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Princess Marshalia, better known by her nickname Marsha, is an original Adventure Time character who later left

Princess Marshalia.png

her show for good and began living in the world of Sonic X.

She's a black and light gray fox-hedgehog hybrid with only one tail, unlike Tails, who has two. She appears 14 years old but is actually 1000 years old. She is Tails' love interest, Sonic's friend and a hero in Sonic X. She has the ability to levitate in the air so that she can fly.

Basic Imformation

  • Age: 14 (biological) 1000 (actual)
  • Birthplace: The Land of Ooo
  • Species: Demon-Vampire hybrid (formally), Fox-Hedgehog Hybrid
  • Height: 80 cm.
  • Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Fur Color: Black and light gray
  • Skin Color: Light gray
  • Eye color: Chocolate brown
  • Attire
    • White gloves with sock cuffs
    • Black and white sneakers
  • Alignment: Good
  • Affiliation: Team Sonic
  • Favorite food: Cupcakes


Early Life

Marsha says she was born during the Great Mushroom War. At the time she was with her sister, Marceline, her mother, Rose Abadeer, and her father, Hunson Abadeer. When she was only five days old, her mother was killed and Marceline was seperated from her and Hunson.

Eversince then, Hunson was always Marsha's primary caretaker. He raises Marsha since infantcy and even takes care of her in the present day.

In the episode "Daddy's Little Girl," Sparkles was a gift given to her by Hunson Abadeer when she was only one. Sparkles came from a toy store and has a resemblance to Mystic, a unicorn from the Benie Babies collection.

During the song "Come Little Children," a Pegaso Demon explains that Marsha wasn't dead nor corrupted, but desprately wanted to make Ooo better, even if her father forbade it. Being denied and in the shadow of her own father, Marsha decided to carry on with her plan, and ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

At the age of four, she killled her first person. She feels guilty and tries to never kill another soul as long as she lived.

Around the time she was five or six, she went to preschool with other kids but was picked on since she looked completly different. She, like other kids, she loved to draw, loved reading, and most of all, she was highly intelligent and despratly wants to be a hero. One day, Dark Princess decides to attack Marsha during scool. However, Marsha had one special power, super speed. Marsha was quick on her feet and had her first battle with Dark Princess and won. From that day on, her super speed was very useful to her.

Ever since she was small, she has been a singer. In fact, over time, her singing voice changed. She has loved learning new songs and sings them her way. Acoording to Mathison, her chlid singing voice is the same voice who portrays Sweetie Belle's singing voice and Apple Bloom and Mathison herself voices her currently, both talking and singing voice.

Adventure Time

Marsha first appears in "The Secret Sister" when she encounters Finn Jake and causes trouble for them; Later,  she claims Marceline is her sister. After a while, she keeps taunting Finn Jake, until Hunson sees this and tells her to stop.

In "Lurking in the Dark ," Marsha is only mentioned. It is unknown who she is mentioned by and how she's mentioned.

In "Trapped in the Dark," she sneaks out of Marceline's Cave to have an adventure and Marceline tries to find her. When she is found, she in a cage locked by dark magic by Dark Princess. Marceline frees her and they spend the rest of the day at home until Hunson returns to pick up Marsha.

In "Shiver Me Timber," she attends the wedding of PB and EP. Itis unknown if she is only a guest of the bride or groom or a bridesmaid.

In "You're Invited," she comes as one of the guests and is one of the ones who try to solve the mystery of the murders. But instead she says that it was all just a prank to get back at Jason, Marceline and Finn for pranking her.

In "Discovering Unknown Lands ," Finn and Marsha go into the Unkown Lands, which is a trap. During the episode, she states that she doesn't want to date anymore.

In "Runaways," She is found crying on the ground.Ice Princess asks what's wrong and Marsha states that her father hates her. Although, Icey states that Marsha needed to change after Marsha said her father yelled at her because of her behavior.

In "Thank you Glob," Marsha's voice is first heard when she yells that dinner is ready. Before that Marceline says to the guests that Hunson and Marsha were making dinner. Although, it only seems that Marsha made the whole dinner herself. This shows that she knows how cook. she later agrees with Peppermint Butler that she has a weird, but funny family.

In "Sweet Revenge," Marsha is only mentioned. It is unkown who Marsha is mentioned by.

In "Cerberus," Marsha appears as the one to assit Jake out of the Nightosphere, instead of Hunson Abadeer.

In "Black Hole," she appears as a minor character, along with Finn , Jake,andIce King.

