Sonic the Hedgehog Spirit Tracks cover





Sonic the Hegehorg fastes horg

Brook Taylor <-who dis bich

Nikki Minaj

Mel Gibson

Major Laser

Lou the Hegehorg

Churro the Ottsel wtf an ottsel u dumass bich

Pizzabutt the Hegehorg

Chlamydia the Hegehorg

Abby the Hegehorg

Miles "Tails" Pooper

Princess Elise

Pizzy the Hegehorg

Hur the Hegenhorg

Lori the Hegehor

Tabitcha the Fat

Oliver the Cock

Charles the Squrriel <- imma leave that alone he my bro

Lubert the Echidna he got 5 penises looool

Spencer the Bird what kinda bird you lazy shit you put ottsel but not af ucking specific bird wtf

Avery (Dies during the story) **spoilers** why you be spoilin everything nigag

Princessssssssssss Whorry

Billy Jean


Chancellor Palpatine

Smooth Criminal (he climbed into the bedroom, it was your doom, but turns good during the story, then dies) **spoilers**

Electro th Hegehorg (coole than Anul hegehorj)


Brook, Nikki, John and Wendy appeare for the first time, so Luna, Finn, Emily, Grace, Jenna, Clark, Ramona, Mimi, Jessica, Kristen, Luke, Peter,  and the others in Sonic fanfictions are not in this.

Part 1: paternal matricide

It twas a brihgt sun day in sonci worl wen all of sudan chancellor pulpo kild sonic horjheg nd all r sad. elecro hogwarts laff in defiuns. Lube enchilada sits alon in hous admirin his 4 pensis wen spider sens go NUTS. he angry cas couldn admir las of 4 peniss, he gets cranky wehn eh doesn finish. smoof crim snuk into bedrum, struk down, was lube doom, struk by smoov cramnul. snek was n sen for help to en horilbe day.



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