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3 years after the events of Sonic Unleashed, another werehog called Werehog Ash was attack by a monster called Mongar and Sonic must defeat him. Ever time people say anything intereasting, Werehog Ash starts seeing weird visions. Will Werehog Ash get his memory back or will he be one of the werehogs? This can be fixed with the help of the vampire queen, Leira Von Zaleska of Transylvannia and her handsome vampire husband, King consort, Dimitri Von Zaleska with their vampire friends & their minions to defeat Mongar.



Apallo The Hedgehog






Frozen scorpio





Sonic the Hedgehog/Werehog

Werehog Ash/Ash Ketchum

Lou the Hedgehog

Klonoa the Hedgehog

Josh the hedgewolf

Abby the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Jur the Hedgehog/Fake Werehog

Lizzy the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Tabitha the Cat

Oliver the Fox

Charles the Squirrel

Lewbert the Echidna

Spencer the Bird/ Fake Werebird

Luna the Hedgehog

Lunas The Hedgehog/Lunas The Werehog

Shock The Hedgehog/Shock The Werehog [1]

Kaytlin Fence the fox/Human(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Rosa Fence the Leopard Gecko/Treecko(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Chandra the Hedgehog/Chandra the Werehog(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Barbara the Hedgehog(Kaytllinfencethefox)

David the Light Echidna(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Rudobon the Lemur(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Larry the Thyacine(Kaytlinfencethefox)

Crystal the Raccoon and Chocolate(Pinkolol16)

Wen the Hedgehog (Sonicman667 - Offline)

Sarah Rose the Hedgehog/Killed during RP (Sonicman667 - Offline)

Isaiah The Red Wolf (ITH)

Adrenaline The Hedgehuman (ITH)

Pablo the Fox (PabloDePablo)

The Werehog Army

Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400)

Mason the hedgefox(meself)

Chase the Hedgehog (Sonicman667 - offline)

Master Yo the Panda (Cameo)

Coop the Chicken (Cameo)

Dayton the hedgehog

Samantha the Hedgehog (Sonicman667 - offline)

Gabe The Black Cat

Blaze the cat(real)

Marcos the Werehog

Queen Leira Von Zaleska of Transylvannia

King Dimitri Von Zaleska

Berdan The ???

Lily the hedgecat

Silver the Hedgehog

Jake the Fox

Lily the Hedgecat (sonicman667)

Jordan the Dog/Weredog (Jor1217)

Stu the Werehog


Natalie the Hedgehog

Jack the shadow (Frozen scorpio)



Dark Gaia

Drago the Hedgehog (Sonicman667 - offline)

The Werewolf Army

Sarah the dark

Fleetway Samantha (Sonicman667 - offline)

Metal Gabe (GabeTheBlackcat)

Chaos Chase

Part 1: Meet Werehog Ash

(One nice morning, Sonic, Lou, Tails, Knuckles, Jur, Lizzy, Klonoa, and Abby are walking home, when a werehog came up to Klonoa and he grabs him, swinging him around, Sonic and the others stop and turned around)


Jur:(Gets confussed)

(The werehog streches his arm to a tree, he lets go of a tree branch and his lands)

Abby:(Claps her hands) Yay! That was great!

Werehog: Thanks. (Gives Lizzy a Dark Spirit)

Lizzy: It's his traveling card. (Reads the Dark Spirit) Werehog Ash. Werehog, Son, Husband, and Father.

Jur: Lizzy, you scare me sometimes.

Werehog Ash: If you fellas are lost, come to my house.

Abby: Sure. We would love to come to your house, Werehog Ash.

Jur: What house?

(Werehog Ash's house was red, inside there are pictures of him, his wife, and his daughter, everybody except Klonoa are sitting down in chairs. Klonoa sits down, but the chair broke)

Werehog Ash:(Gives Abby tea)

Abby: Thank you. (Drinks the tea) It's delicious.

Lizzy:(Drinks the tea) Yummy! It's great! Don't you think, Jur?

Jur:(Gets a little up set)

Lizzy: Come on, Jur. Werehogs aren't that dangerous.

Jur:(Puts her tea down) Oh. Would you look at the time? We actullay have a anportment to get to. Imagine that.

Sonic: We don't have an anportment.

Jur:(Grabs Sonic and the others, runs out to the door, leaving Werehog Ash alone)

(At Sonic's house)

Lizzy: That was very mean, Jur, leaving Werehog Ash's house, all alone.

Jur: No doubt. Stupid Werehog.

Luna: What's a Werehog?

Sonic: It's a half-hedgehog half-werewolf. Abby was one, but she's not anymore.

Luna: What happened?

Sonic: A dark wizard name Bailey sucked it out giving it to a monster called Dark Gaia.

Luna: And you're telling me this, why?




Klonoa: What the heck is that?

Abby: Sounds like some poor animal is trap in a sauces grinder.

(Everybody went outside)

Klonoa: Well, there's the poor dumb animal. Hey, where's the sauces grinder?

Sonic: How did this happen?

Shock: SHOCKKKKKKKK! *electricity flows out*

Sonic: Whoa!

Knuckles: Oh! It's on! (Punches Shock)

Shock: Electic Were-Fist *hits Knuckles*

Knuckles:(Gets shocked)

Luna: Hey! Leave my friends alone!

Lunas: Hey he's ok but it's the transformation. Some dark force turned him into a Werehog but i cant beat him

Lizzy:(Pets Shock) Aw... He's not so bad.

Rudobon:She Petting a Creature that looks similar to Chandra.

Larry:Should we ask what it is?

Rudobon:In time.

Sonic: It's a werehog. Half-Hedgehog. Half-Werewolf.

Rudobon:So your saying It is Hedgehog,Man,and Wolf?

Sonic: Um........ No, not man, just Half-Hedgehog and Half-Werewolf.

Luna: What he said.

Larry:Not bright are they.

Rudobon:No,They might not know the Term"Were".

Sonic: Hey, my little sister was once a werehog 3 years and she is still nice.

Abby: And look at me now. Back to normal.

Lou: And then we met another werehog name Werehog Ash and he was very nice.


Rudobon:"Were"Dosen't mean"mean" it Means"Adult Male Human" in Old english.


Larry:*to Lna*Why the Sighing?

Crystal: Hey, can I join the team? We might need me for later on, remember, Sonic?(winks)

Rosa:AH!!!!!!!!!!Another Sonic Lover!!!!!!!!*Attacks Crystal's Face*

Crystal:(dodges) Oy, would you calm down? I'm not opposing you!

Chocolate: God, we're actually useful.

Crystal:(thoughts) Guess I really should watch what I do around this girl...

Rosa:*Sense Amy*You.>:(

(Pinkolol16: What does that mean)

Crystal: What did I do? Seriously, girl, lighten up!

(Kaytlinfencethefox:Since Rosa Has a Strong Hatered for Amy Rose she knows where she is when she's Near her and the You part is Basicly Anger)

(Everybody looks around, but didn't see anybody)

Luna: I don't see anybody.

Tabitha:(Grabs Rosa) Gotcha you little gecko.

Sonic: Hi Tabitha.

Tabitha: Oh hi ex-boyfriend of my.

Risa;*Squirming*I'll get my Sista on you!

Crystal: I thought she would kill me just because I liked Sonic. I don't see a HUGE problem with that. Thanks Tabitha.

Rosa:*Bites Tabitha*

Tabitha:(Drops Rosa) Ow!

Sonic:(Sighs) This is going to be a horrible morning.

(That night, at Werehog Ash's house)

Werehog Ash:(Watches the star, then hears something) Who's there?

(A little puppy came out)

Werehog Ash: Hi there little fella, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?

(The puppy barked)

Werehog Ash:(Pets the puppy, then started felt something) This remind me of someone I once knew, but who is it?

???: Pikachu!

Werehog Ash: Well, I don't know what it is, but I'm going to bed.

(Suddenly, Werehog Ash heared a roar, a monster came out of nowhere and attack Werehog Ash and destroyed his house)

Part 2: The werehog staying at Sonic's house

(The next morning)

Klonoa: Morning. Where's Cici?

Sonic: Went to Lunatea. Won't be back till 8 months.

Klonoa: Oh.... Well, it's TV time.

(Master Yo came out of his room)

Sonic: What are you doing?

Master Yo: I'm going to sleep.

Luna: But it's 9:00.

Jordan: 9:00?! 3 more hours till my transformation!

Master Yo: I know. But I need this for the Woo Foo Medatating Napping. The 2 day Awakable Trans. The Gengis of the Heart of the Soul. Any Questions?

Sonic: No.

Lou: I don't think so.

Luna: Not at all Mister Yo.

Master Yo: Very well. Cause once I sit down on my panda butt- (Falls asleep, starts to snore)

Klonoa:(Hits the cymbols)

Abby:(Hits a drum hard)

Klonoa:(Pulls out a picture of a female panda, girl voice) "Hi Master Yo, I'm Robin. I'm rich, I'm single, and I'm not very picky."

Master Yo:(Still snoring)

Klonoa: He's out.

(Werehog Ash came in the house, hurt and injured)

Werehog Ash: Ugh.....................

Abby: Werehog Ash! What happened to you?!

Werehog Ash: I was attack by Mongar......

Luna: Mongar? Who's that?

Sonic: I'll go call Tails and the others.

(Few hours later, Tails and the others came)

Tails: Hmm.... He seems pretty bad.

Crystal:(hiding outside) Gosh, I don't want to go in there if they're gonna be mean to me, huh Chocolate. I mean, we helped save the world 3 years ago!

Chocolate: And they forget us. Tuh tuh.

Luna:(Sees Crystal and Chocolate) Hey, you can come in.

Sonic: Hi Crystal.

Crystal: Hi, Sonic...(thoughts) I hope that other weird girl isn't here to see this...

Chocolate: Hey! Crystal, why don't we come inside.

Crystal: Okay. So what happened to that?

Werehog Ash:(Gives Lizzy a Dark Spirit)

Lizzy: It's a poster. (Reads the Dark Spirit) Mongar, a horrible monster searching for werehogs and steal the hearts of nice and kind werehogs.

Jur: You really scare me sometimes.

Wen: (Walks in) Wow. That guy sounds evil. What's up, I'm Wen. Do either of you remember me? From 3 years ago?

All (Except Jur, Lizzy, Knuckles, Werehog Ash, Lou, and Luna): We remember you.

Luna: Um...

Sonic: Oh! Wen, I want you to meet my other friends, this is my twin sister, Lou.

Lou: Hi.

Sonic: My childhood friend, Jur.

Jur: What's up?

Sonic: My best friend forever, Lizzy.

Lizzy: Hi!

Sonic: Knuckles, guardian of the Master Emerald.

Knuckles: Nice to meet you.

Sonic: And my friend, Luna, protector of Lunatea.

Luna: ......................

Rosa:I know you*To Werehog Ash*

Werehog Ash: Huh?

Rosa;Your Ash Ketchum.

Werehog Ash: Huh?

Sonic: But I thought Ash was on a journey.

Luna: I heard of him. He's the Half Blood Prince and a Pokemon Master. He lost his Dark Spirits at the age of 18 when Samuse told him to give them up.

Werehog Ash:(To Rosa) I'm sorry. I think you've got me mistaken by someone else.

Rosa:No I'm sure your him.

Dragon Darkstorm:(Falling)

Wen: Woah! Someone's falling!

???: (uses wind to stop him from falling and put him gently on the ground)

Wen: there's only one person I know who can who can control wind like that, Sarah.

Sarah: Well that was a close one.

Wen: Hey Sarah. I'm glad your here. (hugs Sarah)

Sarah: Thanks honey. I'm glad to be with you.

Wen: (at Sonic and the others) Guys. This is my girlfriend, Sarah. (at Sarah) Sarah, this is Sonic, Crystal, Chocolate, Rosa, Luna, Knuckles, Lizzy, Jur, Lou, and a werehog that I dont know. I just met Rosa, Luna, Knuckles, Lizzy, Jur, and Lou. But I don't believe i've been introduced to the werehog dude.

Werehog Ash:(Gives Wen a Dark Spirit)

Lizzy: This is he's traveling card. Read it.

Darkstorm:I feel I got hit by a Brute Cheiften

Luna: Morning Darkstorm.

Darkstorm: Miss Luna

Wen:(reads the Dark Spirit) Werehog Ash. Werehog, Son, Husband, and Father.

Darkstorm:(A Loud Crack in his Arm represents the Rehealing of the Bone)

Sonic: Um........ Are you okay?

Darkstorm: Yeah

Rosa;*Hugs Sonic*


Sonic: Hey! Rosa! Let go of me!

Luna:(Grabs Rosa, puts her down)

Sonic: Thanks Luna.

Luna: You're welcome.

Wen: Wow. Rosa is acting a lot like Amy.

Sarah: Oy. My sister still chases people around like that? First, it was Justin Tmberlake, now it's a blue hedgehog named Sonic. When is she gonna stop?

?????:Mysister,Rosa,Is a Sonic Super Fan.

Sarah: And apparantly so is my sister, Amy. Well, long lost sister. I know about her but I had to go to Air training school and Fighting school when she was only 2 months old. So she probably doesn't know me.

Darkstorm:(Turns Werewolf)

Jordan:(Turns Weredog)[2]Added by Aly Parris

Sarah: Well that's something you don't see everyday.

Wen: Unless you live where we used to live

Sarah: Yeah. We saw a lot werewolves when we lived in New Jersey.

Wen: But then some weird and mysterious hedgehog Chaos Control'd us here. But it's cool. this place is alot nicer then Jersey anyway.

Sarah: Yeah.

Werewolf Darkstorm:(Writes with his Claws on the Floor) Ok this Transformation is random

Sonic: Hey, Werehog Ash. Shouldn't you get home?

Werehog Ash: Mongar destroyed my home. The only left of my house is a picture of me, my wife, and my daughter.

Abby: Oh..... I'm sorry that your house is destroyed.

Wen: Yeah dude that's not good. Me and Sarah have jobs so we can save up enough for a house. Until then, we just stay at a hotel. In seperate rooms, of course.

Werewolf Darkstorm:(Writes) He can crash at my Place, I have lots of rooms in my Mansion

Sonic: I don't know.

Abby: I know! He can stay at our house!

Luna: That's a great idea.

Weredog: Uh... No it's not.

Jur: Uh.. Wait a sec!

Werehog Ash: Thank you, Abby.

Rosa:Aw I was gonna say My Idea!

Sonic: What was it?

Werewolf Darkstorm:(Rolls eyes and teleports to his mansion)

Rosa:He can hollow out a Big tree and Live in it!

Klonoa: Boo!

Luna: That will make him sick.

Abby: We still have Shadow/Jobeax's old room.

Sonic: Yeah. I forgot about that.

Shock: Moring zappity pow. *in hedgehog form*

Rosa:Hey!I live in a Hollowed out Tree!

Xenvaron: Lady Rosa!!!


Xenvaron: A rival Treeko Clan has chaalenged you

Shock: Helloooooooooo i was the were hog who attackyou last night heloooo

Sonic: Yeah, we know.

Rosda:*to Xenaron*I have no Clan!

Shock: (no one ever pays attenchion to me *sigh*)

Lunas: Good to see you back to normal Shock.

Shock: (Every one but Lunas)

Rosa:*to Shock*You Single?

Xenvaron: It was a Rival Treeko

Luna: ???

Rosa:*To Luna* I'm a Love Doctor!

Luna: Um..... I'm not in love with som-

Xenvaron: Hesitative you love Sonic don't you

Rosa:*Growls at Luna*

Sonic Doll: Rosa


Luna: No! Well, I used too, but we're just friends.

Xenvaron: You still do your heart tells me different

Luna: No it doesn't.

Jur: Well, I'm going home. (Trips on a turkey, falls to the ground) You stupid turkey! (Kicks the turkey)

Werehog Ash:(Head gets hurt) Gr........


(Werehog Ash is seen where his Dark Spirits are coming out of his heart, screaming in pain)

(Flashback ended)

Luna: I'm Sonic's friend and I always will be.

Xenvaron: Admit it you still love him you hold him dearly

Shock: Hey Where's Rosa i need to tell her im single

Sonic Doll:(Kicks Shock in the Face)

Sonic: She promises she will be my friend forever. After all, she did kissed me at the tournament.