In "The Nightmare Princess Part 1," Marsha become an evil form of her's, a character based upon Nightmare Moon. Finn and Jake then turn her back to Marsha, but then Nightmare Princess becomes her own person and is sent to the moon by Marsha in "The Nightmare Princess Part 2."

In "One is a Lonly Number," Marsha goes on a date with Prince Legalis, a werewolf. While on the date, he treats her with very little respect at all as during the night:

  • Finn expects Prince Legalis to give Marsha a rose, but he takes it for himself.
  • He brings a cushion only for himself to sit in the castle's yard, leaving Marsha without a comfortable seat.
  • He makes Marsha use her shawl to cover a puddle so he doesn't get dirty.
  • When a cake is catapulted across the room at him, he uses Marsha as a shield so that he won't get dirty.

Throughout the entire episode, Marsha tries to make pleasant company with Legalis, but his self-centered nature drives her to the point of extreme irritation. After he uses her to shield himself from an incoming cake, Marsha finally snaps and tells him off as the most "uncharming prince she's ever met", and shakes the cake all over him in retaliation.

In "Marshaamanda", Marsha's serial killer side appears and schemes to kill all of Marsha and her friends. In the episode, Marshaamanda imposters Marsha by fluffing up her hair so that she can fool Hunson Abadeer and Princess Bubblegum into eating a cupcake, causing both of them to fall asleep. As well in the episode, Finn is slapped by Hunson while he is in his sleep. Finn asks Marsha if Hunson has ever slapped her in his sleep, but Marsha only says that she was petted. She then says that she was "Daddy's Little Girl" instead of "Daddy's Little Monster." Marsha is then tortured by Marshaamanda, but when Marshaamanda takes a break, Hunson rescues her. At the end, Marshaamanda is turned to stone.

In the special "The Rise of Insanity," Marsha's insanity begins eating away at Marsha's sanity. She only told finnabout her condition and tol him to stay away from her when her mind was about to snap. Marshaamanda then comes to Marsha with a knocked-out Hunson Abadeer. Unfortunatly, this is the last straw and Marsha, already horribly driven to the edge, kills Marshaamanda in a horrrible manner. Marsha laughs manically as the last of her sanity broke. She stops laughing and looks at Hunson. She takes him back to the Nightoshpere, puts him in his bed, and writes a not, telling him that she's not coming and home and to stay away from her, due to insanity.

Hunson, confused about the letter, goes to confront Marsha, but sees how insane Marsha has become. He tries to reason with her, but is slapped very hard when he tries to grab her. She then realizes that she was holding a daggar behind her back, and tells Hunson not to talk to her in person ever again. The next to intervine is Finn and Jake. She traps them in her hideout and plans to kill them for going against her wishes of being left alone. Hunson tries to reason with her, this time through the door. She asks what he going to do to stop her, he doesn't awnser, but he only leaves. She then tries to kill Finn and Jake, but the duo only stall her until Hunson comes back. When he does, Marsha picks up a rifle. Finn warns Hunson about the rifle.Hunson then turns into a blood mist cloud and comes behind Marsha, holding a gun to her back. She then drops the rifle and picks up a knife. Hunson smacks the knife out of her hand. Marsha then picks up a metal bat and tries to wack Hunson with it. Finn and Jake interviene again, only to be forced to the ground. Finn and Jake try to reason with Marsha by reminding her of all the good times. Finally, it's Hunson's reminds of all the times they had together as father and daughter. This gets through to Marsha, for Marsha starts mumbling lyrics to the song "Monster." She drops the bat and pulls a dark red glob from her chest. Pshyco Marsha forms from this blob. She then tries to kill the real Marsha and Finn, Jake and Hunson. She forces Marsha over a cliff, Marsha hanging for dear life. Hunson tries to stop pshyco Marsha,only to be hanging over the cliff himself. She the  forms claws and sinks them into Marsha's hooves, and causes marsha to fall off the cliff, however, Finn and Jake catch her and save Hunson from falling as well. Finn and Jake then battle pshyco Marsha and push her off the cliff, falling to her death. They get Marsha to the hospital, and tellher she was fine-except for her wings. The special ends after Marsha talks to her father, apologizing her abusive side and that she was dead now.

In "My Little Serial Killer," Marsha tells the story of how she began to kill people. It all starts when she's four nad she is helping Hunson with something. She finds out it's killing an innocent man (she thinks it was writing on a chalk board). She is told not to look in the room no matter what she hears. She looks anyway and is horrified. After arguing with both sides of her brains, she hears the man who her dad it trouring asking to be killed at that moment. Marsha then picks up a knife that Hunson used and killled the man herself. She then feels guilty and vows to never kill another soul as long as she lived.

