Theme Intro: Littlest Pet Shop - Theme song With Captions Lyrics/PAW Patrol Opening Theme:

One day at Farmer Al’s farm, Rubble, Minka, Rocky, and Sunil are helping Farmer Al with harvesting his cornfield with some help from Yakko and Dot Warner.

Rocky: Cool!

Sunil Nevla: It is hard work, but I’m used to it.

Dot Warner: (dressed as farmer) Alright, y'all. Time to harvest us some corn!

Farmer Al: Okay, Rubble, Minka, Dot, we're almost done. For the next part of the corn maze, you need to turn... (pointing the next direction) that way.

Yakko Warner: This way? Okay.

Rubble: (barking)

Minka Mark: Go Rubble!

Dot Warner: Yee-haw!

Farmer Al: We should be plowing through the exit soon.

Rocky: Hey, Rubble, Minka, what do little corn cobs call their daddy?

Rubble: What?

Minka Mark: Yeah, what do little corn cobs call their daddy?

Rocky: Pop-corn.

Rubble: (laughing) I get it!

Warners: (in tone) Rocky.

Sunil Nevla: Now, that was funny.

With that said, the corn maze is finished.

Rocky and Rubble: We did it!

Yakko and Dot Warner: Done and done!

Farmer Al: Yes! The maze is done. And it's amazing!

Dot Warner: So happy that Noah had let us join the rescue team.

Yakko Warner: And we’re just glad to do our part time job from our rebooting show business from 2020.

Pear: I know. I really loved your skills.

Farmer Al and Rubble: (laughing)

Rubble: And now we've got lots and lots of corn to roast.

Farmer Al: But first, we have lots and lots of shucking to do.

Rocky and Rubble: Aw, shucks.

Warners: (in tone) Rocky! Rubble!

Farmer Al: Let's get shucking.

Then, the corn has been all shucked as Rocky, Dot and Sunil finished

Rocky: Another piled of shucked corn, Farmer Al.

Farmer Al: Thanks, Pups, Pets and Warners. I never could've gotten everything ready without your help. You can go clean up and get ready.

Rocky: Clean up? Us?

Dot Warner: Yes, Rocky, clean up.

Rubble: We have more dirt and husks on us than Farmer Al's field! Come on, let's go.

Pups: (barking)

Wakko Warner: (hearing the popping sound) Do I hear some popcorn popping?

Pear: Uhhhhhh...

Farmer Al: (as Bettina was shocked with a moo) Easy, girl, it's just some corn popping.

Later at the lookout, the pups and pets are decked out in cowboy hats and bandannas as they get ready for the corn roast.

Zuma: I can't wait to have some of Farmer Al's grilled corn.

Vinnie Terrio: I’ll bet it’s mouth watering for ya, Zuma.

Chase: I can't wait to race through the corn maze.

Zoe Trent: Gail and I are looking forward to this exciting occasion!

Marshall: And I can't wait to show Skye and Penny the dance moves I've been practicing for the hoedown. Well, howdy, partner! Partner?

Pepper Clark: The hat’s blocking your view, Marshall.

Pups: (barking and laughing)

Marshall: You two look like a couple of corn dogs.

Rocky and Rubble: (laughing)

Rubble: Yeah, yeah, we know. Where're Skye, Noah, and Penny?

Sunil Nevla: Shouldn’t they be with you by now?

Russell Ferguson: I thought Noah was doing something with Skye for sometime. Where are they?

Marshall: Practicing for the hoedown.

Pepper Clark: This should be good.

Inside the lookout, Skye is busy practicing on Pup Pup Boogie for the roast

Skye: Circle right... and left... and promenade! And back flip! Okay, I made the last move up. (laughing)

Penny Ling: That was pretty good, Skye.

Skye: Thanks, Penny.

Peaches: Hey, Mom. Let’s practice “Old Brass Wagon”, it’s my favorite western song.

Jeanette: That sounds like a good idea.

Chipmunks: Yee-haw!

Alvin: (grabs a banjo) Grab your partners! Do-si-Do! It's time to square dance here we go!

Chipmunks: Circle to the left, the old brass wagon

Circle to the left, the old brass wagon

Circle to the left, the old brass wagon

You're the one my darlin'

Noah Sparkle: YEE-HA!