Luna: It was a accident.

Werehog Ash:(Head hurts alot)

Abby: Werehog Ash, are you okay?

(Dark Spirits come out of Werehog Ash's heart, they turn into a fist and they hit Klonoa)


(The Dark Spirits went back into Werehog Ash's heart)

Lou: What was that?

Wen: I think it was Dark Spirits.

Lou: I know that, but why did they punch Klonoa?

Teniahk:(Appears and Growls)

Sonic: Hey, Teniahk.

Klonoa:(Came back) Werehog Ash's Dark Spirits knocked me all the way to Redneckastan. (Sees a hat) Wah! A suvern duts cap! (Throws the hat away)

Teniahk:(Jumps to Sonic's head)

Lou: If you're going to ponytail his quills, I'm going to untie them.

Werehog Ash:(Pets Teniahk)

Isaiah: I'm back. *looks down, closes eyes and smiles, and his arms are crossed*

Wen: 'Sup Isaiah. It's been along time. 3 years to be exact. I helped you guys fight that Bailey clone? I hope you guys managed to kill the real Bailey.

Sonic: We did and what are you doing, Isaiah?

Shock: What's happeing to mem*transforming*

Isaiah: Is there a problem, bro?

Teniahk:(Gives Lou the Bad girl Look)

Lunas: it's happening agin old friend Isaiah


Isaiah: What's so funny...


Isaiah: Hm.

Lou: Oh...... We gotta go to bed, come on Werehog Ash.

Sonic: But we're not tired.

Lou:(Grabs her brothers and sister and went in the house)

Shock: GhhhhhhOOOOOOOOO *Sonic's Howl*

Werehog Ash: Thanks for letting me stay here.

Abby: You're welcome.

Rosa:What happened to Shock?

Shock: ha ha hah ahhhhhhhh. Im in controll of my Werehog form

Rosa:Shock<I'm a Love doctor and I can hook you up with someone if you do want to Hook up with someone.

Luna: Is she that serious?

Sonic: Yep.

Shock: How about you

Rosa:Wah!!!!!!I'm 6 years old!

Luna: And that makes you young cause Sonic's 15.

Sonic: Luna......

Rosa:So Shock?I could hook you up with Hedgehogs in the Area.

Sonic: Oh boy..............

Wen: (outside) Well Sarah, I guess we should get to the hotel. It's getting late, don't you think?

Sarah: Yeah it is.

Weredog: No! I could get killed! I'm staying at your house, OK?

Sonic: OK

(Me and Sarah walk down the street to the cheap hotel we're staying in and we go into our seperate rooms)

Part 3: Visitors

(The next morning)

(Sonic was about to get the remote, but a werehog grabs it and gives it to him, Sonic got shocked and he was about to get the phone, but another werehog grabs it and gives it to him. Sonic gets confussed)

Sonic: Hey, how come Werehog Ash gets to be here at two places at once?

Lou:(Walks in with another werehog) How about three places at once?

Luna:(Comes in with another werehog) Four places at once.

Sonic: Whoa.......


Sonic: Abbs! (Runs up stairs, sees Abby laughing with another werehog licking her)

Abby: Sonic! This one is so cute!

Sonic: Huh?

(The doorbell rings)

Sonic:(Runs to the door, opens it)

Jur: Hey, Sonic. I found Werehog Ash in my house. I thought he was staying in your house.

Sonic: He is.

Lou: I guess Werehog Ash is at six places at once.

Tails: Don't forget seven places at once. (Another Werehog came with him)

(The doorbell rings again)

Sonic:(Opens the door, gets hit by a hammer) Ow!

Amy: SONIC! Why did you give a dog outside?! (Another Werehog came up to her)

Luna: I guess Werehog Ash is at eight at once.

Knuckles: Make that nine places at once. (Comes in with another werehog)

(Tabitha and the others came in with another werehog)

Tabitha: Ten places at once.

Jur: AH! Where are all these werehogs come from?!

(More werehogs appeared, Jur closes the door)

Rosa:*Jumps Throw a Window*Hello.

Sonic: Don't tell me you brought another werehog who looks like Werehog Ash too?

Isaiah: Hi.

Tabitha: Let me guess, another werehog is with you?

Isaiah: Shut up Tabitha. I just had to say it.

Sonic: Say what?

Isaiah: What I just said. -.-

Wen: (chuckles) I see your still the same as always Isaiah. But what's with all the werehogs. Me and Sarah were standing in the hotel lobby. Then she left to go to her training sessions, but then she ran back inside saying something about werehogs. So I Chaos Control'd her to her training place. Then I went outside and saw a whole bunch of werehogs outside the hotel. So I had to Chaos Control over here.

Tabitha: I guess Werehog Ash is at hundrad places at once.

Werehog Ash:(Came downstairs) I see you've met all the people who have been turn into werehogs.

Sonic: You mean their your friends.

Werehog Ash: Yes.

Isaiah: Eggman. And no I'm not. three years passed. I'm 12 now.

Tabitha: What are you talking about?

Oliver: I think Isaiah is telling us to call Natalie for our help, right?

Wen: Isn't Natalie evil? Or did she drop the whole evil thing?

Isaiah: What are YOU talking about, Tabitha? Yep. I remember Eddsworld.

Sonic: Natalie turn half-good and half-bad. It's a long story.

Tabitha: Are you running a fever? (Touches Isaiah's head)

Wen: What I want know is, how did all these people get turned into werehogs?

Werehog Ash: All the Dark Spirits went into them.

Isaiah: *shoves Tabitha away* What the hell?

Lewbert: You just said you remember Eddsworld.

Charles: And we were hoping that you're running a fever.

Oliver: Hm? (Sees Dark Spirits going around Isaiah's head)

Wen: Well. Me and Sarah cannot be affected in any way by Dark Spirits. Our souls and hearts are too pure.

Werehog Ash:(Head gets hurt) Gr............


Bob: Boy, I'm thirst. I wanna drink this lemonade. (Drinks the posion)

Hanna: Bob! That's posion!

Dawn:(Pulls Bob out)

Dee-Dee: Phew.....

Ash: What was that?

Dorthey: Dark Spirit Dizziness.

(Flashback ended)

Werehog Ash:(Passes out)

Abby: Werehog Ash!

Wen: woah. a dude passed out. Either he's weak or this is bad. i'm gonna go with the fact that this is bad.

Werehog Ash:(Wakes up weakly) Dark...................Spirits........................Dizziness.......................... (Passes out again)

Wen: Alright so we know why he's passed out. But I don't know what we should do. I haven't been on Mobius in 3 years. And I'm 17.

Lizzy: What are Dark Spirits Dizziness?

Wen: he's dizzy so he can't say full sentences. So basically he said that dark spirits were making him dizzy. And now he's passed out.

Isaiah: Hmm?

Shock: Grabs Rosa* Hey do you want to go to dinnner

Isaiah: *doing ventriliquisim* No, you geek! Get off of me!

Wen: -.- i know your doing ventriliquism Isaiah. And it ain't cool man. Don't mess up stuff for Rosa.

Crystal and Chocolate arrive.

Crystal: I saw another werehog. One of my friends nearly fainted when she saw it!

Chocolate: So what's going on?

Wen: More werehogs means more Dark Spirits. If this keeps up, everyone in the world except me and Sarah will be werehogs. We've got to find some way to get rid of these damned Dark Spirits.

Isaiah: UMADBRO? *puts on trollface*

Crystal: Wen, I can't be a werecoon, Chocolate protects me with light that fights it off, even though it has happened before, thanks to a fox enemy of mine, I can't be a werecoon ever again. Not everyone will be a wereanimal Wen, I won't.

Lunas: Isaiah, come here i got your po... i mean DVDs

Rosa:*to Shock*I'm 6 years old,I'm to young I was only asking that cuze I'm a Love Doctor!*Jumps on Isaiah's Head*

Sonic: Hang on. (Grabs a cup, goes to the bathroom, dips the toliet water, comes out of the bathroom, gives the cup to Isaiah) Here. It's juice.

Isaiah: You went to the bathroom. All because I'm a canine doesn't mean that I drink from the toliet. That's stupid, ignorant and rude to my kind. *drops the cup* I'm not your toy. So don't bother me or I'll get pissed. *grabs Sonic* Do that one more time, so help me GOD...

Jur: The Dark Spirits Dizziness are gone!

Isaiah: Hm? I thought they already were.

(Everybody looks at Isaiah's head and the Dark Spirits are gone)

Sonic: They are gone.

Isaiah: You guys are making me feel claustripobic.

Sonic: Come on Luna. Let's go.

Luna: Where are we going?

Sonic: To the city. (Zooms off)

Luna: Wonder why? (Zooms off after Sonic)

Darkstorm: Like I said there is plenty of rooms at my place

Shock: Oh, Sorry

Lou: And your point is?

Pablo: (sees Sonic) Hey, little help here? (holds up two werehogs he found)

Shock: Where did you find them

Luna: Were those werehogs in your house?

Darkstorm: Well I tried (Teleports out)

Jur: We're doom.

Lizzy: No we're not.

Werewolves: (Slams against the Walls)

Shock: ill Save you guys

Pablo: (grabs fake Chaos Emerald from pocket) Chaos Control! (freezes time around Shock) We can't let anyone mess with these werehogs- they are too dangerous.

Werewolves:(One of the Paws break a window and reaches for one of the Young Werehogs)

Werehog Ash: Friends. Friends. These people are with me.

Pablo: (stops Chaos Control) Ok, there. I'm sorry, sir, but these werehogs, although friendly, can be destructive. I'm afraid I'll have to take them into custody for the time being. (pulls out walkie-talkie) This is Agent Pablo, requesting a mobile jail unit.

Werehog Ash: It's okay. They're human like me. They just have Dark Spirits.

Wen: He's right you know. I just hope Sarah knows that. She can be pretty damn tough when she wants to. so next time we see her we might want to explain that to her.

Tabitha: And how are you going to do that?

Wen: -.- What's that supposed to mean?


Mason:Hey Guys

Wen: I saw the rest of these guys 3 years ago but I don't believe I ever saw you.

Oliver: Hi Mason.

Tabitha: What do you want?

Mason:-sees ash-Should i be shocked

Werehog Ash: Hello.

Mason:WHOSE A GOOD WITTLE DOG -petting Ash-

Tabitha: He's not a dog!

Oliver: He's another werehog.

Tabitha: Who lost his memories.

Oliver: And his 33.

Tabitha: So stop petting him!

Mason:sorry Weres Abby and Sonic

Wen: Well I'm not sure about Abby but Sonic is over there (points to Sonic) So your name's Mason? Al least that's what I just heard.

Oliver: What are you talking about? Sonic went to Hyrule City with Luna.

Mason:Yeah im Mason now excuse me im gonna go get meh Woman

Abby: Okay Werehog Ash, I got the ice to put on your head, and- (Sees Mason) Mason! What are you doing here?

Shock: HEY!

Tabitha: What?

Mason:Im here because theres a werehog in need and I wanna see my sexy as hell girlfriend

Jur: The werehog will be Werehog Ash.

Abby: Thanks Mason.

Sarah:(walks down the street) I can't take one step without seeing a werehog, can I?

Wen: Nope. You can blame Dark Spirits for that.

Sarah: It's always Dark Spirits isn't it?

Wen: No, not really. Sometimes it's Drago, but I took care of him in Jersey, landed him right in the highest security prison they had. The only way we'd see him here is if that mysterious hedgehog found him and Chaos Control'd him here. Cause if Drago comes here, and he finds a way to control these Dark Spirits, we're doomed.

Part 4: The mystery of Werehog Ash

Luna: Sonic, why are we at Hyrule City?

Sonic: So we can figure who Werehog Ash really is.

Luna: And how are we going to do that?

Sonic: I don't know.


Shock: Im Runnig away because no one notices me

Luna: How's that supposed to help?

Lunas: Just let him hell be back


Luna: ????

???: (appears out of nowhere) What the hell? Damn that mysterious hedgehog. Well at least i'm out of that maximum security prison.

Sonic: Okay, what do we do? What do we do?

???: And just who the hell are you?

Sonic: I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!

Luna: My name is Luna. Luna the Hedgehog.

Drago: I'm Drago the Hedgehog. Have you seen anyone named Wen on this planet?

(Sonic and Luna looked at each other)

Sonic: Um...... No..............

Isaiah: Hmm?

Sonic:(Whispers to Isaiah) Pretend Wen didn't come to Hyrule City.

Drago: Well then. I'll just have to find him myself. I know he's on this planet. And I WILL find him. (takes off running)

Isaiah: ...Okay?

Sonic: Aw man! If you haven't showed up, I wouldn't tell him that Wen was here!

Wen: (walks down the street) Tell who was here?

Luna: A guy name Drago?

Wen: Drago?! Oh great. That son of a bitch is here. I don't know how he got here, but that's not important right now. Which way did he go?

Luna:(Points to the right)

Wen:(runs in the direction your pointing)

Sonic: Nice going, Isaiah.

Lunas: Hey luna?

Luna: What?

Isaiah: I didn't say anything, dick. Son of a bitch? Says the shitty Shadow recolor.

Sonic: I told you to pretand that Wen is not here.

Isaiah: ...

Sonic: Mmm......... I can't stay mad at you forever, come here.

Lunas: Are you single

Isaiah: Who?

Lunas: Luna

Luna: No.

Sonic: What?

Luna:(Whispers) I have to pretand I have a boyfriend so Lunas can go away.

Sonic:(Whispers) Oh. Ok.

Luna: No Lunas, I have a boyfriend.

Wen:(while running, sees Drago) Perfect. I've caught up with him now to kick his ass before he finds out anyhing about the Dark Spirits. (gets closer to Drago, jumps, and roundhouse kicks him in the head)

Drago: Ah! (flies a little above the ground then falls on my stomach and starts to get up) Who the hell did that?

Wen: (running fast, starts to reach where Drago is and pulls out a red Chaos Emerald) Chaos Blast!!

Drago: (gets hit with the Chaos Blast and has a lot of damage dealt to me)

Wen: How'd you like that you son of a bitch?

Drago: Wen..... you mother fucker........ I'll get you one day.......

Wen: Yeah sure, now it's time to take you to a maximum security prison.......... once i find out where one is.

Drago: I don't think so. (pulls out a Dark Chaos Emerald)

Wen: WHAT THE-- Where did you get that!!!

Drago: Doens't matter. Dark Chaos Regeneration!!!! (gets healed to 50% health) Now I have enough power.

Wen: To do what?

Drago: This. Dark Chaos Control!!!!! (disappears in a dark cloud)

Wen: Damn it. Now I gotta find that asshole again.

(Meanwhile with Sonic and Luna)

Luna: Dark Spirits! (Points at all of the Dark Spirits)

Sonic: Okay, now to find out who Werehog Ash really is.

(Sonic and Luna walks up to the Dark Spirits, when suddenly)

Werewolves::(Tries to Grabs The Werehogs)

Sonic: Hey! (Spinsdashes at the werewolves)

Werewolf:(Bites Sonic)

Sonic: OW!

Luna: Sonic! (Kicks the werewolf)

Werewolf:(doesn't flinch)

Wen:(pulls out a red chaso emerald) Chaos Blast!! (uses chaos blast on the werewolves)


Female Werewolves:(Defends the werehogs)

Luna: Are you okay, Sonic?

Sonic: I'm fine. I'm just bitten by a werewolf. It'll go away.

Female Werewolves:(Nuzzling the Werehogs)

Werehog Ash:(Appeared out of nowhere) What happened?

Luna: We were attack by werewolves. And one bite Sonic.

Werehog Ash: Guess I should of figured.

Female Werewolves:(Nuzzles Werehog Ash)

Werehog Ash:(Steps away the femele werewolves)

Luna: What's wrong?

Werehog Ash: I'm still married.

Luna: Oh....... Do they know?

Werehog Ash: No......

Lunas: Luna come here i need to talk to you

Luna: What?

Werewolf Female:(Nuzzles Luna)

Luna:(Pets the female werewolf)

Sonic: They all remind me of Teniahk.