Sonic the Hedghog Seires

Marsha is first introduced in "We Meet Again, Sonic", in which she chases a Chaos Monster into Sonic's world and works along side her friends in Sonic X.

Marsha the Hedgefox (Series)

Marsha the Hedgefox

In Marsha the Hedefox, Marsha appears as the main hero who must save Tails, who was kidnapped (or fox-napped) by her arch-enemy, Dark Princess, who is the main villain of Marsha the Hedgefox series. Along the way, she must face other bosses, including Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman and her two split personalities, Marsha.EXE and Psycho Marsha.

Marsha the Hedgefox 2

In the sequel, Dark Princess scemes to take over Sonic X, and tries preventing Marsha from doing so by stripping her of her powers. Marsha discovers this when she tries to run. She appears to be as fast as a mortal, despite the fact that with her super speed, she is more faster than that. When Sonic asks her to fly to keep up with him, she says that she can't and shows him by jumping into the air and falls to the ground, smacking face first.

This time, Tails helps Marsha, because Dark Princess doesn't kidnap him and Marsha needs help anyway. Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow and Amy all help as well, but Marsha remains the main hero, still using karate as attacks. In the boss battle, Marsha's teamates, join in on the fun of defeating Dark Princess, which saves the world and helps Marsha regains her powers.

Sonic Heroes 2

Once again, four teams join together to battle Dark Princess. Marsha is shown to be on Team Sonic. It appears that Marsha had gotten a letter from Dark Princess, saying that she is back for revenge and she can't stop her this time. Marsha consults her team. Sonic believes that it's a challange and can't wait to start.

As they track down Dark Princess, they come across many obsticles, including Team Rose and Amy. Once again, Sonic uses the fighting as a distraction.

Once they "catch up" to Dark Princess, Marsha realizes that it's a fake. It was only a distraction before she unleased her army. Marsha, now angered, rushes to find Dark Princess, saying that she "will beat the hell out of her".

Once finding the real Dark Princess, Marsha attacks first. When Marsha makes her first blow to Dark Princess, Dark Princess reveals that she was working with Dr. Eggman, who created Metal Marsha, a robot replica of Marsha who believes that she's the real Marsha and calls Marsha a "faker". Sonic welcomes her to his world before fighting Eggman and Dark Princess.

Once they are both defeated, Metal Marsha transforms into Neo Metal Marsha and then to Metal Darkness. Team Chaotix, Team Rose and Team Dark voulenteer to but Team Sonic time to charge up the Chaos Emeralds.

Together, they defeated Metal Darkness, causing her to revert back to her original form. As Metal Marsha questioned Marsha why she lost to her, Marsha told her metallic counterpart that she would be ready for a rematch anytime, and took her leave with Tails as Amy approached Sonic and chased him. Not long after, Sonic, Tails and Marsha was reunited with Knuckles, and they headed out to search for their next adventure.

Sonic Riders 2

In Sonic Riders 2, she appears as a team member of Team Sonic. Her extreme gear, Pink Shredder, is first introduced, which she built herself. She seems to rival against Jet the Hawk and Wave the Swallow, due to her speed and smarts.

She appears to have some skill with Extreame Gear. However, she states that it's just like riding a skate board.

Marsha Unleashed

Similar to Sonic Unleashed, Dark Princess uses a machine to extract the Chaos Emeralds out of Marsha but turns Marsha into a werefox, looking a lot simialr to Sonic in werehog form.

She appears slower in this form but can stretch her arms out farther like her old pal Jake. To stop Marsha from becomeing normal once again, Dark Princess told Eggman to trap Tails, the second person Marsha knew who was very smart. After that, Dark Princess kidnaps Princess Bubblegum and Twilight Sparkle.

With Sonic and Shadow as werehogs, Marsha and they battle many enemies and finally save Twilight, PB and Tails. Tails manages to build a machine that reverts Marsha back to normal.

Marsha Generations

In Marsha Generations, the Marsha of the present, teamed up with her younger self from the past, as the Time Eater appeared and began interfering with Sonic's history.

In the past of the Land of Ooo, Younger Marsha was exploring until she heard a noise. She noticed the Time Eater in the sky as everything turned white. In the present day, Sonic arrived at a picnic and found his friends holding a surprise party to celebrate his birthday, which Sonic delightly joined. As Sonic enjoyed a birthday Chili Dog however, the Time Eater appeared and began to suck all of Marsha's friends (including Sonic and Tails) back into different periods in Marsha's history. Current Marsha tried to attack it, but was easily knocked back and passed out.

