Pups and Marshall joins

Summary: When Skye goes for a camping trip alone and she loses her pup-tag and hangs from a cliff. Will someone save her before it's too late? Read on to find out

The way I do this Everest joins before Marshall Story:

Skye: Ryder can I go camping in the forest I promise if I'm in trouble unless I lose my pup-tag which I hope I don't I will yelp for help

Ryder: Okay Skye be safe

Skye: I will be

20 minutes later

Skye: Camping alone ah nice to have some girl time

Half an hour later she looses her pup-tag and hangs from a cliff

Skye: *whimpers* Help please someone I don't want to fall I wish I had my pup-tag to call Ryder

Marshall to himself: Did I just hear someone scream for help I love to help people even though my strongest skill is fighting fires and help injured people

(goes out of his house and sees Skye hanging from a cliff) Hello down there do you need help

Skye: Yes please and who are you?

Marshall: Okay and oh my name is Marshall what is your name?

Skye: My name is Skye The Pilot pup of the rescue team called Paw patrol have you heard of them.

Marshall: No I don't think I have *helps Skye up* there you go Skye.

Skye: *looks at him dreamily (she has a crush on Marshall in this story** Thanks Marshall

Marshall: why are you looking at me dreamily (he has a crush on Skye too)

Skye: Uh oh sorry could you please help me find my pup-tag it is pink tag and a pink collar (at first I put (colour) collar)(I forgot the colour of Skye's collar before I searched it up)(that's what happens when u like paw patrol but haven't watched it in years)

Marshall: Sure Skye.

Skye: Thanks Marshall.

Half an hour later.

Marshall: Is this it Skye.

Skye: Yes now I can call Ryder to let him know I'm okay

Ryder calls Skye

Ryder over Skye's pup-tag: Skye are you okay and who is the pup with you

Skye: I'm okay its a long story I will explain at the lookout could I bring him to the lookout

Ryder over Skye's pup-tag: Good. Who is he?

Marshall: I'm Marshall

Ryder: Okay you can bring him to the lookout

Skye: Okay thanks Ryder

Marshall: Skye who was that

Skye: That was Ryder he is my owner

Marshall: It must be nice to have an owner *starts crying*

Skye: What's wrong Marshall?

Marshall: If I tell you you have to promise to keep it's a secret!

Skye: I promise.

Marshall: It was 2 years ago when I was only 2 it was after my 2nd birthday I was in my room sleeping when I heard a scream then I see in the next room not only my owner but my parents dead as well *starts crying*.

Skye: Poor Marshall it must have been hard for ages.

Marshall: It was and still is now if I hear anyone say their names I start crying and I don't even remember them well I was only 2 when they died.

Skye: *almost starts to cry* Okay let's go to the lookout.

Marshall: Okay.

At the lookout

Ryder: Hi Skye and you must be Marshall

Marshall: Yep I'm Marshall *trips* sorry I'm Clumsy

Ryder: It's okay Marshall *puts Marshall on the head*

Skye: Ryder do you want to hear the story of how I met Marshall

Ryder: Okay let's go into the lookout Skye. Marshall go say hi to the other pups they are by the blue pup-house

Marshall: Okay

In the lookout

Ryder: How did you meet Marshall

Skye: So I was walking in the forest I lost my pup-tag I didn't notice until later on then I was hanging from a cliff then as I was about to fall Marshall saved me he was alone when saving me then I noticed my pup-tag went missing and he helped me find my pup-tag

Ryder: Okay that is why it was static the first time I tried to call you

Skye: I'm guessing so

With Marshall

Marshall: Hi I'm Marshall

Chase: Hi Marshall I'm Chase

Zuma: I'm Zuma hi Marshall sorry I have speech impediment

Marshall: It's okay

Rubble: Hi I'm Rubble

Rocky: And I'm Rocky

Ryder over all pup-tags: Paw Patrol to the lookout

Ryder over Chases pup-tag: Chase bring Marshall with you please

Pups: Ryder needs us

Chase: Will do Ryder sir Marshall come with me

Marshall: Ok but just to let you know I am kinda clumsy sometimes

Chase: Ok

In the control room

Marshall: Wow

Ryder (knows Marshall doesn't have an owner Skye didn't tell him about his parents and owners deaths he guessed since (I accidentally put science (I changed it though) (i did the opposite of my sister) he was out alone when saving Skye): Marshall come here please

Marshall: Okay

Ryder: I found Marshall a home where he will have a job food a nice place to live and friends

Pups: That's awesome but we will miss him

Ryder: You don't have to miss him Marshall's new home is here he is the newest member of the paw patrol we need to find his specialty