Teniahk: It is a Teniahk

Rosa:Hi Teniahk!

Luna: What are you doing here?

Wen: Who is Teniahk?

Sonic: Darkstorm's daughter.

Rosa:I have brought two hedgehogs and a Thylacine and a Lemur.

Luna: Really?



Wen: I really have no idea what's going on here. But I gotta find Drago...... Again.

Luna: He left again?

Wen: I almost had him but then he healed himself with a Dark Chaos Emerald and Chaos Control'd away. I don't know where he is right now. (looks around) Whisper: i think it's best we not talk about the Dark Spirits cause he could be anywhere right now, even somewhere out of sight listening in on us.

(Sonic and Luna looked at each other)


Luna: Why? I have a boyfriend.

Wen:(feels the sound waves of a slight rustling form a bush and pulls out my Chaos Emerald) There's someone behind that bush. Should I use Chaos Spear?

Lunas: Them ill be lonely for ever

Sonic: Try Amy.

Luna: Um.... Sonic, I think that's a-

Sonic:(Covers Luna's mouth)

Wen: I'm gonna use Chaos Spear on that bush. Chaos Spear!!! (hits bush with Chaos Spear)

???: Ow!!! Damn it that hurt!!

Wen: O.O' oops. i know that voice anywhere. Definetly Chase.

Chase: (walks out wobbly from Chaos Spear and have cuts all over my body) Wen......... why the hell did you use Chaos Spear on me.

Wen: I didn't know it was you sorry. ^_^' (sees the cuts) O.O Did my Chaos spear give you those cuts? that one on your belly looks bad.

Chase: No. It was the Tails Doll. He cut and slashed me all over and then sent me into the Shadow Realm. Memories kept flowing into my brain about me and Samantha. Then, I saw a light, and I was here. then i found way over here. I saw the werewolves and I hid. I don't know where Samantha is, or what she's thinking about. I jsut wish I could be with her.

Wen: She's probably still on Earth. All of us seem to be getting here by some mysterious force. Do you think maybe it was..... nah, there's no way.

(Sonic and Luna looked confussed)

Wen: Oh Luna, Sonic, this is Chase. He's probably one of by better friends. Though we don't usually hang out case he's usually with Samantha. And we do hang out, he just talk about Samantha -.-'

Chase: I can't help it man, I love her.

Sonic: Samantha........ Why does thatname feel so...... familier?


Wen: Samantha, as you might have guessed, is Chase's girlfriend. -.-' though a lot of DeviantART assholes take pictures of them a lot. Then they Edit them. BUt since we're on Mobius there shouldn't be any DeviantART bitches taking pictures of people.

DeviantART Person: Hello! -takes picture-

Wen: Damn DeviantART asshole!!!

DeviantART Person: O.O -runs-

Wen: Damn it. Those DeviantART people are worse then the paparrazi. It's gonna get a lot worse if Samantha gets here.

(Sonicman667: No offence to Cameron, myself, or anyone on DeviantART. It was just a joke to be funny about my art work on DeviantART)


Sonic: No...... Samantha, a pink hedgehog...... I always dreamed about, I don't know why, but I think I know her for the passed 15 years, but I don't.

Lunas: No thanks she's too young and im lonely too

Luna: Can you try Rosa?

Sonic: Huh?

Wen: I wonder where Sarah is. (sees her over at the training ground still training) Oh, she's over there still training. Just a little word of advice, don't talk to Sarah when she's training, or things will get real ugly real fast.

Chase: O.o'

Luna: What does that even mean?

Wen: Say she's in the middle of doing an air move and she needs focus, you talk to her and she messes up, she'll kick your ass....... hard......

Luna: Yikes.

Werehog Ash:(Head gets hurt) Gr.....


(Molly sees the slider come down at Sam)

Molly:(Screams in terror)

(The slider slices Sam in half, killing him)

(Flashback ended)

Werehog Ash:(Passes out)

Luna: Oh no. Not again.

Sonic: Geez, what is up with him?

Wen: Samantha would know. But i have my own theory. It could be You-Know-What.

Luna: What?

Wen: Dark Spirits Diziness.

Luna: Oh.......

Sonic: I don't know. Cici told me that people who have Dark Spirits can't have Dark Spirits Dizziness.

Wen: Well this is the second time he's passed out. the first time he woke up a bit and said "Dark Spirits Diziness" and passed out again.

Sonic: Right......

Evil Shock: Were's my brother ill kill all of you his friends

Luna: Shock, stop with the evil act.

Sonic: Are you reallying acting? Cause it's not funny.

Werewolf Females:(Gorwls)

Luna: Guess we should go.

(Sonic and Luna zoomed off with Werehog Ash)

Shock: Hi guys oh i've seen that youve seen my evil brother

Two Werewolf Females Fallows carrying the Werehogs)

(At Sonic's house)

Luna:(Sees the two female werewolves) Great. They followed us.

Abby: What are we supposed to do?

Klonoa: While you were all worried about Werehog Ash, I made these. (Gives Sonic a flier)

Sonic: A party? At my house? Without Yo's permition?

(Yo, still asleep, farts)

Klonoa: Sounds like permition to me.

Female Werewolves:(Knocking on the Door) Are these yours?

Luna: Um.................

Sonic: Yeah. They're friends of Werehog Ash. (Opens the door)

Werewolf Females:(Puts the Werehogs down and lies next to them)

Rosa:*Jumps on Larry*

Larry:*Sits down*

Luna: Geez, how are we going to take care all of these werehogs?

Larry:*Pets a Werehog*

Klonoa: That's it!

Sonic: What's it?

Klonoa: We'll have a Werehog Party!


Werewolf females:(Nuzzleing the werehogs)

Lou: A Werehog Party? You're kidding me, right?

Klonoa: I'm not kidding. We should have it here! Everybody will dressed up as werehogs with party clothes! And Sonic will be a waiter!

Sonic: What?!

Klonoa: Don't worry, it won't hurt you.

Werewolf Lead Female:(Rolls her eyes)

Sonic:(Sighs) Okay......

Abby: I supposed we kept it small.

Klonoa: It wouldn't be a party. You get the punch bowl. I'll make the invitations, proof out the carpates, (Sniffs) and get some room freshener. That is not new chair smell.

Werewolf Lead Female: I think not

Luna: What do you mean?

White: You guys are fools you know that

Luna: Hello?

Lou:(Looks through the window)

Werewolf Pup:(Nuzzling Luna's leg)

Luna: Aw..... Aren't you cute. (Picks up the werewolf puppy)

White: Thier Clones of Sonic and Ash

Lou: Clones? What are you talking about, Whoever this is?

White: Some one who is working with your villian took some of sonic's Were hog Dna and Ash's Dna and made clones for an Army of aWherehogs but now they multiplied

Werewolf Pup:(Barks)

Werewolf Pup Female:(Nuzzles Lou)

Lou:(Thoughts) Weird. Sonic didn't have Werehog DNA...... Abby did..... (Picks up the female werewolf puppy)

Larry;Why are there Werewolf pups?

Luna: Hey! Abby's the one who used to have Werehog DNA, not Sonic.

Werewolf pup Female:(Growls at larry)

Larry:You don't scare me.

Luna:(Black arua appeares, growls at Larry)

The Female Pups Mother:(Growls)

Rosa:*Attacks Luna,Werewolf pup Female,and The Female Pups Mother*

Werewolf female pup:(crying)

Luna: What were you thinking?!

Werewolf Female Pup:(Crying)

Rosa:*To Luna*You and the 2 Werewolfs were going hurt someone for no aparent Reason!That's why I did that!And That's what I was Thinking!

Werewolf Male Pup: You hurt my Sister, your no hero, your a Slayer!!!!!

Sonic: Rosa, Luna wasn't going to hurt somebody, not even the puppy and her mother.

Lou: They were mad at him.

White: Thier Programing

Luna: Say what?

White: Well The Doctor Prigrammed them and their ofspring to destroy all opressors

Lou: Abby used to have the Werehog DNA.

White: The Programing was created by Dr. Black My Foster Father

Rosa:*To Werewolf Male Pup*I saved an Endangered species,That's all that matters.

White: If you want to let them all live then help me

Lou: But why did you think Sonic has a Werehog DNA?

Shadow: He was Wherehog Before Remember

White: Hey Ash come here i have something to tel you

Werehog Ash:(Comes to White)

Werewolf Female pup:(Crying)

Werehog Ash:(Picks up the Female werewolf puppy) It's okay, don't cry.

White: He has your family

Werehog Ash: What family?

White: Your Wife

Werehog Ash: May? Who has her?

White: The Doctor, and his Wife.... you should know her and Dawn

Werehog Ash: Who's the doctor?

White: Doctor, Gary

Luna: Who's Doctor Gary?

Werehog Ash:(Head hurts) Gr.....


Ash:(Bumps into somebody, falls to the ground)

Gary: Hey, watch where you're going! Well, you must be Ash. Better late then ever I guess. At least you get the chance to meet me.

Hanna: Gary?

Gary: Mister Gary to you. Show some respect. Well, Ash you snooze you lose and you're way behind right from the start. I've got a Pokemon and you don't.

Ash: Huh?

Hanna: What? You've have a Pokemon?

Gary: That's right, loser, and it's right inside this Pokeball!

(Everybody cheered)

Gary: Thank you, fans. Thank you all for this great honor. I promise you that I would become a Pokemon Master and make the town of Pallet know all round the world!

(Everybody cheered)

Ash: Excuse me. I was just wondering what kind of Pokemon you've got.

Gary: None of your buissness! If you showed up on time, you would of seen that I the best Pokemon from Prof. Oak. It's good to have a grandfather in the Pokemon buissness, isn't it?

(Gary drives off)

Gary: Thank you for coming out to see history of the making. Now I, Gary Oak, am off to learn the way of a Pokemon Trainer!

Hanna: Don't listen to him Ash. He's a big jerk.

(Flashback ended)

Werehog Ash: Ow...... My head.......

White: Gary is a madman and after you won in the Unova League he got jealous and decided to turn u into a were hog to seperate you from your family

Wen: Guys. I think Ash gets flashbacks after his head hurts and before he passes out. Cause I keep feeling odd pyschic vibes. Usually when someone near me has a flashback, I can feel it. I think the Dark Spirits are doing it. Now if you'll excuse I'm going to go find Drgao before he finds out about the Dark Spirits.

Werehog Ash:(Head hurts alot) Grrrr.............


Ash: Hey! Let me go!

Team Rocket Member: Activating laser...

Ash:(Gets Shocked) AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Pikachu: Pika pi!

Hanna: What are you going to do to him?!

???: I will make him turn into a beast for the rest of the night, forever.

(Ash grows gray fur, his hands turn to claws, and his teeth grew sharp, he scream in pain)

(Flashback ended)

Werehog Ash: No........ It wasn't Gary......... It was a man, who disgise himself as a Pokemon........

Sonic: Dark Gaia....

(With Wen)

Wen:(running) Where is that damned bitch Drago.

Drago:(jumps in front of wen)

Wen: (stops) Drago..... (sees him with a Dark Spirit) Damn it.

Drago: That's right with this Dakr Spirit, I will rule this pathetic planet. And when combined with two Dark Chaso Emeralds' power (takes out two Dark Chaos Emerald) I can make the Dark Spirits affect anyone, even you. (puts the Dark Spirit in Wen)

Wen: AH!!!!!!!!! (turns into a werehog) Damn..... you......... Drago.........

Drago: And now here's a little present for you, Dark Chaos Blast!!!!!

Wen: CHAOS CONTROL!!!!!!! (stops time for everything within 1 foot of Drago) That should give me enough time to call Sonic. (calls Sonic)

White: Well If you ant to save the Lovely may you'll come on

Werehog Ash:(Takes out a Pokeball, throws it up)

(A Pikachu came out)

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Werehog Ash: Come on Pikachu, let's go see Gary again.

Pikachu:(Climbs up to Werehog Ash's shoulder)

Werehog Ash:(Runs off)

(Everybody looked confussed)

Jur: Did that just happened?

Lizzy:(Looked at Jur)

Part 5: The Werehog Party

(The party started, everybody, except Sonic, are all dressed up as Werehogs)

Luna:(Dressed up as a werehog, wearing a blue hat, a purple tank top, a black skirt, and white and gray boots) Sorry you have to be a waiter.

Sonic: It's okay, I don't want to dress up as a werehog.

White: *give sonic a shot of Werehog blood

Sonic: What are you doing?

White: You are the orgional Werehog you need to become SONIC THE WEREHOG!

(Nothing happened)

Sonic: Uh....... I'm dressed up as a waiter.

Luna: There's no way Sonic will turn into a werehog.

Werewolf Female:(Growls)

Luna: What is it?

Sonic: Besides, nobody is having fun.

(Everybody is not dancing)

Klonoa: It's afisholed. Our party SUCKS!

Abby: Master Yo's having the most fun and he's asleep.

Master Yo:(Sleeping, then sleep talks) Black Jack, hear the panda. (Falls asleep again, then starts to snore)

(with Wen)

Wen: (tries calling Sonic again)

Werehog Ash:(Sees Wen) What are you doing here?

Pikachu: Pika?

A car screeches outside, and Jesse runs in. "Am I late?"

Klonoa: You're right on time, Jesse.

Abby: What's Jesse doing here?

Klonoa: I invited him.

Wen: Do you not see Drago right there. He combined the power of two Dark Chaos Emeralds with a Dark Spirit so that it could affect anything, even me with my pure soul. And now I'm a Werehog and he almost used Chaos Blast on me. My Chaos Control should wear off any minute so I should get out of the way. (Chaos Control wears off and the Chaos Blast hits me and I go flying) Ow!!

Drago: Now that Wen's gone, I can gather some more Dark Spirits and take over this pathetic world.

"What's the new guy's problem?" Jesse asks.

Werehog Ash: Pikachu, Thunderbolt.

Pikachu: Pika....CHU! (Uses Thuderbolt at Drago)

White: Nice one Pika chu

Luna: Good shot.

Jesse picks up Drago by the neck. "Alright, here's what's gonna happen. You're gonna piss off and we will never see you again, or I may be tempted to remove one of your limbs." He throws Drago out the door.

Sonic:(Thoughts) I wanna fight, but I'm wearing a tux...

Drago: Is that a fact. (takes out all the Dark Chaos Emeralds and turns into Dark Drago) Just try to remove one of my limbs now, bitch!

Werehog Ash: Iron Tail.

Pikachu: PI! PIKA! (Uses Iron Tail)

Drago: -dodges- Dark Chaos Spear -uses Dark Chaos Spear on Pikachu-

Pikachu: PIKA!!!!!

Werehog Ash: Pikachu!

Sonic: That's it! (Spindashes at Drago)

Jesse pushes Sonic out of the way and plants a gun in Drago's chest, loosing a few rounds.

(Everybody at the party sees it, then they danced)

Sonic: Let me help!

Drago: Dude, your stupid. I'm in a Dark form. Like you can hurt me with a damn gun like that.

(A Dark Blast hits Drago)


(It's Luna, she's in her dark form)


Dark Luna: DARK SPEAR!!!! (Throws a Dark Spear at Drago)

Drago: (gets hit) AH!! You little bitch!! Dark Chaos Regeneration!! (heals myself with Dark Chaos Regeneration) Thoughts: Galaxy.... I must summon you.

Sarah: (runs in using the air to go fast) Mega Aero!!!

Drago: GRAH!!!!!!!!! (has 10% health left)

Dark Luna:(Punches Drago)

Wen: (runs in as a werehog) ok well you've gotten his health down to 1%. Don't hit him again. We can't kill him. But we can lock him up.

Sarah: Wen......... what happened to you.

Wen: Drago, the damned bitch, combined the power of two Dark Chaos Emeralds with a Dark Spirit and made me like this.

Drago: Wen's....................... right.......................... about.................... not.................. I ........................feel................................. faint (passes out)

Dark Luna:(Turns back to normal)

Luna: Ow....... My leg.......

Wen: Drago.......... you got off easy this time, next time you attack any of in any way......... we'll kill you. Chaos Regeneration!!! (Heals Drago) Got it?