Chipmunks: Circle to the right, the old brass wagon

Circle to the right, the old brass wagon

Circle to the right, the old brass wagon

You're the one my darlin'

Peaches: (rapping in tune of "Turkey in the Straw") Boy, girls, animals form a line and listen to the caller and you'll all do fine, we're gonna all hold hands while we're circling before, dancing amigos. Now just you wait. Grab your partners and a Do-si-Do, get ready, get set, now here we go!

Chipmunks: Everybody in, the old brass wagon

Everybody in, the old brass wagon

Everybody in, the old brass wagon

You're the one my darlin'

Peaches: Now, forget about me for a little while and kick off the Funky Spot Dance freestyle!

Chipmunks: Everybody out, the old brass wagon

Everybody out, the old brass wagon

Everybody out, the old brass wagon

You're the one my darlin'

Everybody out, the old brass wagon

You're the one my darlin'

Peaches: And that's what we like about getting her done!

After the song, the chipmunks and the chipettes were giggling.

Applejack: Hoo-Wee! These here critters sure know how to do-si-do, Noah.

Noah Sparkle: They sure do, Applejack, and it's real nice of you to come and join us for the corn roast.

Applejack: Wouldn’t miss it, Sugarcube.

Skye: Noah is going to be the best at the hoedown just like last time.

Penny Ling: Must you always be modest about it, Skye?

Noah Sparkle: The fact that my cousin first moved here? Then why am I not surprised? Oh, and Skye. I want to give you this.

With that, Noah gave Skye a love heart locket with a picture of him and Skye in it. Before Noah could see anything else, Skye gave him a kiss.

Skye: I’d love it! Thank you, Noah!

Noah Sparkle: (blushing) Y-you’re welcome.

Russell Ferguson: Same old Noah, always having a crush on Skye.

Penny Ling: Young puppy love.

Applejack: Reminds me of Princess Twilight and Flash Sentry.

Back at Al's farm, Mayor Goodway and Chickaletta arrive to the tasty smell of the roasting corn.

Mayor Goodway: Oh, smell that, Chickaletta? The only thing Chickaletta likes better than corn is grilled corn and the only thing she likes better than grilled corn is a corn maze! And that's the most amazing corn maze yet!

Farmer Al: Thanks, Mayor Goodway. Now it's time to get grilling.

Just then, the popping from the corn had startled Bettina so much that she broke out of her pen as she’d panicked around the farm.

Bettina: (mooing)

However, she’d accidentally spilled the barbecue grill as a bunch of hot coal came tumbling out, turning these corn on the cobs into popcorn and not to mention setting the husk on fire.

Farmer Al: Whoa!

Mayor Goodway: Aah!

Farmer Al: Uh-oh!

Mayor Goodway: Oh, my!

Farmer Al: The hot coals spilled everywhere.

Mayor Goodway: Call the PAW Patrol, the Littlest Pet Squad and the rest of the rescue teams.

Farmer Al: I'm on it!

Back at the Lookout, Ryder is playing video games on his pup-pad when it goes off as he answered the call.

Ryder: Hey, Farmer Al. We're getting ready to head over to the corn roast.

Farmer Al: I need the PAW Patrol, the Littlest Pets and the others, quick!

Ryder: What's wrong?

Farmer Al: Bettina knocked over the barbecue. Hot coals fell on the piles of corn, and they're starting to smoke and smolder. I need the PAW Patrol, the Littlest Pets and the other rescue teams to help out before the corn roast turns into a bonfire!

Ryder: Don't worry, Farmer Al. No job is too big, no pup is too small.

With that said, Ryder called for Peaches.

Ryder: Peaches, gather the whole rescue team!

Chipettes: Cowboy Ryder needs us!

Peaches: (calling the pups) Calling all rescue teams, to both the Lookout and the Headquarter.

Pups: Cowgirl Peach needs us!

Pets: And Cowboy Ryder and Cowgirl Blythe too!

And so, they all ran to the Lookout, except for Marshall as he tripped on a couple of cowboy hats as he went flying into the elevator.

Marshall: Uh-oh.

Pups: (barking)

Marshall: Wait for me!

Pepper Clark: Me too!

However, when Marshall crashes into the elevator, the pumpkin comes off, but lands on Rubble instead, as he wears it like a hat.

Marshall: Sorry, but… huh? Whoa! Nice hat.

Rubble: Yeah, yeah, I know...