As she woke up later, Current Marsha found himself in the White Space, and discovered Sonic and Tails and Ooo Wasteland in a colorless, frozen state, but after passing through, she restored them both and the area. Determined to find their remaining friends despite their peculiar situation, Marsha set off to check out the colorless Candy Kingdom. Soon after, Younger Marsha passed through, confusing Tails, who mistook her for Current Marsha.

As Current Marsha (with the unknown help of Younger Marsha) restored Candy Kingdom, Marsha met up with Sonic and Tails again and told them how the place gave hrt déjà-vu. Both Marshas then continued through the White Space and restored more areas and their friends, each unaware of the other's presence.

The two Marsha later proceeded through a Boss Gate at the same time and found a glass with their counterpart at the other side of it. Both Marsha, however, mistook it for a mirror, along with her younger/older form as her reflection. The two then heard Dark Princess' voice through a door, and Current Marsha shouted her name, bringing Younger Marsha to realize that it was not her reflection. While Current Marsha was unimpressed by Dark Princess' threats, Younger Marsha ran towards Dark Princess' voice. Current Marsha then tried to follow Younger Marsha, but was locked out.

After Younger Marsha met and dwon the fight, she saw the Time Eater kidnap that time's Dark Princess. Current Marsha later saw Younger Marsha exit the battle and wondered why there was two of her. Sonic was wondering the same thing. Tails, who had also met his younger self, told the Sonics and Marshas that they were traveling through time and space, which they believed the Time Eater was responsible for, and the Marsha decided to team up to stop it.

The two Marshas continued through the White Space, restoring the areas and their friends, one by one. After a while, the two learned from the Tails' that the Time Eater's actions ripped space and time apart, and damaged the world by sending damaged areas from different eras to the White Space, and that their speed was the key to restoring the space and fix the timeline.

After a while, they witnessed the Time Eater being repelled by a Chaos Emerald and decided to collect all seven emeralds, assuming them to be its weakness. Later, Current Marsha used the Boost to catch a stray Chaos Emerald, much to the amazement of her younger self. After Current Marsha later beat Kim Jefferson, the Time Eater came by and kidnapped Kim again, much to the group's confusion.

The Marsha eventually obtained all seven Chaos Emeralds and confronted the Time Eater in its own domain. As Current Marsha told it to give up, Dark Princess and her past-self, Kim Jefferson, revealed themselves as the ones controlling the Time Eater in an attempt to erase Marsha from the timeline so that the doctors would be victorious in the present. Unconcerned, since they always beat the princesses, the two Marsha began fighting, but got knocked out by the Time Eater. While passed out, the Marshas got support from all of their friends, allowing the Chaos Emeralds to activate. The two Marsha then awoke and transformed into their Super States. Together, they defeated the Time Eater and stopped the princesses' plan, and returned back with their friends to where Modern Sonic's birthday party left off.

During the party, Current Marsha thanked Younger Marsha for her help and hoped that she had learned some tricks. Younger Marsha then attempted the Sonic Boost, but didn't manage to keep it going. Current Marsha encouraged her younger self nevertheless. As Classic Sonic, Younger Marsha and Tails were heading back to their own timeline, Current Marsha told Younger Marsha that she had a great future ahead of her.

Mario & Sonic Series

Marsha is added to the playable Sonic Characters in "Mario & Sonic at the Greece 2015 Olympic Games." She has teamed up with her friendly rival, Ludwig von Koopa, who makes his first appearance in the same game, along with the rest of the Koopalings. In all the aquatic competions, she and Sonic are the only ones to wear a life preserver (while Marsha also wear floaties on her arms).

She reappearss in "Mario & Sonic at the 2015 Winter Olympics", along side her friendly rival.

Appearances in Other Media

Marsha has appeared in several different media (such as TV series and drawings) outside of her mainstream games series.

Television Series and Movies

There have been several animated series.

Sonic X

Marsha stars a role in Sonic X: New Adventure as a major Protogonist along side her teammates.

Sonic the Hedgehog Live Action

Sierra McCormick portarays the voice of Marsha the Hedgefox of the live action version of Sonic the Hedgehog. She appears along side her teamates and is usally seen hanging around her selfproclaimed boyfriend Tails around his workshop. She helps along side her friends to defeat Dr. Eggman, Arjar, Bina, Chancellor Cole, Bailey and Dennis.


On DevantART, she has been a major focus on Marshalia13's and gallery.