Drago: Yes.

Wen: Now come with me. We've gotta lock you up.

Drago: Nah. Dark Chaos Control! (warps away)

Wen: Damn it. I shouldn't have healed him. Alright Luna time you heal you now. Chaos Regeneration!! (Heals Luna)

Luna:(Gets up) Ow.... It still hurts....

Sonic: Boy, it is painful... (Puts Luna on his shoulder, goes in the house)

Werehog Ash: Come on, Pikachu, we have to go to Gary.

Pikachu: Pika! (Climbs up to Werehog Ash's shoulder)

Werehog Ash:(runs off)

Wen: Ok, what am i supposed to do about me being a werehog. Maybe Cece knows.

Sarah: Who's Cece?

Wen: Just a smart girl that helped Sonic fight Dark Gaia and Bailey the Dark Wizard.

Sarah: Oh.

Wen: Let's go find her babe.

Sarah: Well, we should ask Sonic.

Wen: Right. Wait here.

Sarah: Ok.

Wen:(goes inside the house to find Sonic) Ok. At least i'm not the only one looking like werehog. although people are probably gonna think this is a costume. now where could Sonic be?

Sonic:(Puts Luna in a chair)

Tails: Wow. Luna looks bad.

Sonic: I know.

Wen: (sees sonic) hey sonic. i need to ask you something.

Sonic Clone: hi

Luna: I guess I can't dance.

Sonic: Sorry.

Wen: Damn Sonic Clone. How am I supposed to find Cece if I don't have a lick of a clue where she is? And If I can't find Cece, how the hell am I gonna turn back into a hedgehog?!

Lou: Cici went to Lunatea.

Wen: Lunatea. And where the hell is that?!

Lunas: My home town

Wen: -.- that doesn't help. I don't know much about Mobius. I haven't been on it for three years. How am I supposed to turn back into a hedgehog when the only one who knows is in a town that I have no clue about it location?!

(Pinkolol16: I'm bringing my character in right now, this is getting annoying)

Meanwhile, hiding behind a tree...

Crystal: What was that about? And what would that yellow creature be?

Chocolate: I don't know, but, we have to help them. That hedgehog really wants help, and these Dark Spirit things are really nerve breaking to me. I feel like breaking them, but I can't.

Crystal: I certainly wish I could help them again. I mean, I helped save the whole planet last time!

Chocolate: You're right, but, I think they forgot about us...

Shock: *sniff* no one likes me i should just.... oh hello

Barbara;This is the Guy youyr talking about little Leopard Gecko?


(Meanwhile back at the party at Sonic's house)

Coop: Buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck.

Abby:(Walks by Coop and another girl)

Coop: Jealous, Yin? Yin? Buck buck. Hello? Buck buck. Oh.. She's totally jealous.

Abby: I'm not.

Coop: Buck crud.

Sonic: Man, I'm getting hot. I better call Crystal. (Pulls out his cell phone, calls Crystal)

Werewolf Female: Abby is there a problem

Lou: No she's not, she's fine. She's just dressed up as a werehog.

Werewolf Female: Me and my sisters are the Guardians of the Werehogs

Sonic: Say what?

Luna: ???

Amy:(Pours some punch, drinks it)

Crystal:(answers cell phone) Hello?

Sonic: Hey Crystal, can you come to my house?

Crystal: Yeah, why?

Sonic: I did some help.

Crystal: Why do you need help? I'll come, but, why?

Sonic: A monster called Mongar and I was hoping that Mongar will destroy my house any momeant. (His gloves were ripped and claws were there)

Luna: Um.... Sonic....

Sonic: What?

Luna: .................. Nothing. Keep talking to Crystal.

Chocolate: I don't know about this...

Crystal: Hold on (to Chocolate) Relax. I'm sure nothing really bads gonna happen (on phone) Okay, so what about Mon-who?

Sonic: Mongar destroyed Werehog Ash's house, then he starting to remember something from his past and now he went off to find a guy name Doctor Gary.

Crystal: Oh, that guy, I saw him with some strange yellow creature that always said "Pika". Okay, I'll come. Bye (hangs up) Well, Choco, time to go.

Sonic: Was she talking about Werehog Ash's Pikachu?

Luna: Guess so.

(Sonic's blue fur turned gray)

Luna: Oh boy.........

Crystal arrives.

Crystal: Well, I'm here and-WHOA! Like wha?

Chocolate hides behind Crystal.

Chocolate: (whispers) Weird, I don't sense Dark Spirits yet.

Luna: Thank Goodness you're here, Crystal.

Crystal: Hi Luna. What happened to him?!

Chocolate:(peeking over shoulder) I mean really.

Luna: Are you talking about Sonic or Werehog Ash?

Crystal: Sonic. What happened?

White: Where did he go

Luna: Before you came, Sonic got turned into a Werehog because of Werehog blood no thanks to White and his over there. (Points at Sonic)

(Sonic is now a werehog)

Crystal: Oh poor guy...

Chocolate: He looks scary! No offense.

White: You are all going to thank me because i see some monster outside

Crystal: What do you mean?

Luna: Why can't I have a normal life like everbody else?

Sonic: Glad your here, Crystal.

Klonoa: So the first guy says, "Oh, those must be compementery."

(The guys laughed)

Crystal: Thanks, Sonic.

Chocolate: (thoughts) Well, he isn't that scary... I guess I'll come out now (sits on Crystal's shoulder)

Abby: Hey, Werehog Big Brother, Captain Hilarious, can I talk to you?

Sonic: Sure.

Klonoa: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can it wait? I'm killing here.

Abby: Aren't you worried about Werehog Ash?

Sonic: He'll be fine.

Klonoa: No.

Abby: And what about waking up Master Yo.

Klonoa: He's fast asleep right over there.

Crystal:(thoughts) Sonic looks a bit weird as a werehog... it's good I can't be a werecoon!

White: He's Comming

Luna: Who is?

White: The Monster you all fought before

All: What monster?

White: Mongar!

????: White

(Everybody stop roleplaying at once until Crystal comes back)

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Sonic: Oh boy....

Luna: We're toast....

(We're roleplaying)

Jesse walks over. "Sounds like you guys have yourselves a problem."


Sonic: Klonoa, you be the waiter.

Klonoa: What?!

Darkstorm: This is Sad

(With Werehog Ash)

(Werehog Ash and Pikachu found Gary's lab)

Werehog Ash:(Knocks on the door hard)

Gary:(Opens the door) Well, hello Ash. Haven't seen you since the Unova Region. You changed a bit.

Werehog Ash: Where are May and Dawn?

Gary: I don't have them.

Werehog Ash: Don't lie! White told me you took May and Dawn from me! And I want them back!

Gary: Well, I think it's a challenge, the one who is the best Pokemon Master is the winner, deal?

Werehog Ash: Fine....

Pikachu: Pika.....

(With Sonic and the others)

Wen: Is anyone ever gonna tell me how to get to Lunatea? -.- I need to ask Cici how I can get out of this werehog form. Lunas told me she was in Lunatea but I have no idea where that is or how to get there

Lunas: I Do KNow


Lunas: But im to sad and lonely to say any thing


Lunas: i got a message from a......... Zinta

"From a... what?" Jesse asks.

Lunas:Oh wow she's hot

Lizzy: Who's hot and what's a Zinta?

Wen: I don't think anyone's hot except Sarah.

Chase: Hey! Samantha's hot, too.

Wen: Shut up Chase.

Chase: -.-

Wen: What? Your being annoying.

Chase: Don't tell me to shut up.

Wen: Like you'd do anything. Even if you tried, I have connections to a certain douchebag-like Ultimate Life Form.

Chase: O.O You don't mean.

Wen: Yes. I'm Shadow's brother.

Chase: -steps back away from you- I'm sorry.

Wen: ^.^ Thank you.

Chase: I still dont like being told to shut up.

Wen: Well too bad.

Chase: >.>

Sonic: Guys. Focus.

Wen: How can I focus when I'm a werehog an there's an annoying recolor of you being annoying.

Chase: Would it kill you to be a little nicer?

Wen: I'm sorry. It's just that i'm A WEREHOG!!! And I have no idea how i'm gonna turn back. The only one who mgiht know is Cici. And she's in Lunatea which is a place that we have no idea how to get to!

Sonic: She won't be back for 8 months.

Wen: So i'm gonna be a werehog for 8 months. Damn it.

Chase: Don't use that kind of language.

Wen: I'll say what I want Chase. I'm the Ultimate Life Form's older brother.

Chase: Right. -steps back further-

Wen: -.- Still. I don't think I can take being a werehog for 8 months.

Tails: I'll repair the Werehog-Be Gone machine in a few hours.

White: Hey has any one seen Ash

Luna: He went to see Gary, remember?


(Pinkolol16: Didn't I tell you's all that I had to stop roleplaying? I'm putting my characters in now)

Crystal arrives

Crystal: Okay, so what's goin' on?

White: Well i hope my friends Mew and Mewtwo can help him out

Wen: I'm a werehog. That's what's going on. Even my pure soul can't stand up against the power of two Dark Chaos Emeralds combined with a Dark Spirit. But now that drago knows about the Dark Spirits and can control them. We might be screwed. unless we can find all seven Chaos Emeralds. Drago can only really be killed by someone in a super form. If you kill him in any other form, he'll just come back to life. Our first order of business should be Drago. If he finds out about Mongar, he'll probably work for him. We need to kill or lock up Drago. I've had a archrivalry with Drago for years so I think i should finish him if we ever fight him.

Crystal: Okay, thanks. We should all try to help though. I can't become a werecoon though. Choco here gave me a shield that protects against even the largest of Dark Spirits. I can't become a werecoon. And that's just it. Even he has it, his soul is way too pure for Dark Spirits.

(stop roleplaying until crystal comes back)

(you heard her)

Sonic:(Opens the door)

Luna: Sonic, are you going somewhere?

Sonic: I'm going to find Werehog Ash, you and the others are in charge. (Zooms off)

Luna: Oh boy....

Crystal: Okay...

Lunas: Crystal your pretty

Crystal: Hm? I'm not taking any marriage proposials!(thoughts) except from Sonic...

Lunas: *S- Word*

Man: Hey! Waiter! I need food!

Luna:(Grabs a dish) Coming! (Zooms off)

????: Is there anything I can get you?

Lou: Who said that?

????: Jack said that.

Lunas: Well im just going to be lonely fo a long time

Jack: Whatd'ya mean?

(pause, until crystal comes back)

Abby:(Thoughts) I hope Werehog Ash is okay......

Klonoa: Stop reading my sister's thoughts!

(ITH: Oopsie... I didn't see that.)

Adrenaline: What?

Werewolf Puppy Female:(Nuzzles Adrenaline)


Wen: Alright guys. We need to focus on the first step in getting rid of Drago, finding the Chaos Emeralds. We already have one. (pulls out my Chaos Emerald) So we only need to find six. We just need a plan on how we're gonna find them.

"Are those things able to track each other?" Jesse says.

Luna: Oh..... This is going to be a long day....

Part 6: The search

Isaiah: Amen.


Isaiah: Yo.

(hey your the guy my brother hates i think your awesome)

(ITH: Who's that? Roy?)

(Mason i think your really cool)

(Isaiah: Thanks. Oh- and tell Mason to lay off the hater-ade.)

(Hes a jerk isnt he)


(Yeah i know right he says the word noob alot XD)

(Um....... I don't know why your brothers character is in love with Sonic's little sister from Sonic Unleashed 1)

(we should get back to the rp)

Dayton:Whats going on

Isaiah: *shrugs shoulders*

Wen: We're gonna go search for the Chaos Emeralds!

Sarah: We are?

Wen: Yeah! Then I get to become Super Wen. Thoughts: And then I get to kill Drago. I can't wait to kill Drago. He's been a thorn in my side long enough. Are one of you mind readers and heard my thoughts? If you did, i don't care.

Chase: I wonder what my Super form is like.

(A thunderbolt was shown)

Wen: What the?

Sonic:(Skids) Was that?

Wen: It might have been, Sonic. The only way I could possibly theorize a thunderbolt like that, is to say that it was Pikachu.

Sonic:(Runs off)

Wen: Hey! Wait for me! (runs after)

Chase: I'm gonna go, too (runs off)

???: (appears) Have you guys seen an orange hedgehog anywhere?

(With Werehog Ash)

(Nidoking faints, Gary returns it to it's pokeball)

Gary: Well, Ash, you seen stronger then before. I guess I'll see you some day. See ya. (Goes inside the lab)

Werehog Ash: So it wasn't Gary after all. Who could it be?

Pikachu: Pika?

Werehog Ash: Come on, let's keep going.

Pikachu:(Climbs on Werehog Ash's shoulder)

Werehog Ash:(Runs off)

Sonic:(Skids) Dang! He's gone!

Wen: *runs and stops by Sonic* dude I thought we were looking for the other 6 Chaos Emeralds. If we don't find them soon, then me and Sarah will have to fight Drago without them. And if that becomes the case, me and Sarah will fight him alone.

Drago: *appears beside Wen* Heh heh heh. YOu mean other 5, wen

Wen: *looks beside me and sees Drago with a Chaos Emerald*

Drago: Come to my lair if you want to fight. And you may only bring your girlfriend, Sarah. Otherwise I'll kill the one i hold captive. Chaos Control! *Drago warps away*

Sarah: *runs and stops beside me* What happened.

Wen: Drago found a Chaos Emerald. It's useless to try and find the other 5 we just need to fight him alone. And I can only bring you Sarah. I guess i'll use Chaos Control *tries to take out my Chaos Emerald but it's nowhere* That son of a bitch took my Chaos Emerald when he used Chaos Control!!! grrr. Let's go Sarah. Sonic, you keep looking for werehog Ash, and don't send anyone else. We can't let Drago kill whoever he has captive. *runs towards Drago's lair*

Sarah: *wait up Wen 8 runs after Wen*

Chase: Hey Sonic, where'd Wen and Sarah go? If I have my suspicions they went to go fight Drago alone and without the Chaos Emeralds. Well, I'm sure they can handle themselves. I'll help you find whoever your looking for.

(at Drago's Lair)

Wen: *walks to the elevator to Drago's Throne Room*

Sarah: Wen, I made this a while back. For you. *hands him a Chaos Emerald* It's a fake Chaos Emerald but it has all the powers of a normal Chaos Emerald, plus it has all sorts of ability. It's power is the love we shared before this. And as long as my spirit and love rest in your heart, the Emerald will never truly lose it's power.

Wen: Sarah. I don't know what to say.

Sarah: You don't have to say anything. I love you Wen.

Wen: I love you, too, Sarah.

  • Sarah and Wen kiss as the elevator reaches Drago's Throne Room*

Wen: Well, I guess it's time to end Drago's reign of terror once and for all.

Sarah: Yes.

  • Sarah and Wen enter the throne room*

Drago: Well, Well, Well, you decided to come after all. Did you bring anyone else with you?

Wen: No.

Drago: Now DIE! Chaos Blast! *uses Chaos Blast on Wen*

Wen: Chaos Control! *dodges using CC*

Drago: What the fuck?!?!?

Wen: Heh heh.

Drago: How did you do that? I took your Chaos Emerald.

Wen: I never reveal secrets. Chaos Spear!!! *throws a Chaos Spear at Drago*

Drago: *gets hit but it drains only 1/4 of my health* Prepare to die!

Sarah: Wind Arrow of Love!! *throws a wind arrow filled with the power of Love at Drago dealing amssive damage*

Drago: Enough of this. SlaveBot, restrain Wen!!!!!

SlaveBot: yes master. *restrains Wen*

Wen: Get your hands of me you damned robot!!!

Drago: CHAOS BLAST!!! *uses Chaos Blast on Sarah*

Sarah: *runs toward Wen but the Chaos Blast explosion hits me and I get blown into nothingness.

Wen: SARAH!!!!!!!!! *tears fall out of my eyes*

Drago: *laughs loudly and maniacly*

Wen: FUCK! YOU! *transforms into Dark Wen and Open your Heart by Cursh 40 palys into the background and the SlaveBot gets destroyed.

