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Lizzy and Jur went into a haunted house to investigete when Werehog Ash gets kidnapped. And when Jur turns into a werehog with a machine, Lizzy turns into a werehog as well but no clue how. She and Jur must find how Lizzy turned into a werehog and figure out how the two best friends must turn back to normal.







Lizzy the Hedgehog/Werehog

Jur the Hedgehog/Werehog

Marcos the Werehog

Jill the Werehog

Stu the Werehog

Maggie the Werehog

Werehog Ash

Shine the Hedgehog (Gurahk)

Fetalia the Dark (Gurahk)

Falco the Eagle (09jhero)

Hero the Echidna (09jhero)

Klonoa the Hedgehog

Master Yo


Drake the Hedgebat (Gurahk)

Maya the Echidna (Gurahk)

Anti Heroes


Razor the Hedgehog/Werehog

Ali the Hedgehog

Snake the Rat

The Phantom of Transformation

Dennis the Dark Wizard (Bailey's fiancee)

Julius the Black Murderer (Gurahk)

Medusa the Succubus (Gurahk)


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Part 1: The Investigation

(One nice morning in Lunatea, Lizzy wakes up in her night gowan, a bird cames into the window, Lizzy opens the window, the bird hands her a box and flew away, Lizzy opens the box and sees a pretty necklace, Lizzy smiles and puts it on. She got dressed and went outside)

Pristest: Hello Lizzy, where did you get that necklace?

Lizzy: Some guy name Jordan send it to me.

Pristest: That's pretty nice.

Lizzy: Is it okay if I can go to Mobius?

Pristest: Yes. You always do everyday.

Lizzy: Thanks! (Activates her rocket boots and flies off to Mobius)

(Lizzy made it to Mobius and sees Jur)

Lizzy: Hi Jur!

Jur: Hey Liz.

Lizzy: Notice anying thing different?

Jur: No. But the last time you visit here for the first time, you had your hair in a ponytail and weared a red shirt, a long blue jacket, black pants and pink shoes.

Lizzy: I'm wearing a necklace. Someone name Jordan send this to me.

Jur: Sweet. By the way, Marcos wants us to go to his cave.

Lizzy: What does he want?

Jur: I don't know. We should go there.

Lizzy: Shouldn't we wait for Luna? She's our leader of Team Lunatea.

Jur: Don't worry. I'm in charge.

(Jur and Lizzy go to the werehog cave)

(In the werehog cave)

Maggie:(Crying for no reason)

Werehog Ash:(Comfirts her) There there. It's okay. Marcos has called in a team so they can find your brother.

Maggie: Really? Do they think they can find Jeremy?

Marcos: Yes, dear Maggie. I have called upon a time to find your older brother.

Stu: You know, there is a team called Team Gold. They're the most bravest team of all of Mobius. But, somehow they disappeared for no certent reason.

Marcos: You're right Stu. Team Gold has never been seen again. We should try Team Sonic.

Jur: Oh no you don't!

(Lizzy and Jur have arrived)

Jur: Cause you got Team Lunatea!

???: Out of the way!

(Another team pushes Lizzy and Jur)

???: Try us. We're Team Nightmare and I'm the leader, Razor.

???2: And I'm the brains, Ali.

???3: And I'm the watcher, Snake.

Werehog Ash: Are they new here?

Jill: I don't know. I never seen them before.

Stu: Well, maybe Lizzy and Jur and Team Nightmare will go find Jermey.

Marcos: Stu is right, again. Team Lunatea and Team Nightmare. Go to a haunted house and investigate there. Maybe Jermey is in there.

Lizzy: Haunted House!!!! EEEEEEKKKKK!!!!! (Pulls out Mrs. Sippi)

Team Nightmare:(Laughs)

Jur: Stop laughing at her! I don't care if Lizzy still has her doll with her. She's still my best friend forever!

Razor: Whatever. Team Nightmare. Let's.

(Team Nightmare went to the haunted house)

Jur: Come on, Lizzy. Let's go.

Lizzy: Okay.

(Jur and Lizzy went to the haunted house as well)

Werehog Ash: I better go with them. (Follows Jur and Lizzy)

(Jur, Lizzy and Werehog Ash made it to the haunted house, they went inside and investigate)

Lizzy:(Looking around) Looks like a haunted house to me.

Werehog Ash: You can say that again.

(Suddeny, a shadow grabs Werehog Ash and runs off)

Jur: Even a chicken, like you, has to admit this isn't scary Ash...... Ash? Ash?! Huh? Ash! Ash!

(Lizzy hears evil laughing and sees the shadow run off)

Lizzy: Jur, did you just see that right now?

Jur: See what?

Lizzy: That man! We just ran fast like Sonic!

Jur: You're imagining things. Come on, let's go find Werehog Ash.

(Jur and Lizzy look for Werehog Ash around the haunted house)

Lizzy: Ash!

