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The pups go to a painting exposition in Paris. But things go wrong when one of them get akumatized.


It was a summer day on Adventure Bay, Marshall and Rubble were seeing a news report from Paris on Marshall's tablet.

Reporter: ...and once again Ladybug and Chameleon Noir save Paris from the hands of Hawk Moth, we don't enough words to tell them how much we thank them...

Rubble: MAN!!! Ladybug and Chameleon Noir are so cool.

Marshall: I know right? I would love to be her and Chameleon Noir's partner.

Rubble: wouldn't he be afraid of us?

Marshall: Nah, I saw a image of him holding a puppy so, no, he wouldn't be afraid of us.

Rubble: that's good, I'm tired of chameleons being afraid of us.

Marshall: yeah, me too.

At the park...

Chase, Skye and Everest were playing hide n seek while Zuma and Rocky were doing paintings.

Chase: I'm going to find you Skye.

Skye: (laughs).

Chase hears her laughs and jumps behind the bush lading on top of her, he blushes seeing her so close this mouth.

Chase (blushing): Skye, were t-too close. Aren't we.

Skye (blushing): yeah, you can get out now.

Chase gets out of Skye and runs to find Everest, the husky then jumps off a tree and lands beside Skye.

Everest: so, are you going to tell him?

Skye: no, I mean, yeah Chase is cool, brave, sometimes fearless and all but... I also have feelings for Marshall, he's cute, always happy and is always making me laugh.

Everest: I know girl, but you need to tell Marshall our Chase, because they might find someone else.

Skye: yeah, tomorrow on our trip to Paris I'll decide which pup I want to be.

Everest nooded and climbed the tree again.

Now with Rocky and Zuma.

The grey pup was painting some pictures of the pups and Ryder while the brown Labrador was helping him with the paint.

Rocky: hey Zuma, do you think this one is good.

Zuma: let me see.

Zuma picked the painting and saw his friend blushing a little and when he looked it was him in field with blue roses.

Zuma (blushing): Rocky, it's so pretty.

Rocky (blushing): just like you.

Both pups blushed since they had a cruch on each other, Zuma landed him a quick lick on the cheek making Rocky blush redder then Marshall's fire truck.

Meanwhile in Paris...

Ladybug, Chameleon Noir and Lady Doggy were fighting a sentimonster with the shape of a giant Doggy that was born from Lila's negative emotions.

Ladybug: Lady Doggy, NOW!!!

Lady Doggy: got it Ladybug, Reconstruction.

The doggy hero then makes a mirage of them surrendering their miraculous, as the doggy bends over Chameleon Noir uses his cataclyms and the doggy's collar that break and Frees the corrupted amok.

Ladybug: no more evil doing for you little amok, time to de-evillise. (Captures the amok and then purify him) Bye bye little feather, Miraculous Ladybug.

After that the three heroes go to the roof of a hotel and Queen of Female Dogs de-transforms.

Emily: Barkk, cmere.

The female dog hero becomes herself again and keep her Miraculous Safe

Chameleon Noir: thanks Queen of Female Dogs, we are happy  to have you on our team.

Emily: your welcome Chameleon and Ladybug, if you ever need me I'll be there to help.

Ladybug: thanks Emily, bugging out.

The two go in different direction since they are about to transform back, they arrive to their homes safelly.

Marinette: Tikki, spot off.

Ladybug becomes Marinette once again and gives her kwami a piece of chocolate bar.

Marinette: that was close, I almost lost the earings.

Tikki: don't worry Marinette your not going to loose your earring.

Marinette: Tikki, listen clearly, if I loose my earring, I want you to give them to Emily AND her only.

Tikki: but what if she isn't around.

Marinette: then try to find someone that can be trust.

Tikki: like that dalmatian youtuber that make videos about you?

Marinette: yeah he looks trustworthy.

Tikki: and cute.

Marinette: look, tomorrow I'm going to a painting exposition and mom wants me to use a dress and new earrings that she buy on the store, so your going to be on my bag for a while. OK?

Tikki: OK, Marinette.

To be continue in part 2...

Tikki. Spots on.

Marshall, Rocky became a Evil Painter.

Evil Painter Don't let her escape.

Evil Painter, I'm Hawk Moth, you can Get Revenge who Laughs on you, Evil Painter, I'm Mayura, You'll Get Revenge on Chloe

Marigold here