Minka Mark: Very orange.

Pups: (laughing)

Just then, the phone rang.

Applejack: I’ll get it. (answering it) Hello, this is PAW Patrol Lookout, this is Applejack speaking.

Then, suddenly a bunch of kernel seeds was pouring out from the receiver.

Sylvia: Who was that, Applejack?

Applejack: A corny farmer.

Wakko Warner: (rimshot)

Super Why: (Whyatt Beanstalk) Let’s go. But first! It’s time to transform! Ready?

Storybook Kids: Ready! (with Woofster barking)

Super Why: Super duper! Arms in! (as they put arms in as they transformed) Super Readers…

Super Readers: To the rescue!

With that, everyone went up the elevator or on the televisions were briefed on today's assignment.

Alvin: Every team present and accounted for, Peaches, ma'am!

Chase: PAW Patrol and Littlest Pet Squad ready for action, Ryder, sir!

Ryder: Thanks for hurrying over, everyone. Farmer Al's barbecue fell and spilled its coals. We have to put them out before anything catches fire.

Noah Sparkle: We’re ready when you are, Ryder.

Peaches: Marshall, I need you and your water cannons to put out the hot coals.

Blythe Baxter: Pepper, get out something that’ll stop anything else from burning.

Pepper Clark: We’re on it, Blythe!

Marshall: We’re fired up!

Ryder: Rubble, I need you to scoop up the dried husks and corn and move them away from the cookout area.

Blythe Baxter: Minka, you help Rubble save every corn you can.

Minka Mark: Okie Dokie!

Rubble: Minka and Rubble on the double!

Ryder: Warners. I need you three to find any fresh corn you can for the Corn Roast.

Yakko Warner: Count on us, Ryder!

Dot Warner: Let’s “pop” to it!

Noah Sparkle: (laughing)

Ryder: The rest of you can head out to the corn roast.

Pups: Yee-haw!

Noah Sparkle: (as a cowboy) Let's get to it, Partners!

Ryder: And Applejack, I need you to organize the hoedown for the Corn Roast.

Applejack: With you all the way, Ryder!

Peaches: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll! To the closet!

Zoboomafoo: They're going to the closet,

They're going on a trip.

They're going to the closet

To grab their stuff and split.

Just as Dot opens the closet, nothing comes down on her except for the cowgirl hat similar to Applejack’s hat.

Dot Warner: Really?! That’s it?!

Then, a whole lot of cowboy hats came tumbling out as she’d got buried.

Pups: (laughs)

Alvin: (offers her hat) Here you are, Dot.

Dot Warner: (pops her head out) Thank you.

Zoboomafoo: They're on a cool adventure

And they don't know what's in store.

They're coming from the closet

And they're heading out the door.

Dot Warner: See you at the Corn Roast, Noah!

Noah Sparkle: Bye, Dot!

With the deployment sequence for Marshall, Pepper, Minka, Rubble, Applejack, and the Warners ready, they went to Farmer Al’s farm to save the corn roast.

Farmer Al: Thanks for coming, everyone. The coals have scattered all over. We have to put 'em out before we can start the corn roast.

Ryder: Don't worry, Marshall's on it.

Alvin: And Pepper Clark too.

Blythe Baxter: Just leave everything to us, Farmer Al.

Marshall: Right! (barking) Water cannon!

With that, he activated the water cannon with the popcorn popping.

Marshall: Huh? Whoa!

Rubble: Hey, I like my popcorn in my mouth, not on my nose! Mmm! That's better!

Ryder: Popcorn? We'd better take a closer look. (as he scooped up one corn with his foot) Whoa! The coals under this pile of corn heated them so much, they're popping! That's not good. Marshall, let's cool 'em down.

Marshall: I'm on it! (barking) Water spray! (as he sprayed on the hot coals)

Ryder: Great!

Marshall: (howling and laughing) Uh-oh! More popping corn! (barking) And more! (barking) Guys? Help? Whew! I'm up to my 'ears' in corn!

Pepper Clark: Now, that’s “corny”! (laughs as she lets out her buttery scent)

Dot Warner: (takes a whiff) I could go for some popcorn about now.

Everyone: (laughing)

Alvin: Guess that makes Marshall 'pup-corn'! (saw Dot pulls out a gun) What’s that?

Dot Warner: Just a butter gun that shoots on popcorn.