Appearances in Other Media

Sonic X

Marsha is a main protgonist in Sonic X. She is first introduced during the first season, being Tails' selfproclaimed girlfriend. She appears as a team leader, usally give harsh pep talks to her own friends, which can get on their nerves, mostly Sonic's. If pushed too hard, she is driven to violence, which can almost result in deadly, due to her dark past. However, she is actually more of an up-beat and funny character. She is shown to have a fear of hights but seems perfectly fine around water, despite the fact that she can't swim.


Marsha is overall portrays as a fun-loving, very kind, smart, sweet natured and very loyal girl who has a positive attitude but can turn rather dark and horrifying if needed to. She is also willing to help out anyone she can. She appears very bold at first but secretly opens up to Tails and becomes Tails' love interest.

Initinally bold and daring when Sonic and his friends first encountered her, she slowly revealed more of her self as they encountered her more and more, even showing her quite shy side. This trait has got to do with the fact that she was a victim of bullying or teasing because of who she really was outside and inside before she started hanging out with others. Marsha never steals the spotlight, nor doesn't want it. The only time she is a main hero is if she's the only option to save the day. If there are others, she is willing to help anyone in need, due to her dream of being a hero.

One of Marsha's most unquie traits is her smarts. She is shown to be extremely talented when it comes to building or tinkering with machines, just like her talent of singing. As Marsha explained, when she was little, she was smartest kid in her preschool class. This was one reason why many other kids her age picked on her, and even went as far as mistreating her machines. Her smarts continue on with her during Sonic the Hedghog legacy as well. For example, during Sonic Riders 2, when Knuckles asks her how her board, Pink Shredder, can float, Marsha goes into explaining it, in a way that's simple for her but difficult for him to understand, and is cut off by Knuckles, saying that he gets it.

During her early days, Marsha often lacked self-confidence and courage to stand up for herself, but later gains it after hanging around Finn. Due to Marsha gaining a new inner strength and becomes more confident in her abilities and actions.

Powers and Abilities

Breaking Fourth Wall

As seen, Marsha can preforms acts that no other character can do. One example is when Marsha streches her neck out farther than it can. She can react to iris-wipes and fade-outs and often looks at the audience. Marsha can preform cartoonish gags, such as eye bulging, wild takes and sometimes angle cuts into the frame. She appears as the only character to be able to do this in Adventure Time but isn't the only one in Sonic the Hedgehog, since Sonic is known for breaking fourth wall.

Her ability to break fourth wall is based upon Pinkie Pie, who is the one pony who does this more than any other character on MLP.

She preforms merry skips, particularly when she pursues Sonic and comically appears right next to him wherever he goes. In My Adventurous Pony, a pony-i-fied version of Adventure Time, her costume and waddle in one episode are reminiscent of DPinkie Pie's costume and waddle in Dragonshy. She runs in the air can and runs at full speed backwards. She can appear in the same frame. She once twisted her neck around two full turns, then her body spins while her head remains in place to undo the twisting. She is depicted as being aware of the cinematic elements of the show, since she can hold back the iris-in in order to have the last line of the episode.


Marsha racing Sonic the Hedgehog, showing her speed.

She also has super speed and seems the fastest being in Ooo but is just as fast as Sonic, Shadow and Tails in Sonic X. In Adventure Time and Sonic X, she can do a flash step. In Sonic X, she preforms a unusal move known as Super Flight.

One of Marsha's greatest strength is her running speed, which is much faster than the speed of sound with quick reflexes. She appears as a black and light-gray blur when she runs in Sonic X and appears as a light gray or light brown blur in Adventure Time.

Chaos Emeralds

Marsha - Going Super.png

By using all seven Chaos Emeralds, Marsha can enter a Super State, transforming her into Super Marsha. This is one of Marsha's most frequently used transformation. In this state she can fly, is faster, stronger and nearly invincible. She does, however, need Rings to maintain this transformation or else she will revert to normal. In this form, she is just as powerful as Super Sonic.

Marsha's Super Form - Activated after receiving all 7 Chaos Emeralds


In Adventure Time, she has wings she can use to prop herself up into the air and can do amazing tricks in the air, such as a Double Demonboom. In Sonic X, she seems to levitate like Marceline due to the fact of no longer having wings but can still fly.

Teleportation and Pursuit

She can teleport with no problem. In Creeppy Fears, she teleported as Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles were trying to flee from her, but it ended up in her pursuit ability, where she appears in the place one person would go to even before they get there.