Marshall: I'm good at fighting fires and helping injured people

Ryder: Okay you will be our fire fighting pup and EMT pup

Marshall: yippee

Ryder: There is a surprise for you at the bottom of the slide

Marshall in his firetruck truck: Wow this is amazing thanks Ryder

Ryder: Your welcome and it can turn into an ambulance when you are needed for help someone who is injured

Skye and Chase: Marshall can we show you something (It's the meteor And their powers and the charged up powers)

Marshall: Sure

Skye and Chase: Follow us

Marshall, Skye and Chase leave Ryder and the others go into the lookout

Ryder: I know what Skye and Chase want to show Marshall

Rubble: I do too

Rocky: I don't know

Zuma: I know what it is how do you not know Rocky it's the thing

Rocky: Oh I know now

With Skye, Chase and Marshall

Marshall: Wow

Chase and Skye: Mighty pups charged up

Marshall: Wow that is amazing

Skye: We have had them for 1 year

Marshall: Wow so when I was 2 almost 3 wow

Chase: How did you even know Skye was in trouble earlier

Marshall: I heard her scream for help plus how did you know

Chase: I just guessed

Marshall: OK

Chase: Skye

Skye: Yeah

Chase: *mouths* Have you told him about Everest

Skye: No why

Chase: OK *goes to Ryder* Ryder sir

Ryder: Yeah Chase

Chase: When are we next going to see Everest

Ryder: Next week why

Chase: Just wondering

Ryder: Okay. Could you ask Marshall to come here please

Chase: Okay Ryder sir *goes back to Skye and Marshall* Marshall Ryder needs you

Marshall: Okay

Marshall Leaves

Chase: We are next going to see Everest next week

Skye: Okay did you ask Ryder

Chase: Yes I did

With Marshall and Ryder

Ryder: We have another member but they don't live here but we are going to see her next week

Marshall: Okay

Ryder: You can go back to Chase and Skye if you want

Marshall: Okay (goes back to Chase and Skye) Hi Chase and Skye

The next day ( it is February 5th) it is now Marshall's birthday he is 4. Chase and Marshall are already awake (Marshall woke Chase up by saying that it's his birthday)

Chase: Happy Birthday Marshall

Marshall: Thanks. Should we wake up the others

Chase: Yeah *gets his gear* ruff-ruff megaphone. Every-pup wake up its Marshall's birthday

All pups minus Rubble wake up

Rocky: Happy birthday Marshall

Skye: Happy birthday and i can get Rubble up *taps a metal spoon on a metal bowl*

Rubble: I'm up

Zuma: Happy Birthday Marshall

Rubble: What's happening

Marshall: It's my birthday

Rubble: Oh Happy birthday

Marshall: Thanks

Ryder comes out of the lookout

Ryder: Pups what's happening

Marshall: It's my birthday

Ryder: Happy birthday

Marshall: Thanks

Everyone at the lookout minus Marshall: Your welcome

Ryder: *calls Everest* Hey Everest

Everest: Hi

Ryder: We have a new member

Everest: Who

Ryder: Marshall. Marshall come here

Marshall: Okay

Ryder: Marshall this is Everest

Marshall: *nervous* H-H-Hi Everest sorry I am just nervous

Everest: It's OK

20 minutes later

Skye: Marshall can I talk to you

Marshall: Sure

Skye: Follow me

Marshall: Okay *follows Skye*

Skye: Why were you nervous at first talking to Everest it's OK if you don't want to say

Marshall: Its something I am sort of comfortable talking about basically a husky killed my parents and owner

Skye: Oh that's why you were nervous

Marshall: Yeah

Skye: Everest is nice she would not hurt anyone or any-pup

Marshall: That helps me trust her a bit more. Thanks Skye

Skye: Your welcome Marshall

Marshall and Skye go back to the others

Ryder: Marshall are you okay?

Marshall: Yeah I was a bit nervous about talking to Everest but Skye helped me be less nervous around her there is a reason why I was nervous but i don't want to say the reason and the reason I told Skye the reason is because I told her what happened

Ryder: Okay makes scene

Marshall: Sort of

Ryder: Okay

1 minute later

Ryder: Marshall you OK

Marshall: Yeah

Ryder: Good

Skye: Marshall

Marshall: Yeah

Skye: Wanna play pup pup boogie

Marshall: What is that

Skye: its a dance game

Marshall: Okay

They go up to the top room of the lookout and played 2 rounds of pup pup boogie (they are on there 3rd round of 3) Skye won first round and Marshall won second round

Skye: Wow your pretty good at this

At the end of the round

Game: The winner is... ... Marshall

Skye: Good game

Marshall: Good job

Skye: You too I normally win but now I have some competition

Marshall: I never knew how good I was at this

Skye: Wow

Marshall: Yeah

Ryder comes up

Ryder: Hi Marshall and Skye

Skye and Marshall: Hi Ryder

Ryder: What were you doing

Skye: We did 3 rounds of pup you boogie and I won round one

Marshall: I won rounds 2 and 3

Ryder: Wow looks like you have got competition Skye

Skye: I know I said I have competition to Marshall

Ryder: Are you two pups okay?