Then, Dot sprayed all the butter on the pile of popcorn.

Alvin: I’m impressed!

Dot Warner: It’s my talent when we cartoon characters are prepared.

Mayor Goodway: Chickaletta, Chickaletta! Oh, Ryder, Chickaletta's lost in the popcorn field maze! You have to find her.

Ryder: It's all right, Mayor. We'll find Chickaletta.

Alvin: But we’re gonna need some extra help on this one.

Later, Noah begins to get back at Statler and Waldorf for their heckling.

Noah Sparkle: You actually think you are really Statler and Waldorf? Oh, I thought it was just a joke! (to everyone) Hey, guys, look! There’s Statler and Waldorf who wanted to pull a train but forgot about the coaches!

Gordon: (offscreen) And I thought I was the best with the coaches before!

Pups: (chuckles)

Statler: He’s mocking us, ain’t he, Waldorf?

Waldorf: Sounds like it, Statler. (to Noah) You’re just heckling back at us, aren’t you, Noah?

Noah Sparkle: Oh! No! No, no, no, no, no. AAAAAHHHH!!!! THERE'S A HORRIBLE BUG ON YOUR SHOULDERS!!!!!

Statler and Waldorf: (frightened) Where!?

Noah Sparkle: (burst out laughing like Woody)

Pups: (suddenly burst out laughing)

Skye: Good one, Noah.

Noah Sparkle: Thanks, Skye. The Warners had taught me that one.

Waldorf: Well, I never!

Statler: We’ll get even with him someday. (as they went off)

Noah Sparkle: (as Babs Bunny) I just can’t help myself!

Suddenly, Chase and Zoe got a call from Ryder and Blythe.

Chase: Chase and Zoe here!

Ryder: Chase, Chickaletta's lost in the corn maze. I need your spy drone and heat vision goggles to see if you can spot her before she's buried in popcorn. And we’ll need Zoe, Gail, Nate, Russell and Noah as well!

Blythe Baxter: Hurry, Farmer Al’s counting on us for the Corn Roast to begin!

Chase: Popcorn?

Ryder: You'll see when you get here.

Peaches: Just be there as soon as you guys possibly can.

Zoe Trent: We’re on our way, Peaches.

Chase: Zoe, Gail, Noah, Nate, Russell, and Chase are on the case! (barking)

Back at the Corn Roast, Marshall and Pepper struggled to put out the burning popcorn.

Marshall: This pile of popcorn is still smoldering. There must still be hot coal in there.

Pepper Clark: Rubble, Minka over here!

Rubble: Clear the road!

Minka Mark: Coming through!

With that, they manage to shove the pile of popcorn away from the hot coal.

Marshall: Thanks, Rubble! Thanks, Minka! Pepper and I never could've eaten our way through all that without a movie... or two! There it is! (barking) Spray!

And so, the water cannon sprayed the hot coal instantly cooling it.

Noah Sparkle: And then I said “AAAAAHHHH!!!! THERE'S A HORRIBLE BUG ON YOUR SHOULDER!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!” They totally fell for it!

Dot Warner: They really got fooled, did they?

Noah Sparkle: I know not like the time The time Gordon and Henry got fooled thanks to a cow.

Dot Warner: What do you mean?

Noah Sparkle: I’ll tell you the story.

So with that, Noah blew his whistle to tell “A Cow on the Line”.

When the story is over, Yakko notices Mayor Goodway feeling upset.

Yakko Warner: What’s the matter, Mayor Goodway?

Mayor Goodway: So worried about Chickaletta. Whenever she eats too much popcorn, she gets gassy.

Ryder: Don't worry, Mayor, we'll find her. Chase?

Chase: Zoe, Gail, Noah, Nate, Russell, and I are on it! (barking) Drone! (as it activated) Deploy!

With that said, the drone was off to find Chickaletta who’s lost in the corn maze.

Mayor Goodway: Oh! Oh! Uh, find that purse chicken!

Chase: Nothing but popcorn. Lots of popcorn. I see her!

Nate Sparkle: Alright!

Gail Trent: It’s a miracle!

Mayor Goodway: Oh, hooray!

Then, there was trouble, Chickaletta hid in one of the piles of popcorn.

Chase: Uh-oh, the drone lost track of Chickaletta.

Mayor Goodway: Oh, no!

Keesha Franklin: Oh bad, Oh bad, Oh bad, bad, bad!