Physical Strength

She has superhuman stength and could punch a boulder in half. She is quite acrobatic and is quite graceful on her feet. Marsha can walk on walls and can stand on the celing and hang up side down. She appears to be able to jump much higher than Younger Marceline and can sit on clouds without falling through. She can dig with her hands while carrying an item in her mouth. She can fight and wrestle anybody her side and up. Marsha is alsovery quick on her feet and has quick movements in combat.


Her magic follows her through both series. She can create a force feild, which she uses in Creepy Fears and during the Sonic X series. She has her father's dark magic and has her own special good magic that can encounter all evil magic.

Marsha can show that with her mind, she can light things up with fire. She can move things using her mind, such as a rock that hit Sonic.EXE to save Tails. She can turn invisible and does so to surprise Pinkamena Diane Pie and hit her with a shovel, hard. As seen, she can raise the dead and control their bodies since they have no soul. Marsha can sing a song that can heal herself and others. She can shape-shift and can fool Sonic.EXE by shape-shifting into Tails to fool him with the real one.

She, unlike normal vampire, can drink shades of red. However, in Creepy Fears, she has seen to also be able to drink blood but choses not to. Like her own father, she can devour souls, but rarely is seen doing it. Like her sister, she can turn into a mist and go right through solid objects. Like Bowser, she can breathe fire and shoot fireballs.


Marsha is highly intellegent for her age. Marsha has built complicated machines, like a teleporter or a Death Ray. In fact, in Sonic X, she and Tails rival against Dr. Eggman, who is one of the greatest geniuses on the planet. Over time, Marsha has built other machines that are useful for her and others.


Her memory is proficent, due the fact that she knows everybody in Adventure Time and Sonic X. The only times her memeory isn't as good is when she afraid.

One example of her momory is after a huge fall she took and Knuckles never caught her. After she is told she can leave the hospital, she dashes out of her hospital bed and runs up to Knuckles, never forgetting what he didn't do for her.

Other skills

She is quite known for her singing and dancing. She can write songs and have no problem coming up with lyrics. She is an amazing baker and can throw parties in a whim. She has a thing known as a Marshy Sense where she can sense the imedite future through various twitches and involuntary motions made by her body. She can trick enemies and other with her acting. She can pretend to weep or beg for mercy, which she does to Nightmare Princess before sending back to the moon. She is shown to be a good painter, for at the end of Creepy Fears, she has painted Tails even at that time he was gone. She can draw very well, due to her drawing of the My Little Pony characters and her friends from Sonic X. Marsha can play sports very well and is most great at baseball.


Marsha tends to walk more than to fly and only flies when needed to. She is also known to be afriad of hights, ghosts and can't swim. Marsha's ticklish/weak spot is actually her stomach.

It is unknown why she can't swim. But this has been shown various times. During Sonic X, if she is pushed in water or enters water, she rapidly splashes her arms, trying to stay a float, even if it's shallow water.

It's also known that she can't stand staying in one spot. According to Mathison, it based uponPinkie Pie, who has "never stayed in one spot her whole life".

Marsha, since she's a vampire, is weak to wooden steaks, garlic, holy water and direct contact with sunlight. Despite being able to be seen in photos and film, she can't see herself in the mirror.

Due to her past, being teased is another main weakness. She can be gullible and sometimes vulnerable to being made fun of.


Love Interests



  • Dr. Eggman
  • Dark Princess


  • Hunson Abadeer
  • Marceline
  • Miles Prower Jr. (Son)
  • Tails Jr. (son)
  • Mails (daugther)


  • Her friends
  • Adventures
  • Cupcakes
  • My Little Pony
  • Being a hero
  • Saving the World
  • The Mario Games
  • Mario
  • Tails
  • Helping others
  • Cute animals
  • Baking
  • Fighting
  • Helping people see the good and positive side of things
  • Saving her friend
  • Helping Sonic
  • Having fun
  • Time with all of her friends
  • Stopping villains
  • Baseball
  • Peace and happiness
  • Rainbows
  • Her demon form
  • Going fast
  • Flying
  • Winning
  • Shadow
  • Knuckles
  • Amy


  • Evil
  • Being left alone
  • Her enemies
  • Mean people
  • Dark Princess
  • Anyone who threatens to seriously harm one of her friends
  • The thought of becoing evil
  • Seeing someone else cry
  • Being left out
  • Being teased
  • Being bothered during something really complicated
  • When no one listen to her
  • Thinking that she cannot do something
  • Having to fight a friend
  • When on of her friends are hurt
  • Ghosts
  • Hights
  • Being tricked, betraded or taken advantage of
  • Fighting/hurting innocent beings
  • Being disturbed when focusing on something
  • Being embarrased
  • Being ignored 
  • Losing
  • Sonic.EXE
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Her split personalities
  • Anyone who says My Little Pony is for babies
  • Anyone who breaks a Pinkie Promise


