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Story Begins

Where are we, Marshall?

It Looks like a World of Gacha!

Every Gacha Characters, Looks like the game of my Mom in Childhood!

I Know, We can Meet your Friends, O!

Hey Look Where are you going, you Monster?

Marshall, What's wrong buddy?

Excuse me Miss, It's my Pet!

Who is Monster?

Stop Calling him a Monster!

He Clumsy!

Come on Marshall, We have important things to do!

Look at Slowly Beast, he has a Collar, Yeah, He Looks Stupid Like Ugly Fish!

Marshall Let's go!

Wait up? I'm sorry for I Being a Jerk, Pollyanna!

It's okay Jake, I Love Dogs even Dalmatians!

Wow, Do you really like Dalmatians?

Of course!

Pollyanna, Can I Introduce myself to your Pet?

Of course Jake.

Marshall Come out, It's okay little buddy!

Marshall, Come out little buddy, Don't be Scared little buddy!

Oooo, Who is this Beautiful Puppy?

It's Dalmatian, it's okay little friend, I'm right there for you

Come here to me bravely little guy!

Hi I am Jake, you are a very nice little fellow!

Pollyanna, Why is he always not Bravely?

Because these guys are Teasing my Marshall!

Who is Marshall?

Marshall is my pet!

Jake you have to be very friendly with Marshall!


Because, I Found him on the street after ending lessons!

It was my first day of ending the school year!

My mom and Dad Came to meet me!

Mom was so proud of me, That I've got A!

I Was their perfect Child!

I Always Praised!

When My Dad Leaded me to this sound!

And in this Box was a pup!

The first time I felt Joy, I Found Street Pup!

He was a Perfect Present!

We begin to take care of him!

He Was a Happy!

He began to Lick me!

That means Thank you!

Wait, Where's Marshall?

Hey, Stop Hurting Pollyanna's Own Pet?

Jake, I Sheltered the poor Homeless Street little Animal!

what? Pollyanna you Sheltered the poor Homeless street little Animal?

Yes. But why did you Shelter the poor Homeless street little Animal?

Because, He Left his Past Home With his booth and Bowls for food and drink, he left Paw Patrol, that He thinks Others Pups Thinks that he everything do wrong, and he Everything Messing up!

But Where's Marshall?

Guys, Please Settle down!

Hey, please Give back my Firefighter helmet?

Well, you Monster, you will never Back to School.

Mrs Jones, Have you seen The pup with White Fur, With Black Spots, With collar with Badge Firefighter, With Blue eyes, with Firefighter helmet of Paw Patrol with Firefighter Uniform, He is the Dalmatian, and he has  the Name, Marshall?

And Marshall has spotted white fur covering his body and bright blue eyes. During missions, Marshall typically wears a firefighter helmet and a red vest. He also wears a red pup-pack, which features a water cannon (acting as a fire hose). , Marshall wears a red cap with a yellow trim (replacing his firefighter helmet), and his pup-pack?

Pollyanna, Did you look for this Pup?

Yes, Exactly is him I did Looking for

Pollyanna, Marshall.

Give it Back, This is Marshall's Thing!

O Poor Marshall.

Milly, Guess Who I Brought?

Oh my god, It's a Pup!

He looks Adorable.

His name is Marshall.

He is the Firefighter Marshall, He Ready to Save someone in Fire

He Saved me since my Childhood.

How He Saved you?

It was Long ago.

My Mom and Dad Are Doing It.

And I Played with Toys, My Favorite Toys was Paw Patrol.

Even I Played with Toy Named Marshall.

And Then Villain Made our House Fire.

But I Couldn't Get out of my Room, Because I Was just a Baby.

Then Firefighters Arrived, And Their Dogs.

Of one Dog was Him, Marshall.

My Mom Worried about me, Marshall Could Get into the Burning Building.

He Was my Favorite Pup.

And Then We were Out of Burning Building.

My Mom was Glad that I Was Okay.

And Then, My Mom and Dad Came here to the Lookout.

Choose me Who Can be a Lifeguard.

I Was crawling to this Pup, He Smiled on me.

I Was The First Time I Loved Dalmatian.

And I Hugged him.

He Loved me, With His Heart Full of Love And Kindness.

Oh Pollyanna, I Protecting you from a Fire, With you is Amazing, Pollyanna.

Oh Pollyanna do you really lucky, You have a Great Lifeguard, He Also, Air pup, Sea Pup, Ultimate Rescue Pup, Mighty Pup, Mission Paw Pup and Guard of All Little Girls.

Oh my god, Marshall, you're the Real Hero, it was a Real Heroic Deed.

I Always Believed you Marshall.

Yeah, We Love Such Brave Pup like you!

Look Marshall, My Friends Love You.

Thank you Pollyanna"Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp (or whatever is substituted) for help!"

I Know.

Well, Who wants to sing a Theme song about Paw patrol?

PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol

We'll be there on the double

Whenever there's a problem

'Round Adventure Bay

Ryder and his team of pups

Will come and save the day

Marshall, Rubble, Chase

Rocky, Zuma, Skye

Yeah! They're on the way!

PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol

Whenever you're in trouble

PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol

We'll be there on the double

No job's too big

No pup's too small!

PAW Patrol, we're on a roll!

So here we go

PAW Patrol


PAW Patrol


PAW Patrol!

Thank you Jake.

We all Love you Marshall.

Our Best Pup!

The Six Pups are the BEST.

I love Paw patrol!