Drago: I have no more use for you. CHAOS DRAIN!!! *Drains Wen's dark form, picks him up and warps him away suing Chaos Control*

Wen: *i fall next to Luna as tears are flowng out of my eyes*

Luna: What happened?

Wen: That son of a bitch Dargo is what happened. He killed Sarah. Right in front of me!

Luna: Well, that's sad! A bunch of people wants all drinks and I'm tired! Look at my hair!

Wen: That Drago..... I'll kill that mother fucker......... if it's the last thing I do. The memory..... it will never go away........ I will suffer this pain, sorrow, anger, and agony forever.

(Suddenly, the door opens, it was Natalie)

Isaiah: Even though you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer, I'll help.

Natalie:(Looks confussed) Hi everybody.....

Isaiah: Yo.

Wen: *tears are flowing out of my eyes by the lot*\

Isaiah: Suck it up, bro, we can still f**k up this Drago bastard.

Luna: If we have the Chaos Emeralds. (Gives the tray to Isaiah) I'm going to find him. And Isaiah, you're the waiter now. (Zooms off)

Wen: Isaiah, you don't know what it's like to see someone you love get killed right in front of you. Blasted Into nothingness by a Chaos Blast. It's an indescribable pain. Much like how genocide is an indescribable evil.

Natalie: Wait..... Klonoa is hosting a party?

Isaiah: Amen.

Natalie: And everybody is dressed up as werehogs?

Wen: It's a werehog party. A werehog party I can't enjoy because of the incident that happened a few minutes ago. I would have killed him when I was still in his lair, but he drained my dark form and the Chaos Control'd me back here.

Natalie: And the panda let him have it?

Wen: Wut?

Natalie:(Points at Master Yo)

Master Yo:(Still sleeping, then sleep talks) Melinda, pay the panda! (Sleeps again)

Isaiah: Wen, I'll make sure he gets the beating of a lifetime. *cracks knuckles*

Natalie: But your a waiter.

Wen: Plus, He has two Chaos Emerald and one Dark Chaos Emerald. Your not gonna be able to beat him without the other 5 Emeralds. All I have left of Sarah is this *pulls out the fake Chaos Emerald Sarah gave him before the fight* See this Chaos Emerald? Sarah made it for me. It's fake but she told me it has all the powers of a normal Chaos Emerald plus a whole bunch of abilities, she also told me it power is the love that we shared before the battle. She told me as long as her and her love for me stays within my heart, the Emerald will never truly lose it's power. This is all I have left of her. *starts to cry* I'll keep, cherish, and guard this Emerald with my life for as long as I live.

Natalie: ............

(With Sonic)

Sonic: Werehog Ash! Werehog Ash! Where is he?

Chase: I don't know. But I wonder if Wen and Sarah are okay. Because I can feel everyone's aura but i've stopped feeling Sarah's aura, and Wen's aura is depressing, sad, lonely, and angry. I wonder if something happened.

Sonic: Well, do you know what Werehog Ash's aura is?

Chase: I can't really describe it. I can feel it. But not describe it.

Sonic: Hmm......

Teniahk:(Picks up his scent)

Sonic: Do you know where he is?

Teniahk:(Runs on all fours and Leaves a claw mark trail

Sonic: Follow Teniahk! (Follows Teniahk)

Teniahk:(Stops for a rest)

Sonic: Have some rest, Teniahk.

Chase: ....... Do you think we should go find out what happened to Wen and/or Sarah. Cause I don't think Wen is alright. his aura makes him seem depressed. But Sarah, since i've stopped feeling her aura, she's probably dead.

Sonic: They went to Drago's base to stop him. Wen's probably back at my place.

Luna: SONIC!!! (Skids)

Sonic: Luna? What are you doing here?

Luna: Looking for you. I left Isaiah in charge. Wen's upset that Sarah is dead because of Drago.

Sonic: Well, that answers that. How did Sarah get killed?

Luna: I don't know. I was at your place serving food to the guests of the werehog party.

Sonic: And how's Wen?

Luna: Still upset and mad.

Sonic: Chase, did you hear that? Sarah is dead and Wen is mad.

Chase: Yes. I heard. but it's probably best if we leave Wen alone for a while until he calms down. Which may be a while. Wen can get really emotional when bad things like this happen.

Luna: Wen's really upset. It's because of Drago. I did felt that darkness inside of Wen.

Sonic: Wen has a dark form?

Chase: Yeah. Though he only goes into it when he's really furious.

Sonic: Guess we're not the only ones who have dark forms.

Chase: Course not. Lots of people have dark forms.

Sonic: Well Luna, since your here, let's go find the Chaos Emeralds and Werehog Ash.

Luna: Okay.

(Sonic, Luna, Teniahk, and Chase go search for Werehog Ash and the Chaos Emeralds)

Part 7: Werehog Ash's memories


Woman: Waiter! I need my food!

Weredog: I don't. I got some grub.

Man: Waiter!

Woman: Waiter!

All: WAITER!!!!!!

Spencer: I can't take it anymore!

Oliver: Sonic should be back right now. But he isn't!

Jur: Wen! We got to find Werehog Ash! These people are driving me insane!

Wen: What do you mean "we"? I'm not going anywhere. i just want to stay here with my sorrow and anger.

Tabitha: Who cares about your sorrow and anger? I CAN'T STAND THIS!

Lewbert: Well I think there's a magic book in a werehog cave that can help us find Werehog Ash.

Lizzy: But what can we do? Only werehogs can go inside that cave.

Charles: Don't worry. I got an idea.

(Outside, Charles dresses Jur and Spencer as a werehog and werebird, he smiles)

Jur: We look like idiots.

Lizzy:(Covers Jur's mouth) Jur! The only thing you and Spencer have to do, is to not to talk, cause you don't have any Dark Spirits. It's said so in the G.U.N code book.

Jur: The G.U.N code book-

Lizzy:(Covers her mouth again) Shadow gave it to me. (Reads it) If one of the G.U.N finds a Werehog with no Dark Spirits, they will kill them.

Jur:(Gets mad)

Wen: They might as well kill me now. Seeing as how at night, i turn into a werehog and i'm absolutely sure i don't have any dark spirits. At least if they kill me i can be with Sarah.

Tabitha: Drago already gave you Dark Spirits.

Wen: And how do you know that?


Charles: Hey. It's okay that Sarah is dead. You have to feel a little better for a while. Okay?

Wen: What do you mean it's okay that Sarah is dead?!?!?!?!?!

Tabitha:(Hits Charles) Nice going idiot.

Charles: Um..... Sorry.

(With Sonic, Chase, Luna, and Teniahk)

Luna: We looked everywhere Sonic and no Werehog Ash and the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic: Wonder where they are?

Chase: Well. Maybe if i try harder, i can locate his aura. But it's probably not the best choice because if i try too hard, i can end up hurting myself severly.

Sonic: Wait. I'm a werehog. He's a werehog. So...... (Howls)

(They hear Werehog Ash's howl)

Sonic: That way! (Runs off)

Chase: wait up, Sonic. *runs in the direction Sonic is running*

Luna:(Sighs, then runs after Sonic and Chase)

(At Sonic's house)

Abby:(Pulls out The Hourglass of Time) I think this will help us figure out where Werehog Ash is.

Lou: Do you think it might work?

Amy: It might.

Klonoa: Booooring. (Grabs The Hourglass of Time) I wanna spy on Lina!

Abby: Klonoa!

Klonoa: What?

Lou: What's the matter with you?

Wen: *depressed* i'm gonna go Goth or Emo or something for the rest of my life, probably.

Klonoa: Yeah. When you do a lot a anger, and what I need is some of fighting Monger.

Tabitha: Mongar.

Klonoa: Whatever.

Wen: (depressed) My life has no meaning without Sarah.

Lizzy: Tabitha, can you come here for a sec.

Tabitha:(Comes to Lizzy) What?

Lizzy: Drink this.

Tabitha: What is it?

Lizzy: A transformation potion. It will turn you into Sarah so Wen won't be so despressed.

Tabitha: There is no way I am turning into Sarah!

Lizzy: Just try!

Tabitha: Fine. (Drinks the potion, turns into Sarah Rose)

Lizzy: Okay. Now just go up to Wen and told him that you only disappeard.

Sarah (Tabitha): Are you sure?

Lizzy: Trust me. Now go.

Sarah (Tabitha):(Sighs, goes to the living room where Wen, Klonoa, Amy, Abby, and Lou are) Oh Wen!

Wen: Who's bothering me no- *freezes in shock* What the? Sarah? How is this possible? My mind must be playing games on me.

Sarah (Tabitha): You thought Drago killed me from that blast, well I used Chaos Control to teleport myself, when I ran up to you to protect you, that blast hit me painfuly, but I teleport into Lou's room. I'm sorry that I made you sad and despressed.

Wen: Wait a minute. Since when are you able to use Chaos Control?

Sarah (Tabitha) : Uh....... When I protected you.

Wen: Why did you have to put me through that depression instead of Just using chaos Control to warp away from the blast but still be in the lair?

Sarah (Tabitha): Cause I love you. (Thoughts) Geez. If Wen finds out that I'm not really Sarah, he fried me like an egg that was already crack. I gotta think fast.

Wen: Not seeing the logic there but who cares. I'm jsut glad you're not dead. *hugs Sarah*

Sarah (Tabitha): I'm glad too. (Hugs Wen back)

Wen: *looks up at sarah's eyes and then kisses sarah*

Sarah (Tabitha):(Kisses Wen back, thoughts) You own me for this Lizzy.

Wen: Come on Sarah. Let's go look for Chase and Sonic.

Sarah (Tabitha): Okay. (Thoughts) Oh... Now we can look for my ex-boyfriend.

Lou:(Thoughts) That is so not Sarah.

(With Werehog Ash)

Werehog Ash: May....... Where are you?

(Sonic, Luna, and Chase found Werehog Ash)

Luna: There he is.

Wen: *finds Chase and Sonic* Yo Chase!!!

Chase: Hey look it's Wen.

Wen: *runs over to Chase with Sarah* Hey Chase. I thought Sarah was dead but it turns out, she's not.

Chase: uh, what are you talking about? That's not sarah.

Wen: What are you talking about? This IS Sarah. It's obvious.

Chase: No. It's not. take it form someone who knows people's auras.

Sarah (Tabitha):(Thoughts) Oh pellets. I'm busted.

Luna: Hedgehog talk. (Grabs Sonic's hand, leaves Chase, Wen and Sarah alone) That's Tabitha in disguese.

Sonic: How did you know?

Luna: I felt it. Lizzy must of made a potion to made Tabitha be Sarah so Wen won't be upset. We have to pretand that Tabitha is really Sarah so he won't be more upset.

Sonic: Okay. But I got a bad feeling about this.

(Sonic and Luna go back to Wen Chase and Sarah)

Sonic: That's really Sarah.

Luna: Yeah. It's really her. Chase has a wild imagination, right Chase?

Chase: Wild Imagination? Uh no. I can sense people's auras and I remember people's auras like it's permanetely etched into my brain. And I'm not feeling Sarah's at all.

Sarah (Tabitha):(Fake coughs,whispers) Quiet! Or Samantha will be scratch with my bare claws! Pretand I'm Sarah!

Chase: (whispers) Again, who in the heck is Samantha. And you're jsut gonna hurt Wen even more by doing this. And he's gonna eventually find out. But if you think you can keep it up and can take going out with Wen for a long time. Then I'll play alonge but just think, you're going out with Wen. think about that before deciding that you want to be Sarah.

Sonic: You just told us about Samantha yesterday. Remember. She's your girlfriend. Remember.

Sarah (Tabitha): Wen, do you think Chase is having amisea? Cause he doesn't remember his girlfriend.

Luna: Okay Chase, stop pretanding that you don't remember Samantha, cause you love her so much and you never forget her, you said she was hot.

Chase: I'm not pretending anything. I don't know anyone named Samantha.

Luna: Is it me or is your brain full of dust?! (Hits Chase's head)

Chase: Ow! (holds head) What was that for!? I'm telling you, i have never met anyone named Samantha. And if you keep hiiting me like that, I will get amnesia. I don't even think this Samantha person you're talking about even exists and you're just making her up.

Luna: Samantha the Hedgehog. You told us about her yesterday.

Sonic: It's ture. Remember?


Wen: Oh Luna, Sonic, this is Chase. He's probably one of by better friends. Though we don't usually hang out case he's usually with Samantha. And we do hang out, he just talk about Samantha -.-'

Chase: I can't help it man, I love her.

Sonic: Samantha........ Why does thatname feel so...... familier?


Wen: Samantha, as you might have guessed, is Chase's girlfriend. -.-' though a lot of DeviantART assholes take pictures of them a lot. Then they Edit them. BUt since we're on Mobius there shouldn't be any DeviantART bitches taking pictures of people.

Sonic: No...... Samantha, a pink hedgehog...... I always dreamed about, I don't know why, but I think I know her for the passed 15 years, but I don't.

Wen: I wonder where Sarah is. (sees her over at the training ground still training) Oh, she's over there still training. Just a little word of advice, don't talk to Sarah when she's training, or things will get real ugly real fast.

Chase: O.o'

Luna: What does that even mean?

Wen: Say she's in the middle of doing an air move and she needs focus, you talk to her and she messes up, she'll kick your ass....... hard......

Luna: Yikes.

(Flashback ended)

(Sonic and Luna looked at Chase)

Chase: I'm telling you I DON'T KNOW ANYONE NAMED SAMANTHA!!!

Wen: Luna, Sonic, Sarah, come with me.

(Sonic, Luna and Sarah came to Wen)

Wen: Guys. here's the deal. Chase was nearly killed a few months ago by Mephiles. Samantha offered to save him but she had to wipe herself from existence. She did. But Chase lost all memories of her. But Sometimes, his mental disorder causes him to say stuff about Samantha even though he doens't know what he says. Basically, he can say something about Samantha, but it's mute to him. But if he's saying that he never met her, then he can hear himself. He has a wierd and rare mental disorder that has not yet been discovered. Even he doens't know he has it. but i do for some reason.

Luna: So he does have a brain of dust!

Sonic: Wait. How come Sam erased Chase's memories about her few months ago if he told us all about her yesterday?

Sarah (Tabitha):(Thoughts) This is really serious. This Chase guy forgetting everything about this Samantha chick, it's like..... it's like....... Ugh! I can't remember what happened before we become friends with Luna!

Wen: Don't be mean, Luna. And Sonic, i said that his mental disorder causes him to say stuff that part of his mind still remembers. But those memories should be gone, too. But the memories are only made knowledgable and able to be said on rare occasions. It's really confusing, i know. But that's how he is. I've been working on a machine that can get rid of those memories so that his mental disorder will be gone.

Sonic: I wonder that's what happened when Werehog Ash doesn't remember anything?

Wen: DOn't know. but i should really get the machine done sometime so that i can get memories of Samantha he still has out. Because they aren't supposed ot be there.

Luna: Um..... Sonic.

Sonic: What?

Luna: Werehog Ash already left.

Sonic: What?! Already?! Ugh! Come on! (Grabs Luna's hand, zooms off)

Chase: Wait up, Sonic!

(Sonicman667: I just want to say something. Chase, in my fanon, is the son of Sonic and Tikal, but Sonic and Tikal got divorced when Chase was 5. tikal then left and Chase never saw her again. But for some reason, Chase doesn't like calling Sonic, "Dad", he jus calls him by his name. I jsut wanted to say that. It doesn't have to be that way in this rp, but it can be that way if you want.)

(But Tikal likes Charles)

(Sonicman667: Like I said. They got divorced whe Chase was 5. He's 16 now. So they divorced 11 years ago. Which was long before the event of the first Sonic Unnleashed Roleplay you guys did.)


(With Crystal and Chocolate)

(Sonicman667: I think they've forgotten about the rp. because they never do anything in this rp anymore)

(Pinkolol16: Um, no I have not. I'm still in this thing.)

Crystal: Ohhh... What do you think we should do, Choco? Find Sonic?

Chocolate: Don't know. Although I do think that thing I saw earlier might be their friend-

Crystal: What? What was it?

Chocolate: Something BIIIIIG.

Crystal and Chocolate peek behind a tree, only to find Werehog Ash on the ground.