Marshall and Skye: Yeah

Ryder: Good

Skye: Ryder later could I so for a flight

Ryder: Yes but this time be careful please

Skye: Okay I will

On Skye's flight

Skye: Whoa whoa so may trees *looses her pup-tag* *falls on the floor* great I lost my pup-tag now I can't call for help

At the lookout

Ryder: Skye you there Skye *gets static* oh-no Paw patrol to the lookout

Pups minus Skye: Ryder needs us

In the elevator

Marshall: Whoa Whoa lookout

In the control room

Chase: Paw patrol ready for action Ryder sir minus Skye Ryder sir

Ryder: Skye went for a flight but when I try to call her I get static

Marshall: I hope she is okay

Chase: I'm sure she will be

Ryder: Anyways Chase I need your drone

Chase: Chase is on the case

Ryder: alright paw patrol is on a roll

One vehicle scene later

Ryder: Chase drone

Chase: Ruff-Ruff drone. Find Skye

10 minutes later

Chase: No Skye there

Drone: Beep, beep, beep

Chase: The drone found Skye

Ryder: Okay

10 minutes later

Chase: Skye you okay?

Skye: No my paw hurts

Ryder: Okay *calls Marshall* Marshall we found Skye but her paw hurts could you come to Jake's Shack

Marshall: Okay

20 minutes later

Marshall: *enters Jake's Shack* Hey Skye, Chase and Ryder

Skye, Ryder and Chase: Hey Marshall

Ryder: Marshall could you check on Skye's paw please?

Marshall: Yeah Ruff-Ruff X-Ray screen *Scans Skye's paw* It's just a sprain Ruff-Ruff bandage *wraps bandage round Skye's paw* there you go Skye'

Skye: Thanks Marshall!

Marshall: No problem

Ryder: Lets go back home

Pups: Okay Ryder/Ryder sir

They go home

Rocky: Hey Skye and Ryder and Chase and Marshall are you okay Skye?

Skye: Yeah I'm fine now

Rocky: That's good

Ryder: Let's go inside

Pups: Okay

They all go inside

Skye: Are you okay Marshall?

Marshall: Yeah why do you ask?

Skye: Just wondering.

Half an hour later

Marshall: Skye!

Skye: Yeah?

Marshall: Okay

Marshall: Have you ever tripped

Skye: I don't know

Marshall: OK

Skye: Anyways.

Marshall: What?

Skye: I can't remember he-he

Marshall: OK

Skye: I have bad memory

Ryder: She actually does she has worse memory than me an that's saying something ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

Skye: Yup.

Marshall: OK

Skye then falls asleep

Marshall also falls asleep

Ryder: There both asleep.

Chase: Yup.

Half an hour later both pups are still asleep

Ryder: I'm kinda surprised Skye is still asleep she normally takes a nap for 20 minutes.

Chase: Yup.

2 and a half hours later Skye is now awake but Marshall is still asleep

Skye: You OK Chase and Ryder?

Chase and Ryder: Yup how about you Skye are you OK?

Skye: Yeah

The next day

Marshall: Morning

Skye: Morning

Chase: Morning

Ryder: Morning

Skye: Are you 3 OK

Ryder, Chase and Marshall: Yeah you?

Skye: Yeah.

All: That's good.

Skye: What should we do today?

Ryder: I don't know!

Skye: Not do I?

Chase: Not do I too?

Marshall: Not do I too?

Skye: OK.

Marshall: That's helpful that none of us know what to do!

Chase: Yes very helpful not!

Marshall: Yes.

Ryder: Really why are you two being sarcastic?

Marshall: Why not!

Ryder: OK

Skye: But what should we do?

All: I don't know!

Skye: OK!

Marshall: Anyways let's just go to sleep for a few minutes.

Ryder: No I know what your like.

Marshall: Why?

Ryder: I know what your like.

Chase: Oh.

Skye: Marshall Do you want to meet Pollyanna?

Marshall: Who is This Pollyanna?

Skye: Pollyanna is Eleven year old girl, She's so Excited to Meet you.

Marshall: I Hope Pollyanna Will Be Happy to see me, It's my First time Meetings with Pollyanna.