Russell Ferguson: And we were gaining on her too!

Wanda Li: What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?

Ryder: You and Noah better go in and use your heat-vision goggles to try and find her, Chase.

Applejack: And I'm a-comin' too, Sugarcube.

Chase: Zoe, Noah, Russell and Chase are on the case! (barking)

Soon with that, Zoe, Chase, Noah, Russell and Applejack

Chase: So, Applejack, have you ever been in a corn maze before?

Applejack: Once on Nightmare Night, it’s a holiday similar to Halloween we celebrate back in Equestria. Back when Fluttershy was trying to scare us.

With that, a flashback to “Scare Master” plays.

In the flashback, as they walked across the hallway of the maze, they could hear some screaming and laughter. Lots of ponies enjoyed the haunted maze very much. Twilight and her friends came across some scary obstacles such as mummified Big McIntosh, white bones-like sticks and glowing eyeballs in the dark cave. They all exited the cave, it was fun and great.

Applejack: Agh! What was that?

Spike: Don't you know?

Applejack: Uh, o-of course I do. It was, uh...

Everyone looked up as they found three ghosts, the groups were so scared as they quickly ran at once. Leaving them were Spike, Cuddly and Izzy, who panicked and then ran before Noah and Cozy did the same thing, only they ran off in opposite directions.

For Noah's case, he ran off with the ghosts slowly walking toward him before he locked the door four times (the first three with the bar locks and the last with the doorknob) before he went for another door, looked back, and then opened the door, only to reveal a mummy, who roared.

Prince Noah Sparkle: Yikes! (ran off, forcing it to chase him again)

Noah then tried to open the door, but it was no use. It was stuck, especially even more. So when he accidentally broke the doorknob before, he tossed it upwards and ran off before the knob landed on the mummy’s head before it turned around.

Prince Noah Sparkle: COZY GLOW! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!

As he ran across the hallway before he turned to his right and ran across the red carpet, only to crash into Scooby before Cozy rolled back up with Noah landing on her back. Before they ran right before they quickly got cornered by the Frankenstein Monster, turned around, and then tried to run, but wound up, dragging the carpet back before they got a good slip away from it, slightly frustrating it before the monster, then slashed at the carpet. After that, Noah and Cozy Glow struggled to get the right footing before Frankenstein quickly caught up, although, fortunately, it wasn't too late for Cozy and Noah to dash away from it in the nick of time as Frankenstein chased after them.

Then, Noah lifted a knight's armor's arm up in front of the monster in an attempt to stop it, but to no avail as it only smacked it away. Eventually, Noah ran underneath the table while Cozy Glow wound up running across the table, Trying her best not to break any assortments of silverware, or not to slide them off the table, including the table cloth. Before Cozy got back on, Noah just as he emerged from the bottom of the table. Then just as the monster caught up, Cozy Glow and Noah went through one door before getting out of another next to it, before getting to another in front and then getting out of another door next to it.

Then, the Frankenstine saw Spike, Cuddly, and Izzy before picking up a shield from a corn wall before taking it off, and then swinging it at them towards then, only for it to hit a window before the gang ran off, but accidentally ran through the fragile fences before both Spike and Cuddly fell off, although Izzy managed to catch them with both of his hands as Spike and Cuddly held on. Then, the Frankenstein Monster crept up on Izzy and swept his claw on her wing, causing her to let go of Spike, who just managed to grab Cuddly's leg in the nick of time before Izzy looked up to notice the Frankenstein Monster and brace himself as the monster got ready to strike before Noah wound up landing in the Frankenstein Monster's arms, puzzling him as the monster backed away before Izzy looked back to Cuddly.

Back inside, the Frankenstein Monster then tipped backwards a bit before Noah, then fell onto the banister and slid down as the monster quickly gave chase before Noah then slid off the banister and soared into the air.

Twilight Sparkle: (offscreen for the beginning) Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where are you?

We got some work to do now

Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Where are you?