(Pinkolol16: I want them to help, so I'm gonna make that happen, okay?)


Werehog Ash: May.................. If you can hear me, (Closes his eyes with tears) say something...............

Pikachu: Pika..........

Crystal: Werehog Ash?

Chocolate: How'd he end up here?

Werehog Ash:(Began to cry)

(Suddenly, some light went inside Werehog Ash's heart, all memories went flowing into his head, then he remembers everything)

Werehog Ash:(Gets up) I know who I am.... I am Ash Ketchum. Pokemon Master, Hero, and the Keeper of Sam Lawton. And I have to save May and Dawn with my powers! (Pulls out his cap, puts it on) Come on Pikachu! Let's go find May and Dawn!

Pikachu: Pika! (Climbs on Werehog Ash's shoulder)

Werehog Ash:(Runs off)

Crystal and Chocolate had watched the whole scene.

Crystal: Ash Ketchum...? Pokemon? Who? May and Dawn? Chocolate, we have to get to Sonic right away!

Chocolate: Right!

They try to find Sonic.

(With Lou and the others)

Jur and Spencer:(Went in the Werehog Cave, spot the magic book, but got caught by all Werehogs)

(Werehog Leader Marcos came up to them)

Marcos: You two are not werehogs. (Takes them outside where Lou, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Lizzy, Oliver, Lewbert, and Charles were, to Lou) Young lady. May I speak to you?

Lou:(Goes inside the Werehog Cave to talk to Marcos)

(After a few hours, Lou came out)

Lou: Marcos told me the Werehogs can't trust Mobians. They can only trust Humans, Dark Spirits, Pokemon Fighters, and Goddesses.

Jur:(Facepalms) Goddesses?! Why I otta!

Lizzy:(Covers her mouth) Jur! Remember what it saids in the G.U.N Code Book!

Jur:(Takes the book) Here's what I think of the G.U.N Code Book! (Throws it to the ground) Garbage!

Lizzy: Oh.....

They hear Crystal and Chocolate looking for Sonic in the distance, shouting his name.

Oliver: Sounds like Crystal is looking for Sonic.

Lizzy: I'll go find him. (Flies off to find Sonic)

(With Sonic, Luna, and Chase)

Luna: Geez.... We've been walking forever and we still haven't found Werehog Ash.

(With Crystal and Chocolate)

Crystal: Sonic! Where are you!

Chocolate: Sonic! I don't think we can find him.

Crystal: We have to! Sonic doesn't know about Werehog Ash's memories, so we have to tell him! Ash Ketchum, I wonder where I've heard that name before...

Chocolate: Doesn't matter now. What matters is that we find Sonic and tell him the news!

Crystal: Right!

They continue to try and find him.

(Back with Sonic, Luna, and Chase)

Luna: Werehog Ash. Where are you?

Sonic: Wonder if he likes meat, like Klonoa.

Luna: I don't know.

Sonic:(Pulls out meat)

Crystal and Chocolate are nearby Sonic and his group.

Crystal: Oh there he is. Sonic! I've got something to tell you!(runs over to him)

Sonic: What is it Crystal? (Puts the meat away)

Crystal: Werehog Ash got his memories back! First, Chocolate and I were walking along in the forest, when Choco said that he saw something big. We went, and saw Werehog Ash on the ground. He mumbled something and then light shot into him. Then his memories came back, and he said something about Pokemon and being a hero. He also said that May and Dawn, whoever they are, needed to be rescued, and ran off. Also, his real name is apparently Ash Ketchum, which, surprisingly I've heard before but I don't know where. His memories are back, and somethings up. Big time.

Luna: Well I guess Rosa's right. Werehog Ash is Ash Ketchum.

Sonic: Hey. There's something on the ground. (Picks it up, it's a picture of some people being shock about something)[4]The survivors of the North Bay Bridge collapseAdded by Cameron33268110

Luna: Who are they?

Sonic: I don't know.

Crystal: Sonic, what should we do about Werehog A- I mean, Ash Ketchum? I'm still a little shocked.

Sonic: I don't know.[5]Added by Cameron33268110

Luna: Look! There's another picture. (Picks it up, it's a picture of a girl wearing glasses)

Crystal: Wonder who that is.

Chocolate: Yeah. She looks a bit strange, no offense.

Sonic: Come on. There some more.

(Sonic, Luna, Crystal, Chocolate, and Chase keep picking up some pictures of some humans)

(At Sonic's house)

(Klonoa was in the bathroom, he got out)

Klonoa: We're out of paper.

Abby:(Turned around) I don't want to know what you did about it.

Klonoa:(Walks up to Abby)

Abby:(Sniffs) You smell something?

Klonoa: No.

Abby: Neither did I. And you were just in the can.

Klonoa and Abby:(Screams in terror) Oh my gosh!

Klonoa: I open the window as a curtasy for the first time ever!

(Klonoa and Abby ran to the bathroom)

(Back with Sonic, Luna, Crystal, Chocolate, and Chase)[6]Ashley Taylor and Chu-ChuAdded by Cameron33268110

Sonic: Last one. (Picks up a picture of a girl with a Pikachu on her shoulder)

Crystal: Gosh, that was alot of pictures. Wonder who all these people are.

Chocolate: Don't know. Here, can you hold these three? I can't hold any more...

Crystal: Choco... Anyway, what'll we do now?

Sonic: Find Werehog Ash. Luna, you and Chase go right and me and Crystal will go left. (Grabs Crystal's hand) Come on Crystal, let's go. (Goes to the left side)

Crystal: Okay.

Luna: You heard him. (Pushes Chase) Let's go. (Goes to the right side)

(With Wen and Sarah)

Wen: Alright so what now, Sarah? Should we follow them or should we go find that Drago and give him the beating of a lifetime? We decide our own missions and priorities.

Sarah (Tabitha): Well..... (Suddenly a cat tail appeared, thoughts) Oh man! I turning back to myself again! (Hides the cat tail) Well, why don't you go find Drago, and I go find Sonic and the others, okay?

Wen: Alright then. Be careful Sarah. *runs off to find Drago*

Sarah (Tabitha): I'm going to kill Lizzy when she comes to me. (Runs off to find Sonic and the others as she turns back to Tabitha the Cat)

(With Sonic and Crystal)

Sonic: Werehog Ash! Werehog Ash! Come out! Come out where every you are! (Notice 2 more pictures, picks them up, one is a man and a girl with long brown hair and blue eyes and the other one is the same girl with brown hair and blue eyes and Werehog Ash)[7]Ash and MayAdded by Cameron33268110

Drago: *appears behind Sonic* amazing discovery isn't it? It's as if they're the same person.

Sonic: Drago...[8]Werehog Ash and MayAdded by Cameron33268110

Drago: I have a little task for you to do. I need you to make sure that wen finds out about what Tabitha did. and Yes, i know that she transformed herself. I need you to get Tabitha to tell Wen that. Then, once he's figured that out, tell him the only way to bring his precious sarah back is to give me that Chaos Emerald of his. That's what I require of you.

Sonic: I can't do that. Wen will be angry and sorrow again.

Drago: Then I'll just kill your little friend. *snaps fingers and a cage appears with Werehog Ash in it* Follow my orders, and he's all yours.

Werehog Ash: Grrr....

Pikachu: Pika....

Sonic:(Sighs) Fine. I'll do it. But, after I find my ex-girlfriend and make her tell Wen that Lizzy made a potion to make herself transform into Sarah, you have to tell Werehog Ash where his wife and friend are.

Werehog Ash: Sonic......

Drago: Fine.

Sonic:(Whispers to Crystal) Crystal, you go find help, okay. I'll be right back. (Runs off to find Tabitha)

(With Luna and Chase)

Luna: Ow... My feet hurt. Where the heck is Werehog Ash?!

Chase: I don't know. But hey, isn't that Tabitha over there? and she's back to normal. Uh, Tabitha!!

Tabitha: Oh... Great. (Walks over to Chase and Luna, but a blue burr captures her)

Luna: What the?

Tabitha: Sonic?! What are you doing?!

Sonic: I need you to do me a favor.

Tabitha: What is it?

(With Wen)

Wen: *walking around* Now where is that Drago?

Lizzy: Hi Wen!

Wen: Hi Lizzy! How're you doing?

Lizzy:(Remembers the potion she gave to Tabitha) Um.... I did a bad thing. I really did a bad thing and it's gonna make you upset. (Told Wen that she made a potion to transform Tabitha into Sarah Rose)

Wen: y-you did WHAT!!!!!!!!! *falls to my knees, pounding the ground* Why! Why! Why! how could you play with my emotions like that?

Lizzy: I'm sorry....... Look.... When Shadow lost Maria 50 years ago, he was mad and anger and he wants revenge on the humans for what happen, but he's all better now.

Wen: still. you shouldn't have played with my emotions like that! i would have been far better off if oyu hadn't done that!!!

Lizzy: I didn't play your emotions, I was trying to get you to help us find Werehog Ash and making a potion and turning Tabitha into Sarah is the only way to get you to be happy again.

Wen: You don't understand anything about love do you, Lizzy?

Lizzy: I do.

Wen: Apparantly you don't. Because you had to lie to me so i wouldn't be depressed so you could use me. YOu couldn't have just let the truth be as it was and then none of this would have happened.

Lizzy: I'm sorry............[9]Lizzy with tearsAdded by Cameron33268110

(Sonic and Tabitha appeared)

Sonic: Wen, Tabitha has something to say.

Tabthia: You're gonna kill me, but Lizzy made a potion and I transformed myself into your dead girlfriend so you won't be so despressed. Please don't kill me!

Wen: I already know. Lizzie here told me. I'm going home. *starts to walk off*

Sonic: Wen! Wait! I know how we can bring Sarah back! {C {C {C Wen: *looks back* How?

Sonic: The only way to revie Sarah is to give Drago a Chaos Emerald of yours. {C {C {C Wen: Wait, Drago? Oh that's all I needed to hear. He's the one behind this. That DRAGO!!!!!!!!!! YOu know what i'm gonna to do to him? I"M GONNA KILL HIM TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, i'll give him something alright, the biggest ass whooping he's ever experienced!!!

Sonic: You have to give him that Chaos Emerald. It's the only way to bring Sarah back to life. Trust Drago. Give him the Chaos Emerald so he can bring back Sarah and appoligies to Lizzy for yelling at her.

Wen: No one knows Drago like i do. It's a trap. he wants the Chaos Emerald so he can unseal some kind of Evil and use it to take over the world. I won't give Drago the Emerald. I know Sarah wouldn't want it. After all, the Emerald Drago wants is the one Sarah gave me. I won't give it away to anybody at all.

{C {C {C Sonic: But Drago said,


Drago: I need you to make sure that wen finds out about what Tabitha did. and Yes, i know that she transformed herself. I need you to get Tabitha to tell Wen that. Then, once he's figured that out, tell him the only way to bring his precious sarah back is to give me that Chaos Emerald of his. That's what I require of you.

(Flashback ended)

Wen: NVm that. Drago is just a liar. He'll sya one thing and do another. He goes back on his words, and he never does what you tell him. Trust me. His purposes are not to bring Sarah back. I know that for a fact. I'm not giving him the Chaos Emerald!!! What's the worst that could happen i f I don't?

Sonic: Drago seems to be telling the truth.

Wen: DUDE!!! I KNOW MORE ABOUT DrGAo THEN YOU!!!!!!!! HE IS A LIAR!!!!!!!!!! HE CAN'T DO ANYTHING withOut a CHAOS EMERALD!!! Giving him the Chaos Emerald that Sarah gave me before Drago killed her, would give him the power to unseal any evil, including Dark Gaia, whom you sealed a few years ago. The COmbined strengths of Mongar, Dark Gaia, and Drago, are unbeatable!!!!!!!!!! {C {C {C {C {C {C {C Sonic: Wen, if you don't give Drago the Chaos Emerald, he's gonna kill Werehog Ash.

Wen: not while i'm there he won't.

Sonic: So you'll give him the Chaos Emerald?

{C {C {C With Crystal and Chocolate, who have found Lou's group

Crystal: Hey guys! I've got something to tell yous! It's alot, and it's gonna be big news.

Lou: What is it Crystal?

Crystal:(tells them the events that happened with Werehog Ash and updated them with the events that are happening as far as she knows) So yeah, that's basically it.

Oliver: Werehog Ash is Ash Ketchum?

Lewbert: And Drago kidnap him?

Spencer: And if Drago doesn't get Sonic to let Wen give him the Chaos Emerald, he's going to kill him?

Charles: Wah! We got to save him!

(with Sonic Tabitha and Wen)

Wen: I'm not giving Drago my Chaos Emerald. All he wants to do is destroy the world. As long as i'm there, the only one dying, will be Drago.

Sonic: But Werehog Ash will get killed.

Tabitha: Yeah.

Wen: Like I said. Drago won't be able to kill him. as long as I have this chaos Emerald, and i'm there. Drago won't be killing him. Don't let Drago decieve you. DO you want to be like Knuckles and Silver, who swallows what anyone says?

Sonic: No........

Tabitha: Give me that Chaos Emerald! (Takes the Chaos Emerald from Wen)

Wen: GIVE ME BACK THE CHAOS EMERALD NOW!!!!!!!!!!! *turns Dark and Seven Rings In Hand plays in the background*

Tabitha: You have to catch me first! (Grabs Sonic and runs off to Drago)

Wen: *flies off after them a super speed* GET BACK HERE NOW!!!!!!!!

Sonic: He's really mad.

Tabitha: Ignore him. (Spots Drago) HEY! DRAGO!!!! WE GOT WEN'S CHAOS EMERALD!!! CATCH!! (Throws the Chaos Emerald at Drago)

Drago: *catches the Emerald* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Dark Wen: What have you DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drago: I have to thank you two. You were excellent pawns. You played right into my trap. Now with this unique Emerald, i can reawaken the ancient beast that has been sealed within the planet!!!!

Sonic: You trick me!

Wen: Nice going you idiots!!

Gabe the Black cat:[jumps out of nowhere and throws rock at the back of Drago's head]Hey stupid a##!I challenge you,if I win I kill you and if you win I die and won't come back to life ever again!

Drago: *blasts Gabe* Shut up!! Now! with this Chaos Emerald that I fill with darkness. *fills Wen's Chaos Emerald with nothing but darkness* and the dark power of these two Chaos Emeralds, I REAWAKEN YOU!! DARK GAIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shatters the planet and Dark Gaia reawakens*

Wen: OH CRAP!!!!!!! WE'RE SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drago: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I have no more use for any of you! And just for kicks. *blasts werehog ash out of his cage towards SOnic* there's your little friend. I have to thank you for being my little pawn. You gullable little hedgehog. Now Dark Gaia!!! Let me join with you and together we will destroy the world!!!!!!!!!!

Wen: You've really done it now Sonic!!!!!!!

Sonic: I'm sorry! I didn't know!

Drago: All that's left is to find Mongar!!! *joins with Dark Gaia and becomes his consious mind then flies away as Dark Gaia*

Wen: I told you it was a trap!!!!!!!!!!

Gabe the Black cat:[stand up]Don't worry I will help you-[falls and starts to fall towards the lava]

Sonic: I thought he would bring Sarah back to life!

Tabitha:(Scratches Sonic's face)

Sonic: OW!

Tabitha: That is for making me throw that Chaos Emerald!

Sonic: Ugh! I've become a nightmare! (Runs off)

Wen: I knew this would happen. I knew he wouldn't revive Sarah. But no one listens to me.

Tabitha: Sonic thinks everybody has something good, but always goes bad. Like 3 years ago when we all think Bailey was a magican, but she's not. She's a dark wizard.

Isaiah: *punches Tabitha in the nose* Don't beef with my homies like that!

Tabitha: How did you get here?!

Isaiah:...What a paradox. Let's just say... I'm Tien Shinhan.

Tabitha: I meant, What are you doing here when you were at Sonic's house at the Werehog party?

Wen: forget that. we have to find Dark Gaia and quickly!!!

Werehog Ash: What about Sonic? He seems very upset.

Pikachu: Pika. Pika pikachu.

Tabitha: He just gave Drago the Chaos Emerlad and Dark Gaia is now out of his core!

