorm:(Hands Spencer one of his Gold rings)

Jur: What is with the rings for?

Tabitha:(Wipes her mouth) I hope they're for to capturing the thief.

Darkstorm:(Whispers in spencers ear what they are for)

Spencer: No thanks. We just need the emerald.

Tabitha: But what if we need those rings to capture the thief?

Darkstorm: They are engagement rings (Pur gold too)

Oliver: So, they're wedding rings?

Tabitha: Barfing again. (Throws up in the trash can again)

Darkstorm: Made of Gold

Oliver: So what you're trying to say is, they're wedding rings, right?

Darkstorm:(Turns Werewolf in irritation) Yes

Oliver: Hm.

Tabitha:(Hears footsteps) The thief is here!

Charles: Hide!

(Tabitha, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer, Jur and Darkstorm hide behind the trash cans)

Darkstorm: Gets out and Turns invisible)

Charles:(Grabs Darkstorm) No! Wait until the thief goes to the trap, then attack him.

(The trap captures the thief)

Tabitha: Yes! (Gets out) AH HAAAAAAaaaaaaaa..... Huh? Sonic?!

(But it was actually Sonic)

Oliver: I told you plan B was crazy.

Tabitha: What the heck are you doing here?!

Sonic: Escaping from the cops. Mind if you cut the ropes?

Tabitha:(Trys to cut the ropes with her claws) If only I have my knife.

(The ropes were cut, Sonic landed)

Sonic: Thanks.

Darkstorm:*Kicks Charles in the manhood*

Charles: Ow! That wasn't very nice.

Jur: You couldn't at least hit Tabitha?!

Darkstorm:(Growls) That is Dishonor

Oliver: You mean dishonored?

Darkstorm:(Pulls out Bazooka)

Spencer: We are your friends! Including Sonic!

Darkstorm: GET DOWN!

Spencer: Wha?

Oliver: There's no one here but us.

Darkstorm:We aren't alone. (Fires)

Charles: Wah! Duck!


Tabitha: What the heck, Darkstorm?!

A Sith Warrior:(Deflects the missle)

Darkstorm: Run!!!

Oliver: What the heck is that?!

Sonic: He! Time to fight this guy! (Fights)

Sith Warrior:(Force Chokes)

Tabitha: It's about time he starts choking. Charles, do something!

Charles: Why would I do that? He might be a nice guy.

Tabitha: Ugh! (Picks up a rock) I'll just do it myself! (Throws the rock at the mysterious warrior)

Sith Warrior:(Force pushes it back to Tabitha)

Tabitha:(Gets hit by a rock) OW!!!! Ugh!!!!

Charles: We mean no harm. We are nice.

Darkstorm: Sith are evil

Tabitha: Then get rid of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darkstorm: (Power Kicks the Sith)

Sonic:(Spindashes at the Sith)

The Sith Drops his light saber clutching his wound

Tabitha: Nice shot!

The mask comes off the warrior and it is a cat

The Sith Cat: Darien's betrayal will be destroyed

Oliver: Darien?

Darkstorm: Darien the Hedgehog, he is a Dark Jedi on redemption

Tabitha: Well, he certinely quit his job.

Darien: Right

Tabitha, Oliver, Charles, Lewbert, Spencer and Jur:(Gasps)

(Suddenly Choro came out of Oliver's backpack)

Choro: Hey. Did the trap work? (Sees Sonic) SONIC!!! (Goes to him)

Sonic: Choro?

Choro: It's good to see you again!

Darkstorm: move

Sonic:(Moves fast)

Darkstorm:(Goes to meditate

Tabitha: Seriously?!

Darkstorm: you should try it

Tabitha: What about the cat?! Not me. The other cat!


Tabitha: You're hopeless! (Fights the Slith Cat)

Darkstorm:(Slith Cat)