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Ogre Jack is one of Jack the Hedgehog's Ogre Form & his main dark transformation created by Ancient Ogre (Tekken). So when Jack is needing of some super strength, power & strong attacks or gets angry at some point when Dr. EggPlankton's robots becomes too powerful to beat, he transforms into his Ogre Form to crush the more powerful robots


His Ogre looks just like True Ogre from Tekken. His Ogre Form still has Jack's fur, but also his orange fur covered his stomach, his Ogre Form is 7.0 FT, he weighs 450 Pounds & his Ogre Form gained a stronger muscled body, left arm & legs, Full Red eyes, an Orange Head, Brown Horns, White Sharp Teeth, a Big Red Beard, Dragon Wings with an Orange Outside & a Red Inside with Black Horns, an Orange Right Snake Arm with White Fangs, Black Left Spiked Bracelet, Red Claws & an Orange Dragon Tail.


His Ogre Form made his first debut in Jack the Hedgehog's 3rd Story: The Ogre Within when he appeared from the shadows in midnight, confronting both Dr. EggPlankton & Dr. Eggman, saving Patricia, Amy & Cream from being roboticized.


Just like True Ogre, he has amazing ammount of Super Strength to crush his enemies easily. With his wings, he has the ability to fly. He can breathe large ammounts of fire at any enemy unlucky enough to be caught on Ogre Jack's fire. He has the ability to teleport as well. His Snake Arm is loaded with venom, so Ogre Jack can bite any enemy unlucky enough with his Snake Arm, injecting vemon into any enemy he chooses to make them pass out temporarily in about 3 - 6 Hours.