  • Princess Marshalia
  • Marsha
  • Marshy
  • Marshy Pie
  • Hero
  • Miss Marsha
  • Marshalia Christopher Abadeer the Fourth
  • Cupcake face
  • Sweetie
  • Stupid demon
  • Traitor
  • Idiot
  • Knucklehead
  • Demon girl
  • Princess


Super Marsha

By using all seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic can enter a Super State, transforming him into Super Marsha. This is by far Marsha's most frequently used transformation. In this state she is faster, stronger and nearly invincible. She does, however, need Rings to maintain this transformation or else she will revert to normal.

Hyper Marsha

Marsha also possesses an extended and more powerful form of Super Marsha, called Hyper Marsha, which she can assume with the seven Super Emeralds. This form basically shares the same powers and traits as Super Marsha, but they are all upgraded and are more powerful than Super Marsha's.

Darkspine Marsha

By harnessing the World Rings of rage, hatred, and sadness, Sonic can become Darkspine Marsha, a powerful form powered by her emotions at Tails's "death" in "Marsha and the World Rings". In this state, Marsha has greater strength, unlimited use of the Soul Gauge powers and has pyrokinetic abilities that gives her fire-based attacks. Because of the intense emotions sealed inside the World Rings that Marsha used to transform, however, Marsha becomes slightly darker and more violent.

Lady Mildred

Main Article: Lady Mildred

Lady Mildrid is Marsha's alternate reality doppelgänger in the World of Camelot. She wears silver armor and carries around a sword with a golden blade. Despite being a princess, she is one of the knights of the round table, but is never involved in any conversation. Her love interest is Tails' alternate reality doppelgänger, Blacksmith. She appears to speak with no idea of normal puncuation and acts a bit like Princess Luna.



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  • Unlike Shadow, Marsha needs all seven Chaos Emeralds to preform Chaos Control and doesn't say "Chaos Control" when she does; Instead, she just screams.
  • Marsha has dark red blood; the reason is that she is pretty much dead, making her blood the same color of a  dead person.
  • Just like her Adventure Time self, she is right handed. This is shown when she is seen to be holding a paintbrush with her right hand.
  • Marsha's skin color is just like her old Adventure Time self, light gray
  • According to Marsha, she doesn't pay the rent for her house.
  • Despite her two colors, Marsha's faveorit color is pink.
  • Marsha can show impatience; for example, when waiting for Sonic and Shadow along side Cream, Tails and Rose, she begins tapping her foot.
  • Marsha has light-gray eyelids
  • Just like her AT self, her favorite food is cupcakes
  • Marsha has fangs, even though they aren't visible when her mouth is closed.
  • Marsha is known for playing guitar and being a singer.
  • Marsha's quills appear soft when not curled in a ball but can change how sharp her quills are.
  • Past Marsha seems to talk in Sonic Generations 2. 
  • Marsha seems the oldest female character that has harnessed the Super transformation.
  • Marsha's the first female member of Team Sonic.
  • Everytime Marsha appears in a band, she is the lead singer.
  • Marsha is nutorious for breaking fourth wall.
  • In Adventure Time, her sneakers appear as normal sneakers;in Sonic the Hedgehog, she sneakers appear more as boots.


