Pollyanna is Sonic's Daughter, and Lightning McQueen's future Girl friend

She Wants who can Play With her a Game.

Her Mother, Emily the Seedrian Very Caring Seedrian


Lightnig McQueen (Love interest


Pollyanna was born to Rejoice, Her Smile always Helping her, She Remain Happy


In TailsKid26's Fanfics She Is Depicted As 18 Years Old And Still Mantains Her Passive Personality


TailsKid26 Has 100 Fanfics Starring Both Pollyanna and Lightning McQueen Which Details How They First Met And Ultimately Fall For Each Other

Family And Relatives

Emily the Seedrian-Mother

Sonic the Hedgehog (Cami) Father


Pollyanna Is A Sweet, Caring Little girl Who Will Make Lightning McQueen Happy By Making Him Things When Lightning McQueen's In Danger Pollyanna Comes To His Rescue When He Needs Her

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