Werehog Ash: Yeah, but.....

Tabitha: No buts! Sonic is stupid, annoying, and always get into trouble!

Werehog Ash: You Mobians are all fools.......

Tabitha:(Looks at Werehog Ash) Whatcha call me?

Werehog Ash: My cousin calls me stupid when I was young all the time..... Everybody always think that I get into trouble........... I may be a werehog...... I may caused a lot a trouble...... and I may be hurt...... but I will save the world like I did when I was still human!!!! And no one will stop me!!! (Runs off to stop Drago and Dark Gaia)

Tabitha:(Looked shock) Unbelivable.... Did you hear what Werehog Ash said? ........... Wen?

Gabe the Black cat:[giant beam comes from the lava and A arm starts to come out]

(With Crystal and Lou's group)

Crystal: Woah! What's with the cracks?

Chocolate: I sense dark energy... that can mean only one thing...

Crystal: Guys! Drago! He tricked us! Dark Gaia's awakened, because Sonic gave him the Chaos Emerald, pulling all the facts together, it makes sense! I mean, Choco's sensing dark energy, dark energy = Dark Gaia, there's cracks in the ground, and Dark Gaia lived in the middle of the planet, and Dragos the devious enemy with all the tricks. They've probably fused!(collapses) We're done for. Last time, it was almost impossible, but now, who knows what'll happen.

Lou: Oh no...... Why would Sonic do something so stupid?

Shadow: Wen..... (Runs off to find Wen)

Jur: Guess he's worried about his big brother.

Spencer: Yeah.

Oliver: Hey. Does anybody know if Luna and Chase seen the cracks?

Crystal:(thoughts) I hope I can help like last time. Being super... with lots of us, it'll be helpful at best. I just wish I could help to get rid of Dark Gaia again.

(with Chase)

Chase: *standing on a cliff looking out at the chaos* This is not good. What are we gonna do.

Tikal(only heard by Chase): Chase.

Chase: What the? Was that? It couldn't have been....... Mom?

Tikal: Chase. You can stop Dark Gaia and the evil one that has fused with him. You have my power. good luck, son.

Chase: Wait.... how was that....? I gotta find Wen, Sonic, Shadow, and Silver. Only me and them can stop Dark Gaia. *runs off to find Wen, Shadow, Silver, and Sonic* But we'll also need all seven Chaos Emeralds. which i can sense from at least 50 miles away.

Luna:(Spots Chase) What are you doing? Talking to your echo or something? We have to find Werehog Ash to make sure he's okay.

Chase: I need to find Sonic, Shadow, Wen, Silver, and all seven Chaos Emeralds. Me, sonic, silver, shadow, and wen, in our super forms can take down Dark Gaia, permenately.

Luna: Yeah and Werehog Ash!

(with Wen)

Wen: *running to find Dark Gaia* I wonder if Shadow's looking for me. I would sure hope so seeing as how he's my brother.

Werehog Ash:(Stops running) Stop following me! You left Tabitha all alone. I need to handle Dark Gaia by myself. I did before when I was 15.

Gabe the Black cat:[rises from the lava]arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Isaiah: What the hell?

Gabe the Black cat:No one attacks me and gets away with it![lava starts rising]

Werehog Ash: Black Cat. You run to Sonic's house. It's safe.

Gabe the Black cat:[laughs]That won't be nessescary![lava starts to cover Gabe]

Werehog Ash: You're going to burn yourself and die if you don't go to Sonic's house. NOW GO!!!!!

Gabe the Black cat:And why would I burn myself?I'm causing the lava to rise![more covers Gabe]

Werehog Ash: No you're not! Dark Gaia is! You'll be incinerated!

Gabe the Black cat:[laughs]I know what i'm talking about,just trust me![Lava covers Gabe's legs]

Werehog Ash:(Grabs Gabe's arm, throws him at Sonic's house with the lava coming out of him) Now your safe.

Gabe the Black cat:You idiot!I was doing that to help defeat Drago and Dark Gaia!

Werehog Ash: I'm sorry! I have to fight Dark Gaia by myself with no help! (Runs off)

(At Sonic's house)

(Drago teleported in, nobody was here)

Dargo: damn it. Looks like no one's here.

Chase: *arrives at Sonic's house* Sonic?! Sonic?! Are you here?! *sees Drago* You. Your the one that did this.

Drago: That's right. And don't think I don't know about your powers.

Chase: you mean.

Drago: Yes. And now. I will kill you right here!!! YOU WILL NOT STOP ME!!!!! *blast a spear of darkness at Chase*

Chase: CRAP!!!

Voice: I'm dangerous!

Luna: Huh? Mister Yo? Are you awake?

Yo's Voice: I'm dangerous!

Luna: Mister Yo! Get out of here!

Isaiah:.... Pfft. That doesn't sound intimidating in the least, damn, bit.

Luna: It sounds like Mister Yo to me! He sings "I'm dangerous" in the showers all the time!

Isaiah:*smirks* ...Oh well.

Luna: I'm coming Mister Yo!

Isaiah:..Wait! Who's this- "Mister Yo?"

Luna: Sonic calls him Yo. Klonoa and Abby call him Master Yo. I call him Mister Yo. He's a grumpy old panda.

Isaiah:..That figures.

Yo's Voice: I'm dangerous!

Luna:(Was about to get Master Yo, but Drago grabbed her)

Isaiah:Huh? What are YOU doing? (points at Drago)

(With Lou and the others)

Yo's Voice: I'm dangeroud!

Lou: That sounds like Yo.

Tails: Quick! To the Tornado!

(Everybody runs to the Tornado)

Spencer: I'll fly it! (Starts the Tornado)

Charles: You sure you know how to fly this thing?

Spencer: Don't worry. I have the eyes of my hawk brother.

(The Tornado crashes into Sonic's house)

Jur: Yeah. And the brains of a Do-Do.

Drago: Who the hell are they?

Chase: *is hit with the spear of darkness and falls to the ground*

Drago: No matter. I'll kill you all. *blasts spears of dakrness at Tails, Jur, Lou, Luna, Isaiah*

(Suddenly a shield went over Tails, Jur, Lou, Luna, and Isaiah)

Drago: what the hell?! (Sees a curtian, it has a shadow of a panda, blasts the curtain, sees a dummy panda)

Yo's Voice: I'm dangero- Yang! Get out of the shower with that tape recorder!

(Klonoa and Abby came out behind the Yo dummy)

Abby: Chaos Blast! (Blasts Drago)

Drago: argh!! you're gonna wish you never did that. Dark Gaia!!! I summon you!! *summons Dark Gaia and fuses with him again*


Chase: *knocked out*

(there is no explosion)

(I know,I just didn't have any other idea of how to put it!)

(Oh... Well, don't do it again)

Klonoa: Time to kick Dark Gaia's butt again! (Pulls out his bambo sword) CHI HO WA!

Dark Gaia/Drago: Fool. *blasts Klonoa with a powerful dark energy blast*

Klonoa: Wah!

Werehog Ash: Dark Gaia! It's time to finish this! Once and for all!

Pikachu: Pika!

Gabe the Black cat:[walks out of the house and jumps and land on Dark Gaia/Drago's hand]

Chase: *wakes up and goes over to Werehog Ash* no. It is I who must destroy Dark Gaia. But I can't do it alone, I need Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Wen to aid me in this duty to destroy Dark Gaia, for the fate of Mobius and my mom. BUt i'll also need the 7 Chaos Emeralds.

Werehog Ash: I must defeat Dark Gaia, just like I did when I was 15 years old.

Chase: I can't let down my mother. I could never forgive myself if I did. I have my mother's power to destroy Dark Gaia once and for all. It's my duty. I'll need Sonic, Silver, Shadow, and Wen in their super forms to weaken Dark Gaia enough so that I can blast him with a powerful enough light attack to destroy. Once. and for all time.

Werehog Ash: Sonic ran away for being tricked by Drago.

Jur: Shadow ran off to find Wen.

Werehog Ash: And I don't know who Silver is. But I have to save my friends. Pikachu! Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pika! (Uses Thunderbolt on Drago/Dark Gaia) CHUUUUUU!!!!!

Gabe the Black cat:Hey!I'm on this pure litttle idiot's hand!

Abby: I'm confused. 3 years, I sealed Dark Gaia, but how did he get unsealed?

wen: *walks in* The power of the fake Chaos Emerald that Sarah gave me before Drago killed her, combined with Drago's power already and three other Chaos Emeralds, enabled him to unseal Dark Gaia. So. i hear you guys needed me.

Chase: Yeah. We do. We also need Sonic, Silver, and Shadow.

Wen: Shadow's probably looking for me.

Chase: Sonic.. well Werehog Ash said he ran off because he was tricked by Drago.

Wen: I think Silver's at his house on Earth.

Klonoa: Least talkie! More fightie! (Bambo sword turned into a yangarang) YANGARANG! (Throws his yangarang at Drago/Dark Gaia)

Gabe the Black cat:[punches A hole in the hand of Dark Gaia/Drago trying to stop him.]

Werehog Ash:(Looks at Drago/Dark Gaia)


(Dark Gaia blasts Ash and Pikachu to the lava)


(Flashback ended)

Werehog Ash:(Growls)

Gabe the Black cat:[keeps punching holes in Dark Gaia/Drago's arm]DIe weak and puny mouse!

Drak Gaia/drago: Weak? Puny? You're a fool if you think that. *shakes Gabe off of my hand then fills the holes in my arm* All of you will die right here!!! *unleashes a huge explosion of dark energy, then flies off*

Gabe the Black cat:[shields everybody]Come back here you coward!Your too afraid to face me!You are truly weak and puny or you would have the courage to fight me!

Werehog Ash: No, black cat. I have to finish Dark Gaia by myself. (Runs after Drago/Dark Gaia)

Abby: Werehog Ash!

gabe the Black cat:[follows Werehog Ash]You atleast need some help!besides,I have A bone to pick with him.[if you don't know what that means,it means fight]

Werehog Ash: I don't need any help. I can handle Dark Gaia by myself without anybody's help. (Runs off)

Jur:(Pulls Gabe) He's right.

Gabe the Black cat:[breaks free and runs away]Now's A good time to make me mad...[sarcasm]

Shadow:(Teleports infront of Gabe) You do as Werehog Ash is told.

Gabe the Black cat:[pushes Shadow out of his way and runs faster]

Shadow:(Punches Gabe, knocking him out) When Werehog Ash doesn't need help, he means he doesn't need help. Got it?

Gabe the Black cat:[wakes up] Yes...but....

Shadow: We have to trust Werehog Ash.

Gabe the Black cat:You weak and puny dumb hedgehog!I am not the real Gabe!He is over there[points to Gabe]

Real Gabe the Black cat:You didn't knock me out,in fact,if you did I would have gotten up easily and even faster!

Shadow: Danm it!


Gabe the Black cat:Who said anything about"helping"?

(With Werehog Ash)

Werehog Ash:(Founds Drago/Dark Gaia) Stop right there!

chase: *arrives where Werehog ash is* Werehog Ash!!! I've told you!!! I NEED TO DESTROY DARK GAIA!!! MY MOTHER HAS ENTRUSTED ME TO DO IT!!! I CANNOT LET HER DOWN!!!!!!!! WHY ARE YOU NOT GETTING THAT?!?!

Werehog Ash: I'm sorry. When I defeat Dark Gaia, you can seal him for your mother.

Chase: sealing him won't be enough. besides. you don't have the power to defeat him. Last time you defeated him, he wasn't fused with Drago. Drago's power combined with the power of 3 Chaos Emeralds and 1 Fake emerald, makes Dark Gaia virtually unstoppable, but me, Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Wen can beat him in our super forms. But we need the Chaos Emeralds. We need to leave Dark Gaia alone, he's already done enough damage, we can't provoke him anymore. just hlep us find the Chaos Emeralds. Trust me on this. My mother knows a lot about the power of Chaos. She even had connection to Chaos himself. I cannot let Tikal, my mother, down.

Werehog Ash: I have no choice. Pikachu, Iron Tail!

Pikachu: Pi! (Uses Iron Tail on Drago/Dark Gaia) PIKA!

Werehog Ash: Not a flinch. Pikachu! Thunderbolt!

Pikachu: Pika! (Uses Thunderbolt) CHU!!!!

Dark Gaia/Drago: (not affected)

Chase: Like I said. He's too strong. Why do you want me to deny my mother her wish? I'll probably never see my mother again in my life, and all you worry about is yourself! Just help me find the Chaos Emeralds and the others. Please.

Werehog Ash: Okay. But, I have to find May and Dawn. White lied to me that Gary had them.

???:Ha!I have 5 of them!I will only give you them if you do me a favor!

Werehog Ash:(Thoughts) I hope it's not that black cat again. Cause I told him that I have to fight Dark Gaia by myself. But how am I supposed to fight Dark Gaia? (Looks at Drago/Dark Gaia)

???:[is revealed to be Gabe]If you want those emeralds-

Werehog Ash:(Looks at Drago/Dark Gaia, then looks at Pikachu)

Pikachu: Pika. (Uses Quick Attack at Drago/Dark Gaia)

Dark Gaia/Drago: (not affected)

Chase: What favor? we need those Emeralds.

Gabe the Black cat:We work together,no one can lose with teamwork.Also I want to finish his rein of destruction!

Werehog Ash: I don't need any help. Don't you listen to people if they don't need any help?

Chase: quit being so stubborn. we need those Chaos emeralds, and then we need to find a way to get the other two from Dark Gaia.

Werehog Ash: I'll get them. And this time, don't help me. (Attacks Drago/Dark Gaia)

Dark Gaia: (it only does 1 HP of damage out of 40,000)

Chase: *tries to attract all Chaos Emeralds, and it works* yes. I was able o summon all the Chaos Emeralds to me. Now we jsut need ot find, Sonic, Shadow, Silver, and Wen.

Wen: Well. Actually just Silver, Sonic, and Shadow. I'm right here.

Jur: Actually, it's just Sonic and Silver. Cause Shadow is with us.

Werehog Ash:(Streches his arm, punches Drago/Dark Gaia)

Isaiah:... GALLICK HO! *blasts several spheres at Drago* SOLAR FLARE! *Blinds Dark Gaia, and hits it in the face with a stone*

Oliver: Have you lost your mind?!

Charles: Ash said he has to fight Dark Gaia alone and no help.

Lewbert Are you deaf or something?!

Spencer: Tabitha is right. You are a nuts. And don't say she's ugly, nasty, horrible, and mean. She's beautiful, pretty, sweet, kind, and honest and I love her.

Jur: Yeah, but Tabitha doesn't love you.

Chase: Guys can we just find Sonic and Silver.

Silver: Well. I'm right here so. You just need to find Sonic.

Chase: Guys. you're attacks are barely doing anything to Dark Gaia. The only power to stop him is within the 7 Chaos Emeralds. but we must find Sonic.

Dark Gaia: *disappears*

Chase: Damn it. Dark Gaia's gone again. Well at least we can focus on finding Sonic right guys.

Silver: right.

Wen: sure. why not.

Shadow: Same here.

Chase: Come on guys. And Werehog Ash. YOu obviously don't listen to anything. I've told you a million times that only me, Shadow, Silver, Sonic, and Wen can defeat Dark Gaia. Only our combined power is enough to take hime down. He is immortal to any other attacks then thsoe of someone in a super form. Trust me. I know more about the power of Chaos then you since I am a close descendent of Chaos himself.

Luna: Hey, what about me? I have a super form as well.

