It's been nearlly a month since she left Adventure Time forever, and Marsha is just fitting right in to Sonic X. She's able to keep up with the action that Sonic, Tails and Knuckles keep up with. She has become the first female member of Team Sonic. However, one day Tails goes missing. Now, Marsha goes searching for Tails and goes to teach the person who kidnapped him a lesson, Marsha Style. Will she be able to find him or will she be too late?


  • 06civic68pa





  • Metal Sonic
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Marsha.EXE
  • Psycho Marsha
  • Dark Princess


  • Miles "Tails" Prower


  • No sex (hugging or kissing is fine)
  • No G-Modding (Damn and bleeps are fine)
  • Have Fun


(A black female hedgefox stands on a hill looking down at Westopolis.)

Marsha: The name's Princess Marshalia Christopher Abadeer the Fourth, but everyone just calls me Marsha. I was born in the Land of Ooo but now live in the show Sonic X. I am the first ever female member of Team Sonic, but I don't let that slow me down. I happen to be both a flying and speed type. I can combine the two and defeat any villains the first time. But one day, something unexpected happened. Something pure evil. Something...(shivers)nearly heart breaking.

(Cuts to when Marsha walks into Tails' garage.)

Marsha (peaks in side): Hey, Tails! Ready to g- (notices that Tails isn't there;gasps)Tails? (walks around) Tails are you here? (Marsha sees a note stabbed to the Tornado X) Huh? (picks it up and reads it) I have your boyfriend. If you want him back, come and get me. Dark (adds a growl to her voice) Princess... (crushes the note in her hand.) Kim Jefferson...took...Tails?! (eyes glow red) How dare she kidnap him. How dare she stab the note on the Tornado X. How dare...(thinks for a second)she call him my boyfriend! We're not even dating! Well, wherever you are Kim, I will find you and I will get Tails back...

(Marsha flies out of Tail's garage and into Westopolis.)

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