Taken place after the Sonic the Hedgehog series, a new generation is born as evil rises up again.





  • Sonic the Hedgehog Jr.
  • Jill Roberts
  • Crystal the Ottsel
  • Tim "Flick" Prower
  • Hank the Echidna
  • Sarah the Hedgehog
  • Raymond the Hedgehog
  • Ethan the Hedgehog
  • Ash the Hedgehog
  • Kim the Hedgehog
  • Julianne the Cat
  • Barbara the Fox
  • Alex the Hedgehog
  • Domino the Echidna
  • Elsa the Bird
  • Wren the Hedgehog
  • Derek the Hedgehog
  • Megan the Hedgehog
  • Russell the Raccwold
  • Cathy the Hedgehog
  • Polly the Hedgehog
  • Nestor the Hedgehog
  • Penelope the Rabbit
  • Kacey the Hedgehog


  • Dr. Eggman


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Part 1: Normal Life

(A blue haired girl is seen riding her bike)

Jill: Woohoo! Yeah!

Jill (Voiceover): Hi. My name is Jill Roberts and I'm 12 years old and also the daughter of the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm visting my best friend, Cathy, Larry and Grace's daughter, so we can hang out. My brother is SJ, short for Sonic Jr, he runs faster than Dad. We were both created by our parent's DNA by Uncle Tails' machine. Knowing that our Mom, Nikki Roberts, is staying in her homeplanet, Earth, Dad is taking care of me and SJ. Dad told me he has a evil form that he can't control call Dark Ratatosk Sonic. He told me that he gain that form when fighting a man name Arjar who has all kinds of dark energy. The truth is... I don't like darkness.... But the light... I just love it.

Jill:(Stops by a gas station)

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