Skye: Everything's going be fine, Marshall.

Marshall: She'll be Nice.

Meanwhile with Pollyanna

Emily: Pollyanna My precious Baby daughter do you excited for meeting your first pet?

Pollyanna: Of course Mother.

Emily: Ha-ha-ha That's my girl!

Sonic: I'm very proud that we Decided to have a Baby, To have a baby was brilliant idea, Emily.

Emily: Yeah, That's Why I Chose you as my new Husband, Sonic.

Sonic: Emily Stop Embarrassing me?

Emily: Someone's in love, Right, Sonic?

Sonic: Emily Stop Embarrassing me?

Emily: Sonic You're so Amazing new Husband!

Sonic: Emily stop Teasing me?

Emily: Pollyanna we arrived.

Pollyanna: Hooray, I Can't wait to meet with my first pet.

Pollyanna: [Sigh] My pet is a pup, with black spots.

Marshall: Um Hi I am Marshall.

Pollyanna: Hi Marshall, I am Pollyanna, I'm so glad to meet you.

Emily: Wow, He's a Dalmatian.

Sonic: our precious Baby Daughter is grows up so fast.

Pollyanna: Marshall do you wanna live with me?

Marshall: Really?

Pollyanna: Really, I First time saw you, you was to me as a pet.

Marshall: Pollyanna you seems nice, I Hope we can be friends forever.

Pollyanna: Do you wanna to come with us Marshall?

Pollyanna: My mom will Buy for you everything, Bowls, Booth, & Dog Leash!

Pollyanna: What do you Think Marshall?

Marshall: Yes, I Wanna come with you.

Ryder: So Whenever Trouble is, We'll come and Rescue.

Marshall: OK

Ryder: Bye Marshall Take Care.

Marshall: Bye, Ryder, Bye pups.

pups: Bye Marshall.

Chase: Take care of yourself, Marshall.

Marshall: I Will screw up at my new home.

Pollyanna: What's wrong Marshall?

Pollyanna: Are you Okay Marshall?

Marshall: Pollyanna, What If I'll screw up at my new home.

Pollyanna: Screw up, you're doing great! Oh Marshall, Look at me?

Pollyanna: My parents allowed me to have a pet, I'll never pain you, I Just wanted that you felt love, Now, We'll get home!

Marshall: What I Would to do without you, Pollyanna!

Pollyanna: you'll always have me!

Pollyanna: Don't worry Marshall, you'll love your new Home.

Marshall: What's wrong Sonic?

Pollyanna: Why we are not Moving, daddy?

Sonic: We stuck into Traffic!

Emily: We'll never get home, Sonic?

Sonic: Of course We'll get home, Emily!

Marshall: Maybe We'll get home, I Have an Idea, Chase Can Fix this Traffic.

Sonic: Marshall, That's great Idea, We need Chase Right now.


Emily: Brilliant Idea Marshall.

Pollyanna: Marshall is the best.

Sonic: Marshall Welcome to our Home.

Emily: Well, this is your new home.

Pollyanna: Come on Marshall, My Parents & me, Prepared for you Surprise!

Pollyanna: Wait here, Marshall, Okay?

Marshall: Okay, Pollyanna.

Pollyanna: Marshall, Close your eyes?

Marshall: Okay, Pollyanna.

Pollyanna: Mom, Dad, Get Ready, Marshall is on a way.

Sonic: Let's Hide, Emily.

Emily: Sure Sonic.

Marshall: Where are they?

Pollyanna: One, Two, Three, "Surprise"!

Marshall: (opened up eyes, surprised)

Pollyanna: Welcome to family, Marshall.

Pollyanna: Dear Marshall, I Long time Asked my parents to have a pup.

Pollyanna: Now, My Parents Decided to Have a pup, I Finally Live with my pet, I Dreamed for long time as a Child.

Pollyanna: I Hope you'll be live with us, P.S Your New pet-mistress: Pollyanna.

Marshall: Is that Dog-house, for me?

Pollyanna: Of course, It's for you.

Marshall: Thank you Guys, I Feel Happy.

Emily: Marshall, you are now Member of our Family.

Marshall: Thank you Emily.

Emily: you're welcome, Marshall!

Pollyanna: Well, enjoy your new home, Marshall.

Marshall: Oh my god, This house is so Comfortable, I'll Explore this Family Home, Pool.

Pollyanna: Hi Marshall, do you love our Apartament?

Marshall: This House so Big.

Pollyanna: Hi Marshall, How are you?

Marshall: Hi Pollyanna, I am Fine.

Pollyanna: Don't be scared buddy, I Host you, we'll be great friends.

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