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Story Begins

Pups & Werehog Hedgehog!

Sonic: It's Already Full Moon, Oh no, I Need to Get out of Home Before Emily's wake up and Our Children, Even Before Mia's wake up, and She'll gonna Looking for me, Where's Daddy.

[Sonic Begins to Transform into Werehog]

Werehog Sonic: Ugh! My Head is very hurtful. Werehog Sonic: I Need to Find Pollyanna, I Hope If She's Okay.

Emily: huh? Sonic Where did you go?

Emily: Oh no, He Ran to the Side of Adventure Bay, I Need to warn Ryder.

Ryder: Hi Emily, What happened?

Emily: Ryder, I'm sorry for that I Woke you up!

Ryder: It's okay Emily.

Emily: Ryder, Do you see Furry Werehog, he Run to the Side of Adventure Bay!

Ryder: Werehog, What do you mean, Emily?

Emily: Ryder, With Pollyanna is Everything Okay?

Ryder: Yes, With her Is Fine, She Sleeping with Marshall in Marshall's tent.

Emily: Ryder my new Husband is Missing!

Ryder: We'll Find him!

Emily: [Sigh of relief] She's A Fine, I Mean, He Ran To Side of Adventure Bay?

Emily: I Can't Find Him Somewhere.

Ryder: Don't Panic Emily, We'll find your new Husband "No beast is too scary, no pup is too small!"!

Emily: Thanks Ryder. Hurry up And Quickly!

Ryder: "PAW Patrol, to the Lookout tower!"!

Pups & Pollyanna: Ryder needs us!

Marshall: Wait For me?

Pollyanna: Marshall, I'll Catch you!

Marshall: Phew, Thanks Pollyanna, Nice Catch!

Pollyanna: You're welcome, Marshall, I Love Catching you When you falling down!

Rocky: Thank you Pollyanna, for Catching Marshall!

Pollyanna: Hey, Where's Daddy?

Marshall: He Loudly Howls At Night!

Rubble: It's Ghost or Spider?

Pollyanna: I Don't think so, Rubble.

Sonic the Werehog: Awoo

Rocky: That's Snow Monster?

Pollyanna: No, I Don't Think so, Rocky!

Chase: PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder sir!

Ryder: Sorry for Waking you up so early, Guys, Emily's New Husband is Disappeared, Now Emily is Worried about him.

Rubble: Oh no, It's Pollyanna's Dad! He is Really Fast!

Skye: And Loves Chillidogs.

Chase: Yeah, he's really cool.

Zuma: Especially Pollyanna's Dad, who brought Pollyanna on Vacation at Sonic's car.

Pups: (Laughing)

Ryder:    We have to Find Emily's New Husband, For this Mission, I'll Need

Ryder: Marshall, I need you to search On Jake's Mountain With Pollyanna.

Marshall: Yes! I'm"Ready for a ruff ruff rescue!"

Ryder: Skye, you and your helicopter can search up near The Bay.

Skye: (Barking) Let's take to the sky!

Ryder: I need the rest of you pups to spread out. Let's find Pollyanna's Dad! PAW Patrol is on a roll!

Marshall: What was that?

Pollyanna: It's Daddy's Howl!

Ryder: Chase, Rubble, Rocky, Zuma, Cat Marshall He told truth, Let's go to Foggy Bottom.

Chase: Cheyz on the Case, Rubble: Rubble on the double, Rocky: Green means go: Zuma: Let's dive in.

Ryder: Tracker, Everest, We'll Meet on the Foggy bottom.

Everest: Ice and snow, I'm Ready to go, Tracker: I'm all ears.

Ryder: Ella & Tuck, I'll wait for you on the Foggy Bottom.

Tuck: "Mighty and small, I'll give my all!"

Ella: "It's grow time!"

Ryder: Rex We need you at Foggy Bottom.

Rex: "Let’s dino do this!”

Ryder: Sweetie, Arrby, Liberty, Hubcap, Dwayne,  Gasket, Delores, Wild Cat, We'll meet on the foggy Bottom!

Sweetie, Arrby, Liberty, Hubcap, Dwayne,  Gasket, Wild Cat, Delores: We are On it, Ryder, We are on a way!

Werehog Sonic: [Loudly Growl]

Dr. Tammy Turbot: What was that?

Francois Turbot: "Ooh la la, !"

Tilly Turbot: Oh my god!

Cap'n Turbot: "Oh Saints Wally!"

Farmer Al: "Now I’ve seen everything!"

Farmer Yumi: "Oh, peach fuzz!"

Taylor Turbot: Saints Dinosaurs!

Mia: What was that?

Mia: I Can't Get Enough Sleep!

Belle: I Heard That Loudly Familiar Growl Somewhere Already!

in Belle's Memory: [Sighs] It's Daddy's Loudly Growl!

Belle: I Hope that with Daddy Everything Okay!

Belle: I Very Hope it!

Belle: Stop Act like a Worried Ten-years old-girl, Belle, you are the very Smart, and Studying girl Who Loving Lots of Books!

Belle: Stay Focus, Belle Whittier, Belle, Stop Act Like a Who Has a Hopes Ten-years old-Girl!

Belle: Ugh, Why I am Talking with By Myself!

Belle: Control Your Mind Belle, don't think about That Daddy He got into trouble!

Pollyanna: I Hope with Daddy is All Okay!

Mayor Humdinger: Ha ha, This Beast is Perfect.

Emily: Pollyanna, I'm glad that you are okay Sweetheart.

Pollyanna: Mom, Tell me Please, Where did Daddy go?

Emily: He was Kidnapped by A Mayor of Foggy Bottom!