  • "First of all, this is my house. Second of all, my dad doesn't live her with me like I'm some toddler. And third of all, it only like 4:24 in the AFTERNOON!!"
  • "Well, there is one game..."
  • "Never!!"
  • "Great job. Great job, Knuckle head!" - Marsha to Knuckles
  • "Sacrafice! Sacrafice! Sacrafice!" - Marsha in unision with Tails, Amy, Cream, Sonic, Shadow and Knuckles to Dark Princess.
  • "You're just another princess, so you wouldn't know." - Imitating Finn.
  • "Hey guys. What's goin' on? You havin' a party? For who? For what?"
  • "No it isn't. One time when I was four, I was suprised that my father was killing some innocent man for no good reason. But you guys really got me this time, unlike what happend last year. I had no idea!"
  • "Like it? I LOVE it! How did you know that I love cupcakes?!" - Marsha to Tails after he gives her a cupcake for her birthday.
  • "Is it just me or is it that place we were just in seem awfully familiar?" - Marsha, about being in what looks like the aftermath of the Great Mushroom War.
  • "I'll be back." - Before running off and before classic Marsha comes next to Tails and Sonic.
  • "You're right. This kingdom is giving me deja-vu all over again." - About the kingdom that looks like the Candy Kingdom.
  • "Secret? What secret?" - Classic Marsha after Amy compliments her, thinking that she's modern Marsha, saying that she [Marsha] looks a lot younger.
  • " DID  need my help." - Marsha to Knuckles after he says that he didn't need her help.
  • "Are you implying that I'm fat?! That's so...mean!" Classic Marsha after Knuckles asks her if she gained weight.
  • "Dark Princess?!" - Marsha, after hearing Dark Princess' voice.
  • "Another Marsha?! What?! Wait a second!" - after seeing Classic Marsha run after the opening.
  • "I can't believe there's two of me in one place!" - About Classic Marsha
  • "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't get that memo. I beat you EVERYTIME!"
  • "You do know what success means, right?" On Sonic's first failed attempt on chopping down a tree without an axe.
  • "Cool, now all the awsomeness begins."
  • "Trust me. This can only end is success."
  • "Long time no see!"
  • Yeah, I don't actually care..."
  • "Can we skip to the part where I kick you bum already?!"
  • "I wanted to keep the joke goin." - Marsha to Sonic after she doesn't catch him.
  • "What the ***k, Knuckles?!" Marsha to Knuckles and she comes out of the hospital from her huge fall.
  • "That's very simple to explain. Due to the Kutta-Joukwiski Lift Theroem, the control surfece flow is balanced by the inverse kinetics of the-" Marsha to knuckles about how Marsha's hoverboard could float on water, before Knuckles cuts her off.
  • "Is that so? Well'll be a date to DIE for!" To Sonic.EXE in Creepy Fears
  • "I'm Marsha...the Hedgefox. I have dreams of nothing more than to bring order and justice to the villains. With the power of these Emeralds, You and the villains on Ooo are finished! This is WHO I AM! Hahahahaha..." After defeating Dark Princess in "Marsha the Hedgefox."
  • "I'm Marsha the Hedgefox, and I made a promise to my father I intent to keep. With the power of these Emeralds, Kim and her wolves will be finished. This is WHO I AM!" After defeating Dr. Eggman.
  • "Yes, Kim. You are going to regret ever fighting me that first're going straight to hell!" Marsha comfornting Dark Princess in Marsha the Hedgefox.
  • "That's Egghead! I wonder what happened to the guys." Marsha when she sees Dr. Eggman when Sonic and Knuckles aren't present in Marsha the Hedgefox.
  • "Good thing your okay." Marsha to Sonic and Knuckles in Marsha the Hedgefox.
  • "Hurry! We need to go after that last emerald!" To Sonic about going after the final Chaos Emerald.
  • "I don't believe for a second that Sonic would murder some soliders of the military or strangle animals at the zoo to death. Don't worry, Tailsy. I'm on my way!" To Tails during Marsha Adventure 2.
  • "What? It's Cream, Cheese and Amy! And Egghead, too! What are they even doing down there? It doesn't matter. They neeed a hand to get outta there!" Marsha when she sees Eggman cornering Cream, Cheese and Amy.
  • " did you know they weren't the real ones?" To Eggman about the fake Chaos Emeralds.
  • "Is he invincible?!" Marsha about Sonic.EXE.
  • "It's a FAKE?!" About finding out that the Dark Princess she was following was a fake.
  • "It's not a Dark Princess Robot. Sonic...Knuckles! Wait up!" Marsha after looking at the fake soon after Sonic and Knuckles leave.
  • "No...You don't think..." Marsha after seeing Tails lifeless close to the end of Marsha the Hedgefox
  • "Let's get this party started. Time to rock and roll!"
  • "Now it's talkin'! Bring on the screams of pain!"
  • "Bring it on!"
  • "Lomg time no see!"
  • "So you're behind all this it or not...the game's over."
  • "I did that to save the Master Emerald from being stolen, ya goof! If we can find the pieces, it can be restored. And by the by, that not YOUR emerald! It's KNUCKLES!" Marsha to Rouge after Marsha breaks the Master Emerald.
  • "Oh, we will all see about that, Bat Freak." Marsha to Rouge.
  • "What the heck are you talkin' about?! That Emerald belongs to my friend and teammate, Knuckles. You Got That?!"
  • "(mumbles under her breath) Look who's callin' who a theif" Marsha about Rouge.
  • "Not you...Kim Jefferson and Egghead." Marsha to Dark Princess and Dr. Eggman
  • "Not if I can help it!"