We need some help from you now

Mare Six: (offscreen for the door to door chase) Come on, Scooby Doo, I see you

Pretending you got a sliver

You're not fooling me, 'cause I can see

The way you shake and shiver

Cutie Mark Crusaders: (offscreen for the balcony scene) You know, we got a mystery to solve

So, Scooby-Doo, be ready for your act

Don't hold back

And, Scooby-Doo, if you come through,

You're gonna have yourself a Scooby Snack

Scootaloo: (offscreen) That's a fact

All: (offscreen for the rest) Scooby-Dooby-Doo, Here are you

You're ready and you're willing,

If we can count on you, Scooby-Doo,

I know we'll catch that villain

At that moment, Noah then got on top of a chandelier and broke it apart before he crashed onto the clock, which then landed on one of the knight's armors before it piled onto another and another, like a sort of domino effect before they finally fell on the Monster, trapping him.

Outside, Cozy Glow helped Cuddly back up while Izzy did the same for Spike before the group got back inside for the unmasking, with which Frankenstein’s Monster turned out to be somepony in disguise.

Cozy Glow: Huh? It’s Svengallop! Coloratura’s former manager!

Prince Noah Sparkle: Svengallop?

Cuddly: Yeah. He was printing millions of counterfeit bits in the basement with his bitting press. (as she took the gloves off of Svengallop) What I originally thought was gold when we came in this maze, was really yellow ink! See?

Svengallop: And I would’ve gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for that yellow pup and you meddling kids!

Then with that, the guards arrived to take Svengallop away and the five went to find the Mare Six as the scene ended.

Back in reality, Chase and Zoe were impressed with the story.

Chase: That’s a great story, Applejack.

Zoe Trent: That must’ve been a remarkable mystery.

Applejack: Well, only for Prince Noah and the kids. We had to run from any ghosts.

Noah Sparkle: I’m pretty sure it’ll be a-maze-ing!

Wakko Warner: (rimshot)

Chase: Hmm. I wonder which pile. (barking) Heat-vision goggles!

Then, the heat-vision goggles were on as he spotted Chickaletta.

Chase: Gotcha! We’re going in! (howling) Found her!

Zoe Trent:

Ryder: Great work, Chase!

Chickaletta: (clucking)

Chase: Uh-oh... Achoo! And her feathers.

Zoe Trent:

Ryder: Don't lose her, Chase.

Chase: I won't. Come on, Chickaletta. Follow me! (howling) Hang on, we'll be right out!

Mayor Goodway: Hooray! Chickaletta! Oh, you're saved!

Chickaletta: (belching)

Mayor Goodway: Excuse you, Chickaletta! The rescue must've fluttered your tummy. Yes... well...

Ryder and Chase: (laughing)

Mayor Goodway: (as Chickaletta wandered off) Wait for Mama!

Farmer Al: Ryder, Blythe, the corn roast is ruined. All the roasting corn popped, and filled the maze.

Ryder: Hmm... I've got it! Farmer Al, what do you think of having a corn maze and a popcorn festival?

Farmer Al: Oh, great idea!

Ryder: Okay, Rubble and use the shovel on his truck to collect all the popcorn piles and the rest of us will bag it.

Everyone: (cheering)

At last, Ryder, Blythe and Noah had everyone bagged up the popcorn as Dot sprayed them all with extra butter.

Ryder: The popcorn is bagged and the maze is all cleared out again.

Marshall: And coals are all out. No more smoke.

Pepper Clark: It’s all good, Farmer Al.

Farmer Al: Thanks, everyone! Thanks, Ryder! Thanks, Blythe.

Ryder: You're welcome, Farmer Al. Whenever your corn roast is popped, just yelp for help.

Pups: (barking)

Rubble: Can we finally dig into some popcorn? Dig in and eat it, I mean.

Ryder: Sure you can. You're all such good pups.

Blythe Baxter: And we’ve all deserve to celebrate.

Noah Sparkle: You know. This reminds me of a farm that my grandpa runs.

Sadie: Yeah.

Derrick: My dad really did run a great farm.

Ryder: Well, what kind of animals are there?

Noah Sparkle: Well… I could tell you. But it would be more fun to sing about it!

Soon with that, “Down on Grandpa’s Farm” plays as Noah and Peaches start to sing.

Noah and Peaches: We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

Peaches: Down on Grandpa's farm there is a black and white cow.

Down on Grandpa's farm there is a black and white cow.

The cow, she makes a sound like this: (Jeanette: Moo, moo.)

The cow, she makes a sound like this: (Jeanette: Moo, moo.)

Noah and Peaches: We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

Peaches: Down on Grandpa's farm there is a little yellow duck.

Down on Grandpa's farm there is a little yellow duck.