Pollyanna: Marshall Look! There's a Daddy's Growl, I Hear His Growl!

Marshall:[gulps] Um, Maybe we should Go Back Home, If Monster will show up for Anytime!

Pollyanna: No Way Marshall, Wait, I Hear Something!

Jane: Come on Ella, We must find our Daddy and Quickly go back to Bed!

Ella: I Know it, Jane.

Belle: Chase, When you were as a Wolf Cheyz, I Found What Can Transform you back into a normal pup!

Belle: Cheyz you was a cute little puppy Breed of German Shepherd, Cheyz!

Belle: I adore you Cheyz, Thanks to your help, I Can Study And Read Books about German Shepherds!

Cheyz: Yes I Remember that Day When I Was a Wolf!

Belle: And I Rescued you buddy.

Marshall: (fears out) If Beast will show up in anytime?

Pollyanna: Don't fear Little buddy, Remember What Ryder said?

Marshall: "No beast is too scary, no pup is too small!"

Pollyanna: "No job is too big, no pup is too small!" Right?

Belle: Pollyanna, Marshall, What are you guys doing here at dark forest?

Marshall: (scared screamed) Beast Showed up, Let's go back home.

Pollyanna: Belle, Chase, is that you guys?

Chase: Of course it's us, Silly.

Marshall: B-beast, Run save yourself who can.

Pollyanna: Marshall, Why are you looks so scared?

Marshall: It's beast, Behind you, Pollyanna.

Pollyanna: Why Hello Sir, My name is Pollyanna, It's my Sister, Belle, Her pet, Chase, & my pet, Marshall.

Sonic the Werehog: Nice to meet you Pollyanna, I'm Sonic the Werehog.

Pollyanna: you Look Like as my dad.

Sonic the Werehog: Pollyanna, sun, Is that you?

Pollyanna: Dad, Is that you?

Pollyanna: Daddy, It's really you, your voice is really very familiar.

Belle: Daddy, What are you doing here at Full moon?

Sonic the Werehog: It's a long story girls, I'll explain you everything!

Sonic the Werehog: you too pups.

Sonic the Werehog: When I Was Normal Hedgehog, I Slept with my new Wife, Emily, But Then Full moon is rised up, I Became into Werehog of night, to not Bother your sleep, girls, I wanna check if Pollyanna Okay, I Howled, & I Growled so loud, Mayor Humdinger wanna kidnapp me & sell me.

Pollyanna: It's Ok Father, I'm All Right, I Was Spending night with Marshall at his Tent, He told me a legend about Werehogs of Night.

Chase: When Will be half-moon, you will transform back into normal Hedgehog, you'll return home normal!

Pollyanna: To the  Foggy Bottom.

Mayor Humdinger: Ha-ha-ha, When I'll sell this Furry Porcupine, Then, I'll be the Rich Mayor.

Chase: He's so scary!

Pollyanna: He's going to Be Sale!

Sonic the werehog: Pollyanna, Sweetheart, you found me!

Pollyanna: Of course I Found you daddy!

Sonic the werehog: Let's get outta of here!

Pollyanna: I Won't let you go, daddy!

Emily: Sonic!

Sonic the werehog: Emily.

Emily: Sonic, I Finally Found you in safe and sound!

Mayor Humdinger: Who are you?

Emily: I'm Emily, Sonic's new Wife, Now Give me back my New Husband?

Mayor Humdinger: No way, I'll sell him, and I Get more money!

Emily: [Crying] No, you can't do this with my new Husband, I'll now set Him Free!

Emily: [Remembers] Exactly, In my Book about Beauty & the Beast, The Beauty can break the evil spell from Someone Whom I Loved!

Emily: Sonic I Love you!

[Werehog Sonic transforms into back  Sonic the hedgehog]

Sonic: Emily It's me, your new Husband!

[Emily Finds out and touches Sonic's Face]

Emily: Yes, It's you!

Marshall: [Crying]

Pollyanna: Marshall are you crying?

Marshall: No, It's just a Sorinka in eye popalo!

Jane: Daddy!

Mia: What's going on here?

Tia: Wait Mia, It's our Daddy, It's really him!

Belle: Daddy, Finally you transformed back to our as before daddy!

Misty: Saints of Recycle Garbage, It's Daddy!

Gabriella: Finally Daddy is found!

Victoria: Hi Daddy I've missed you so much!

Carla: Daddy I've been So worried about you, Where are you have been?

Clara: Oh Daddy, Let's go back home!

Tiana: Daddy I've got so scared.

Diana: Oh Daddy I've thought that you dead!

Evelyn: Uncle Sonic I'm so glad to see you alive!

Emma: Emily, you did find Sonic?

Ria, Lia, & Nia: Daddy We Couldn't sleep, We thought that you were Gone!

Jade: Daddy, Everything is Okay with you?

Jane: Daddy, We Couldn't get sleep!

Stephanie: Daddy was been found, alive!

Liana: Dad, We Couldn't search you everywhere!

Fiana: Daddy, I Thought you was missing!

Hazel: Daddy, Mommy've found you!

Sophia: Daddy, Thank god you was found by Mom!

Brianna: Daddy.

Emily: Thank you Ryder for saving my new Husband, Now, We'll peace go back home!

Ryder: You're very welcome, Emily, "Whenever your new husband is missing again, just Howl for help!"

Emily: Well Girls it's time back home, Let's go Girls!

Pollyanna: Marshall, You can Sleep nearby me?

Marshall: Ryder Can We go home with Emily's & Sonic's Daughters?

Ryder: "You're all such good pups!"

Sophie: Paddington! My Paddington Bear.