(Both girls gotten worried about Werehog Ash, then they heard chain saws running, they turned around and saw a man with a chain saw)

Both: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! (Turned around and sees a knight with a spear) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

(The shadow laughs evily)

Both: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! (Runs away, then stops in shock)

(The shadow laughs evil again and disappears)

Both:(Got scared)

Lizzy:(Pushes Jur to go)

Jur:(Pushes Lizzy to go)

Lizzy:(Pushes Jur to go)

Jur:(Pushes Lizzy to go)

Both:(Pushes each other to go again and again)

Jur:(Steps on the stairs)

Both:(Goes up the stairs, but the stairs turned into a slide and they slide back to the beginning, they fell into a pit, landed on the ground hard)

Lizzy: Well it can't get any worse then this.

(The walls started to move, it's about to squish Jur and Lizzy)

Lizzy: Well, the walls are very concerdable.

(Clarinet spikes came out of the walls, it's about to stabbed Jur and Lizzy to death)

Lizzy: Oh boy. We are so dead!

Jur:(Covers Lizzy's mouth, reads a note) "In case of Collapsing Walls and Clarinet Spikes, BREAK GLASS!"

Lizzy: With what?!

Jur:(Gets an idea, clears her throat) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The glass breaks and a rope appeared)

Jur:(Pulls the rope)

(The walls moved to where they were and the clarinet spikes disappeared)

Both:(Sees a door, runs out of here)

(They continued to look for Jermey and Werehog Ash)

Lizzy: I'm getting a little bit scared.

Jur: Don't worrying, Liz. We'll find Jermey, grab Ash and get out of here. And Team Nightmare will be the stupid one's.

Lizzy: Right. By the way, do you know about Team Nightmare?

Jur: One and that's Razor. He's like my rival.

Lizzy: Why is that?

Jur: When we were kids, Razor broke one of my dolls and I got mad. That's why I hate Razor, a lot.

Lizzy: I see.

(Suddnely, the shadow grabs Jur, Jur tried to call Lizzy, but the shadow covered her mouth and disappeared)

Lizzy: Did you hear something, Jur? (Turns around and sees Jur is no where to be found) Jur? Jur?! (Looks around) Jur! JUR!!!!! (Jur is still no where) Oh god... (Fells to her knees and begins to cry) I'm all alone.... (Crys very loud)

Voice: Don't give up, Elizabeth, find your friend. She will become the one that you become.

Lizzy:(Gets up) Who's there?

Voice: You will find out when the time comes.

(The voice disappeared)

Lizzy: What does it mean, Jur will become the one that I become. Well, I better go find Jur and make sure she's okay. (Runs off to find Jur)

Part 2: Lizzy to the Rescue!

(Lizzy sees some booby traps. She manage to escape the traps, dodges the knives and escape the mirror room, she slide down the stair, but fell to the ground very hard)

Lizzy:(Gets up, looks around) Jur? Jur! Oh. Where are you buddy?


(Lizzy runs to Jur, she is a werehog now)

Lizzy: Jur! Thank goodness I found you! (Turns off the machine)

Jur: What were you trying to do, roast me into a werehog?!

Lizzy: No. It wasn't me! You've been kidnapped! I'm trying to get you out of here. (Breaks the glass)

Jur:(Fells to the floor, very hard)

Lizzy: Sorry....

(A HedgeBat watched them, then came down)

Lizzy: Hi there, who are you?

Drake: As if it's any of your business!

Jur: Uh... Rude! (Gets hurt) Ow..

Lizzy: Sorry about my friend, she's always cranky like you do. My name is Lizzy the Hedgehog! Nice to meet you!

Jur: She's a robot built by Prof. Gerald Robotnik and also the cousin of Shadow the Hedgehog. You don't know him, he's the Ultimate Life Form. So, what's a hedgebat like you doing here?

Drake:......did you say Shadow the Hedgehog?

Jur: Yeeeeeeessssss. She diiiiiiiiid.......

Drake: Hmph. I'm actually from the future. And Shadow's my dad.

Lizzy: Oh wow! So that means you're my future nephew!

Jur:(Thoughts) I hope the mother is Abby. Anyway, how did you get here? Are you looking for someone as well.

Drake: That's none of your business, okay?!

Lizzy and Jur:(Looked at each other, confused)

Lizzy: Well, we're looking for a 5 year old's older brother and our friend. Can you help us find them?

Jur: If you say no to us, I'm going to punch you in the face even though you are Shadow's son and Lizzy's nephew!

Drake: Hmph! Please....I could kill you in half-a-second!

Jur: That's it! Let me have him! (Was about to punch Drake)

Lizzy:(Grabs Jur's arm) Jur! Wait!

(Both girls go talk for a private moment)

Lizzy: I don't think Drake doesn't know about friendship. Maybe his friend abandon him and he is acting like a mean guy.

Jur: He probably has Shadow's atittue. As Rocky would call Shadow, "Mr. Cranky Pants".

Lizzy: True. But Shadow is nice to me, Abby, Rouge, Omega, Cammie, Sammy, Rocky, Kark and Mimi. Maybe my nephew is also nice to me, Abby, Rogue, Omega, Cammie, Sammy, Rocky, Kark and Mimi as well.

