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Story Begins

Rocky the werepuppy: Misty, She has a fear Werepuppies.

Rocky the werepuppy: If Misty Will Know about my Transformation to Werepuppy She'll run away!

Rocky the werepuppy: I Don't wanna scare away my Misty!

Rocky the werepuppy: She is my hostress!

Rocky the werepuppy: Green means go!

Misty: Rocky is gone!

Misty: Sorry Mister Skunk!

Rocky the werepuppy: A Light?

Rocky the werepuppy: Hi Misty, Don't be afraid, It's me Rocky the Recycler  Ecology Pup.

Misty: Rocky Is that really you?

Rocky the werepuppy: "Don't lose it, reuse it!"

Misty: Rocky What are you doing here at Early Night?

Rocky the werepuppy: I Need to Sunflower to Transform Back Into Normal Cute Puppy!

Misty: I Can Help you, Rocky!

Misty No Rocky is not too scary werepuppy, no pup is too small!

Rocky the werepuppy: It's Ryder's Catchphrases!

Misty: I'm not afraid of Werepuppy!

Rocky the werepuppy: Let's go to the Sunflower Valley!

Misty: Sunflower Valley here we on a way already!

Chase: Belle By the way Where is Misty, She Disappeared?

Belle: Chase Lead me the way?

Chase: Okay Ma'am!

Chase: I Smell Misty!

Chase: Misty's Hair Strand!

Belle: Do you Have Allergy on Hair Strand, Chase?

Chase: Exactly No, I Doesn't Have Allergy on Hair Strand, I'm not Sneezing at Hair Strand!

Belle: Let's go find Misty, I Hope with her is okay!

Chase: Belle Come here for a second?

Belle: Did you find Misty, Chase?

Chase: No, I Found Misty's Footprints & Werepuppy's Pawprint!

Chase: She went on that way that leads to Sunflower Valley!

Belle: But Why Misty Want Sunflower?

Chase: I Don't Know Why She want Sunflower?

Misty: Rocky we came to sunflower Valley, you can do one sniff and you'll become back into cute little puppy!

Belle: Chase Watch out? Behind you Werepuppy!

Chase: Whoa!

Chase: Help!

Belle: Hang on therChase, I'll Call Paw Patrol & Go for my Family!

Belle: I'll Call Ryder.

(Sound):     (Pup-pad ringing)

Ryder:     (Yawning) Hi, Belle. Why are you awake?

Belle: I Have Problem. Chase And I Searched My Dear Sister Misty, But we saw Werepuppy's Pawprint & I Fell Down on Ledge  by a wild... werepuppy!

Ryder:     Werepuppy! Really? Okay, we'll be right there to get you down. No job is too big, no pup is too small!

(Sound):     (Beeping)

Ryder:     PAW Patrol, to the PAW Patroller!

Pups:     Ryder needs us!

(Sound):     (Door whirring)

Marshall:     Rubble, Victoria this way! Oof!

Rubble and Marshall:     (Shouting)

Marshall:     Werepuppy? Werepuppy? Where are all the puppies & Pollyanna?

Pups:     (Laughing)

Pups:     (Barking, howling)

Rubble:     PAW Patrol, ready for... Hey, where's Rocky & Misty?

Ryder:     I don't know. His pup-tag says he's still outside on his blanket.

Zuma:     You don't think a werepuppy got him, do you?

Ryder:     I don't think so, but Rocky & Misty is definitely missing.

Belle:     Help!

Ryder:     And we also need to help the Belle down off a cliff. So, for this mission, I'll need... Skye & Gabriella, I need you to use your copter to search for Rocky & Misty.

Skye:     This puppy's gotta fly & This Yezhikha's gotta fly too!

Ryder:     And Marshall & Pollyanna, I need you to use your ladder to rescue the Belle.

Marshall:     Ready for a ruff-ruff rescue!

Pollyanna: Marshall & I Ready for Rescue.

Ryder:     The rest of you pups check the camp for any clues to where Rocky & Misty went.

Rubble:     We'll find him & Her!

Zuma: Totally!

Ryder: All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!

Robo-Dog:     (Barking)

Pups:     (Barking)

(Music):     ♪ (Deployment sequence for Marshall & Pollyanna and Skye & Gabriella )

(Sound):     (Whirring)

(Sound):     (Motor revving)

(Sound):     (Siren blaring)

Rocky:     (Howling) Whoa! I'm really going fast!  Misty & I wishes my friends & Misty's Family could see me do this. Oh, but I might scare them. Hey! There's Sunflower Valley! I'll be back to normal in no time.

(Sound):     (Siren blaring)

Belle: Hooray!

Ryder: We'll Get you down Belle!

Marshall: Pollyanna be Careful, and Take Belle off.

Pollyanna: Ha-ha, you're my joking Marshall!

Emily: Belle, sweetie, Please be Careful.

Belle: Mother what are you doing here?