Pollyanna Meets Her New Dad.


Pollyanna Was Alone, Because, Mommy's new Husband is not By Side her.

Story Begins

Introducing, Emily Whittier, And her Daughter.

Sonic: Emily, I am so glad that you here.

Pollyanna: Mom, Who is he?

Emily: It's your New Dad.

Emily: We're soon remarry and Reunite along again!

Emily: Sonic, I Have Husband, It's Jonathan, I Don't Like him, I Like you!

(After Wedding)

Emily: Pollyanna, Meet this is your new Daddy.

Pollyanna: Is he My new Daddy, Mommy?

Emily: Sure Pollyanna, go and hug your new Daddy.

Emily: Sonic, Meet this is our  Daughter now.

Introducing, Mr, Sonic the hedgehog Whittier, and Family!

Emily: I Have a New Husband.

Sonic: I Have a New Wife.

Jonathan & Amy: Who?

Sonic: Emily Whittier, Emily: Sonic the hedgehog Whittier.

Emily: Sonic, I Need to talk with you for a minute?

Sonic: Of course.

Sonic: So, What are you want to talk?

Emily: Sonic, When we was little kids, I Saw how Amy Tried to kiss you, for me It was hurt  to watch at this

Emily:  I did ran away from Kindergarten with heartache, I was trying to be alone. but you broke up with Amy, you Ran after me. Emily: Sonic you tried to stop me, I first time heard your word.

Little Sonic: I Love you Emily, I Don't Love Amy rose, I Love only you, Only you, I've first time Met you.

Little Sonic: Emily Why are you Ran away from Kindergarten?

Little Emily: Sonic, I Saw you and Amy Trying to kiss, And Amy Rose Broke up my heart!

Little Emily: Just Leave me alone, And Go back to your in Love Girlfriend, She hurt my heart!

Little Sonic: No, I Won't leave you alone, Amy rose She Cheating me, I Broke up with Amy rose.

Little Sonic: I Love only you, It's not true, Let me Recover your broken heart, Emily?

Sonic: That's Because I Loved you since Childhood, And We became New Couple of new year, We met the New Year!

Little Amy: Sonic, My Love.

Little Sonic: Don't go close to me, you  hurt Emily's Heart, I Won't leave Emily alone.

Little Emily: How about, to walk to the Amusements  together after Kindergarten on Vacations?

Little Sonic: Too easy, Emily.

Emma: Okay Kids, Pick up the Partner, and Let's go to Museum of Magical Miracles.

Little Sonic: Emily Will you be my Tour Partner?

Little Emily: Yes.

Sonic: I Recovered your broken heart.

Emily: Thank you Sonic.

Little Sonic: Hold my Hand and don't let go my hand!

Little Emily: I Won't to let your hand go, Sonic!

Emily: After we graduated University, We so Haven't see each other for the long time after Past 6 years!

Emily: After I Woke up, I Saw you, you was married on Amy, and I was married on Jonathan!

Sonic: Why?

Emily: Because, you And I Was made for each other, And Our Hearts Was belongs to you and me.

Sonic: I'll change our Present.

Sonic: Emily told me That was truth.

Adult Sonic: Why I am here?

Adult Sonic: Emily Whittier the  hedgehog, Will you marry me?

Adult Emily: Yes I Do! I will marry you, Sonic the hedgehog!

Sonic: Hmm, A Wedding day!

Priest: Emily Will you Marry Sonic you'll never to Break up with your new Husband?

Emily the New Bride: Yes I do!

Priest: Sonic will you take The New Bride as new Wifely wife And you'll never to Break up with your new wife?

Sonic the New Groom: Yes I do.

Priest: I Can Take Wedding Rings for the New Newlyweds?

Priest: Dear New Groom and Dear new Bride put this Wedding rings as sign of true Love and Protection.

Sonic: I Will protect you no matter what and protect you when you'll be a pregnant.

Priest: Now I Pronounce you New Husband and new Wife, the new Groom can kiss the new Bride!

Pinkie Pie: That was Romantic, Best Wedding Ever.

Pinkie Pie: Let's get party started

Emily: Sonic, Finally we Together Again.

Sonic: Emily are you crying?

Emily: No, It's a dust in my eye!

Sonic: Welp, we Got Rid of Amy & Jonathan, They'll never Bother us.

Amy: Sonic Come Back.

Sonic: Ames, I've never Loved you anymore, I Loved Only Emily, She was alone with heartache, you broke Emily's Heart, I Was run after her, and I Comforted Emily.

Sonic: Leave us Alone, Amy.

Jonathan: Emily broke up with me, In Childhood She was in Heartache!

Aurora: Mom Where's Dad?

Amy: Aurora, your dad broke up with me, And he with other Girl.

Jonathan: Amy, Aurora!

Amy: Jonathan What are you doing here?

Jonathan: Sonic & Emily Again Reunited, and Got Remarried.

Amy: It's not fair, Sonic was not Remarried.

Jonathan: Sonic did remarried after all!

Emily: Pollyanna fell asleep.

Sonic: I'll carefully put her to sleep.

Emily: Thank you Sonic, you know how to put kids to sleep.

Sonic: No problem Em, we let her sleep, She'll Gain her strenght, after she cutely sleep.

Sonic: Emily I Love you Much More.

Emily: Sonic, I Love you too, I've dreamed about you.

Narrator: Sonic & Emily Will never Broke up until death, They'll be Together Along Forever for life Stay.

Narrator: Sonic & Emily Decided to Raise Pollyanna Up Together as a Pollyanna's New Parents, Because, Sonic & Emily Truly Made for each other.

Narrator: Now Sonic & Emily did not broke up for life, They Remained up for life, Inside their Hearts was True Love.

Narrator: Since Emily & Sonic was reunited and remarried, Sonic Understood Emily's Heart, They Lived Happily ever After End of their Days.

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