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Marshall was Walking alone, He Met the Whittier Family

Story Begins

Pollyanna: Mother Over here!

Emily: Oh my, It's a Spotted poor little puppy!

Pollyanna: Mom Can I Keep Him in Our Home please mommy please?

Emily: Of course sweetie!

Emily: Let's keep him.

Pollyanna: Thanks Mommy, you're the most Best Mother Ever!

Emily: Haha You're welcome Pollyanna.

Emily: Anything for making her happy!

Sonic: She is the happiest, Emily, Look, She Feels Happiness in her!

Pollyanna: Mom, Can I'll Keep him with us?

Emily: Sure thing dearie, But, you must promise me that you will Take care of him!

Pollyanna: Mom, I'll promise!

Emily: What a good girl who grows up in such good care!

Sonic: We are best Parents, Emily!

Pollyanna: Mom, Look, He's Freezed!

Emily: Let's bring him to our Home and Warm him!

Pollyanna: Mommy, He needs a Warm Bath!

Emily: Let's go to Bathroom, Sweetie!

Emily: Pollyanna, Sweetheart, I Must to went to Bathroom to full Pup's Bath-cub with Warm Water!

Pollyanna: Okay, Let's give this poor little puppy a warm bath!

Pollyanna: Mom, Look, He comes back to life!

Marshall: [groans] Where I am?

Pollyanna: [Sigh] Mommy, He Woke up!

Marshall: [Panicking] Please don't hurt me, I Didn't want you Mad at me Strangers?

Pollyanna: [gentle voice] Shh, it's okay little guy, I Found you on the street in rainy, I Don't want to hurt you, my little buddy!

Marshall: [Sadly] Why are you talking to me with such an Angelic Voice?

Emily: [Comforts him] Because I Gave birth to a Baby girl, She's only nine years old, Her voice is such angelic, My Daughter Found you lonely in rainy Weather little fellow!

Marshall: Who are you people?

Pollyanna: I'm Emily's Daughter, And She, My Mommy!

Emily: I'm Pollyanna's Mother, I Always Allow her to Keep it in Our Home.

Pollyanna: Who are you little guy?

Marshall: I am a Pup, I Was born that way, Without Black spots, Then I Putted out fire!

Sonic: Hi Emily!

Emily: [Got Scared] Sonic What are you doing here?

Sonic: I'm sorry Emily, I Didn't want to Scare you!

Emily: It's okay Sonic!

Pollyanna: I'm Sonic's and Emily's Daughter, and He My Daddy!

Sonic: I'm Emily's New Husband, and Pollyanna's New Daddy!

Pollyanna: Don't Worry, You can stay here if you want!

Marshall: Okay, I'll Stay here with you and your Parents!

Pollyanna: He Stays with us!

Pollyanna: My name is Pollyanna Whittier, and The Name  my Parents are Sonic and Emily Whittier, So little buddy, what's your name is?

Marshall: My name is Markus Michael Munroe.

Pollyanna: It's Nice to meet you Markus Michael Munroe!

Marshall: It's Nice to meet you too, Pollyanna!

Emily: Let's dry His Fur!

Marshall: But My friends calls me just Marshall!

Marshall: I'll Screw up?

Pollyanna: Screw up, no, you're doing just great, when are you going to see yourself the way I see you?

Marshall: What I Would To do without you.

Pollyanna: You always have me.

Mia: Don't Touch my Native Sister.

Tia: Mia What's wrong?

Ria: What's going on Sisses?

Lia: Sisses don't fight please?

Nia: Don't worry Sissy, I'll cover you!

Bia: Girls don't fight please!

Bria: Now Let's go Home!

Diana: I Need to train at Pool With along Zuma!

Stacy: I Wanna Do Exercise with Mia, And Summers!

Summers: I'll do the same way with Stacy!

Ria: We have to Prepare for our Performance Ice Skating Duet with Lia, Nia, Bia, Tia, & Dia!

Nia: Me too!

Tia: Me Too!

Bia: Me too!

Lia: Me too!

Dia: Me too!

Belle: I Need to Prepare for Exam, I Need to pass my test!

Misty: I Must tomorrow to Clean up beach from garbage with Rocky!

Gabriella: I Need to try fly With Skye!

Victoria: Tomorrow I Need to Build a Building With Together my best buddy, Rubble!

Tara: I Must to Clean up Snow with Everest Tomorrow!

Sara: Tomorrow I Need to go alone and Find my First friend!

Lara: I'll go with Sara!

Carla: I Need to Find Who needs my Help, Example, Tracker!

Clara: Tomorrow I Must help Rex, To His Problem!

Anastasia: Tomorrow, I'll Patrol Adventure bay, with Ella!

Jane: Tomorrow, I'll Patrol Adventure bay, with Tuck!

Stephanie: Tomorrow, I Need To do All Chores at my Farm with Fred.

Sophia: I Need to Order the special Package from world airport and Make sure that Sweetie Brought to me my Diamond Crown.

Stacy: I Need tomorrow go with my Buddy, Daywne to Park.

Lana: I Need tomorrow I'll make sure that Arrby is not Messed up in my room.

Tiana: Tomorrow, I Have to Help my Mother to Cook a Lunch.

Chelsea: Tomorrow, I Have to Make sure Everything was Perfect, Because my Wild Cat will Arrive to Beldingsville tomorrow!

Lauren: Tomorrow, I'll make sure that Gasket Fixed my Bikecyckle!

Summers: Tomorrow, I'll make sure that Hubcap made me a Surprise!

Sophie: Tomorrow, I Need to Visit My Gummi Bears with my Friend Paddington.

Pollyanna: Tomorrow, I'll help Marshall to wash his Veichle!

Tina: Tomorrow, I'll make sure that Liberty Arrived to me!

Dana: I'll make sure that Delores Was Fashionable Poodle in whole world!

Sonic: Okay Kids, Time to go back home!

Emily: Let's go Kids!

Kids: We're on a way Mother!

Pollyanna: Charlotte are you coming?

Charlotte: I'm Coming Pollyanna!

Rosetta: Hey, Charlotte Are you Okay Sister?

Lina: That's not Problem Sister, We're Mia's Cheerleaders, What we would to do without you Charlotte?

Hazel: We need all Cheerleaders to Support Mia!

Cora: Yeah, You're the special Sister Ever.

Mina: Yeah, No Matter what, you still our Sister.

Charlotte: Thanks Girls.