(Ryu-I may be crazy here, but isn't this RP supposed to focus on this Werehog Ash fellow instead of Mr. Close Descendant of Chaos being one of the very few who is able to defeat Dark Gaia? :/)
(I think you're right.)
(either way. I still want my character to play a role in the story. Plus, Chase wouldn't want to let his mother, TIkal down no matter what she told him to do. Chase would never let donw his mother. So he needs to at least help destroy Dark Gaia.)
(Well, Werehog Ash really wants to find May and Dawn, so he has to fight Dark Gaia alone without any help so he won't let May and Dawn down)
Gabe the Black cat:I just want to get revenge on Drago for attacking me!
Chase: I just wanna carry out the wish of my mother and make her proud. But i'll need to go Super to do so. So now.... it's time to go into my Super form. But.... i go into my Super form a little bit differently.
Werehog Ash: I want to find May and Dawn. That's why I want to fight Dark Gaia so I won't let them down.
Gabe the Black cat:My super form is different...too...ash,chase,everbody else....we all should go super and defeat Drago and Dark Gaia,not mentioning Mongar!
Chase: Alright then. (the Chaos Emeralds start circling around us and "Solaris Phase 2" plays in the background) The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power. Power is enriched by the heart. The controller is the one that unifies the Chaos. (crosses my arms like an "x" and then turns into my Super form, Ultima Chase and throw my arms out to the side as I transform)
Luna:(Covers her eyes, then turns into Super Luna)
Shadow:(Turns into Super Shadow)
Isaiah:....Hey, do I get a turn to do the honors?
Wen:(Turns into Super Wen)
Silver:(Turns into Super Silver)
Gabe:(The Death Emeralds turns Gabe into Super Gabe,whiuch is a white silhoutte and all you can see of him is his red eyes)
Werehog Ash: I'll go find Sonic. But this time I'll find him alone.

Isaiah:*cracks Knuckles, then powers up to full power Super* There...

Jur: Good thing, me, and the freedom fighters don't have super forms. We'll just watch.

Lewbert: Crystal, you should turn into Cold Crystal so you can stop Mongar.

Crystal: Right(runs forward and turns into Cold Crystal. She flies up to join everyone else)

Isaiah: *puts up his finger, and a sphere generates* Prepare to die...

Oliver: Not now, Isaiah, we haven't found Drago and Dark Gaia.

Jur: And there is no killing!

Charles: We have to find them, right Chase?


(Wait until Andrew roleplays)

Pikachu:(Climbs up to Werehog Ash's shoulder)

Werehog Ash: I'll be back to get Sonic in no time. (Runs off to find Sonic, suddenly he felt something in his heart, passes out)

Pikachu: Pika pi!

Part 8: Going to Transelvania

Werehog Ash: (Wakes up) Ugh...... My head......

Marcos: Hello Ash.

Werehog Ash: Marcos. How did you know I was with Chase and the others?

Marcos: These two told me.

(The two people revealed to be Sonic and Lizzy)

Werehog Ash: I thought you said you can't trust mobians.

Marcos: Well, Sonic told us everything what happened to you.

Sonic: It's true.

Marcos: Get some sleep Ash. I'll tell you who really took May and Dawn.

Werehog Ash:(Was surprised, then nodded)

(With Chase and the others)

Chase: Alright. We've gotta find out where Dark Gaia is. He could be on anywhere on Mobius.

Super Luna: I just hope he and Drago didn't find Mongar...

Ultima Chase: I doubt he knows who Mongar is. But still we gotta find him and do our best to defeat him. The only way to defeat him, is to use the super power of teamwork.

Super Luna: But Sonic, Werehog Ash is still looking for him.

Ultima Chase: We gotta look for him too.

Super Luna: Werehog Ash said he can look for him, alone.

Ultima Chase: Well then. Let's jsut find Dark Gaia.

Super Luna: Okay.

(Back with Werehog Ash)

Werehog Ash: Mongar has May and Dawn?

Marcos: Yes.

Werehog Ash: Then why did White tell me that Gary has May and Dawn.

Sonic: Maybe he lied so I would have the werehog blood.

Werehog Ash: I'm going to stop Mongar, then Dark Gaia and that other hedgehog.

Sonic: Drago.

Marcos: No... Dark Gaia is more powerful when he is with Drago. You must work together.

Werehog Ash: With who?

Marcos: The queen of the vampires.

Lizzy: Queen of the vampires?

Marcos: Yes. We must go to Transelvania to see her and her husband so they can help us fight Mongar.

Werehog Ash: Hmmm...... I guess....

Pikachu: Pika...

Sonic: Can me and Lizzy come?

Marcos: Just for protection. Let's go.

(Marcos, Werehog Ash, Sonic, and Lizzy left to Transelvania)

(With Drago and Dark Gaia)

Dark Gaia/Drago: *terrorizing an entire country*

Ultima Chase: *sees Dark Gaia* There he is!

Super Wen: Let's do this.

Super Shadow: Hmph. Let's get this over with.

Super Luna: Okay. (Thoughts) I hope Sonic is okay.

(With Sonic and the others)

Werehog Ash: Marcos, how long do you know the vampire queen?

Marcos: We're good friends. She is very special. I used to love her, but she doesn't love me back.

Werehog Ash: I see.

Lizzy: Is she dangerous?

Marcos: No... She might bite your neck.

Lizzy: Eeek!!! I'm getting Mrs. Sippi! (Pulls out her doll)


Marcos: We're here. (Opens the castle door) Leira? Are you here?

Lizzy: Oh good. Nobody's home. Let's go.

Sonic:(Grabs Lizzy) Not so fast.

Lizzy: But it's empty.

Marcos: It is not empty. Leira lives here.


Werehog Ash: So... Where is she?

Pikachu: Pika?

Marcos: Sleeping.

Lizzy: When will she wake up?

Gabe the Black cat:[appears]I can't believe how long it took to follow werehog I have to find him....

Marcos: When her time comes.

Werehog Ash:(Turns around, sees Gabe) YOU!!! UGH!!! WHAT PART OF "NO HELP" DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!!!!

Sonic: Who's he?

Werehog Ash: I don't know. He keeps helping me even though I told him I don't need any help.

Gabe the Black cat: You don't know who I am? I am GABE THE BLACK CAT!!!!!!

Sonic: Seriously?

Gabe the Black cat: Yep! I help people all the time, even my friends. And that's why I want to help Ashie.

Werehog Ash: No thanks.

Gabe the Black cat: Well, if you ever change your mind, I'll be outside training so I can defeat that Drago guy! [runs outside]

Sonic: If this Gabe person tries to help me fight one of my enemies when I don't need any help, I'm so toast.

Lizzy:(Holding Mrs. Sippi tight) You can say that again.

Gabe the Black cat:Gah![runs back]It's him!

Lizzy: Who?

Gabe the Black cat:me!

Werehog Ash: How could it be you when you're standing right here?

Gabe the Black cat;well,there's actually 3 other me's but only one of them dislikes me the most.Metal Gabe.

Marcos: There is no time to talk, Leira has awoken.

(Sonic, Lizzy, Werehog Ash and Marcos went to Leira's throne)

Metal Gabe:I will terminate you,now!

Marcos: Leira, we are here and we need your help.[10]Metal Gabe the Black catAdded by GabeTheBlackcat(I got the message about white what can i do now i didnt edit this in months)

(WIth Klonoa and Abby)

Abby:(Still in a werehog costume, goes outside, puts on her jacket and hat)

Klonoa:(Still in werehog costume, came outside) Abbs, where are you going?

Abby: To help Werehog Ash.

Klonoa: Abby! Werehog Ash told you not to help him! You're disobeying him just like that black cat that I don't know! Which I can't believe I trust Werehog Ash.

Abby: Werehog Ash is my friend and I cared for him. Sure I'm dating Mason and having a crush on Shadow, but I really like him.

Klonoa: Abbs, do you remember when that little plankton took Arjar's dark energy and killed him? Well, think this is the tourament and I'm Sonic and your Luna and I find you laying dead because Arjar killed her and then I turned dark and went all rampaging. When Mongar finds Werehog Ash and kills him. You'll have your first dark form and then you'll go rampaging and crazy.

(Suddenly, a shadow that looks like a monster when behind Klonoa. Abby got shocked.)

Klonoa: He's (Mongar) standing right behind me, isn't he?


Klonoa:(Turns around and sees Mongar)

Mongar:(Grabs Klonoa and Abby leaving the background all black)

(Back with Sonic and the others)

Lizzy: Leira isn't here. Let's go.

(Seriously what did my characters do after this love tie they werent in there and what do u want me to do?. 19:14, December 11, 2011 (UTC) )


Shock: -growls-

Lizzy: Hi Shock.

Marcos: Leira? Are you here?

(Who's going to be playing Queen Leira Von Zaleska of Transylvannia and King Dimitri Von Zaleska)

Werehog Ash:(To Shock) What are you doing here?

Sonic: Seriously.

(Speaking of seriously, who's is going to play Leria and Dimitri?)

Marcos: Leira, where are you?

Lizzy: If she's not here, then we should go.

(Lizzy was about to leave, suddenly the door is open)

Lizzy: Or not...


(Leira came in)

Marcos: Ahh.. Leria, it's good to see you again.

Leira: Charmed, who is this Marcos?

Marcos: This is Ash. One of my new members of the Werehog Army. And his friends, Sonic and Lizzy.

Lizzy: Please don't bite me! I taste like fish!

Leira: What makes you think that

Bakuu:*Appears and Growls*

Leira:*Hisses* Another vampire, or half vampire

Lizzy: You're not going to bite my neck?

Leira: No

Bakuu: You better not *Turns vampire*

Sonic:(Whistles) Nice.

Marcos: Leria, we need your help. We must defeat Mongar. He has Ash's wife and friend.

Sonic: And we also have to deal with Drago and Dark Gaia. I bet Chase and the others are looking for me.

Leira: Ok, but Keep thrash and Your halfvamp controlled, I will talk with my husband

Sonic: Alright then.

Marcos: Thank you, Leria.

Leira:*Walks into Dimetries room* My love we have guests who need our help

Dimitri:*Walks out*

Marcos: Hello Dimitri. This is my new member of the Werehog Army. Ash. And his friends, Sonic and Lizzy.

Werehog Ash:(Kneels to the ground) Your Majasties.

Pikachu: Pika.

Dimitri: Charmed, *Looks at Bakuu* What is a half vampire doing here?


Bakuu:*Growls* Watch it

Lizzy: Eeek!

Leira: Please stop, both of you, now what is the request Sonic

Sonic:(Pulls out an ice crystal from Sonic Unleashed) Before defeating Mongar, I want to defeat Drago and Dark Gaia.

(The ice crystal glows leaving it a light blue background, then back to regular background, Sonic is now Freeze Sonic)

Freeze Sonic: As the form that I defeated Bailey in, Freeze Sonic.

Leira: Drago and Dark Gia are Formidible oponents but if you require our assisstence then ok

Freeze Sonic: Then let's do it.

Part 9: Freeze Sonic, Werehog Ash, Marcos, Leria, Dimtri, Ultimate Chase, Super Wen, Cold Crystal, Super Shadow, Super Silver and Super Luna vs. Drago and Dark Gaia

(In Mongar's prison)

Abby: Oh... This is terrible. Mongar is going to steal Werehog Ash's good heart and I'll never see him again, just like Dan.... (Starts to cry)

Klonoa: Ah, geez how do you think that guy feels?

(Klonoa and Abby see a skeleton of a werehog, they got scared)

Klonoa: Wow. Werehogs are filled with bones here? I thought they were filled was icky doodle.

???: That's how Mongar steals a werehog's heart.

Abby: Who are you?

???: My name is May and this is my friend, Dawn. Mongar kidnapped us after Ash joined Marcos's army.

Dawn: When we got his dark spirits back, he forgot who he was.

Abby: How do we stop Mongar?

May: The only way to stop Mongar is to use the heart of courage. And Ash has it.

(Back with Ultimate Chase and the others)

Super Luna:(Tackles Dark Gaia)

(Stop roleplaying)

(I'm back)

Ultima Chase: *charges into Dark Gaia and Drago in a beam of light*

Super Wen: *launches a Chaos Spear at Dark Gaia*

Drago/Dark Gaia: *get damaged*

Ultima Chase: Yes! We're actually doing damage to him!

Super Luna:(Attacks Drago/Dark Gaia)

Drago/Dark Gaia:(Hits Super Luna)

Super Luna: Ugh!

Drago/Dark Gaia:(Was about to blast Super Luna, but was hit by a Ice Beam and a Fire Blast)

(The Ice Beam came from Freeze Sonic and Lizzy)

Lizzy: Hey guys! We are here to defeat Dark Gaia and Drago. And we brought Werehog Ash, Marcos and some vampires!

Super Luna: Sonic!

Ultima Chase: Chaos Spear! *hits Dark Gaia with a Chaos Spear* How'd you like that!

Dark Gaia/Drago: *fires a dark ball at Chase*

???: *jumps outof nowhere and hits it back Dark gaia*

Drago/Dark Gaia: *roars in pain*

Ultima: Who the?

???: *standing on a cliff* I'm Lily the Hedgecat. I'm here to help.

Super Wen: Are you sure it's safe for you to be here. You're not in Super form. Besides we've already used the Emeralds.

Ultima chase: Leave the Super form problem to me. I can transfer to some power to her in order to allow her to go Super. But it'll take some time. I need you all to cover me.

Super Wen: Gotcha. *dashes at Dark Gaia and unleashes Chaos blast on him*

Dark Gaia/Drago: *roars in pain*

Ultima Chase: *Transfering power to Lily*

Freeze Sonic: Alright, Drago! This is for lying to me! (Blasts Ice Beam at Drago/Dark Gaia)

Dark Gaia/Drago: *roars in pain Then blasts a dark ray attack at Sonic*

Freeze Sonic:(Freezes the ray)

Super Luna: Nice one, Sonic!

???: *Standing on a cliff overseeing the fight from a very short distance, then takes out my Power Staff and jumps from the clif and slams the staff into Dark Gaia while standing on him*

Ultima Chase: What the?

Super Wen: The heck?!

???: *takes out teh Power Staff and jumps up and back on to the cliff, chuckling*

Oliver:(Looks at ??? through telescope) Who is that?

Spencer: Never seen him in my life.

(Sonicman667: The character is a girl)

???: I am Lily the Hedgecat. And I am hear to help.

Super Wen: No time for introductions. We gotta stop this thing. *attacks Dark Gaia*

Freeze Sonic: Great! (Uses Ice Beam on Dark Gaia)

Super Luna:(Punches Dark Gaia)

Ultima Chase: Take this Dark Gaia! *dashes straight into him causing a nice amount of damage*

???: *in the distance, chuckles and smirks evilly. Looks like Shadic but also a little like Chase*

Ultima Chase: *looks at the guy who looks like Shadic and a little like him*No fucking way.... how the hell did Chaos Chase get here?

Chaos Chase: *Chaos Controls in front of Chase and flies in front of him* Hello, my loathsome copy!

Ultima Chase: Grrrr..... Shut up, Chaos Chase!

Oliver:(Looks through the telescope) Okay, who is that and why does he look like Chase?

Jur: I don't know, but he is very mean to him.

Ultima Chase: *to Jur and Oliver* This is Chaos Chase. He comes from a seperate universe. A universe filled with evil. Except for a small number of heroes.

Chaos Chase: That's right. And I will kill this fool!

U. Chase: Yeah right! *blasts Chaos Chase away*

Drago/Dark Gaia: Enough of this!!!

U. Chase: What the?!

Drago/Dark Gaia: You will all suffer!!!

Super Luna: What?!

Freeze Sonic: No way!

Jur: Aw pellets.

Drago/Dark Gaia: CHAOS!!!! *shimmers*


Freeze Sonic: Not unless we defeat him.


Drago/Dark Gaia: NOVA!!!!!!!!

U. Chase: CRAP! CHAOS CONTROL!!!! *stops time except for Freeze Sonic and the others before the explosion reaches them*

U. Chase: *pants* To sue Chaos Contorl that quick.... takes up a lot of energy. I think i growing weak. If I lose my Super form, i'll die because we're so high up. My ring count is already at 10. I have 10 seconds....... I'm done for........

Lily: No Chase. YOur not done for. Here's a Ring Box! *throws him a ring box*

U. Chase: *Breaks it and gets 70 more rings* Thank you. But how do you know my name?

Lily: Blaze told me about you. YOu know Blaze right?

Chase: Of course.

Lily: Ok well Chaos Control should be ending soon so we might want get out of here.

U. Chase: Right. Come on guys let's go before we die. *heads to a safe distance at light speed*

Freeze Sonic: NO! We need to defeat Dark Gaia!


Super Luna: How?! He'll attack us any moment!