It happens to be Marsha's birthday and all her firends in Sonic X are celebrating. Just during the festivities, Time Feaster attacks and sends them all (except Sonic; including Marsha) through time. Now, Sonic and Marsha, along with their classic selves, must destroy the Time Feaster once again.


  • 06civic68pa



  • Sonic
  • Classic Sonic
  • Marsha
  • Classic Marsha


Bosses, Enemies and Rivals

  • Dark Princess (both classic and modern)
  • Classic Metal Sonic
  • Classic Marshaamanda
  • Dr. Eggman (both classic and modern)
  • Death Egg Robot
  • Egg Dragoon
  • Time Feaster


  • Rings
  • Chaos Emeralds


  • No sex (hugging or kissing is fine)
  • No G-Modding (Damn and bleeps are fine)
  • Have Fun


(Classic Marsha is running through is the ruins of a city five years after the Great Mushroom War. She suddenly hears a noise)

Classic Marsha (looks left then right) Hm.

(Classic Marsha continues to run. Time Feaster appears in the sky. Marsha turns around as the the screen flashes white. It cuts to 997 years into the future. Knuckles the EchidnaAmy RoseCream the RabbitRouge the BatVector the CrocodileEspio the ChameleonCharmy BeeBlaze the Cat, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog are all around a table when Tails runs up.)

Tails (breathing heavily): Guys! She'll... be here... any second!

(All of them turn around as Marsha speeds up to the table.)

Marsha: Hey guys. What's goin' on? You havin' a party? For who? For what?

All (turn around): Suprise!

Marsha (flattered): Guys... This is amazing!

(Everyone begins celebrating. Tails comes up to Marsha.)

Tails: It's prettyimposible to suprise you.

Marsha: No it isn't. One time when I was four, I was suprised that my father was killing some innocent man for no good reason. But you guys really got me this time, unlike what happend last year. I had no idea!

Tails: Yeah...right. Happy birthday, Marsha! Hope you like this.

(Tails hands Marsha a cupcake. Marsha takes a bite out of it.)

Marsha: Like it? I LOVE it! How did you know that I love cupcakes?!

(Suddenly, Time Feaster interrupts the party.)

Marsha: Oh my god. What is that?!

(Time Feaster opens portals to different times. Time Feaster begins sending Marsha's friends (excluding Sonic) to different points in her past.)

Sonic: Hey! Not cool.

(Sonic tries to stop Time Feaster but is knocked unconcious. Marsha is seen holding onto to Tails.)

Marsha: Help us...

(Tails and Marsha are finally pulled into a time hole.)

Tails: Sonic!

(Cuts to White Space where Sonic regains conciousness. Sonic looks around and runs off.)

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