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(Pollyanna's voice coming from the phone)

Luke: Pollyanna y eah, you must to come tomorrow to school with Marshall. Does it matter?

(Pollyanna's voice coming from the phone)

Luke: Tomorrow we gonna go to park? Really? Yeah, I'd really like to meet your Marshall!

Zander: Ahem!? Luke? Who are you talking to?

Luke: Uh... It's Pollyanna, ...from Adventure bay.

(More voices coming from the phone)

Luke: Oh, your Marshall still puppy! Marshall's very feel himself that he Will Screw up!

Zander: Pollyanna from Adventure bay at 3 in the morning!? Give that here!? (Takes the phone from Luke's hand)

Zander: Who is this!?

Luke: I told you, Zander. It's Pollyanna... From Adventure Bay.

Zander: Oh, really!? What are you talking about, "Pollyanna From Adventure Bay"!?

Pollyanna: Um, ... Why are you scared my Marshall?

(Voices coming from the phone)

Pollyanna: (seriously) Y'know, it's actually my favorite pup, I found him under My Bed On Christmas Eve Yesterday, I Need to take care of Marshall, And Teach him Fire Fighting, and-

Marshall: Pollyanna! Could you please give me sleep, I'll Screw up!?

Pollyanna: Marshall, What are you talking about!? They asked this time!

Marshall: (sigh) It's true, I'll go back to sleep. (sleeps)

Pollyanna: Aw... Poor Marshall. I'll give him to sleep. As I was saying-

Luke: (from the phone) Zander!? Can I Talk to Pollyanna..! Tomorrow I Have Meeting to Pollyanna and her Puppy!!- (crashing)

Pollyanna: Call Adventure Bay, If you wanna to know About Marshall in Nick.jr, He wanna to love you bye! (winks)

Luke: Hi Pollyanna!

Pollyanna: Hi Luke, I'm sorry for I late!

Luke: It's okay Pollyanna!

Pollyanna: Marshall wake up little guy!

Pollyanna: It's Morning already 6 at Morning time to Rise and shine my little buddy!

Marshall: (yawns) (Sees the light) (Groans) Why are you woke me up?

Pollyanna: Good morning my little buddy!

Luke: Hi Marshall, Do you wanna come to school?

Luke: What's going on with Marshall?

Pollyanna: I Don't know, He was so tired, At 3 Morning.

Zander: Hey Don't Touch my Piano you Pathetic Loser!

Luke: Maybe we can Give him to rest.

Pollyanna: I'm very Worried about Marshall, He need find a Place