Jur: Let's hope so.

(Both girls go back to Drake)

Lizzy:(Acts friendly to Drake) So, do you know someone who is very kind to you?

Drake:.....just one.

Jur: Oh really? Who?

Lizzy:(Whispers to herself) I hope it's me...

Drake: Why should I tell you?!

Lizzy: Cause we're being nice to you.

Drake: I don't need your sympathy at all! Now stay out of my way! (walks off)

Jur: Nice meeting you too, Mr. Cranky Pants.

Lizzy: Now what do we do?

Jur: I guess we have to find Jeremy and Werehog Ash by ourselves.

Lizzy: Poo.........

(a time portal suddenly appeared behind them)

Lizzy: Eeek!!!!! (Pulls out Mrs. Sippi)

Jur: Seriously?

Lizzy: Sorry.

Jur:(Picks a stick) Alright! Whoever you are, show yourself! And if it's Silver, then you're cool.

Shine: (dashes from it and then poses with his Psychokinesis)

Fetalia: (sighs)

Jur: Hey! It's just some kids!

Lizzy: Oh.....

Fetalia: Me? A kid? You can't be serious!

Jur: Uh...

Lizzy: Sorry about my friend. My name is Lizzy!

Jur: A robot. So what are you two doing here?

Fetalia: Save the future from werecreatures.....

Shine: Again!

Fetalia: Shine cut it out!

Shine: Whatever ya say, Fetty!

Fetalia: For the 100th time, call me Fetalia! I hate that word Fetty!

Jur: What do you mean, "Again?" Has this happen before?

Shine: No, I mean us fixing the future!

Lizzy: What happened to the future?

Shine: Werepeople rule the world and attacking and killing people nonstop! It's a mess!

Jur: But there are some nice werepeople.

Lizzy: Yeah, and that's Werehogs.

Jur: And Werecats, Werefoxes, Weresquirrels, Wereechidnas, and Werebirds.

Shine: Not in the future they aren't!

Lizzy: Do you think it has to be someone who kidnapped Jeremey and Werehog Ash?

Jur: Don't know. But let's find out and find Jeremey and Werehog Ash before Team Nightmare finds them.

Shine: Yeah! This'll be easy!

Lizzy: But, we don't even know you.

Jur: Yeah. And we tried to ask Lizzy's future nephew who his name is as we are being nice, but he sort of left.

Shine: I'm Shine...Shine the Hedgehog. And this is my partner Fetalia.

Fetalia: Fetalia the Dark.....

Lizzy: Well, very nice to meet you!

Shine: Heh!

Jur: Then let's go find Jeremey and Werehog Ash before Razor and his team come.

???: You called.

(Team Nightmare came in)

Jur: Razor!

Fetalia:" Hmm?

Razor: Have fun talking with the hedgebat?

Lizzy: How did you know we were talking with my future nephew?

Razor: Snake spied on you.

Jur: Dang it!

(Meanwhile, back where the Werehog machine was)

Falco: (looking at his scanner) Yup, this is where the energy flunctuations came from! I just gotta- (walks past the machine and accidentally causes it to blast him)

(Back with everyone else)

Fetalia: Damn.....

Lizzy: What do you want from us?

Razor: We don't want Jur, the white hedgehog, and the black hedgehog. We are here to get (points to Lizzy) you.

Lizzy: Say what?

Jur: Not on my watch! Lizzy! Get out of here!

Lizzy:(Nods, runs off)

Jur:(Attacks Razor)

Razor:(Punches her really hard)

Jur:(Gets knocked out)

Lizzy:(Still running)

Razor:(Blocked her) You don't know who I really am in the night.

(Full moon comes up)

(Razor's gloves ripped, his red fur turns dark red, and his fangs come out)

Razor:(Laughs evil)

Lizzy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Faints)

Razor:(Goes in to Lizzy closer)

(The background goes black)

(Few hours later)

Lizzy:(Opens her eyes, sees Jur, Shine and Fetila being with her) Ugh...... Jur, where's Razor?

Jur: He and his team got away.

Lizzy: What happened?

Jur: You fainted and somehow you've been turned into werehog.

Lizzy: WHAT?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

Part 3: Not a Happy Life

(At Sonic's house)

Jur:(Looking for Sonic and Cici)

Lizzy:(Sits on the couch)

Master Yo:(Came in) Hi girls!

Jur and Lizzy: Hi.

Master Yo:(Turned around) Wah! What in the foo tootles happened to you?! You're.... you're werehogs.

Lizzy: Jur got blasted by a machine. I don't know how I got turned into a werehog.

Jur: So we're looking for Sonic and Cici so they can figure this out.

Master Yo: Uhh.... They sort of left for some kind of misson. They won't be back for 4 months.

Lizzy: 4 months?! We'll never get turned back!

Master Yo: I'm gonna go stand over there and look that way if it all the same to you.

Jur: We need to talk to Jesse. He'll know what to do. (Calls Jesse)