The duck, he makes a sound like this: (Brittany: Quack, quack.)

The duck, he makes a sound like this: (Brittany: Quack, quack)

Noah and Peaches: We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

Peaches: Down on Grandpa's farm there is a great big pig.

Down on Grandpa's farm there is a great big pig.

The pig, she makes a sound like this: (Eleanor: Oink, oink.)

The pig, she makes a sound like this: (Eleanor: Oink, oink)

Noah and Peaches: We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

Peaches: Down on Grandpa's farm, there is a black and white skunk.

Down on Grandpa's farm, there is a black and white skunk.

The skunk, he always smells like this: (Chase: Pee-yuu!)

The skunk, he always smells like this: (Chase: Pee-yuu!)

Noah and Peaches: We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

Chipettes and Chase: Oh, we're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

We're on our way, we're on our way

On our way to Grandpa's farm.

After the song later, everyone at the farm enjoyed all the popcorn and played in the corn maze.

Alex Porter: Mm! Yummy!

Pups: (cheering and barking)

Chase and Zuma: (laughing)

Children: (laughing)

Rocky: It's amazing how much corn kernels puff up when you make popcorn.

Rubble: (belching) Excuse me!

Marshall: It's amazing how much Rubble puffs up when he eats popcorn!

Rubble: (belching)

Yakko Warner: Excuse you, Rubble.

Pups: (laughing)

Just then, Robin spotted something in the distance.

Robin the Frog: Guys! Incoming bird!

Stinky the Skunk: Duck!

As everyone duck and cover, a raven landed right in front of Chase.

Chase: That’s no duck, that’s a raven with a letter for you, Noah.

Noah Sparkle: Oh boy! Let’s see who’s it from!

Then, Noah looks at the cover to see who’s it from.

Noah Sparkle: Look, it’s from Barney.

Finally, “Let's Go to the Farm” begins to play as Noah opens the letter.

That night, Chase, Nate, Zoe and Gail are at the top of the Lookout to see Luna.

Nate Sparkle: Look! There she is!

Chase: Hi, Luna!

Luna: Hello, Chase. Hello, Nate. Hello, Zoe. Hello, Gail. How’re you four doing?

Zoe Trent: Fine, Luna, we’d just have the most wonderful time at the popcorn festival at Farmer Al’s.

Gail Trent: We were going to have a corn roast, but things got burning up with coals popping the corn so does speak.

Luna: My goodness, that must’ve been a disaster because of the burning popcorns.

Chase: It would’ve, Marshall and Pepper had to put out the burning coals and Rubble and Minka had to Scoop up the corn ears/popcorn and move it away from the hot coals before they catch fire.

Nate Sparkle: And while Chickaletta got lost in the maze, Chase, Noah, Zoe and Russell had to find her and bring her out safely just before the popcorn festival began.

Luna: That’s great to hear, everyone can have some ways to celebrate many occasions.

Chase: Like fairs, carnivals, festivals and many more fun things to celebrate.

Luna: Exactly, Chase, it’s never too late to start a new festival for everyone to celebrate.

Gail Trent: So true, Luna.

Zoe Trent: Before you go, do we still have time to sing the Goodbye Song?

Luna: I always have time to sing before I go, of course, Zoe.

Chase: Hey, this was really fun

Luna: We hope you liked it too

Zoe Trent: Seems like we've just begun

All: When suddenly we're through

Nate Sparkle: Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye

Chase, Nate and Luna: 'Cause now it's time to go

Gail Trent: But, hey, I say, well, that's OK

Luna: 'Cause we'll see you very soon, I know

Chase: Very soon, I know

Luna, Zoe and Gail: Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye

Chase and Nate: And tomorrow, just like today

Luna, Zoe and Gail: (Goodbye - today) (as Zoot plays his saxophone)

All: The moon, the pup and Adventure Bay

Will be waiting for you to come and play

To come and play, to come and play

Chase and Nate: (spoken) Bye now!

As Luna went up into the night sky, Nate, Zoe and Gail got ready for bed as Chase looked at the viewers.

Chase: Well, thanks for joining us on this popcorny adventure. And if you ever make any popcorn anyway, make sure you don’t leave anything on the heat too long or you’ll catch it on fire. Bye, see you real soon.

Finally, Chase went down to his pup house for a goodnight’s sleep for another day.

The End

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